Father, Wolf, Lover

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2017 by SciFurz

Incest Sex Story: Helena finds out why her father Leo still goes to the cabin where he went to once a month with her recently deceased mother, despite looking more tired afterwards than he did before. One of a few stories where I thought I could use incest for more than just the sake of incest.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Were animal   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

‘Are you okay, dad?’

Helena put her hand on her father’s while they sat together for breakfast at the table. Today was the third weekend since her mother had died where her father would go to her parent’s little cabin in the woods alone.

Her father Leo, a man larger than average, good strong build, black hair, greenish eyes, had lost his wife just over three months ago to a freak accident where her car got crashed under a container that rolled off a trailer truck turning a corner.

They had the habit of going at least once a month for a weekend together at the cabin where, Helena suspected since she got older, they indulged in a very intimate time because somehow they always seemed to feel refreshed from doing something exhausting. Her father still went there every month, but he lost the fresh feeling and only seemed to come back worse. Helena had asked if maybe he shouldn’t go then but he told her he needed that time, even if he was alone there.

He would go again after breakfast. A couple of hours drive into hills where hardly anyone came, lots of forest where one could get lost in nature.

Leo gave his daughter a gentle smile. She was so much like her mother it almost hurt. Her blond hair down to her shoulders, her blue eyes that seemed child like, yet radiated intelligence, slightly round face and full, red lips that didn’t even need make-up to look beautiful. Her figure was curved in the right places and she had even inherited her mother’s C cup breasts.

‘I’m okay, sweetie.’ he said, putting his hand over hers and patted it.

He wished he could give her the real reason on why he still went to the cabin without her mother, but it was better that she didn’t know since it didn’t affect her. He stood up and put his dishes on the sink.

‘Just leave them, dad.’ Helena said. ‘I’ll do them later when I clean the kitchen.’

‘You sure?’ he asked. ‘I could help with the cleaning when I’m back.’

She smiled and shook her head. ‘It’s going to rain today anyway, so I thought I’d give the kitchen its yearly cleaning.’ she said, pushing him out of the kitchen. ‘It’s not too much work, so get your bag and be off to have your dose of nature.’

‘Okay, sweetie.’ he said and went to get his packed bag from the living room.

He returned and they exchanged a quick kiss on the cheek before he went out the door to drive off in his pickup truck.

She sighed, looking around at the kitchen. The cleaning had also been an excuse for her to get her mind off worrying for her father while he was out there on his own. It wasn’t the alone part that worried her, but the lonely part. She was afraid he’d just be in pain for the loss of his wife, but he told her he dealt with it in his own way. Letting out a deep sigh, she cleared the table to start on the thorough cleaning.


It hadn’t taken her as much time as she had hoped before the kitchen looked brand new. Then again they weren’t a messy family and there wasn’t much that needed a good scrubbing. She sat down at the table, looking at the clock on the wall, wondering if her father was okay, if he had arrived safely, if the cabin was okay, if he wasn’t feeling so lonely it hurt.

She shook her head and slapped her cheeks to chase away the thoughts, but they just stuck in her mind. She sighed as she knew the only thing that would ease her worries was to check up on him. She had thought about it before and had held back, but something inside her urged her to go see him.

It didn’t take long for her to pack a bag with some clothes and lock the house before driving off in her own car.


Helena checked the time again and expected to reach the cabin halfway the afternoon and was glad she wouldn’t have to drive there in the dark. Her heart began to beat faster at the thought of seeing her father and she drove a little faster than she was supposed to. At least she was glad the roads were quiet in the direction of the cabin.


By the time Helena saw the cabin and his car at the end of the forest dirt road she felt very relieved. Parking next to his, she got out of the car and looked around. It had been a while since she had been here, having spent an occasional weekend with her parents apart from their private weekends.

She filled her lungs with the clear forest air and felt a new kind of energy she hadn’t felt before. It came from deep inside her and it made her want to explore the surroundings.

Since her father hadn’t come out to see her she expected he was out for a walk and went into the cabin. The backdoor was open, judging from the smell inside the cabin to air it out while her father was away. The smell of animals did surprise her though. She looked around, wondering if some badger or other creature had found a way in and made its nest, but there was no sign of anything.

Shrugging it off she checked the bedroom to make sure her father wasn’t asleep in there by any chance, then went into the second bedroom to freshen up and change her clothes. It wasn’t hot, but the humidity had made her sweat during the trip.

She undressed and slipped into the small bathroom, took a quick shower and got back to the bedroom, pulling fresh clothes out of her bag when she heard breathing behind her.

She turned around quickly only to see a large wolf on its hind legs standing behind her. She couldn’t react at the shock and it lurched toward her, pushing her on the bed and leering over her as it growled.

‘Please... ‘ she begged as tears ran from her eyes. ‘Don’t kill me... ‘

The wolf snarled at her and sniffed at her in her neck and around her breasts. The touch of his breath gave her goosebumps and gave her hard nipples to her own surprise. She smelled his scent and realised it was what she had been smelling inside. This wolf had been living here.

There was something strange about this wolf though. She had seen some documentaries and didn’t know everything, but it seemed to act nothing like a normal wolf.

She panted hard, her heart racing as she looked around for some escape or a sign from her father. Then she noticed the red colour and shape between his legs and gasped. The wolf had a huge erection hanging out.

“Oh gods no!” she thought, clenching her thighs. “He’s not going to...”

Another growl from the wolf interrupted her thoughts and she didn’t dare to move. He had moved his nose down along her belly and started sniffing her tuft of blonde pubic hair.

“Oh shiiit...” she thought, trying not to panic and started sweating. “He is...”

A sniff and his breath touching her slit gave her a sudden jolt of electricity and a moan escaped her. She clamped her hands over her mouth and thought she saw a grin on the wolf’s face. It stuck its nose against her slit and licked her once, causing her to suppress another unexpected moan.

Helena panted through her nose, her body getting hotter from the inside but it didn’t feel like fear. She shut her eyes, groaning at the familiar feeling she now cursed. She felt aroused. And the cause was this wolf.

She let out another moan when the wolf started licking her again. ‘Nooo... ‘ she moaned, trying to push the wolf’s head away while clenching her thighs even harder together but he snarled at her. She quickly retracted her hands in fear, then moaned as she felt helpless while he licked the front of her slit again. The tingles from her clit told her it was getting harder and she couldn’t hold back her body’s arousal.

She cursed as the pleasure filled her abdomen, squirming her legs to suppress the physical joy of the wolf’s rough tongue against her sensitive spot but there was no salvation. Breathing harder she lost the strength slowly to clench her thighs and soon parted her knees enough for the wolf to place his paws between them.

He spread her legs with minimal resistance and slid his tongue farther along her exposed slit.

It was getting harder to resist her body’s reaction to his attention and she kept on moaning, feeling her pussy start to heat up and leak. The thought of being taken for the first time by this creature scared her, but also increased her arousal. She wasn’t going to lose her virginity to a normal boyfriend like she had always expected, but in the middle of a forest to some wolf creature.

The wolf slipped his tongue inside her, causing her to squirm her hips and groan in shameful pleasure. He loved the taste and scent that was almost familiar and lapped up her juices eagerly.

Moaning hard she lost the will to resist at the pleasure brought on by the wolf’s tongue. He went deep into her pussy, alternating by licking long and hard against her clit while she clutched at the sheets, moaning freely now.

Her resistance gone, she soon felt the heat of pleasure bringing her relief in an explosive climax. She tensed her whole body and clenched her teeth in a long groan before slumping down on the bed, her body trembling with the aftershock of getting off from a wolf’s tongue.

She didn’t get much time to catch her breath though, the wolf had crawled up and pulled up her hips, then rubbed his sharp dickhead against her slit, searching for her entrance.

For a moment she thought better of it, then reached out to his dick, desire to feel him inside her filling her like primal instinct. ‘Come in me... ‘ she said, her voice hoarse and led the hot part of the wolf into her soaking pussy.

The thrust he entered her with made her cry out in surprised pleasure. The heat from his dick burned her pussy from the inside and only got worse as he started pumping into her.

‘OOhhh gooodsss... !’ she moaned, learning a new level of ecstasy. ‘I’m getting fucked by a wolf... !’

The wolf growled and panted in her neck, then bit her gently and made her cry out again in a mix of pain and pleasure.

She reacted by putting her arms around him, pulling him tight against her, his fur pressed against her sensitive breasts and hard nipples. She wrapped her legs around his waist to give him even better access to the back of her pussy, letting the tip of his dick hit her hard while his abdomen slapped against her wet mound.

‘Oh gods!’ she screamed, overwhelmed by insatiable lust. ‘Fuck me, wolf! Fuck me so hard!’

The wolf started pounding harder into her pussy, pulling tight on her hips.

She felt his dick tense inside her pussy and her instincts told her he was about to come. ‘Yesss! Come in me, my big wolf! Spill your seed in me!’

As if on queue, the wolf growled louder and buckled before hot liquid filled her deep inside and she got her own climax.

The wolf held her tight while his throbbing dick sent the last of his seed into her pussy. She swallowed hard as she felt it seep inside her, partially ashamed for the pleasure she had taken from being fucked by him.

After another moment both her and him slumped back onto the bed. She held onto him while he licked her lips and she let out her own tongue to lick against his.

His hot dick didn’t go limp after a while and the wolf started moving it slowly inside her again. She felt her heart beat increase and the lust well up.

‘Again... ?’ she whispered.

The wolf growled softly, pulled back and pulled at her side to have her roll over, then pulled at her hips to stick her ass up.

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