Three Dragon Tales

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2017 by LiteroCat

Fantasy Story: Spawned from writing exercises, these are three touching tales inspired by clever, intelligent, quirky and loyal-for-life dragons with the mixed personalities of dogs, cats and horses. ==== MY DRAGON makes you feel the longing of a boy to be a rider. ==== You are what you Eat/Buy/Live. gives insight to the rider society. ==== Denial - All must face facts

Tags: Fiction   Fan Fiction   High Fantasy   Humor   Tear Jerker  

[These stories were quickly written as an exercise in a writing group. They, and others, were touched and impressed and I was encouraged to share them. Other stories were extended to suit this audience; these were not.]

[prompt: write in 1st person: inner conversations; plans; plots; beliefs; lottery; skills; regrets; imagination of a character. You need not stick hard to the prompt.]

[As usual we had 20 minutes to conceive and write. I’ve been bugging my writer group to get into the PERN series and I think my off-the-cuff story went a long way. They all gasped and laughed at the last line and loved the feel of the story and had a new/renewed love for dragons. No one commented on a subtle point and possible ‘error’ - see them? ]

I can’t wait to be 12! Then I’ll be allowed to stand in a circle of male candidates, all in our crisp, white shifts as the teaching ballads tell us; all surrounding the clutch of forty dragon eggs hardening on the hot birthing grounds; all waiting to be chosen.

I’ll send my most powerful thoughts to reach the grandest, biggest, most beautiful dragon ever hatched while some of those other, unworthy, candidates run off the extreme heat of the blistering sands. I WILL endure the pain to prove to MY dragon how much I love him, how strong our lifelong Impression will be; and he will love me more than any human or absent parent ever could. He will be mine forever and we will die for each other. No human love can ever be as strong, dedicated, committed and unwavering as our forever bond.

Oh! The eggs are rocking, cracking; sticky dragonets are breaking out. One egg splits violently down the middle and launches the end far up in the air and FINALLY, my beautiful, special dragon seeks me out, me alone. He whimpers and squawks pitifully until he recognizes me. He wobbles and stumbles his way rapidly to me and SHOUTS his name to me directly inside my head. He says he has been looking for me and his name is Seth and he is soooo very hungry. I hug his gooey neck and fragile wings blissfully.

He will be perfect; WE will be perfect together. He will fly higher and faster than all other dragons, directly and Between far places. All PERN will love us for our skills and bravery.

I can’t wait to be 12, in just 7 more years!

Several burst out at once - “ wow. That may be your best piece written in here.” “I love dragons and am picky about them - I really liked this. You can feel the boy’s thrill...” “What wonderful imagination to make up a whole world and setup like that.” [Actually inspired by PERN books] my comment: Rereading it, I connected with the boy, his emotions and bonding and it moved me too.

You are what you Eat/Buy/Live © 2017

[8-19-17 followup prompt: You are what you eat/buy. Tell us more about your character based on what you find in their home/room. Develop more info about your dragon boy.]

Ardee’s Spartan room is a typical, rock hewn, dim, dorm shared with several other five year olds who all just graduated from the weyr nursery. His is a bottom bunk, one of twenty. His meager allotment of clothing easily fit in the single, under-the-end-of-the-bed, storage bin; the bin under the bed side was for his bunk mate.

Even in the slightly musty, damp-feet scent clinging to the rocky walls and the poor light of just two dying glows, his revered white, crisp Impression shift hung reverentially at the end of his bunk and was radiant. It was too soon, but he couldn’t wait for his chance to wear it and become a dragon rider. It was ready for him the instant he was deemed ready.

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