20 October 2007
Chapter 4

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The extended family gathered in the hospital parking lot and discussed supper plans, “It’s too late to cook anything. Who is in favour of pizza and the hockey game on TV?” Karen asked.

“I am!” was the resounding response. While Dan and Karen went to order pizzas, Wendy drove the remainder home to get the plates and drinks ready.

When they arrived home, Brad checked the messages on the phone, “Quite a few calls about what happened at today’s game plus, NSN called and wants to interview Brad.”

He told his dad about the phone calls and the message asked Dan to return the call even tonight. He called NSN and the representative said they wanted to do a player profile on Brad for a future Friday night game on TV. The family was excited to hear the proposal and Dan, Karen and Brad agreed. Dan asked if he could get a DVD copy of Brad’s two games and they said they’d supply him with several.

The phone calls are taken care of for now and the pizzas served, the family gathered in the rec room to watch the Chicago Blackhawk and Toronto Maple Leafs play. Brad was now watching the NHL games in a different way, not so much as a fan but as a player would examine the different plays and how they developed. Sarg sat obediently by Brad’s feet waiting for any stray scrap of food to fall his way.

One segment of Hockey Night in Canada that Brad and Dan never missed was, ‘Coach’s Corner, ‘ with Don Cherry and Ron McLean and always recorded the Saturday night games.

The intro to ‘Coaches Corner’ was over and Ron McLean was cued to begin, “End of the first period with Toronto up 2 to 1 on the strength of a short-handed goal by Mats Sundin with his fourth of the season and Tomas Kaberle with his third. Jason Williams also with his third has the lone tally for Chicago,” Ron began.

Don Cherry dressed in one of his usual flamboyant suits and adorned with a fresh rose, went on to discuss the game and other NHL topics.

“Now you wanted to mention a rising star in the Ontario Hockey League who has had an incredible weekend and we have three minutes remaining,” Ron said.

“Three minutes?!” Don cried. “I could spend a whole ‘Coaches Corner’ talking about this kid!”

“Of course you’re speaking of Brad Hayward who plays right wing for the Belleville Falcons of the Ontario Hockey League,” Ron acknowledged to the camera.

Everyone screamed with excitement to Ron McLean mentioning Brad’s name. “Hey Brad, can I have your autograph and picture?” Jake kidded.

He couldn’t help looking at the women, including his mom wearing their sexy dresses with revealing cleavage and relaxed pose allowing a view up very short hems.

Jake and Timmy were more comfortable being with the Haywards and Diane and Brenda weren’t very subtle about teasing the older boy. Their legs spread wider than normal for his enjoyment, he’d gladly fuck one or both of them.

“Shush, shush, be quiet!” Abby asked, holding Brad’s hand.

“Folks, if you haven’t seen this kid play, then you’re in for a real treat,” Don began with his distinctive style and clasping his hands together. “First of all, I want to say Brad set a Canadian Hockey League record by coaching a game, three of them in fact before playing in his first game! Can you imagine that?! Plus he was named Assistant Captain of his team as a sixteen-year-old rookie!”

“Last night the Belleville Falcons played the League-leading Kingston Frontenacs and soundly beat them thirteen to seven! Yes, that’s right folks, thirteen to seven! More like the score of a football game than a hockey game. And, and this kid Hayward had nine goals! Yes, three hat tricks and this was just his first game!”

“He missed the first ten games with cracked ribs curtsey of the second part of this segment,” Ron inserted.

“Hey, don’t try to steal my thunder!” Don grumbled and Ron smiled as Don moved Ron’s hand away from his for the umpteenth time.

“Now don’t roll it just yet but for one of his goals, he wasn’t even on the ice and the same with one of his assists. Okay, roll the tape. He scored his first goal on a penalty shot beating Manning high blocker side off the post. Look at that quick release!”

“Talking with his coach Frank Stanton, Brad’s slap shot is NHL calibre for speed and accuracy and has been clocked at ninety-eight miles per hour,” Ron offered.

“Look at this goal. He dumps the puck in for a line change and has one foot off the ice and scores off the goalie’s stick,” Don related. The video continued to show Brad’s goals and assists, “On one assist, he’s completely off the ice when his teammate scores. By the time he got his ninth goal there were likely no hats left to toss onto the ice to celebrate his third hat trick!”

“Brad Hayward set a total of ten League and team records several times over because it was also his very first game as a rookie. In fact, while he was being interviewed by our friends at the National Sports Network as the first star of last night’s game, the Hockey Hall of Fame had contacted the Falcons saying they wanted Brad Hayward’s stick to be added to their Canadian Hockey League displays,” Ron informed the viewers.

“Now if you think his thirteen points in one game was a fluke? This afternoon he scored another three with an assist for their 4 to 2 win over Kingston! Can you imagine this kid has scored twelve goals and five assists in just his first two games? Brad, if you haven’t got yourself an agent, you had better get on soon!” Don stretched his arms out, his cufflinks sparkling in the lights and reclasped his hands.

“A hockey agent?” Brad cried out, looking to his dad.

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