Underage Marilyn Takes It Up the Ass

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: What happens when an adult man buttfucks a 14-year-old girl? This story is from my serial "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters" Ch 2. That serial is about a college student who finds a book enchanted by a beautiful, sexy spirit named Anastasia. She grants him unlimited wishes, including all the women and sex and anything he wants. He wants his teen sister-in-law Marilyn who has the same milky white skin as her sister, but has a devastatingly big, beautiful, shapely bottom-a classic bubble-butt.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .


This story is excerpted from my ongoing serial “Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters” which is my most-downloaded ongoing story to date. What’s that serial about? It’s about a college student named Steven who finds a book enchanted by a spirit named Anastasia. She offers him a choice: either three wishes, or unlimited wishes. What’s the catch? For unlimited wishes, he must become her consort, and he’ll slowly become a sorcerer. What’s the attraction? All the women and sex and anything he wants. What’s the downside? The more magically powerful he becomes, the less he’ll fit into the mundane world. This excerpt was adapted from Chapter 2

My wife Gloria has two younger sisters who were always hanging around our apartment. Kate was 17 and Marilyn was 14. Kate was a petite, blue-eyed blonde with a pretty face and a tight but shapely ass. Mari, as she was called by the family, was a brown-eyed brunette. Although not as cute as Kate, Marilyn shared the same milky white skin as both her sisters. Plus Mari had a devastatingly big, beautiful, shapely bottom. Little Marilyn’s big ass was by far the most attractive of any of the girls in the family. I wanted to fuck both of my sisters-in-law from the first moment I met them. Now that I had the magic spirit Anastasia on my side, I intended to fuck them both, one at a time. I had a plan.

I planned to do the 14-year-old first. I’d never had a girl that young before. In high school, my first girlfriend and I were both 18 when we first had sex. That seems like so long ago now. My wife Gloria and I are in our mid-twenties. We’re graduate students. The idea of me having sex with her youngest sister is such a turn on! Gloria never would have gone along with it if my spirit consort Anastasia had not put a spell on her. Anastasia gave me complete control over Gloria. Now Gloria is in my thrall. She is my obedient sex slave. I call her Big Tits. She calls me Master.

Last night I told Gloria my plan. She, of course, accepted it without any objection. She would do her part to help me fuck her youngest sister Marilyn.

Anastasia would do her part too, of course. She was already at work inside Mari’s mind and body, preparing her for me.

It was Friday morning. My wife Big Tits and I were having breakfast. My wife’s phone rang. It was her sister Mari, saying that she wanted to come over after school. The 14-year-old always liked hanging out in our apartment. This time Mari wanted my help with her science homework, but she didn’t want to ask me directly. She felt I might be more forthcoming if her request was presented to me by my wife, her oldest sister. So my wife made a point of speaking to me loud enough that Mari could hear. I agreed to help the teenager with her homework. My wife passed along the good news.

After the phone call had ended, my wife smiled at me. “It’s going just as you said it would, Master” she said.

“Mm-hm” was all I said.

“Master, may I ask you a question?” Gloria said.

“Sure, Big Tits. What’s your question?” I replied.

“I know that I failed you as a wife before I understood my true place. I didn’t suck you off and swallow your cum with gratitude. I should have done that any time you told me to. Instead I was a reluctant blowjobber. I hated swallowing. I’m so sorry for that. I don’t think I’ll ever live down the shame of my failure.” Gloria sniffled and wiped a tear from her eye. “B-but I was wondering ... I mean, I really want to know: What is my proper relationship to you, Master? What should I have been doing all along. From the very start.”

I walked over to Gloria and cradled her enormous tits in my hands. “You should have been giving me access to these as soon as we are alone. Every time. You should have bared your breasts and offered them to me for my pleasure. All the time.” I hefted her tits up and down, making them bounce a bit. “You see, Big Tits, you made the basic error that pretty much every cunt makes. You thought that I wanted you for my wife because you were my romantic ideal.” I laughed. “Far from it, whore! Let’s face it, you’re not all that pretty. Sure, you have beautiful white skin and lovely grey eyes. But it’s these” I said as I hefted her breasts again “that really make you special. Your 42-inch E-cups tits are spectacular.” I paused for a moment. “But let’s be clear. When I say ‘your tits’ I really mean MY tits on your chest. I own these tits, bitch. You just carry them around for me. I am their rightful Owner. I own them just like I own you. But it pleases me to sort of alienate you from your own tits. I think of you as property that I own. Which is truly the case. You should think of these tits as property I own that I have entrusted to your care. You take good care of my property on your chest. You keep these tits clean and healthy and ready for their rightful Owner to use them any time.”

Gloria smiled. “Thank you, Master” she said. “That helps a lot. I understand better now. What about the rest of my body?”

I laughed. “Bitch” I said “think of yourself as a mouth, a cunt, and an asshole. Three fuck holes. Plus a pair of tits. That’s all you are, really. Yes, I will use you in other ways. And I will enjoy your company, when you do what I like. But you have no other value. I don’t care about your likes and dislikes. I don’t care about your career, or your hopes and dreams. I may ask you about them from time to time. But they are really irrelevant. You exist for one reason and one reason only: to serve me. I am your Master, your Owner, your Lord. You will worship me by servicing my cock with your mouth morning, noon, and night, or whenever I demand it. You will constantly be looking for new and better ways to serve me. You will always be available for me to fuck your cunt or your asshole. And you will always suck me clean afterward. Always.”

Gloria brightened considerably upon hearing this clarification of who she was and what she was good for. “Thank you, Master” she said. “It helps me so much to understand the purpose of my life. Thank you for explaining it to me.”

I smiled and gave her a quick kiss. “Look, bitch” I said “it’s really very simple. The only reason you exist is to give me pleasure. Your every thought and desire should be to serve me better and better.”

Gloria relaxed and smiled. “That is so true, Master. You are all I think about, now that I have assumed my proper station in life as your slave. I think about you all the time. I am always looking for ways to serve you better.” She paused for a moment and shook her head. “I wish I had known this all along. My life would have been so much better if I had always devoted every second of it to serving you.”

“Well, Big Tits” I said “you’ll have the rest of your life to make up for the sins of your past.” I fondled her breasts. “Take off your blouse and bra then get down on your knees. I want you bare-chested when you blow me.”

Gloria smiled radiantly. “Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!” she said as she began to pull off her blouse and undo her bra-strap in the back. She let her lacey white bra fall to the floor. Then she followed after it, dropping to her knees. Eagerly, she unbuckled my belt, undid my pants button, pulled open my zipper, pulled down my pants and my underwear. She then bent forward to take my cock in her mouth without touching it with her hands. Gloria sucked worshipfully at my cock. In a matter of seconds, she had sucked my cock into a strong erection.

I grabbed her mane of thick, wavy brunette hair. As she bobbed her head back and forth on my cock, I helped her by pulling her head closer to my crotch on each forward motion. This forced my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, bumping it against the back of her throat, and making her gag a bit. Pretty soon, my cock went down the bend where her mouth gave way to her throat. The head of my cock entered my slave-wife’s throat with every thrust now.

“Oh, yeah, whore” I said. “That’s the way, Big Tits. This is what you live for. This is the purpose of your life. This is the meaning of your existence. Suck your Owner’s cock, whore. Give me your mouth. Your tits” I said, reaching down to grab a breast, which she helpfully lifted up towards me using her free hand. I grabbed her tit by the nipple and yanked on it. “Yes. Your tits. And your cunt. And your ass. This is why you exist. This is the meaning of your life.”

I let Gloria do most of the work. She sucked and sucked and deepthroated and gagged. She kept up the pace until I could feel myself closing in on an orgasm.

“Here it comes, bitch” I said. “Here it comes! Your Owner is going to come in your mouth!” I thrust my cock faster and deeper into my wife-slaves’ mouth and throat. “That’s it, bitch! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I said as my orgasmic ejaculations erupted with volcanic force. “Eat my cum, whore! Eat it, whore! Bitch! Whore! Bitch!” I yelled as I shot my cum into my wife’s eager mouth and throat.

When I was finally finished, I gazed down at Gloria’s face. She was looking up at me worshipfully. Her grey eyes were watering from the abuse I had just inflicted on her mouth and throat. All the gagging had brought tears to her eyes. But they were tears of joy, because I had ejaculated in her mouth. That’s what she lived for. It was proof positive that she had succeeded in pleasing her Owner. Her Master had called her all kinds of dirty names. Proof again that she had served her purpose of letting him use and abuse her for his pleasure. Gloria was totally fulfilled, even better than she would have been if I had merely fucked her cunt.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. “Let’s get you ready so you’ll be prepared for when you come home this afternoon” I said.

My wife accompanied me to the bedroom. She dropped her pants, pulled down her panties, and bent over. I went to the night table and opened the drawer. I grabbed a tube of lubricant and the pink butt plug I had wanted to use on my wife for the longest time. I lubricated the butt plug, then lubricated Bit Tits’ anus. Slowly and gently, I inserted the butt plug into Gloria’s asshole.

“Keep it in there until you get home” I said. “I want you ready for anal sex at a moment’s notice.”

“Yes, Master” my large-breasted slave said. “Your wish is my command.”

Then Gloria got dressed, kissed me, and happily went off to her classes and campus job. She wouldn’t be home until late afternoon. Her sister Marilyn would arrive at our apartment much sooner than that.

As I was walking to campus listening to music through my earbuds, inside my mind I heard a bell, followed by the voice of Anastasia.

‘I have prepared Marilyn for you, Steve. Last night in bed she masturbated while thinking of you. She wants you. Marilyn is a virgin. She wants to lose her virginity to you.’

I smiled from ear to ear. People walking by probably assumed I was listening to my favorite song. In a way, I was. Sex is my favorite song. The prospect of deflowering my 14-year-old sister-in-law is my favorite song. Knowing that she will be in my power and I can do anything I want with her is my favorite song.

I went to my classes and my campus job, doing my best to carry on while my mind was continually thinking about Marilyn and her magnificent teenaged ass. I envisioned her white bubble-butt in my hands. I imagined all the things I could to do with her ass, her pussy, her mouth, and her young tits. The hours on campus dragged by.

Finally, my work and school day was over. I walked back to the apartment building at a brisk clip.

I found Marilyn sitting outside the building, with her teenaged face focused on her smartphone, and her backpack on the ground beside her. She was dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts that clung to her perfectly shaped, enormous young ass like a second skin. I was practically drooling.

“Hi Mari” I said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

At the sound of my voice, the 14-year-old brunette seemed startled. Brushing her long, wavy brown hair out of her face, Marilyn looked up at me in a way I had never seen before. Her brown eyes were wide, her pupils dilated, and the lips of her smiling mouth were slightly parted. She looked nervous and eager at the same time. Some would say she’s in love.

“Hi Steve” Marilyn said as she stood up. “Thanks for letting me come over. I really do need some help with my science homework. I know I hang out at your guys’ apartment too much. I hope I’m not a nuisance.”

Feeling emboldened, I stepped close to Mari. She was a head shorter than I am. I put an arm around her shoulder. “No problem, Mari. We’re family. In fact, I like having you around. You should come around even more often. Let’s go inside.”

Mari was grinning now. “Yeah, we are family. I really love you ... I mean, I love hanging around with you and Gloria.”

I smiled. “I love hanging around with you, too, Mari” I said as we entered the building and I unlocked the apartment door. “Have a seat on the couch” I said “and I’ll get us some drinks.”

“OK” my youngest sister-in-law said as she tossed her backpack on the floor and plopped down in middle of the couch. Instead of going back to looking at her phone, her gaze was glued to me. I gave her a little smile. She gave me a very big smile back.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of soft drink cans from the refrigerator and some ice cubes from the freezer. I put the ice cubes into plastic cups, opened both cans, and poured in the drinks. Then I carried them back to the living room. Mari was watching for my return, rather than having returned her attention to her phone, as any normal modern teenager would do. I knew the girl was hooked. All I had to do now was to reel her in.

Handing the girl her drink, I sat down to her right. We were side by side. We had never sat this close before.

“Thanks” Mari said as she accepted her drink. She sipped from her cup.

“You know, Mari” I said as I casually put my left arm around her shoulder “I always liked you.”

Marilyn’s hand began to shake, causing the ice cubes in her drink to rattle. “I like you too, Steve” she said.

“When I married your sister, we became family. So in some sense, I also married you. Don’t you think?” I asked. Of course, this was completely irrational. It made no sense. But whoever said that love and sex made sense?

“Yeah, yeah. I think that’s true” said Mari, eager to have some fig leaf of justification to cover the sexual yearning she was feeling toward me.

I reached over and took Marilyn’s cup out of her hand. I placed both cups on the end table. Then I put my arm back around the youngster’s shoulder.

“So” I said, picking up where I had left off “that means that everything I do with your sister Gloria I can also do with you. It’s completely legal. It’s right and true. Don’t you think?”

The teenager was speechless. All she could do was nod her head, causing her long brown hair to wave like flags of surrender.

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

That did it. The dam broke. Mari put both arms around me and hugged me, as she returned my kiss. Our mouths opened wide and our tongues met for the first time. Our hands ran rapidly over each other’s body, touching all the places we had never touched before.

I broke off the kiss. “Mari” I said “I love you. Do you love me?”

“Yes! Oh Steve! I love you so much!” the teenager replied eagerly.

“When a man and a woman love each other, they have sex. You understand that, don’t you, Mari?” I said.

“I want to have sex with you” Marilyn said, “but I’ve never done it before. I’m a virgin. I’m only 14. Please help me. Show me what to do. I want to make you happy. Show me how to please you.”

I smiled and kissed her again briefly. “Don’t worry, Mari. I’ve got everything under control.” Taking her hand, I lead Mari to the bedroom. “Let’s take our clothes off” I told her. Mari nodded silently and began to undress, just as I did. As the 14-year-old pulled her t-shirt up and over her head, I saw that she was bra-less. I saw her small breasts for the first time. Mari’s twin mounds were each about the size of a shallow soup dish. Her nipples were delightfully well-developed, though. They were pink and puffy. I admired Mari’s puffy pink nipples, which complemented her milky white skin perfectly.

Next Mari took off her skin-tight shorts and her pink panties. The youngster’s sparse pubic bush was the same light brunette color as my wife’s. But the real prize was revealed when I said “Mari, turn around. I want to see your ass.”

The 14-year-old obeyed. And ... OH MY GOD! Her big white ass was amazing! Marilyn had a classic bubble-butt. Each butt cheek was a perfect hemisphere that deviated from a 180 degree arc only insofar as with a slight bit of sag here, and a bit of muscular heft there, her ass was even more delightfully curvy and beautiful and scrumptious looking. I couldn’t wait to fuck this little bitch up the ass!

But I had to restrain myself. I wanted to do a proper deflowering of my youngest sister-in-law. I would fuck her pussy before I went to town on her young ass.

Mari was clearly nervous about being naked in front of a naked man. To put her at ease, I said “Mari, you are so beautiful. You have such a beautiful body.” I stepped towards her. She gazed at me with a look of such sweet vulnerability that my heart melted. I embraced her, pressing my muscular male chest against her soft feminine flesh. As I kissed her, my hands went gliding all over her upper torso, front and back, touching down lightly every second or so to feel my youngest sister-in-law’s tender softness.

Inside my head I heard a bell. Anastasia said ‘You don’t have to be gentle. She’ll submit to anything. Abuse her for your pleasure and she’ll thank you.’

I replied ‘I know. You already told me that when we were planning this last night. But I really like this little bitch. I want to be tender with her. At least, at first. I’ll degrade her later. Right now, I want to go slowly. It’s for me.’

‘As you wish, Master’ said Anastasia, calling me Master for the first time.

‘Hey, you’ve been calling me Steve up to now. Only Gloria has called me Master. Why the switch?’ I asked.

‘Because you deserve it. You just took charge by doing something different from what I suggested. I told you that you will gradually grow in magic to become a full sorcerer. You just took your first significant step along that path, Master Steve. Do you want me to call you something different?’ Anastasia said.

‘No, I like Master. Keep calling me that. Or Master Steve’ I replied.

During this short internal conversation, Mari and I continued to kiss and to caress one another’s naked bodies. Now I separated from the kiss. I said “Mari, I want you to listen carefully. I will show you everything. I will teach you how to make love. The first thing you must do is to kneel in front of me and take my cock in your mouth.”

Mari smiled as she gazed at me worshipfully while sinking to her knees. Without taking her eyes off mine, she ran her hands up my thighs to my crotch until she reached my penis. She opened her mouth. Then she guided my cock to her open mouth while her eyes remained fixed on mine.

I sent a thought question to Anastasia. ‘Where did she learn to do that?’

‘I am guiding her, Master. Are you not pleased?’ Anastasia asked.

‘Oh, I’m very pleased’ I replied.

“Now” I said aloud to Mari “I am going to fuck your mouth. I want you always to remember that the first sex act of your life with a man was to get face-fucked by your brother-in-law.”

Mari tried to talk, but her speech was garbled by the presence of a penis in her mouth.

I heard a bell. Anastasia said ‘Master, would you like the power to read minds?’

‘All minds or just Mari’s’ I asked.

‘Whichever you wish, Master’ Anastasia replied.

I paused for a moment to think. ‘Just Mari’s for now. But as soon as Gloria arrives, I want to be able to read her mind too’ I said.

‘As you wish, Master’ said Anastasia.

Suddenly I felt like I was eavesdropping on the mind of my 14-year-old sister-in-law. I knew what she had been trying to say with my penis obstructing her mouth. She was saying “Thank you, Steve.”

I placed both my hands on Mari’s brunette head. I began pulling her head towards my crotch, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, until the head of my cock bumped into the back of her throat. I withdrew a couple of inches. Then I thrust into her mouth again. And again. I watched the teenager’s face and listened to her thoughts as I face-fucker her.

Mari thought ‘This is wonderful! I hope Steve likes me. I want him to be happy. I hope I can please him.’

I smiled at Mari’s thoughts. Her desire to please me was inspiring. It inspired me to pick up the pace of the face-fucking I was delivering to the virgin 14-year-old. As I fucked her mouth faster and faster, my cock began reaching the back of her mouth and probing beyond into her throat. She gagged each time I did it. So I did it more and more, until I was so turned on that I was afraid I might come in the little bitch’s throat before I had even fucked her other holes. So I ratcheted back my action. My cock moved slower and slower, until I withdrew it from Mari’s mouth.

Mari looked confused. She said “Don’t you want to come in my mouth, Steve?”

I gestured for the girl to stand up, extending a hand to help her rise. When we were again standing, with the youngster looking up at me, I said “I very much want to come in your mouth, Mari. And I’m going to. Just not yet. I will come in your mouth after I fuck your pussy and your ass. Then I will come in your mouth.” I smiled at the girl and gave her ass a friendly slap. “And you’d better swallow every drop of my cum, little bitch!”

Mari’s smile beamed with joy. “I will, Steve! I promise! I swear! I’ll swallow every drop of your cum.”

“Good. Now, Mari, I want you to get on the bed. Lie down on your back and grab your legs behind the knees. Raise up your legs so your pussy and your asshole are exposed.”

Mari began carrying out my command even before I had finished giving it. She was really an eager little beaver. I read her thoughts. They were a jumble of excited concern over doing everything I was asking in the best possible way. She had very little interest in her own pleasure. She was totally focused on mine.

Which is exactly as it should be. I wanted female sex slaves who placed me and my desires at the center of their world. My slaves must live for the sole purpose of serving and pleasing me. Everything else is so far down their priority list that it practically ceases to exist.

I knelt on the floor at the edge of the bed. Mari’s pure white skin provided the perfect background for her light brunette pubic hair, her tight young cunt slit, and her adorable pink anus. I almost couldn’t decide which to taste first: her ass or her cunt. I decided to lick the little bitch’s cunt first, simply because I was afraid if I went to her ass straightaway, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from buttfucking her before I cunt-fucked her.

Mari’s young pussy was moist and surprisingly tasty. I pried apart her pussy lips and lapped at her pink vagina. My tongue moved up and down, then back and forth in a zig-zag climb toward her clitoris. As my tongue swirled around her clit, Mari put one hand lightly on my head and purred these words: “Steve, I love you. I love you! Thank you so much for letting me have sex with you.”

Inside my head I heard a bell. Anastasia said ‘Master, Mari said that of her own volition. She is now completely in your thrall. I no longer need to control her in any way. You own Mari completely, body and soul.’

I didn’t have to reply. I stood up and gently pushed Mari’s legs apart. I told her “Move further up the bed. I’m going to mount you now.”

The eager teen pushed herself backward in a sort of crawl until her head met the pillow. Then she spread her legs and opened her arms. “I’m yours forever, Steve. Take me! Please take me!”

Moving into place on top of the 14-year-old, I pressed my cock to the entrance of her sopping wet vagina. My cock slipped in easily. I gazed down at Mari. “I am taking you, Mari. I love you. I am taking you forever. You belong to me just as much as Gloria does. I own you both, body and soul.”

I began fucking the teenager’s cunt. My cock moved deeper and deeper with each thrust. Soon enough, thrust after thrust, I felt the resistance of her hymen. With one more hard thrust, I burst through Mari’s maidenhead. She shuddered and gripped my back with her fingernails. “I’ve taken your second virginity, Mari. Your mouth was the first.”

Maybe I’m not the most highly skilled lover in the world, but I’m pretty damned good. My wife and other women told me so. I was no fumbling teenaged boy thrusting into a teenaged girl with barely any idea of how to bring her real pleasure. I really did like Mari. You could truly say I loved her, because she was so sweet. And I wanted to bring her pleasure. So I was determined to bring my new little bitch to sexual ecstasy.

As I fucked her cunt, I reached one hand under her bottom and groped her ass. I moved one finger to her anus. With a gentle thrust, I sent my finger into her asshole. Mari kissed me even more passionately when I did this. So I sent my finger deeper into her ass. Mari cooed with pleasure. We kissed mouth to mouth.

I heard a bell inside my head. Anastasia said ‘You are such a good lover, Master! I wish you had taken my virginity! Your lovemaking is driving me wild!’

It suddenly hit me that whenever I had sex now, I was fucking Anastasia along with whatever woman I was fucking. Up to this point, I had thought that Anastasia was feeling my orgasms. That’s how I interpreted what she’d said to me before. And maybe she was feeling mine. But she was feeling Mari’s too.

And I felt something else. I felt the magical power that Anastasia had been telling me about. I felt, more than knew, that I had some new power. I felt how I could control Mari’s pleasure using my mind as well as my cock. So I gave the little girl her first orgasm during intercourse by a combination of mind and cock.

Mari gripped me tightly. She kissed my face over and over, in between saying “I love you, Steve! I love you! Steve! Steve!” Her young body bucked, hips thrusting against mine, as I drove her home into orgasm after orgasm. Our two bodies moved as one. By the new magic that was now mine, I felt her soul and mine entwined in a way I had never felt with any woman before, not even my wife. Mari’s soul was young and tender. Mine was older, huge and forceful. Her soul worshipped me as her Lord and Master. I accepted her worship as my due, and caressed her soul tenderly.

Our bodies lay together, hot and sweaty and very, very happy. My cock was still inside Mari’s teen cunt. We kissed tenderly. I had not ejaculated. I was saving my cum for later. So my pleasure was still only at pre-orgasmic levels. Next thing came something that still gives me pause. I wanted to formalize my relationship with my wife’s youngest sister.

“Mari” I said. “I want to own you, body and soul, as my slave. That’s how I own Gloria. I want to own you forever, just like I own her. Will you give yourself to me as my slave? Will you accept me as your Master? This means that I have all the power and you have no power. Nothing. You would be completely powerless. You must follow all my orders, to the letter. You are forbidden to disobey me. My slightest wish becomes your command. You must live only to serve me. My pleasure and happiness are all that matters to you. What do you say?”

Mari smiled from ear to ear. “Yes, Steve! I do! I mean, yes Master! I want to be your slave forever. Your slightest wish is my command. You own me body and soul. I only live to serve you. I love you, Master!”

I smiled. “Good. But words are not enough. You must prove yourself worthy to be my slave, Mari. I want you to beg me to fuck you up the ass. And when I am done fucking your asshole, I want you to suck my cock clean. You must eat your own shit off my cock, Mari. And I will ejaculate in your mouth. Come in your mouth. You must swallow my cum. You must always swallow my cum, Mari. Any time I come in your mouth. And I will come in your mouth pretty much every time we have sex. I don’t want to come in your cunt or your ass. I want to come in your mouth. I want to make you eat my cum. All the time. Are you willing to do all that, Mari?”

Mari looked hesitant. Then I heard a bell inside my head. Anastasia said ‘She’ll do it, Master. Her hesitation and apparent reluctance to eat her shit and your cum are built-in features. They add to your feeling of dominance when she finally does the dirty deeds. Worry not, Master. No woman or girl can ever refuse you again. Tell them to do something, anything, and they’ll do it. No matter how dirty. No matter how disgusting or unsanitary. Don’t worry about any of these acts making anyone sick. You or them. You have magical immunity. You extend your immunity to them. Make Mari eat her own shit off your cock. She will find it disgusting. But she’ll also find it a total turn-on. No harm will come from it. Believe me. You’ll see.’

Mari said “Yes, Master. I will do anything you want me to.”

I kissed the 14-year-old while pinching her puffy pink nipples. I brought one of my fingers up from her chest to her mouth. “This finger was up your ass a minute ago, Mari” I said. I touched the finger to her lips. She kissed my finger. “Suck it” I said. The teenager opened her mouth and began sucking on my finger. “Good bitch” I said. “Taste your ass. The next time you taste that flavor, it’s going to be coming from my cock.”

I pulled my finger out of her mouth and kissed the young girl. “Now roll over on your belly. Put these pillows under your hips to elevate your ass.” Mari did as I ordered. While she was doing so, I grabbed the lube from the night table drawer.

Then I heard a bell inside my head. ‘Master’ said Anastasia ‘you don’t have to use lube if you don’t want to. No harm will come to the child if you buttfuck her without artificial lubricant. Your magic power is already strong enough to make artificial aids unnecessary.’

I put the lube away. I asked Anastasia ‘What about me licking Mari’s asshole? Is there any danger of bacterial infection or anything?’

‘No danger’ said Anastasia. ‘You cannot become infected with any biological life form. You are already strong enough to fend off any of the spirit life forms that prey on weak humans also. You can also extend that protection to Mari and any other girl you have sex with. Shit can’t hurt them if you don’t want it to. Neither can anything else.’

Delighted to know this, I simply replied ‘Great!’

“Mari” I said “I am going to call you ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’ and other dirty names for the rest of the afternoon because it pleases me to do so. You will call me Master. Got it, bitch?”

Mari at me looked over her shoulder. She smiled. “Yes, Master. Thank you for calling me bitch. I love it!”

I bent down and kissed Mari’s big, beautiful, white teenaged ass. Her bulbous bubble-butt cheeks were mesmerizingly beautiful. “Spread your cheeks for me, bitch. I am going to lick your anus before I fuck it” I said.

Mari reached back and spread her cheeks for me. For the second time in my life – for the second time this day – I gazed at Mari’s perfect pink anus. I bent down and kissed it. The fragrance of her virgin asshole was intoxicating. I kissed her precious pink anus several times. Then I began licking it.

“Mmm. Mari, you have such a lovely ass” I said as I moved my whole body up and placed the head of my penis against her anus. “I’ve wanted to buttfuck you since the day I met you. I fantasized about it many, many times. Now, bitch, I am going to do it for real. Your ass is mine, whore.” With those last words, I pressed my penis to her anal opening and then through it. The tightness of the teenager’s asshole was incredible!

Mari flinched. “Ow!” she said. “That hurts. But please don’t stop, Master Steve. You own me body and soul. Please use me for your pleasure.”

I smiled. “That’s right, bitch! That’s the right attitude” I said as I began a slow back and forth movement of my cock inside the teenager’s asshole. With each forward motion, I drove my cock a little deeper into the bitch’s anal passage. When I pulled back slightly, it was only to give the little whore a second to adjust before I plunged even deeper into her rectum.

Very soon, my thrusts became longer and deeper, as I plowed into Mari’s virgin asshole. Mentally, I sent a question to Anastasia: ‘Are you sure I won’t harm her if I buttfuck her hard? I mean, just rape her asshole violently? Brutally?’

Anastasia replied immediately. ‘She will not be permanently harmed by anything you do to her, Master. Rape her asshole. Be as brutal as you like. You can even make her like it. Or you can make her suffer through it. You could even combine the two. Give her pain and make her enjoy it, because she’s suffering it to please you.’

‘Oh, yes, I like that idea! I’ll have the combo plate’ I replied to Anastasia jokingly, but utterly serious at the same time.

My cock was deep in the teenager’s asshole now. I paused in my thrusting to lean forward, pressing my chest against her back so I could whisper in her ear. “Mari” I said “be a good bitch and beg me to rape your asshole. Beg me to be brutal. I want to be brutal. Violent. But without hurting you permanently. You’ll recover. But you’ll be in pain for a little while. I want you to beg me to use you like that. For my pleasure. Just for me. I want to rape your asshole. Beg for it, bitch.”

Mari looked at me out of the corner of her eye. She smiled. “Please rape my asshole, Master. Be brutal. Be violent. Use me! Rape me!”

I kissed the teenager’s cheek. “You asked for it, bitch. Now you’re gonna get it!”

I adjusted my body posture so that my hips had plenty of room to move back and forth. I began the anal rape that my 14-year-old sister-in-law begged for by sliding my cock slowly, oh so slowly, deep into her rectum. Just as my cock was almost completely buried in the teenager’s asshole, I felt the tip of my cock move beyond her rectum and into her colon. This was the greatest depth possible. I had done it! My cock had invaded the girl’s asshole as deep as it was possible to go. Like an invading army, my cock had completely occupied her rectum, and gone beyond into her colon. It was like storming the castle, taking the capital city, occupying the national territory, and winning the game of anal possession. I now owned the bitch’s ass completely.

While my cock pumped in and out of the child’s asshole, it brought up from her depths more and more globs of Mari’s light brown shit. The girl’s feces stunk, just like all shit does. I didn’t mind the smell, however. The smell of the shit I had buttfucked out of the bitch’s asshole was the smell of victory.

I was really pounding the youngster’s asshole. Retracting my cock until it almost exited Mari’s anus, I thrust it in again all the way, until the head of my cock was back in her colon. I did this again and again and again. With every inward thrust, Mari winced and moaned. With every partial retraction of my cock, I pumped more shit out of her asshole. My cock was shit-mining my 14-year-old sister-in-law’s asshole.

Clearly, Mari was feeling the pain in her ass as something barely tolerable. But she tolerated it because it’s what her Owner wanted. It’s what her Master wanted. It’s what I wanted. Mari loved me completely. She was totally devoted to me. The little bitch was completely under my power.

I buttfucked the youngster like a wild man. As I reamed her ass, I delighted in calling her all sorts of dirty names. Then I told her to repeat them. “What are you, Mari?” I asked.

“I’m a whore” the 14-year-old said. “I’m a bitch. I’m a cunt. I’m a piece of shit.” She paused for a moment. “I’m your slave” Mari said. “Thank you for making me your slave, Master! Thank you for using my asshole like a cunt.”

That did it! I was ready to shoot my cum into the bitch. But not into her rectum. Into her mouth.

“Good bitch, Mari!” I said. “Good girl! Now it’s time for me to use your mouth like a cunt again. But this time my cock will be dirty with your shit. You’ve got to suck your shit off my cock. And swallow it. Clean my cock in your mouth, Mari. Eat your shit off my cock. Swallow every speck of shit. Do it for your Master, whore. Then your Master will reward you with a mouth full of cum!”

I pulled my cock out of Mari’s asshole. I looked down at my handiwork. The crack between her pearly white butt cheeks had streaks of brown emanating from it. Her ass looked like a bar of milk chocolate had melted between Marilyn’s exquisite pure white buttocks. “Spread your butt cheeks for me, bitch” I commanded.

Mari reached back and spread her beautiful bubble-butt cheeks. The inner area of her white buttocks around her pink anus had the most shit of all. I smiled. Using one finger, I wiped through a smear of her shit. Then I raised that finger close to my nose. I sniffed it. It stunk. I leaned forward and put my finger under Mari’s nose.

“Smell it, bitch” I said.

Mari sniffed my shit-browned finger. She wrinkled her nose.

“How does it smell, bitch? Be honest. It stinks, doesn’t it?” I said.

Mari nodded. “Yes, Master. It stinks.”

“Good. Suck my finger clean” I said as I pressed my finger to her lips. Mari opened her mouth and accepted my finger. I felt her tongue licking my finger. I felt the suction of her mouth pulling her own shit off my finger. I saw the swallowing motion of her throat.

“Good girl” I said. I withdrew my finger from Mari’s mouth. Then I rolled onto my back. I looked down at my cock. It was smeared with gobs of Mari’s shit.

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