Rock the Cradle
Chapter 7

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Pervasive Reads 36: Some families have secrets, but none are anything like Jasmine's. When Uncle Markus shares it with her, it becomes a blessing and a curse. But which of those is worse?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Paranormal   Were animal   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   Violent  

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jasmine meows.

Her words make Mr. Thomas’ cock pulse. Her nails dig into the countertop hard with each thrust.

“Harder,” she growls. Her legs are wrapped tightly around the teacher’s body, pulling him in closer to her.

Mr. Thomas raises himself up in an attempt to gain better leverage as he repeatedly slams his hips into hers, driving his member ferociously in hard and deep. She pulls him in closer, making his body press tightly to here. Her breasts squeeze together against his chest and he can feel her hips grind against mines with each thrust.

“Oh yeah!” she purrs. “Deeper!”

Nails digging deeper into the countertop, Jasmine becomes overwhelmed by the flood of her orgasm. Mr. Thomas feels her cunt tightening around his prick just before his balls are soaked with the juices. The sudden tightness and wetness takes him over the edge and before the man knows it, his member is pulsating and filling the young catgirl with globs of his cum.

Once both their orgasms subside, Jasmine has a smile played out across her face. “You’re not finished, Mr. Thomas. Why don’t we make it a little more fun?”

A torrent of things begins running through the man’s head. He is already risking everything and more by going along with Jasmine in the first place. This is the girl’s restroom, a public restroom in the school he works in. All it would take is one teacher or one student to walk through those doors and see this. Then it’d be all over. The girl can be pretty convincing...

The door to his classroom opens and closes. He looks up from the stack of papers on his desk to see Jasmine standing at the corner of his desk. “Hello, Mr. Thomas,” she says sweetly.

Already he can tell that she wants something. “Shouldn’t you be in a class somewhere?” he asks, setting down his grading pen.

“Of course I should be,” she purrs. “But where is the fun in sitting in some boring math class when I could be spending that time with my favorite teacher in the whole wide world?”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” he replies. “But, you still don’t need to miss out on your classes. Graduation is right around the corner.”

She waves a hand through the air at him. “I’m not worried about that,” she says. “I’ve got all A’s in every one of my classes, unless you are going to fail me over that one report.” She leans over the desk and looks at him with those big, gorgeous eyes of hers.

“Oh, you’ve more than made that up,” he says. “But ... um...” he clears his throat. “I do have these papers to grade, so if you’re in the mood for something, I can’t get leave the school right now.”

“Who said anything about leaving?” she asks, still leaned over, staring intently at him.

“Well we can’t do anything here,” he counters. “This isn’t after school when everyone else has left for the day.”

“Who says it has to be here?” she asks, raising an eyebrow up at him.

“I’m not sure that I like where this is going?” Mr. Thomas says, feeling suddenly very uncomfortable.

“Probably not,” she answers. “But I’m horny and I want to do something risky.”

“If it were just me losing my job, I don’t think I’d even consider whatever it is you have in mind,” the man says firmly. “But I’ve got a whole lot more to risk than just that.”

Jasmine stands and throws her arms over her chest. “Well, if you’re going to be like that, then I’ll just have to go and entertain myself.” She then turns and heads for the door. “I might not be able to make it to tutoring today,” she says, opening the door.

Mr. Thomas almost wants to let her leave without saying another word. He knows she is just playing a little game with him. He also knows that she will be there this afternoon for tutoring. But he also knows he’ll regret not going along with whatever crazy scheme the girl has cooked up this time. “What is it you have in mind?” he asks, sighing.

Jasmine turns around with the widest grin he has ever seen on her face. “Well,” she says, suppressing a giggle. “It involves the girl’s restroom.”

This girl is definitely going to get him in trouble one day. And despite that thought and his more responsible half telling him it isn’t a good idea, Mr. Thomas nods. “What do you have in mind?” jasmine turns around and bends over the counter, sticking her as straight out at the man. “From behind?” he asks.

Jasmine looks in the mirror at him, her lips curling up into a sexy smile of confirmation. Then she is reaching behind with both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart, presenting her wrinkled hole to the man. “Put it in,” she whispers softly.

Mr. Thomas glances back at the door. So far no one has interrupted.

“Come on, Mr. Thomas,” she shines. “Fuck me already.”

The teacher looks back at his student and slips up behind her. Stroking himself with one hand, he reaching out to slide his thumb over her backdoor, watching it clench up at the touch. Then he places his cock against the tight opening before slowly forcing it inside. Jasmine mewls in gratification while he haltingly pushes in.

“Keep going,” she gasps as she claws once more at the countertop.

Mr. Thomas can’t help but think about the next person that steps foot in the restroom is going to wonder just what in the hell caused the deep scratch marks. Most likely they’ll be some crazy rumor about werewolves running amuck in the school. Redirecting his focus to his young lover, Mr. Thomas watches her ass stretch around his invader member, hugging it tightly as he begins to slide it in and out. Soon, he has the entire length buried inside her.

“Mmm,” Jasmine purrs, her hand lazily rubbing her hardened nub. “That’s fucking great, but you’re going to need to switch holes.”

“Switch?” Mr. Thomas asks, not understanding what she means.

“I want both my holes filled,” Jasmine replies in the mirror. She then whips her tail about and around his shaft.

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