Together Again

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2017 by SciFurz

Fantasy Sex Story: Tapi returns to his home village after several years learning the blacksmith trade from his uncle at the city and is looking forward to see his childhood friend again, the fox girl Hella. When the idea came to me last night I thought it was a nice opportunity to experiment a little with writing.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   non-anthro   Oral Sex   .

Tapi smiled as he looked across the green hill, the gentle summer wind turning the grass into a green sea with waves travelling across it. The air here was sweeter than in the city, with the many wild flowers and the blossoming trees growing here, and the birds celebrated it with their songs. The sun stood high in the clear sky and turned the small river at the foot of the hill into a stream covered with flickering silver stars.

He had missed all of this, but what he really missed was the one moving through the grass, holding her basket in one arm while searching the grass for the herbs she loved to use in her cooking. He smiled softly at the fox girl he had known since she had come to his village when she was little.

Hella was an orphan and one of the few non-humans living here. There were only a bear couple, a bull, and a feline male among the majority of humans but it was not like that caused any trouble. The trouble came when the two year older Lottro bullied her for being an orphan and, at the time, the only furry kid in the small school.

She wasn’t used to her new home with the older couple that adopted her because they had been friends with her parents for a long time. She had no family to go to and it seemed no one in the village she grew up in wanted to adopt her. Something about her father and a scandal involving the man he worked for. Lottro made her cry. Tapi still remembered that moment. It still stirred his heart.

He became angry back then and stepped between her and Lottro. Lottro threatened to beat him up. He didn’t give Lottro a chance. The scolding and spanking he received afterwards for hitting Lottro was still intense in his memory, but so was the smile she gave him. It was worth it.

Lottro started teasing him afterwards about being in love with a fox but he never dared to go any further than that though, fearing another beating. Tapi ignored him and the teasing stopped after a while.

Hella looked up from her search in the grass and stared at him. He wondered what she would think about seeing him after all these years while he learned his blacksmith skills with his uncle in the city. A nervous twitch shot through his chest.

She moved towards him, her gaze never leaving him, walked faster for a few moments, then ran when she came closer, her dress the colour of oaken leaves fluttering through the long grass and the white fur of her jaw revealing the big smile on her red-brown muzzle.

‘Tapi!’ she cried out, dropped her basket and jumped into his arms. ‘Tapi! You’re back!’

He hugged her tight, although not as tight as she hugged him. She rubbed her white furred cheek against his while she kept saying his name. The slight fear he had about a bad reception by her was gone.

He smiled and rubbed her back. ‘You’re not going to cry as much as you did when I left, are you?’

‘And why not?’ she said. ‘I missed you so much!’

His heart beat faster. ‘I missed you too, Hella.’ he said and buried his face in her soft neck. He loved the gentle smell of her fur, reminding him of warm and comfortable places. It was a scent he had not forgotten.

She pulled back a little to look at his face and smiled. ‘You haven’t changed much while you became an adult. Still the grey-blue eyes like the colour of the river fish and the soot black hair.’ She pulled with her black hand at the end of his hair in his neck. ‘And just as long. Only you’ve grown taller than me.’

He smiled back at Hella who was now almost one head shorter than him, and looked into her eyes, still pale green like new grass. ‘And you’re still the pretty girl that you were when I left.’ He ran his fingers through her long red-brown hair. ‘Maybe even more pretty now that you’re an adult as well.’

She smiled and looked away for a moment. ‘Are you staying here now?’

He nodded. ‘I’ll be taking over the smithy from old man Jenssen.’ he said. ‘His widow is going to live with her sister and agreed to let me buy it all from her for a low price.’

Hella’s dress swayed because of her wagging tail underneath. ‘I’m glad you’re back, Tapi.’ she said and hugged him more.

He smiled and rubbed her cheek with his. ‘I’m glad to be back.’ After a while he looked up at the blue sky. ‘It’s like nothing has changed here.’

Hella pulled back and grinned. ‘Nothing has.’ she said, let go of him and took his hand. ‘Come.’

He chuckled while he let himself get pulled down to the river to a couple of trees on the bank. The cooler air along the river and in the shadow of the trees reminded him of the hot summers they had played here. She pulled him next to one tree and turned with a bright smile at him. ‘Remember this?’

He looked at the crude letters carved into the hard bark at chest height. ‘So long ago.’ he said, reaching out and tracing the T and the H.

‘You said you would stay by my side after Lottro bullied me that day.’ she said, placing her warm hand gently on top of his.

He remembered. He didn’t want to see her ever cry again, and he carved their initials to seal his promise. He looked around. Insects buzzed lazily around while birds above him sang and the water of the river whispered along the bank and the rocks. He had made that promise but had to break it when his father sent him to his uncle. Yet nothing seemed to have changed in all the years here.

He looked into Hella’s eyes. ‘I’m sorry.’

She gave him a warm smile and cupped his cheek. ‘It’s okay.’ she said. ‘You had no choice.’

A breeze touched her hair and her right ear moved slightly. She blinked her eyes once. His heart beat faster again. He leaned closer and kissed her before he even realised it.

Hella closed her eyes, her mind dizzy as she returned his kiss, leaned into him and wrapped her hand around his against the tree. Her heart pounded in her chest while he pulled her against him with his free arm.

He parted his lips and she followed, the tips of their tongues carefully seeking each other out, touching gently, moving slowly. He caressed her lips with his and slid his mouth further over hers, gently moving his tongue along hers.

She moaned softly while he led her tongue into their first lovers dance. Her mind lost only a little of its haze, but enough for her to sense the wet warmth and mixed taste of their deep kiss. She had no idea what she was supposed to do and let her instincts guide her.

They kept their mouths locked and tongues dancing, only pulling back to tilt their heads the other way and continue their passionate kiss and making up for all the lost years.

A thunder clap startled Tapi and Hella out of their trance. They looked up at the dark clouds passing along further away and chuckled.

Tapi gazed deep into her eyes. ‘From now on nothing will separate us.’ he said. ‘I want you for my wife.’

Her eyes grew big and her ears stood straight up. ‘You do?’

‘More than anything.’

Tears ran down her cheeks.

‘Wait!’ he said, his heart racing in fear. ‘Did I say something wrong!?’

She shook her head and grabbed the front of his shirt. Her jaw trembled while a lump got stuck in her throat. He cupped her cheeks. She smiled a little. ‘I, missed you so much... ‘ she said, her voice barely coming out. ‘Afraid you might not come back ... That I had lost the, biggest love I ever carried... ‘

Tapi pulled her tight against him and kissed her cheek and neck. ‘I hoped you would accept my love when I came back.’

She nuzzled his neck and cried until her body stopped shaking and her heart calmed down. He wiped the tears from her wet cheeks and smiled softly at her. ‘You’re a mess.’

She chuckled and smiled. ‘Are you sure you want this mess for your wife?’

He grinned. ‘More than anything.’

She plucked on the wet shoulder of his shirt. ‘Your shirt is a mess now too.’

He chuckled. ‘It was for a good cause.’ he said and wiped her cheeks again. ‘But you’d better wash your face.’

She glanced at the river and nodded. ‘Yeah.’

He gave her another kiss and she stepped to the bank. He sighed and smiled softly, running his fingers along the initials in the tree again.

He stepped back to look up at the shades of green and remembered the times he climbed up these trees. The splashing of water sounded behind him and his memories turned to the times they spent their free time on hot summer days here. Playing or lazing around in the shade and swimming together in the river. He was used to seeing her naked in her fur for years and now wondered how much longer it would have been before their natural urges awoke and they would have become intimate.

A rustle of clothing caught his attention. ‘Tapi?’ Hella said softly.

He turned around to see Hella standing naked in front of him.

There was no change in her fur. She still had her white front going from her lower jaw, down her neck, enclosing her chest and abdomen, and ending up at her inner thighs. Her feet still had black socks and her tail swayed left and right with the familiar black band and white tip. The difference was that the two slight bumps on her chest had now grown into two perfect curves with dark nipples.

He watched her as she stood there, her hands clutched in front of her chest and glancing up at him. All sound had gone from the world. There was just him and this most beautiful creature and nothing else existed outside the sphere that surrounded them.

He moved up to her. ‘Hella... ‘ he whispered, cupped her cheeks and kissed her again.

When he pulled back he gazed into her eyes. ‘You can’t go back on it now.’ he said. ‘I’ll have to swim the river from beginning to end to calm down.’

She smiled. ‘I want you.’

Tapi pulled off his shoes, Hella helped him take off his shirt over his head, then kissed him while they loosened his pants together. She kept her eyes on him as she knelt to pull his pants down and free him, then licked her lips. He stepped out of his pants and looked down to see her begging eyes look up at him.

She remembered how much of a skinny boy he’d been. No matter how much he ate, he just didn’t grow bigger than any of the other boys, and now he stood before her with a body shaped by years of hard and heavy work. ‘Can I?’ she asked, putting her warm hands against his firm thighs.

He nodded. ‘Be careful thought.’

She chuckled. ‘Of course.’ she said and caressed him with her muzzle, moving it up and down and around him.

He smiled while he grew even harder. ‘This is a nice way to be nuzzled.’

She smiled, pulled his skin back and caressed him with her lips. She had heard the stories from some of the women about what they did for their men and now it was her turn. Her heart raced in nervousness and delight in doing this for her Tapi now.

He twitched when she brushed his tip with her lips. She looked up in worry. ‘Did that hurt?’

He smiled at her and caressed her ear and cheek. ‘It’s just very sensitive, but I like it when you do it.’

She smiled back up at him and kissed him softly all over. Her left hand slid to his base, holding it gently while she parted her lips and licked softly. He tasted slightly salty and bitter and she liked it. With every lick she let out her tongue more and felt the twitches going through him.

Her long tongue slid along his tip and the rough surface made him sigh in pleasure. She looked up at him, opened her mouth and slid her muzzle slowly all over him. His deep inhale and exhale as he smiled at her was all the proof she needed that he trusted her completely.

Her lips closed around him and her tongue danced slowly against him. His deeper breathing made her excitement grow with his. The tension in his thigh muscles grew with every stroke of her tongue along him and around his tip. She spread her saliva around him and mixed it with his taste while he stroked her cheek more. She bobbed her head in steady rhythm, rubbing him between the roof of her mouth and her tongue.

She listened to him breathing harder and his fingers ran firmer through the fur on her cheek. ‘Oh, Hella... ‘ he said softly. She looked up at him and saw he had closed his eyes and his chest was heaving. His heartbeat pulsed through him and she matched her bobbing rhythm with it. A groan left his throat and a little salty taste entered the back of her mouth. ‘This feels so good, Hella... ‘ he groaned. ‘I’ve never felt this good so fast.’ She licked his tip and spread the sticky fluid with her tongue, humming in pleasure as she sucked gently on him.

He tensed more inside her mouth, as did his thigh muscles in an effort to keep his hips still. His groans became louder and she guessed he might be soon getting to the end. She smiled and slid her muzzle gently back and forth, stroking every part of him with her agile tongue. ‘You’re making me relieve myself in your mouth.’ he groaned. Her heart raced in anticipation. Because she only heard the stories she didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but she really wanted to experience it with him.

The sensation around him became too much and Tapi let out a deep groan when the resistance broke inside him. His mind went blank for a moment and all he could feel was the heat, throbbing, and the pulsing of his release through his tip. Hella let out a high pitched hum when he filled her mouth, the wave of salty taste hitting her throat and the moment filled her with pride. She wrapped her tongue around his twitching tip and sucked at him for every drop while gripping his throbbing base. Half humming and growling in hunger she licked and swallowed until nothing more could be sucked out of him and he panted while telling her to let him go so he could sit down.

She looked up into the loving smile he gave her and returned it. With a little reluctance she pulled back and he sat down quickly in the short grass in front of her, cupping her cheek again. ‘Damn, Hella, that was great.’

Her tail wagged and she moved closer to him to kiss his neck and hug him. ‘I’m happy I got it right the first time.’ she whispered.

He stroked her back. ‘And I’m happy my first time was with you.’

She nuzzled his neck. ‘I’m really your first?’

He took her shoulders and pushed her back to look into her eyes. ‘I wanted my first time to be with you.’ he said and smiled softly. ‘And all the times afterwards. It was you who I kept thinking of when I relieved myself during these years.’

‘There were no other girls?’ she asked.

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