Double Secret

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2017 by SciFurz

Incest Sex Story: Romy and Luis have the house to themselves while their parents are on a long cruise to celebrate their wedding anniversary. After they encounter one night what they thought was a big dead dog, the brother and sister not only discover they're transforming, but also their true feelings for each other. Another favourite story, and one of three I did so far with an incest theme that I thought would fit into it and not just because of having incest as a kink.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   non-anthro   Were animal   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

‘Geez, will you two grow up already?’

Romy and Luis watched their mother come in and sigh when she saw her kids occupying the couch. Luis, her son from her first marriage, sat back, reading a French novel for class and Romy, the daughter out of her current husband’s first marriage, had nestled herself with her stomach down on his lap, zapping through the TV channels.

Marielle had met Fernandez at a local support group after she lost her then husband to a car accident, and he had lost his wife to sudden cancer. Luis had been four and Romy three at the time, and the two grieving parents gave each other support by taking care of the kids when either of them needed some time to be alone. The kids got along well and they started spending more time together until they had to face their insecurities of getting involved with someone again. They had a long emotional talk and decided they would risk it and start dating each other. A year later they got married and Marielle and Luis moved in with Fernandez and Romy.

‘You’re supposed to be adults, but you act like ten year olds, clinging to each other all the time.’ Their mother sat down in her comfortable chair with her drink. ‘If I had known you’d still be like that I would have preferred you two fighting like most brothers and sisters did when they were little.’

The step siblings looked at each other, then grinned at their mother. ‘Would it help if we start fighting now?’ Luis asked.

‘Oh god, no!’ said their mother, rolling her eyes up. ‘You’re too big to spank and send up to your room without dessert.’ She took a sip from her drink and looked at the cruise tickets on the table next to her. ‘At least I won’t have to worry about you tearing up the place. Unless you kept it a secret that you found a boy or girlfriend?’

‘Pfft.’ said Romy. ‘Guys are stupid. They’re only interested in me because of my looks. And if I need a handsome guy for something, I’ll just use brother.’

Luis chuckled behind his book. ‘See? No chance to find the right girl because they’re all jealous when my cute little sister hangs around me.’

‘You’ll both end up old and alone... ‘ sighed their mother.

‘More likely old and still hanging around on the couch like that.’ said their father, coming in from a quick visit to the neighbours. ‘Maybe with a few extra cats.’ he chuckled and put the tickets into his coat pocket. ‘I’ve left the contact details with Debbie and Frank. Frank offered to drive us to the airport tomorrow to save us cab fare. He had to get up early and head in that direction anyway.’

‘Oh, that’s sweet of him.’ their mother said. ‘Then we’re all set.’

She finished her drink and kissed her kids good night before going upstairs to get some early sleep. The siblings wished them a good night since they wouldn’t join their parents on their month long cruise along South America. Fernandez wanted to give his wife something special for their fifteen year anniversary, and the siblings suggested and chipped in for a luxury cruise. Their mother cried in happiness because she had always wanted to go on a long cruise.

Romy switched off the TV and rolled on her back plucking on a lock of hair. ‘What about Francesca?’


‘That girl in your French class? You’re not interested in her?’

Luis flipped a page. ‘She’s nice, smart and pretty. But I just can’t get interested in her that way.’

‘She asked about you yesterday.’

‘Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to let her down then. Not my type.’

‘What is your type then?’

He thought it over for a moment. ‘Actually, no idea.’

Romy chuckled. ‘You’re hopeless.’

He hit her forehead playfully with his book. ‘Says Miss-no-guy-will-ever-meet-my-standards.’

‘At least I have some kind of standard to measure with.’ she chuckled and tickled him.

He knew she loved to take advantage of his weakness, but she did have the same one and he attacked her back. Half a minute later they were out of breath on the floor. Romy rolled on top of Luis when she got some strength back. ‘Maybe they’re right and we are hopeless. But then we should be careful doing this before we die of a heart attack.’

Luis smirked. ‘I think that would happen even before we get old.’

‘I guess we’re doomed then.’ she chuckled and gave him a quick kiss before crawling up on her feet. ‘Good night, big brother. Don’t forget to get up early to see mom and dad off.’

‘Sure.’ he said and sat up, looking for his book.

Romy looked at her stepbrother’s peaceful sleeping face, carefully lifting up his blanket to expose the back of his naked body because he couldn’t sleep with clothing on, and slapped his rear, waking him up screaming.

He looked bewildered for a moment, saw his little stepsister laughing and jumped at her, grabbing her by her waist. ‘You little minx!’ he said, dragging her to his bed to bend her over his lap, smacking her ass playfully while she kept laughing. ‘Sneaking up on me and scaring the shit out of me, eh?’

‘I told you you had to get up early.’ she said between laughs. ‘Your own fault.’

He let out a grunt and fell back on his bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes while she pushed herself up from his lap, snickering. ‘At least part of you is up early.’ she said and poked his hard dick. He grabbed his pillow and threw it at her. ‘Get out!’

The family carried the luggage out the door to Frank’s car a little later. ‘Morning all.’ he said, opening the trunk and doors.

‘Morning Frank.’ said Fernandez. ‘Thanks again for giving us a lift.’

‘It’s nothing.’ said Frank, taking the suitcase from Marielle and putting it next to Franks in the back. ‘I might even be in the neighbourhood when you come back so give us a call on the trip back.’

‘We’ll keep an eye on the kids as well.’ said Debbie, seeing Marielle looking back at the house.

Marielle hugged Debbie. ‘Thanks. But I’m afraid those two are so boring you’ll make more noise than them in the meantime.’

‘Moomm... ‘ said Romy, faking a pout.

The siblings hugged their parents before they got into the car. ‘Have a safe trip and give us a call when you arrive.’ said Romy.

‘And postcards so we know which ports you’ve been at.’ said Luis.

‘We’ll do.’ said their mother and they waved for a while after Frank drove off.

‘No plans for wild parties then?’ asked Debbie, nudging Luis.

He grinned. ‘Oh, I do. I want to have a wild night with a marathon of Star Trek and Alien movies.’

Debbie chuckled. ‘I hope I won’t have to call the cops then.’

‘We’ll bribe you with a nice bottle of wine.’ said Romy, hanging on Luis’s arm.

‘You really are bad.’ said Debbie and shook her head in fake exhaustion. ‘Well, if you need anything, come on by.’

‘Thanks.’ said Romy, giving a quick wave before they went back inside.

Luis stretched and yawned inside.

‘Lazy bones.’ chuckled Romy.

‘I had to study last night.’ he said. ‘Unlike some.’

‘Can’t help it that I won’t have to take the same classes as you for another year.’ she said, playfully sticking out her tongue.

‘Prepare yourself then.’ he said and looked at the clock. ‘At least I can get a couple more hours of sleep before first class.’

Setting the alarm on his mobile phone, he decided to use the couch because his own bed would be too comfortable now and make him oversleep. He had barely fallen asleep when Romy walked into the living room. She did feel a little sleepy herself and figured she might as well join him. She took off her jeans which weren’t comfortable to sleep in and snuggled up with her back against his front. She had always enjoyed his warmth and used him as a heater when she felt cold, and after wrapping his arm around her she fell asleep quickly. When they woke up from his alarm he wasn’t much surprised to find her in his embrace. He slapped her ass. ‘Who’s the lazy bones now?’ he said, chasing her off the couch.

She smirked at him. ‘Then you shouldn’t have been so comfortable.’

He shook his head. ‘Let’s just get to school.’

To include their children in their anniversary, Marielle and Fernandez had given the siblings tickets for an all expenses paid dinner and late movie on the day they’d celebrate it on board. Luis was just checking which shirt he’d wear when Romy walked in in just her panties and held up two short dresses.

‘Which one?’ she asked. ‘Blue or black and red?’

He watched her as she held first one, then the other in front of her. ‘I’d say blue.’

‘Really?’ she asked and held it in front of her. ‘Why?’

‘The weather’s warm, so you can show off your shoulders and back with that strapless thing.’

She smiled and draped the dresses over the back of his chair. ‘Okay, but then you need to wear something matching.’ she said and nudged him aside to look at his shirts. She pulled out a few, held them in front of him, then settled on a black one with stripes the same colour blue as her dress. ‘There. Wear this.’

‘Fine.’ he said, taking it from her and giving her a pat on her ass. ‘Hurry up and get ready to go. We still have a thirty minute drive.’

‘It’s customary to wait for the lady to get ready.’ she said and stuck out her tongue before leaving.

Romy giggled as they walked with their arms linked from the parking lot to the restaurant down the street.

‘What’s so funny?’ Luis asked.

‘Oh, the looks on other faces when they see this handsome young man escorting a girl.’

He glanced sideways. ‘More like the girl catching their attention in this short sexy dress.’

‘You picked it, remember?’ she said, squeezing his arm once. ‘Maybe you just wanted to show off your cute little sister?’

‘Only in the hope you might attract the right guy for once.’ he said, smiling deviously.

‘And then run off with some bimbo yourself, right?’ she giggled. ‘No way the right guy is here, so you’re stuck with me.’

He let out a big sigh. ‘Woo is me, who will be stuck with his little sister forever. At least she’s nice to look at.’

She slapped his arm giggling. ‘Pervert.’

Since they had chosen a horror movie to watch later at the theatre, they both ordered their steak bloody. Luis asked the waitress what she recommended for desert and she suggested the lover’s coupe, speciality of the house. Luis wanted to clarify, but Romy said ‘We’ll take it.’ before he could say a word.

‘You know what people will say.’ Luis said.

‘Nobody here knows we’re stepbrother and sister. They’ll say what a lovely couple we make.’ she said with a wink.

‘They’d better not know, otherwise you’re the one who’s going to explain.’ he said, then thought about it. ‘On the other hand, maybe I should explain. You’d put up some outrageous story and then we’re in deeper.’

She looked innocently at him.

‘Yes, you.’

She chuckled and Luis was glad the waitress came with their coupe, a glass bowl filled with ice cream and fruit, and one spoon.

‘We’re missing a spoon?’ he asked.

‘It wouldn’t be a lover’s coupe if we gave two spoons, would it?’ the waitress said with a wink and a smile. ‘Enjoy.’

‘Right.’ he said and Romy scooped up the first bite for him.

‘Say ahh... ‘

He looked at the spoonful of ice cream she held in front of his mouth and could see an older couple smiling at them. He resigned to play along, as long as they could get out of there fast, and took the bite. Then he had to feed her and got even more embarrassed with the soft moan she made at each spoonful.

‘Tease.’ he said as they walked out of the restaurant later.

She giggled and clung to his arm. ‘Wouldn’t you want to get the best experience out of your little sister if you had no real girlfriend to take with you?’

‘Not exactly what I had in mind.’ he said and she giggled more.

The horror was scarier than expected, and Romy crawled real close to Luis, clutching his arm each time something shocked her. Luis had to snicker several times but was glad she hadn’t noticed.

‘That was horrible.’ she said after they left the theatre, clinging to his arm again.

‘So you loved it.’

She slapped his arm. ‘I hate it when you’re right.’

‘Then you must hate me all the time.’ he chuckled, getting the car keys out of his pocket.

‘You’re right I do.’ she said while he held open the passenger door for her. ‘I made it my mission in life to make yours miserable.’ She poked his nose and smiled before getting in.

‘Happy to give you a purpose in life.’ he said and closed the door.

Part of the road home went past a small forest without street lights, so Luis drove carefully in case they came across wildlife. He could see from the corner of his eyes that his little stepsister was keeping an eye on the edge of the road, fiddling with her fingers. ‘Afraid one of those movie monsters will come running out from the trees?’

‘No way.’ she said, sticking out her tongue at him. ‘I just don’t want you running over any cute animals.

‘So ugly animals are okay to run over?’

‘No!’ she said and hit his upper arm. ‘Just keep your eyes on the road.’

He suppressed a chuckle when she leaned a little closer to him, the moment the edge of the forest touched the road. A few minutes later the road led away from the trees and Romy seemed to relax. This part of the road was straight, and Luis thought he saw something dark on the road at the edge of the light from the high beams. He slowed down in case his eyes didn’t deceive him.

‘What is it?’ asked Romy, seeing him stare.

‘There might be something on the road.’

She scanned the road and saw a dark shape in the otherwise dark grey reflection of the asphalt. ‘I think I see it.’

Luis slowed down more and soon they stopped, the headlights revealing something big, black and furry.

‘What is it? A bear?’ asked Romy.

‘Looks too slim for a bear.’ he said. ‘More like a dog. A really big one.’

‘Go around it, see if it’s dead or not.’

Luis moved the car next to the animal and Romy peered out the window to see any signs of life. ‘I don’t see any movement. No blood on the road either. It does seem to be a dog though.’

‘Well, we can’t leave it on the road, it might cause an accident.’ he said and backed up the car, lighting the animal again.

‘Careful.’ Romy said, staying by the open door while Luis walked up to the animal.

‘Afraid we’ll end up in our own horror movie?’ he said, although he had taken the umbrella from the back seat just in case, even if it hardly qualified as a weapon. He moved around the animal, listening and looking closely. When he heard nothing he poked the animal with the umbrella a few times. Satisfied that it was indeed dead, he waved at his stepsister. ‘It’s dead all right.’ he said, examining the head. ‘It’s not a dog I’ve ever seen before.’

‘Yeah.’ Romy said when she dared to come close. The short muzzle, rough black fur and big ears didn’t match anything she remembered. Neither did the massive paws and legs. Grabbing it by the scruff, they pulled the animal to the side of the road. ‘Damned heavy... ‘ she said.

‘It’s going to be a feast for the worms.’

‘Don’t say that. Even if it looks like a monstrous dog.’

Back at the car they washed their hands with water from a bottle, then continued on their way home.

They felt tired enough to go to sleep so Romy kissed her stepbrother good night.

‘Don’t have nightmares now.’ Luis said, grinning.

‘Please, I’m not a little girl.’ she said, pinching his nose.

‘You’ll always be my little sister though.’ he said, ruffling her hair.

‘Just don’t come crying to me if you can’t sleep.’ she said and smirked before disappearing into her room.

Luis went into his, undressed and sighed, glad to get into his comfortable bed. It only took him a few moments to fall asleep. Romy fell asleep quick as well, but was plagued by images of the movie monsters and the animal they found. She felt she was surrounded by them and they all wanted a piece of her. She heard the echo in her ears of screaming for her stepbrother in her dream when she woke up.

Her heart pounding in her chest, she rubbed her face and took deep breaths to calm down. It made her feel somewhat better, but she didn’t like to go to sleep alone anymore. Sighing deep, knowing she had to admit defeat to her stepbrother, she got out of her room and peeked into his. He was fast asleep and wouldn’t wake up easily, so she crawled under his blanket with her back against him, feeling like a little kid. He mumbled something, wrapped his arm around her and continued breathing softly. She felt a thrill from sneaking into his embrace and imagining the look on his face when he’d wake up, but mostly she was glad she could relax enough to get back to sleep.

‘So, do you want to tell me a story, or am I right in knowing the truth?’ Luis said after waking up and finding his stepsister spooned up with him.

‘Actually,’ Romy started, then thought quickly. ‘I heard you calling out for me and found you having a bad dream, so I figured I’d calm you down with my presence. You slept peacefully again.’

‘Right.’ he said. ‘When I never had nightmares before in my life from movies, yet you have.’

‘First time for everything?’ she said, giggling.

‘Just get out before I poke you out, I need to go.’ he said, pulling his arm away.

‘I’m going.’ she said, rubbing her ass against his morning wood once. ‘You’ve poked me long enough with that thing.’

Before he could say anything she rolled out of bed giggling and left for her room. He just sighed ‘Sisters... ‘.

‘Hey Luis.’

‘Hey Will.’ Luis said as his friend walked up to him at school.

‘Is it me, or does your sister look extra hot today?’ Will said, watching Romy meet up with her friend Clarice.

‘You still have no chance. She’s as cold to other guys as ever.’

‘Maann... ‘ Will said and put his hand on Luis’s shoulder. ‘Still not letting go of her brother, eh? You’re not having much luck with the girls while she’s at your side all the time.’ He looked up at the sky. ‘But then you’re not very interested in other girls anyway. You two aren’t doing anything bad together, right?’

Luis looked calm at Will, then Will chuckled. ‘I know, you have no idea what you like in a girl.’


‘Just wait, one day you’ll be shocked when you find out what suits your fancy.’

After classes were over, Romy met up with Luis at the entrance. ‘I was asked by Clarice to help her with her assignment. Can you pick me up later? We’ll be staying at the library.’

‘Sure. Need to go shopping anyway.’

‘Thanks.’ she said and gave him a quick kiss. ‘You’re the best brother a little sister could have.’

He grinned. ‘Just remember that.’ he said and gave her a quick wave as he left. He had just finished preparing dinner when he got the message from Romy that they were done with studying. He replied he’d be on his his way.

Romy waited outside at the library entrance, which had closed a moment ago. Clarice had already been picked up by her father because they would join friends for dinner. Romy didn’t feel like doing anything and just looked around while dusk settled in. Things were pretty quiet so any sound seemed much louder than it was. A door from one of the homes across the field closed, followed by a car driving away. Someone called out to his dog. Wind made leaves rustle. Nothing unusual, but she got a strange feeling in her gut. She leaned forward to look at the street corner where Luis would come from by car. A faint noise seemed to come from a group of bushes on the field. There was no movement so she sat straight again. A few moments later she heard the noise again, just a little louder and from the direction of a row of trees. She looked, thinking it might be a dog walking around but there was none.

‘Idiot.’ she told herself and checked the time. Luis should arrive any minute now. She got startled by the noise of breathing and jumped up, looking around quickly. ‘Someone there?’ she asked, but the sound had faded away.

Feeling nervous, she started to walk across the field toward the corner, hoping her stepbrother would get there really soon. Once more she heard breathing right behind her. She turned around, ready to swing her bag at some creep but the field was empty. ‘Brother, where are you?’ she whispered, then hurried to the street and felt glad to see him arrive at the same time.

‘Brother!’ she shouted and waved.

He stopped, got out and she jumped into his arms to his surprise. ‘Whoa. What’s wrong?’ he asked, feeling the tightness of her embrace.

‘I’m just happy to see you.’ she said, relieved he was with her.

‘Right.’ he said, petting her head. ‘Let’s go, dinner’s waiting.’

She nodded and looked around the field one more time before getting in the car.

Back at home they ate and watched an action movie they wouldn’t be able to watch with their mother around. She couldn’t stand the amount of violence in this one. Romy had draped herself across her stepbrother’s lap as usual. She had forgotten the scare she had at the library, but now she felt hot and a little groggy. Luis noticed she felt warmer than usual from his lap and his hands resting on her back.

‘Sis? Are you okay?’ he asked and felt her forehead. It looked like she had a fever.

She rolled on her back. ‘I don’t feel too good, no.’

‘Better get you to bed then.’ he said and she held up her arms. ‘Carry me?’ she asked and he grinned. ‘Anything for my poor little sister.’ he said and lifted her up in his arms.

She snuggled up to his chest as he held her close, taking her upstairs and into her room to put her on her bed.

‘Help me undress?’ she asked.

He rolled his eyes and sighed. ‘Only this once.’ he said, helped her take off her sweater and pants, then put on one of her night shirts before tucking her in.

‘Thanks.’ she whispered while he made sure she was comfortable. He caressed her forehead and cheeks. She kissed his fingers once, then closed her eyes.

‘Sweet dreams, and be well in the morning.’ he said, then went down again to watch the rest of the movie.

Before going to sleep, he peeked into her room and heard her soft breathing. He figured he’d let her stay home tomorrow even if she felt better, to make sure she got enough rest. Not long after he fell asleep a wail woke him up. Before realising what happened his door slammed open and a whining creature came through the doorway. He moved back at once against the wall at the sight of clawed feet and hands, sharp fangs and glowing eyes in the little light from outside. There were no swearwords he could come up with to express his fright. In the moment it took for the creature to move in his direction he grabbed the baseball bat from a shelf next to his bed and swung it back, intent on hitting it with all his might. The creature let out another whine and stumbled back on the floor against his desk. ‘Brother, no!’ it whined terrified, tucking in its legs and holding up its arms in defence.

He gripped his bat tight, getting off his bed and taking a closer look at the trembling creature whining ‘ ... it’s me ... it’s me... ‘. He recognised the shirt it wore. ‘Romy... ?’ he said and it took a peek from behind it’s arms. ‘Yes ... It’s me... ‘ it said. He watched the tear filled eyes and knew it was her. He didn’t understand why, but he knew it was his stepsister. His own little stepsister Romy.

He dropped the bat on the floor, staring at her. ‘How... ?’

She lowered her arms, looking up at him in desperation. ‘I don’t know ... I woke up to find myself covered in fur and when I looked in the mirror I saw this ugly creature staring back at me.’ she said, holding up her hands covered in light brown fur and claws at the end of her short fingers. ‘I’m scared, brother ... Help me ... Please help me... ‘

He knelt down next to her and she crawled into his arms, crying while he held her, stroking soft down the back of her head and hoping this turned out to be a freaky dream. When she had calmed down a little bit he helped her to his bed where he cradled her gently on his lap.

‘What have I done to turn into this... , this horrible thing?’ she whined.

He wiped her short wet muzzle dry with tissues. ‘I can’t imagine what caused this, but you’re not horrible.’

‘But I am!’ she said. ‘I’m covered in fur! I’m like a horror dog! A werewolf!’

She cried again and he pulled her head against his chest. ‘Yes, but then you’re the cutest version I’ve ever seen.’ he whispered while cuddling her.

She let out a chuckle and hit his arm weakly. ‘This isn’t funny. You wanted to kill me with your bat.’

‘I know, but you scared the crap out of me when you stormed in like that. You could at least have knocked.’

That drew out another chuckle and hit on his arm. ‘I hate you... ‘ she whispered.

‘I know. So keep doing that instead of hating yourself.’

She caressed his bare and wet chest. ‘You’re soaked from my tears, sorry... ‘

He stroked her head. ‘I don’t care. If my little sister needs to cry she can use my chest anytime.’

The comfort he gave her relaxed her enough for tiredness to force a yawn out of her and he lifted her chin up. ‘Let’s try to get some sleep. Then we’ll try to figure things out in the morning. You can sleep with me if you want.’ She nodded and they snuggled up together under the blanket. He stroked her hand in his with his thumb. ‘You do feel very warm and soft.’

‘Didn’t I before?’ she chuckled, feeling a little happy.

‘Well, yes, but this is different. Not saying better, so don’t go all woman on me and twist my words around.’ he chuckled.

She grinned. ‘Oh, I will when it suits me.’

‘Great.’ he sighed. ‘Sleep tight, little sis.’

‘Sleep well, big bro.’

The next morning she woke up first, sadness filling her chest at seeing she hadn’t dreamed the whole thing. She wanted to cry but she felt a squeeze from her brother’s arm around her and a nuzzle against the back of her head. “I can be a pet to him at least, if I never change back.” she thought and stroked his arm gently. Not much later she felt him stir, then stretch and yawn. She turned around to face him, smiling softly while he looked sleepy into her eyes.

‘I’d like to say good morning, but we haven’t been dreaming last night.’

‘No, we haven’t, but I do feel a little better thanks to you, so it’s good morning.’ she said and gave him a quick kiss. ‘Oops.’ she said. ‘Force of habit.’

He pulled up one corner of his mouth. ‘Just don’t lick me all over my face.’

She started poking him, making him laugh. ‘Oh, you wish! I’ll lick you all over like a rabid dog and you’ll love it!’

He defended by tickling her and managed to jump off his bed while she squirmed. He sat on the floor, leaning back on his arms and took a few deep breaths while she calmed down, sitting on her knees on the bed. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and looked away. ‘Did you mean it... ?’ she asked after a moment.

‘Mean what?’ he asked.

‘When I said I looked like a horror dog... ‘

He tried to remember last night and realised what she meant. ‘Yeah, I do.’ he said, smiling softly. ‘The light brown colour and fluffy fur suits you.’

Her tail wagged once and she took a glance at the mirror. ‘I’m scared though.’

He nodded.

‘I’m afraid to look at my body.’

‘I think I can imagine.’

She fumbled with the hem of her shirt. ‘Will you tell me how I look?’

He gave her a gentle smile. ‘Sure.’ he said. ‘If it’ll help you.’

Feeling nervous, she stepped off the bed and stood before him. ‘Take your time.’ he said. ‘I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of.’

She nodded slightly and took a few deep breaths to slow down her racing heart. Then she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head to hold it in front of her chest. She watched his face as he looked up and down her body.

‘You’re somewhere between dog and human.’ he said. ‘Your legs resemble those of a dog, your upper body and arms look more human, although covered in fur, your face resembles that of a dog again, but you do have a cute short muzzle and big floppy ears.’ he said, then noticed a slight wag from her tail. ‘Your curly tail is cute too.’

She felt embarrassed and looked away. ‘Geez, I told you to look, not make me out like some cute puppy dog.’

He grinned and stood up, turning her towards the closet door mirror and squeezed her shoulders lovingly. ‘Then look for yourself. It’s true.’

She glanced once to get used to seeing her reflection. It did look like a dog standing on her hind legs for a moment. She glanced several more times, looking up from her firm paws and legs to her face, which caused her most trouble. Seeing the caring look on her stepbrother’s face helped her look at hers, and she did get the feeling of seeing a real puppy dog. She lowered her hands, revealing two small humps on her chest. “At least that shape hasn’t changed.” she thought and a slight smile formed.

‘See? Despite what happened, you’re still very cute.’

‘Shut up.’ she said softly. ‘But thank you... ‘

The alarm clock startled them and he shut it down with his heart pounding in his chest. ‘I’ll call in sick at school. That’ll give us some time to think of something.’

She nodded and he grabbed his pants before going downstairs. She looked back at her reflection, her white panties contrasted with her light brown fur and she wondered if that area had changed or not. She took a deep breath and pulled down her panties, expecting the worst, but all that showed was a little crease in the short fur covering her chest and abdomen. She spread her legs a little and moved a finger carefully down there. A tingle went through her hips when she slid her finger across her clit and pussy. It hadn’t changed beyond being covered in short fur, although it seemed sensitive now. She had never felt so sensitive there and wondered if it felt normal like this for other girls.

When she heard her stepbrother come up the stairs she pulled her panties up quickly and went out of his room. ‘Did you call?’

‘Yeah, told them it looked like we came down with the flu and would stay home for at least a few days. I also let Will know and he said he’d tell Clarice.’ he said and thought she was scared again. ‘You okay? Feeling scared again?’

She shook her head. ‘Not so much anymore. I’m going to look for something I can wear.’

‘I’m going to take a quick shower, then we’ll have breakfast.’

‘Damn.’ Luis said.

‘What?’ Romy asked, chewing slowly on her sandwich.

‘That big dog we found on the road!’ he said. ‘Maybe that’s the cause.’

She pondered about it. ‘But why aren’t you affected then? You were handling it more than me.’

He nodded. ‘Maybe it didn’t have an effect on me, whatever it had, or was.’ He gulped down the rest of his milk. ‘I’m going to look for it.’ he said and wanted to leave the table but she put her hand on his. He looked at her pleading eyes. ‘Come back quickly.’ she said. ‘I’m afraid being alone. And be careful.’ He leaned closer and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her muzzle. ‘I will, sis.’

She watched him drive off and hugged herself, smelling his scent in her fur and relaxed a little.

Luis drove the whole length of the straight piece of the road several times, then stopped at the spot he guessed where they had found the animal. There was no sign of it anywhere he walked up and down the road. Disappointed he drove back home.

‘It’s gone.’ he said, finding his stepsister waiting for him at the door.


He nodded. ‘Not a trace. Maybe it wasn’t dead after all.’

Romy grabbed his shirt and moved tight against him. ‘What if it’s coming for us?’

He embraced her, stroking her hair. ‘Then it would have come to us already. It probably wandered off somewhere.’

‘But then it might infect more people.’

‘Yeah, so let’s see if there are reports about it.’

They started with the first source of information they had, the internet. They knew not to expect much but had to start somewhere. Luis sat at his desk, typing queries into several different search engines while Romy leaned against his back with her arms around his shoulders, checking out the results and websites. Most were fantasy and horror sites with the standard werewolf, werecat, and were-anything stories. Some sites claimed they were real but the evidence looked really bad. Some sites discussed genetic engineering but none showed anything remotely close to mixing of different species, let alone humans and animals.

After several hours of fruitless searching Luis had to stand up and stretch his sore legs. ‘Damn.’ he said, rubbing the back of his thighs. ‘I need a break. My head’s full of junk.’

‘I’m getting hungry.’ she said, then looked at her hands. ‘Unfortunately I don’t think I can make you something without getting hair in it.’

He grinned and ruffled her hair. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll make us something.’

Luis made them grilled sausages and they were so tasty, the siblings were stuffed when they crashed on the couch. He laid back and Romy snuggled up to him. His phone beeped and he read a message from Will. ‘Clarice asked if she needed to get us anything and come by. He’d join her then.’

‘No!’ Romy blurted out. ‘They can’t!’

‘Don’t worry.’ Luis said as he replied. ‘I’ll let him know we’re fine and will message them if we do need something.’

She nodded and let out a sigh of relief.

‘I need a nap. All that food is making my head feel more stuffed after searching the internet for so long.’ he said, putting away his phone and closing his eyes.

‘Yeah... ‘

He turned his head and looked at her face, seeing the sadness in her eyes. ‘We’ll find something.’

‘I just can’t get the thought out of my head that we won’t, and I’ll be like this for the rest of my life. What will I do? Where can I go?’

He moved his arm back. ‘Come here.’ he said. She turned to him and laid her head down on his shoulder, her muzzle in his neck and her arm around his chest. ‘If it comes to that, I will take care of you and be by your side.’

She smiled softly. ‘You’re going to have even less chance of finding a girl, you know that?’

He grinned. ‘You’ll just have to be quiet and I’ll tell them you’re my pet.’

‘Meanie!’ she said and pricked her claws in his chest.

He laughed and took her hand in his. ‘All right, all right, I’ll let you talk.’

‘I’ll make you talk.’ she said and bit gently in his neck, causing him to squirm.

‘I give up!’ he said. ‘I won’t call you my pet.’

She let him go and looked at his devious grin. She was happy he was at her side and managed to cheer her up. She gave the bite mark in his neck a soft lick. ‘Maybe I’ll let you, just once in a while.’

He squeezed her hand. ‘We’ll try not to let it come to this.’

She nodded and closed her eyes, thinking she hadn’t noticed he smelled so good before.

By the time they woke up they were refreshed enough to take on another marathon search. Still, there was nothing that they hadn’t seen before and even Luis felt bad. ‘Sorry sis, looks like this is a dead end.’ he sighed.

She squeezed him lightly with her arms around his shoulders and nuzzled his neck. ‘Don’t apologise, you’ve looked all day for my sake.’

‘I had hoped to find at least one clue.’ he said, stroking her arms. ‘I’ll try the library tomorrow. And I could check out the book stores, those with older and second-hand books.’

‘I don’t know how to ever make it up to you.’

He grinned a little. ‘I’ll think of something to make you remember your whole life.’

She pricked her claws into the sides of his chest again, making him laugh. ‘Maybe I should just keep this form. It does have some advantages.’

They spend the evening eating dinner and watching comedy to take their mind off things for a bit. When they were tired enough they went upstairs. Romy fiddled with her night shirt, the only thing she could wear now.

Luis understood. ‘Go, I’ll keep the light on for you.’

He saw her smile and her tail wagging, then she hurried to the bathroom to brush her teeth. He shook his head and smiled, tidied up his bed a bit, undressed and read a few pages from his book when she walked in. ‘Ready now?’ he asked and she nodded, crawling into bed with her back against his front.

‘Good night, sweet brother.’ she whispered, turning her head to him.

‘Good night, cute little sister.’ he whispered, putting a kiss on the side of her muzzle and held her close.

His comfortable warmth and smell made her fall asleep quickly again.

Luis felt strange, remembering pieces of a dream where he chased his stepsister, seemingly on all fours, when he woke up. He felt relieved she was sleeping in his arms, then noticed he didn’t feel fur against his legs and arms. He propped up a bit and found her back in her human form. ‘Sis! You’re human again!’

With a moan she stirred, stretched a bit, then rolled towards him with half open eyes. ‘ ... what... ?’

‘Sis! You’re back to normal!’ he said, pulling the blanket away to look at her.

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