Calling Dr. Titz! [1]: Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Dr. Titz is the world's greatest expert on the female breast. Dr. Titz is a "breast man" with a particular fetish for extremely large breasts. He has developed a technique for vastly expanding normal breasts to prodigious sizes without implants. Dr. Titz also has the Perm, a device that gives him complete mind control of a woman, making her a willing and eager sex slave. At his vastly profitable medical firm Better Unlimited he is surrounded and served by many beautiful, big-titted sex slaves.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Hypnosis   Mind Control   Rape   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Harem   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Scatology   Big Breasts   Doctor/Nurse   Small Breasts   Porn Theatre   .

The tropical sun in the clear blue sky was lightly toasting the vacationers who lounged on the white sand beach or frolicked in the turquoise surf. Dr. Titz watched them from the back seat of his chauffeur-drive limousine. He paid particular attention to the women. He focused on their breasts. Some were very small. Even at this distance, Dr. Titz could distinguish a 30-inch A-cup from a 32-inch B-cup. He watched as the women walked, bent down to pick up a towel, or frolicked in the waves. He paid particular attention to the women who had larger breasts of 36-inches and D-cup, or above.

Dr. Titz also assessed the young girls whose young breasts only beginning to bud. He saw the ones who barely had any breast bumps, but paid particular attention to the ones whose breasts were precocious in their size. Dr. Titz nodded his approval at these lucky girls who would soon be bearing unusually fine mammaries.

As the world’s greatest medical expert on the female breast, Dr. Titz had a professional interest. But he also had a personal interest. Dr. Titz is what is commonly known as a “breast man”. He had a particular fetish for female breasts. He was especially fond of women with very big breasts. That’s why he went into his medical specialty: the care and enhancement of the female breast, including expanding breasts to prodigious sizes without using implants.

Dr. Titz had been fascinated by breasts as far back as he could remember. He even recalled sucking at his mother’s breasts as a child. He loved breasts. And he knew all the different names for them: Tits, titties, tig ol’ bitties, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, dirty pillows, gazongas, yabbos, tig bitties, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, headlights, baps, meat puppets, ta-tas, naturals, boobies, guns, bahama mammas, balloons, bawagos, blinkers, bobambas, bodacious tatas, bombs, bosom, bosooms, boulders, Bristols, bubatoes, bups, bust, busts, Cadillac bumper bullets, casabas, chest, chuberteens, cones, gedoinkers, doorknobs, floppers, fried eggs, fugis, gams, gazangas, jungle tits, golden bazoos, golden winnebagoes, mounds, mountains, marshmallows, Maguffies, milk bags, grenadoes, headlights, hogans, honkers, itty-bitty-titties, jalobes, bazongoes, bazookas, bazooms, bazoos, ninnies, nips, nupies, pair, nice pair, penis squeezers, beamers, starter buttons, tads, handles, tatas, tittyboppers, bee stings, jiggers, jobes, rolling hills, cupcakes, cushions, dairy section, highbeams, hinyackas, knobs, love apples, love monkeys, luscious scoops of flesh, twins, love warts, watermellons, wazoos, whoppers, winnebagos, yabos, mambas, mammas, mamms, massive mammaries, mazabas, mellons, milk factories, Mcguffies, mosquito bites, perkies, pillows, pimples, pink chewies, rack, set, smosabs, stacked, torpedoes, towel racks, udders, and more.

Hans Titz was the youngest member of his family in America. His ancestor had come from the German city of Titz in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. His great-great-great-grandfather, who was also named Hans, became the first immigrant from the family to come to America. When he landed at Ellis Island in New York harbor, the family name was Ottovordemgentschenfeldenkraiss. Ancestor Hans decided to change the name to something shorter and simpler. So he used the name of his native village, Titz. That became the new family name. Ancestor Hans had no idea that the name Titz sounded like a part of the female anatomy in English.

The current Hans believed that his ancestor’s choice of the new family name had been an inadvertent act of genius. The current Hans Titz loved tits. He had gone to medical school with the secret intention of getting to see and touch women’s naked breasts as often as possible. He was a whiz in class, easily earning top marks. But it was the clinical side, where he actually touched female patients, that gave him his reason for being in medicine. Dr. Titz loved the look and feel of breasts, especially when they were unusually large or engorged with milk. When he eventually went into private medical practice, he installed hidden cameras to record every naked breast that came to him.

Dr. Titz loved big tits. The bigger, the better. But alas and alack, there were far too few big breasts in the world. Dr. Titz admired the gumption of women who had their breasts enlarged with surgically implanted fakes, but he detested the results. Fake breasts felt wrong beneath the touch of his sensitive fingers. They looked false too, as any trained eye could easily tell.

So Dr. Titz made it his mission in life to find ways to make breasts grow without using implants or injections of filler material. He worked like a demon, day and night, for years to develop a breast enlargement treatment using his own special protocol of drugs, hormone injections, and low-intensity electro-magnetic stimulation. When he finally achieved success, Dr. Titz proudly applied for approval by the American government’s Food and Drug Administration. But it never came. In fact, he was legally forbidden to use his breast enlargement treatment inside the United States. That’s when Dr. Titz relocated to the tropical island paradise where he opened the clinic he has since operated with great success.

There turned out to be even more advantages to his new location than Dr. Titz had imagined in the beginning. As it turned out, the government of this tropical island nation was very easily influenced by the application of cash payments to open palms. This opened the door to a second project that Dr. Titz had never dared to try back in the USA: personality modification and attitude adjustment treatments. It was one thing to make a woman’s breasts much larger than Nature had intended. It was quite another thing to get that woman to give him, or any other man, unlimited access to her breasts for the sake of male sexual satisfaction. Dr. Titz had developed a treatment that rendered women completely compliant with male sexual desires. His treatment turned any woman into a willing and eager lover. It bonded her permanently into devotion and relational attachment to any man that Dr. Titz linked her to. She became his love slave.

Dr. Titz discretely advertised his breast enlargement treatments far and wide, inside certain circles. Customers who could afford it came to him from around the world. Dr. Titz was much more secretive about his personality modification and attitude adjustment treatment. He referred to these obliquely as a Perm. Dr. Titz would not accept patients for a Perm treatment until he had verified certain information about the women involved and the men who intended to pay for them to get it. Dr. Titz did not want to abet human traffickers. Other than that, the most important information Dr. Titz sought was whether the guy could afford Dr. Titz’s outrageously high fees for the Perm treatment. Only a few could do so. Doing business with these very rich men provided Dr. Titz with showers of cash that he safeguarded in several shell corporate bank accounts in friendly countries around the world. Providing breast enlargement treatments had made Dr. Titz financially successful. But providing his Perm personality modification and attitude adjustment treatments had made him incredibly wealthy. His net worth, most of which was hidden in secret bank accounts, was now higher than the entire national economies of some small nations, including the island nation where he now lived.

During the car ride past the beach, Dr. Titz mused about how he came to be so fortunate in life. As his limousine glided almost silently away from the beach road and into the wealthy neighborhood where his clinic was located, Dr. Titz smiled in satisfaction. The clinic did not stand out in any way from the mansions in this extremely elite neighborhood. The main building itself looked like just another billionaire’s tropical mansion. It was hidden from the road behind tall hedges. Additional steel fencing and alarm systems offered stronger protection.

At the front gate, only a house number and intercom system were visible. The remotely operated gate opened to admit Dr. Titz’ limousine. Security cameras everywhere in the mansion compound kept everything under surveillance. Armed security guards and highly trained dogs patrolled the property.

The gate opened automatically for Dr. Titz’s limousine. The car drove up the long looping driveway past meticulously manicured lawns and gardens. A swimming pool and tennis courts were visible just past some gardens and small out buildings. Several more out buildings were visible to the other side. The main building was a two-story mansion with white walls and a red tile roof. A small golden sign was attached to the wall next to the front entrance. It was the only indication of what this place really was. The sign said “Better Unlimited.”

That was the name of Dr. Titz’ clinic. He joked with his closet friends that a more accurate name would be “Bigger Udders.” Since his friends were all customers of his, they could only smile and agree.

The limousine pulled up in front of the main entrance. The chauffeur, a beefy man with close-cropped sandy blonde hair and a military bearing, immediately leapt out of the car and trotted around it to open car door for Dr. Titz.

“Thank you, Roland” said Dr. Titz. “I understand today is your son’s birthday?”

Roland smiled at his boss. “That’s right, doc. He wouldn’t be here if not for you.”

Dr. Titz smiled kindly at the man. Several years before, not long after Dr. Titz had hired Roland, he helped the man find the right woman for him. Truth to tell, the woman had barely tolerated Roland at first. Her name was Belinda and she was terribly small-titted. Roland and Belinda dated for a little while. She seemed to be about to break off the relationship. But Dr. Titz recognized her good qualities. Roland got Belinda to accompany him to an office visit at “Better Unlimited.” By one means and another, Dr. Titz convinced Belinda to have her breasts enlarged using his special treatment. He waived all charges. The breast enlargement would be done for free. Belinda was thrilled at the prospect.

What Belinda didn’t know was that Dr. Titz was being even more generous than that. He had informed Roland that in addition to the breast enlargement, Dr. Titz would provide a free Perm treatment, thus bonding Belinda to Roland as his devoted mate forever. Roland was delighted. What’s more, Dr. Titz did the treatments in reverse order. He usually performed the breast enlargement procedure first, then the Perm bonding treatment. With Belinda, Dr. Titz did them the other way round.

This reversal offered some distinct advantages for Roland. When Belinda first came on the office visit to Dr. Titz’ clinic, she agreed to have her breasts enlarged from 32-inch A-cup to 34-inch C-cup. But after the Perm treatment was complete, Belinda doted on Roland and asked his opinion about everything. When she asked how large Roland wanted her breasts to become, he told her 42-inch F-cup. Belinda agreed immediately. And that’s what her breasts became. Roland and Belinda were delighted with her new breasts. They got married the following weekend. Their son was born nine months later.

Dr. Titz climbed the wide outside steps to the entrance doorway of the Better Unlimited clinic. The doors slid open automatically because he carried the proper electronic badge with a radio frequency identification chip.

The front office waiting area of the clinic looked nothing like a typical medical facility. It looked like a billionaire mansion with perhaps a few more desks and side rooms off the main hall than would be typical. The place was richly furnished with comfortable seating, beautiful art on the walls, and only the most discreet indications that this was a medical place of business.

An attractive young brunette woman stepped forward. She was wearing a low-cut dress in tropical colors that seemed like a cross between business attire and vacation wear. The dress revealed a lot of cleavage in her abundant bosom. She was carrying his lab coat and a digital tablet. She handed Dr. Titz his lab coat which he donned as she smiled and said “Good morning, Dr. Titz. May I get you a cup of coffee?”

“No thank you, Millicent” said Dr. Titz. He stood there for a moment gazing at the beautiful young brunette woman. She had sparkling blue eyes. The milky white skin of her face was framed by her thick mane of wavy brown hair. She responded to his appreciative gaze with a proud smile as she thrust out her chest to its full extent. Dr. Titz returned her a smile with a look of satisfaction. Millicent’s 44-inch G-cup bustline was spectacular. Dr. Titz was very proud of his work with her, building up her bustline from small beginnings to its present majestic proportions. Millicent’s eyes twinkled as she gazed worshipfully at her boss, her lover, her Master. Her happiness was obvious. Dr. Titz was equally happy with her and how her Perm treatment turned out. Millicent Jones was his big-breasted love slave, who lived only to serve and please him.

Dr. Titz gently placed a hand on her elbow and steered the young woman toward a nearby office. They entered and he closed the door. He moved to a couch and sat down. She walked over and sat down as close to her boss as she could.

Millicent tapped at her digital tablet as Dr. Titz put his hand all the way into her cleavage and began rubbing and grasping the soft flesh of her breasts. If this had happened before Millicent had undergone the Perm treatment, she would have screamed and pushed his hand away. But now, all she could do was smile, and sigh with pleasure, and she tilted her head toward Dr. Titz. “Thank you for feeling me up, Dr. Titz” Millicent said in a breathy voice. “You know how much I love it when you touch my breasts.”

The two leaned toward one another and kissed. Dr. Titz continued feeling up his assistant’s breasts as his tongue met hers in urgent embrace. The kiss lasted less than a minute. Then Dr. Titz leaned back, removing his hand from Millicent’s massive breasts.

“Uncover your udders, darling” Dr. Titz said. “I want to gaze at my property on your chest.”

“Of course, Doctor” Millicent replied cheerfully. The beautiful young woman reached behind her back. The sound of her zipper opening was followed immediately by the lowering of the top of her dress. Millicent’s white, lacey 44-inch G-cup bra was revealed.

Dr. Titz casually ran a finger down her exposed cleavage. Millicent sighed with pleasure. Then she reached behind her back once again, unlatching her bra. The bra fell away, releasing her enormous tits. Her gigantic, snow white udders sprung free and then flopped down onto her chest. The two great twin mountains of mammary flesh—Millicent’s soft, pink-nippled mounds of plenty—hung free under the gaze of Dr. Titz. He lifted one massive breast with his two hands, watching as the soft flesh filled his open palms. Dr. Titz playfully bounced the breast up and down in his hands, feeling the heft of the soft flesh. He loved watching how Millicent’s massive tit bounced in his hand. Dr. Titz carefully inspected the pink areola and nipple. With one hand, he took the pink nipple between two fingers. Twisting it, he watched Millicent’s reaction. She winced slightly, and then she sighed with pleasure again. Dr. Titz bent over and took the areola and nipple into his mouth. He sucked it, first gently, then with more force.

Millicent rubbed the top of his head. “Mmm. Thank you, Doctor” she murmured “you really know how to treat a girl’s breasts.” Dr. Titz released the nipple from his mouth and lowered the breast gently. Then he took hold of the other breast and repeated the procedure. Millicent was clearly enjoying how Dr. Titz treated her breasts. Dr. Titz was enjoying it too.

After Dr. Titz had finished his inspection and sucking of Millicent’s magnificent breasts, he sat back. “Time to get back to work” he said.

Millicent bent down to pick up her tablet computer and resume work. Her pure white, pink-nippled udders swung forward, hanging downward like gigantic ripe fruit. Dr. Titz admired the swaying dance of his love slave’s mammaries. The sheer knowledge that he owned them and the young woman they were attached to was enough to make him smile.

Tablet computer in hand, the bare-breasted brunette assistant sat up again. Her massive breasts lay hanging from her chest, ready for Dr. Titz to grab them again whenever he felt like it. Millicent sat facing him, poised to receive his next command. Her blue eyes gazed worshipfully at her Owner.

“How many patients are being seen today?” Dr. Titz asked.

Millicent read the information from her device. “Dr. Celinda Yarrow is scheduled to see six patients today. Two are supposed to be for breast enhancements only. The other four are breast enlargement plus Perm.”

Dr. Titz nodded in approval. His colleague, Celinda Yarrow, is an endocrinologist. The slim golden blonde beauty with blue eyes and country girl fresh good looks had joined his medical staff several years ago. Dr. Titz had enlarged her breasts into 40-inch E-cup knockers. Her newly enlarged breasts stood out well on her tall 40-23-32 frame. Dr. Titz had Permed her into being his love slave as well. She did very good work at enlarging other women’s breasts and applying the Perm treatment to these women who were about to become newly well-endowed. The patients Celinda would be treating today would bring in several million dollars in fees.

Millicent read further from her tablet. “Dr. Teresa Wood is slated for eight patients. All of them are for enlargements and Perm.”

Dr. Titz smiled again. Teresa Wood was another endocrinologist colleague. The buxom redhead had freckled ivory skin, sultry green eyes, and a very pretty face. When Dr. Titz first met her, she was rather deficient in the breast department. He improved her with a pair of 44-inch G-cup tits. Her newly improved body was now a spectacular 44-24-36. And her new life as his Permed love slave was a delight to them both. Dr. Wood’s patient load of the day would bring in several more million dollars.

Dr. Titz medical practice, Better Unlimited, was a medical corporation in which he was the main stockholder, holding more than a 98% stake. His medical colleagues received a salary, as did the other staff. They might have wanted more if they still had any free will in these matters. He had Perm-treated all of them out of such concerns. Dr. Titz cared for them like a benevolent father, making sure they had plenty of money to live on, excellent benefits, and a retirement plan that would ensure they would live comfortably for the rest of their leaves. Better Unlimited was so lucrative that Dr. Titz could be this generous while still keeping the lion’s share of the profits for himself.

Millicent looked down at her tablet again. “Dr. Olga Olsen is also scheduled for eight patients today, all getting the full package of enlargements plus Perm.”

Dr. Titz smiled even wider, as he imagined another several million dollars more pouring into his bank account. Olga Olsen was a gynecologist he swept off her feet several years ago. Well, truth to tell, the Perm is what swept Olga off her feet. The Nordic platinum blonde with deep blue eyes and a movie star beautiful face had been engaged to another man when Dr. Titz met her. Now, after he had Permed Olga and expanded her breasts, the young, statuesque beauty with the 42-inch F-cup tits had a very attractive 42-24-32 figure and she was both an excellent colleague and an exceptional love slave.

Millicent continued. “Dr. Cherie Darling is also scheduled for eight patients, and all of them are for enlargements and Perm.”

Dr. Darling is a gynecologist. She was the first to join Dr. Titz at his Better Unlimited clinic in its earliest days. When Dr. Titz first met her, Cherie was a petite blonde with blue eyes and a very pretty face fresh out of her medical residency. He had wined and dined her in a charm offensive designed to win her over to join the medical practice he was about to open. He told her about his revolutionary new breast enlargement treatment. She asked to see his laboratory. That’s when he got a little forward. Once they were alone in the laboratory it only took a moment to render her temporarily unconscious. Then he used his newly-developed Perm treatment on her. By the time she regained consciousness, Dr. Cherie Darling was eager to join Dr. Titz’ medical practice. In fact, she was eager to do anything to please Dr. Titz. So he enlarged her breasts with her complete agreement. Her petite frame was soon sporting a new hefty pair of 36-inch F-cup udders. Her new measurements were 36-22-30. She was so happy. Cherie delighted in letting Dr. Titz do anything he wanted with her newly enlarged breasts. She has been his close colleague and devoted love slave ever since.

“Who is my first patient?” asked Dr. Titz.

“Your first patient today is one Rhonda Williams. She is accompanied by her husband, Morgan Williams. Mr. Williams wants to have his wife’s breasts enlarged. She agreed. They both passed all verification tests.”

“Does he want Mrs. Williams to receive a Perm?” asked Dr. Titz.

“Not at this time” Millicent replied. “He would actually like her to have one. But when he heard the price, he balked.”

Dr. Titz smiled. “They often do.” The Doctor chuckled. “And they often change their minds after they see the attention their newly endowed wives receive from other men.”

Millicent giggled. “I’m so glad you Permed me, Doctor” she said. “I adore being your assistant and slave. It’s such a relief to find other men unattractive. I love being owned by you. I love serving you. I love loving only you!”

Dr. Titz laid a hand on Millicent’s leg, just above the knee. He squeezed lightly. “I’m delighted with you, Millicent” he said. “I love you. I love owning you. You are one of my big-tit treasures!”

Millicent gazed at Dr. Titz like a puppy dog before her master. She smiled and sighed. “You don’t know how much it means to me to hear that. I love you so, Master!” Millicent put her hand over her mouth, raised her shoulders, and arched her eyebrows. “I’m sorry! I mean Doctor. Sometimes I forget that we’re at work and I’m not to call you Master until we’re back home. But you are my Master. It feels odd to call you anything else.”

Dr. Titz squeezed one of Millicent’s enormous breasts and hefted it up and down as if he were weighing a 5 pound bag of soft meat. “You’re a good slave, Millicent, with magnificent udders. I love you. And I love owning your tit meat and using it at my whim.” He smiled like a man in possession of everything he’s always wanted. For indeed he was. Dr. Titz sighed with contentment. Then he said “Now, my big-titted darling slave, who else is on the patient list?”

Millicent turned her attention to the digital tablet in her lap. “Let’s see. Your second appointment is with a Mr. Ronald Randall. He’s bringing his girlfriend Miss Tara Sinclair. They are both verified. She has agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to have her breasts enlarged. He also wants to get her Permed.”

Dr. Titz nodded. “Good choice. It always works out better that way. Bigger breasts are best accompanied by a heart set at rest.” Dr. Titz smiled kindly at Millicent. “Don’t you agree, my beautiful slave?”

Millicent, still bare-chested with her magnificent 44-inch G-cup tits swinging free, fluttered her eyelashes, nodded her head, and flashed a winning smile. “Oh, yes, Doctor” she said. “I’m so grateful that my heart belongs only to you. It makes life so much simpler. And more lovely. Every girl should be so lucky!”

Millicent was one of Dr. Titz’ most satisfying achievements. Her enlarged breasts turned out magnificently. She went on to become one of the earliest experimental subjects for his personality modification and attitude adjustment treatment. Dr. Titz had Permed her to himself. She has been his devoted love slave ever since. Their relationship was mutually satisfying and completely delightful.

“Anyone else on today’s patient roster?” Dr. Titz asked.

Millicent looked down at the tablet in her lap. Her brow furrowed. She bit her lip. “This is an odd one” she said. “A Mrs. Linda Dawson wants an enlargement for herself and her 16-year-old daughter Laura.”

Dr. Titz raised his eyebrows. “Really?” he said. “That is odd. I’ve had a few women patients unaccompanied by men before. But never a mother and teenaged daughter. Is there a man in their life?”

“No” Millicent said, shaking her head. “Mrs. Dawson is a widow. Her husband died several years ago.”

“Why does she want the enlargement for herself and her daughter, I wonder” Dr. Titz said as he gazed off into the middle distance and rubbed his chin.

“Our investigators don’t believe her answer. She said it was to make them both more attractive to men. But they are both quite attractive already” said Millicent.

“Let me see their photos” said Dr. Titz.

Millicent handed the tablet to Dr. Titz. He tapped the screen to bring up photos of Linda and Laura Dawson. Linda was a 40-year-old blonde with a pleasant face, a winning smile, and a body that was aging but still maintaining its womanly curves. Her breasts were modest 34-inch C-cups. Linda’s daughter Laura was a knockout. Laura was blonde, like her mother, but with the face of a movie starlet. Her only drawback was her flat chest. The teenager was a paltry 32-inch A-cup.

“What’s this note?” said Dr. Titz absentmindedly as he tapped a spot on the tablet screen. The note was an additional piece of text that was sometimes appended to a patient file. This note was locked. It could only be opened using Dr. Titz’s personal security code. He entered the code and opened the note. Then he smiled.

The note came from Dr. Cherie Darling. It said “Dr. Titz – I met these two at a social event. I later applied a limited Perm treatment to them. Just enough to get them to come here. They are my gift to you. If you like them, please complete their Perm treatment at your leisure. I hope they serve you well.”

Dr. Titz grinned from ear to ear. “What a good girl!” said Dr. Titz softly, speaking more to himself than to Millicent. Dr. Titz was always interested in acquiring more women as his personal property. Sometimes he brought them into his circle of full-time employees and love slaves. Other times he kept them as love slaves but did not employ them. In any case, a man cannot have too many large-breasted women to play with. The more big-titted women he owned, the happier he was. That was Dr. Titz’s guiding philosophy.

Before seeing any of his patients, Dr. Titz conducted his usual morning inspection of the building and his workers. Except for the security personnel, all of Dr. Titz’s employees were women. Young and beautiful women. The nurses, office workers, kitchen workers, and more had been hand-picked by Dr. Titz for their beauty. They had also been recipients of Dr. Titz’s breast enlargement and Perm treatments. His female staffers were extremely loyal and dedicated. Every one of them was his love slave. They adored him. No matter how hard they worked, they always felt like they should do more for him. He often allowed them to provide him with special services of a sexual nature. He was particularly fond of playing with their breasts. Dr. Titz delighted in his freedom to grab the breasts of any woman who worked for him. He might casually fondle her tits as he was passing by her in the hall. Or Dr. Titz might strip her naked and take her in any way that pleased him right then and there, no matter where they were. Most of the time he settled for simply uncovering her breasts and sucking on them while manhandling the woman’s udders with utter freedom. But quite often, she asked him to let her give him a blowjob into the bargain, and he let her.

Dr. Titz employed many women. The number was constantly increasing. He had had sex with each of them, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. Every one of them was literally at his beck and call, night and day. He could have any of them, or all of them, whenever he pleased. Every one of them only lived to please him. The Perm treatment guaranteed that.

The security personnel were different. They were all former military or policemen. Dr. Titz had developed a special version of the Perm treatment for them. It ensured their loyalty. But that was not enough for Dr. Titz. He wanted to reward them for their service, not merely give them a paycheck and the generous benefits he provided to all his employees. Dr. Titz also helped each of the men he employed to find good women. Dr. Titz provided free breast enlargement treatments to these women, as well as free Perm treatments. He gave his men more than money; he gave them loyal, loving, big-breasted women who would be utterly faithful and completely sexually available and accommodating solely to the one man Dr. Titz assigned them to. Dr. Titz’s security personnel were deeply grateful for the beautiful, big-breasted, brainwashed brides Dr. Titz had given each of them.

After completing his morning inspection rounds, Dr. Titz proceeded to his first two appointments. He always handled these things with his typical combination of professionalism and friendliness. But he was eager to get to his third and final appointment of the day, the mother-daughter duo sent him by his colleague Dr. Cherie Darling. A gift of new sex slaves from one of his current sex slaves was always the nicest gift to get. When that gift consisted of a mother-daughter pair, it was more than doubly special!

Dr. Titz’ first appointment with Mr. and Mrs. Williams looked fairly routine. Dr. Titz would meet with them in one of the treatment rooms, of which there were many, all nearly identical except for the wall colors and decorative art. Each treatment room was furnished like a hotel room with a couch, two arm chairs, end tables, a small table with chairs, a clothes bureau, TV set, and queen size bed, as well as a full bathroom. Within the room, but hidden behind floor-to-ceiling sliding panels, were medical instruments, medicines, and similar materials typically found in hospitals. By keeping these things out of sight, the room had a friendlier feel. Patients undergoing treatment would stay in these rooms for several days. Their husbands or boyfriends were permitted to visit during certain hours only, but were not allowed to stay overnight. The husbands or boyfriends were accommodated in other buildings on the grounds, where they occupied rooms of comparable quality and amused themselves with the various entertainments available elsewhere on the island.

Dr. Titz greeted Morgan and Rhonda Williams. Morgan Williams was a 50-year-old businessman of medium height and average features, neither handsome nor ugly. But with a net worth: $500 million, he attracted his fair share of attention. Rhonda Williams was a beautiful young blonde. At 28-years-of-age, she was 22 years younger than her businessman husband. The married couple was in agreement that her breasts should be enlarged. They picked a target size of 40-inch E-cups. Rhonda had already been examined and tested previously by Dr. Darling, so Dr. Titz would begin the treatment immediately.

Dr. Titz used an intercom to call for a nurse. Nurse Jane Jones, one of his redheaded big-breasted nurses, entered the room. Jane was a beautiful curvaceous woman with 44-inch G-cup breasts. She wore a white nurse’s dress uniform that clung tightly to her bulging chest and shapely rear end. She stood awaiting orders from her boss, who was also her Master and Owner.

Dr. Titz asked Mr. Williams to step outside into the waiting area so Dr. Titz could treat Mrs. Williams with the assistance of Nurse Jane. Mr. Williams walked out and the door locked automatically behind him, leaving Dr. Titz and Nurse Jane alone with Rhonda Williams in the sound-proof medical treatment room. In the waiting room, Mr. Williams would browse through magazines while a low-power version of the Perm machine and odorless drugs wafted through the room to ensure that he would feel at ease and never ask any troublesome questions about what happened inside the treatment room where he had left his wife with Dr. Titz and the nurse. Dr. Titz always thought it best to have some control over the husbands and boyfriends as well as their wives and girlfriends.

As soon as Mr. Williams was gone, Dr. Titz took a good look at Rhonda Williams. A trophy wife, she had been chosen by Morgan Williams to replace the first Mrs. Williams, who had borne him 3 children before he ditched her for a younger model. Since Rhonda would be upgrading her tits by 6 inches and 3 cup sizes from 34-inch B-cups all the way to 40-inch E-cups, Dr. Titz wanted to examine her closely ... naked and without interference.

Dr. Titz made small talk with Rhonda, using his excellent bedside manner to put the young woman as ease as she removed her blouse and bra for him. Then he had her sit on the bed while he pulled up a short stool. Sitting on it put his eyes directly at tit-level with the young blonde. Dr. Titz almost shook his head at the modest size of her tits, but restrained himself. He had explained to Rhonda that the treatment would be slightly painful, since it involved several injections, but he would use a medical device to lessen her discomfort. That’s when Dr. Titz tapped a small device the size of a pen to Rhonda’s temple. The woman immediately closed her eyes and fell into a trance-like state.

“Very good” said Dr. Titz. He then ordered Nurse Jane to retrieve the crucial medical device. She slid open one of the wall panels to reveal a host of medical devices and cabinets containing medicines. Nurse Jane handed the requested device to Dr. Titz. It was the Perm headset. He then proceeded to place the Perm helmet over Rhonda’s head. The Perm helmet extended from her forehead to just above her ears, and all the way to the back of her head. Even though her husband had refused to pay for the Perm treatment, Dr. Titz would do it anyway. Not for Mr. Williams, but for himself. Dr. Titz switched on the Perm device. He controlled it remotely with a handheld touch screen that looked like a smart phone.

Rhonda Williams’ eyes remained closed as the Perm device began re-wiring her brain circuits. At the same time, Dr. Titz and Nurse Jane removed the rest of Rhonda’s clothes. As soon as the young blonde was completely naked, Dr. Titz began sucking her tits. Dr. Titz did not recognize anyone else’s authority when it came to female breasts. He believed he had the right to any and all female breasts. No matter how old or young, Dr. Titz believed every female breast was rightfully his.

Dr. Titz called for Nurse Jane to get him another device. Reaching into the medical closet, the buxom redhead pulled forth a large medical magnifying glass mounted on a special armature for ease of movement. The magnifying glass lens was as large across as a dinner plate. The lens was surrounded by a metal ring which had its own built-in lamp to provide illumination. The lens itself was coated with a photosensitive material that was connected to a high-resolution digital camera system. Everything Dr. Titz viewed through the lens could be recorded as video or still images with crystal clarity.

Dr. Titz used the magnifying glass to closely examine each of Rhonda’s breasts. Dr. Titz touched the young blonde’s pink nipples and areolae as he scanned every pore of her skin. Then using both hands he felt all sides of her breasts. Satisfied with the examination, Dr. Titz pushed the magnifying glass arm aside so that he could play with Rhonda’s breasts more intimately. Dr. Titz fondled her left breast while he sucked her right one. Then he switched and did the same with the other.

After spending a few minutes with her breasts, Dr. Titz moved down to Rhonda’s crotch. Using the magnifying glass again, he examined her pubic area, clitoris, and vagina in clinical detail. With the assistance of Nurse Jane, Dr. Titz then rearranged Rhonda’s body so that her knees were on the floor (resting on a pad) and her rear end was on prominent display. Again using the magnifying glass with its internal light source, Dr. Titz examined Rhonda’s pure white buttocks. After scanning each butt check, he concentrated on the space between them that began just below her tail bone and continued all the way down past her anus to her perineum. Then he focused closely on Rhonda’s anus. It was clean and tight and had the same lovely pink color as her nipples and areolae. The magnifying glass was so powerful that Dr. Titz could count every fold of her anal sphincter ring.

Satisfied with his inspection, Dr. Titz pushed the armature of the magnifying glass to one side. He and Nurse Jane placed Rhonda back on the bed. The beautiful blonde lay there with her legs spread wide. Now Dr. Titz went at the helpless woman directly, sniffing, licking, and fingering the woman’s genitals while she remained in a medically-induced trance.

After Dr. Titz had had his fill of Rhonda’s vaginal goodies, with the help of Nurse Jane he guided Rhonda back into a kneeling position facing Dr. Titz. She followed like a flexible doll. In her trance state, she would assume any position and then stay in that position. Gently, Dr. Titz adjusted Rhonda’s head so she was in the right position for him. With the assistance of Nurse Jane, Dr. Titz swiftly undressed. His erect and throbbing penis was now on display. Dr. Titz gave Nurse Jane a nod. She touched the remote control pad. Rhonda opened her mouth. Dr. Titz inserted his penis into the beautiful blonde’s mouth. Without further ado, Rhonda began to suck Dr. Titz like a woman possessed by the soul of whore and the desires of a nymphomaniac. The Perm treatment had already re-wired Rhonda’s brain sufficiently that Dr. Titz could execute any number of pre-programmed sex routines with the flick of the remote control. Very soon, even the remote control would become unnecessary, as he would have direct personal control over Rhonda without any intermediation by machinery or drugs.

Dr. Titz smiled broadly when Rhonda licked, sucked, and then deepthroated his penis. He had to resist the temptation to grab the beauty by her blonde hair and face-fuck her vigorously from the start. He needed to give the little filly her head, so to speak. It was important to test out Rhonda’s execution of the basic blowjob program that the Perm machine had installed in her brain. The young beauty was doing very, very well.

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