Pretend Daughter and Daddy Are Real Master and Slave

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: One year after his kidnapping, rape and enslavement of beautiful, 14-year-old, platinum blonde, blue-eyed Wendy (see "My First Rape"), the Master plots his 2nd acquisition. With Wendy's assistance plus the help of others, the Master prepares to abduct a beautiful young redhead. The present story is a short episode about the Master and Wendy from within the much longer sequel story "My Second Rape."

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Mind Control   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Harem   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Small Breasts   .


This story is a short episode from within a much longer story about kidnapping, rape, and enslavement. The longer story is “My Second Rape” which was the sequel to “My First Rape.” Some considerable time after I wrote those two tales, I combined and re-wrote them into the single story “Diary of a Rapist.” Some elements of the latter story are also included in this one.

Here’s the background to the present story: One year after his kidnapping, rape, enslavement, and brainwashing / re-programming of beautiful, 14-year-old, platinum blonde, blue-eyed Wendy (see “My First Rape”), the Master plots his 2nd acquisition. With Wendy’s assistance plus the help of others, the Master prepares to abduct a beautiful young redhead with pure white skin and green eyes named Ivory.

I am not a bad man. I am kind to small children and animals. I am good to my mother. I give to charities. I pay my taxes. All in all, I am an upstanding and law-abiding citizen. Except for one thing. One rather small, inconsequential thing.

I am a rapist. A kidnapper and rapist. A rapist who captures his victim, uses her sexually in the most depraved and degrading ways, and then enslaves her for life. I use my cunt slave in ways that no sane female would ever consent to voluntarily.

A girl would normally resist me. She would refuse to do what I demand. But I take care of that little thing. Her resistance, I mean. I eliminate it. Along with her free will. And her freedom. I convert her into a brainwashed sex slave who is incapable of refusing me anything. No sex act is too degrading for her, or too humiliating, or too painful, or too disgusting for her to perform. When I command my slave, she must comply with my wishes. She has no choice; no capacity to resist. Each and every one of my wishes becomes the law of her life. My sex slave could no more resist my wishes than she could fly. My merest wishes are like the heavy boot of gravity pushing her beautiful face into the mud of my dirty desires.

When she looks up from that mud, her pretty white face soiled with brown cakes of mud, she smiles. She thanks me for using her. That’s the other part. I make the bitch feel happy when she pleases me. Following my commands gives her satisfaction. A good sex slave loves her Master, the man who is her Owner. My slave worships and adores me. She always thanks me for using her.

Wendy was the first girl I ever raped. When I kidnapped and enslaved the young platinum blonde beauty a year ago, she was just 14 years old. I took her virginity. I took her freedom. And I took her free will. In exchange, I gave her the privilege of serving me as her Owner and Master. I relieved her of ever having to make major choices for herself. There was no need for the little cunt to do so, since I controlled her body and soul. I brainwashed her into taking pleasure in her slavery. Now she delights in being completely exploited for my pleasure. Wendy loves, worships, and adores me. And I love the little whore with all my heart. I take care of her every need, giving her a warm and comfortable life. Wendy’s every thought is now about how to please me as her Owner and Master. She lives only to give me pleasure and happiness.

Now it’s time for my harem to grow. The time has come for the little cunt to help me find another young girl to kidnap, rape, and enslave. Wendy is going to help me on the cunt hunt for slave #2.

When I originally brought Wendy to my rural homestead, I kept the bitch in a hidden underground room for the first few months, until I was satisfied that her brainwashing had taken completely. I didn’t want to take a chance that the little cunt might have a relapse into her former self and try to escape her Owner. When I was satisfied that she was thoroughly and completely under my power and control for good and all, I let the little whore live with me in the big house. We made up a cockamamie story about her being my step-daughter from a previous marriage. I even had fake documentation to “prove” it. We lived far off the beaten path. Everybody minds their own business around these parts. Folks leave us alone.

Today started out as just a normal day for Wendy and me. When we woke up nude in bed this morning, the beautiful platinum blonde teenager began giving me my usual morning blowjob. Her cocksucking skills had gotten better and better over the past year. And why shouldn’t they? I made the bitch practice on my dick several times per day. Wendy began by gently sucking my dick, making my good hard-on even better. I watched her platinum blonde head bobbing up and down as my cock grew rock-hard. She even practiced her growing skill of deepthroating me briefly. I helped her out with this by grabbing the bitch’s head and fucking her pretty face and throat hard. I made the little whore gag and choke a little bit. I began calling her by all of my favorite dirty names. That brought me over the edge. With a grunt and a moan, I came in her mouth and throat. The little bitch swallowed my cum in gulp after gulp. As she knows that she must. Now the little bitch really loves to swallow her Owner’s cum. Wendy has become a very skilled and happy little cum-swallowing slut. After a year of almost constant sexual abuse training with an emphasis on oral sex, I had turned Wendy into an excellent sex slave.

As my dick began to relax, the little whore kept my dick in her mouth. She was waiting for what always happens next. Soon enough, I began to urinate. And Wendy began to drink. The little slut has gotten really good at gulping down her Owner’s urine without spilling a drop.

But she wasn’t done. Wendy knew that once my dick was in her mouth it had to stay in her mouth until I chose to pull it out. The little whore gently licked and nursed my penis while I stroked her long, platinum blonde hair.

“Well slave, I think it’s time” I said.

Wendy tilted her head to look up at me while keeping my dick in her mouth. Her gorgeous face, with those big blue eyes set in the midst of her pale white skin, expressed puzzlement. She garble-talked to me. “Tum fuh wha, Mufuf?” the little bitch asked.

“Time for you and me to go on a cunt hunt, bitch. I always told you that someday you would help me find another young girl to kidnap, rape, and enslave. Well, it’s time” I said.

Wendy smiled wide. Which wasn’t easy to do with my dick in her mouth. The pale-skinned beauty raised one hand to indicate that she really wanted to speak clearly so she could ask questions. I gave her permission to let my dick exit from her mouth.

The young beauty quickly moved up the bed from her former blowjob position near my hip. She settled with her face next to mine. As she breathed and began to speak, I smelled the usual morning aromas on her breath: the smell of my penis, my semen, and my piss.

Wendy gazed at me with excitement in her bright blue eyes. “Master, have you chosen the cunt yet? What’s her name? Where does she live? When can we kidnap her?” my young slave asked eagerly.

Wendy had long been looking forward to having a sister slave. She wanted to help me break in a new bitch. I told her that there would be some required lesbian sex, which she had only seen on videos. Wendy was curious about how another girl’s cunt tasted. Even more important, she was eager to share everything she had learned during the past year about how to please me. She wanted to teach a new girl how to be a loyal, loving, self-debasing slut, who sucked, fucked, and never refused a command from her Owner, no matter how dirty, degrading, or painful it might be.

In preparation for training the new bitch, I had filmed a suite of new training videos starring Wendy and me. We made hours and hours of sex videos which we narrated to explain the finer points of oral, anal, and vaginal sex, as well as water sports and other things. The new bitch would be forced to watch these over and over again, for hours, days, weeks, and months until she could respond correctly to every question I posed and perform every sexual-service challenge I issued. My new teen slave would have a lot to learn.

I began to answer Wendy’s questions. “I’ve been doing a lot of research, as you know. I’ve searched online and even made a few trips while I had you locked in your old room in the underground dungeon. You’ll be accompanying me on the next trip. I’ve singled out the cunt I want to kidnap.”

Wendy looked at me eagerly. “And? And? What’s her name? Where does she live? When can...”

“Pipe down, little whore!” I said while giving her a love-slap on her shapely, naked white ass.

Wendy tucked in her chin and gave me a theatrical frown. “Yes, Master. Sorry, Master. Thank you for slapping my ass, Master. I love it when you do that!”

“Her name is Ivory. She’s a 14-year-old redhead. She’s very pretty. Just like you. She has fair white skin. Just like you, but even more pale. Her skin is as white as alabaster. Both of you bitches have much lighter white skin than I do. The new bitch has green eyes. And she has a nice, shapely ass. Just like you do. She lives with her mom in another state. You and I are going to take a road trip and go kidnap her. We leave tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” said Wendy with a shocked expression. “Do I have the right clothes? You make me wear nothing but a bra and panties around the house most of the time. I have, like, one lousy dress, and one old skirt, and one skimpy blouse that’s getting tight around my tits. I hardly have any go-to-town clothes. There’s no time to buy more!”

“Pipe down, little whore!” I said. “I’ve already bought you all the clothes you’ll need. Open the hall closet door. You’ll find the boxes in there. I ordered them weeks ago.”

Wendy quickly leapt off the bed and hurried out of the bedroom. I watched her gorgeous white ass cheeks wiggle as the teenager made a beeline to get her new clothes.

While she was out of the room, I took my nearest computer and checked the status of all my systems, local and remote. Everything was in place and operating nominally. All aspects of our new abduction and rape mission were green-lighted. All systems were GO.

Wendy came back into the bedroom with an armful of boxes. I could barely see her long, platinum blonde hair over the tower of boxes she carried in her arms. Her cute blonde cunt was still visible, thankfully. But her beautiful pink nipples were not. Too bad about that.

Wendy dropped the boxes beside the bed, revealing her growing tits and gorgeous pale pink nipples and areolae. “Master” she said “which box should I open first? Does it matter?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, whore” I said.

With a smile, Wendy began cutting open the boxes with a pair of scissors. One by one, she removed several new dresses, yoga pants, short-shorts, skirts, blouses, and t-shirts. She also found some new bras, panties, and shoes.

“Thank you, Master” said my little slave. “May I try these on?”

“Go ahead, bitch” I said. “Put on a fashion show for your Owner.”

“Thank you, Master” the gorgeous young cunt said. As she began trying on her new clothes, my little slave asked more questions. “Can you tell me anything else about the little cunt we’re going to kidnap?”

“She’s a virgin, of course, to the best of my knowledge. I haven’t seen her nipples, cunt, or anus yet, but based on her skin color, I’m hoping that they are pink, just like yours. You know I love pink. Those body parts may not be as pale pink as your lovely bits, but I’m hoping they’ll at least be bright pink.”

“If they’re not pink, will you reject her, Master?” asked Wendy.

“No, probably not” I said. “She’s very pretty. I think she would still be worth mouth-fucking and butt-fucking. Maybe cunt-fucking, too.”

“How about toilet duty, Master?” asked Wendy. “I love drinking your urine every morning. Will she get that honor too?”

“That depends, slave” I said. “We’ll have to see if she earns it.”

Wendy gave me a sly smile. The naked, 15-year-old platinum blonde beauty climbed onto the bed. She fixed her blue eyes on mine as she crawled on hands and knees towards me. Her long, platinum blonde hair hung straight down. So did her tits. Her breasts had grown quite a bit during the past year. They were still on the small side, but definitely had grown larger. The teen’s smallish tits looked even larger from this position. Her luscious pink nipples dangled provocatively as my teen slave crawled over to me. Wendy brought her gorgeous face nose to nose with mine.

“Thank you for degrading me, Master” Wendy said with great passion and sincerity. “I’ve learned so much about humility ever since I became your urinal. It’s a great honor to drink your piss. And to suck your dick clean after you buttfuck me. I’m glad you make me take enemas first though, so I don’t get sick anymore. But I’m still willing to eat my shit off your dick if you want me to. I’m always honored to suck your heavenly dick clean in my unworthy mouth.”

I grasped the platinum blonde teen’s lovely face between my hands. Her pure white skin and deep blue eyes were mesmerizing. I pulled her gorgeous face close to mine and kissed the little bitch. She responded passionately, kissing me back with great fervor. Her mouth tasted of my dick, my cum, and my piss.

When our passionate kiss was over, I asked Wendy what she would like to do next. She gave me a coquettish smile. “You know me, Master” my lovely little slave said. “I live to suck your dick.”

I smiled back at her. “Then have at it, little whore” I said.

“Thank you, Master!” said Wendy as she moved down to her customary position at my hip and took my dick back into her mouth. The little girl began sucking her Owner with skill and love, just as she always did. I lay back and relaxed while my little slave did what she was best at.

While we both enjoyed ourselves, I reviewed the plan for the upcoming kidnap and rape in my mind. My newest target, redheaded young Ivory, was even more fair-skinned than platinum blonde Wendy. She was equally pretty. But the two young bitches also had something else in common: both of them had mothers who were real lookers. Both mothers were divorced and living alone with their young cunt daughters. Both mothers had plenty of gentlemen friends, but neither was interested in remarrying. From the start with Wendy, even before I had actually kidnapped the little bitch, I had considered kidnapping her mother as well. I decided not to, because Wendy was my first rape acquisition, and I wanted to test my brainwashing techniques on her before I tried them on another cunt.

Now I was thinking about the mothers of these bitches. The kidnap, rape, and brainwashing of Wendy had gone so well that I was eager to do it to more young cunts. And to some of their mommas, too. But not just yet. Soon, though. After I get my clutches on young Ivory, and have completed her rape, brainwashing, and degradation, I want to start picking up mommas, too. But should I begin with Ivory’s mother Caroline, or with Wendy’s mother Donna?

I was increasingly of a mind to take Caroline first and then Donna later. But all of that depended on how quickly I could turn virginal Ivory into a cock-sucking, ass-to-mouth blowjob giving, cum-swallowing, piss-drinking little whore. I had reason to believe it would not be so easy with little redhead Ivory as it had been with the Wendy, the lovely cunt-mouth who was sucking my dick right now.

Before I kidnapped Wendy, I had done extensive research into sexual slavery and brainwashing techniques. I had acquired certain drugs and other items to make the brainwashing go faster and conclude more satisfactorily. But I was prepared for a long slog before I could make the little bitch do everything I demanded. I was prepared for it to take even longer before I could make her thank me for degrading and abusing her. Turning a young girl into a slave who worships her Master is no easy task.

Except it was easy with Wendy. It was incredibly easy. I had expected it to take months. Instead, it took hours. I broke her will and re-programmed her mind in record time. This was, of course, delightful for me. But it also brought into question all the research I had done. So I went back to the best resources and looked more closely. Eventually I found out why Wendy was so easy to enslave mentally as well as physically: she WANTED to be a slave. Deep down. Not on the surface, in any apparent way. But the little cunt turned out to be a natural submissive. Even more, she had a built-in desire for sex that made her into a natural sex addict. That’s an incredibly rare combination. Finding a submissive who is also a sex addict is like a gift from heaven! Plus, she’s drop-dead gorgeous. By kidnapping and enslaving Wendy, I had in fact given her what she had always wanted. Even before I knew that, I had included in my re-programming of her mind that Wendy would come to believe that my kidnapping and enslaving of her was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. I thought I would have to force that idea into her head. As it turned out, the idea was already there all along. When I enslaved Wendy, I gave the girl her secret, subconscious, true heart’s desire, one that she had been too afraid to admit even to herself. The day I raped Wendy and enslaved her was indeed truly the greatest day of her life.

I made a deep study of Wendy’s psyche and body. I have plenty of money and plenty of contacts around the world. I had Wendy’s DNA sequenced. I had her brain scanned using an MRI. I paid for a semi-anonymous psychological evaluation, in which the psychologist knew only that a teenaged girl was the test subject. All questions were submitted online through a very secure account. I had each result from every one of these tests evaluated by a different specialist. I gathered all the results into a single package, made several copies, and submitted them to three different experts to evaluate and diagnose. All three agreed. The teenaged girl was highly suggestible, naturally submissive, hyper-sexual, somewhat masochistic, and likely to need very strong parental oversight.

In other words, Wendy could be easily brainwashed, enslaved, and turned into the personal, private little whore of the man who she accepted as an all-powerful father figure, or Master. That man is me. I “broke” Wendy’s will so easily because she had so little will of her own. Wendy needed to be ordered around by the man who claimed her as his own. She needed to be sexually exploited and used by that man. The more that man used her for his pleasure, the more she would worship and adore him. Wendy wanted to feel that man to be her Master and Owner. She needed to worship him as her everything, while she herself was degraded into blissful nothing.

So, all in all, Wendy was born to be a sex slave. Now she’s my sex slave. And I am never, ever letting her go.

Could I ever find another girl like Wendy? To find another naturally submissive bitch is very hard when your criteria are the ones I applied: she had to be 14, fair-skinned, and beautiful. There is no database that lists cunts according to my criteria. So I didn’t even try to find another natural submissive, or natural sex addict. I just looked for beautiful young bitches who met my other criteria.

Finding Wendy had been relatively straightforward. I am a man with substantial financial resources. I keep a very low profile, but I have a very large network of useful connections around the world. I have many contacts who are highly skilled in many fields of endeavor, but who are not always highly ethical. These include hackers and “obtainers” of hard-to-get items. I also know operatives who can do remarkable things for the right price. Most important of all, I have certain semi-anonymous “friends” who share my interests. We cooperate to help one another. Through all of these different people, I obtained vast amounts of private data, as well as material items and services that are not available in your local stores.

If you wanted to find every beautiful 14-year-old girl, how would you go about it? I tapped into school databases, corporate databases, government databases, and even information brokers who sell data to those other organizations. I obtained photos and other data. Then I used special software to search through the photos and other data files to find every bitch who met my criteria on age, skin color, hair color, and facial beauty. That last criterion was the toughest: beauty. I had to review many, many photos to provide feedback to the software so it could learn my criteria of female beauty. You’d be surprised how clever modern computers are! Something called “deep learning” systems proved highly effective.

Roughly speaking, I was looking for the top 1% among all the 14-year-old girls in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and a few other countries that had a substantial number of females with either blonde or red hair. Some brunettes would also be acceptable if they had special features, such as precociously large breasts. However, finding accurate breast size data proved too difficult, so I had to rule out brunettes for now, with the exception of a few girls that I had managed to identify because of particularly good photographic evidence. I hoped to rape and enslave some of them in the further future. In the end, I identified more than 100,000 suitable young cunts world-wide. I loved the idea of owning all 100,000 of the ripe young bitches. But I wouldn’t live long enough to fuck them all! So I had to be even more selective.

I decided to limit myself to the United States, since it would be easier to transport a stolen girl across state lines than across international borders. There is some international sex trafficking, but I was not interested in that sordid trade, where the girls were prostituted out to many customers. Disgusting. A sex slave should be one man’s property and he should treat his property with the utmost possessiveness and care. Once I own a cunt, she becomes by far the most valuable property I own. I would never permit any cunt I owned to have sex with another man. Another woman or girl, yes. But only under my direct supervision. Even then, all the bitches present during lesbian sex would have to first submit to me and my desires. My pleasure must always be first and foremost in their minds. Any lesbian sex would be under my direction and control, and should ultimately be re-directed into satisfying me. But I digress.

It took months of data-crunching to winnow down the pool of potential cunt slaves. The first reduction was from more than 20,000 in the USA to less than 10,000. Then by applying stricter and stricter criteria on location and so forth, I got it down to around 1,100. Finally, through a combination of machine sorting and personal examination, I reduced my final cunt count to 115. Then the toughest choices had to be made. Any one of the original 20,000 would have made an acceptable sex slave. And I would have happily taken all of the 115. But I didn’t have enough dungeon space for that many bitches. So I went back to the drawing board, so to speak. I obtained and re-purposed commercial software originally intended for supply chain management. I used it to figure out which cunts would be easiest to kidnap. Transporting kidnapped cunts to be raped and enslaved turned out to be not so different from bringing fresh meat to your dinner table.

Which brought me to my final group. I called them the filthy 15. According to my best estimates, I could kidnap any one of those 15 cunts and bring her back to my lair for rape, enslavement, and delightful degradation. I agonized over which girl to rape and enslave first. This was for keeps. I would have to live with my choice for many, many years, since I had no intention of ever letting the girl get away. Once she belonged to me, she was going to me mine for life.

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