My Name Was Joanne Swift (Part Two)
Chapter 5

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 5 - This is the sequel to "My Name is Taylor Swift" and it begins where the first story ends - to tell you much more about the set up would be to spoil My Name is Taylor Swift. You will have to judge the book by something other than the cover (Description)

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Oriental Female   Exhibitionism   Lactation   Revenge  

Reader’s Note: These are EXCERPTS from Joanne Swift’s Journal for October 15th (Sunday) morning. The Johnsons have made themselves at home and are participating in the family meeting despite Tom’s reservations.

Donald, Tammy, Becky and Billy became collectively known as “The Johnsons” even though Donald and Tammy were not married. They made themselves at home really quick. They looked all over the house and flushed all the toilets. They checked our fridge, and Billy and Becky began eating us out of groceries almost immediately. It was as if they weren’t used to anything but junk food.

I was hoping Tom was having second thoughts about his rules. He seemed to be the one trying to tone things down. It was not about having mercy for me though – it was really just about not involving the kids in more than they should see and with the Johnsons here that only seemed to add to his reluctance.

Donny and Scotty were trying to make the case that Tom needed to see the way the rules had been laid out in order to judge for himself. “One more day of doing things wrong – so you can adjust course, Dad!”

Tom explained that he had read all of our detailed journals of what happened and had a pretty good idea of the train wreck we experienced as his discussed the rule changes with my sons and Bud.

“I will be honest – when I first discovered what your mother was doing I could have been diagnosed with Tourettes because the only words coming out of my mouth were expletives. You know I rarely lose my cool but every time I gave her a chance to come clean about it and ask for help – she just dug that hole deeper. I’ve since calmed down and I realize that I am at fault for letting this go on as long as I did. I can’t see letting it go on another day under my roof while I am here just to confirm what I already know.”

Tom had a way of talking very authoritatively that made you most people naturally acquiesce to his side of things. His sons however had grown up with that voice and knew how to make reasoned arguments with him – and right now he was willing to listen to their opinions.

He wasn’t however willing to listen to what Taylor, Janie or I had to say – and he made that perfectly clear when he addressed his daughters.

“The reason I’m considering allowing you to remain naked isn’t because the two of you eloquently explained why you wanted to voluntarily continue your training,” Tom said to Janie and Taylor. “The reason I feel it’s imperative we continue is that your mother taught you some things that I need you to unlearn. That means that the rules are going to change, but I can see that with our new visitors here, I need to give some thought to what’s acceptable around them as well.”

“It’s OUR house, Dad!” Scotty and Donny echoed each other defensively.

“I know, and they are OUR guests. I don’t want to force my beliefs on people who aren’t interested or accepting of them – whether they are inside or outside of my home,” Tom reminded the two of them sagely.

It seemed that the topic of conversation moved away from rules and more to what to do about the Johnsons now that they were there. It wasn’t long before the Johnsons were settled in, and Billy and Becky were still looking through the kitchen at what we had to eat.

“Where are the Fruity Pebbles, and REAL cereals?” Billy yelled out from the kitchen.

“They don’t have REAL cereals. They just have healthy crap!” Becky yelled back – from WITHIN the kitchen.

I didn’t consider myself a health-food fanatic, but I had done a pretty good job of staying away from sugary cereals and junk food when I did the grocery shopping. I wondered if Tom would ever allow me to make choices as simple as that again?

I wondered a lot of things that morning, but the one thing I kept coming back to was that Tom had asked Donald to “take me back.” I wanted to ask Tom about that. It hurt me in a new way to imagine him just giving me away to someone else.

I’m a grown woman and a US citizen. If I had wanted to, I could have just stood up and said that I wasn’t going to do what I was told. I could just leave if I wanted. It was a nice sunny day outside – I could go outside and enjoy the flowers and the breeze on this fine Sunday afternoon, and technically Tom had no authority to tell me to go back inside.

It boggled my mind that despite this revelation, I continued to feel that I had no choice but to remain as I was – on the floor with my hands on my ass-cheeks, pulling them apart. It seemed inconceivable to me that I would ever do this in front of my family or my ex-husband’s family, but it FELT like there was no choice – even though I realized that as I said earlier, I could have stopped at any time.

If Tom had “given me away” to someone, I could have simply said that I was a person who cannot be given to anyone. I could have said that it wasn’t his choice.

At the same time, I realized that what Tom actually meant was that he didn’t want me here, so he was trying to find another place for me to live. Once I realized that, I desperately wanted to stay more than ever.

I had barely been listening to the family talk while I tried to make sense of what had just happened between Donald and Tom this morning.

The family had been talking about a name for me and the house rules. I should have been paying closer attention. I no longer had a position of authority or a phone with me to tap down notes and scribe Tom’s decisions, so I was hoping someone was taking notes.

Tom had made the point that just because we’d been doing things a certain way, that didn’t mean we had to continue doing them that way.

Tammy, Donald, Billy and Becky came back into the living room and joined us. Billy tried to turn on the TV out of habit, and his mother glared angrily. “Can’t you see they’re talking?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s just at our house we always turn on the TV while we’re talking,” Billy shrugged, and set down the remote before turning on the TV.

“Yeah, that’s because in our house you don’t actually listen to what we’re saying,” Tammy reminded her son.

“Well, that’s because the TV’s on and I can’t hear you,” Billy replied, and smiled as he took a bite from a bowl of cereal that he had with him.

“Do you mind if we’re down here for this?” Tammy asked Tom, ignoring her son’s joke.

“Actually, I think you should be part of the discussion if you’re going to stay here, but I know it’s uncomfortable for you.”

Tammy sat down on one of the guest chairs in the living room next to Donald. Her kids had brought cereal from the kitchen and were eating on TV trays. We never allowed our kids to eat on TV trays, even though we owned some – I had always wanted the family to sit down together for meals.

I was no longer in charge, and I certainly wasn’t going to offer any unsolicited opinions on how Tammy’s family should act from down on the floor, completely naked.

“So where were we?” Tom asked. He looked uncomfortable with the Johnsons seated in the room.

“We were on the topic of blowjobs,” Scotty reminded his father.

“Oh, hell yeah!” Billy said, and he took another bite of his cereal anxiously.

“You like giving blowjobs?” Becky teased her brother, with a mischievous smirk on her sour face.

“No, YOU like giving blowjobs!” Billy teased her back. His tone was much more playful than his sister’s.

“Neither of you like giving blowjobs!” Tammy insisted they settle down and be quiet.

“Well, that’s true, I don’t – it’s fucking gross,” Becky mumbled to herself, and let the matter drop while she returned to tapping on her phone.

“The blowjobs have to stop. Your sisters are learning submission, not how to be perfect whores. That’s especially true with giving them to your friends!” Tom insisted.

“I want to be your friend!” Billy offered again, but this time Tammy AND Donald glared at him to be quiet.

“What harm is it, though, if they keep on sucking our dicks? I mean, they like it, we like it, and they’ve been learning submission from the activity,” Donny countered. It was unusual for our sons to ever question Tom on a decision he made.

This may have been a ‘family meeting,’ but it didn’t seem like a debate or discussion as much as a review of the rules, with Tom handing down the adjustments and asking for clarification on things he didn’t understand.

“Submission isn’t just about getting your dick wet, Son,” Tom bluntly told him.

“I know that. The act of opening their mouths and giving us pleasure without receiving any in exchange, though – that is a good exercise,” Donny said.

“The fact that they WANT to do it tells me they were getting something out of it,” Tom replied to Donny, as if the matter was closed.

“Yeah, big old loads of gobby white cum!” Scotty joked, and then quickly quieted down after Tom glared at him much the same way Tammy and Donald had glared at Billy.

“Fart Face, why do you like sucking my dick so much?” Donny didn’t continue arguing with his father – he asked his sister for an answer. That was a wise move, because Tom had a deep, powerful voice that made you naturally want to agree with his opinion in any discussion.

Taylor had returned to the attention position in the living room after she helped the Johnsons unpack. She looked stunned at first to be called upon to answer the question in front of her father and the others.

“It isn’t your cock that I enjoy sucking, Sir. I enjoy having to suck any cock that’s put in my mouth, “ Taylor admitted, and Tom looked strangely pleased that she had just validated his opinion.

“See, she’s doing that for a thrill,” Tom scoffed. “This is just for kicks.”

“You misunderstand me, Master.” Taylor offered her father an explanation after getting his permission to elaborate. “I said that it isn’t my brother’s cock that thrills me. It is a splendidly huge specimen, but the reason I enjoy sucking cock isn’t for the thrill of being choked with a huge dong in my mouth. I enjoy it because I realize it’s one of the most submissive acts I’m permitted to do. I don’t enjoy it as a turn-on or because it makes me wet. In fact, I’m embarrassed when Donny points out I’m wet while I suck his dick. I like doing it because I realize I’m no longer allowed to be stingy with my time, my affection, and my body, and that by becoming a good cocksucker I can show some value. I loved being able to give my date a hummer in the car on the way home and swallow his cum. The cum does put me in a more submissive mindset. I love knowing it’s in the almond milk.”

It sounded nothing like the Taylor I knew a few weeks ago – and I was impressed with her response.

“Wait? What did you say is in the almond milk?” Becky held the spoon from her cereal. She had been half-listening while eating cereal and tapping on her phone, but her ears perked up at the end.

“Cum,” Donny said. “We used to jerk off into the almond milk container – but that’s whole milk, so you should be fine.”

“Gross!” Becky took another bite of her cereal and exclaimed, “This was from the almond milk. You’re all out of whole milk.”

“So why did you JUST eat a second bite?” Billy asked as he put his own spoon down immediately.

“I’m hungry, and it’s probably no worse than the shit you do to my food,” she argued with her brother, and the two began to squabble over the cereal.

“Would you two stop squabbling? This isn’t about you.” Tammy insisted the two of them be quiet and continued watching us quietly. She looked deeply confused and disturbed by the discussion, but she couldn’t stop listening.

Tom quickly took control of the conversation and told Donny and Scotty to stop smirking. “I understand from the journals that you let Hope Miller drink from the almond milk and you didn’t tell her what she was drinking,” he said, and looked accusingly at Donny.

“Well, uh ... I was embarrassed to tell her,” Donny admitted.

“You aren’t embarrassed to get your cock sucked by your sisters, but you ARE embarrassed to tell someone who unknowingly consumed your cum that they just had a glass full of it?” Tom shot back.

“When you put it like that...” Donny accepted that it was wrong and shrugged.

“You will invite her over here and explain to her what was in the almond milk- Immediately. Is there anything else in the fridge we should tell the Johnsons about before they find out you jizzed all over something else?” Tom looked frustrated and embarrassed to be having this conversation himself.

“Can’t I just call her and tell her?” Donny pleaded – a look of embarrassed frustration on his face.

“Hey Hope, this is Donny? No Donny, no not the cool guy, the other one ... yeah, that guy,” Scotty pretended to be talking into a phone while impersonating his brother calling Hope Miller. “Hey, I hope you don’t mind but my sisters spit cum after sucking my cock into your almond milk. You don’t mind? Okay, cool ... cool ... so how about a date? Still no?”

Tom glanced up at Scotty disapprovingly but then turned towards Donny and told him. “I think you need to tell her here so that I can be sure you explain it and apologize for not telling her sooner.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Tammy blurted out. “I don’t understand how things got like this. I thought at first you guys had to be putting us on with this. I kept waiting for the punch line. How did you get to the point you were filling your almond milk with semen – from blow jobs?”

“I’d be happy to let you read my daughter and wife’s journals of the account. They put together a very detailed record of the sordid events that led to them standing this way,” Tom offered her.

“Fuck all that noise. I mean, I don’t want to hear every detail. I’m just curious – what could have possibly happened that your daughters started giving blowjobs and then spitting it back into the almond milk?”

At this point, Becky and Billy picked up their half-finished cereal bowls and took them back into the kitchen.

“I’d be happy to clean out your bowls for you, Sir,” Janie offered to be of service and smiled at Billy while he walked past.

“Oh, okay!” Billy offered his bowl to Janie and she took her hands from behind her head and accepted it while offering her other hand to Becky for her bowl and looking at her father.

“Waste not, want not, Sir,” she smiled.

“You’re planning to eat this?” Becky handed my daughter the bowl with a disgusted face of disbelief.

“Only if I’m given permission, Ma’am.” Janie looked at her father with pleading eyes.

“Why don’t you tell them why you want to eat their cereal and how it came to be, then, and I may allow you to finish their cereal. We haven’t touched upon your new diet yet – but I’m very concerned that eating nothing but hot dogs and almond milk is very unhealthy!” Tom said to his youngest daughter.

“You see, my brothers were jerking off like 30 times a day,” Janie started to explain to the Johnsons while holding both bowls of cereal in her hands.

“It was more like 15 times a day,” Scotty corrected.

“Well, I used to watch on Alexa, and it seemed more like thirty, Sir. I don’t know if I’m allowed to correct you when you’re wrong?” she seemed to be asking.

“Please continue for now,” Tom insisted, and asked, “How did you know when to watch your brothers?”

“I didn’t need to know. I would just tell Alexa to turn on a camera in the house and eventually something interesting would happen. I would see Fart Face sneaking out the window or you spanking Mom or the two of them pulling themselves off. They usually did it in the bathroom or at their computer.”

“Gross! You little pervs!” Becky chided my sons for being disgusting pigs.

“Hey, all guys do it,” Donald informed his stepdaughter.

“Even grosser! Like, I don’t want to know that!” Becky insisted.

“At first, I didn’t know what they were doing. They would take out their dicks and start pulling and stroking and then they would make such funny faces. I just enjoyed watching their faces, and then they would look so relieved and blissful afterwards. They would usually leave it in tissues under their computer or in a sock or something. Sometimes I would also see Mother go downstairs after being with you for a long time, and she would squat over the almond milk or spit into it. I started drinking it out of curiosity as to why she was doing that after seeing she drank it too!”

I felt a wave of humiliation wash over me as I realized this was long before Janie ever started her discipline training. She had known all along that she was drinking her father’s cum. I could FEEL the stares of the family shooting daggers at me for corrupting my youngest with my example.

I know Tom was angry at himself for allowing Janie access to the video feed into our room. I think he didn’t realize she knew how to access he cameras in the house. We clearly underestimated the tech-savviness of our kids.

“You realized it was my cum in your milk? And you drank it?” Tom looked aghast at his daughter. “Never mind, that you violated my trust by spying on ME! – you had to know that was wrong?” he asked Janie with a sour expression on his face.

“I didn’t really know what cum was, but Mother said that it made her skin glow, and she was always calm and not angry, and I thought it may help me to do the same thing. I like the taste of the milk, and now that I’ve sucked cocks, I know what part is the almond milk and what part is the man-milk.”

“So you think it helped your complexion?” Tom asked skeptically.

“I don’t know about that, Sir, but it definitely made me feel more submissive and thoughtful. It made a lot of sense if my brothers were going to jerk off that many times a day that it not be wasted. You always say to waste not, want not,” Janie confirmed.

Tom nodded for her to continue.

“Then after we started to suck their cocks we weren’t spitting it back into the milk, so really there’s very little in there now. I like getting it more direct while it’s hot because it feels more purely submissive. Do you mind if I get on my knees and beg to eat these bowls of cereal? Even if there isn’t much cum in them, I’d like to lap it up like a nasty little whore, Sir, and I’m willing to beg for the privilege.”

Tom’s face was turning red. I wasn’t sure if it was from anger or from embarrassment.

“Who taught you to talk like that?” he asked her, without answering her question.

“Mother did, Sir!” Janie got down on her knees in a begging position anyway and held out the bowls while panting and holding her mouth open and began to beg. “She taught us to hold our mouths open and talk dirty to a guy so that he can more easily shoot his load. The lesson was to be generous to them so that they would be generous to us. It shouldn’t bother me to be explicit in my speech and say what a nasty cum-hog I am and how I want to gobble their cum, because I do, Sir! I love it. Please, may I show you?”

“You feel the same way?” Tom asked Taylor.

Taylor got down on her knees next to her sister, put her hands up in front of her tits like a begging dog and stuck her tongue out. “Oh, yes, Sir! I’m a bigger cum-gobbler than her. I like to gargle it and blow bubbles before swallowing. There are two bowls – may I join my sister in demonstrating our willingness to lap up what we’re given and show appreciation?”

“Yes, take it in the kitchen and you can both finish the bowls,” Tom said dismissively.

“Awww!” Billy seemed disappointed that he wouldn’t get to watch as my daughters brightly stood up with the cereal and headed for the kitchen with their father’s permission.

“Look, if your mom doesn’t mind you sitting in the living room and you want to watch them eat, all you have to do is walk into the kitchen. I only told them to eat in the kitchen to keep milk from splashing on the floor and as a courtesy to you,” Tom informed Billy, letting him know that it would be fine.

Billy looked at his mother as if asking for permission, and she sighed and groaned before letting him rush off.

“He isn’t going to see any more in there while they eat off the floor then he’ll see out here,” Tom assured Tammy.

“You’re going to make your daughters actually eat off the floor?” Tammy looked once again befuddled that we were taking such extremes with them.

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