Tour of the Beginners School With My Sex Slaves

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Story: The Beginners School is for teenaged slaves of the Master. He makes the Principal give a tour to his newest slaves, mother Barbara and her twin 14-year-old daughters Sharon and Helen. This story is from my serial "Welcome to My World." It's a sequel to: 1) "Watch Me Sodomize Your Daughters, Bitch" 2) "Kidnapped & Enslaved: Degrading a Mother & Her Two Daughters" 3) "Watching Rape Porn with a Kidnapped Mother and Her Daughters" 4) "Going to the Principal's Office about My new slaves"

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Harem   Big Breasts   .


The Master possesses a huge harem of incredibly beautiful women and girls. The action in this story takes place in the Beginners School, a school for teenaged sex slaves. The school is located in a town call the Upper Village on the Master’s private, hidden paradise planet he calls My World. The Master has the powers to read minds and control women. He is also in control of their biology and health, and of his own. There is no danger of sexually transmitted diseases and no danger of diseases due to contact with feces or urine. Everything is safe.

This story is very different from my other stories. It is an excerpt from a chapter of my serial “Welcome to My World”. There is tons of sex in the serial, which is one giant stroke story. In this present story, however, there is a lot of TALK about sex, but there is NO SEX! Don’t be disappointed. Just read the 4 stories that are prequels to this one, and then go to the serial “Welcome to My World” itself. This story is the sequel to the following preceding stories (listed in chronological order):

1) “Watch Me Sodomize Your Daughters, Bitch”
2) “Kidnapped & Enslaved: Degrading a Mother & Her Two Daughters”
3) “Watching Rape Porn with a Kidnapped Mother and Her Daughters”
4) “Going to the Principal’s Office about My new slaves”

“Now whores” I said “get dressed. The tour of the Beginners School must begin.”

We all dressed then I walked back to the foyer, accompanied by Felicity, Christine, and Roxanne. All three bitches were dressed in their white blouses and tight grey skirts again, the sound of their black high heels clicking against the hard floor.

Ada and Unna were still on the couch, fingering one another’s pussies as I had commanded, and so were Brigitte and Della. At the display case, Liv and Kathy were answering a question from Barbara about some sex prize won by a 14-year-old girl at the Beginners School. Sharon, Helen, Linda, Connie were listening as well.

“OK young bitches” I said “Helen and Sharon, it’s time for the tour of your new school.” I gazed at the women and teenaged girls gathered around me. Felicity, Christine, Roxanne, Barbara, Sharon, Helen, Liv, Kathy, Linda, Connie, Ada, Brigitte, Della, and Unna looked at me with smiles and love. I introduced Felicity as the Principal of the school. She shook hands and kissed Barbara, Sharon, Helen. Then I ordered Felicity to lead the tour, as I walked toward the back of the group with Ada, Brigitte, Della, and Unna. I sniffed the cunt-juice on their fingers. Then I reached my hands down to their naked bottoms. I squeezed their bare asses and fingered their anuses.

Felicity spoke as she walked down the corridor to the left of the Principal’s Office. “Every young cunt in the Master’s harem must learn the Eight Graces of the Slave: cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing, servant skills, massage skills, slut skills, and slave skills.” Felicity pointed to empty classrooms on each side of the hall. “These are the special classrooms for some of those. This is the Homemaking room, which is for cleaning and housework. And this is the Cooking room, with a complete kitchen.”

Further along Felicity pointed to more rooms. “Here is the Music room for voice class.” She opened the door but did not enter. She pointed inside, while Barbara, Sharon, and Helen followed her gaze. Felicity said “We have musical instruments that play themselves automatically. All that bitches need to learn is how to sing, in a choir and solo.” The room had music stands, automated instruments, acoustic enhancements to the walls and ceilings, and other appropriate furnishings.

Closing the door, Felicity walked over to the other side of the hall and opened the door to a much larger room. “This is the Dance classroom” she said, again pointing without entering. “It also serves as a yoga studio. Young cunts learn healthy ways to use their bodies. Master wants you to be fit, but not too muscular. He wants his slaves to be soft and curvy. He wants you to get exercise without hurting yourselves. Let Master hurt you all he wants!” All the women and teenaged girls laughed at that. I smiled in satisfaction.

The group walked down the hall. We came to another large room. “This is the Massage classroom” said Felicity, opening the door and pointing. “You will learn how to receive massages and how to give them. You must learn how to give expert massages to your Owner. Master also wants you to massage one another for health and fun.”

The tour continued and we came to the final room at the end of the hall, after which the hallway turned to the right. “This is the Theater classroom” said Felicity. “Master wants every bitch to know how to take stage direction and perform a role. You will become actresses. As you already know, he makes wonderful pornographic movies. Most of those movies are unrehearsed. Some of them are dramatic productions where the sex is real but the women and teenaged girls are playing roles in a script. Young cunts must learn how to follow a script and perform their roles in these porn films.”

Sharon raised her hand. Felicity nodded to acknowledge the girl. “Umm ... Miss Felicity, what’s in these scripts? I mean, these movies. These plays. Or whatever they are.”

Felicity smiled as she spoke. “That’s a good question, Sharon. Thank you for asking it. You should always feel free to ask any questions you have. Never hesitate. There are no such things as stupid questions here. There are only stupid answers. So only I can be stupid, not you!”

Sharon and Helen both laughed at that. Barbara smiled appreciatively at Felicity, then put her arms around her daughters and gave them a hug.

“Our Master has written or commissioned his slaves to write all sorts of interesting scripts. Think of all of your favorite movies and TV shows. Now imagine everything switched around so the stories have Master meeting cunts like you. You could be the girls next door that beg him to have sex. Or he could just rape you. Master could be the dashing warrior who wins the war, captures you, and makes you his slaves. Or he could be the doctor who examines you and then fucks you. Master could be your teacher who makes you stay after school and makes you give him a blowjob. Or he could be your uncle, or your daddy, or some other member of your family who rapes you. Incest porn is very popular with all the girls here. There are so many good stories like that, and many more.”

Barbara, with her arms around daughters, squeezed them close, as she and the girls all squealed with delight. Barbara said “Those stories are so hot! I want to be taken and raped by Master in every one of those ways!” She paused. “Could I also write my own script?”

“Yes” Felicity, “with some help. Master has trained certain cunts as his approved writers. They would help you write the proper storylines. Master must approve all scripts, of course.”

“Of course” Barbara repeated. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Good” said Felicity. Then she turned and looked at me. “Shall I continue the tour now, Master?”

“Yes, cunt” I replied.

“Thank you, Master” Felicity said as she walked around the corner on the right and headed down another hall, followed by the rest of our group. This hall had windows along both walls. The windows on the left faced the rear exterior of the building, where beautiful lawns, gardens, and fountains were visible, with scattered tables, chairs, and larger seats shaded by awnings or trees. To the right the windows faced a courtyard at the center of the school building, surrounded by other wings of the building. The courtyard was paved with smooth stones. Various pieces of furniture were pushed against one wall. Felicity said “This courtyard is used for outdoor shots in some of the Master’s porno movies. Many a young teen has been used and abused there.”

Linda and Connie giggled at that. I looked at the pair of 14-year-olds. Platinum blonde Linda and redheaded Connie had starred in some wonderful porn I shot in that courtyard.

The tour continued to the end of the hall, where a pair of large doors were topped by a sign that said LIBRARY. Felicity said “This is the Library, of course. It contains a large collection of books that are very helpful for a young cunt learning the Eight Graces of the Slave. And what are those, Sharon and Helen?”

The blonde sisters were taken aback. They hadn’t known there would be a quiz.

I took pity on them. “Maybe we should ask a couple of 14-year-olds who have already been in Beginners School for a while. Connie and Linda?” I said

The two sweet young cunts answered in perfect unison, having recited this list many times. “Cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing, servant skills, massage skills, slut skills, and slave skills” they said in sing-song voices.

“Very good” I said. Then I signaled Principal Felicity to continue.

“Thank you, Master” Felicity said. “You are so good to your slaves.” Then she turned toward Sharon and Helen, putting an arm around each girl’s shoulder. “The Library also has a wonderful collection of pornographic books, magazines, and videos. There are comfortable chairs, couches, and beds where you can read or view these and quietly masturbate alone or with a partner. Or maybe Master will come in and fuck your mouth or your cunt or your asshole while you watch” Felicity said with a smile. She looked at me and gave an exaggerated, theatrical wink. I laughed.

Helen jumped up and down while clapping her hands when she heard that. Sharon just smiled at me and licked her lips.

“Let’s continue the tour, whores” I said.

The hall continued to the right of the Library. Felicity pointed to a room labeled CAFÉ. “This is our little dining room” she said. “If a bitch does not have time to walk over to my restaurant for a meal, she can catch a quick bite in here.”

The hallway ends in another right turn. This hall had windows along the right side, facing the inner courtyard. Along the left side was a line of four classrooms. “These are the main classrooms where Slave Skills are taught” said Felicity. “Let’s go inside one.”

I interrupted. “Only Sharon, Helen, and Barbara go inside with Felicity and me. The rest of you bitches stay in the hall.”

The classroom looked almost like a typical one from old earth, with four rows of single desks, each row having three seats, for a total of 12 desks. In the front of the room there was a teacher’s desk, a white-board, a large video screen, and a side table. The rear of the room was rather different, as it consisted of a very large bed that extended the width of the room.

Not every desk was occupied. Seated at 8 of the desks were young teenaged girls, leaving 4 desks empty. Each girl was a spectacular beauty of 14 years of age with long hair. Some had their hair arranged in braids, or a pony tail, while others had long flowing manes. Four of the teenaged girls were platinum blondes. Three were gold blondes. One was a redhead. They were dressed identically in school uniforms consisting of translucent white blouses that revealed the lacey white bras underneath, and green plaid skirts tailored for each girl to accentuate the shape of her ass. Skirt hems ended at mid-thigh. Each girl also wore short white socks that covered her ankles, and shiny black shoes with straps.

At the front of the room was the teacher, a statuesque gold blonde with huge tits. She was dressed in the standard staff uniform of white blouse and tight grey skirt with black high heels. Felicity introduced her. “This is Miss Bea Titley” she began. “She is the teacher of this class. For your information, she is 24-years-old, and her bustline measures 58 inches. Her breasts are encased in an HH-cup size bra.”

“Miss Titley” Felicity continued “the Master recently kidnapped, raped, and enslaved these young sisters. They are 14. They will be joining your class in the very near future.”

Miss Titley smiled kindly at the teenaged girls. She bent down to shake hands and kiss each girl. As Miss Titley bent down, I noticed how young Sharon and Helen seemed mesmerized by her massive cleavage.

I spoke up. “I am putting these young cunts in your class, Titley, because some day these whores are going to have massive knockers like your own.”

Sharon and Helen both turned to me, their eyes wide with surprise.

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