Pretend Daughter and Master Kidnap a New Girl

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: One year after his kidnapping, rape and enslavement of beautiful, 14-year-old, platinum blonde, blue-eyed Wendy (see "My First Rape"), the Master does the same with a beautiful young redhead and Wendy helps. The present story is a sequel to "Pretend Daughter and Daddy Are Real Sex Slave and Master." This story is a modified version of the considerably longer sequel story "My Second Rape."

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Mind Control   Rape   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Small Breasts   .


This story is a short episode from within a much longer story about kidnapping, rape, and enslavement. The longer story is “My Second Rape” which was the sequel to “My First Rape.” This is a very substantially modified version of “My Second Rape.” One of the major characters has been left out. I did this because it makes this version of the story easier to tell. For the full, rich version with all characters present, go read “My Second Rape.” Some considerable time after I wrote those two tales, I combined and re-wrote them into the single story “Diary of a Rapist.”

Here’s the background to the present story: One year after his kidnapping, rape, enslavement, and brainwashing / re-programming of beautiful, 14-year-old, platinum blonde, blue-eyed Wendy (see “My First Rape”), the Master plots his 2nd acquisition. With Wendy’s assistance plus the help of others, the Master is about to abduct a beautiful young redhead with pure white skin and green eyes named Ivory.

I was still looking at my two computers when Wendy emerged from the hotel bathroom. My teen beauty had a towel wrapped around her wet platinum blonde hair and another wrapped around her pale white body. She walked over and stood next to me. I smelled the fresh fragrance of her 15-year-old body. Wendy draped an arm around my shoulder. I put an arm around her waist.

“What’cha doin’ Daddy? Planning to kidnap and rape a little girl?” she teased.

“You bet your ass, bitch!” I said as I reached under her towel and grabbed her naked white ass, squeezing her left buttock and then her right one.

“Mmm!” Wendy said as I fondled her buttocks. “My ass is your property, Master. It belongs to you. You can do anything you want with it. My ass is at your service, Master. Always.” She dropped the towels from her head and body.

I looked at her naked body. Whenever I pause to contemplate Wendy’s pure white skin, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, increasingly womanly figure, her growing breasts, pink nipples, downy platinum pubic patch, and amazingly beautiful face, I feel like I am in the presence of a young goddess, or an angel. She is my treasure from paradise. And I took her with my own two hands. Best of all, my pure white angel has the soul of a slutty sex slave. I have programmed her to channel that sexuality so that it dovetails with my desires perfectly. I’ve turned my little cunt-angel into behaving in ways that no pristine angel ever would. Wendy is my angel whore slut-slave, and she lives and breathes and sucks and fucks only for the pleasure of her Owner/Master.

As Wendy leaned down and kissed me on the lips, her wet hair draped across my head and shoulders. I cupped one of her small, young breasts in one hand. I put the other hand on her flank and moved it slowly down to her hips, feeling the softness of her moist, smooth flesh. I held my palm flat against her, splaying my fingers. Then I drew my hand across her lower abdomen, and down to her pubic area. I felt her soft, young, delicate pubic hairs against my palm and then between my fingers.

“Ooo, Daddy-Master” she sighed. “Do you want to fuck me? Or should I give you a blowjob? Maybe both?”

“Well, I haven’t had a shower, bitch. I’m not all clean like you are, my little frosted cupcake with cherries on top” I said, and then began suckling at her pink-nippled breasts, one after the other.

Wendy wrapped her arms around my head as I sucked her tits. “That’s ok, Master” she cooed. “I want your dick inside my mouth, or my cunt, or my ass no matter where it’s been, and no matter how dirty it might be.” She kissed me on top of my head. “Besides, Daddy-Master dearest, I think I did a pretty good job of keeping your dick clean in my mouth on the whole drive after lunch.”

I stopped sucking the teenager’s tits and looked her in the eye. I smiled. “That you did, you little whore. You had my dick in your mouth for over an hour before I made you stop.”

Wendy leaned over and kissed me on the lips again. “I wish you hadn’t made me stop. I could have kept going!”

I laughed. “Someday we’ll see how long you can suck my dick without stopping. Right now we’re on a mission from god” I said, quoting the old BLUES BROTHERS movie line. I gestured at the screens on the two laptop computers sitting on the desk in our hotel room. “See all those green circles? Those are the signals that everything is GO on our mission. We might be able to snatch Ivory tomorrow morning. There is no school. Her mom will be out. And we’ve got a way into her place and out again that should make the snatch and grab easy.”

Wendy clapped her hands. “Oh yes! I can’t wait! What do I have to do? You never told me.”

“You’ll sit in the car and wait. It won’t be our compact RV. It’ll be another vehicle” I said. “I’ll give you instructions on what to do in case the plan changes. I have a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, and more, in case things go awry. I’ll review them with you briefly later.”

“Daddy-Master, I know you told me not to ask you about the people who are helping you with this. But can’t I ask one question? Pretty please?” Wendy pleaded.

“You can ask, bitch, but I won’t answer” I said.

“It’s a very simple yes or no question” Wendy said. “You don’t even have to answer. You just have to let me do something if it’s a yes, or tell me not to do it if it’s a no.”

I was intrigued. “Like I said, you can ask, but I won’t answer, cunt” I said.

Wendy smiled. “OK then. I want to give you a blowjob, Master. Right now. Let me do it right now if the answer is yes, or tell me to blow you later if the answer is no. Here’s my question. Do the men who are helping you ... I mean, I’m guessing they’re men ... do the men who are helping you also own girls or women like me?”

I smiled. “Get on your knees and blow me, you little slut” I said.

“Thank you, Daddy-Master” said Wendy as the naked teenager knelt on the floor and crawled under the desk. With some help from me, she took my pants off, and then took my dick into her mouth. The last words she said before she began a long, loving blowjob were “Thank you for letting me blow you, Master. And thank you for owning me. I live to suck your dick and swallow your cum.”

While Wendy blew me I typed on my computers. In a matter of seconds, photos and videos of Ivory appeared on the screen. I gazed longingly at my next acquisition. Then I lowered my gaze beneath the desk and looked at my beloved first acquisition who had my dick in her lovely mouth. Wendy sucked me with great skill and passion. What a great piece of property! Owning this young bitch was priceless. What would owning two young bitches be like? I would soon find out.

I let Wendy blow me for almost 10 minutes when I finally placed one hand on her head and gently pushed it back. “I’ll bet your cunt is pretty juicy by now, bitch” I said.

Wendy looked up at me, her eyes half-lidded in bliss. One hand was between her legs. “Would you like to smell my fingers to know for sure, Master?” the platinum blonde beauty asked, moving her hand from between her legs to just under my face. I took her arm, then slowly pulled her upward until Wendy’s fingers were in front of my face and she was standing in front of me. I smelled the heady fragrance of her cunt juices. Wendy and I locked our eyes on one another. I continued gazing at her beautiful blue eyes as I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. She gently brought her finger to my tongue. I pulled them into my mouth, where I licked and sucked on them. Wendy closed her eyes, smiled, and sighed.

I pulled her fingers from my mouth. I moved them to Wendy’s face, resting them on her lips. Wendy fixed her blue eyes on mine as she opened her mouth and began to suck on her own fingers, which now tasted of her cunt and the saliva from my mouth.

I said softly “I want to fuck your cunt now, bitch.”

Wendy looked down at me and smiled. “Yes, Master. And thank you for calling me ‘bitch’. I love it when you call me dirty and degrading names.”

Wendy was gloriously naked, while I was only naked from the waist down. In between exchanging kisses, Wendy helped me remove my shirt. Then we walked the few steps to the bed. I pulled the bedcover from the bed. Wendy climbed onto the white sheets and knelt on hands and knees. She presented her bare bottom to me. The pure white skin of the teenager’s ass was still dazzling to me, even after a year fucking her in every hole. Wendy turned her head to look over her shoulder at me. Her long platinum blonde hair hung down in straggling bunches, still moist from her shower.

“Do you want my ass or my cunt, Daddy-Master” she asked sweetly.

“I love both. You know that, bitch. I want you to lie down on your back so I can eat your sweet cunt before I fuck it” I said.

“Yes, Master” my little slave said as she lay down flat on her back. Wendy put her hands under her knees and pulled her legs up, exposing her beautiful pussy and ass. “You can lick whatever you like, Master. I am your property. You own me body and soul.”

I smiled. Wendy had learned her dialogue perfectly. Over the past year, I had schooled her repeatedly in all the words and phrases I most wanted to hear from my sex slaves. Wendy had gotten them down pat. Even better, she had found out by trial and error the best times to use each and every one of them. This was one of those times.

I knelt at the foot of the bed. Wendy was a vision of naked, youthful, sexual beauty lying before me, completely available and willing. Her pale white skin, platinum blonde hair, gorgeous face, blue eyes, pink-nippled breasts, and delicious pussy were absolutely perfect. I leaned forward, pressing my face close to her platinum blonde and fleshy pink pubic area. Her pubic hair tickled my nose while the fragrance of her moist vagina fired up my male sexual response. Her sex pheromones supercharged my male hormones. I flicked my tongue up and down her vagina, and then crisscrossed that spicy slit back and forth, while slowly working my way to her engorged clitoris. Wendy moaned as her Daddy-Master feasted on her young snatch. She ran her hands through my hair, stroking my head and moaning “Yes, Master! Yes! I love you, Master!” Dallying no longer with my tongue, I brought the heavy gauge firepower of my penis into play.

“Move back on the bed, bitch. Daddy is going to mount you and fuck your sweet hairy cunt” I said.

Wendy obeyed. This gave me enough space to climb aboard the bed and mount my 15-year-old sex slave. My dick pressed into Wendy’s waiting cunt, which welcomed it with slick gracefulness. Her ready wetness made my entrance smooth and easy. I slid into the teenager’s vagina and quickly went deep. Wendy moaned, squirmed, wrapped her arms around me, and began licking my ear. She bent her legs, crossing them at the ankles behind me. We quickly entered our fucking rhythm. Over the past year, we had learned one another’s bodies so well that it was always a simple matter to match our pace of fucking and breathing and kissing and being playful or being brutal. Wendy liked the playful and the brutal. I had had many women over the years who liked my playful sex action, but very few who liked my brutal side. Having a beautiful teenaged sex slave who adored my brutal side was sheer magic.

Wendy’s breathing changed. The pace of her breath and her licking of my ear quickened. I could feel her approaching orgasm. I knew what was coming next.

“Master!” she yelled. “Master! Master! Own me! Use me! I’m yours! Abuse me! Use me! I love you Master! Arrh! Ahh! AHHH! AHHH!” Wendy’s typical wave of orgasms came in like the tide, with every exclamation and every proclamation signaling another deep orgasm in the teenager’s cunt and clit.

As the tide of Wendy’s orgasms slowly ebbed, the teenager relaxed her grip on me. First her legs returned to the bed. Then her tightly gripping arms softened their embrace into gentle hugs. Only her mouth and tongue continued to kiss my face and my lips.

“I love you so much, Daddy-Master” Wendy said in her soft, post-coital voice. “You are so good to a worthless slut like me. How can I ever repay you? You didn’t come in my cunt. Would you like me to suck you off? Or do you want to save yourself for later? I worship you, Master. Your slightest wish is my command.”

I pondered for a moment. “Suck me off, bitch” I said as I rolled my sweaty body off the formerly clean teen, whose body was now glistening with her sweat and my own. I lay on my back. Wendy moved down to my hip, leaned her head over my crotch, and used her tongue to guide my penis towards her mouth. As soon as the tip of my penis touched her lips, she opened her mouth all the way and engulfed my erection into her sweet young mouth. In no time, the talented teenager was pumping her platinum blonde head up and down on my shaft, cleaning my dick and pleasuring it as the same time.

“That’s it, bitch. You know I love coming in your mouth more than coming anyplace else. I like to make you suck me clean and suck me off. You do the work while I relax and enjoy your slave service to your Owner” I said.

“Mm-hmm” my little slave said as she sucked my dick. Then, by tilting her head and moving her body, Wendy took my dick all the way into her throat until my balls were resting against her chin.

“Oh, yeah!” I said. “That’s it whore! Show Daddy what a good whore you are. You’re Daddy’s good slut-slave. Deep-throat your Owner, you fucking cunt-mouth bitch!” I grabbed her head and began brutally fucking her throat and mouth, going deep into her throat and then pulling partway out to fuck the 15-year-old’s mouth.

My thrusts grew faster and more intense. I gripped her head like a vice. I hurled a string of epithets and dirty words at the perfect platinum blonde beauty, calling her every dirty name I could think of while shoving my dick as deep down her helpless throat as it was possible to go. Wendy began to gag and choke. I smiled and laughed. “That’s it, bitch! I’m coming! I’m coming down your throat, you motherfucking whore! Eat Daddy’s cum, you mangy slut! Yes! Eat it, whore! Eat it! Swallow! Swallow!” I yelled as I ejaculated into her mouth and then into her throat.

After the last spurt of my cum had been ejaculated into the 15-year-old’s mouth and throat, I relaxed my grip on the platinum blonde’s head. I allowed her to come up for air. She knew this was a moment when she was permitted to allow my penis to exit from her mouth briefly. Wendy looked up at me. Her slack-jawed mouth had a long string of saliva connecting it to my dick. Her eyes were watery, with tears of joy streaked down her face. She was smiling. Her blue eyes were merry. Wendy’s beautiful face displayed a remarkable combination of ecstasy and the residual stress of being brutally mouth-fucked, like an athlete who had just emerged victorious from a very difficult race to the finish line.

“Thank you, Daddy” Wendy said as she reached up to wipe away a tear with the back of one hand. “That was wonderful! I love it when you rape my mouth like that. It’s so amazing to be totally helpless while you throat-fuck me. The best thing is when you come in my mouth and throat.” She smiled as she recalled it. “That’s the best! You call me all those dirty names while you hold my head so tight and shove your dick down my helpless throat. And then you come and come and come! Every time your shoot your cum into my mouth and throat I feel like I’m getting a blessing from god.”

I opened my arms wide. “Come to Daddy, little whore” I said.

Wendy threw herself into my arms. We kissed passionately. I tasted my own cum in her mouth. I was glad she had swallowed almost all of it. Later I’d give her something to wash down the rest of it into her belly.

We fell asleep in naked embrace.

The wake-up alarms on both of my laptop computers and my smartphone went off simultaneously. I got out of bed and clicked them off, one by one, and then checked the status of my systems for the upcoming kidnapping. Everything was green for GO. Then I returned to bed, where naked Wendy was waiting for me, rubbing her eyes.

“Is everything OK, Master?” my teenaged slave asked.

“Everything is A-OK, bitch” I said as I placed one of my laptops on the night table next to the bed, then climbed into bed next to her. We embraced and kissed.

“Would you like your morning blowjob now, Master?” asked Wendy.

“Mmm. I think I’ll skip having the entire blowjob this morning, bitch” I said, while caressing her platinum blonde head and gazing at the deep blue eyes of her gorgeous young face. “Just put my dick in your mouth and let me take a piss.”

Wendy smiled. “I’m always honored to be your urinal, Daddy” she said before slipping under the covers and taking my penis into her mouth. She was careful not to lick and suck. She knew this would stimulate my erection. Wendy simply kept my dick in her mouth and waited for me to void my bladder. It took about half a minute before I was ready to urinate into the youngster’s mouth. As soon as my urine began to flow, the flow rate rapidly increased to a peak, and then slowed down until it was just a few dribbles. Wendy gulped down my urine as fast as I dumped it into her mouth. She had gotten very good at this over the past year. The little blonde beauty had become a terrific urinal. I loved using her mouth as my toilet every morning.

After Wendy had gulped and swallowed the final, straggling drops of my urine, I allowed her to suck my dick gently. I didn’t want a full blowjob; at least, not right away. While the teenaged beauty nursed her Owner’s dick, the nearby laptop displayed a countdown timer for this morning’s kidnapping.

I stroked Wendy’s long, platinum blonde hair. “In less than 3 hours, we’re going to snatch Ivory” I said. “You’ll wait in the car. I’ll leave one of my laptops with you. It will show you what to do if I declare that Plan B, or Plan C, or Plan D is in effect. I’ll go over all of those with you after breakfast.”

I looked down at Wendy. The blue-eyed beauty looked up at me, while she still tenderly nursed my dick in her mouth. “Yef Mufuf” she said in the garbled speech of a girl with a man’s cock in her mouth.

“Let’s take a shower now, whore” I said. “Then we’ll go across the street to that little restaurant for breakfast.”

“Yef Mufuf” Wendy said before releasing my dick from her mouth, kissing the head of my penis, and then moving up the bed to kiss me. We kissed lovingly, then got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Wendy asked “Do you want me to pee in the toilet, or in the shower, Master?”

“Do it in the shower, whore” I said.

We always showered together. I made Wendy piss while standing up before I turned on the shower spray. When she had drained all her urine, I rubbed the palm of my hand over her pubic area, smearing out the residual urine droplets that clung to her platinum blonde pubic hair. Then I pulled my hand away and presented my wet palm to Wendy’s face. She licked it up and down. She continued licking for as long as I held my hand there. When I finally pulled my hand away, I put my arms around the 15-year-old and pulled her into a loving embrace. We kissed passionately. Her mouth smelled and tasted of her urine and my own now.

When I was done, I turned on the shower. As always, my little whore and I washed one another, while kissing and caressing one another’s bodies. After the shower, we toweled one another dry, then dressed and walked across the street to the restaurant.

It was crowded. We managed to get a small booth in the back. Wendy had looked over the entire breakfast clientele and wait-staff, and I noticed many of them looking her over too. How could they not? She was a drop-dead gorgeous teenager who seemed to be in the company of her father. Many a man and boy would gladly give his right arm (and best masturbation hand) for a chance to have sex with her even once.

A waitress came to our table. She was a woman in her fifties who might have been quite beautiful, once upon a time. She had greying brunette hair, a good pair of tits, and what might have been a very nice ass before she got fat in the bottom and the middle, ruining her proportions. She smiled at us and took out orders. Then she turned and walked off to do her job.

Wendy leaned towards me, and spoke in a conspiratorial tone “Would you do her, Daddy? I know she’s kind of old. But she has big tits. You like big tits. Would you like to do anything with her?”

I smiled back and spoke in the same conspiratorial tone. “She does have nice tits. I’d use them while you sucked me and I fucked you in every hole. She’d just be a pair of tits, a side dish, while you were the main course.”

Wendy smiled. “Thank you, Daddy” she said.

Our food arrived. We ate and talked about this and that, being careful to steer clear of the one thing we were most interested in: the upcoming kidnap, rape, and enslavement of young Ivory. After I downed my last cup of coffee, I paid the bill and we walked back to the hotel. As always, Wendy got her coffee pre-processed through my kidneys. We stripped, went into the bathroom, and climbed into the shower. Wendy knelt before me with her mouth open. I inserted my penis and began to urinate. My little whore drank her Daddy’s coffee-flavored piss. After I finished, I pulled my penis from her mouth. I looked down at Wendy as looked up at me with her baby blue eyes and smiled with her pearly-white teeth. “Thank you, Master” she said. “I love coffee. But only when it comes in your piss.” She leaned forward and kissed the tip of my penis.

We brushed our teeth and dressed again. I carried our luggage out to the RV, turned in our key at the front desk, and began driving to the rendezvous point. As we drove, I explained our alternative plans to Wendy.

[Skipped text... ]

I forced the back door open and rushed into the house ... I walked calmly into Ivory’s room. The 14-year-old stared at me in shock as I Tasered and darted her as well. The redheaded teen was indeed as beautiful as her photos. She wore a pair of fashionable jeans and a t-shirt ... Unknown to Wendy, my semi-anonymous helpers and hired hands had created all sorts of distractions and diversions in the immediate area. No one was around to witness what I had just done. When I climbed into the junker car, Wendy was full of excitement and questions. “Silence!” I said. “Don’t say anything unless it is important to this mission. We’ll talk once we’re safely in the RV back on the road.”

[Skipped text... ]

I injected Ivory ... with a mind control drug that weakens the will and makes a person easier to influence. The dose was moderate, so the effects were mild ... This drug was an improved version of what I had given Wendy a year ago. My semi-anonymous friends were always working to develop better drugs for turning ordinary women and girls into compliant sex slaves ... I put a pair of headphones over her ears and secured them so they stayed put. I taped some electrodes to particularly sensitive, non-sexual parts of the bitch’s body: armpits, abdomen, and forearms. I could use these to give mildly painful electric shocks. I taped a custom-built vibrator over the bitch’s clitoris. I controlled both the pleasure and pain devices. I could turn them on remotely at will, or allow them to function automatically according to special programming on a small tablet computer I had installed in the compartment with the bitch. I controlled everything remotely.

I did one more thing with the bitch. I had Wendy help me put an adult diaper on her. We would be driving for a long time. To provide water to my new slave, I slipped straws into special openings in her mouth gag. The straw was attached to a water bottle.

Then I began the long drive home. I had a microphone inside compartment where my new acquisition was hidden. She couldn’t speak clearly. But I could hear her stifled screams and futile attempts to move about. I could even make out a few garbled words. That’s good. I needed to be able to hear when a cunt tried to speak.

Now it was time. I switched on the computer to show Ivory her first training video. She listened through headphones. That’s when my new piece of property heard her Master’s voice for the first time.

“Hello” I said. “This is the greatest day of your life. I have kidnapped you. I am your new Owner. You are my new slave.” The tablet computer screen showed brief images and short video clips of naked Wendy bowing before me, kissing my feet, then gazing upward at her Master with worship in her eyes.

“You will call me Master. I will call you anything I like. Bitch. Cunt. Whore. I have all sorts of lovely names for you. I am going to rape you, bitch. In every hole. Mouth, cunt, and ass.” Again, the tablet computer screen showed brief images and short video clips of Wendy having oral, vaginal, and anal sex with me.

“I will probably begin with your ass first. Because it’s so pretty. But I may change my mind and rape your mouth first. Or even your cunt. I can change my mind at any time. You can’t change anything. You are powerless. I am everything. You are nothing.”

The recording continued. “When I am done raping you, your real training will begin, bitch. Your slave training. You will learn to obey me ... or suffer the consequences. If you are a good girl and serve your Master well, you will have a good life. If you disobey your Master, or fail to perform well, you will be punished.” The pain electrodes gave the mother and daughter mild electric shocks in their arm pits, abdomen, and forearms while the screen showed women being whipped and beaten. I heard their stifled screams as Ivory thrashed about.

“That was a mild taste of the pain I can inflict on you, bitch. Real punishments can be much, much worse. You would suffer a lot of pain. You don’t want to suffer pain, do you, cunt? Of course not. No one does.”

“Now you will learn how to please me.” The tablet screen showed Wendy skillfully sucking my penis then deepthroating it. Ivory’s vibrator buzzed her clitoris. The cocksucking video and the pleasurable stimulation continued for over three minutes.

“If you continue to please me, I will take very good care of you. If not, then I will have to dispose of you. We don’t want that, do we cunt?” The computer screen showed a shackled, naked woman standing in an open grave, looking up at a man on the ground above who towered above their. The screen suddenly went black.

My voice resumed. “You are my property now, cunt. I own you, body and soul. You will serve me for the rest of your life. I will make you do all sorts of sexy, dirty, and disgusting things. And you will thank me for whatever I do to you, and whatever I make you do for me. Whenever I tell you to do something for me, you will respond by saying ‘Yes, Master’ and then carry out my orders. When I am finished using you for my pleasure, you will say ‘Thank you, Master.’ You will thank me for whatever I made you do. You don’t have to like it. It doesn’t have to feel good to you. It might be very painful for you. Or very disgusting and degrading. Yet still you must say ‘Thank you, Master.’ Because you must be grateful to your Master, the one who owns you, no matter what your Master does to you. You want to please your Owner, don’t you, bitch? Answer me. Even through your mouth gag, I can hear you. Tell me ‘Yes, Master, I want to please you.’ Say it.”

The microphone in Ivory’s compartment picked up the girl as she tried to speak. Her words were indistinct, but the drug, and the pain, and the video programming were clearly having an effect. She was trying to say “Yes, Master, I want to please you.”

“Good slave” said my recorded voice. (I could have paused the program at this point if the bitch had not said it. Then I would have restarted it from the beginning.)

“Relax now for a little while, slave. Your training will resume shortly.” The recording continued with some very slow, hypnotically relaxing music. After five minutes, my spoken voice returned, introducing my new slave to the porn video compilation she was about to watch. For the next 20 minutes the bitch was exposed to some of the most powerful male-dominant / female-submissive sex scenes imaginable, starring me as the Master and Wendy as the slave. There was some vaginal sex. But most of the scenes were of oral and anal sex, with special emphasis on ass-to-mouth blowjobs. There were also scenes of me urinating into Wendy’s mouth, and her swallowing. Throughout the porn sequences, the vibrator kept stimulating Ivory’s clit. My new cunt would learn to associate the sex I preferred with her own pleasure (whether or not I stimulated her clit in the future).

Then the porn scenes ended and the recording continued with some very slow, hypnotically relaxing music. After five minutes, my spoken voice returned and the whole training sequence began again from the beginning. The basic instructions of what to call me. The pain and the pleasure. The porn and the pleasure. This went on over and over for the duration of the journey. By the time we would get to my home many hours later, the redheaded young cunt will have watched her training videos many times.

As I drove the compact RV, Wendy sat next to me with her eyes glued to one of the laptops. It had three viewing windows on-screen. One small window showed the video that was also being projected onto the screens that Ivory was being forced to watch. The other window had webcam view of Ivory with a live microphone. All of this was done using a computer network built into the van. The laptop Ivory was using did not have an internet connection at the moment. For security purposes, the hardware card that allowed internet connectivity had even been physically removable from that machine.

Wendy said “Master, I’ve noticed something about your new bitch. The longer she watches the videos, the more often she’s responding when your voice commands her to say ‘Yes, Master, I want to please you.’”

“That’s good” I say. “It means the drugs I gave her are working. This is not the same drug I gave you. Well, not entirely. It’s a new combination of drugs that was developed by ... some friends of mine. By most reports so far, this drug combo is extremely effective at dissolving the will and permitting new personality patterns to be implanted.”

Wendy bit her lower lip and nodded. “Master, I want to please you. I only live to please you. But ... but I’m feeling afraid again. I’m afraid you’ll love your two bitch more than you love me.”

I reached out and stroked my platinum blonde teenaged slave on her pale white face, caressing her cheek. She leaned her face into the palm of my hand. “Wendy, my darling cunt, I could never love any other woman or girl more than I love you.”

“You mean it, Daddy-Master?” Wendy asked as a tiny tear dripped down her cheek.

“I do. What would you like me to do to prove it? Now, before you answer, remember that I will not allow myself to be manipulated. If you try to wrap me around your little finger, I’ll smack you upside the head” I said in a stern voice.

“No, no, I’m not trying to manipulate you, Master. I just have one small request. Really. Please let me suck your cock. I feel so much calmer and happier when I have your dick in my mouth. I love blowing you. Sucking your security penis makes me feel all loved and happy and secure.”

I smiled. “OK, bitch” I said. “Uncover your tits. You know that’s required before I let you blow me. Then go down on me and suck.”

Wendy smiled a megawatt grin. “Thank you, Daddy-Master” she said as she removed her t-shirt and bra, then moved close to me, unzipped my fly, and gently pulled my penis from my pants. The 15-year-old beauty took her Owner’s dick into her mouth and began licking and sucking on it. I stroked her long, platinum blonde hair. As Wendy sucked, the laptop speaker revealed that Ivory had, once again, come to the point in the porno video programming where she was required to say ‘Yes, Master, I want to please you.’ How appropriate!

We arrived at my rural homestead after dark. I had many security systems hidden throughout the place that were connected to my other laptop that was on the internet, so I knew even before we arrived that the place was undisturbed. I pulled the compact RV into the barn and closed the door. Wendy and I opened the hidden compartment containing Ivory.

The redheaded 14-year-old girl was clearly frightened, but not totally panicked. The drugs were still working. I covered her eyes with a blindfold. Then I removed the headphones from her and picked the girl up. She was still gagged and cuffed at wrists and ankles. I put a blindfold on the little bitch. Then I carried her out of the vehicle and strapped her to a platform that was hooked to a block and tackle hoist. With a remote control box, I raised the platform, and then with another control opened the sliding cover on one of the several underground rooms beneath the barn. Using the hoist, I maneuvered the bitch over the opening, then I lowered her into her new home. Wendy and I climbed down the ladder into the room.

Ivory’s new dungeon home was actually quite attractive. It looked like a cheap hotel room. It had a complete bathroom with toilet, sink, shower with glass sliding doors, and bathtub. It had several closed circuit video cameras that allowed me to keep track of my slave no matter where she was. Other high-resolution video cameras would automatically track and record all movement in the room, which is useful for documenting all of the sexual activity that would be taking place here. That’s how I would make my personal porn record of Ivory’s rape, enslavement, and debasement. A mirror on one wall and another on the ceiling would enhance all sexual experiences for me. The room also had a TV monitor that I would use to continue to expose Ivory to the best pornography, so she could be trained in the techniques and attitudes I want her learn and emulate.

I opened a small case a removed a hypodermic needle. Wendy, following instructions I had given her previously, opened a sterilizing alcohol wipe and swabbed Ivory’s thigh. I filled the needle with a special drug formula. My semi-anonymous friends and I have invested a small fortune in some very special drug research. This drug was compounded of several older drugs and a couple of new ones. It has been shown to be the key to creating truly obedient, loving, and permanent sex slaves, when used properly and consistently. It didn’t exist a year ago when I kidnapped and enslaved Wendy. I had to save this one until I got my new slave home. This drug is effective for 24 hours at a time. But it takes about 4 hours for its effects to reach maximum potency in the body. I would administer it to my new bitch on a staggered schedule, according to my plans for when I wanted to rape her. I injected the drug into Ivory’s thigh.

I removed the cuffs from the girl’s wrists and ankles. In their place I clamped a single, padded metal ankle cuff to the young beauty. It was attached to a chain that connected to an iron ring embedded in the concrete floor of the room, beyond the carpet. I removed the punishment electrodes from her body and the vibrator that rested on top of her clitoris. Wendy and I removed Ivory’s adult diaper, which was only a little moist.

Next, I gently removed Ivory’s blindfold and mouth gag. The beautiful, pale-skinned redhead blinked her green eyes in the light. The first thing she saw was my smiling face; the man she had watched in all those videos fucking Wendy in every hole; her captor, her Owner, the Master of her life and fate. And standing next to me, she saw Wendy, my teenager porn training video co-star. The pair of people from the videos I had forced Ivory to watch for the last many hours were now before her, in the flesh.

“Hello, Ivory” I said. “I am your Master. I own you now. This is the greatest day of your life. What do you say to your Master, bitch?”

Her voice was weak and soft. “Th-thank you, Master” she whispered.

The bitch had learned her first lesson!

I knelt down and kissed the pale white skin of the redheaded teenager’s face. It felt incredibly soft. “Good girl, Ivory” I said. “You just passed your first test.” I pointed to Wendy who stood nearby, looking somewhat uncertain. “Do you know who that little whore is?”

Ivory nodded her head. “She’s Wendy. Your sex slave.”

I nodded. “That’s right, whore. And what are you?”

“I am ... I am your sex slave, Master” said Ivory hesitantly.

“That’s right, bitch” I said. “Now I am going to feed you. Then Wendy and I will leave you awhile and you can clean yourself up in the shower over there. There are clean clothes for you in those drawers. Put on a pair of panties and a bra that fits. Wendy and I will return later. Do you understand, bitch?”

Ivory nodded, seemingly afraid of saying anything. I walked over to a small refrigerator and removed a sandwich, some raw vegetables, and a bottle of water. I handed them to Ivory who accepted them eagerly. “Eat and then shower and then dress as I told you. Don’t worry about having to shower with your ankle chain on. It’s ok. Now, before I leave, what do you say, bitch?”

“Thank you, Master” the teenager said.

Before Wendy and I climbed out of Ivory’s dungeon room, I used a remote control to turn on the video system. The porn training videos began playing, this time including many new ones that Ivory hadn’t seen before. I left it running. She could not turn it off. The closed-circuit video cameras and microphones throughout the room would monitor Ivory constantly.

[Skipped text... ]

Wendy followed me up the ladder. I closed the trap door cover and placed the camouflage fake items above it. I took Wendy back to the main house. She was silent until we were indoors.

“What’s next, Master?” my 15-year-old slave asked. “Aren’t you going rape her?” asked Wendy.

“Of course I’m going to rape her!” I replied.

“Can I help?” asked Wendy with an evil grin.

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