A Halloween Odyssey

by Crime Writer

Copyright© 2017 by Crime Writer

Sex Story: For bookworm Carolyn, going to the Halloween party had been a bad idea. Walking the long way home was a worse one, but taking a ride with three guys dressed up a gangstas was the worst.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Crime   BDSM   Oral Sex   Violent   .

All Carolyn wanted at that moment was read her book. However, this would have to wait a while, as it was a long walk home through the deserted late night’s streets. But she could not have stayed at this dreadful Halloween party for any minute longer.

She had been plain stupid to let Felicity talk her into coming to the party. Okay, she had learned Felicity’s real motives only on the way to the location: Originally, Felicity had planned to go with Georgia, but Georgia had found another arrangement, for exactly two persons, and needed no party anymore. Felicity, on the other hand, needed a companion for her great costume idea, which was supposed to finally push Michael into making his move on her.

That had worked well for Felicity — which meant Carolyn found herself all on her own on the party.

There was Timothy, of course. Felicity had explicitly advertised Timothy as one of the attractions of the party, as he was single and presumably like-minded to Carolyn, given how often he quoted famous authors. But as it turned out, about the only book Timothy had ever read was a book of quotes. Moreover was Timothy more interested in Jake. Jake was relieved to hear that Timothy was not the bookworm Jake had thought him to be, so everything worked well for Timothy and Jake as well.

That left over the boys who talked about football and the girls that listened to the boys who talked about football. Last and least there were the girls who talked about the boys who talked about football — and of course about the girls listening to the boys who talked about football, too. Or about babies.

Carolyn had been bored stiff. Once someone had been exasperated enough to actually tell Carolyn how her talk about books had bored him. She had of course been absolutely offended and never seen him again. Tonight, he had her full sympathy and she was really sorry.

So she had decided to walk home. Well, she had decided to go home and had found that no one else wanted or had any inclination in helping her to get home, certainly not Felicity, her ride. So she had just stomped off on her own.

Of course, she should have calculated beforehand that a ten minutes ride, even if you have to go the long way round by car, translates into an awfully long walk.

Well, now she was on her way. She was alone, late in the night, but she was sticking to the best neighborhoods of the city. And she was wearing this stupid sheep costume. This had been Felicity’s idea: Felicity was the shepherdess, Carolyn her lost sheep. As Micheal was going as a shepherd dog, this was bound to work on him.

Felicity had confided to Carolyn that originally she had planned to go as the sheep herself, asking the attention of the shepherd dog, but then she found the costume to be too unsexy. It was, definitely. Carolyn would never have chosen such an ugly costume. The problem was, she did not have any other. She had not planned to go to any Halloween party or get costumed at all. When Felicity came up with the idea Carolyn should accompany her, it was too late to get anything else.

Only on the party, Carolyn realized how bad the costume really was: No one else had such a stupid costume. Even among the male party population who was usually guaranteed to provide at least one tasteless or overly simple outfit, no one had made such a bad choice. One guy came not costumed at all; even that was better. Carolyn could have kicked her own butt for not doing the same instead of going with the sheep costume!

She wrapped her arms around herself tighter. The costume was really good for nothing. It was bulky, but still not warm. She had hoped the effort of walking would sort this out, but — no.

Late as it was, the city was still not dark, of course. Artificial lighting bathed the streets in an unnatural white or yellow, sometimes other colors from traffic lights, neon signs and Halloween decorations mixed in. The lights were reflected in the cars and windows, accentuated buildings and small things like shiny house numbers or even metal strip fasteners, which would not stand out in daylight. Even the trees looked different with their trunks and lower branches lit-up while most of the crowns were but shadows. Some of the few stores on the route had left part of the lights on, illuminating the emptiness, documenting the absence of any burglary. Most windows were dark; those which were not showed only vague silhouettes behind drapes or shades.

Carolyn had no eye for all this. Well, she did have had in maybe the first quarter of an hour, but this had worn off. All she saw was the endless row of streetlights ahead, going seemingly straight on, only to bend sometimes left, sometimes right out of sight in the distance. Every intersection only brought the sight of more endlessness left an right, and a reminder that the way was still longer.

A mental map is a bad basis for travel time estimates, as uninteresting parts turn out to be much bigger than mapped — if they were on the map at all. Unfortunately, her mental map of the city was all Carolyn had, as she had not even her phone with her. Oliver and Charlotte, the party hosts, had declared a no-books-policy, including phones which could be used as e-book readers. So no GPS, no map, no means to keep track of time, nothing. And of course no chance to call a taxi.

First, she wouldn’t have wanted to call a taxi, even if she could have. Paying the fare was not enough punishment for her stupidity; walking was far more adequate. Well, she felt punished enough since a few miles ago, already. Her arms started to hurt from her feeble attempt to keep warm by clutching herself; her feet were killing her. The black shoes Felicity had thrown in with the costume because they faintly resembled hooves were not really a good fit. And they had much too high heels; Carolyn never wore high heels. Her legs and even her back hurt from the unaccustomed posture. She had never felt so miserable in all her life. Well, nearly, as...

Her foot hit something small, making it skid over the pavement and out on the road. She stopped and looked. Some lost sweet, apparently. Someone else had littered the pavement with it, but legally, she had now littered the road with it. Yeah, it took someone like her to even know about that, let alone care, but she did. She even looked left and right before she stepped on the road to pick up the thing.

When she bent down to reach it, she suddenly heard a noise becoming quickly louder, then a big car came racing out of a side street, made a wild turn and came to a screeching halt, facing her.

Some hours before, Carolyn had looked at herself in the mirror, doubtfully.

“It’s a perfect fit!” Felicity said enthusiastically. “I knew we have the same size! I can lend you other things some time as well!”

“How can this be a perfect fit?” Carolyn asked. “This costume doesn’t fit anyone!”

“No, no, no, it does fit! It’s bulky in the middle, it is supposed to be, but look here, and down there!”

Carolyn looked down. She spotted something on the ground, bent down and grabbed it.

“Ahah!” Felicity made. She seemed to fight it for a short moment, then she burst into an uncontrollable, almost hysterical laughter.

Carolyn, still bent down, stared first at Felicity, then at the thing she had just picked up. It was a button. Carolyn couldn’t see anything in any way hilarious about it.

“Oh my...” Felicity gasped between laughs. “That looks so...” She giggled. “The tail!”

Carolyn looked into the mirror. She immediately saw that in this pose, the costume was even more unfavorable than it had been while she was upright. She had not noticed until now that the costume had a tail. Now that she was bent down, it stood up. And below it, on her behind, she had the sensation of a certain — openness.

“It will be fine!” Felicity hurried to say, still chuckling. “Just never ever bent down while wearing this costume — at least not when anybody is around to see!”

After overcoming the initial shock, Carolyn realized two things:

First, despite proceeding with all due caution, doing it by the book in a manner of speaking, she had just nearly been run over by a car.

And second, contrary to Felicity’s advice, she was standing bent over in the costume, prominently highlighted by the headlights of a car, with certainly at least one anybody in it, behind the blinding lights.

Move. She had to move, change position in any way, only not stay frozen bent over. She grabbed the sweets and straightened up. Standing, she wasn’t blinded as much anymore and could make out at least two persons in the car. The one riding shotgun stuck their head out.

“Miss, you’re alright?” a male voice shouted. So it was a man. Great.

“Yes,” she said, a bit thinly.

“Anything we can do for you?”

Carolyn’s eyes had adapted a bit more, so now she could see that there were at least three young men sitting in the car, looking at her intently. And who had a moment ago most certainly looked intently at her being bent over, in the costume. That was just the straw that broke the sheep’s back.

“Shoot me,” she said.

Shotgun looked at Driver, then at Carolyn again. “Can do,” he said. “But that would wake the neighbors! We don’t want that, do we?”

She was surprised. This silly answer cheered her a tiny bit up. “Not my neighbors,” she said.

“You don’t live here? You’re walking home? How about a ride instead? We’ve got one free seat!”

Carolyn hesitated. She was tempted to accept at once, getting out of the cold, resting her feet, making her book come into close reach, but — taking a ride with three unknown men in the middle of the night? Well, this was a very good neighborhood here, the car had “rich daddy” written all over it, and at least one of them was pretty polite, with a little bit of humor thrown in...

Shotgun got out of the car.

Carolyn involuntarily made a step back. What was he going to do?

The man did not approach her but opened the door to the backseat instead, imitating the gesture of a valet presenting the car. “My lady,” he said. “Please take a seat!”

“Okay,” she said before she even knew she had made up her mind. She walked to the door. “Thank you,” she said and climbed in.

“Hi!” the man already sitting behind greeted her, with a big grin on his round face.

“That’s Ed,” Shotgun introduced him. “Don’s the driver, and I’m Art.”

“Carolyn,” she said automatically. “Nice to meet you,” she managed to add. She looked at the men in turn and was a bit confused. Their outfit was not really in harmony with the car, and with the manners of Art. They looked more like — gangstas. Of course — it’s Halloween, you ... sheep!

“Yeah, nice to meet you,” Ed said, still grinning. Don just nodded, his haggard face barely turned into her direction.

“So, where do you live?” Art asked, now back in the car. With the courtesy lights still on, Carolyn could see him more clearly than outside. His face was neither round nor haggard, he was just, well, somewhat funny looking. But also friendly looking.

Carolyn gave him the intersection closest to her place; that seemed a little safer than giving the actual address.

“Is that on our way?” Art asked Don.

“How should I know?” Don said.

“You’re the driver, Don, remember?” Art said. “Okay, okay, I’ll have a look.” He got out his phone and started tapping and swiping. “Wow, you’re far from home! It’s our direction, but a bit further on. We make a short stop at a place where we need to pick something up, then we go straight to your address, okay?”

“You can just drive to your destination and I’ll walk the rest,” Carolyn said.

“No, no, no, as gentlemen we can’t do that, right?” Art said, looking at his companions.

“No, can’t,” Ed said. Don said nothing.

“Okay, settled,” Art said. “Don, get us moving — but smoothly, please, we’ve got a lady aboard!”

Carolyn just had to smile. “You’re going to a party?”

I took Art a second before he said, “Sure, a party! It’s Halloween! You know, it’s invited guests only, or we would have taken you along!”

“Thank you,” Carolyn said, “but I guess I’ve had enough of parties tonight.”

“Already?” Art asked. “Come on, at least enjoy the ride! You’re freezing, right? I’ll turn the heating higher. Ed, offer the lady something to drink, you oaf!”

“Yeah,” Ed said and started rummaging in a bag.

“One of the good ones, Ed! Got me?” Art said, fumbling with the car controls.

“Yeah,” Ed said. “This?” He held up a bottle.

Art looked back. “That’s the one,” he said. “Sorry, no glasses,” he added addressed at Carolyn.

“No problem,” Carolyn said and took the bottle. “That’s not hard liquor, is it?”

“Nah,” Art said. “It’s kind of an energy drink, but really tasty. You’ve got to try it!”

“Cheers!” Ed said, holding some other bottle.

“Cheers,” Carolyn answered and sipped from her drink. It did taste good. And she suddenly realized how thirsty she was after all that walking. She took another sip.

“Good?” Ed asked.

“Yes, it’s good,” she said. Ed seemed somewhat monosyllabic to her; probably he did have had some hard liquor tonight. Don had certainly not, as the driver; he was just the silent type. And Art was definitely the talker.

She took another sip. It felt good. Suddenly, all was much better. She was in a nice car, with three of the nicest people she had talked to tonight, and the drink was nice, too. Yes, she liked the drink! And finally, she got warm again! She took still another sip.

“Bad party?” Art asked.


“The party you’ve been to tonight — a crappy party?”

“A crappy party, oh yes!” she said. “But what can you expect in such a crappy costume?”

“Well, then why are you wearing this costume?”

“Not my idea. I had no other choice!” She was a little surprised how heated she got about this, but what the hell. Speaking of heated, it was really warm in the stupid costume now. She tugged at it, searching for some way to open it a bit. On the right end, of course. And only a bit. There was this damned zipper, so just a bit ... That was a bit far. What the heck! She took another sip of her drink. A big gulp, in fact.

“Then get rid of it now!” Art said.

Carolyn looked at him confused, but he just smiled back. She looked at Ed; Ed just grinned. “It’s all I’m wearing,” she finally said.

“What? No underwear?” Art asked.

“Of course underwear!” Carolyn said.

“So what? We’ve all seen girls in underwear before, and boys have seen you in underwear before, right? We’re not living in the Middle Ages!”

The Middle Ages were not exactly the best comparison, she wanted to tell Art. No, she didn’t want to tell him. She would not bore anyone with useless knowledge from useless books, not tonight!

“Look, I just can’t walk around in underwear only. That’s just not ... polite. Okay?” She had wanted to say an other word, but words came a bit hard to her right now. Probably she was tired.

“Okay, how about that: You get out of that crappy sheep costume, and we give you another costume to wear. Deal?” Art asked.

“Another costume? You have spare costumes with you?”

“Just one. The one meant for you, as it seems!”

Carolyn swayed, literally and figuratively. She took another gulp from the bottle. She looked at the boys. Art smiled cheerfully. Don looked on the road, unmoved. Ed grinned, of course. And the costume was much too warm. Itchy.

She frowned. She was sure there were good reasons for this to be a bad idea. She wanted to tell Art, but her mind would just not come up with those reasons. It was all a bit ... foggy. But reasons you couldn’t name were no reasons, were they? Or...

Well, she could see clearly that if she agreed, she would get out of this dumb costume. Any other costume could only be better. Any.

What the hell. “Okay,” she said.

With some difficulty, Carolyn worked her way out of the costume. Getting into it had not been easy at Felicity’s, and getting out of it here in the car it was really difficult. She was sweating from the effort, pulling, turning twisting ... Even her glasses fell off in the process. She picked them up and brought them to safety on the back shelf.

Finally, she was out of it. Oh, that was so much better...

“Ed, get rid of the thing,” Art said.

Ed grabbed the costume, opened the window and threw the costume out.

“What — wait!” Carolyn shouted. Too late. What if Felicity wanted the stupid thing back? Well, tough luck!

She was a bit much exposed now. Thank goodness she was wearing very neutral underwear, but still... “What about the other costume?” she asked.

“But of course,” Art said. “Ed?”

Ed rummaged in the same bag. “Hands forward,” he said to Carolyn.

Huh? Why? She did it anyway.

Ed got something metallic out of the bag and snapped it around Carolyn’s wrists. Handcuffs.

Carolyn looked at her cuffed hands. Was this part of the costume? Probably. She tugged at the cuffs. They were for real, not one of those toys you could open without a key, and they were shut tight. She knew she should feel something about it, but she was not sure what. “Okay,” she said. “And the rest?” She looked at Ed. Ed grinned, nothing else.

“That’s it!” Art said. “You are Handcuff Girl now!”

Who? Was that some stupid superheroine she did not know about — as she did hardly know about any superheroes? Well, the classics, of course, but there had been such an inflation...

“You look super sexy!” Art said. “You like to be sexy, don’t you?”

“Of course,” she said. What? Where did this come from?

Involuntarily she straightened her hair a bit. That was awkward, with cuffed hands.

“See?” Art said. “You need to get into it! Come on, give us a sexy look!”

Carolyn grinned in disbelieve, then she actually tried to look sexy: head bowed down a bit, looking up at Art, the cuffed hands close to her chest.

Art smiled. “Try it at Ed!”

She turned to Ed.

“Wow, hot!” Ed said.

That made Carolyn smile. Yeah, she was hot! In any sense!

“Come ooon!” Art said conspiratorially. “A little kiss for Ed!”

She hesitated. Posing a bit was one thing, but — kissing?

“Look — have you ever done acting?” Art asked.

“In school theater,” she said reluctantly. “Though I usually got other jobs there, like prompting.”

“Never been on stage?” Art asked.

“Well, sometimes. You know, some supporting roles.” Like a tree. Or a sheep.

“What a waste!” Art exclaimed. “Come on — even I can see already now that you have talent! You can be really hot if you set your mind to it! And the lovely rest, of course!”

Her cheeks immediately felt even warmer than before. Of course she had always dreamed of playing something much more challenging, completely losing herself in a role, being the yearning beloved, a damsel in distress, a heroine...

She realized Art and Ed were looking at her expectantly. She hesitated a moment, but then she leaned to Ed. And gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Ooh, you can do better than that!” Art said. “Get really into it, Hot Handcuff Girl!”

Carolyn stifled a giggle. That was all unreal. Silly. But — fun. Yeah, it was fun to be “Hot Handcuff Girl”! Why not?

She leaned forward again to kiss Ed on the mouth.

Ed responded at once, opened his lips, pressed against hers, and kissed her — surprisingly passionately.

But it was all a game, right? Only acting, wasn’t it? So she played along, let him kiss her, kissed back. Made it look passionately. Well, it was ... hot!

Without breaking the kiss, Ed reached out and dragged her onto his lap.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Art said.

She giggled, let Ed kiss her some more.

But, wait — a hot girl is supposed to not give in too easily, right? She is supposed to do more teasing, less giving, isn’t she?

Carolyn got her lips just out of reach of Ed’s, her eyes half closed, her mouth a bit open, moaning a bit, wiggling a bit...

There was something hard underneath. The perfect cue for a silly pick-up line!

“Is this a gun in your pocket, Gangsta, or are you just glad to see me?” she said in what she hoped was a seductive voice.

Ed grabbed behind him and produced something metallic. “My gun is here,” he said and held it up.

Carolyn looked at the gun. It was big. It didn’t look like a usual toy gun. It looked mean.

“Cool, isn’t it?” Ed said. “It even has my name on it!”

“Your name is ‘Scott & Wilson’?” Don asked.

“It’s the other gun, jerk,” Ed said easily and waved it before the rearview mirror.

“You’ve brought that gun?! Are you crazy?” Art said. “And stop fidgeting around with it in the car! Haven’t you seen Gulp Fiction?”

“Dude, relax,” Ed said. “Safety’s on, see?” He even pointed at it with the other hand — and switched it off. And on again.

“Stop it!” Art said. “That’s no acceptable safety behavior!”

“You stop it!” Don snarled. “Only because your uncle is a fucking gun instructor you don’t need to bend our ears with the fucking shit!”

“Hey!” Art snapped.

“Easy,” Ed said and put his gun back.

Carolyn just sat there, on Ed’s lap. Some synapses in her brain desperately tried to connect but failed. Something was not right. Something about that fake gun. It was not...

“Hey, you!” Ed said to her with the sweetest voice, caressing her cheek.

She looked into his eyes, smiled uncertainly.

“What is Hot Handcuff Girl going to do about that other thing, huh? About the happiness down there?”

What? Oh, she had all forgotten about ... She felt the heat in her face very prominently. Did he really... ?

“Don’t be shy, Hot Handcuff Girl — you can touch it!” Ed said.

Carolyn was sure she must have been glowing. Ed was so wordy all of a sudden...

Ed shoved her more to his knees, took her hand and made it touch the hard spot.

She couldn’t claim to be an expert, but it was absolutely clear what she felt there.

“Hot Handcuff Girl to the rescue!” Ed said. “Free the prisoner!”

Carolyn looked into his eyes. So blue. She could almost taste the color. Uh?

He guided her hand, made her open the zipper, reach into the fly...

Everything was unusually hot, but she nevertheless felt the warmth of the thing she touched. It got out almost on its own.

“Better check he’s well!” Ed said.

Check it, like pat it? Or ... pet it? She touched it, cautiously, felt all around and along it. It reacted.

“A little rub would do wonders,” Ed said.

Hypnotized, Carolyn did as told.

“Yeah,” Ed said.

She rubbed. First slowly. Then a bit faster. A little bit more. Still a...

“Whoa, emergency stop! The patient needs the kiss of life! Quickly!”


“Move your nice ass over, your pretty face stays here, right, and now — you know your First Aid, don’t you?”

Having been shoved around, Carolyn found her face suddenly quite close to Ed’s ... dick. Yes, this was the appropriate word here. His dick was directly before her eyes. And her mouth.

“Every second counts, doctor!” Ed said and slowly pushed her head forward.

Her lips touched his dick. Actually, it was her nose which made first contact, but the lips were a close second. She had actually kissed his dick!

“Nice peck, but Hot Handcuff Girl has to get out her Magic Tongue to prevail!”

Uh ... really? Well, apparently she had to, because ... um ... because of because, so maybe ... Hesitantly, she stuck out her tongue and touched his dick. It felt ... unusual. She did not register much of the taste, just a hint of yellow, but the touch...

“Come on, lick it!” Ed said.

Lick it? Like ... like a Popsicle? Like ... from down there to ... up there?

“There’s a start! Now action for the Twirly Tongue!”

Twirl, okay ... She let her tongue fly all over and around his dick.

“Yeah!” Ed commented. “Now tip to tip...”

Tip to... ? Oh, tongue tip to dick tip.

“Right, and now the Magic Tongue leads her guest all the way into her nice home, but careful with those choppers ... riiight. The soft doors close ... And now the massage program...”

She had an idea about that. Slowly, she raised and lowered her had, making him go in and out a bit, along her tongue, passing through her lips.

She had him in her mouth. For real.

“Ooh!” Ed made. “Shift up.”

She moved faster. That got him in a bit deeper.

She gagged. She withdrew a bit.

He grabbed her head and pushed it down.

She gagged violently, pressed against his hand to get him out.

“Hey, don’t make her puke!” Art shouted.

“Is this now your fucking car, or what?!” Don shouted.

“No, shithead, but we are in it, remember?! Do you want to ride in a car full of barf?!”

Carolyn only dimly noticed that this was not the most caring reasoning; she was still fighting not to puke.

“Okay, okay,” Ed said and let her go. “Calm down, everybody. Sorry, Handcuff Girl! You’re just so irresistible!”

That one was lame, she recognized that even while coughing away the urge to vomit.

“Come here!” Ed said, lifted her head — and kissed her.

It wasn’t that great, but somehow she appreciated the good intentions.

“Look, we can’t quit now, can we? That might spoil it forever! Come on, once and again. At your pace, this time.”

He did not really wait for an answer but pushed her gently but firmly down again.

She let him. She took him in her mouth again. She continued where she had left off. They couldn’t quit now, he had said it. She had to do it. She moved faster and faster, but carefully avoided to take him to deep. Well, mostly.

It worked. He moaned, he groaned, whispered “Yes” and “Oh yeah”.

“Stop!” he suddenly hissed. He pushed her a little the side and held her, grabbing his dick with his other hand, stroking frantically. She would never have dared to go that hard on him.

“Prepare for impact!” he shouted, aiming at her face.


The first splash went right to her forehead. Fortunately, that made her close her eyes, preventing her from getting one of the next splashes directly into them.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he whispered.

“Awesome!” Art said. “Woo-hoo! Three cheers for Hot Handcuff Girl! Woo, woo, woo! Come on, Don, cheer up and chime in!”

There was no answer from Don.

“Here, have a hanky!” Art said to Carolyn.

She fumbled to take it blindly, then got the worst out of her face. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome! Wow, what a great show! I knew you’ve got talent! You’re fabulous!”

Right, a show. She had delivered a good performance and the audience was delighted. Well, some of them.

“Don, pull over! Ed, we switch!” Art said.

Don and Ed both cursed, but complied. Half a minute later, they were going again, with Ed in front and Art next to Carolyn.

“Awesome!” Art said to Carolyn. “You are just awesome!”

“Thank you,” Carolyn said. This was all very weird, but Art’s praise felt so good. And it was still so hot...

“You have definitely something to build upon!” Art said. “And you should do so — right away!”


“Don’t get me wrong — you did great for a first time,” Art continued. “But you can do better! Your second try will be greater still, and the time to have it is right now!”

Carolyn blinked. There was a message in Art’s words, but her brain was not able to work it out. Overheated, probably.

“So, once more, please, with feeling!” Art said. “You do this killer-look again, then you brush that body against mine, your hands find the entrance behind which my joy-stick is hidden, get it out — you get the picture!” He formed a rectangle with the thumbs and index fingers of both hands, looking through it at her. “The camera is on you! Action, baby!”

The camera was on her — that was a first. She had always been somewhere in the background, and even when not, the camera would rather search around for something more photogenic than stay on her. But not now.

The killer-look — yeah, she could do it, couldn’t she? Sexy, promising, erotic — why not her? Tilting her head, putting on a wanton smile...

“Yeah, that’s it, baby!” Art said, still looking through his finger camera.

Yes, she could do it. And more. She raised her cuffed hands above and behind her head, making her breasts come forward.

“Wow, you’ve got it!” Art commented.

She smiled even more. Oh yeah, she’d got it, she definitely did. She leaned towards Art, thrusting her breasts at his fingers.

“Awesome close-up!” Art declared.

She pushed further, making him separate his hands, touching his body. Her face came close to his. Her lips parted, the tongue coming out a bit to lick them.

“Yeah...” was all Art could say.

A kiss ... on his cheek. Her breast rubbing up against him. Her tongue came out — and licked his ear.

“Ooooh,” Art made. “Hot!”

Yes, hot! She was hot, burning hot, a volcano! Lava was flowing through her veins, and her arteries, for that matter; he certainly felt the heat emanating from all her pores!

He brought his mouth to hers and kissed her.

Hey, it was her doing the action! But she did not resist, she just couldn’t. It was all acting, but the kissing felt good nevertheless!

All too soon he broke the kiss. “Now your hands are needed.”

“Hm? Where?”

“Down,” he said. “Further down.”

Um ... ah, yes, of course. She had all forgotten about the stage directions. Without taking her eyes from his, she reached slowly down, until her hands touched his crotch. There was someone who certainly wanted to come out of hiding. Her smile widened, the audience was obviously pleased! Let’s give a hand there...

Aw, f ... uster cluck! She had to look down to figure out how to open his fly! Quick, gloss this over by a lecherous look, and a witty comment! “Now, what do we have there?” Very witty. Try again! “That’s not keeping this one in an appropriate environment, is it? Let’s free the poor thing!” Well — close enough?

“Yeah, let’s,” Art said smiling broadly.

Okay, close enough. As for that fly ... ah. Yes, Art was doing his best to fill his role. Gently she took him in her hands, bend down a bit and looked back up. “May I have a closer look?”

“Absolutely!” Art said. “Knock yourself out!”

They should have a word about his lines, but — later. She slid down to the footwell, bringing her face close to Art’s ... joy-stick? Nah, it was a dick. Really. She caressed it with her fingers, stroked it, brought her face closer ... No hand was grabbing her head, this time she was on her own. Okay, the next step would be ... should be ... She stuck out her tongue, brought it closer ... oh, come on ... and ... and ... made contact.

“Oh yeah!” Art moaned.

See, it’s not that hard. Now — licking. Bottom to top...

“Yeah, baby!” Art said.

Once more — in circles, maybe?

“Ooh, yeah!”

She was getting the hang of this! Her tongue was on his ... dick; it tasted ... orange ... no, red — it was all heat. She was all heat, too; her head must have been glowing red!

“Now he could do with a soft embrace,” Art interjected.

What? Did he want her to use her hands again?

“There’s a cozy cave right there for little bear,” Art said.

Cozy cave ... ah. She was a bit slow right now, but the penny had dropped. She went up to the tip with her tongue — and slowly guided it into her mouth.

“Ooooh — aaaah!” Art made. That did sound approving.

She took him in, not too deep, as she had learned, caressed him with tongue and lips. She sucked a bit.

Art was beyond any articulation in his moans.

Good. Now a bit out ... and a bit in ... a bit out...

Art grunted.

A bit faster, in... , out...

Art panted.

Still faster, in, out,...

“Yes!” Art made. “Oh ... ah ... you ... you need to ... to swallow ... swallow it ... don’t ... don’t want ... want a ... a mess ... right?”

“Stop whining!” Don grumbled.

“Shut ... the fuck ... up ... Don ... we ... we’re ... live ... oooooh!”

Art’s load exploded into her mouth.

She knew it was coming, but she was still taken by surprise. She gagged, she squeaked with her mouth full, she nearly backed away — but she didn’t. She held it in her mouth, breathed through her nose, swallowed — only then she let go and coughed and retched.

“Whoa, babe — so awesome! So awesome! You have it! You have it!” Art uttered breathlessly.

Yes, she had it — she had swallowed it. That was probably better than having it still in her mouth, but still...

“So awesome!” Art repeated.

Carolyn felt sick, but Art’s praise still came through: awesome. She was awesome. She had done her part well. Outstanding! Ovations!

Someone actually clapped. That was Ed.

“Great, fantastic show! Nearly as good as the real thing — and I can tell!” Ed said with his broad grind again.

“Fuck!” Don said — and violently turned and stopped the car.

Carolyn was sent to the floor. Shocked, she stayed down.

“Don — what the fuck?!” Ed shouted.

“Yeah, what the fuck?” Art mumbled.

“Shut the fuck up, you two!” Don shouted. “I told you to help me keep an eye out for this fucking park, but you were no help at all! Not at least look for that fucking meeting point!”

“Easy, Bro,” Ed said. “How about there? Looks like the description to me.”

“Whatever,” Don said and got the car moving again.

Down on the floor, Carolyn was thrown up by two bumps, then she heard some scrunching from below.

“Man, you can’t ride through the park!” Ed said.

“Why the fuck not?” Don said. “No one’s here! Between the bushes, the car will be less noticed than at the street!”

“But—” Ed said.

“I’m the fucking driver, so shut up!” Don said.

“Okay, okay!” Ed said. “Relax man!”

The car stopped.

“Stef’s not here,” Ed said.

“He should be waiting already,” Art said, fumbling with his fly. “Maybe we are not exactly at the right spot.”

“Oh? With all the help I got from you two fuckers?!” Don said.

“Okay, o-kay!” Ed said a bit testily. “Maybe we should go looking for him.”

“What?! Run through the fucking park?” Don said.

“Don’t know, running is a bit conspicuous, isn’t it?” Art said.

“No running,” Ed said. “A stroll in the park. Beautiful night and all that, right, Art?”

“Er, yes,” Art said. “Yeah, sort of. That would fit into the picture. Late at Halloween night-”

“Check. Get moving,” Ed said and opened the door.

“Fuck,” Don said and got out, too.

Art looked down at Carolyn. “What about her?”

“Oh, right,” Ed said, poking his head back into the car. “Art, get the other costume from the bag.”

“The other... ?” Art looked into the bag. “There’s this...” He pulled out a dog collar with a leash.

“That’s the one. Put it on her,” Ed said.

“Okay,” Art said. “Come on, get up!”

Carolyn struggled up. I was surprisingly difficult with cuffed hands.

“Good girl. Show your neck!” Art commanded.

Without thinking, she raised her chin, and Art fastened the collar around her neck. He pulled at the leash playfully.

“Very nice, Handcuff Bitch!” Art said.

Handcuff Bitch? Whatever happened to Hot Handcuff Girl?

“Come out, we’ll take you for a walk!” Art said, got out of the car and dragged her behind at the leash. She hardly managed to follow without falling. She clung her arms to her breasts — it was cold! Despite the warmth still coming from within.

“Down, bitch!” Art said. “Get into the role! A good actor can play anything, anytime!”

Art’s words seemed to make sense, and she went down on her hands and knees. However, when he tugged at the leash again, she realized that walking on all fours with cuffed hands was all but impossible. She got an idea how a hobbled horse must feel. Only a horse would not feel this cold, would it?

“Art, stop it,” Ed said. “We can’t walk her through the park like this! Too conspicuous!”

“This idea is fucking stupid anyway!” Don said. “Why should we walk through the park? Stef can fucking well come and find us!”

Ed looked at Don, irritated. Then Ed turned to Carolyn, with the same look. Then there was his grin again. “Don, you need some pet therapy! Luckily, we have a pet right here! Our little bitch is eager to please her master, isn’t she?”

She’s what?! What did he expect her to do?!

“Yeah right!” Art said and switched into director’s mode again. “Get on it, you’ve got to pant! Tongue out! Come on, you know how dogs do it!”

Hesitantly, Carolyn stuck out her tongue and started to pant. This brought the cold into her mouth, too.

“Good girl! Don, you stay here at the car,” Ed said. “Art and I have a stroll in the park, looking for Stef, leaving you some privacy to do therapy with Handcuff Bitch. Have fun!” He took the leash from Art, thrust it into Don’s hands, and nudged Art to get moving. Art quickly gave two thumbs up before turning and leaving with Ed.

Disbelievingly, Carolyn gazed after them. They were leaving her alone with Don?!

Don pulled the leash hard, making her stumble towards him on her knees.

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