Love Has No Pride

by OldBillyBob

Copyright© 2017 by OldBillyBob

Time Travel Sex Story: Rob Pruitt still pines for the girl that he let go forty years before because his pride got in the way of his love for her. If only he could go back and say yes to her request instead of throwing it all away.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   DoOver   Cheating   Cuckold   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

Rob Pruitt masturbated at the memory of his ex-girlfriend, Jackie, on the last night they were a couple. He remembered exactly how she looked as she stood naked in front of him. She was covered in cum. Ropes of the sticky white goo clung to her face and her perfect B-cup tits. Wads of it were clumped in her long blonde hair, puddled on her belly and dripping from her freshly-fucked pussy, from where they ran down her slender thighs.

As he stroked himself at the memory of her, Rob remembered her as the most beautiful woman that had ever graced his life. She was sex personified. He wanted her. He wanted to be with her. She was the goddess and he wanted to worship at the altar of her sex. That was what she had wanted all those years ago. She wanted him to worship her. He had refused. She only had that one simple request, but at the time it was too much for him. His refusal had crushed her. She had quit school within days after Rob had said no to her. He had never seen her again. Now, he wanted to say yes. He wanted to do what she had asked.

“Yes, Jackie. Yes! I love you.” he grunted as his climax came. Ropes of his cum sprayed up his chest and belly.

“Yes, Jackie. I will.” He sobbed, still panting with desire for his long-lost love as the tears flowed down his cheeks.

“It was one simple request,” Rob sighed. “Why couldn’t I just do it?”

The answer, Rob knew, was that he was too young to know, back then, what he was. He let his sense of pride get in the way of his love and adoration for the woman that he now realized was as perfect for him. She knew him for what he was, deep inside and knew that he was a perfect match for her. She had often said that they were soul mates. Why didn’t he believe her in that moment? As he had matured, he had come to the realization that Jackie had seen his potential before he had. That was why he had loved her so much. She could look into his soul and find out things about him that even he didn’t know were there. Now he knew. That was why the forty-year-old memories still hurt; why they still made him ache with desire for the beautiful Jackie Salter.

Rob didn’t discover his true self until many years after he walked away from Jackie and the one request from her that he couldn’t fulfill. He had married a woman, raised two wonderful children and sent them off to college before his epiphany. Home alone for the day, he had been browsing porn websites when he came across a five-minute video that had made him cum without touching himself. The video brought back the memories of Jackie that he thought he had suppressed. In that moment, he knew the kind of man he was; the one Jackie had instinctively known was there all along. He wanted to be that kind of man with his wife, Catherine, but she couldn’t be the kind of woman that the ‘new’ Rob wanted her to be. The more he begged her to be that woman, the more he pushed her away. Their marriage had crumbled after 30 years.

Now all he had were the memories of Jackie and the fantasies of what might have been – either with Jackie or with Catherine. If only he had been willing to do what Jackie wanted. If only Catherine could have let Rob be the kind of man he knew he truly was. There was no chance now. Jackie was forty years in the past. Rob had blown his one chance with her. Catherine was disgusted by the idea, even though she’d had plenty of chances in the five or more years that Rob had pleaded with her. Both women were lost to him. Now at age sixty, Rob was alone.

As the puddles and streaks of his cum lay on his chest and belly, Rob thought back to that pivotal moment when Jackie had made her request. He wished with all his heart that he could go back to that moment in time and do the one thing that his foolish pride had kept him from doing.

“I need a shower,” he mumbled to himself as he rose from the bed and stumbled toward the bathroom in his darkened apartment. As he turned the knob and pushed the door open, a strange light suddenly came from the bathroom. Only it wasn’t the bathroom. It was his old dorm room. It was suddenly 1975 again.

The shock of the transition caused Rob to stumble, but he remembered stumbling in that moment the first time. That time, it was because of what he saw. There on the bed across the room from the door, was Jackie. She was naked. Rob’s roommate, Rich Cunningham, had Jackie spread-eagle on his bed and was fucking her with everything he had as she encouraged him to fuck her even harder. Rich was oblivious, but Jackie turned her head as Rob came in the room. She blew him a little kiss and began encouraging Rich to cum.

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