Alien Affairs

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2017 by SciFurz

Science Fiction Sex Story: Hugo works in Human Affairs at a remote space station and has frequent contact with Sheila, a member of a small, wingless dragon species the humans made contact with recently. When they get isolated during a disaster they try to reach safety, but Sheila has a little problem that needs to be taken care of. An idea that came to me when I saw a picture of a sort of dragon. I also explored the ideas of sex with a spieces that has a cloaca, and what they'd do with unfertilised eggs.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   Anal Sex   First   .

‘Hugo, need your help.’

I looked at the screen showing Sheila and smiled, happy to see her. ‘Sure, meet for lunch since it’s almost time to eat anyway?’

‘Okay,’ she said with a nod. ‘see you soon.’

She closed the call and I told myself to relax, taking a deep breath. ‘She’s Kenta, no match for you.’ I said.

I had come to like her a lot since the time she got stationed here. She was sent here to serve her grandfather who was a Kenta politician and oversaw Kenta affairs in this remote area of space. In my job of assisting human affairs here I often had contact with her regarding meetings and parties between VIPs from both sides.

The first time meeting her at a reception I expected to find her as strange as the rest since they were a species that resembled small, wingless dragons. They were human height but had longer necks and shorter bodies, curvy horns and pointy ears on their heads and a firm tail reaching down to the ground. Most had greyish skin colour but what had caught my attention were her almost golden coloured eyes. I stared at her for a while before I pulled my attention back to my work and she could notice me. I was glad I was kept busy there.

The Kenta were a reclusive species and we had little information about them but in time I got to know a little more about her and we occasionally shared a table or a walk when we needed to discuss arrangements. I also found I wanted to see her any chance I got and what that meant, but I had to face the reality of being different species. We could never be more than friends. I resigned myself to seeing her whenever the occasion came up but it always felt like the highlight of my day.

I looked at the work before me on my desk and set it aside. I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on it while I kept thinking of having lunch with her and decided to head slowly for the restaurant.

She had already arrived and had sat down at a small table with her food when I walked in. She smiled at me and gave me a quick wave which I returned. I picked my favourite stuffed loaf quickly and headed for her table.

‘Hi.’ she said.

‘Did you wait long?’ I asked when I sat down and saw her large salad was untouched.

She shook her head. ‘I just got here.’ she said.

She had put rings on her horns in the same colour as her eyes and wore a dress with blue and white gradient. I thought she looked very good.

‘You look very nice.’ I said, toning it down so I wouldn’t sound like hitting on her. ‘I haven’t seen you with rings on your horns before.’

I’m not sure if I saw a faint blush when she said ‘Thank you, these are a gift from my mother, which were a gift from my grandmother.’

‘Enjoy.’ I said as we started eating. ‘So, what do you need me for?’

‘Well,’ she started after swallowing her first bite of her salad. ‘There’s a whole bunch of family coming over for a family meeting and feast. We don’t have enough spare rooms to house them all and I was wondering if we could some of yours in the unused section.’

I thought about it and nodded. ‘I can check, if you don’t mind them being farther away from the main section.’

‘That’s okay. It’s a family matter so they’re not really sightseeing a lot during that time. They rather keep to themselves.’

I took my pad and went through some status lists for the section and hummed. ‘I think it’s possible. Looks like there’s nothing blocking the quarters for use, but I’ll have to take a quick inspection to make sure.’

‘Can I come with you?’ she asked with hopeful eyes. ‘I’d like to see what they look like. You know, in case there’s something I need to arrange for them.’

I tried to keep my smile under control. ‘Want to go after finishing lunch? I’ve got the time.’ I said and thought the rest of my work could screw itself if she could come with me.

She took her pad and checked her schedule, smiling. ‘I’ve got nothing for the rest of the day.’ she said and it made my heart beat harder to have her around in private. I guess I’d also be extra thorough on the inspection to last it longer.

‘The section is running on standby power, so there’s not much light at the moment.’ I said when we arrived at the main entrance to the unused section. ‘Only technicians come here now for routine inspection and maintenance.’

Sheila nodded and checked her flashlight. ‘No problem. I just need a broad look to see if these quarters are suitable for my family.’ She looked up at me with a little embarrassment in her eyes. ‘Not that these quarters are bad, but my family can be critical sometimes.’

I chuckled and punched in the access code. ‘I think I can understand.’

The dimly lit corridor opened up before us and we walked into dead silence. The emergency lights gave a dark blue hue to everything and it reminded me of old science fiction movies when this sort of thing was still fiction. We walked through it for a bit, shining our flashlights along the walls and floor.

‘The living quarters are a bit further down, on this side there’s storage and repair shops which are closed off.’ I said.

‘I don’t think any of them is inclined to start working with tools.’ she chuckled.

‘Not the types to get down and dirty?’

She shook her head. ‘The family’s been into politics for far too long to have any clue on what to do with a hammer.’

‘So, I can’t ask you to have a look at the faucet in my kitchen which acts up sometimes?’

She laughed and stuck her tongue out to me. ‘Not unless you want to have an indoor swimming pool.’

‘I guess I won’t then.’ I said, thinking she looked adorable and the pool would be worth it.

When we passed the next main doors we arrived at the living quarters.

‘There’s a mess hall here which is available for use, if they want to eat all together.’ I said and pulled up the inventory list on my pad.

We walked inside and she looked around at the simple furnitures in the room. It wasn’t as big as the restaurant and only made to serve a part of the local quarters. There were small and large tables and she counted the number of seats.

‘This will do nicely.’ she said. ‘More than enough to house meals for the whole family.’

‘I’m glad.’ I said and checked the kitchen. ‘Everything seems in working order so there should be no problem here.’

She looked around it and brushed her tail against me. ‘Sorry.’ she said.

I smiled at her. ‘No problem.’ I said, thinking I’d like it if she held her tail against me all the time.

We walked out of the mess hall and she checked the room information I gave her on her pad. ‘There are smaller and larger quarters here?’

I nodded. ‘I’ll show you.’ I said and opened the nearest one which was made for single people.

Standard furniture like a comfortable couch and a couple of chairs were available in the living room, a large enough bed in the bedroom and all the necessities in a kitchen and bathroom. She looked around and nodded her approval.

‘Let’s check the other rooms.’ I said and we took a quick look at the other rooms until we reached the larger ones.

‘Wow.’ she said. ‘These are as large as my grandfather’s.’

I smiled a little. ‘These are larger because of the possible addition of kids was accounted for.’

It seemed she lingered at one of the side rooms which could be used as a children’s bedroom, then walked out to the window taking a look at the stars outside.

‘These will do for the ones bringing kids.’

I wanted to hold her in my arms as she gazed out into the distance. The look of a soul wanting to reach out and touch something far away made my heart squirm. Fuck, I loved her. Some people would call her ugly or an alien beast, but I only saw her eyes longing for something she couldn’t have.

‘Sheila... ‘ I said softly, then heard a distant sharp crack.

She heard it too and looked at me. ‘What was that?’

Before I could answer another metallic pang resonated through the hull.

‘Sounds like it’s coming from outside.’ I said, getting worried.

‘Is it dangerous!?’ she asked, starting to panic now.

‘I don’t know.’ I said, trying to get a hold of Station Control on my pad and checking status messages.

More sharp cracks could be heard in the distance and the collision alarm went off. A sharp cracking sound pulled our attention to the window. It had been hit and a crack was forming in the glass.

‘We have to get out of here!’ she said and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the corridor. ‘Where do we go!?’

‘Left!’ I said as I slammed the controls to close the door. ‘There should be a secure room there!’

We had ran for just a few seconds when a louder hit and sparks flying in front of us stopped us. The whistling sound that followed told me the hull had been breached and the automatic safety doors closed before and behind us.

‘Where now!?’ she asked as she backed into me, feeling the air pressure drop. ‘We have to get out of here!’

I felt her trembling against my chest and racked my brain for a possible way out.

‘Service tunnel!’ I said as soon as it hit me.

I pulled her back with me into the niche we had just passed. I knelt down to remove the lower wall panel, tossed it aside and turned the locks of the hatch in front of me. I pulled it open and the push of air meant it hadn’t been breached by an impact.

‘Get in!’ I said, pulling on her hand.

She hurried on her hands and knees inside the tunnel, ripping her dress in the act. I crawled inside behind her and shut the hatch quickly.

‘Are we safe here?’ she asked, sitting tight in a corner.

‘The hatch will hold in case of a vacuum.’ I said, taking a moment to breath deep in relief.

She turned on her flashlight and peered anxiously into both directions. ‘Can we get to the main section from here?’

I pulled up the plans on my pad, searched for this section and examined the service tunnel layout. ‘I think we can, but it’ll be a long crawl.’ I said and tried to get in contact with Control again. ‘I can’t reach Control. Shit!’

She checked her own pad. ‘No connection... ‘

‘Maybe when we get to the next section.’ I said. ‘Let’s go.’

I took point and we had crawled for a while when the automatic lights started to flicker.

‘Power’s been hit.’ I said, cursing in my mind.

Sheila turned on her flashlight just as the light went dark and the blue emergency lights turned on. It wasn’t much, but it was at least something as long as the batteries held.

We continued our crawl until we reached the next hatch. I opened it carefully in case of a breach on the other side and we crawled into a short section where we at least could sit up straight for a while.

I tried to stretch my back. ‘Gah. I’m not made for crawling. Our ancestors came swinging from trees, not out of holes in the ground.’

‘We might not have come from trees, but we’re not made for crawling either.’ she said flatly, then cursed as she noticed the state of her dress.

The torn front no longer covered her legs and I could get a good look at them for the first time. I already knew they had large and clawed feet similar to large Earth lizards, and could now confirm her legs still had some of her animal ancestor’s shape left. Firm and powerful looking thighs and shapely lower legs ending in elongated feet and digits.

I admired her legs but she pulled the remains of her dress over them. ‘I know.’ she said with irritation in her voice. ‘We’re ugly.’

‘I nev-’ I started but a wince from her stopped me. ‘Are you okay?’ I asked, seeing her clutch her abdomen.

‘Damned, not now... ‘ she grumbled through her clenched teeth.

‘Sheila!’ I said, leaning closer in my worry. ‘Are you hurt?’

‘No ... It’s going to come too early... ‘ she said, planting her feet hard against the wall. ‘It’s too early... ‘

‘What is?’ I asked, looking up and down her body and face. ‘What’s coming?’

‘My egg!’ she said and winced again. ‘The stress must have triggered it to come out now!’

I looked dumbfounded at her. ‘Your egg? You’re pregnant!?’ I had no idea she was attached to someone.

‘No!’ she said and arched her back in pain. ‘It’s not fertilised!’

I felt some guilt for being relieved at that news, but I was still worried about her state. ‘Is there anything I can do!?’

She pushed me away. ‘Don’t look at me! I’m ugly enough as it is!’

‘You’re not ugly!’ I said but she winced again and grabbed my arm tight.

‘It’s coming... ‘ she groaned and her whole body trembled. ‘ ... don’t look at me... ‘

‘Shut up!’ I snapped. ‘Tell me how I can help!’

She looked at me for a second with teary eyes, then moved her lower body towards me to give her more room to stretch herself on the floor. ‘Catch it as it comes out ... Please... ‘ she whimpered.

‘Okay.’ I said and she pulled up her torn dress far enough to reveal the private area between her legs.

The emergency light didn’t give me a good view, but I could see her moist slit, swollen from the pressure inside and her musky scent. I looked back up her face and saw the shame in her eyes.

‘It’s coming!’ she winced and my attention went back to her slit, now opening slightly.

She groaned with every twitch of her hips and a smooth shape worked its way out of her. The almost white bulge became bigger and split her apart until it was thicker than my fist. I took it carefully between my fingers and caught it as the other half of it slid out of her slit with a deep groan of relief from her.

I looked at the warm and wet egg in my hands, amazed at what I just witnessed, even if it was the most normal thing for a lot of animals.

‘Wow.’ I whispered and looked up at her.

She crawled a little back against the wall, covering her legs up again and looking down in shame. ‘You must really think I’m disgusting now... ‘ she said softly.

I leaned back against the wall, looking at her egg again. ‘I don’t think you’re disgusting or ugly.’

‘I’ve seen the way you humans look at us when you think we don’t see.’ she said, wiping away a tear on her cheek. ‘Even you only spend time with me when it’s needed for business.’

I sighed, leaning the back of my head against the wall. ‘That’s because I’m afraid to spend too much time with you.’ I said and saw her wrap her tail around her feet. ‘I lived on Ceres before I came here and had been in love three times. The first was a girl at college, the second was a coworker at my first job and the third one was a girl living in my neighbourhood. We were always on friendly terms and they enjoyed the flirting we did, but each time when I started to feel serious about them and let them know they grew cold and made me feel like I was a stranger to them.’

I stroked the egg with a thumb, the shell slowly drying and its surface getting rougher. ‘When the job of assistant human affairs opened up here I volunteered to do it, having no close family anyway and thinking with being in the remotest area of space I wouldn’t have to worry about being attracted to another woman ever again. Whoo boy, was I wrong, even if she isn’t human. And once again I managed to make her feel bad about me.’

She looked at me through her long eyelashes. ‘You mean, me... ?’ she asked softly.

I nodded, keeping my eyes on her egg, feeling my whole face turn hot from blushing.


‘You have beautiful eyes, you’re kind and smart, are fun to be around with, and now I can add attractive legs to my list.’ I said with a light chuckle.

She let out a short laugh from feeling giddy. ‘Are all human males this easy?’

‘I don’t know. I’m probably one of the few with really strange tastes and shouldn’t be allowed near anything female.’ I said and felt depressed. ‘When we get out of this mess I can ask for a replacement if you don’t want to see me anymore.’

She reached out her hands to me after a moment. I held out her egg and placed it in her hands but she held onto mine. I looked up at her gentle smile.

‘Maybe you don’t have to.’ she said and saw my puzzled look. ‘Maybe we can give it a try?’

It felt like my jaw had hit the floor. I wondered if I heard her right but she pulled me closer by my hands and leaned to me to put her lips against mine.

When she pulled back from the soft kiss she looked embarrassed. ‘Did I get kissing right? I’ve never done it before... ‘

I smiled at her, the memory of her warm touch never leaving my lips. ‘Yeah, you did... ‘ I said dreamily, then felt mischievous. ‘But I recommend lots of practice.’

She grinned a little and leaned closer to me again and I kissed her once more, playing gently with her lips. She leaned in a little more and I licked her lips slowly with the tip of my tongue. She opened up and let the tip of her tongue meet mine before we opened up more and let our tongues explore more. Hers could almost wrap mine up with its length.

We kissed for a long while before our aching backs made us pull back.

‘That was just, wow... ‘ I said, unsure if my heart was still beating.

‘Yeah... ‘ she whispered. ‘That was better than in my fantasy.’

I raised an eyebrow. ‘You fantasised about that?’

She blushed. ‘I saw humans do it and wondered what it was like. Kenta don’t kiss.’

‘Really?’ I said, surprised that they don’t. ‘So, what else do you fantasise about?’

‘I’m not going to tell you now!’ she giggled. ‘At least not until we’re out of here.’

‘Right.’ I said, reminded of our predicament. ‘We still have to do that.’

Sheila tore the bottom half of her dress off to wrap the egg in it. She felt no need to hide her legs now that I’ve seen and admired them. We continued our crawl to the next junction where we took a short pause and I checked the floor plans to see where each tunnel led to.

‘This one leads to the main section.’ I said and turned the hatch locks. It didn’t move as I pulled on it. ‘Damned. Stuck.’ I said and looked around for an idea to get it open. Luckily there was an emergency toolkit here and it contained a crowbar with Gordon written on a name tag. “Must have been forgotten by one of the technicians.” I thought and shoved the business end in the crack between the hatch and the wall. I pulled carefully harder until we heard a hiss coming from the hatch. ‘Shit!’ I said as I let go. ‘That side’s been breached.’

‘Where does the other tunnel lead to?’ Sheila asked.

‘To an air duct which leads to the mess hall.’

‘Then we’ll have to go there.’

I nodded and that hatch opened easily. ‘This side is okay. Then the mess hall is probably safe too.’

We crawled to the end of the tunnel and ended up at the air processors of the local air ducts. We crawled through the duct work and I hit the grill at the end to get it off and us back on our feet in the kitchen of the mess hall.

‘Ouch.’ I said as I stretched my back, standing up. ‘Murder on the spine, that sort of thing.’

Sheila stretched and arched her back, moaning with relief. I watched her for a moment before she noticed the smile on my face.

‘What?’ she asked.

‘You look deliciously savage now.’

She looked at herself, her torn dress barely covering her torso and the top of her thighs. ‘I look horrible.’

‘No way.’ I said. ‘You remind me of ancient movies about prehistoric tribes in the jungle which always showed hot babes in skimpy outfit.’

She blushed. ‘You say strange things.’

‘It’s called honesty.’ I said before my stomach reminded me it could use something now that the first trouble was over.

Sheila stifled a laugh while I frowned at her in mock indignity. ‘Looks like something else is honest now.’ she chuckled.

‘I think there’s emergency rations and water available here. Let’s check.’

We found the storage room and enough food and water to keep us fed for a month and ate at one of the small tables while I scrolled through the floor plan again.

‘With that other tunnel breached there’s a chance the section to the main side is under vacuum as well. We’ll have to test each door before opening it. I can’t get a status without a connection.’

Sheila nodded. ‘I hope the main section is okay.’ she said, worried about her grandfather and the other people there.

‘That part of the station has been made to outlast the rest, so I’d say they had a good chance they only suffered minor damage.’

After disposing of the wrappers and empty bottles we went to the door.

I pried the crowbar in a convenient part between the two sliding doors and held it tight. ‘Cross your fingers.’ I said.

‘How?’ she asked. ‘I have my hands full.’

I chuckled. ‘Human expression when good luck is needed.’

‘Ah.’ she said and nodded.

‘I’m going to pull now.’ I said and increased the force on the doors to pry them apart.

She kept an eye and an ear on the crack to see if there was any vacuum on the other side.

‘Safe.’ she said when she saw a tiny crack and no sound of air rushing through it.

‘Good.’ I said, then pulled harder to force the doors far apart enough to get our hands and feet between them and open them further.

We stepped into the corridor still lit by the emergency lights.

‘Come.’ I said and we went to the section door headed toward the main section.

I found a spot to put the crowbar between the doors and Sheila listened again as I pulled.

‘Damn!’ she said at the tiny hiss coming from the crack between the doors and sat down on the floor. ‘We’re stuck here!’

I pulled away the crowbar and the hissing stopped when the doors shut tight again.

I sat down and leaned back against the door. ‘Maybe not. Let’s get some rest for now and search for other possibilities after a good night’s sleep.’

She nodded and we checked the nearest living quarter, entering it when it was deemed safe. It was a single person quarter and only had one bedroom, and a large bed.

‘You take this one?’ I asked, not wanting to presume we’d share a room for the night, or even a bed. ‘Then I’ll check out another quarter.’

‘Ehm... ‘ she said and looked down. ‘I’d rather not be alone... ‘

My heart jumped for joy. ‘I’ll stay here then.’ I said and she smiled at me. ‘But with just one bed, is that okay?’

She glanced at it and I saw her cheeks darken again. ‘It’s okay... ‘

The bathroom seemed operational and I figured it must get its power from a separate source. I chuckled to myself as I thought about reversing the polarity and get power to the rest of the section.

I let Sheila freshen herself up first with the lukewarm water in case it would run out. In the meantime I tried different ways to make some kind of contact while I waited in the living room. Apart from the local status of the bathroom, there were no other interfaces that I could see on my scan.

I set the pad aside, leaning my head back to stare at the ceiling. I hadn’t told anyone I was going here with Sheila after we had decided to check it out together, and it seemed she hadn’t let anyone know as well. Looks like it might take a while before anyone realises we’re here.

‘Hugo?’ Sheila said from the bedroom. ‘I’m ready, so you can go in.’

I smiled. At least there’s enough food and I’m here with Sheila. They could take their time to rescue us.

‘Okay.’ I responded and stood up to take my turn when she appeared in the doorway.

I froze where I stood, admiring the robed figure in front of me. She had taken a dark blue sheet and wrapped it around her body in some form of toga and for the first time I saw a small pair of breasts on her chest. I never noticed it before, but all the clothing she wore before must have hidden her features. Just like her shapely leg which was now visible from a split at the side.

‘I, couldn’t find anything to dress in.’ she said softly, holding her hands in front of her chest. ‘I must look weird.’

I cocked my head. ‘Sheila, I can’t lie, you look damned sexy.’

A brief grin appeared on her face, then she forced herself to look more serious and moved up to me to push me in the direction of the bedroom. ‘You humans have no taste.’ she said. ‘Go take a shower, you’re dusty.’

‘Yes ma’am.’ I chuckled as I went into the bedroom.

The shower felt good and refreshing and I felt a little energised as I came out. I had washed my shirt as best as I could and hung it to dry, leaving me with only my pants. I felt a little self-conscious as I came out of the bedroom, even if I did exercise regularly and didn’t look bad in my own opinion.

‘Sorry,’ I said. ‘All I can wear is this.’

She looked up from her pad at me and gazed at my naked chest. It must have been the first time to see a live one because I can’t imagine she’d never seen pictures of humans before. I gave her a moment until she realised she’d been staring and quickly snapped her head back to her pad.

‘That’s okay.’ she said, clearing her throat. ‘I’ve seen it before. You can’t help it in this situation.’

I smiled and took a ration resembling strawberry cake out of the ones we had taken from the mess hall and sat down on the couch next to her. I saw her glance at my chest once more before returning her eyes to her pad. Her egg rested in her lap.

‘Is there something that needs to be done with the egg?’ I asked. ‘I mean, I know hardly anything about your race and customs. I never even thought about or knew your race laid eggs.’ And then I wondered why her race would have breasts. Not that I minded, of course. It was hard not to stare at the folds in the sheet hinting at the little mounds.

She stroked her finger across her pad. ‘We do have a custom, but you’ll probably think it’s gross.’

Wanting to get to know her better and even having a relationship with an alien species meant having an open mind. Who knows how many ordinary things us humans did freaked them out?

‘I’d like to know.’ I said. ‘I’m serious in what I feel about you, so there should be nothing you need to hide from me or be embarrassed about. I have tons of questions, but I’ll hold back on my curiosity until you’re comfortable in telling me.’

She smiled softly. ‘Thank you... ‘ she said and put her pad down to stroke her egg with her fingers. ‘You now know we lay eggs.’

I nodded.

‘This happens every few months in your calendar.’ she said. ‘Sort of like the period your women have. An egg will form and if it hasn’t been fertilized it’ll just grow until it’s big enough to be laid.’ She lifted it up. ‘Normally, when a female has a mate it is the mate who will drink the egg.’

‘Then, what if there’s no mate?’ I asked, turning on the couch to watch her.

‘Most of us are too young when the first one comes and have no mate. They will drink the egg themselves to regain their sustenance.’

‘I see.’ I said and pondered about it. ‘It’s rather logical.’

‘It doesn’t disgust you?’ she asked softly and a bit surprised.

‘No.’ I said honestly. ‘Us humans also eat eggs from animals for food, but in this case I can see it means more to the male, the act of taking part of what the female he loves has created with her own blood and flesh, to show her he accepts her whole being. I can even imagine they share the first egg in a sort or ritual after bonding.’

She looked at me, her beautiful golden eyes wide open.

I worried. ‘Did I say something wrong?’

She shook her head slowly. ‘You were completely right. How did you know?’

I felt embarrassed and fiddled my thumbs. ‘I just imagined what I’d feel if I’d drank your egg.’

We sat in silence for a while, Sheila stroking her egg and I looking at my fingers.

‘Hugo... ?’

I looked up into her cute blushing face, her eyes averted.

‘Even if we’re not bonded ... Would you... ?’ she almost whispered and my heart rate shot up dangerously.

I put my hands on hers feeling nervous. ‘If you accept me ... Yes, I would be honoured.’

She smiled softly. ‘I accept you... ‘

I leaned closer to her and she met me for a gentle kiss which intensified as we moved our lips further along each others and connected our tongues. I couldn’t express how much I wanted this sweet and beautiful creature.

We pulled back and she turned to sit towards me, holding the egg between us. ‘I offer you the life force of my body.’ she whispered and punched a small hole near the top of the egg with her claw, turned it to me and placed it in my hands, smiling softly at me with a nod.

‘I accept the whole of your being, and will for the rest of my life.’ I whispered, making her smile when I unknowingly said the correct response and placed the hole to my lips, tilting the egg until I could feel the liquid touch my lips.

It tasted a little like chicken egg, only more spicy. I took three gulps and held out the egg to her. She drank some and returned the egg to me, giving me a nod with her head to finish it. I drank the last of it and held the egg out. She took it and put it on the table.

‘The shell is usually crushed and buried in the ground.’ she said. ‘I have a few containers in my quarters with plants who thrive on them.’

‘I see. Return nourishment to the soil.’

She nodded and smiled as she took my hands. ‘I’m happy to be accepted by you.’

I leaned in for another passionate kiss and tasted her mixed with the after-taste of the egg.

‘I’m happy to be accepted by you.’ I said. ‘I can’t imagine being without you anymore.’

She smiled and her cute blush returned.

‘What more should I know?’ I asked, eager to learn of her. ‘Tell me anything you can because I feel like a curious kid finding his first encyclopedia.’

She chuckled. ‘How about a little history of our species? I know we’ve never shared information about us and you need to keep it secret, but I trust you.’

‘If I ever break your trust, do to me whatever you wish.’ I said, squeezing her hands a little. ‘I’m all yours now.’

She smiled and gazed into my eyes for a while, her whole body itching to be close to me. She reached for her pad without looking and placed it between us. An unexpected moaning startled us and she squealed when a video showed a man and a woman having sex. She quickly swiped it away and looked down.

‘You’ve been watching human porn!?’ I asked flabbergasted.

‘I... , was curious ... And then came across this on your network... ‘ she said, wringing her hands on the sheet she wore. ‘I only saw a little bit... ‘

‘Sheila.’ I said, lifting her chin gently. ‘It’s normal to be curious. I’ve been curious about that since I was a little boy and heard about it for the first time.’

‘Still... ‘ she said meekly, averting her eyes. ‘It’s not decent to fantasise about what it would be like with... ‘

I saw her hesitate. ‘You did that... ?’

She gave a quick nod. ‘Our males don’t have something like, that... ‘

‘Wow.’ I said. ‘That must be a whole different experience then. I envy the guy you’ve used in your fantasy.’

She looked down again. ‘Actually... ‘

I saw her glance quickly at me and couldn’t believe it. ‘You... , me?’

She nodded quickly again.

‘You, me, having sex?’ I asked and the memory of her slit as she laid her egg made my loins stir.

I couldn’t hold back the flood of images of me and her making love and my erection started to show itself against my pants. I could see her eyes trying to look away but she couldn’t avert her eyes from my nether region. In turn I thought I saw a tiny tip poking the sheet covering her chest. I cleared my throat. ‘Sheila, I’m quite nervous about it, but I would like to make love to you now.’

I could see her eyes darting in every direction for a few moments, then settle in front of her and she gave me another quick nod.

I held out my hand to her and she trembled a little as she placed her hand in mine. I stroked it softly with my thumb, then stood up from the couch and gently pulled for her to follow me. She followed me quietly into the bedroom where I embraced her and kissed her softly.

She opened up to me and we let our passion flow between us while I caressed the back of her long neck. It was the first time I could really touch her skin and it felt firmer than human skin, yet softer than leather. Her body temperature was a little higher than mine and it fuelled my desire for her only more.

I let my fingers move up and down her neck, cheeks and the back of her head. caressing the back of her pointy ears made her moan softly as shivers went down her spine. She curled her tongue around mine and I couldn’t imagine why Kenta never kissed. They were missing something fantastic.

I moved one hand along her uncovered thigh, feeling her muscles tense under her soft flesh, then moved it up between the split and under the sheet to caress her hip. Her hands moved along my back and the touch of her claws gave me good goosebumps all over.

I moved my hand around and up her back, causing her to arch and press harder into my chest and mouth. I moved it up and down a little before caressing the base of her tail with my fingers. She moaned a little more and pushed her hip back against them. I stroked her harder and traced her tail down along her tight buttocks, massaging them when she lifted up her tail and gripped me harder to keep her balance.

I found the knot on her side which she used to hold up the sheet and pulled it loose to let the sheet fall down her body onto the floor. She moaned harder when she felt her skin exposed. I pulled back to see her beautiful curves in full glory in front of me. She was afraid I might be turned off by her alien body and looked nervous at me while I admired her small breasts with hard, dark grey nipples, her slender waist curving into wide hips and firm thighs down to her lower legs and powerful feet with claws. Her mound was puffed up and darker and her slit glistened with moist.

I looked up into her eyes. ‘You’re absolutely beautiful.’ I whispered and she smiled at me.

She lowered her hands to my pants and fumbled a little before she could undo them. I hadn’t put on underwear after the shower so my raging erection sprang free at once when my pants dropped to the floor.

She looked at it for a few moments and now it was my turn to hope she wasn’t put off by it. She reached her hand out carefully and touched my tip with her fingers. Her touch felt great as she caressed my head and shaft, pulling my foreskin down. I let out a soft moan and she looked up at me worried she might have been too rough.

I closed my hand around hers and pulled down, exposing my whole head. ‘This is the most vulnerable part of a man, after his heart when he’s in love.’ I whispered. ‘Mine belong to you now.’

She kissed me quickly, slowly running her hand up and down and getting everything slick. I moved her back to the bed and we laid down while kissing. She hummed in pleasure as I moved my lips down and started kissing her neck. Her sensitivity caused shivers while I licked parts, then gently bit others. My fingers went up ahead and stroked her small and firm breasts.

She heaved her chest as I came closer with my lips and teased her hard nipples with one fingertip. Her humps felt elastic under my fingers and I sucked a little all over them. Her nipples were almost like hard rubber and she moaned harder when I teased them with my teeth before licking and sucking them again.

I could smell the scent of her wet slit, spicy, heavy, intoxicating. Moving my hands down her small body made her twitch and moan even more. I felt the wet heat against my finger at the same time she gasped. Sliding my fingers along it made her wiggle her hips and she was soon squirming under the pleasure my mouth and fingers were giving her.

‘ ... Hugo... ‘ she moaned and stroked her fingers through my hair. ‘ ... this feels so good... ‘

I smiled up at her and enjoyed the startled gasp when I slid one finger inside her hot wetness. I probed between her folds and noticed there was more than just her entrance to her birth canal. I moved down with my kisses until I reached her slit, her scent filling my nose and lungs. Spreading her slit with my fingers I could see a protruding ring, soaking with her juice, then a smaller hole and another bigger one which pulsated slightly. I traced them with my finger and Sheila moaned out to me when I traced the third tight hole.

‘Not that one... ‘ she moaned. ‘That’s a dirty one... ‘

I understood what she meant since she only had this one slit between her legs. It was like a cloaca. The small hole was her urethra. This was certainly interesting.

I moved my head down and licked along her wet folds, lapping up her tasty juices while she moaned in pleasure. She was sensitive here, but when I slid my tongue into her vagina she started moaning harder. I twisted it and licked in circles, the heat of her tight canal flowing through my tongue. I growled my pleasure and hunger for her, using my teeth on her folds and she tensed and groaned, gripping the bed with her hands.

I sucked at her, making her canal come out a little further and massaged her tail which she held tight against my body along with her thighs. She retuned one hand to run her fingers through my hair, groaning my name and begging not to stop what I did. I wouldn’t stop for anything in the world while the target of my desire writhed in waves of pleasure under my touch.

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