Rock the Cradle
Chapter 4

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Pervasive Reads 36: Some families have secrets, but none are anything like Jasmine's. When Uncle Markus shares it with her, it becomes a blessing and a curse. But which of those is worse?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Paranormal   Were animal   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   Violent  

Over the next few weeks Jasmine has made time to visit Mr. Thomas after school as a means of pretending to be tutored. It is important to keep up images and her teacher is grateful for that. What he is not grateful for is the fact that he hasn’t been able to fuck the girl since they started this. But Jasmine hasn’t left the man hanging; she has given him a blowjob every day after school. The weekends have been difficult, but the twins next door has helped her get through.

It has come to another Friday, another long weekend without Jasmine. Mr. Thomas is frustrated with their situation, yet there isn’t a single thing that he can do about it. He leans back, looking down at the girl’s pretty face. Jasmine is licking the sticky white fluid from around her lips, purring loudly.

“Why are we doing this?” he suddenly asks.

Jasmine grins, her cat ears twitching a little. “Do you not like having your dick blown?”

The man’s face reddens a bit when he blushes. “I love them, but I haven’t had you in weeks,” he explains. “You haven’t even let me lick your pussy.”

“It’s called teasing, Mr. Thomas,” she answers, climbing to her feet and then seductively onto the desk in front of him. “The longer you have to wait, the more fun it’s going to be.”

“Fuck,” he groans. “I feel like a love struck teenager and you like a parent punishing their child.”

“Mmm,” she purrs. “We can play the daddy/daughter role if you’d like, Mr. Thomas.”

Mr. Thomas arches an eyebrow up at her. “I don’t know why you insist on not calling me by my first name.”

The catgirl smiles and slips down off the desk. “You better zip up, Mr. Thomas,” she says. “I told my parents that I’m going to a friend’s house tonight. So I’m going to need to know where you live.”

Mr. Thomas writes down the address and explains how to find his house. Jasmine tells him when she’ll be there. Then he watches her saunter out of his classroom. On the drive home, his mind is racing. After weeks of only receiving the best blowjobs he has ever gotten, he is finally going to have Jasmine again. But he doesn’t want for her to just show up and they fuck. With the end of the school year in sight and her eighteenth birthday coming up shortly after that, their relationship wouldn’t have to stay hidden. And though it hasn’t been an incredibly long time since he and Jasmine have been seeing each other, he’d like nothing more than extending their relationship beyond just a sexual one. To prove he can be more for the girl, he plans to take her to dinner. Smiling to himself, he frees his mind of worry and focuses on getting home.

When Jasmine arrives, he greets her at the door with a kiss. She strolls right in and the whole scene looks as natural as it could if it were all normal. “You’re a little earlier than I expected,” he says.

“I like to be unpredictable,” she purrs.

“I’d say so,” he grins and then adds. “I’m taking you out to dinner.”

Jasmine’s face drops. “But I don’t have anything to wear to dinner.”

“What’s wrong with what you have on?” he asks, not seeing anything wrong with the tight jeans and shirt she has on.

“Dinner calls for dressing up,” she answers, rolling her eyes. “Unless you’re taking me to a bar.”

“You’re a bit young for one of those,” he says, grinning.

“Now, I’ve got to go home and change...” She looks away and up, lost in thought. “No, that won’t work because I’ll have to explain why I’m changing. I can just grab something and change here. But then I’ll have to say I forgot to grab something and my mom is a stickler for details and very nosey.”

“How about we go to the mall and pick you out something,” he offers.

“You’d do that for me?” she asks, batting her eyes at him.

“We’ve got time before our reservation,” he answers.

“Time, huh?” she huffs playfully. “You weren’t planning on a little hanky-panky before we left were you?”

Mr. Thomas just shakes his head. “Get in the car.”

Nearly an hour of shopping and changing into clothes passes before Jasmine slips out of the changing room wearing a red foxy tank dress with lace side inlets. It makes the girl look and feel her sexiest. And the reaction she gets from Mr. Thomas settles any doubt she has about it. The man is absolutely squirming to hide his suddenly stiff member.

“I guess you like it, Mr. Thomas?” she asks, smiling and starring down at his groin

Her teacher’s cheeks redden slightly and he berates himself for thinking naughty things in public. “Maybe in public you should at least drop the mister part,” he suggests.

Quickly, Jasmine rushes to his side and grabs his arm. “Come on,” she says. “Let’s pay before we are late.”

The restaurant is busy, as it is one of the most popular in town. Mr. Thomas didn’t really have trouble getting a table since he has a standing reservation. A good friend of his father owns the place. He spent a great deal of time at the man’s house with his son that Mr. Thomas practically became family. Dinner is going good, but he can’t seem to keep his eyes of the girl. She is beautiful with stunning red hair and a great body. But it’s not her looks that have enraptured him, it’s who she is, her other side that she was willing to share with him.

“What’s running through your head, Mr. Thomas?” she suddenly asks him as she sips on her glass of water.

The teacher comes out of his thoughts. “Ah, sorry,” he grins. “This is your night and it’s supposed to be special, but my thoughts keep interrupting it.”

“You’re thinking about me?” she asks with a cunning smile. For the second time, his face reddens and he is at a loss for words. “It’s okay, Mr. Thomas,” she says, slipping a foot under the table and into his lap. The man nearly jumps at the sudden intrusion. Then she starts sliding it down into his groin. Instantly, his prick gets hard, fast. ‘I know that you can’t wait to fuck me again.”

“Jasmine!” he says in a high whisper. “You shouldn’t be doing that here.”

The girl just smiles, which quickly turns into a giggle. “Mr. Thomas, I know you’ve thought all week about me. I can see it in your eyes and the way you move when I suck your ... big ... fat ... dick...” She emphasizes each word with an extra firm upward stroke of her foot.

Mr. Thomas looks around the restaurant. He doesn’t know what to say or do. His first thoughts are to remove her massaging foot, but part of him tells him otherwise.

“It’s okay, Mr. Thomas,” she says. “No one is paying us any attention.”

He searches for an excuse, any would do. Then he finds one. “It won’t take much for anyone to find that you’re under age performing sexual activities with your teacher.” It’s a weak excuse he realizes, but it’s better than nothing.

“For one, nobody knows how old or young I am,” she counters, slipping her foot away. “For two, no one knows you’re my teacher.” Then suddenly she changes the subject. “How about dessert, Mr. Thomas?”

The man puts on a smile and nods, not really sure how to react. She certainly has a point and it is way better than his excuse. Once their dessert is finishes, they pay and leave. The ride back to his place is silent. The whole time Mr. Thomas is running the conversation through his head while Jasmine sits in the passenger seat periodically smiling at him. She knows what drives him, what drives any man. What he wonders is if she has the same feelings for him as he has for her.

When they arrive and step inside, Jasmine says, “I’m going to go get comfortable. I should be ready in a few minutes.” And with that she wordlessly heads toward his room.

Having a one room apartment makes it easy to figure out where everything is. Mr. Thomas has to process everything. He grabs a drink and sits on the sofa, pondering everything that has happened since she first stepped into his classroom. Then he ponders what is going to happen from this point on. And finally after some time, he gets up, sets the drink down and walks to his room. As he approaches the door, he pauses. He can’t see the future, but he is going to take the present to the fullest that he can. Taking a deep breath, he opens the door and walks through.

Jasmine is on his bed, stark naked. Her tail is flipping about, her cat ears twitching. “Took you long enough, Mr. Thomas,” she says girlishly.

“I hope you enjoyed dinner,” he says, thinking of nothing else to say.

“It was perfect. Maybe next time you’ll be a little more willing to let me tease you in public.” She slides off the bed and up next to him.

Mr. Thomas has to admit that it was exciting. The fear of being caught was intense, but it was still exciting. At school with everyone gone, the risk is low, but the experience is different—just like it is different when she is pressing her naked body against his.

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