The Hitchhiker III: the Reckoning

by Geek of Ages

Copyright© 2017 by Geek of Ages

Erotica Sex Story: After the hitchhiker I knocked up has her twins, I have to face the consequences of my actions. It's not...exactly what I expect. You do not have to have read the first two installments to read this one.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Rough   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Babysitter   .

“Did you see the new pictures of her babies Kaitlyn put on Facebook?” my wife asks me. She’s sitting on the couch with her iPad, obviously checking Facebook. I’m sitting in a nearby chair, reading through the archives of a webcomic on my laptop.

I give a grunt of assent.

“The little darlings are sooo cute!” she practically squeals. “Though they kinda look familiar, but I guess all babies do.” She sighs contentedly.

It’s late June; Kaitlyn’s twin girls were born two days after the seniors graduated, which was in late May, making the little girls a month old already. It meant Kaitlyn had to get some special dispensation; she’s in one of the districts where seniors graduate a little before the other grades do finals, but her teachers liked her enough that it wasn’t much of an issue.

As it turns out, I suspected Kaitlyn’s little babies were going to end up looking very familiar. After all, I was their father. Not that my wife knew. Not that I hoped my wife ever found out. Though she might have suspected, but the fact that I supposedly hadn’t met Kaitlyn until she was three months pregnant contributed to keeping her in the dark.

Either way, I had visited Kaitlyn at the hospital and spent a fair amount of time there, helping out. Having gone through the process with my own wife, I knew what to expect, and figured I could help out. I met Kaitlyn’s parents through this; her step-father was standoffish, and wasn’t around much. I got the distinct impression that Kaitlyn’s mom hired him for his money and frequent out-of-town trips than any sort of love.

Kaitlyn’s mom, Mary, on the other hand, was at first a little wary about my presence, but soon warmed to it, especially after she met my wife. I think she was just glad there was another adult around to help with paperwork—something I am good at managing—and by the end of the hospital visit, was no longer shooing me out of the room whenever Kaitlyn breastfed.

Not that I hadn’t seen her tits before, of course. But Mary didn’t know that, and I wasn’t telling.

Mary did also give me a chance to discuss finances in a way that made me sound like a concerned citizen who had grown to like Kaitlyn as a babysitter. While I did offer to provide some financial assistance if necessary—my way of easing my own guilt at having imposed it upon a high schooler—I was told that Kaitlyn’s step-father’s salary was sufficient. But if I really insisted, once Kaitlyn had returned to a normal weight, and the babies were old enough to be left alone for a while, it was suggested I and my wife could take her clothes shopping. No one seemed to think this was particularly improper, mostly because of my wife being around, I think. It would also be a way for me to apologize for ruining her amazing teen figure—though she had assured me she planned on working to get it back.

Back to now, late June.

My wife gives an unsatisfied sigh. “Ever since she had her babies, we haven’t gone on a date, have we?”

“No, I guess not,” I say. “Kaitlyn’s been kinda busy.”

“Want me to try to find another babysitter? I don’t know that she’ll be able to for a couple of years, yet.”

“Sure.” I wonder for a moment if the new babysitter will also be amenable to regularly sucking out the contents of my balls, but I decide that’s probably not worth the risk to broach.

“I’ll ask around,” she says, absorbed in her iPad world.

It takes until early August for my wife to find another babysitter. I’m a little surprised it takes so long, but apparently having three young kids as we do is anathema to most high school girls, which is presumably who we’d be hiring.

We do eventually hire Clara, who’s basically the stereotype for “nerd girl babysitter”. Long, straight brown hair that looks like it’s never been cut. Big bottle-cap glasses. Braces. A voice that still breaks occasionally.

I’m introduced to her shortly before leaving on a date with my wife, so I don’t get much of a chance to suss out anything about her, other than her extreme confidence that she can do a good job despite her age. My wife says she’s highly recommended, and I’m fine with an evening away from the kids, and I really don’t care that much, so long as she gets the kids to bed before they kill themselves.

My wife and I do dinner and a movie, which is the sort of date she really likes. The movie is unremarkable, aside from a sex scene in the middle that gets me remembering that I haven’t actually masturbated in a couple of days, and I’m a little hot and bothered by it. Maybe I was hoping that the new babysitter would relieve me like the old one did.

Once we get home, my wife asks “So are you taking Clara home?”


“Like you always did Kaitlyn?”

“Yeah,” I say, trying to pretend like that was my plan all along. I guess it kind of was, but Clara didn’t flirt with me or anything like that. “C’mon Clara.”

Once in the car and on the road, we make light conversation: mostly her asking what I do for a living, me asking about her classes.

I contemplate for a few moments prying into her love life, or something like that. Kaitlyn’s corrupted me.

But I don’t. At most, when I’m dropping her off in front of her house, I tell her “And if you ever have any sort of questions for an adult to answer, I’m willing to answer them. You can ask Kaitlyn, our last babysitter—you’re going to her high school. She’d ask me all sorts of questions about adult life while I was dropping her off, and I always gave her an honest answer.” It is true that she asked me questions about things she couldn’t talk about with her parents. And I did always give her an honest answer—often with a throat-full of cum.

“Okay, I’ll remember that. Thanks, Mr. Miller.”

I wait until she gets inside before driving off. I’m a gentleman, after all.

When I get home, my wife is in bed. As I’m undressing to get ready for bed, she pushes down the covers to reveal that she’s wearing lacy lingerie. “Why don’t you join me for a while before getting your pajamas on?” she asks, obviously trying to be alluring.

I hesitated for just a moment. But I knew there would be hell to pay if I didn’t. And the fact that my cock was hard—still thinking about that sex scene, of course. And what I wanted to do to Clara—and really, I just wanted some release made it easier.

I crawled into bed with her and kissed her, our hands roaming our bodies. Now, I love my wife dearly, and am devoted to her in almost every way. But she just does not rev my motor when it comes to sex any more, usually. But I still enjoy being romantic with her, and that includes kissing and making out.

More people really should just make out for the sheer pleasure of making out. Sure, it’s not sex, but it still feels really good in a different way.

It doesn’t take long before my wife’s as naked as I am and settled into her place on the bed. “I want to feel you in me,” she says, guiding my cock into her cunt.

It’s nowhere as tight as either Kaitlyn or Jenny—the two high schoolers I’ve bred—but that’s to be expected given that my wife has pushed out a couple of kids. But I’m horny enough it doesn’t matter, and I thrust into her repeatedly.

My wife is vocal enough to moan, but not vocal enough to actually say anything during sex. I tried it a few times early in our marriage, but it landed as well as a lead balloon. So I just stick to the old in-out, which gets the job done.

It makes my wife cum, at least. And I can’t take it any more, so I push into the hilt in her and let it go. A week’s worth of pent-up cum splashes deep inside her, and each and every spurt feels good to release.

Every time we actually do have sex, I tell myself we should do it more often. But, we get into a fight, or we’re exhausted from dealing with kids, or we go to bed at wildly different times ... all the reasons that married couples with young kids have terrible sex lives. I tell myself maybe in a couple of years, when the youngest is in school.

As we’re cuddling after sex—also a pleasure—she whispers “by the way, I haven’t been on the pill in months”.

It takes my brain a second to process that.

“And my little fertility-tracking app tells me that I’m probably ovulating today.”


“So I guess you really wanted another kid, what with your enthusiasm.”

Oh fuck.

One week later, I get a text from Kaitlyn, “I want more”

Getting a text from her isn’t unusual—though the frequency of nude ones has decreased immensely since she gave birth—but this was out of the blue while I was at work.

“More what?” I text back.

“🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼” she texts after a moment. A lot of her texts were emoji-only, which sometimes confused me, but I got the point of this one: she wanted more pregnancies.

“I thought you couldn’t do that while nursing.”

“I got my period, so I’m pretty sure I’m ovulating again. And I’m so 💦💦💦” followed by a picture of a finger in her pussy, her juices very visible. I delete the picture quickly—she is still underage, after all—and try to think of a response.

“So soon?” I finally tap out.

“I always wanted lots of kids. At this rate I can have them all before I graduate high school”

“You’re crazy” Really, I know how hectic even one kid can be, and she has two—and wants more? I have no idea how she would do it. But my cock is twitching as I imagine it back in that nice, warm teen pussy of hers.

“There’s more”

What else could there be? “What?”

“My BFF also wants to be a teen mom 🤰🏻”


It’s worth noting that scheduling anything with me can be difficult. As I’ve alluded to, I work a full-time job in the traditional timeslot of 9–5, with a bit of a commute on either end. My wife expects me home shortly thereafter, where I help with the kids until they’re asleep, and then putter around the house taking care of things like bills or reading books.

And on weekends, my wife expects I’ll be around—again, helping with the kids.

I don’t actually get that much time that I can just disappear and excuse away. I knocked up Kaitlyn while driving home on a business trip, giving me some leeway. And I knocked up Jenny by taking an afternoon off. But I don’t have that many vacation days, and if I use all of them, my wife would start getting curious.

But, I have one free pass: Sunday nights. Sunday nights are traditionally when I and some of my friends usually get together and play D&D. My wife lets me have it because she realized early on that I got really cranky if I didn’t have it as an outlet; contra-wise, she has a group of friends she does regular things with on Tuesday nights. It works out pretty well.

My group of friends does not actually meet every Sunday. My wife knows this, but she doesn’t know how inoften it actually meets. There are plenty of times I’ll duck away for it, but will instead whittle away the time somewhere else.

This is how on a Sunday evening in September, I am picking two girls up at a random street corner a few blocks away from Kaitlyn’s house. Kaitlyn insisted over text messages that they were ovulating at the same time, and the timing just sort of worked out.

My luck as of late seems to be on par with the protagonists of sex stories. I just hope it doesn’t run out; my wife finding out about any of this would be disastrous.

As I pull up to the corner, the two girls are already there, so I get a decent look at her “BFF”, Rachel.

While Kaitlyn is still a petite girl, with a little more weight now that she’s had kids—and bigger tits than when I met her—Rachel appears to be of the tall-and-thin variety, with a decent rack. Probably about the same size as Kaitlyn’s are now that she has milk in them. She’s got really curly hair that’s a nice shade somewhere between blonde and brunette, and hangs all around her neck. Her skin is just a little tanner than Kaitlyn’s, but she’s nowhere near as toned-looking as her friend.

The two girls are talking and laughing about something, and I notice that Rachel has a really gorgeous smile.

“This is Rachel,” Kaitlyn says as the back door opens.

“Hey,” I say with a wave.

“Hi baby daddy,” Rachel says with a lilting voice just as gorgeous as her smile, sliding into the car, closing the door behind her.

Kaitlyn gets in the passenger seat. “Hi baby daddy,” she also says with a giggle.

I pull away. “Just no distracting me while I’m driving, okay?”

“No problem,” Rachel says, her phone already out. At the next stop light, I notice that Kaitlyn’s also on her phone. Teens and their phones these days...

I start making my way to our destination. “So what do your parents think?”

“Her parents think she’s spending the night at my place; my mom thinks I’m at her place for a little time away from the twins,” Kaitlyn says. “We’ll end up actually sleeping at my place tonight, and go to school together tomorrow.”

“Cool,” I say. “Now, I’m not as young as I used to be, so hopefully...”

I catch Kaitlyn’s grin out of the corner of my eye. “Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be able to keep you interested.” My rock-hard cock wants to agree with her.

“Oh hey, did you see that Jenny popped?” Rachel asks after a couple of minutes of driving.

“Yeah, totally. It’s all over Facebook!” Kaitlyn says.

“I hadn’t heard,” I deadpan.

“Oh yeah, I guess I never told you. Well, when she confirmed that she was knocked up, she confronted her boyfriend, told him a condom must have broken or something—”

“—He’s totally being a gentleman, proposed to her and everything—” Rachel butts in.

“—He was ever there at the birth, apparently. He thinks it’s totally his, and is gonna try to be a good father and everything.”

“Hold up!” Rachel says. “Whatta ya mean it isn’t his?”

Kaitlyn turns around in the seat and flashes a massive grin at her friend, then jerks a thumb in my direction.

“No fucking way!” she cries.

“Way,” I say, parking the car at our destination. I take a look at her in my rearview mirror. “You still up for this?”

“Totally,” she says. “Let’s get me a baby.”

We are parked at one of the skeevy motels on the edge of town. The sort that don’t charge too much and ask too many questions. I’m paying for it—of course—but it seemed like the best option on a Sunday night. There aren’t exactly a lot of places an adult man can take two girls half his age for some private time that don’t cause more questions than we want.

Here, the mostly-empty parking lot tells me we won’t be disturbed.

With the girls still in the car, I go in and quickly get a room. One bed, whatever size. I put it on my personal credit card—the one my wife doesn’t see the statements for—and just kind of mumble my thanks through it. The guy at the front desk doesn’t ask any questions, just runs things through quickly.

Key in hand to a second-story one-bed room, I go back out to the car, and re-park it on the other side, where the room is. With a glance around to see if anyone is watching, the three of us make our way up to the room.

Once inside, I lock and bolt the door, then make sure the window shades are completely drawn. By the time I turn around, the girls are already stripped and fully naked, shit-eating grins on their faces.

“That was fast,” I mutter, glancing around the room. One bed, with a small TV across from it. A chair with a writing desk that looks like it’s not going to survive much longer. A sink outside a door that’s presumably the toilet and bath. Nothing fancy, but it works for tired travelers—or for a man looking to do some discrete fertilization.

“I guess we’re kinda horny,” Kaitlyn giggles. I haven’t actually seen her naked in person since our fateful meeting on the edge of the highway. She looked about the same, just with bigger tits and more weight around her midsection. “I hope you are, too.”

“Just a little,” I deadpan, dropping my pants and shedding my shirt. My cock stands straight out from me, twitching in anticipation. My eyes are on Rachel as her eyes widen. “Oh wow. It’s bigger than I imagined!”

“She hasn’t seen as much porn as I have,” Kaitlyn giggles with a shrug.

“So, how’re we doing this?” I ask, taking a step forward.

“Me first” Rachel says at the same time Kaitlyn says “Her first”. Seeing my expression, she explains further. “We know that Rachel’s ovulating right now—”

“—my period’s pretty regular, and I took fertility drugs—” Rachel adds.

“—so you’re guaranteed to knock her up. I’m more of a wildcard, ‘cause I am still technically breastfeeding, so I might not really be ovulating. We’ll still try, though.” She grins at me.

I hold up a hand, “Wait up a moment. Fertility drugs?”

“Yeah,” Rachel says with that smile of hers, and then a shrug, “I want multiples.”

“Is that safe at your age?”

“Totally. Besides, I only did it for this ovulation, to try to make sure I’ve got several eggs in there.” She puts a hand on her smooth, flat belly. “With any luck, you might even give me quadruplets.”

My twitching cock shows how much that idea turns me on, but I had to keep at least some semblance of sense in me. “How’d you get the pills?”

Another shrug. “My cousin had a few left over after she got preggo, too.” She steps forward. “So we doing this?”

I push away my concerns, hoping my luck continues to hold. “Yeah,” I say, walking up to her and immediately starting by grabbing those magnificent fifteen-year-old-girl tits.

“Oh my,” Rachel says, her hands dropping to my hips. She looks up at me, smiling.

“I can’t wait to see how big they get,” Kaitlyn says. I notice that she’s curled up in the chair, hand on her pussy.

I squeeze Rachel’s tits once or twice, then lean in for a kiss, sliding my hands to her back. It catches her a little off-guard, but she lets her lips part and our tongues meet. I’m not really sure why I did it, just that it seemed the thing to do.

She’s not a good kisser. Frankly, it seems like I’m her first, though she leans into it with a zeal that reminds me of my make-out sessions with various girlfriends when I was younger, when we first had started dating.

“Mmm,” I hear Kaitlyn’s approving moan. I get the feeling this might end up like Jenny’s impregnation, where Kaitlyn is doing all the dirty talk. Not that I’m complaining; I could listen to Kaitlyn dirty talk all day.

I am distinctly aware of my throbbing cock sandwiched between us, and step away. Rachel smiles at me sweetly. “Make me a teen mom,” she asks, practically whispering.

“Gladly,” I say, guiding her to the bed with my hands.

“How are you gonna breed her, stud?” Kaitlyn asks.

“Missionary,” I say, lightly pushing Rachel. She gets the idea and sits on the bed, then scoots back, spreading her legs invitingly. I notice that she’s got a bit of a bush—which doesn’t bother me at all—and smile. Not that I didn’t notice when I first saw her naked, but it’s much more apparent now.

I also climb up on the bed, getting on my knees between her spread legs, to get ready to pierce her.

“I still have my cherry,” Rachel says softly as I adjust myself and place my cock-head—already leaking pre-cum—on her pussy lips. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” I say, my cock twitching in anticipation.

“Pop her cherry,” Kaitlyn encourages. “Make her into a real woman.”

Needing no more encouragement, I start to push my cock head into her virgin teen cunt. Almost immediately, I feel a lot of resistance. I take a breath, pull back just a little, and then push in, trying to put my weight into it.

I feel something in her seem to give way, and my cock is barely half an inch further in. Rachel gives a small yelp of pain. I hold my position for a moment, letting her get used to it—and letting me get used to it. This girl’s pussy is tight!

“De-flowered!” Kaitlyn says, her voice dropping down into vocal fry. “I bet you wish you took my advice on masturbating now, girlfriend!”

“Nuh-uhn,” I say, shaking my head. “Because this is just amazing.”

Rachel is looking up into my eyes and I realize she has stunningly beautiful blue eyes.

My cock and its desire to fuck cannot be denied any longer, so I pull out a little and push in again. I do this several times, and each time I slowly am able to plow a little further into this girl’s field. She winces a little each time, but doesn’t say anything. I’m too focused on the amazing sensations coming from my cock as I sink deeper into her.

“Yeah, get it all in her,” Kaitlyn urges.

Finally I give one last push, and the last little bit opens way, and I’m in her balls-deep. I’m panting from the effort already, holding my chest up with my hands, looking down at her magnificent chest and face. Her tight little underage pussy just keeps squeezing me; I know if I just stayed there she’s eventually coax a baby out of me simply by doing that.

But I wanted to fuck.

I slide my cock all the way out until just the tip is still in her, then I push as hard as I can. Her cunt gives way more easily this time, and I get all the way in with one smooth stroke.

“Ohh...” Rachel moans. There we go.

I start a rhythm. Slow out, fast in. She moans with each thrust, and her tits jiggle. I start to pick up speed.

“Yeah, fuck her, you stud. Fuck her underage cunt. You like that, don’t you? Knowing that she’s half your age. I bet you couldn’t wait to feel her around your cock.” Kaitlyn starts up the dirty talk again, and it works on me, at least. My rhythm picks up.

Rachel just looks up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, her mouth open as she keeps moaning. I lower myself and kiss her, my tongue violating her teen mouth just like my cock is violating her teen pussy. She kisses me back earnestly.

“I wanna see you knock her up. I wanna see you make her into a teen mommy. How many of your bastards do you think you’ll give her? Three? Four? Her belly’s gonna get soooo big!” Kaitlyn drops into vocal fry again.

I stop supporting myself on my hands, and put my full weight on her, my hands up around her head, gripping her as though I don’t want to ever let go of this little fertile tart. I bring my face to the bed so I can focus instead of watching her. I pick up the pace, and for a little while, the only sounds in the room are the squelching of each thrust of my cock into her vulnerable twat, my grunts of exertion, Rachel’s squeaks of pleasure each time I get all the way in, and Kaitlyn’s exhortation to breed the girl I’m currently pinning down.

I feel Rachel’s legs lift up and lock behind me, keeping me buried in her. Not that I could have pulled out if I wanted to: I was holding onto her until she was good and bred.

“Fuck her, fuck her good.” Kaitlyn says. “She’s super fertile for you, all those eggs just waiting to be bathed in your seed. Put it all deep in her. Breed her. Breed my best friend. Make her a teen mom before she even learns your name.”

I can’t take it anymore. “Take ... my ... babies!” I growl, finishing with a firm, deep thrust with as much of my strength. Rachel gives a loud gasp; I can’t tell if it’s pain or pleasure, because for me, it’s only pleasure. A potent blast of cum ejects from my body right into her underage cunt, right at the doorway to her fertile womb. “Nnggghhaa!” I growl again, still trying to push as deep as I can as another blast coats her inside, followed by another, then another, then another.

Both of us are panting heavily as I finish my orgasm, my cock still twitching in her tight cunt. Without pulling out, I bring my head up and look into her eyes again.

“Holy fuck,” she finally says.

“That was so hot!” Kaitlyn yells, still rubbing her pussy.

Slowly the two of us untangle our bodies, both glistening with sweat from the exertion. I finally pull out of her, my cock now mostly flaccid, and lean back on the bed. I don’t feel like saying much.

Rachel also looks a little stunned, so it’s Kaitlyn who springs to action, getting out of her chair to walk over to me. “My turn next.”

“Give me a minute,” I say, turning away from Rachel to sit on the edge of the bed. Kaitlyn takes the opportunity to stick her lips against mine, and we’re kissing. I reach up and tweak one of her milky breasts. My cock twitches a little, but is still pretty soft.

Kaitlyn breaks the kiss and smiles at Rachel with a twinkle in her eye. “You know what to do.” Then kisses me again.

Rachel takes a few moments more to compose herself, then scoots off the foot of the bed and gets on her knees in front of me. I’m still making out with Kaitlyn, but I feel Rachel’s tongue on my half-hard cock, cleaning her juices and mine off of it.

I break the kiss with Kaitlyn so I can look down on the high schooler between my legs. “So I know it’s a little too late, but I do have a question.”

“What’s that?” Rachel says, then licks the head. Kaitlyn also sinks to her knees, one hand on the back of Rachel’s head.

“I know how Kaitlyn manages with kids—her mom stays home—and how Jenny’s gonna manage with a kid—she’s marrying her boyfriend. What’re your plans?”

“Believe it or not,” Rachel says, then puts my cock head in her mouth for a big long suck, then takes it out. Kaitlyn uses her other hand to massage my balls. “My mom and I have talked about it already.”

“She knows you’re getting knocked up?”

“No, but when my BFF does, it kinda comes up around the dinner table, y’know?” My cock is slowly getting hard at their ministrations; Rachel sliding the head back in her mouth doesn’t hurt. These two are making me feel like a teenager again! At least, when it comes to recovering from sex.

“Doesn’t answer my question,” I point out.

“I’ll probably babysit them,” Kaitlyn says. “Oooh, I hope it’s quadruplets?” She looks up at me. “Can you imagine how fun it would be if you just knocked her up with quads?” My cock twitches, giving Rachel my answer. Kaitlyn looks back down at Rachel, hand rubbing the back of her best friend’s head. “Or my mom will, while I’m in school.”

Rachel slides my cock out of her mouth. “My mom said she’d probably be a little upset that I ruined my life with a baby, but we’d work it out. She’s the one who suggested me moving in with Kaitlyn, at least until the baby’s done nursing.” She grins up at me. “She doesn’t know I want multiples.”

“Mmm ... and your dad?” I ask as Kaitlyn strokes my hardening cock.

“He doesn’t know I want them either,” Rachel giggles. “And I kind of think that he wants me to get preggo; he’s always made comments about how he doesn’t think girls should do any book learnin’ or anything. Gets into fights with my mom about it sometimes, but she keeps a job anyway.”

“He probably wants you to marry a boyfriend...”

“Who needs a boyfriend our age when you’ve got prime adult cock,” Kaitlyn says, standing up. “And to that end, I need to feel your adult cock in my little teen pussy.” She’s still stroking my cock, stepping up to between my legs; Rachel makes herself scarce to the chair. “You love the idea of fucking teen girls, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I admit, my hard cock twitching in her hand.

She pushes lightly against my chest, and I follow her lead and fall back on the bed, scooting back a bit, her hand letting go of my cock as I do. She climbs on the bed on her knees, walking over to me and straddling me. “And this little teen girl is going to milk another baby out of you.” One of her hands is lightly touching my cock. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

My twitching cock gives her all the answer she needs.

She climbs up and positions my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and then starts sliding it in. It’s still as velvety magnificent as I remember. Not quite as tight as last time, and definitely not as tight as Rachel was. But it’s tighter than my wife, which is impressive for a girl who’s pushed two humans through it.

And who now wants me to put more in her.

She rocks her hips, playing with her tits for me, her blonde hair splayed all over her head. “Mmm ... how does it feel? Familiar? Do you remember the last time you fucked me? Do you remember what you did to me? You got me alllllll knocked up! With twins! My belly was out to here!” she uses a hand to give an exaggerated image of how big she had gotten.

She picks up the pace a little. “So are you gonna do it again? Are you gonna spurt all of your potent adult sperm in me? Can you knock me up a second time, stud?”

I figure these are rhetorical questions, so my only response is to buck my hips into her. I glance over at Rachel, who’s sitting in the chair, legs spread open, some of my cum leaking out of her slit, a slight pinkish tinge to it. One of her hands is playing with her clit, the other with her tits. I return my focus to Kaitlyn, who leans over, putting her hands on the bed, her hair falling over the back of her head.

“Mmm ... your cock feels soooo good in me. I should let you fuck me more often.”

The twitch in my cock surely indicates that I am okay with that idea. I buck my hips some more, sliding my cock into her nethers, after I already knocked up her best friend.

It is good to be me.

Kaitlyn sits back up and flips her hair back behind her head, and now really starts to ride me, her milk-filled tits bouncing on her chest as she bounces up and down on my cock.

“I asked your wife how old you were, and she told me ... and you know what ... you’re more than twice my age...” Kaitlyn says confidently. “And you’ve already knocked me up once. Does it make you feel good to knock me up again? A little high school girl half your age? I was a freshman last time, but now I’m a sophomore. Have you ever knocked up a sophomore before, aside from Rachel? I don’t think so. But now you’re going to knock me up, aren’t you?”

I hold on to her hips with my hands and increase my thrusting. At this point, I want nothing more than to put another baby in this little tart.

“I want you to knock me up. Make me pregnant again. I want my tits to feel all milky all the time. I want to feel your baby kicking in me again. I want everyone in my school to know I spread my legs again and got knocked up again. I want them all to know that I’m a little underage slut for potent cock.”

She leans down, laying herself on me, resting her head next to me, her lips by my ear. Our hips are moving in rhythm, my cock pounding furiously at her teenaged twat.

“Oh fuck, you feel so good in me,” she moans, her arms entangling with mine, even as I keep my hands on her hips, keeping her steady as we fuck. “So very good in me...” She moans loudly. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Put a baby in me!”

I’m focused on the fucking, feeling my second orgasm start to build within me. I’m getting close, and I redouble my efforts.

“I’ve got another secret...” she says between moans. I don’t answer, holding her hips tighter to me. “I also took the fertility pills. Do you think I’d look good with quadruplets in my belly, too?”

“Gah! Fuck!” I cry, stabbing my cock deep into her underaged cunt, my potent seed spurting right into her waiting cervix, to be suked right into her extremely fertile womb. “Ah fuck! Fuck!” I cry with each spurt, feeling my balls empty as I release another volley of a million sperms into her.

“Uhn!” Kaitlyn cries, her body seizing up in what I recognize as her orgasm, making her velvet cunt milk my babies into her waiting body even more than it already was. My cock just keeps pumping my seed, and her cunt keeps squeezing.

I finally stop spurting, but my cock twitches a few more times as we both finish out our orgasms. “Mmm,” Kaitlyn moans contentedly, rocking her hips a little in a way I interpret as happiness. “I bet you knocked me up again, you stud.”

“I hope so. I’m too old to do that too many more times.”

She laughs, sitting up, brushing hair out of her face. “We’ll see about that.” She raises herself up, my cock sliding out of her cunt, a massive splattering of cum following it after a few moments. “I’ll clean you up this time.”

With any encouragement from me, she slides to the sides of my hip and starts licking up all of my cum that dripped out, and makes sure to suck my limp cock just a little to clean off our juices.

When she’s done, she sits back and wipes her lip with her hand. “Whew.”

“I probably should get both of you home,” I say, also sitting up, and feeling a little light-headed. I look over at Rachel, who still just has an entranced look on her face, her hand cupping her pussy lips.

“Aww,” Kaitlyn says, but with a smile. “What a bad man, knocking up two underage teenagers and then dumping them at a house.”

“Yep, that’s me. Get dressed, both of you. I need to get home before my wife wonders where I am.”

The drive home is pleasant, though it mostly consists of Kaitlyn and Rachel continuing to masturbate themselves while Kaitlyn talks about how big they’ll get with all the babies I pumped into them. I’m pretty sure both of them cum at least once on the way, further increasing their chances at fertilization.

“Thanks for the fuck, baby daddy,” Kaitlyn says as she gets out of the car.

“Thanks for taking my cherry,” Rachel says, doing the same. “I’m really glad I didn’t lose it to some schmuck. I really hope you gave me quads, though.”

I give her a grin. “Just wait and see.”

I wait around in the car until they’re in Kaitlyn’s house, then I take off for home.

My wife doesn’t comment on anything when I get home, so I figure I’m in the clear. Just to make sure, I wait until she goes to bed before I do, so she can’t smell the sweat and sex on me.

That Wednesday morning, I get a text from Mary, Kaitlyn’s mom. “Hey. You free around lunch?”

I glance at my work calendar and text back. “Yeah, I’m free. What’s up?”

“Do you think you could come over here for lunch? I have something I’d like to talk about.”

I look at the text for a while; this feels unusual for her. If there’s been anything to discuss about Kaitlyn, we usually just do it over text. I actually haven’t seen her in person in a while, just because it’s not like I spent all that often over there. Don’t want to give the impression I’m anything more than family friend who’s concerned about a teen mom who was our favorite babysitter.

But I know my work is flexible, so I can take a long lunch if I need to. So I text back, “Sure. I’ll be there around 11:30.” And go back to work.

It’s hard to concentrate, wondering what she wants to talk about.

When I get to her house, I get out of my car and go knock at the door. Mary answers it almost immediately. “Come in, please,” she says, ushering me inside.

She’s wearing an outfit that’s decidedly more upscale than her daughter would wear. It’s a nice white-and-turquoise-patterned top with black trim, accented with a black sash held together with a metal ring. Her pants are a soft, black material—not like yoga pants, they’re still pants-like pants—that are cropped to mid-thigh. It kind of looks like she’s a woman my age dressed up for a date. I’m immediately suspicious.

And Mary is actually a little younger than I am. Teen motherhood apparently runs in the family, as she had Kaitlyn when she was in high school. About the same age that Kaitlyn is now—I never asked for particulars—so with Kaitlyn being a tad less than half my age at 15, that makes her mother twice half my age. Or, my age.

“I’m glad you could come,” Mary says pleasantly, gesturing us into the living room. She sits down at one end of the couch, and I sit down on the other. “It’s a little ... shall we say ... time sensitive.”

“Mmhmm,” I say, nodding. “So what did you want to talk about?”

Now, Kaitlyn is built very similarly to her mom: petite and blonde. But while Mary is still pretty thin, she’s filled out, and doesn’t have the bones of youth any more. Still a very attractive woman, and I’ve gotten the impression that she spent a lot of time after Kaitlyn was born keeping her looks good. “It’s about Kaitlyn. Well, kind of.”


She takes a moment to fold her hands in her lap. “I’ll get to the point, Jack. Now that Kaitlyn’s had her babies, and I’ve gotten a chance to babysit them—they’re taking their lunch nap right now, in fact—it makes me miss the days when Kaitlyn was that young. While I always thought it was a little tragic to have a baby so early in my life, what I really think is tragic is that I never had any more. I always did want one or two more.” She pushes a few strands of blonde hair behind an ear. “And, well, I’m not getting any younger.”

I can see what’s coming from a mile away, and cross my arms in front of my chest. “And?”

“And I want you to father the baby.”

I let the statement hang out in the air for a few seconds before responding. “Why not your husband?”

She cants her head to the side slightly, rolling her eyes and tilting her hands palms-up as though to express futility. “He was snipped before we got married, because it made it easier for him to fuck a lot. That’s the main reason we haven’t had any kids.”

“If he’s snipped ... then he’ll know it’s not his.”

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