My Name Was Joanne Swift (Part Two)
Chapter 2: Naming Day


Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 2: Naming Day - This is the sequel to "My Name is Taylor Swift" and it begins where the first story ends - to tell you much more about the set up would be to spoil My Name is Taylor Swift. You will have to judge the book by something other than the cover (Description)

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Oriental Female   Exhibitionism   Lactation   Revenge  

Reader’s Note: These are EXCERPTS from Joanne Swift’s Journal for October 15th (Sunday). Tom has brought Joanne inside and is deciding what to do with her and the rest of the family. His best friend Bud from his days in the Air Force, along with Bud’s wife Jian, are also present in the living room. Jian, Taylor (Fart Face), Janie (Muffins) and Joanne are all naked.

“Way to give us hope, Dad.” Donny offered a dour smile as he tried to lighten the dark mood in the room. “Everyone’s going to be betrayed at some point in their lives? So betray them first?”

“That is not what I said, Son.” Tom wasn’t Donny’s biological father, but he always treated him like all of the other kids in the family and he wasn’t going to stop just because I had failed him.

“I want you to understand that it will happen and when to forgive and move on and when to just move on.”

“You want to move on from Mom?” Donny seemed shocked.

“That remains to be decided,” Tom said, then cleared his throat. I could tell Tom was uncomfortable discussing this openly with the family. “You are not to call her ‘Mom’ from now on, though – she lost that right last night,” Tom said.

“I didn’t agree to that,” Donny responded. He had always been my biggest defender and champion.

“I see; and suddenly we’ve become a democracy because you and your brother have been playing Master for all of three days?” Tom was looking at Donny and awaiting a response. I was pleased he wanted to stand up for me, but at the time I wasn’t so sure I was worth the two of them arguing over me and what remained of my dignity.

“Don’t lump me into this,” Scotty said, as he looked at me with scorn. “I’ll call her ‘Semen Demon’ or ‘she who shall not be named,’ if that’s what you want.”

“You prick,” Donny insulted his brother. The two of them argued frequently, and there was never any shortage of name-calling when they were in the middle of one of their online Xbox games. However, there was something scathing in Donny’s voice that wasn’t usually there when he called his brother a prick.

“Enough,” Tom said, and stopped the two of them from bickering with a glare. “I won’t have her come between the members of this family. I think before we can continue determining the house rules, we need to have a naming exercise. I’ve already said I am comfortable with Janie becoming Muffins, although I really want you to pick one or the other. It’s either Derpy or Muffins, she can’t have both.”

Janie sucked her teeth as if disappointed, and Tom looked up at her.

“I like Muffins for formal affairs, but when it’s just casual, can’t my nickname be Derpy, Master?”

Tom had clearly took no pleasure in seeing his youngest daughter naked. “You’re going to dictate the rules, Muffins? Perhaps you should have three names for when you get tired or rid of the other two?”

Tom wasn’t usually that blunt to Janie – but she had asked for this discipline and he seemed to be testing her ability to handle being talked down too.

“No, Master, I don’t want three names. I just think it’s nice to have options. It’s like if you don’t feel like calling Fart Face by her name, maybe you can say Fart for short so that you can say it really quick.”

Taylor glared at her little sister, but didn’t say anything – remaining perfectly positioned at attention with her chest out and hands behind her head.

“Hey Fart, look out, the ball is coming right for your face!” Scotty joked as he threw an imaginary dodge ball at his sister and said that he liked that idea.

“I’ll consider a formal and an informal name.” Tom was being reasonable. He looked down at me naked on my hands and knees by Scotty’s feet, and told me to come around to the front of the couch.

I knew better than to stand, so I crawled over to where Tom, Donny and Bud sat on the couch, flanked by Jian’s ass in front of the three of them. Taylor and Janie were facing towards the couch and Jian and the three girls remained in the attention position.

“Weren’t you instructed last night to keep your hands on your ass-cheeks and pull them apart?” Tom’s question was rhetorical.

“Scotty had told me that, Master, but I wasn’t sure that I should do that on the ground,” I replied as I looked up at him – I must have appeared pathetic as I quivered and shook.

“I don’t recall telling you NOT to stop following that order, and you pulled them apart before you left. So you clearly have trouble understanding that when you’re given an order, it’s not up to you on when to stop doing it,” Tom chided me bluntly.

He sounded strict like that when training in the dungeon, but I always knew he did it out of love. His tone felt disconnected and resentful now.

I begrudgingly reached behind my ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

“Is that wide enough?” Tom asked Donny. My eldest son was sitting where he could see right down my ass crack, and there was nothing I could do to prevent that.

“I guess so,” Donny replied. He was uncomfortable with my nudity, and his short response told me so.

“I know you’re an ass man, and I’ve seen how you look at Jian and your sisters’ asses. Can you look down there and tell me if you’d be happy if you told one of your sisters to hold her ass cheeks apart and that was all you could see?” Tom asked him.

Donny was mortified and galled at the question, but he reluctantly answered, “No, she should hold them wider.”

“Hold what wider and for what reason?” Tom was determined to test Donny’s willingness to take charge at the same time he tested my willingness to humiliate myself.

“Hold her ass-cheeks wider apart so that she can expose her bare asshole to her betters,” Donny clarified his instructions. I had known what he meant, and I felt a growing sense of sympathy that he was there. I was too terrified to get up and put a stop to all of this. I debated putting my foot down, but the cards had already been laid on the table about me, and everyone in the family knew what I had done this past week.

“You heard me, bitch.” Donny smacked my butt with his hand. It wasn’t much of a swat compared to what I had seen him do to his sisters, and it made my ass jiggle. His father didn’t say anything and I didn’t look up from the carpet. Instead, I slowly pulled my ass cheeks apart as wide as they could go.

I felt the cool air flow across my asshole; and to make matters worse, I was starting to become wet and aroused as my pussy lips naturally opened along with my cheeks.

“A week ago,” Tom continued to talk to Donny, “you had to be told to take the trash out, reminded to walk the dog and turn off the porch light after you come in, and now I’m expected to believe that you’re prepared to take charge and be a master. You don’t seem to have any problem looking at Jian’s ass. You’ve been staring up at it all morning.”

“Actually...” Donny started to defend himself, but his father’s silent glare made him think better of it.

“You could probably draw from memory every cleft and indentation in Fart Face’s ass. I haven’t really seen how you interact with Muffins, but I can’t have you playing favorites and taking things easy on your mother. We’re going to go over her rules, and if you can’t handle enforcing them, then I want to know about it. There’s no shame in that. I don’t want to set YOU up to fail, son.”

“I understand that, Sir,” Donny answered him.

Tom glanced down at me. “Your former mother thinks I set her up to fail, don’t you?”

“No sir, you gave me an opportunity to succeed and I blew it.”

“You blew more than that!” Scotty made a joke at my expense – but this time no one laughed. “What? Too soon?” he added and that elicited a light hearted chuckle from the family.

“African children are going to be sending postcards and sponsoring your mom for 56 cents a day – that’s how bad she’s going to have it. Do you understand?” Tom was making a joke and adding a little levity, and I heard some chuckles.

“Hah, I don’t think she expected the Spanish Inquisition,” Donny quipped in response – suddenly a little more bright in his expression.

“Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!” Scotty chimed in with his own punch line in a mock British accent.

“I’m glad you two can laugh and joke about this. I debated putting my foot down and forbidding either of you from having authority over your sisters or your mom. The cards have already been laid on the table, though, and you’ve had a taste of authority. So I can either address what mistakes were made, or pretend they never happened, or send you to your rooms while I clean up your mother’s mess. Don’t make me regret my decision, because I can change my mind if you can’t handle it.”

“I won’t, Dad.” Donny answered him. He seemed pleased his father had confidence in him. It wasn’t lost on me that they had called me ‘Mom’ a few times, even though they had said that was no longer my name. I was hoping Tom had rethought that and wasn’t just saying it accidentally out of habit.

“Then we may need an anatomy lesson before we finish naming your mother. I want you to look down at her asshole and tell me what you see. Do you think she can hold her cheeks any wider? Notice how her cunt is slightly open as well? If you saw her face, I’ll bet her lips are slightly parted there too.”

My head was angled directly at the carpet and I was staring at the carpet. Tom was right, though – I had instinctively opened my lips slightly.

“Actually, I’m looking at her asshole. I saw her wink it at me,” Donny said.

A shock wave of humiliation ran up my spine. I was hoping he meant Jian and not me – because I most certainly did not ‘wink’ my asshole at my son. I exercised my pussy muscles on a daily basis, and could wink those at will after hours of countless gripping and Kegel exercises. I usually kept a butt-plug or dildo in my back door, though, and wasn’t even sure how to wink it.

“Are you winking your asshole at your son like a dirty little slut?” Tom slapped my ass much harder than Donny had to get my attention.

“No, Sir,” I stuttered.

“So either Donny’s lying or you are lying,” Tom observed. He was being sarcastically patronizing towards me. “A known lying whore, or Donny – who should I believe? Let me see you wink that asshole, pig.”

I couldn’t, and I begged him not to punish me for it.

“Your mother says she can’t do it.” Tom was about to chastise me when he stopped mid-sentence and said that he just saw me wink my asshole too. “That was it. You puckered up and blew us a kiss just now.”

“Maybe she farted!” Scotty said enthusiastically, as if he just explained a mystery.

“I don’t think your mother is that disgusting of a pig that she would...” Tom was about to answer Scotty when he stopped and said that I did it again.

I felt a panicked anxiety of embarrassment as I was obviously involuntarily winking my asshole without realizing it.

“Well, that’s a real cute trick,” Tom talked down to me before deciding to move on in his lessons.

“Actually...” Donny observed that my asshole puckered each time Tom called me ‘Mother.’

“Oh really?” Tom arched an eyebrow. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew the tone of his voice when he discovered something of interest, and that was it. “I did allow myself to refer to her by her old title just now because we haven’t picked a suitable name for her. I don’t think she deserves to go back to a title of respect like ‘Mom,’ regardless of the effect on her – and anyway, it appears that she doesn’t pucker up when she hears ‘Mom.’”

“She does when you say ‘Mother,’” Donny observed.

I heard raucous male laughter from Bud, Tom, Donny and Scotty as soon as Donny said ‘Mother,’ because I had apparently twitched my asshole again.

“Oh, Mother dear?” Scotty called me sweetly, and there was much laughter as I winked again.

“Muh-thah! Won’t you tell your children not to walk my way, Tell your children not to hear my words, What they mean, What they say, Muh-thah!” Donny sang a song that I didn’t recognize with a kind of Elvis-inspired voice.

Scotty laughed, but no one else did. “Maybe her asshole got tired of all that bumping and grinding,” Scotty observed with a disappointed pout.

“Mother, is your asshole tired? Oh, nope, there it is – throbbing like a heartbeat!” Donny giggled as I involuntarily answered him by puckering my asshole.

“Okay, we’ve determined that one of her names can be ‘Mother,’” Tom laughed as I apparently confirmed his suspicions one more time by my asshole quiver. “That’s going to be her NICKNAME, though, because she has zero maternal authority as a parent over any of you – even the girls. She is not the alpha slave, she is not in charge. You get into a situation; what do you do?” Tom asked.

“Well, I won’t text my MOTHER,” Donny agreed with a grin, and they all laughed at me.

“It’s going to make MOTHER’S DAY really fun around here,” Scotty said to add his own joke, and the men laughed. I thought I heard Janie offer the tiniest giggle in the background as well.

It was going to be a long day – I had been the center of attention for what felt like hours, but had only been five minutes, and already I wanted to crawl back into the pit in the backyard.

Over the next five minutes they debated what my actual name was going to be. They tried other words to make my asshole pucker and none of them worked.

They called me bitch, whore, slut, skank, cunt, semen demon, pig, piglet, nasty, and turd-wrangler.

“What about Mako Mitsuki?” Donny asked Bud, as if he would know that reference. “Did you ever watch Enkou Shoujo: Rikujoubu Yukki no Baai? I bet Pac would love it if we called her that.”

“I’ve never seen it, and who’s Pac?” Bud had sat quietly for most of the morning and had spoken infrequently, but when he did there was a gravity to his comments.

“Do you not watch anime?” Donny said, then explained that Pac was Muffin’s Master at school. He started to explain the plot. “The story revolves around two friends, Yukki and Mako, who were set on different paths during their school tenure. Mako was struggling in life after dropping out of school and getting herself into the prostitution business.”

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