A Love Laid Bear
Chapter 2

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Sounds of water and wood woke Kahru up and he found Hana cleaning up the fireplace. ‘Morning.’ he said, sitting up and yawned.

She turned back to him. ‘Morning. Did you sleep well?’

‘Yeah ... Seen any progress with your mother?’ he asked, walking to the bowl of water to wash his face.

‘Not sure.’ she said, looking down. ‘I thought for a moment there was.’

He dried his face and gave her a friendly squeeze on her arm. ‘Don’t lose hope. I’ll have to clean my gear, then I’ll see if there’s any difference with yesterday.’

She nodded and unpacked a batch of fruit. ‘I brought something to eat, if you’d like.’

‘Thanks.’ he said. ‘I could use a quick bite before visiting everyone.’

With cleaned thermometers Kahru went with Hana to her hut, finding Durma sitting next to his wife.

‘Has she been eating the soup during the night?’ Kahru asked.

Durma nodded. ‘Although not much.’

‘Most important is that she did eat.’ Kahru said and inserted a thermometer into Kama’s ear, counted to fifty and checked it with the notes he had made yesterday on each patient. ‘Her temperature has gone down slightly. She needs to keep on eating and she’ll get cured if this keeps up. I’ll need your help in gathering herbs to give her more energy, Hana.’

Hana nodded, daring to smile at the better news.

‘Let’s go see the others.’ he said.


They all appeared to make a little progress apart from Gremma, the older female. Her temperature stayed the same and Kahru gave Kaku, her husband, a double dose of the medicine. ‘Try to make her eat as much as possible, her temperature has to come down. We’ll be back with more.’

Kaku nodded and started on a new batch of soup.

‘You’re worried.’ Hana said as she and Kahru walked into the field to look for specific plants.

He nodded. ‘Because she’s older she’s weaker than the rest, and if she doesn’t show progress I’m not sure if she’ll survive.’ he said, opening the book he had taken from his case and showing her a couple of drawings. ‘I need these, can you look on this side?’

‘Yes.’ she said and started on her search while he went into the forest to look for other plants.

Some time later he met up with her, glad she had gathered plenty of everything. ‘Good work.’

Back at his temporary hut he took out chopping boards and bowls out of his cases and arranged everything on the table.

‘Can I help?’ asked Hana. ‘I’ve helped mother before when she made medicines.’

‘Please.’ Kahru said and instructed her on what to chop up and grind.

When they were done he had made several sachets and they distributed these among the huts. He measured Gremma’s temperature once more and gave Kaku a double dose of herbs to give her strength.

‘I’ll come back later to check on her again.’ he said before leaving Kaku.

At Durma’s hut he discussed the patients’ status.

‘The extra herbs should give them extra strength.’ he said. ‘If all goes well we can increase the dosage for the next couple of days and see some real progress.’

‘Gremma?’ Durma asked.

Kahru shook his head. ‘I don’t know. With her age... ‘

Durma nodded. ‘We’ll hope for the best.’

Kahru took a walk around the village to see if he could find more interesting plants and roots. Hana joined him, taking some of the fruit from the morning for them to eat in the meantime.

‘You didn’t know we lived here?’ she asked as they sat down for a moment to eat at a field further at the back of the village.

‘No, It hasn’t been that long since I moved here after my master left the home where he taught me everything I know.’

‘I heard the men talk about the tools you have. And I’ve never seen those thermometers before.’

‘Those are things build with the knowledge from the books. His master has given these to him, just like the masters before. Also this.’ he said, holding up his arm to indicate his black robe.

‘They said it’s evil magic.’

He smiled. ‘Maybe it is. But what it is, is so far advanced for anyone but the masters and their pupils to know.’

‘I don’t think it’s evil.’

He looked at her. ‘How do you know?’

‘Because I know the owner is a very good person.’ she said, smiling.

He blushed a little seeing her cute face. ‘I only inherited a lot of knowledge to keep safe. I don’t know whether I’m good or evil.’

‘I know.’ she said, smirking a little.

He chuckled and tossed his apple core aside. ‘You’ve never seen anyone else? Humans?’

‘No. Nobody from the village has ever been far away. Maybe just one day walking when hunting.’

‘I guess I’m the first person to have visited your village then. There’ll be stories to tell for ages.’

‘Yes. About how a strange saviour came to help us in our time of trouble.’

‘I hope that’ll be it.’

She laid her soft hand on his. ‘I’m sure.’

He laid his other hand on hers and nodded, smiling softly as he looked across the field.


Kaku looked dead tired at the end of the day and Kahru told him to sleep, taking over the duty of feeding Gremma. He checked her again, cursing at the lack of progress.

‘Please, Gremma.’ he whispered as he poured a little amount of soup down her throat. ‘You need to get better.’

She coughed weakly and he sat back. Hana walked in after checking up on the rest of the patients. He had taught her how to use the thermometer and note it down in his notebook. She had looked surprised at how the tiny piece of black wood left marks on the thing square leaves, but took her task seriously.

‘I think it has gone down again.’ she said, handing the notes to him.

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