Hairy Roadtrip
Chapter 5

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Not that connecting with the police was expedient. No. This was a country CLUB ... Members and their Guests ONLY ... exceptions must be cleared by the council. The cops objected when the ambulance was waved through but they ... the minions of the law ... were kept out while the council sorted.

It was soon handled. Wendy, decently dressed, picked up the phone and explained. If explained is the correct word. Another 911 dispatcher might not have been so understanding ... but this one was a girl and understood compromising situations ... having been in a few herself.

She called off the law at the same time the committee reached the conclusion that ... it was the men in blue after all ... and they should be able to respond to difficult situations that may occur within the sacred grounds of the club.

Called off or not ... the blaring siren over-rode the announcement ... the officers continued on to the house in time to see a body on a gurney being loaded in the back of the ambulance. The lights came on. The ambulance driver was pleased to have an escort. The police were NOT pleased that the van didn’t respond by stopping.

Illiff to Evans to South Colorado, north on South Colorado and so to the brain trauma specialists at the Center. The ambulance backed up to the Emergency Unit loading and unloading dock. David was transported to the four bay Initial Triage section. Wasn’t it wonderful that both Wendy and David were Clan Austin ... conclusions were made, however faulty, and Wendy was listed as Spouse and Next of Kin.

Meanwhile, the sergeant of the division was determined to Get to the Bottom of the situation. There was no bottom to get to ... the chief resident of the residence in question was unavailable, the secondary resident was not in residence either, and “No, I have no idea where the owner is. If he is not at his offices ... perhaps he is in court,” said the gardener ... the only member of the staff present. “I am under contract and only here two days a week.” This in a heavy accent that left no doubt that despite his oriental looks the gardner was from New Jersey ... Northern New Jersey.

The Sergeant, rebuffed at every turn, loaded his ass up in his unmarked car and sped off to the hospital. His men weren’t at Porter. They weren’t at The Medical Center at Aurora. The University Hospital hadn’t seen them. The longer he looked the farther afield he got.

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