An Unexpected Helping Hand

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2017 by SciFurz

Science Fiction Sex Story: While on a covert mission on a Silth planet, Laura has an accident with her tracked bike on her way to the base camp where they're packing up to go back to Earth very soon. She heads for a lone cabin in the woods in the hope to find something to help her get back in time, but finds more than that.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   non-anthro   Oral Sex   .

‘Shit!’ Laura said through clenched teeth when her tracked bike slipped out from under her on a patch of mud in the dark.

She tried to steer it left and right to regain balance but the sudden decline of the hill made it impossible. She slid down the slippery path together with the bike. Rocks scraped her and the bike on the way down and she cursed and groaned from the pain. The bike crashed into a larger rock with her next.

She groaned as she pushed herself up from half underneath the bike, her body ached all over her right side.

‘Fuck!’ she said as she checked the painful spots with her flashlight and found several gashes in her clothing. It was too dark to do a thorough examination but she didn’t think she was bleeding hard. After a few deep breaths to regain her thoughts, she pulled the bike upright and sat back on it. The ground here was level again and there were no warning lights on the bike that indicated it was broken. Turning the throttle handle carefully she heard the soft hum of the electric engine go up but there was not much pull from the bike’s traction belt.

‘Crap.’ she grumbled, opening the throttle further to find out the bike did go forward, just not as quick as it should.

Without any other option to get to her destination she had to make do with the bike. She drove further along the path at a little over walking speed, cursing at the delay it would bring in getting the surveillance equipment back to camp. It would still be within the deadline of leaving this Silth planet, but she didn’t like it. The longer she was out in the open, the higher the chance she was spotted, even if this was a remote region and it was night.

When she came across a split in the path with short stone pillars along the start of one of the paths Laura stopped. She checked her watch to see almost two thousand ticks had passed, a little over half an hour Earth time, and checked her navigation system to see how far she had come. She calculated the time it would take to reach the camp in her head and thought it was still within the limit.

Looking at the path with stones she thought about taking a chance to see if it led to someone’s home, as she suspected it did. If nobody was there she could see if she could fix the bike, or at least fix herself up and dull the pain from her wounds.

‘Yeah.’ she told herself, taking the chance. She figured if someone was there she could always continue on her way. But if she could make better time or prevent an infection it was worth the small detour.

It was only a few minutes later when she found a large cabin on a wide open space. She kept herself at the edge of the trees to take a good look at the cabin with her binoculars. There was no vehicle nor any lights or sounds hinting someone was there and she she drove carefully closer, ready to halt or turn back at the first sign of life.

She reached the side of the building at what looked like a tool shed and parked the bike there out of sight. Moving silently she went around the back of the cabin, peeking into the windows. The kitchen didn’t seem used as the counter was mostly empty, and a bit further she found a bedroom, the bed empty by the looks of the faint moonlight shining inside.

She completed her round of the cabin and tried the backdoor, glad to see she was alone here. To her surprise it was unlocked. She stepped inside carefully checking for any alarm but figured whoever had been here had simply forgotten to lock the door. It probably wasn’t a big deal either since it was out here in the middle of nowhere anyway.

Moving silently from the kitchen to the living room, she kept her eyes and ears open but couldn’t prevent stumbling against a stack of books on the floor. She clenched her teeth at the noise and cursed at herself in her mind, her heart beating fast. When nothing else happened she let out a deep breath slowly to calm her heart down.

‘Sha!’ shouted a voice and sudden light blinded Laura. She pulled out her gun fast and aimed it in the direction of the voice.

When she regained her sight she saw an almost black Silth male lying naked on his side on a couch, his hand on the switch of the lamp next to it on a low table. He stared with green eyes and open mouth at her while she stared back at him.

For a while neither moved, then Laura gestured with her gun for him to sit upright. ‘Sit up.’ she said.

The Silth pulled back his hand from the lamp slowly and sat up, keeping his eyes fixed on her. She looked around the room quickly, then turned her attention back to him, grumbling at herself for majorly fucking up this night. First the slide down the hill, then this. She knew she had to do something but wasn’t sure what. She couldn’t let anyone know Earthlings were here on this planet belonging to the Silth, but she wasn’t ready to kill him either to keep the secret.

‘What you doing here?’ he asked to her surprise. His speech was heavy with Silth dialect but it didn’t sound like an accusation. With his open expression in his eyes and his ears focused on her it seemed he was genuinely curious and not really afraid.

‘You speak English?’ she asked.

He nodded. ‘Only little.’ he said, thinking about the right words while speaking. ‘I learned from media, thought English was best to learn first.’

She saw the tablet he pointed at on the floor in front of the couch and nodded. ‘Okay.’ she said, glad she didn’t have to reveal how much she knew of their language. ‘Is anyone else here?’

He shook his head. ‘I alone.’

‘Good.’ she said but still looked around for any sign of another Silth being here. ‘What are you doing out here?’

His ears drooped and he sagged a little, looking down. ‘Was sent here while father thinks what to do with me.’

‘Father?’ she asked, looking around for pictures, then spotting a family photo with what looked like him and his parents, his father wearing a uniform with several coloured stripes that she knew indicated a high position. ‘He’s in the military?’ she asked, feigning ignorance.

He nodded. ‘High rank.’

She needed time to think and know more about this Silth. ‘What do you mean, think what to do with you?’

He sighed deep. ‘I not fit for military rank like he want me to.’ he said and put his hands together. ‘I not very strong and I not want to also. I said I am adult and want to work in science of nature. We fight and he sent me here alone while thinking where to send me and not damage honour of old military family.’

‘Ah.’ she said and understood what it was like when she had to fight her parents on becoming a soldier. Her parents wanted her to be safe and get a desk job, get married, have kids, but she never liked that sort of life. Too boring. ‘I see.’

He looked up with a little forced smile. ‘I probably be send away from family.’ he said. ‘But no problem. Friends help me get work in science.’

She gave him a little smile and hoped it would turn out okay for him.

‘But why you here?’ he asked, tilting his head. ‘You not safe on this planet.’

‘Right.’ she said and remembered why she was here. ‘I can’t tell you why, but we are leaving soon anyway.’

He nodded. ‘Then why be here?’ he asked. ‘Need anything from me?’

‘I took a fall with my bike and it got damaged.’ she said. ‘I was hoping to find something to repair it quickly, or at least get a good look at my scrapes and bruises and clean up.’

‘Ah!’ he said, noticing the muddy and torn uniform and leaned forward, taking a good look at her. ‘You bleed?’

‘Thankfully, no.’ she said, checking the tears in her uniform for signs of blood. ‘At least, I don’t think much.’

‘I have medic kit in kitchen.’ he said and stood up but she tensed and held up her gun at him. He slowly raised his hands. ‘I not hurt you. Do not like war and fighting.’

His eyes looked honest to her and she knew she shouldn’t trust anyone, but something about him made her trust him to be honest. She stepped aside, lowering her gun just a little to let him go to the kitchen. He lowered his hands and moved to the kitchen, followed by her.

‘Kit is here.’ he said and opened a cupboard, taking out a light blue box with a red circle on it, the Silth version of the red cross.

She watched as he took out jars to mix plaster paste from, bandages, scissors and shaving knives. Since human plasters are no use to these furred creatures they use a paste that sticks to the skin instead.

‘This good?’ he asked.

She gave him a nod and he moved a little away from her to give her space to use the kit. She put the gun on the counter and took off her jacket and dropped it on the floor to take a look at the scrapes on her arm. They weren’t that bad but still hurt. The Silth handed her a clean towel and she held it under the tap and cleaned up her arm, clenching her teeth a little at the burning sensation. She mixed the paste next and applied it to the scrapes, then grabbed the bandage to wrap it around her arm.

‘Damned.’ she said as she tried to keep the bandage in place while cutting it.’

The Silth cleared his throat a little and gestured at her arm. ‘I help?’

She wondered for a moment if she should, but she could use the help so she put her hand on her gun and nodded. ‘One wrong move... ‘

‘I understand.’ he said and moved closer to her, took the bandage and cut it, fastened it and did the same for the other scrapes on her arm.

‘Thank you.’ she said when he finished and he returned a warm smile.

She then loosened her belt and pulled down her pants to check her leg. She sighed as she looked at the shallow cuts and bruises. ‘I’ll feel this for a while.’ she said, wiping at the mud stains. ‘I could use a shower too.’ Looking up she saw the Silth had turned away and only glanced at her.

‘I look at bike while you wash, okay?’ he said. ‘Maybe I fix. I know vehicles. Repair before.’

She wondered about his sudden shyness, then felt amused as it dawned on her he might be embarrassed to see her in her plain panties and tank top. This Silth male was getting interesting. He did have a good suggestion though and she decided to take his offer, thinking with his reaction at her she could trust him.

‘Okay.’ she said and she saw him nod with a little smile.

‘Wash room at back of living room.’ he said. ‘Warm water.’ He gestured outside. ‘I look at bike now.’

She chuckled as he left the kitchen. She couldn’t remember any time when a male had had acted shy like that around her. They either didn’t care or plainly told her in their own words they liked her. She sighed. It had been a while since the last time she had a date and some fun sex, and it would still be a while before she’d get another chance at meeting the right guy.

‘Don’t start thinking about that now.’ she said to herself. ‘Go clean up.’

The shower was not unlike human showers and she took her time because she and her team had to keep hidden and didn’t have the luxury of long, warm showers. The Silth didn’t use any soaps or shampoos unless something really sticky stained their fur so she just washed with water and enjoyed it flowing down her bare skin.

After the shower and drying herself with the help of a special section on the wall blowing her gently with warm air she checked herself in the full size mirror. Her brown hair started to reach her shoulders and she told herself to have it cut short again when she got back home. She turned around to check for damage but her firm figure looked fine apart from the light wounds on her right side. In a way she thought it was a waste she couldn’t have more fun with this body, cupping her B-cup breasts.

She shook her head, she had other things to worry about now and put on her underwear and left the shower.

In the living room she spotted the tablet at the couch and sat down, picking it up to check on the local weather and news. It started with the press of one of the buttons on the side, then surprised her by playing a human porn movie.

‘What the... ‘ she said, watching a man putting his hands all over a slim woman while slowly fucking her from behind. The woman hummed and moaned softly in pleasure while he massaged her breasts and Laura felt a tingle inside her own body at the sight.

‘Bike fixed.’ said the Silth, walking into the living room, then froze as he saw her with his tablet, soft sounds of sex coming from it.

They both stared at each other for a few moments, then he turned away quickly. ‘That just for research!’ he said. ‘One of many media given to me to learn English.’

She chuckled at the Silth, thinking how cute he was and her heart jumped a little. She had always had a thing for cute fuzzy animals, and now here was a life-size, breathing, warm fuzzy animal in front of her who obviously was in need of teasing. Her slightly sadistic side smiled and she moved to him with the tablet still playing.

‘I don’t know if you can learn a lot about our language from this though.’ she said, almost touching his arm with her chest while holding the tablet in front of him. ‘There’s not much vocabulary in it, unless you want to learn bad pick up lines and dialogue.’

His ears drooped and he looked away from the tablet, although he couldn’t help but glance at it. She saw his hands move in front of his crotch and peeked down to see a spot of red between his hands. Her inner sadist grinned and her heart beat a little faster at the thought this Silth male got aroused by humans having sex. She couldn’t resist herself having a little fun with him.

‘So... ‘ she said. ‘Maybe you wanted to study something else with this, hmm? Interested in the mating habits of humans?’

He shook his head quickly. ‘It played list of video.’ he said. ‘Must have started while I sleep.’

‘Really?’ She said and looked at the tablet, then tapped on the previous button.

She grinned when another porn movie started and his ears drooped further.

‘Hmm ... You must have been sleeping long.’ she said and tapped on previous again to see another porn movie start. ‘Very long.’

‘I... ‘ he started but didn’t know what to say.

She chuckled and stepped back to the couch, putting the tablet next to the lamp. She watched him as he glanced at her, examining his build. He didn’t have the muscular pumped up build of a bodybuilder like most of the Silth warriors she had encountered, but she could see the natural strength underneath his short fur and normal figure for an average human. His tail was the typical Silth tail, growing thicker along the length and ending in a short tip. She smiled as she thought he looked cuddly, then felt an itch in her abdomen. The one she hadn’t scratched for a long while and had needed alcohol last time.

Her heart beat faster at thinking of what she shouldn’t be thinking of right then. Or even at all. But her body was trying to convince her otherwise and it succeeded.

‘Would you like to do a field study?’ she asked, smiling a little deviously at him.

He gazed at her with his mouth open.

She smiled and beckoned him with her finger. He moved in front of her after a short hesitation and she ran her fingers through his chest fur. He was warm and soft and a nice shiver ran through her body at the thought of feeling this all over against her skin.

‘I, not sure... ‘ he said.

She looked into his eyes and saw that same conflict of rational thought and desire from his heart in his eyes and leaned closer to put her lips against his short muzzle for a kiss.

He wasn’t sure what to do at first, then relaxed a little and put his hands on her arms, leaning a little into her kiss and letting her tongue meet his as he had seen in the videos.

He learned quickly and soon his agile rough tongue danced with hers, their mouths entwined and she loved the sensation of her tongue moving along his short fangs.

After a while she pulled back and smiled at him. ‘I would love to see what else you can do with your tongue.’ she said, her voice husky. ‘Did you learn anything about that from these movies?’

He grinned slightly but still felt embarrassed. ‘I think I learn something, yes.’

She stepped back glancing quickly at his red dick sticking out of his sheath, its shape a little longer and thinner than a human one and covered in short nubs. It made her own pussy throb with desire to experience it inside. ‘Show me then.’ she said, smiling at him.

He moved his hands along her curves, slipping them under her tank top and pulling it up over her head to reveal her firm breasts. He smiled as he watched them for a moment, then started licking around them, slow and in ever smaller circles. She hummed her approval as her skin tingled from the new sensation and made her nipples harder.

‘Ohh, this feels good.’ she said, stroking his head and his ears with her fingers.

‘Taste good.’ he said. ‘Fresh.’

She chuckled, then inhaled when he licked around her nipples. Her areola tingled and her nipples itched to be touched, then got their relief as he licked her hard nubs, then sucked on one while massaging the other between his fingertips. The strokes of his tongue shot thrills through her chest and she hummed in pleasure again.

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