Rock the Cradle
Chapter 8

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Pervasive Reads 36: Some families have secrets, but none are anything like Jasmine's. When Uncle Markus shares it with her, it becomes a blessing and a curse. But which of those is worse?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Paranormal   Were animal   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   Violent  

As the weeks go by, Jasmine and Mr. Thomas carry on as if they were to lovers with nothing to hide. Jasmine continues to pretend to need tutoring and Mr. Thomas continues to pretend to give it. On the weekends, she tells her parents that she is staying over a friend’s house. On those same weekends, Mr. Thomas doesn’t have to sleep alone. The twins, Bobby and Andrew, haven’t been on her mind at all. Her needs are being fulfilled, so far.

Today though is different. It starts off like any other day, but when Jasmine goes the Mr. Thomas’ classroom after school, he isn’t there. He was there earlier for his regular class, but he made no mention of being gone later. The first thing Jasmine does is pull out her phone and dial his number. Right away she hears a buzzing sound. It’s coming from the desk!

Jasmine rushes over, thinking that maybe Mr. Thomas is playing some kind of game with her, hiding under the desk or something. But when she gets there he isn’t there. The buzzing continues though. She pulls open the drawer to find the man’s phone bouncing around on vibrate inside. She clicks the end call button and huffs. “Well, where the fuck are you, Mr. Thomas?” she asks out loud. That’s when she notices the scribbled note on the desk. Picking it up, she reads through it quickly and smiles. “So you’ve decided to get spontaneous too.”

The note told Jasmine to meet him at the park at Fifth and Main. She knows the exact one because it sits right in the center of town. Think of Central Park in New York City, but in a way smaller town. The great thing about the park is that it is filled with apple trees and since it is springtime, there will be lots of apples!

But before she goes there, Jasmine decides to go home and change into something different. Since Mr. Thomas wants to change things up, she will too. When she gets home, neither of her parents is there. That isn’t too unusual, but maybe a little surprising because they normally are home when she gets there. Well, wherever they are isn’t her concern. Jasmine runs to her room and changes. When she comes out again, she is wearing a pink side tie halter dress. This sexy dress has spaghetti strap halter ties, a plunging cowl neckline, a curve-hugging bodice and side tie skirt. It shows off everything she has to offer, but it still leaves enough to the imagination. And to make it even easier for the man to do to her what he wants in public without giving them away, Jasmine isn’t wearing panties.

The park isn’t really busy on the weekdays. Mostly it is used by people on lunch break or by families once their kids are out of school for the day. Today isn’t any different, but since Mr. Thomas didn’t give her a specific place to meet him, Jasmine figures he’ll just have to find her. And she knows the prefect place that is the least likely place for them to get caught.

So she makes her way down to that special spot at the southern end of the park where a nice pleasant stream flows through. There is always a cool breeze sweeping thought there on the hot days. Maybe it is the way the building are set or the way the tree grew that made everything work perfectly. The breeze feels good, especially when it seeps under her dress. By the time Jasmine reaches the spot, the sun is already beating down. The sun in the afternoon here always seems to be the hottest, but almost immediately that cool breeze comes along and starts to cool her off. She spends a few minutes dipping her feet in the stream, feeling the sand and smooth rock beneath her toes. It has a sort of feeling that just feels good without really having words to describe it.

After she has had her fill, Jasmine climbs to her feet and walks over to the closet apple tree. There aren’t only apple trees in the park, but orange, pear and peach trees, but apples are her favorite. There she plucks off two pretty quickly before seeing a massive one, the biggest she has ever seen in the park. She reaches up but it is just out of her reach, so she has to use her tippy toes. Jasmine’s hand wraps around the luscious fruit and when she comes back down, she is totally caught off guard.

Sliding in between the folds of her pussy is a rock hard cock. She yelps a little from both being startled and slightly afraid. She is about to struggle when a voice says, “It’s okay, I’ll be gentle.”

Jasmine doesn’t know why exactly, but she calms down and slides the rest of the way onto that rigid prick. She doesn’t know if it is because she has been expecting Mr. Thomas or she is horny already or the voice is so familiar that she just can’t place it. Whatever the reason is, that mysterious member feels great in her. She isn’t sure if it feels different than Mr. Thomas’ or if it’s the excitement of being in a public place. But who cares, right?

The mysterious stranger quickly slips up her dress and then slips his hands inside. They slide up over her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, sending electricity shooting through her. Then he starts pumping himself in and out of her. Jasmine feels her cunt throbbing around the invader and soon she is climaxing. And in all this excitement, she transforms. The ears, the tail, the claws, all come out. She is filled with excitement as she is filled with cock. Her juices pour over and down his firm member, and Jasmine swears she can feel him increase in size.

Then suddenly, the stranger pulls out almost all the way, leaving just the head of his prick inside her before jamming it back up in. This goes on for several minutes, but it feels like a lifetime—definitely in a good way. Fuck! Jasmine is feeling so good. And then just like before, only worse, he pulls completely out and removes her hands from her chest. The catgirl is about to spin around, wondering just what is going on. She thinks he is going to leave without even an orgasm of his own, and that would be highly disappointing. But as Jasmine turns, the man grabs her hips and says, “Don’t look. Just lay down back on me.”

The young girl does as she is told and the man helps guide her backward and onto him. With her lying on him, back toward him, he slides that juicy member back into her. And this time, it feels a whole lot better. The man starts thrusting slowly then eventually increases his pumping. Pretty soon Jasmine is mewling and meowing feverishly. Her hand instinctively goes to her clit to begin rubbing it with such ferocity, she can’t even believe it. Once again, she is climaxing and covering his thick manhood in more of her juices. She feels her pussy contract hard against the thrusts and soon she can feel his balls contracting. Expecting it in her, Jasmine finds herself disappointed when he pulls out and shoots his cum, rope after rope of it onto her mound and belly. It is at this point she knows the man is not Mr. Thomas. But is this the surprise? A mysterious man sent to fuck me?

Yet, before he is even completely finished, the stranger slips back into her and continues to pump in and out, harder than before. Jasmine’s mewls almost turn into yowls as the ecstasy of it becomes so immense. Her fingers glide over his cum, scooping it up into her waiting mouth. It tastes so sweet, like milk, that she can’t get enough of it. If she had any disappointment about him pulling out, it disappears. He ravages her as she eats until there is nothing left.

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