Rock the Cradle
Chapter 2

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Pervasive Reads 36: Some families have secrets, but none are anything like Jasmine's. When Uncle Markus shares it with her, it becomes a blessing and a curse. But which of those is worse?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Paranormal   Were animal   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   Violent  

Jasmine is standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom brushing her long hair, dressed in only a black lace bra and black lace panties. She stops to look over her tight body. She’s nearly an adult and almost out of high school. Speaking of adults, her mind slips to the day before in Mr. Thomas’ classroom. For a man over thirty, he is definitely hot! Ever since Uncle Markus, Jasmine has been into older men. Mr. Thomas wasn’t her first older man since her uncle, no way! She has seduced several since that night, along with many younger boys.

For some reason, Mr. Thomas seems to have captured her attention more than anyone, other than her father, ever has. Jasmine considered seducing her father, and briefly tried. She quickly realized that even if there was some kind of attraction to her, he wasn’t going to give in. So she gave up, though she didn’t stop having feelings for the man beyond him being her father. And of course she loved her uncle, and while very handsome, she didn’t have feelings beyond that. And just when Jasmine began to think she’d never find someone that could produce the same feeling she has for her father, she got Mr. Thomas as a teacher.

Or course those feeling weren’t instant. It wasn’t love at first sight. It wasn’t a desire to fuck the man. Well, maybe she did have that desire, but seducing a teacher is not an easy thing to do. Jasmine thought to take this one slow, and by doing so, the feelings began to develop. The more she listened to him, watched him, learned about him, the more she began to fall for him. The day before was the first step into a world larger than what she has been subjected to. Jasmine is nearly an adult and she is nearly out of high school. It’s time for her to prepare for her future.

But with the weekend here and no Mr. Thomas, Jasmine is feeling the urge to have him or someone between her legs. Ever since acquiring her new self, Jasmine finds herself aroused nearly every minute of the day. Wanting someone specific seems to only intensify things. Her hand starts to drift down along her belly. It won’t satisfy her needs, but it will slow them down a little, and something is better than nothing. A sudden noise outside stops her cold and excites her. She slips out of the bathroom and down the hall to her room where she has the perfect view into the back yard of her house and the next door neighbor’s.

“Perfect,” she says aloud.

The neighbor’s twin boys are over for the weekend. The neighbor, Rob, gets his boys every other weekend and this is one of those weekends. They are a few years younger than Jasmine, and while she prefers older men, these two will do. She only needs a reason to get them over. Her parents are gone at her brother’s baseball game, so the house is hers for another few hours.

Her predicament solves itself. One of the boys throws the football a little too hard and high and it sails over the privacy fence into her yard.

“Problem solved,” she says, grinning mischievously. She darts from her room and down the hall to the front door.

Unless the boys are shy, they should be knocking at the door any minute. Jasmine isn’t disappointed. About two minutes after she began waiting behind the door, a knock raps on it. She waits a few seconds before opening it. She doesn’t want to seem desperate, though the boys probably wouldn’t recognize it for what it is anyway. They are old enough to know what sex is and obviously already gone through puberty considering the scraggly hair on their chins.

When she wings the door open, both Andrew and Bobby are standing in the door way. “I believe you’re here to retrieve your football,” Jasmine says sweetly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Bobby says. “Sorry about throwing it in your yard.”

“Do I look that old to be called ma’am?” Jasmine asks with a crooked smile.

Neither boy can take their eyes off her, so both know the answer to that one. “Our dad always taught us to be polite no matter the age of the person,” Andrew answers.

“But if you don’t like ma’am, we’ll call you anything you wish,” Bobby adds almost like he is out of breath.

Jasmine giggles a little. “You boys act like you’ve never seen a girl mostly naked.”

“Um, we have seen...” Bobby starts to say before his brother elbows him.

“What he means to say is that we have had plenty of girlfriends,” Andrew says.

“I’m sure you have as cute as you two are. But I bet none have been as sexy as me.” Jasmine accuses. “And you’ve watched me a few times, too.” Both the boys blush. She knows it is most likely from the latter. “I at least hope you have been, because I don’t want to feel that I’ve been leaving my window open for now reason.”

Andrew and Bobby look at each other, giving one another a signal that only they know. They turn back to the girl and both smile. “We do, sometimes,” Andrew admits.

“Yeah, and that sexy cat costume you wear is hot!” Bobby admits enthusiastically.

“That’s no costume,” Jasmine purrs, grabbing the boy’s hand and pulling him inside. In a flash, ears jut from her head and a tail whips out from above her panty line. Bobby looks down to see the fur suddenly on her hand and forearm. He doesn’t know whether to be frightened or excited. She looks to Andres and says, “Close the door behind you, sweetie.”

Once in her bedroom, Jasmine pulls Bobby in for a kiss. Immediately, he starts pulling off her black lace bra to expose her perfect breasts. He’s unsure about the cat features of the girl, but he still finds it hot. And from the way the boy moves, Jasmine is thankful that he isn’t a virgin. He at least has a little experience when it comes to girls. Bobby’s hands slide over her chest to her very erect nipples. He pinches them, getting a startled jump from the girl. He’s definitely got the experience.

When Andrew enters the room, he has a smile a mile long stretched across his face. He walks right on up to next to them and locks lips with Jasmine. While Bobby focuses on her breasts, Andrew kisses her deeply. Jasmine move her hands down to their pants, fondling their zippers until their rock hard cock flop out. She then breaks away from both boys and drops to her knees, purring. With a cock in each hand, she takes Bobby first into her hot mouth, sliding all the way down to the base and then back up, leaving behind a trail of saliva. She then takes Andrew the same way. The girl switches back and forth like this, making sure to have them reach into the back of her throat each time before sliding back up their shafts. Her purrs rumble through their stiff rods, adding sensations like they have never felt before. Jasmine takes them both to their limits before suddenly backing off, letting their precum drip from the tips of their pricks. She knows how far a man can go and these boys are no different.

“Not yet, boys,” she says, moving over to the bed. She crawls onto the bed, sliding smoothly over it like a cat would. She arches her back, twisting and turning and removing her panties to show off her very wet and very smooth cunt to the brothers. “Which one of you is going to be the first to pet this pussy?”

Neither boy hesitates. And after they undress, Bobby is the first to step up. He seems to be the more aggressive of the two. He quickly slips over to the bed to stand before her lusciously moist cunt. He places the head of his erection to her entrance. His precum drips onto her nether lips and Jasmine licks her lips at the sight of it. She grabs the thick shaft to pull him in toward her before rubbing him up and down her slick folds.

“Now don’t fight boys, you’re both going to get a turn,” Jasmine says. “In fact I want both of you at the same time.” She rolls over onto her belly, her tail waving lazily through the air. “You,” she says to Bobby, “Lay down.”

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