Underage Marilyn Helps Master Enslave Feminist and Daughter

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Owning 3 sex slaves was not enough for him. He's a college student empowered by sexy spirit Anastasia. She grants him unlimited wishes, including all the women he wants to enslave. He began with wife Gloria (Big Tits) and her sisters, 14-yr-old Marilyn and 17-yr-old Kate. Now he wants to own a beautiful, haughty blonde feminist lawyer and her gorgeous, spoiled blonde teenaged daughter. Watch them go down on their knees and on his dick. (Story from my serial "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters.")

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .


This is a shortened adaptation from Chapters 4 and 5 of my ongoing serial “Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters” which is my most-downloaded ongoing story to date. What’s the serial about? It’s about a college student named Steven who finds a book enchanted by a spirit named Anastasia. She offers him a choice: either three wishes, or unlimited wishes. What’s the catch? For unlimited wishes, he must become her consort, and he’ll slowly become a sorcerer. What’s the attraction? All the women and sex and anything he wants. What’s the downside? The more magically powerful he becomes, the less he’ll fit into the mundane world.

As I said, this is a shortened version of the chapter. So what did I leave out? A lot of scenes with the Master and his magical consort sex slave Anastasia. There is much more to the story plot line contained in those deleted scenes. That material will become crucial in the further development of the full story as it appears in the serial “Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters.” So if you want to eventually get the full story, you’ll need to read the chapters included in that serial, not merely the shortened version I am publishing as these separate shortened stories.

Previously, Chapters 2 and 3 were published in this series of shortened adaptations under the titles “Underage Marilyn Takes It Up the Ass” and “Underage Marilyn’s Sister Kate Gets Mouthy”, respectively.

I’m Steve. My big-breasted wife Gloria has two younger sisters who were always hanging around our apartment. Kate was 17 and Marilyn was 14. Kate was a petite, blue-eyed blonde with a pretty face and a tight but shapely ass. Mari, as she was called by the family, was a brown-eyed brunette. Although not as cute as Kate, Marilyn shared the same milky white skin as both her sisters. Plus Mari had a devastatingly big, beautiful, shapely bottom. Little Marilyn’s big ass was by far the most attractive of any of the girls in the family. I wanted to fuck both of my sisters-in-law from the first moment I met them. Now that I had the magic spirit Anastasia on my side, I intended to fuck them both, one at a time. I had a plan. I took the youngest sister Marilyn first. I fucked her in every hole. I brought my wife Gloria (whom I’ve now named Big Tits) into bed with Marilyn (whom I’ve now named Buttfuck) and made the two sisters do each other. Then I took the final sister, Kate. I fucked her in every hole and made her do her two sisters. I gave Kate the slave name Face-Fuck, because she’s so pretty.

In the morning, I opened my eyes. I lay in bed with my three naked sex slaves, Gloria Big-Tits, Kate Face-Fuck, and Marilyn Buttfuck. They were all still asleep. I began sucking on the large, pink areolae and nipples of brunette Gloria’s massive, 42-inch E-cup, pure white tits, one after the other. She smiled in her sleep and snuggled closer. I reached down toward my crotch, where my cock lay softly in Kate’s mouth. I ran my hands through her blonde hair until I had a good grip, then I pulled the head of 17-year-old blonde against me, forcing my cock deeper into her sweet mouth. Kate’s tongue immediately began licking the underside of my cock as her mouth started sucking. She made gurgling sounds of pleasure for the opportunity to suck her Owner actively again. For 14-year-old brunette Marilyn, I sent a mental command. I wanted the pale-skinned, bubble-butt little bitch to get used to receiving commands from me telepathically. Reading her mind, I knew that she was surprised but pleased at having this new method of communication with her Owner. Mari demonstrated that she had received my command by moving under the covers, parting my buttocks, and licking my anus.

“Slaves” I said “you are serving me well. We are not going to have sex again right now. I am simply taking you through your paces. You will serve me again just as you are serving me now many, many times in our new lives together. Kate Face-Fuck will serve my cock with her mouth. Gloria Big Tits will present my property on her chest to be used by my mouth and hands. Mari Buttfuck will use her mouth and her ass to please me in very many ways. Now, bitches” I continued “that’s enough service for the moment. Get out of bed and put on your robes. There is a robe for each of you, including you too, Kate Face-Fuck.”

My slaves seemed surprised that I was interrupting their sexual service to me. Nevertheless, they understood that a slave’s primary duty is obedience to her Master. They each rose from the bed and put their robes on. I did the same. Then I led them to the living room, where we all sat down on the couch.

“Open your robes, bitches” I commanded. “I told you to wear the robes so you would not catch a chill. But I demand that my bitches always display their breasts to their Owner when we are in private. Unless I tell you otherwise, expose your tits to me at all times. Got that, whores?” I asked.

“Yes, Master” all three sisters said in unison, with the most charming smiles on their faces. They opened their robes happily. I grabbed each one’s breasts and gave each tit a squeeze. This pleased my slaves enormously. They had a strong need to be desired by their Master. Every time I used their bodies or commanded them to serve me in some way, their emotional reward circuits were stimulated. The more I used the bitches, the happier they were. The more I abused them for my pleasure, the greater their sense of pride for being useful to their Owner. Gloria, Marilyn, and Kate truly existed now solely to please and serve me. That was their only reason for being. And they knew it.

“You three cunts are the first slaves in my harem. The magical spirit cunt Anastasia is also a slave in my harem, but she’s not like you three whores. I use her for special purposes. Sexual, yes, but also for some ... special projects that I’ll tell you about later. All that you three bitches need to know right now is how best to serve me with the projects I’ll assign to you.”

I commanded Mari to take off her robe, spread it on the floor, and lay on top of it. This way I could use her fat ass as a foot rest. I commanded Kate to put my cock back in her mouth, but not to suck actively. I commanded Gloria to lay on the couch in such a way that I could grab her tits and play with them. The girls were happy to follow the commands of their Master. As far as they were concerned, being owned by me and being allowed to serve me was the greatest thing that had ever happened to them, or could ever happen to them. To them or to any other cunt. Which brought me to my next topic.

“You three whores are now ready to help me begin to expand my harem further. Big Tits and Buttfuck took some smart phone pictures of pretty cunts at the mall. I’m going to review those images in a little while. If I like any of the bitches, it will be easy enough to track them down. But taking random photos is not the main way I am going to identify cunts I want to own. My magical slave Anastasia has already identified vast numbers of bitches I may want to enslave, either full-time like you bitches, or short-term. The short-term slaves will still be my wholly-owned property, just like you three cunts. However, I will not use those bitches full-time. I will only use them occasionally. The rest of the time, they will go to school, or work, and so forth. After they have been thoroughly trained to my satisfaction, I will arrange for them to marry good men. These married couples will make beautiful, intelligent babies together. The beautiful little girl babies will be raised to follow in their mommy’s footsteps. In many cases, as soon as those young cunts are old enough, they will enter into my service as the next generation of my sex slaves. I will train them to become the next generation of good, submissive wives for worthy men. And at the same time I will be making sure that there are plenty of worthy men for them to marry.”

I tapped my feet on Mari’s big white ass. She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. “Buttfuck, you are 14-years-old. I hereby declare that all of my future slaves must be at least as old as you are. You are the perfect model for a young teenaged slave in my harem. I will make them all follow your anal and oral example.”

Kate still had my cock in her mouth, with her head turned sideways so she could look me in the face with her beautiful deep blue eyes. “You, Face-Fuck, along with your little sister, are going to recruit the most beautiful girls in the local schools. I’ll give you a list of bitches to target a little later.”

I moved my gaze to Gloria, who lay beside where I was sitting. She was on her side with her big, floppy, lily white 42-inch E-cup tits lying one atop the other. I had been squeezing, jiggling, and pinching them idly, tweaking their large pink areolae and nipples, while talking to her sisters. Now I focused on my wife-slave and her udders. “As for you Big Tits, I am putting you in charge of gathering cunts at our university. I’ll give you a list of the ones I want.”

My three slaves were happy and content, but also eager to serve me in the new ways I had just described. Even if I had not been a mind-reader with magical powers, the mere expressions on their faces were enough to tell me how they felt. Now it was time to tell them about what else is in my plan, in the stages that follow after gathering up and enslaving the sexiest local cunts.

“We are going to need a bigger place to live. And a lot more money. Very soon, I am going to win the jackpot in the multi-state lottery. That will give us some serious cash. About $100,000,000 or so should do for a start. But that’s not enough for all the plans I have in mind. So I am going to invest some of that money in certain start-up businesses that don’t even exist yet. Those businesses will grow over the coming decade into multi-billion dollar success stories. They will make me a billionaire. That’s about where I need to be in order to continue my ... big project.”

Gloria looked up at me while I played with her big breasts and asked “What is your big project, Master?”

I smiled down at her. “Why, to save the world, Big Tits.”

[Skipped text... ]

I ended my speech with a recap of our plan highlights and then some words to further inspire my slave cunts. “So here is what we shall do, bitches. You will help me gather, fuck, and enslave the prettiest girls and women around here. Then we will continue doing that further and further afield. Some international travel will be necessary. I will gain wealth and use it to obtain even greater wealth. All of that money will be spent on improving the lives of women and girls so that they may become loving and submissive wives of worthy men. We will accomplish this first by purging toxic ideas from the heads of these cunts. Then we will fill them with the right ideas. The first step in doing that is by turning them into my sex slaves so that they learn by experience what a woman is and must be. Finally, we will send them off to serve good men as their wives, so these cunts can become mothers of beautiful children. You three cunts will be among the public faces of the global institution of higher learning known publicly as Women Ascending Power but secretly known as Women As Property. By our efforts—yours, mine, and my magical assistants—and by the efforts of the countless other women I will enslave, and the men who will marry them, we will save the world.”

My three sex slaves cheered and praised my name and clapped, over and over, until I realized that the only way to quiet them down was to have sex with them again. But that would not happen until later. I had plans.

“Big Tits and Buttfuck” I said “show me the photos of pretty girls you took at the mall.” The two sisters went off to retrieve their cell phones while Kate continued to suck my cock. They returned and handed me their cell phones. It only took a few seconds of scrolling before I saw one of the most beautiful, blonde teenaged girls I had ever seen. She had a movie star-beautiful face, a spectacular body with large breasts, a slim waist, and an ample rear end of enticing proportions.

I noticed a small circle of yellow light flashing in the photo. Inside my head, I heard a bell. ‘Master’ Anastasia said telepathically ‘that teenaged bitch is among the top 65,702 females on Earth according to the list I compiled for you.’

‘Excellent!’ I replied telepathically. ‘I must own her!’

I held the phone where Kate could see it. “Do you know this cunt, Face-Fuck?”

Kate nodded her head. Then she released my cock from her mouth so she could answer. “That’s Corrine Savage. She goes to my high school. She’s a really stuck-up bitch. The other girls hate her. All the guys are after her all the time. She teases them then treats them like dirt. She dates different guys just to see what she can get from them. She’s rich, too. Her mother’s a top lawyer. Her parents divorced a long time ago.”

Just as I had suspected. A teen princess in need of a good take down. “Do you know her mother’s name?” I asked.

Kate replied “Evannah, I think. Her mother’s just like she is. Really beautiful, and really bitchy.”

A beautiful mother-daughter pair in need of debasement and enslavement by me. A perfect two-fer!

“OK, whores” I said. “I am going to take both bitches, mother and daughter. Since today is Saturday, we may be able to get them both together. If we can’t, I’ll take them one at a time.”

Inside my head, I heard a bell. Anastasia said ‘Master, I have been monitoring the situation. I checked on Evannah and Corrine Savage. They are preparing to eat dinner at home tonight. Evannah is a prominent attorney and an active feminist. She has a very busy career. She wants to spend the evening with her daughter watching a feminist documentary. Shall I get to work on arranging for you to take these two cunts tonight? Your 600 magical slaves can handle all the details across the board so you will not be disturbed in your play with the two cunts.’

In my mind, I answered ‘Yes. Do it, bitch. I’m going to take this mother-daughter duo tonight. And my wife-slave and sister-in-law slaves will help me. And participate.’

‘Very good, Master’ said Anastasia. ‘It’s as good as done on our side. Your 600 magical sex slaves are on the job. Tell Kate to phone Corrine to ask about their high school homework. They are not friends, but they are in some of the same classes. Corrine will ask her mother if she can invite Kate to come over and bring her sisters. Her mother Evannah will agree. Then you show up with all three of your slaves. Evannah will invite all of you to watch the feminist documentary with them. I am guessing that once you are there, Master, very little of that documentary will be viewed.’

‘Ha! You got that right, bitch!’ I communicated to Anastasia. ‘Once I get there, Evannah and Corrine Savage will be done with feminism. They will never be the same.’

‘I can’t wait to watch that!’ exclaimed Anastasia.

I informed Gloria, Kate, and Mari of my plan. Kate made the call. Everything went exactly the way that Anastasia said it would. Before we headed over to the Savages’ house, we ate a light dinner. Then I made Kate and Mari phone their parents to inform them, quite casually, that they would be spending the rest of the weekend with Gloria and me. And I had them mention, as if it were inconsequential, that they would also be moving in with us permanently. Their parents were fine with that. Anastasia had already prepared their minds for accepting the new reality that their son-in-law was now the central man in the lives of all three of their daughters.

On the drive over to the home of Evannah and Corrine Savage, I sat in the back seat in between my two youngest slaves, my wife’s sisters: Kate who was better known inside my harem as Face-Fuck, and Marilyn who was better known by her slave name Butt-Fuck. My wife-slave Big Tits was behind the wheel. I had my left arm around 17-year-old blonde, blue-eyed Kate and my right arm around 14-year-old brunette Marilyn. When I turned to my left, Kate would give me sultry kisses and caress my face, while telling me how much she loves me. When I turned to my right, Marilyn would give me sweet kisses, telling me how grateful she is to be my slave, and how much she loves me. As Gloria drove, she kept glancing in the rear view mirror at all the action in the back seat. She wasn’t jealous or angry. She was only concerned that her two sisters give me the best possible service. “Remember who owns you, girls” she said. “You’d better give our Master 110%! Never forget who owns you!”

“You’re exercising some good quality control on your sisters, Big Tits” I said to commend Gloria for her diligent oversight of her younger sisters. I was very happy with Gloria’s new-found attitude. She herself used to be less than enthusiastic in her sexual service to me as her husband. Now that she is my slave Gloria is completely gung ho to do anything and everything to please me sexually, and she’s insisting that her younger sisters adopt the same approach. I am definitely liking this!

On the drive over to the Savage home, we stopped off to get a lotto ticket. The grand prize had a lump sum payment value of $325,000,000. I bought one ticket. That’s all it takes to win. Then we drove to the expensive side of town. The legal practice of Evannah Savage must be very lucrative. Her house was huge. We announced ourselves at the automated gate and were granted entry. We drove up the circular driveway and parked just past the front door. I walked up, followed by my slaves Gloria, Kate, and Marilyn.

We stood at the large front the door. I draped one arm casually over my wife’s shoulder. Gratefully, she put an arm around my waist. We kissed. Then I gave Mari and Kate each a quick kiss before commanding Kate to ring the doorbell.

Corrine opened the door. Her beauty was astounding. The 17-year-old had long, wavy golden blonde hair, blue eyes, a pale skin complexion redolent of peaches and cream, a gorgeous face, and a spectacularly curvy figure. She wore a low-cut sweat shirt and jeans. I estimated her breasts at 36-inch D-cups. Girls like that are used to seeing men lose their cool around them. She didn’t see that when she looked at me.

Now I’m a fairly average looking guy. I like to think that my looks are slightly above average, but I know they’re not. I’m as plain as the next guy. The only thing I’ve got that the next guy doesn’t is an unearthly amount of magical power. If the average guy could manage to shine like a 40 watt lightbulb, I can shine like a 100 megaton hydrogen bomb blast. My power is so far beyond that of mortal men that we can’t really be compared. And I was using only the tiniest fraction of that power to dazzle Corrine in ways she had never imagined possible.??? As I drank in her visual beauty, I was also reading her mind, seeing her past, plumbing the depths of her desires and her fears, and also doing something else. I looked at the swirling, colorful shapes of Corrine’s energy body until I spotted a small, unchanging, gleaming silver ring. With my magical power, I created something like a silver hook and stuck it right through her silver ring. I literally had her hooked. What this felt like to Corrine was knee-weakening, heart-fluttering love at first sight. And it was truly that for her. To some degree, it was also that for me. I could love untold numbers of women simultaneously. But the ultimate significance of the hook-in-ring was that Corrine was now mine, body and soul. Only she didn’t know that consciously yet. And I was not going to come right out and tell her. Tonight I wanted to play cat and mouse with this cunt first.

Corrine was smitten and distracted, standing in the doorway dumbfounded as she stared at me. Finally, Kate said “Can we come in?”

Corrine blinked, covered her mouth, and shook her head, causing her long, wavy blonde hair to move as if a strong wind had just fluffed it out. “Of course!” Corrine said. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please come in. Mom’s in the theater room. We were waiting for you before we started the movie.”

We entered the house and Kate introduced her two sisters first, leaving me for last. As Corrine greeted each girl, she kept stealing quick glances in my direction. My face was expressionless. I hid my appreciation for her beauty and my desire to fuck her. I wanted the bitch to sweat a little.

Corrine led us into a very large living room, then down a long hall with many doorways before we entered the theater room, which had one of those gigantic, curved TV screens with super-high definition. Two large couches and several smaller chairs were arranged in front of the screen. Curled up on one of the couches was an older blonde woman who was reading something on a digital tablet. At first, when we entered the room she didn’t look up, but began speaking anyway.

“Welcome” she said while still reading her tablet, “I’m glad Corrine could have some of her little friends over to join us. It’s important that young women learn...” she was saying when she finally lifted her eyes off the tablet to look at us. She stopped in mid-sentence when she saw me. I detonated the same minutely tiny fraction of my 100 megaton magical power on the mother that I had already used on her daughter. Evannah’s attention locked onto me. She couldn’t look away.

Evannah Savage was an older version of her daughter. At extremely beautiful, curvaceous blonde women who was now in early middle age. I estimated that she was forty or so. I would soon know for sure, after I did the mind-reading with her exactly as I had done with her daughter. So I read Evannah’s mind, saw her past, her desires, her fears, and the gleaming silver ring within her energy body. I hooked the bitch just like I had hooked her daughter moments earlier. Although they did not know it consciously yet, both mother and daughter were now utterly under my power. I would allow them the illusion of free will for a while, so I could toy with them. But there was no possibility they would ever be free again. I already owned them, body and soul.

Evannah put down her tablet, ran her fingers through her hair, then straightened her sweat shirt (which was low-cut, just like her daughter’s). She stood up from the couch and walked over to us. She had her eyes on me the whole time. She extended her hand to me while ignoring my wife and her sisters. “I hadn’t expected a young man to be joining us. Who would you be?”

I was tempted to say ‘I would be your Owner, bitch’. But I didn’t want to rush things. I wanted to toy with both the daughter and the mother for a while tonight before I put them into their proper places of subjugation at my feet. As I accepted her proffered hand and shook it, I replied “I’m Steve. I’m married to Kate’s older sister Gloria.”

Evannah glanced at Gloria briefly, and gave her a tiny nod, while still clasping my hand. Her palm began to sweat. I said “Have you met Kate and her younger sister, Marilyn?”

Evannah was staring at me as she continued shaking my hand absentmindedly. Her pupils were dilated and her mouth was slightly open. “Your ... sister?” she asked.

“No, no” I replied. “My sisters-in-law. Marilyn is the youngest. Kate’s in the middle. My wife is the oldest girl in the family.”

Evannah smiled vacantly. “Mmm. In the middle” she murmured.

Finally, Corrine stomped over, looking more than a little jealous. She grabbed her mother’s arm and forcibly broke Evannah’s grip on my hand. “Mother!” she said. “Steve is our guest. Shouldn’t you ask him if he’d like something to eat or drink?”

Evannah snapped out of her trance. “Oh, dear! Yes, of course. What was I thinking? Steve, would you like something to eat or drink? We have all sorts of goodies. Too many to list, really.” She took my hand again, but this time she sidled up beside me and wrapped one of her arms around mine while placing her other hand on top of it. “Why don’t you come to the kitchen and have a peak at my goodies? I’m sure you’ll find something you’d love to have in your mouth.” Then she began walking me out of the room without any apparent awareness of the sexual innuendo in her words.

I looked over my shoulder. Gloria, Kate, and Marilyn were smiling at me. Corrine looked furious, standing with her arms crossed while she tapped one foot angrily.

As Evannah walked me down the hall, she stuck to me like glue. “Tell me, Steve, what do you do?”

“I’m a graduate student” I replied.

“That’s fascinating! You must tell me all about it” she said, and then she suddenly stopped walking. She pointed to a closed door in the hallway. “That’s my bedroom” she said. Then she blinked her eyes, suddenly embarrassed. “I, uh, just thought you should know.” We continued walking and she continued babbling. Evannah may be a very smart lawyer, but she’d clearly lost her head over me.

We entered the large, well-lit kitchen. It had all the latest appliances and the finest furnishings. The counters were natural, polished stone. The recessed lighting was well-positioned to illuminate the room without creating glare. Many cabinets lined one wall above a stone counter. Several cabinets were quite high up. Evannah placed a short ladder near the counter and began climbing it to access a high cabinet while saying something about special snacks she kept up there so she wouldn’t be tempted to nibble on them all that time. That was her story, anyway. As she climbed the ladder, and then stretched one leg up to the stone counter top, it became obvious that what she was really trying to do was show me the curve of her ass.

Evannah opened the cabinet and removed a several boxes of cookies imported from Europe. She turned to hand each one to me, making certain in the process that she leaned unnecessarily low. This allowed her loose, low-cut sweatshirt neckline to hang open far enough for me to see the cleavage of her bra-less breasts. I estimated her chest measurement at 38-inch D-cup. Nice rack!

Climbing down, she tapped the cookie boxes with one hand while adjusting her breasts inside her sweat shirt with the other. “You really should drink something from these” she said. Then she caught herself. “I mean, you should drink something with these cookies!” she said, embarrassed. Evannah walked over to the refrigerator and placed one hand on the handle and the other at the side of her chest, pushing on one breast. “Would you like some ... milk?”

I could not help but laugh. I walked up to Evannah. She gazed at me with a welcoming expression and yearning in her eyes. I placed my hands on her breasts, fondling them within the confines of her sweat shirt. “Evannah” I said “if you were lactating I would suck you dry.”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with intense passion. I knew from reading her mind that Evannah had been in an on-again, off-again sexual relationship with a married man for several years. She’d also experimented with a lesbian relationship when she was in college, but found it unsatisfying. In law school she got married to the most brilliant, handsome, and charming student in her class. Their marriage produced one daughter and much unhappiness. Ever since her divorce, she had dated men in one ill-fated relationship after another. She hungered for something better. I aimed to give it to her. But in a form she had never imagined.

I returned Evannah’s kiss with a passionate one of my own. My hands went under her sweat shirt and up so I could fondle her bare breasts. She cooed with pleasure as I caressed her breasts. “Let me help you with that” Evannah said as she pulled off her sweat shirt over her head.

Evannah’s 38-inch D-cup breasts hung free and fabulous. Her areolae and nipples were large, well-formed, and pink, just as I like them. Although her tits had the sag of middle age, with stretch lines, they were still very attractive to me. “Nice tits” I said. “Let’s make it even easier for me to get at them.” I placed my hands on Evannah’s waist and guided her sideways toward the kitchen counter. Then I lifted her up and sat her down on the counter top. Now her breasts were closer to my eye level. I attacked them as only a real breast fetishist would do. I grabbed and sucked and squeezed and bit and twisted Evannah’s breasts, letting my inner beast practically devour the udders of the beautiful blonde.

As I did this, Evannah put her hands on the back of my head. She sighed and ran her fingers through my hair. “Yes” she whispered “Yes! Mmmm! I want this so bad. I need this.” She kissed me on top of the head. “My breasts are all yours, Steven.”

Ever since I was a kid staring at the beautiful moms I saw around town, I had wanted to have an older woman like Evannah. She was the Mother I’d Like to Fuck. Evannah was my ideal MILF: blonde, big-breasted, and beautiful. Now I had my hands all over her. I had her big-tits in my mouth. I could do anything I wanted with her. Get anything I wanted from her. Evannah was every older woman I had lusted after since the day I’d had my first wet dream. She was the epitome of the older woman I had wanted to introduce me to sex when I was an awkward kid who couldn’t get to first base except in baseball. I’m older now, and sexually experienced. But I felt like that kid again, as I buried my face between Evannah’s big breasts while know that her entire body was completely available to me, and she would say and do whatever it took to please me.

I continued sucking and mauling Evannah’s tits. I used my magical power to make sure that everything I enjoyed doing also felt good to her. Evannah tilted her head back, moaning with pleasure. The kind of rough treatment I was inflicting on her tender breasts would have normally caused her some discomfort and even pain. Under my magical influence, she could no longer distinguish between pain and pleasure. Whatever I liked, she liked too. I bit her breasts hard, one after the other, digging my teeth into her soft, tender flesh just far enough to leave indentations that would become black and blue marks later on, but not so deep as to break the skin and cause bleeding. My teeth were leaving my calling card sign on Evannah’s breasts, a sign that meant ‘These udders belong to me.’

Evannah caressed my head as I continued to enjoy her breasts, using them freely for my own pleasure. Then she bent her neck and tilted her head towards me, whispering in my ear “Would you like a blowjob? Please let me give you a blowjob, Steve. I want you to come in my mouth.”

It was really too soon for that. I had other plans for getting a blowjob from this bitch later. I straightened up to tell her so. But before I could tell Evannah that, she had already slid off the counter and dropped to her knees. I watched her breasts swing side to side. I was just about to speak when I heard another voice.

“What’s going on here?!” said Corrine angrily. She had just walked into the kitchen to see her mother, bare breasts hanging out, kneeling at my feet as if the woman had either just been blowing me or, as was actually the case, was just about to try.

Evannah’s face turned beet red. She cast her eyes downward, a sheepish look on her face. I patted the woman on her blonde head. Then I walked over to Corrine. As I approached her, Corrine began to look like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Her knees shook. I placed my hands on the teenager’s upper arms, to steady her. Then I kissed Corrine on the lips. Like her middle-aged mother had done before, the teen threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back, with great passionate enthusiasm.

After a couple of seconds, I broke off the kiss. By that time, Evannah had walked over next to us and leaned back against the kitchen counter, her bare breasts dangling delightfully. She smirked as her daughter succumbed to my charms just as she had. I smiled at the mother and daughter, each in turn. I placed my hands on Corrine’s chest, rubbing her boobs through her sweat shirt. “Corrine” I said “are your mommy’s tits bigger than yours?”

Corrine smirked. “See for yourself” she said, and then pulled her sweat shirt off over her head. The blonde teenager’s young breasts were spectacular. They were firm, upstanding young tits, with none of the sag displayed by her mother’s aging udders. Corrine’s areolae were surprisingly wide and delightfully pink, with prominent nipples. I had estimated the teenager’s rack at 36-inch D-cups. Reading her mind confirmed my estimate. I put a hand under each breast and hefted it, as if I were weighing pieces of meat. I nodded and smiled.

Then I turned to Evannah and performed the same hand-weighing exercise on each of the older blonde’s breasts. I nodded my head approvingly while pushing my lower lip forward. “Very, very nice. Nice pieces of tit meat. Your breasts are pieces of property, aren’t they Evannah?” I asked provocatively. “Like pieces of meat, aren’t they?”

Evannah simply smiled. In the background of her mind, I was already magically implanting the correct attitudes and words I wanted from her. “Yes, Steve” she replied with a knowing smile. “My breasts are just like pieces of meat. Pieces of property. Things to be owned.”

While continuing to hold one of Evannah’s breasts in the palm of one hand, I reached out to Corrine with the other, hefting one of the teenager’s tits in that hand. As I had done with her mother, I had already magically implanted the right ideas and words into the daughter’s mind. “What do you think, Corrine?” I asked. “Are you tits like pieces of meat? Are they property to be owned?”

Corrine smiled. “Yes, Steve. My tits are property to be owned. Just like my mother’s.”

“That’s good” I said. “Very good. We’ll talk more about this later. Right now my wife and her sisters are waiting to watch a movie. Why don’t you two girls put your shirts back on and each grab a tray. One tray of cookies and one tray of drinks. Then we’ll join the others.”

Corrine and Evannah looked at me, and then at one another. They were obviously confused and disappointed. There was also a strong undercurrent of jealousy. Both mother and daughter wanted me for herself. That issue would have to remain unresolved for the time being. They followed my orders. After putting their sweat shirts back on, each woman got a tray of refreshments and followed me out of the kitchen. As we walked down the hallway, Evannah and Corrine were silent. Although they were behind me and thought I could not see them, my magic power gave me the equivalent of having eyes in the back of my head. Evannah and Corrine were staring daggers at one another. I whistled a happy tune.

We returned to the theater room. Evannah and Corrine served the refreshments, beginning with me. Each one tried to out-do the other in being solicitous to me. I just smiled as I accepted some cookies and a bottle of water. I sat on a couch in the center, with my wife-slave Gloria to my left, slave Kate to my right, and slave Marilyn on the floor at my feet. I put one arm around Gloria and one around Kate. Mari removed my shoes and began to massage my feet. Corrine and Evannah watched this with more than a little astonishment and envy.

“So” I asked “what’s the name of this documentary we’re about to watch?”

Evannah froze. Then she put the palm of her left hand over her mouth. “Oh my God” she said. “We can’t watch this movie. We’ll watch something else.”

“Why?” I asked, as if I had not already read Evannah’s mind.

“Because... “ Evannah began, clearly stumped for an answer and stalling for time “it’s not appropriate.”

“Not appropriate for whom?” I asked ingenuously.

“For you...” Evannah answered, with her voice trailing off.

“Why? I’m a big boy. I can handle a vagina monologue or two” I said.

“No, it’s not like ‘The Vagina Monologues’” Evannah answered. “It’s something else.” She covered her eyes as if a bright light had suddenly been shining into them.

“So what’s it called?” I asked again.

Evannah took a deep breath and released it with a sigh. “It’s called ‘I Bathe in Male Tears’.”

My three slaves looked at Evannah as if she had just dismembered a live kitten. Corrine hung her head in shame, shaking it from side to side, and then covering her ears.

I laughed uproariously. “You were going to show a man-hating documentary to a bunch of impressionable teenaged girls, Evannah?” I said. “No wonder you feel ashamed.”

Evannah’s eyes tracked back and forth rapidly, like a cornered animal looking for an escape route. “I ... I was ... I didn’t know then...” she babbled. Evannah walked over to the couch where I sat and dropped to her knees next to Marilyn, who continued to massage my feet. “Steve” Evannah said in a timorous voice “I hadn’t met you yet. I planned to show this documentary before I learned ... before you showed me ... I’m so sorry, Steven.”

Corrine walked over and joined her mother sitting on the floor, but on the other side of Marilyn. With Evannah on the floor to my left and Corrine on the floor to my right, I had both bitches where I wanted them.

“I could tell you why all your feminist ideas are wrong-headed, Evannah. I could tell you what the right ideas are” I said “but it would be easier to show you.”

I turned to Gloria, who was sitting to my left on the couch. “Uncover your tits, bitch” I commanded.

Gloria smiled at me. She took off her blouse, removed her bra, and let her 42-inch E-cup tits hang free. I took one hefty tit in hand and hefted it up and down. Then I looked at Evannah and Corrine and smiled. “See” I said “my wife-bitch has even bigger tits than you two bitches.” Then I turned to Kate and Marilyn. “Uncover your tits, bitches.” My two teenaged sisters-in-law smiled while they followed my command, releasing their smallish tits for all to see.

“Now, Evannah and Corrine, why don’t you two bitches show your tits” I said, phrasing a command as if it were a question.

In a few seconds, the blonde mother and daughter duo had uncovered their breasts for me once again, just as they had in the kitchen a little while ago. I touched each of their tits and each of Kate and Mari’s, so that every bitch present had felt my hands on her tits.

“Good” I said. “I want you to leave your tits uncovered for the rest of the night. Or until I tell you to cover them up. Got that, bitches?”

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