A Love Laid Bear
Chapter 3

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He woke up suddenly, disoriented for a moment before realising where he was. A headache stung his head before fading away.

‘Damned... ‘ he said, crawled off the bed and splashed water in his face to wake up. Outside he went to the remains of the funeral pyre.

One of the men said they had just buried the remains of Gremma at the burial field in the back. Kaku had stayed with her until then and was now sleeping. Durma walked up to Kahru and put his hand on Kahru’s shoulder.

‘She was very old, but you have given us at least a little hope.’

Kahru nodded. ‘I don’t want to lose anyone else.’

‘Hana has checked up on the others already, looks like they’re getting better. Most are eating more now.’

‘Glad to hear that.’

‘Hana will bring you breakfast, so take some rest.’

When Hana came to his hut she showed the notes she had taken and he felt better, seeing the temperatures go down and hearing the patients were eating more bit by bit. He used the rest of the morning to teach her writing, and after eating lunch at her hut they made their round, seeing two of the patients getting more active.

‘Congratulations. You’ve saved our village.’ Durma said, shaking Kahru’s hand firmly when they were back at his hut.

‘I’d rather wait to see everyone really getting better.’ Kahru said, trying not to show the discomfort in his hand.

‘I have faith all will be well now.’ Durma said. ‘I don’t even know how to thank you. If there’s anything you want, tell me.’

‘I don’t have any idea.’

‘Just let me know when you do. I’ll try my best to give it to you.’

During the next days all the patients became active, felt better and started eating more than the soup. Kahru told them to keep using the medicine until another ten days had passed to avoid the chance of relapse. He had received so many hugs one day, Hana had to massage his sore back.

‘One thing’s for sure, you bears sure can hug.’ he said, moaning a little while Hana pressed her hands up his back.

‘And that’s just when we like you. You don’t want to be hated.’ she chuckled.

‘Remind me to be nice to you.’ he groaned while she pressed on his shoulders.

‘I could never get mad at you now. Not after all you’ve done.’

‘That’s a relief.’ he said, enjoying her soft after massage.

Hana made good progress at writing and reading and they spent a lot of time together. She took him to a river a bit farther away from the village where they went to get fish.

‘I’ll show you how we do this.’ Hana said and took off the wrapping from her breasts and her loincloth.

The sight of her uncovered body made his heart beat stronger. Despite her clothing covering just a little of her body, without it he suddenly felt something stir inside his chest that made him feel hotter.

‘Come, join me in the water.’ she said.

‘Okay.’ he said and let his robe fall down, walking into the water behind her in the hopes to cool off.

He walked in far enough to have the water reach his stomach.

‘Now stand still so you won’t scare off the fish.’ she said and moved a bit back to the bank.

He watched her wet fur cling to her, her short tail covering only part of her curvy buttocks. The stir in his chest was joined by a stir in his abdomen. She turned around, bending over a little to peer into the water. Her round breasts kept their nice shape, nipples showing partially between the fur. He had seen human women, learned about their basic anatomy from the books, but this humanoid bear girl was something else. All the time they had spent together he hadn’t really watched her and noticed her curves.

A big splash startled him.

‘Got one!’ Hana said, a proud grin on her cute face as the fish she scooped out of the water flapped it’s body on the bank.

He smiled at her. ‘Well done.’

‘Now you try.’

‘I don’t know if I can.’

‘If you can’t, no food for you.’ she said, grinning deviously at him.

He sighed. ‘Fine. I’ll take a shot at it.’

She watched him as he missed the fish, cursing each time, and laughed. His face was serious and it made her feel comfortable. He tried his best at everything and she wanted to experience more things with him. A cheer from him grabbed her attention.

‘I did it!’ he said, pointing at the small fish on the bank, struggling to get back to water.

She chuckled at the wide grin on his face. ‘You call that a fish?’

‘Hey, a fish is a fish!’ he said, then splashed water at her.

She laughed and splashed water back at him, moving closer until they were both laughing hard and ran out of the water. They sat down, chuckling.

‘That was fun.’ she said.

He nodded. ‘Yeah... ‘ he said, thinking it would be great if they could continue like this.

The flapping of her fish reminded them they wanted to eat.

‘I’ll get the fish, you set up the fire.’ she said.

‘Deal.’ he said and watched her get back into the water, her movements attracting his attention and stirring up his blood. He knew what it meant, the effect she caused to his body, he had learned about it after all, and his old master had told him about the half canine woman he had lived with before she passed away, and he took him on as a pupil. He had seen the love and sadness in his eyes when he talked about her.

He shook his head and got up to dress and make a fire. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through the hardship of losing someone he loved dearly.

Hana had snatched several fish and Kahru skewered them to roast at the fire. While waiting for them to be done she asked more about the books and he told her they contained knowledge from another world, far more advanced than them and how each master only revealed enough knowledge to protect all life in this world to prevent the abuse that destroyed the world the books came from. He told her how he learned to control the cloth of his robe with his thoughts, and that only few people could do it.

‘You master was a good man.’ she said.

He nodded. ‘Yes, he was. The people from villages nearby loved him. When he left one night without saying farewell I knew he wanted to hide the pain he felt of leaving forever.’

She pulled up her knees and hugged them. ‘I can’t imagine saying farewell to mother or father. Or to the village.’

The smell of the fish made her stomach growl and he chuckled. ‘Let’s say farewell to hunger.’

He had gathered a few herbs to add to the fish and they ate until they were full

When they got back to the village they saw a couple of the females walking about to their delight.

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