Hairy Roadtrip
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2017 by Old Man with a Pen

<Jees ... you remembered.>

I thumped the side of my head, “Steel trap ... my mind is a steel trap.”

<We heard you thump it ... hollow steel ... very thin, very empty.>

“Cease and desist ... What house?”

<The one Maria de la Natividad Valero y Asensio rented from Karen.>

“Karen built a shack on my land?”

<Title is in her name.>

“How did that happen?”

<She wrote the check, Mr. K delivered title. She registered it. Her land.>

A different voice, <Wasn’t a shack.>

“Now there’s two?”

<You ain’t heard nothing yet.> said the voiceS in my head.

<It was a nice house ... it was just too close to the creek.>

“The flood was that bad?”

<You really need to go home. The new house... >

“What new house?”

<To replace the one in the creek. As I was saying ... the new house is in between the trees and the dump driveway.>

<East and north of the bunkhouse.>

“What about the trailer?”

<Guatemalans ... a passel of ‘em. Don’t ask.>

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