Going to the Principal's Office About My New Slaves

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Sex in school is the order of the day at the Beginners School, a school for teenaged sex slaves. The Master visits the Principal to tell her about his newest blonde slaves, buxom mother Barbara and her twin 14-year-old daughters Sharon and Helen. This story is from my serial "Welcome to My World." It's a sequel to: 1) "Watch Me Sodomize Your Daughters, Bitch" 2) "Kidnapped & Enslaved: Degrading a Mother & Her Two Daughters" 3) "Watching Rape Porn with a Kidnapped Mother and Her Daughters"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .


The Master possesses a huge harem of incredibly beautiful women and girls. The action in this story takes place in the Beginners School, a school for teenaged sex slaves. The school is located in a town call the Upper Village on the Master’s private, hidden paradise planet he calls My World. The Master has the powers to read minds and control women. He is also in control of their biology and health, and of his own. There is no danger of sexually transmitted diseases and no danger of diseases due to contact with feces or urine. Everything is safe.

This story is a slightly modified version of one portion of a chapter from my serial/book “Welcome to My World”. This story is the sequel to the following preceding stories (listed in chronological order):

1) “Watch Me Sodomize Your Daughters, Bitch”
2) “Kidnapped & Enslaved: Degrading a Mother & Her Two Daughters”
3) “Watching Rape Porn with a Kidnapped Mother and Her Daughters”

I ordered Christine and Roxanne to accompany me into the Principal’s Office. There was an outer office and an inner office. Both rooms were designed as a mixture of public school cheap and My World expensive. The floors and walls were nothing special: institutional crushed stone composite and brick, with a veneer of plasterboard. The lighting was from small skylights, some ceiling lamps, and a few desk lamps. It was the furniture that was much more expensive. The desks, chairs, couches, and other pieces were made from top-quality materials, expertly crafted and assembled. Since those items would come in contact with my body and the bodies of my precious slaves, they had to be the best that could be.

Behind the front desk in the outer office sat the Secretary. Her nameplate read HAYLEY. She was a stunningly beautiful 24-year-old gold blonde woman with moderate size breasts but a spectacular butt. Hayley’s measurements were 34-22-38. Hayley has been in my harem since the age of 14. In addition to being the Secretary (a job that required little effort, since computers and automated machines did nearly all the work), Hayley was also a teacher of advanced techniques for blowjobs, throat-fucks, and buttfuck techniques.

Hayley was happy to see me, but not surprised. “Welcome, Master” she said with a giggle. “Principle Felicity is waiting for you in her office, as you requested. May I serve you in any way, Master? I would gladly crawl into the office after you, and suck you off, or gag myself on your heavenly cock, if you’d let me. Of course, I would be delighted if you would use my ass in any way.” Hayley tucked her chin slightly toward her chest and added, with a wicked grin, “Any way at all.” Then she winked at me.

Hayley was wearing the same white, low-cut blouse and tight grey skirt as the other working women in the Upper Village. Her modestly sized breasts did not provide any substantial cleavage, however. So when I sat on her desk and put my hand inside her bra, all I could grab was some nice nipples.

“Maybe later, bitch” I said. “I’m having a little orgy at the mansion tonight for the new bitches I kidnapped and raped last night. Why don’t you and that little 14-year-old slut daughter of yours come over. What’s that cunt’s name again?”

Hayley giggled again. “Lindsay. But you know that, Master. You just pretend to forget her name to tease her and me. I know you love raping her little throat. I’ve been training her to take your heavenly dick down her throat without gagging. She’s gotten so much better, Master! If she gags and spits up, I promise that I’ll make her lap it up off the floor. Or I’ll do it myself.”

With my left hand, I grabbed Hayley by her long, golden blonde hair and yanked her towards me. I pulled hard and she yelped in pain. When I had her face against mine, I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She welcomed it eagerly. Hayley ran her fingers through my hair with one hand, and reached through the front opening of my robe with the other. As she groped towards my cock, I grabbed her hand.

“Nuh-uh-uh!” I said. “Not yet, bitch. You bring that cunt Lindsay tonight. This orgy will go on for days. I’ll throat-rape both of you. And buttfuck you.”

Hayley pulled her face back from mine by a few inches. Her blonde eyebrows arched above her big blue eyes. “You mean it, Master? Promise?”

“I promise, you motherfucking piece of shit whore” I said and then whacked her bottom.

“Oh, you’re so good to my worthless daughter and me, Master. We don’t deserve you. You’re so good” Hayley said, in all sincerity, as my reading of her mind confirmed.

“Alright, whore. Now I need to see your boss” I said.

“Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir!” Hayley said, giving me a military-style salute. As she turned to open the door to the Principal’s private office, I smacked her hard on the ass again. She yelped and leaped at the same time. Hayley rubbed her big, beautiful butt as she held the door open for me and my pair of slave assistants, Christine and Roxanne, the Chief Administrative Whore and Assistant Chief Administrative Whore, respectively, of the Upper Village.

As Hayley held the door open and I was about to walk past her, I stopped for a moment and kissed her beautiful face while fondling her chest and bottom. “My dick is going down your throat and up your ass, bitch. And you are going to help me throat-rape little Lindsay, too. Then it’s ass-to-mouth for both of you.”

Hayley beamed with gratitude. “Thank you, Master. You won’t regret it. We’ll completely debase ourselves for you, for your pleasure.”

“I know you will, whore” I said “I know you will.”

The office of Principle Felicity was large and comfortable, containing a desk, two chairs, and a large bed along the back wall. Felicity was a 24-year-old platinum blonde, a slender and graceful woman, with moderate size breasts and buttocks. Her measurements were 35-23-34 inches. Her face was even more beautiful than Hayley’s, if such a thing is possible. And like her secretary, Felicity did double duty as a teacher of advanced blowjobs, throat-fucks, and buttfuck techniques.

We embraced and kissed as I ran my hands all over Felicity’s body. “You’re looking good, whore” I said. “As always. You know why we’re here. Yesterday I kidnapped and raped that woman Barbara and her twin daughters, Sharon and Helen. When I saw them in a restaurant on old earth, I just had to own them. Had to. You know what I call bitches like those three cunts, don’t you whore?”

Felicity nodded her head “Must Own Meat. That’s what you call them, isn’t it Master?”

I nodded. “That’s right, whore. They were better than the steak I was eating. A perfect golden blonde mother and two perfect golden blonde daughters. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I had to rape them. And own them. So I brought them here. I was brutal. I made the little teenaged girls eat their mother’s cunt. Barbara was in tears. I forced the mother to watch me sodomize her daughters. After I raped her one daughter’s asshole, I made the mother eat the shit out of the girl’s raped rectum. It was a beautiful sight.”

Felicity got a wistful look in her eye. “I wish I had been there. What about the video? I can’t wait to see it. When will it be released?”

“Not right away” I answered. “Remember, these bitches are brand new. They weren’t born here, like you and the rest of the cunts in this room and in your front office. I’m still programming Barbara and her two little cunts. Their brainwashing is mostly done, but not quite finished. They love, worship, and adore me. They will do anything I tell them, no matter how dirty, degrading, or painful. But their minds have not fully stabilized in complete servitude yet. Their slavery is incomplete. That’s where you and all the teachers in the Beginners School come in.”

Felicity ripped open her blouse, pulled off her bra, unzipped her tight skirt, wiggled it of it, and pulled the skirt down along with her panties. She stepped out of them. Standing there, stark naked, the lithe, platinum blonde beauty dropped to her knees in front of me and crawled towards me. “My body is yours, Master. I present it to you free of any encumbrances. Command me to do anything and it will be done, by me and by the women you have given me charge of. I only ask one thing. Let me blow you. Please let me blow you. I’m begging you! I’ll do anything if you’ll let me blow you. Please let me suck your heavenly dick in my unworthy mouth. Please, PLEASE Master! Please use my mouth like a cunt. And a urinal. I’ll do anything, Master, ANYTHING, if you’ll just use my mouth for your pleasure. Or your urine.”

I looked down at Felicity. Her blue eyes were pleading with me. Her platinum blonde hair framed her angelic face like a halo. Here she was, a goddess of female beauty, begging me to fuck her mouth and then piss down her throat.

I smiled at Felicity. I stood up from the office chair and walked over to the bed against the far wall. I took off my robe and sat down. “Suck my dick, you mangy whore” I said with an edge to my voice.

Felicity locked her blue eyes on mine. She lowered her head slightly as she approached me on her hands and knees like a cat. She took my dick in her mouth without using her hands. With exquisite skill, she began blowing me. Her technique was extraordinary. That’s why I made her a teacher so she can train my little teenaged girls in how to suck dick.

I turned my head to look at my big-titted platinum blondes, Christine and Roxanne. They watched with fascination as the slim platinum blonde Felicity fellated me with one-pointed concentration. I gestured for Christine and Roxanne to uncover their breasts, strip naked, and present their knockers to my mouth for sucking and biting. They obeyed immediately. Christine presented her 58-inch, HH-cup, pink-nippled tits to me first. I started sucking and biting them ravenously while Felicity continued to blow me. Roxanne soon presented her own 52-inch GG-cup udders to my face. I let her 29-year-old adoptive mother Christine’s tits alone for a moment so I could cram the 19-year-old daughter Roxanne’s pink-nippled udders into my mouth and bite down hard.

Nipples are my favorite parts of a woman’s breasts. But truly huge breasts offer so much more meat than merely nipples. There is all of the fleshy real estate on the top of the breast, and on the left and right sides of each tit, and especially on the tender undersides of each huge udder. The undersides are almost never exposed to the elements: no sunlight, or wind, or anything harsh. The underside tit flesh is as tender as little cunt’s ass. I use my mouth to attack the undersides of the big udders, taking big mouthfuls of tit flesh and biting down hard with animal ferocity. I feel as passionate as a rapist fucking a tiny virgin girl up the ass.

I kept switching my attentions between the massive tits of mother and adoptive daughter. At the same time, Felicity gazed at me worshipfully while sucking my dick. Occasionally, she broke off eye contact temporarily so she could deep-throat me. I held her head tightly then, cutting off her air. This was something we both enjoyed. It was a reminder to us both of the first time I mouth-raped and throat-raped her many years earlier, on her 14th birthday – the day she became my slave.

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