Plain Elaine


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Fantasy Sex Story: Elaine is pixie-faced and petite and desprate for sex! She ropes in her younger brother James for action: But it takes dear 'ole Dad to really sort young Elly out!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   .

Elaine had been a skinny and somewhat rather plain girl as a child but from the age of thirteen her physical looks began to blossom which triggered my interest in her.

At fourteen she was still petite and child-like but she now had some sexy curves; and tantalising 34B breasts onto which her fair hair fell. Her small waist flared out onto a rear butt that simply begged to be buggered.

I’d often imagined doing just that during my masturbation mode.

Like many early teens Elly lacked confidence at not being beautiful and the truth was her face wouldn’t readily attract a boyfriend. It was probably why she shied away from boys; except for her younger brother who she liked to tease at home.

James was a cocky lad for a thirteen year-old; forever getting into mischief, and as my wife Laura was fond of saying, was generally a chip off the old block. Laura said James would be like his father, a bit of a heart-breaker, and that all of the young girls would be falling for his good looks.

Our family affair started on a day like any other; with the siblings bickering as they got ready ready for school. I was not feeling well though and ignored their banter; leaving it all for Laura to handle. She packed them off before heading to work herself. Then I left for work feeling even more under the weather with some bug.

However about midway through my morning classes, I started to lose my voice! Being no good to my students without my ability to speak, the college sent me home on sick leave. I returned to an empty house and decided to tucked myself up in bed, hoping that a snooze would help me recuperate. I quickly fell asleep.

I was awakened by the hall phone ringing; My bed-side clock said almost 4pm! And then the sound of Elly’s voice on the phone in the hall, talking to her mother; “Don’t worry Mom, we’re OK here; see you around six then; bye!”

Elaine replaced the phone, “ Mom’s working late James!” Then she added quietly; “So; here’s your chance to show me, that all your bragging about sex, isn’t just bullshit James.” There was a short silence before James replied, “Yea, that’s cool; lets do it in your room. When do-ya wana start?” Another pause, “Give me at least five minutes before you come to my room naked; OK?”

Another father, less depraved than I would have done something to intervene, but I did nothing. The only thing I accomplished upon hearing my daughter’s words was to sprout the most enormous hard-on; even though I couldn’t be sure what was happening! I heard Elaine going to her bedroom; across the hall from where I lay!

Voyeurism? Perversion? I can’t say. I was no longer the father; I was a helpless male. I found myself moving out of bed and crouching at the keyhole of our bedroom door. I looked across to my daughter’s room. Praise to God! Her door was wide open!

I watched as Elly stripped off her school uniform. First the detested heavy skirt followed by the tie and long-sleeved blouse; down to her little bra and pretty panties; where her luscious little cunt lay hidden!

“God! She looked so sexy; just a little plain-faced kid really; with little milky white skinny arms; but luscious little tits – and luscious little torso and a luscious little juicy cunt – Dam it!

She disappeared from view! Now she back in front of her mirror; fucking hell she’s completely naked! She really is gagging for it!

With my throbbing cock in hand, I waited with baited breath as I heard my son make his advance up the stairs.

“If you’re ready Elly,” called out James, “ I’m as horny as hell!”

What I was hearing and seeing only increased my excitement. My chest was pounding; my hands trembling and my temples throbbing.

Jimmy entered the room naked! The pair embraced almost timidly.

As they ground into each other, it was obvious they were both nervous.

Elaine suddenly pushed him away and moved quickly onto the bed opened up her thighs and called to him, “C’mon then, hurry up and fuck me!”

I nearly choked at the sight of her ruby-pink cunt on full display! What a slut!

Before he climbed on the bed to join her, I noticed that James was reasonably well-hung for his age but he wasn’t fully hard. At best he probably boasted four inches. He would need to double that if he wanted to compete with his old Dad.

But what was at stake here for James was demonstrating his ability to satisfy Elly; to stay the course. The pressure was on for James as he went to work on his older sister.

First, he slid down; sucking on Elly’s lovely little tits, his tongue and mouth working with an intensity. I heard Elly’s moans clearly. He then proceeded downwards to her pussy and I heard the slopping as his tongue went to work, building her up till she was writhing all over the bed.

“Good Boy!” I cheered silently.

As my daughter groaned in orgasm, I also climaxed.

There was a period of pause as we all regained our composure.

Elaine was coated in glistening sweat as she changed her position alongside James. She took hold of Jimmy’s errection and wanked it up until the boy stiffened, before sinking her mouth over her brother’s cock; slowly engorging it while Jimmy moaned and encouraged her.

I marvelled at her eagerness, as she bobbed her head over him, going faster and faster before suddenly withdrawing with a slurp! James let out a cry of misery and I shared his disappointment! I would’ve loved to have seen him cum in her mouth.

Instead Elly withdrew and moved up onto her brother; slowly impaling his cock with her pussy. She was clearly in charge of things now; James being something of a stand-in boyfriend; a male Elly could hone her sexual skills on.

As his cock was entering her, she moaned wildly; yet it sounded false somehow. Was she play acting for her brother?

At this point I was again stroking on my erection, wishing it was me Elly was using as a dildo! She rode Jimmy’s cock like there was no tomorrow, swapping to various positions; giving me the impression that it was never quite enough for her.

With all their frenetic writhing and moaning I don’t think James had any more to offer his sister. Finally he expired with a deep guttural moan.

He lay on top of Elly while they both caught their breath; until finally Elaine disdainfully pushed him off and left for the bathroom.

What my daughter clearly needed was the cock of a fully grown man.

Jimmy disappeared into his own room.

I took this opportunity to sneaked out of the house; before either of them noticed I’d even been home! I got into my car and took a long drive; to calm my nerves.

At 6.30 pm, (my regular time for arriving home), I strolled through the front door and was greeted by my wife and daughter. James apparently was upstairs in his room.

Later we all settled down to a family meal, and although I looked for some indication over what had earlier occurred upstairs, none was apparent.

After dinner Laura got ready to take James to his Monday night Judo class, leaving me alone in the house with my daughter.

Now I was eager to confront Elly.

Up until that time I had been contemplating how I was going to approach the subject but without realizing it, Elaine started the ball rolling as we watched TV.

Sitting in the chair across from where I sat on the couch, she inquired, “How did you manage at work with that bug you had this morning Dad?”

This was my opening. I saw stupor on her face when I calmly informed her that I had been sent home sick from work, and had spent the afternoon in bed! Then I added, “That was until I was disturbed when the two of you came in.”

Elly’s eyes shot nervously to mine and she held her breath with a look of fear.

Quietly, I whispered, “How did you enjoy getting fucked by your little brother?”

I could see the shock register across her pixie-like face, yet it was intermingled with a strange excitement because she saw my hand was caressing my crotch.

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