Rock the Cradle

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Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 36: Some families have secrets, but none are anything like Jasmine's. When Uncle Markus shares it with her, it becomes a blessing and a curse. But which of those is worse?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Paranormal   Were animal   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   Violent  

Standing there, seeing his niece naked, all Markus can do is stare. When she realizes that he is looking at her, Jasmine goes rushing from the bathroom to her room. As he stands at the entrance to the kitchen he thinks about how bad it is for him to stare, but at the same time, how gorgeous she is. Seeing the teen naked stirs up feelings he has suppressed for a long time. His niece reminds him a lot of his wife before he lost her in the accident.

Jasmine has the prettiest set of breasts, small and perky. Her nipples are a nice shade of pink and the shape of little buttons. Her hairless pussy is more intriguing. It’s a shame she shaves it because Markus would like nothing more than to see the carpet matching the drapes. It’s not necessary. Besides, the loss of hair only accentuates the puffy nether lips that spring from it. He imagines his mouth wrapped around them. Markus shakes his head. It’s the tom cat in him making him want her so bad. With a sigh, he turns to the living room, his original destination before seeing her.

Meanwhile, Jasmine walks over to her dresser and looks at her reflection. She stares at her naked self and smiles. She knows she is beautiful and starts to wonder what her uncle thinks of her body. She feels her center warming at the thought. Did Uncle Markus like what he saw? There is only one way to find out!

Jasmine slips on a night shirt and nothing else. She feels the soft fabric rub against her naked skin. Her small nipples react by extending outward as the shirt rubs over them. Jasmine loves the feeling of being naked under it. She takes one last look at herself in the dresser mirror, smiles and walks out of the room. As she makes her way to the living room, she knows that what she is about to do is morally wrong, but she has to. She has to know what her uncle thought of her naked body.

Markus sits back comfortable, flipping through the channels when he hears a sigh behind him. He turns around to see the bare legs of his niece. His first thought is of her being naked, but the notion fades as he raises his eyes to the shirt hanging down just above her knees.

“Hi, Uncle Markus,” she says with a smile and a quick wave.

“Hi, Jas,” he answers.

“What are you doing?” she asks, walking around the sofa.

“Not a whole lot,” he says. “Just trying to find something worth watching.”

She drops down right next to him, making sure that she brushes her body against his. “Ah,” she sighs. “Nothing much on?”

Markus shakes his head. “Have you enjoyed your stay?”

“I am,” she says. “I can’t believe this is my last night in Paris.”

“I’m sure your mom and dad miss you,” he remarks. “But at least your new house will be all ready for when you head back.”

She laughs lightly. “Yeah.”

Markus can tell the girl has something on her mind. There is obviously some awkwardness because of the whole bathroom incident. “What’s on your mind?” he asks, not wanting to mention it himself.

Jasmine bites her bottom lip and says, “I have a question.”

Markus grins. “Then ask away.”

“Okay,” she says sighing. “I want to know, and be truthful with me, if you like what you saw.”

Markus leans back into the couch as the girl stares at him. He tries to play the matter off, wanting to see just how far she is willing to push the subject. “Jas, really? Come on. You know better than to ask something like that.”

“Uh huh, that’s exactly what I thought,” she says smiling.

“Thought what?” he asks, flipping through channels again, trying to act like he is more interested in the television than he is in her.

“Oh, Uncle Markus, please,” she says with a smirk. “You did like what you saw. And you’re obviously still imagining me naked.”

“You’re imagining things,” he argues.

Jasmine crawls off the couch and stands before him. “Then let’s test it,” she says, slowly lifting the shirt up, little by little.

Markus sees her bare skin being reveals as it travels up. She takes her time lifting it. Then slowly, the end of the shirt exposes her perfect and puffy pussy. Seeing it again like this is now more sensual than before. The smooth mound that leads to it is nice and plump. The shirt’s edge hugs her hips as she gently pulls upward. The supple flesh of her flat belly makes him want to reach out to touch it. Instead, he sits there watching her reveal her teen body to him again, knowing that he should not be looking. But he simply cannot tale his eyes off her.

The fabric of the shirt just keeps drifting upward until finally, the soft roundness of her perky breasts comes into sight. Before he knows it, there is his niece standing naked in front of him again and she is just as beautiful as she was earlier. The tom cat in him is greater than ever. He feels his prick straining in his pants, trying to break free of its prison. Jasmine slings the shirt to the floor and stands there letting him take in her naked form, this time a little more than before. His niece is more of a young woman than he thought.

“Now, Uncle Markus, tell me the truth,” she says in a sultry tone. “Do you like what you see?”

Markus just sits there, looking at her in completely awe, fighting the urge to do what he knows he shouldn’t. He can’t find the words to deny her or any words for that matter.

“How do you like this virgin body, Uncle Markus? Don’t you want to touch me instead of wondering what it feels like?” she taunts, running her hands over her delicate curves.

He has to. He cannot avoid it any longer. With his wife gone, he has been lonely. His niece being here the last two weeks has been a maddening hell. But to take her, means to change her and if the elders ever found out, it would be the end for him too. Miriam broke their rules. She revealed herself to him and changed him. Then she paid the price. It took several years for the elders to learn of it, but when they did, it was swift.

“I do want you,” he finally admits. “But I can’t. If I do then it will change you.”

She smiles at him. “I know it will, Uncle Markus. It will make me a woman. I will no longer be a little girl.”

“No,” he says sternly. “I mean you will be different. You will be something else.”

“I don’t understand,” she says, suddenly realizing that he is serious. “Do you have some kind of disease or something?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes,” he answers. “But this is what some would call supernatural.”

“Like a vampire?” she asks, feeling hopeful that he is. For her, there would be nothing cooler than being a vampire.

“A cat,” he says. “You would be able to become a cat.”

“Not as cool as a vampire,” she mutters. “But transforming into a cat could be kind of cool.”

“This isn’t the movies, girl,” he says harshly, perhaps too harshly because Jasmine flinches. “I’m sorry. Let me show you.”

In almost an instant Markus is standing and sprouting ears atop his head and glove-looking fur from his elbows to his hands. From behind him there is even a tail!

Jasmine takes a step back, the backs of her knees banging into the coffee table. “H-How?”

“For females it only takes a scratch. Think of something like cat scratch fever,” he says. “But for tom cats like me, just our cum.”

“Can I control it like you?” she asks, stepping closer.

“Yes, but it becomes easier and faster over time,” he explains. “This is why I cannot...”

“Can’t or won’t?” she asks, interrupting.

Markus peers into her eyes, searching for any doubt that she may have, any sign that she isn’t willing to go down this road. “I cannot guarantee you’ll like the results. Once it’s done, there is no turning back.”

“I don’t care,” she says. “I want to be special. I want to feel special.”

“You already are,” he says reaching out to touch her shoulder. He feels small goosebumps form under his touch as his hand runs down the length of her arm.

“I’m not going to argue,” she says. “You give me that gift or I will make sure mom and dad know about this.”

“It’s not a gift,” he counters. “It’s a fucking curse.”

“Please, Uncle Markus,” she pleads. “Please don’t make me have to tell my parents.”

Markus nods, slowly reaching out with his other hand to touch her waist. He pulls her naked body close to him. Jasmine wraps her arms around him. He runs his hands all over the small of her back.

“Doesn’t it feel good, Uncle Markus?” she coos.

As an answer, Markus moans and his hand drifts lower. He feels the firm roundness of her ass when he cups her cheeks. He begins to massage them, slowly spreading them apart so that his fingers can settle in between them. He can’t help but run his finger over her backdoor, feeling the tender ripples of it. Jasmine moans in response, tightening her ass.

“Oh, Uncle Markus,” she cries. “That feels so good.”

Her uncle circles her tight ass again with his finger. Again her ass tightens in response and loosens when his finger drifts away. Markus runs his finger back up her ass crack, feeling the warmth of it and listening to his niece taking in deep breaths. Then he runs is back down and circles her sphincter. He settles his finger over it and then slips it in.

“Uuhh,” she sighs loudly, feeling the finger sink in.

Markus remains silent as he keeps his finger pressed inside her, letting her enjoy the feeling and grow accustomed to its intrusion. He feels her muscles gripping at his finger like a baby on a pacifier. It’s time to press forward. This is when he begins to move it in and out, forcing her muscles to give more and more, becoming more accustomed the longer he massages it.

Jasmine starts to breathe quicker and deeper. Her body is getting hotter by the second. It reminds her of the times when she masturbates. Her moans grow in loudness and come out more rapidly. She bites her lip while scrunching his shirt up in both hands making a fist. “Oh, Uncle Markus, that feels so good,” she groans. “You’re making me so wet!”

Markus stops and pulls his finger free. Looking down between her legs he sees that she isn’t just wet, she is dripping wet. Her cunt glistens with her juices and he can see a wet, sticky trail of her running down the inside of her thigh to her knee. There are even a few droplets of her cum on the carpet. He smiles, looking at her. Jasmine returns the smile in kind. He can tell that she wants more and wonders if her virgin cunt is ready for his finger.

He is going to find out.

Jasmine stands in the same spot as her uncle walks around her. He looks at her round, firm ass where his finger was just at. Slowly, he touches her bare shoulders. The curve of her shoulders fir perfectly in his hands. He then kisses the back of her neck, sending ripples of pleasure through her. Markus’ finger gradually slides down between her shoulder blades, tracing all the way to the top of her ass. As he does this, Jasmine arches her back. He kisses her neck, taking advantage of it, while reaching around with both hands to feel the softness of her tight belly. He circles her bellybutton as his other hand drifts upward along her flesh. His niece is so warm to the touch and more erotic than she realizes.

“Oh, Uncle Markus, your hands feel so good all over me,” she moans, leaning her head back onto him.

His one hand rests over her belly, feeling the dimple of her bellybutton. His other hand continues upward until he can feel the underside of her small breast. Then Markus takes his finger and traces along the bottom of it. Jasmine’s body shivers and then she moans softly. Her uncle moves his hand further up to cup her breast, his hand fitting perfectly around it to cover the tiny firmness. The girl lets out a long sigh when his hand starts to massage her globe. His fingers press slightly on her nipples, bringing them to form little pebbles.

“Mmm,” she coos. “Make them both hard.”

Markus grins. His niece my still have her virginity but she certainly isn’t innocent. His soft, furry hand cups her other breast to match the first and begins to equally feel them both. He squeezes their small roundness, massaging circles over them. Jasmine covers his hands with hers, loving the feeling of his thick fur. And her gentle hands feel wonderful on his. Markus can tell that she feels comfortable in his arms by the way she caresses his hands.

Jasmine’s body is getting hot also and her breasts have gotten as firm as they possibly can. Gradually, Markus slides a hand down and across her skin. She continues to feel her breasts, replacing his hand. His hand traverses over her hip, his fingers finding the crease of her leg that leads to her sweet cunt. When he moves that finger down, he feels the heat from her tight folds. Her body trembles when his finger crosses her inner thigh and then runs slowly back up the crease of her leg. Again Jasmine shakes from anticipation. Markus moves his hand over her mound and circles over it. The girl moans gently. Then he is circling a fingertip over the top of her clit. Her moans turn into gasps as his finger whisks in circles over it. The circles turn into massages, hardening the little nub beneath his touch.

“That is amazing,” she groans.

Markus circles her clit a few more times and then slowly lets his finger drift between her nether lips. As his finger slides between her folds, he feels her hot juices coat his finger. He moves up to her clit again, circling it slightly. As he does, Jasmine reacts by spreading her legs slightly, just enough for her engorged lips to jut out further. Markus again runs his finger down through his niece’s tender folds. He parts them slightly as he goes. Then stopping just outside her entrance, he feels the warmth increase before pushing inward ever so slowly. As he begins circling just inside her, the girl moans long and softly. Then with a leisurely pace, he lets his finger slip inside her tightness and he feels her body flinch.

Jasmine shrieks when his finger penetrates her hot, constricting pussy. Her virgin cunt feels incredible around his finger as it sinks deeper inside. Sluggishly he starts moving his finger in and out, eliciting moans from his niece’s soft lips. Eventually, Markus starts to pick up speed, driving his extension in faster and deeper until her body shudders and soaks his hand in a torrent of her juices. She nearly screams as her orgasm rips through her. Her uncle resumes his finger fucking the moment she calms down, taking it back to the pace just before her orgasm. Jasmine’s breathing begins to quicken even more. Suddenly, Markus is able to slide his finger into her a little deeper. And without warning, he feels another gush of her cum, splattering over his hand.

Markus slips his finger from her sopping wet cunt and she turns around to face him, her face flush and full of delight. Jasmine looks at her uncle and smiles. “Uncle Markus?” she asks. “Do you plan to take my virginity sometime in the future?” Markus grins at her sarcasm and unzips his pants, finally freeing his hardened cock. Jasmine’s eyes go wide at the sight. “Will that even fit in me?”

Her uncle’s grin turns into a full blown smile. “It will. Just get on your hands and knees for me.”

Jasmine’s heart starts to beat fast in her chest. She climbs onto the couch, lifting her ass high into the air. “Like this?”

“You’re perfect,” Markus says, stepping back to marvel at the sight before him, his tail whipping back and forth to show his excitement.

Subtly, Markus steps forward and presses his cockhead against his niece’s slippery folds. He drags it up and down her nether lips causing soft moans to escape her lips. The feeling is intense and it sends shivers up and down her spine. Then suddenly her uncle stops and pushes forward against her entrance. “This is going to feel a little different than yours or my fingers.”

Jasmine suspects as much. She has thought many times before to use something else like a cucumber or a brush handle, but has always been afraid to. Time for being afraid is over now. So she nods and when he pushes forward, spearing through her tight, puffy folds, her body shudders. Markus drives in and out steadily slow, letting her tightness conform over his member. As he pushes deeper and deeper, the girl’s moans grow louder and louder. He sinks in until her tiny cunt can’t take anymore of him and then she begins to thrust a little faster.

“Oh, Uncle Markus,” she groans. “Strip away my virginity. Take it! Take it! Take it!”

Markus smiles down at her, thrusting in and out of her with even pumps. She is incredibly tight and he can’t remember ever feeling a pussy this tight. It is so snug around his member that it hurts her slightly at first, but gradually it becomes more pleasurable. Her pussy walls seem to be stretching more and more to accommodate him. Jasmine is already soaking wet with pussy juices and it is making things easier for her uncle to work his prick in and out.

The girl moans louder. It feels incredible, leaving her wondering how she could have been missing out on this her whole life. Her cunt squeezes his hard member and soon she is thrusting right back onto him. Markus builds up to a faster pace until he is driving into her wildly. His cock makes her pussy wetter and her moans louder, almost to the point of screams. His hands grip the soft flesh of her tiny hips. Jasmine can’t seem to get enough. She knows this is what her uncle wanted and it pleases her to be giving it to him. His secret he’s been carrying only adds to the ecstasy as does the fact that she’ll have his gift too.

When her uncle starts to groan with each thrust, she looks over her shoulder and asks, “Are you going to fill me with your cum, Uncle Markus?” Markus nods, rubbing her smooth belly before reaching beneath to cup her mound. “Are you going to make me like you?”

This time he doesn’t answer, he just thrusts as deeply into her as he can. Part of him—a small part—doesn’t want to give her what she wants. The bigger part does. With his wife gone, he doesn’t have a legacy. Giving his niece this curse will be just that and maybe, just maybe, she can use it to her advantage. Jasmine turns her head away, closing her eyes and waiting for the hot gush of his seed. She has dreamed of feeling a man’s cum for the first time, but this is going to be even more special. She is going to be given a gift, one that she is going to take full advantage of.

Markus shoves his body forward as his member begins to throb. His niece moans loudly, prompting him on. A torrent of hot seed suddenly spurts from the tip of his cock, flooding and filling her. It is so much and her tight pussy is so small that automatically his cum starts to leak from around his massive member and down her legs. Markus grasps her hips, trying to counter the painful throbs. His prick hurts with each blast, but it is a pleasurable pain and worth every bit of it. Jasmine is absolutely in a world of bliss. She squirms with delight. The movement and the heat from her slick cunt keeps her uncle hard. After a few moments, he places an arm around her waist and pulls her onto his lap. He turns her around, with a little difficulty, but they manage. And holding her hip, Jasmine begins bouncing up and down on him. She moans, her pussy wet and oozing with cum.

After a few minutes, Jasmine is really getting into the groove of things. Her uncle’s prick drives all the way up into her tight pussy, sending her into another orgasm. Her juices seep out, covering his thighs. He pulls her closer, cupping those dainty breasts in his large hands. Then he groans again, moving his hands back to her hips. Markus holds her in place, stopping her erratic bounces and thrusts upward one final time. Jasmine feels jets of his cum soaking her insides. Immediately, her pussy starts to leak again as both her juices and his cum overwhelm the small space.

Her uncle’s erection now starts to fade, but Jasmine isn’t quite ready to stop. She looks down at Markus with her big round eyes. “Your cum feels so good, Uncle Markus. I want more of it. Would you like to have my ass too?”

Markus grins at his niece. He thinks back to earlier this evening and how something as simple as catching her naked in the hall changed everything. He thinks about how she is changed forever now and how she is going to have no trouble with her new gift. It may be a curse for him, but his legacy will make it a gift. He looks at her through cloudy eyes and says, “If you’re ready for it.”

Jasmine smiles, her eyes glinting in the light. “I’m ready for everything, Uncle Markus.”

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