Old Church
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Justin tries to start a new life and ends up having a neighbor who holds a deep secret.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Hypnosis   Magic   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fairy Tale   Horror   Science Fiction   Cousins   Sadistic   Torture   Harem   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Fisting   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Squirting  

Justin Thomas was driving up to his new house. He knew this was not a normal day as his life was forever changed once the divorce was agreed upon. It was a messy affair in which he was able to walk away without paying alimony and most of the money. The only thing Justin relented on was the house, and most of the possessions in the house. To him it was a deal since it all the stuff in the house reminded him of his ex wife, and it was now something to be forgotten.

Justin pulled into the road his new house was on and let his attention drift away from the past to the present, and the house he just bought. Using his 401k and some money from the sale of a few things he got in the divorce, he was able to buy a small one bedroom house in the country. It was away from the world and far away from the problems of the past. Justin was so excited with the pictures online, that he purchased it through a broker without ever having seen it. The purchase was a risky gamble that could blow up in his face, although the broker reassured him of the value of the house.

Not one for buying stuff online, the broker was able to send as many pictures as possible, and Justin was not about to make the trip from two states away. It was a quick buy and now he was pulling into the road of his new life.

With a job transfer secure, Justin was thankful for his company having offices in multiple states. Even though it was a mundane phone job that required him to field customer calls, it was a job. It was a job that gave him weeks of vacation and benefits. Those weeks of vacation were being used up with the move, but some would be left over to settle into the new house.

Justin drove further down the road and noticed it was a dirt road used by a nearby farm as well. There were no houses on the road as it had a nice view of a cattle farm to the right. As the drive continued, he saw two houses at the end of the road. The one house was at the bottom of a hill, while the one across the street from it was the one from the pictures.

The new neighbor’s house sat at the bottom of a small hill, and on top of the small grassy hill looked like an old abandoned church. The steeple still had the cross on top of it, but the siding, shingles, and paint was all in need of repair.

Justin pulled into his new driveway and stared at his new life as it began to finally sink in. Other than his neighbor, he was miles from another living person. His desire to be alone after his divorce had come to fruition, as the abandoned church seemed like his love life, used and broken.

The week Justin spent moving in he met his new neighbor. George Henry looked to be in his eighties and was keen on finally having someone move in. Justin noticed the house he bought was brand new, and was a modular house that was moved on to the property by the farmer who owned the farm he lived near.

Justin was happy to have both someone to talk with, and even help move boxes when needed. For an elderly man, George seemed quite apt at lifting heavy objects. Although Justin was happy about living alone, the companionship of George seemed to help the transition. In the following weeks, he and George would soon become fast friends.

The move seemed easier than Justin could ever imagine. Within a week he was settled in and ready to go back to work. The next few weeks his life turned around as his new coworkers were just as friendly as his neighbor George. Although it was the same job in a new location, the drudgery of coming home to a wife that ignored him seemed a distant memory now.

Justin was more than happy to accept George’s constant invitations for dinner as they both seemed like they could use the companionship. George was always a gracious host and would make dinner most nights. Justin felt guilty about the not cooking as much, but was always bringing over beer or wine for dinner. Even when Justin offered to cook, it was George who seemed to be constantly in his kitchen. Justin even joked about George being a short order cook in the service, although George gave no information or mention about being in the military, so Justin never brought it up again.

As the weeks turned into months, Justin settled into a normal routine. The strange neighbor with an abandoned church in his backyard became a friend, with whom he spent nights with conversing over dinner about everything from politics to faith. It was a symbiotic relationship as both were lonely, and Justin enjoyed the casual conversation.

Justin knew there was something off about George but just could not put a finger on it though. Not wanting to rock the boat of the relationship they had, Justin knew it was not normal for all conversations to be about him. Justin even tried to be blunt and asked how old he was, and if he had family. George laughed and gave a vague answer of, “The past is where it needs to be, and it is never pretty.”

Justin felt that George needed more time to open up, and that he must have lived such a solitary life, that would only unfold with time. Knowing that the conversations were about him, gave the feeling of counseling with beer and food.

It was a quiet cold night. The Friday morning was hours away as Justin was walking over to his neighbor’s house with a sixpack of beers clutched in his fingers. This was a normal night to him, and George his neighbor, and new friend.

Justin walked into George’s house expecting the dinner smell to hit in, like it did almost every night. The running joke was that George was feeding the homeless in the town and did not want people to know it was him.

Justin stepped inside and all was silent, only the cracking of the floor was making noise. “Hey, George you awake? We didn’t even get to drinking yet and you’re past out. I swear there were no beers left when I was last here, and now you’re out cold.”

George’s house was a small house just like Justin’s and after a very quick look, George was not here. Justin questioned himself as George’s old Buick was still in the driveway, and the stove was not even turned on. The pasta was out, but the pot near the stove did not even have water in it.

After another quick look, Justin noticed the back door was slightly ajar. His eyes ventured towards the old church on top of the hill in the backyard. It was set away only a couple hundred feet, but he could see the distinct glow of a light.

The night sky was good enough for Justin to make the trek up the side of the hill towards the lighted church. He quickly thought about what George was doing in there, and then thought about spring time coming, and having George asking him to help mow the incredible yard he owned.

Getting to the double door, Justin could see the door on the right was cracked about a foot. The light was coming through from both the door and the window at the far end of the church. Stepping in, he could see the pews were perfectly placed, and there was almost no signs of wear or tear. It was like old age had stopped at the door for this unused church.

Justin could not help but look up to see the ceiling of the old church, and it was just as nice as the rest of the inside. Although lacking in ornate wood, it had an old world charm about the whole place. The pews were both clean and varnished as were the wood floors. Justin knew deep down that George had to be cleaning this place almost weekly.

With a look of amazement he wondered how and why George did not tell him that he kept the old place in perfect condition only on the inside. The questions flooded in his mind to the point of trying to keep track of which one to ask first.

Stepping in further and looking down the aisle, Justin’s heart stopped. He saw a pair of legs sticking out by the set of first pews. Knowing exactly who they belonged to, Justin rushed over to see if George was still alive.

George was laying face down as was cold. Moving his lifeless body to his back, Justin fought the frantic heartbeat of having his friend and neighbor dead in his arms. As he moved him over Justin could see the aged and worn features of his face. He never really noticed until just now as he fought back the tears of cradling him.

The ambulance was called and the county mortician showed up just as quickly. Justin watched from only a few feet away as his only friend was carted out of the old church. Nobody really spoke as George was moved to the waiting ambulance. Holding back the emotion, Justin thought of who to call, and what to do. George never spoke about friends, family, or even mentioned his own religion.

The deputy that was there walked over to Justin. “We are going to go through the county records and try to find the next of kin. If you could lock up his house, that would be much appreciated. I am going to tell Pastor Rick to be preppin’ for a funeral too. Might reckon he drop by and get some things from the house, just so you know and could help out.”

Justin nodded his head in acceptance and said nothing as the young deputy walked to his patrol car to leave. Justin just watched in disbelief as the patrol car pulled away with its lights off following the rest of the vehicles leaving Justin alone.

Not being overly emotional, Justin felt utter sadness, but not to any point of breaking down crying that George had passed away. He still did not know much about him, and made it more unnerving. Justin chalked his feelings up to being like having a distant friend dying rather than a real close personal friend.

Justin calmed his feelings to a cold beer and a good stiff drink of whiskey. He pulled what food he had at George’s house when he locked the door. Not knowing if anyone was coming to claim anything, Justin took the keys when he locked up.

On the way to his house, hours after the whole surreal experienced began to fade; Justin noticed the light to the old church was still shining away. Not being one to leave something half done or still on, he walked back up the hill to close the church down as well. The whole walk, Justin could not fathom what the deal with George and the church was. The buying property with having it already there was one thing, but to fix and maintain it was another question. It was a question without an answer and that seemed to get under Justin’s skin more than anything.

Once inside, he walked around for a bit, maybe there was some clue to why George kept up on the place or maybe what he was doing inside at such a late time. With never getting a real good look of the place, seeing the fact he was dealing with George’s untimely passing, Justin strolled slowly down the aisle trying to get a glance at anything that might be a clue.

Each aisle was well maintained, and each pew was spotless. There were no clues, and there was nothing more than a broom in the corner to give a clue to what he did most of the day.

Walking over to the broom, Justin could see that the wall had a large crack in it. Walking over to the distortion in the wall, he could easily make out that there was a door. It was a hidden door, but not hidden as a way of keeping it a secret, just not seen as a way of a normal door. Justin could see that the door was meant to be used but not used as a secret.

There were no handles on the door, and it was easily pushed open. Justin quickly thought that he found a clue to why George was doing in the church, and a sense of knowing washed over him.

A quick push of the door revealed that it was not a true secret door, but just a concealed door for aesthetic purposes. It easily pushed open, and the light shined into nothing but a walk in storage closet.

“What the fuck.” Justin cursed as he quickly remembered the outside layout showed there was a back area that stuck out.

The cleaning room was only concealed to be more visibly pleasing on the inside as it matched the molding going around the length of the inside. The closet was about six feet in and was about four feet wide. It had a mop, and a wash basin still inside.

Justin once again felt the anxiety of not knowing the whole story behind why George was keeping up on this old, or newly renovated church. Justin just figured it was just one of those questions he would never get an answer too.

As Justin reached for the lights, a light voice called out. “Where’s the fucking food?”

“Holy fuck!” Justin screamed as he jumped back in fright.

The voice was faint and was coming from the wash basin, like there was something behind it. Justin’s heart was pounding fast and furious as the faint yet distinct female voice spoke.

“Who is that up there?” The strange yet very soothing feminine voice called out.

With his voice trembling, and cracking. “Who is there?” Justin replied as he thought his heart was going to give out.

“Come down here and see. Just hope you have some food. Move the tub and come down.”

Justin reached for the wash basin with his trembling hands, and wondered what in the world was going on. When the basin easily moved to the side, and it revealed a set of narrow wooden steps that descended into a light dirt floor about fifteen feet below the surface.

Justin had images of George being some sick pervert kidnapping kids, and he reached for his phone. Knowing that he was going to dial the police to report the abduction of some girl, Justin carefully managed getting down the steps still holding his phone getting it ready to call the authorities.

Justin called out. “I am going to call the police. You are going to be alright, just stay calm.”

As much as Justin wanted this strange girl to be calm, he knew it was for him more than it was for her. His heart had not stopped pounding, and he just wondered what strange fucking things his neighbor was up to now. The whole not knowing seemed like a breeze compared to what he was going to see and hear from this strange girl.

The strange voice once again called out. “Don’t call anyone. Just bring some fucking food.”

Justin reached the bottom and scanned the room quickly as it was filled with so much stuff. Before he could get a grasp in his mind of all the things down here, he saw a petite, half naked girl standing in front of the couch. There was a iron chain going from a neck collar that she wore to a plate in the wall ten feet away...

The girl looked young, but not child young. Her long jet black hair was unkempt and hung down her back, and even covered some of her face. She was very feminine, as was her petite body. She wore only a ragged brown shirt that was littered with holes, about four sizes too big for her, and hung down to her thighs.

She smiled as their eyes met each others’. Justin easily noticed that her pupils were just as black as her hair. Still thinking she was in danger, he approached slowly.

“You hurt? I am going to call for help.”

With an almost calm sweet voice the strange girl spoke without worry. “So you must be the new neighbor George was talking about. Mmmm ... Justin right?”

“Who are you?” Justin replied confused to why this girl seemed so unmoved by her rescue.

The girl calmly walked closer to Justin. He could see her onyx eyes as she was only a few feet away now. The smell coming from her was like flowers on a warm sunny day, and was intoxicating at first whiff. This girl must have been down here for an undetermined amount of time, yet she had an aroma only expensive perfumes could match.

Justin’s head was swimming with confusing thoughts about this strange yet strikingly gorgeous girl. She smiled wide as her face seemed to make Justin feel like he was talking to a girl he had a crush on his school.

“I am Herlena. And you must be George’s new neighbor he has been talking about.”

“No ... wait, what are you doing down here? What is going on?” Justin stepped back as he tried to wrap his brain around this very attractive girl acting so calm in such a place.

With a casual smile that seemed a bit frightening, yet somehow breathtaking at the same time. “George never told you, did he? Fucker was always one for keeping a secret.”

“He just died.” Justin said as his eyes finally were able to scan the rest of the room to see that this place was like an underground apartment. Filled bookcases and crates with various stuff littered the place as if it was well lived in for many years.

“I already knew that. Told him a month ago it was going to happen, guess he did not get the stuff.” Herlena easily said as she walked over the small table to drink from a small glass.

Justin took a quick breath as his eyes finally broke from hers, and was able to collect himself. Looking around he could see the bookcases were filled with books, but books that were from a different century. The couch was in front of a table that had a small tv, and those were the only two items that looked recent in the terms of the being made in the last fifty years or so. The place did look unlivable except for the small toilet in the corner with a faucet that had a small bucket under it.

Justin once again looked up to see the nymph like face of Herlena. “Why are you down here? What is really going on down here?”

Flashing her eyes that made Justin wonder why they looked evil yet drove his heart wild. “We can chat later. Can you bring some food first?” Herlena replied as she sat at a small stool by the table.

“I can, but the pastor will be here tomorrow, and he is going to wonder why you are down in the church basement.”

Herlena stood up abruptly and gave a frantic look to Justin. “Who did you call?” Her soft voice now broke with determination and fear.

“The police said they were going to contact him. Why ... what is happening down here?” Justin shot back with more authority in his voice.

“If I tell you, can you please take me to your house? We have to hurry.”

Just saw the fear in both her face, and her body language as she seemed eager to leave this dungeon. “Ok. Just tell me what the fuck is going on here.”

“George was supposed to kill me years ago. He never could and has been holding me here ever since. When the pastor comes he is going to look around to see if George was telling the truth about really killing me. He knew George was always lying and could never prove it. There, now please take me out of here.”

“Who are you? Why did he have to kill you? What the hell is going on?”

Still looking worried, Herlena looked up and walked over to Justin. Just as she was about a foot away from him, she lifted up her hand and moved her long hair away from her brow. Justin could easily make out two small yet distinct horns protruding from her forehead. As her hair was pushed back he could make out that her ears were long and pointy.

Justin stepped back in fright. “What the hell are you?”

“A pet for a warlock. Now get me out of here.”

With fear in his eyes, and voice Justin’s voice cracked again. “What the fuck are you?”

Herlena stepped forward as Justin backed up. She dropped her hair back down to cover her small horns. “Get me out of here, and I will tell you everything.”

Justin continued to look in amazement and utter shock at what was going on. This petite, beautiful girl had both small horns and elf like ears. To make matters worse, she still looked incredibly cute, and yet scary as hell. His whole world concept was turned on its side, and yet he felt a strange attraction to this girl, or strange being as it was now.

Herlena moved her finger to Justin’s cheek, and with a whispering tone, and spoke as if rocking a baby to sleep. “Everything is alright. You are just overwhelmed. Take me back to your house, and I will explain everything.”

“Okay.” Justin nodded his head, as Herlena’s soothing voice brought a form of clarity to a crazy situation.

Justin grabbed the chain by her neck to free it, and a biting cold sensation rocked through his body. “Don’t touch the chain or the collar. Go get something to break it.”

Justin followed the chain to where it was attached to the wall and could see the small link it was attached too. Although the chain was thick iron, the link to where it was attached to the wall plate was not. Justin broke a chair and used it to pry the wall plate out completely. When it fell to the floor, he gave a weird look to Herlena about how easy it was to pull free.

Justin grabbed the wall plate and walked over the Herlena so they could get out. It was when he brought it closer to her that he saw the reason she could not do it herself. Her skin went from a normal pink to an almost blackish grey. Hey eyes sunk in and skin grew wrinkled.

“Hurry, I can’t take too much of it.” Herlena called out waiting for Justin to lead the way up the steps.

Justin walked to his house as fast as he could while making sure Herlena was at the same pace. Once inside, Justin put the plate in the far corner of the living room, and waited for Herlena to regain her composure.

Herlena was adjusting her ragged shirt before walking closer to Justin. “Thank you for that. I just need you to say to whoever comes that you know nothing.”

“Sure, but you have to tell me everything or it’s no deal.” Justin added as she walked towards the refrigerator.

“Let me eat something and I will tell you everything you want.” Herlena replied as her smile returned with her normal complexion.

Opening the refrigerator she began pulling out leftovers, and beer. It was more than Justin could eat and he wondered if it was for the both of them. “How much do you want?”

“All of it. I haven’t eaten for a few days.”

Justin walked over and began heating the food up. Herlena sat at the small table and watched Justin prepare the large amounts of food. Justin looked over and could not help but stare a bit as Herlena’s facial features seemed so angelic and gorgeous.

The microwave beeped to a completion and Justin handed it off to Herlena, and began heating more food up. Just as he pressed the buttons for the second round, he looked over to see her stuffing her face like a child. “Guess you were hungry.”

Herlena gave a small burp and pushed the empty plate in front of her. Justin pulled the second plate of food out and put it in front of her with a fork. Sitting down across from her he looked right into her dark eyes. “Let’s start with who or what you are. Then you can tell me why you were in an old church basement.”

Picking up the fork and smiling at Justin before diving into the plate of spaghetti. Holding it in the spaghetti, she looked up and gave a smirk. “George Kelly is not really George Kelly. He is George McCune, he only changed his name when he needed too.”

“How does this explain you though?” Justin interrupted only to see Herlena begin to eat.

With a few more bites, Herlena put the fork back into her food. “I am going to get there. I bet you did not know that George was a witch hunter. Which explains why I was down there. You see George was supposed to kill me a long time ago. Just kept me as his pet instead.”

Justin’s tone was almost confused as he was. “Wait, what? George was a witch hunter and you’re a witch that was kept under a church basement. This makes no fucking sense.”

Herlena stood up and turned around. Her ragged white shirt was covered by her long hair, and Justin could barely make it out. Herlena proceeded to lift her worn ripped shirt with her hair too exposing her back. Just as her back was coming into view, two distinct black lace like wings sprung out. As the shirt hit her neck, Herlena flexed, and her wings went from folded to fully extended. The wings only extended a few feet, and looked like they were ready to fall apart if she ever flapped them.

Herlena folded her wings tight against her body and dropped her shirt back down. “Does that answer your question?”

“You’re a fairy?” Justin’s eyes were as big as saucers as he tried to think about what was real and what was fake. The wings he just saw were no fakes, and his brain was having a hard time handling it.

“Kind of. I am fey, like a fairy, just a different type. I am what they call a succubus.” Herlena tried to smile as she seemed to be waiting for Justin’s reaction.

With an almost fearful look. “Isn’t that evil?”

Herlena smiled as she seemed to break the ice of the bad news Justin just heard. “Well, not truly evil. We just have a tendency to do what we want is all. I mean, I never killed anyone before. Matter of fact, I was helping George live for as long as he did.”

Justin leaned back as one of the questions he wanted answered was about to be revealed to him. “How old was George?”

“Mmmm. I am not too sure of the year I was summoned, but I do remember George killing Belina around the time those guys in the red coats attacked Philadelphia. Yea, I do remember them right before we left the city.”

“Holy shit. George is that fucking old? What did you give him? Who is Belina? I think you need to tell me what happened from the start.”

Herlena looked at Justin, and he saw the look in her dark eyes. The look that he could not gauge to be evil or just pure beauty. “Well ... here it goes. Belina worked for my master, and George killed them both. I was supposed to be killed with them, but he said he had other plans for me. Kept me around in churches, and even some old morgue for a bit.”

“So wait ... why was George killing your master?” Justin asked still giving a confused yet eager to learn more information look.

“George is a witch hunter. Bet he did not bring that up in conversation to you.” Herlena smiled as she said this, and Justin could not help but do the same.

With a laugh in her voice, Herlena took another bite of her food. “George kept me alive so he can use my blood and my wings for a longer life. Told the fucker he would get caught to.”

Justin tried to think of something to say, but as Herlena continued to eat and then talk, he could not help but feel sorrow for this girl. Although farfetched from anything in the realm of reality, the story just seemed to fit in, or it maybe just the way she spoke. Either way Justin knew that Herlena was being brutally honest, and he bought into it, hook line and sinker.

“You see the Guild of Hunters knew George was up to something, and accused him of keeping me alive. I told him, he would be caught when he turned eighty and looked twenty. When they cast him out, he took me to a few places before we came here.”

Justin’s eyes grew wide as Herlena dumped so much information on him. Like his brain imploded with knowledge about things he never knew existed except for fantasy. “Damm. I can’t believe it all. I mean nobody would ever believe this shit. Are they still hunting you?”

“Probably, if they were alive. It’s been years since George mentioned moving or anyone following us. The old church seemed to work. Although the pastor is a hunter, and knows George was one too. He just does not know George was thrown out. So that’s why I need to stay here for a bit.”

“Hold up a bit. What’s the deal with staying at the church? I mean George could have hid you anywhere.” Justin instantly thought of hundreds of places that George could have hid a kidnapped girl. He also knew that the pastor would definitely be coming by in the morning.

Herlena still eating and never looked down as she answered Justin’s big question of the night. The question he had since pulling up to his new house. “Its hallowed ground. I can’t be sensed in hallowed ground. Funny thing is, that no hunter would ever suspect me in being in hallowed ground. Warlocks are not know for their love of religion.”

“And the chains? What’s the deal with the chains?”

Herlena looked up quickly with a smile before going back to looking after her food when she replied. “Cold iron limits the powers of any fey. Hallowed ground hides me. George said it was a brilliant of himself building the church.”

Herlena finally put her fork down and gave Justin a look of seriousness. “So I assume you are going to want the same deal, or are you just that good type of person to turn me in?”

Justin gave a smile as saw the desperate look on Herlena’s face. “I am not going to turn you in, but I am not going to keep you either. Is it possible for me just to let you go? Figure you would want that most of all.”

Herlena smiled wide. It was so powerful of a smile, and so beautiful it brought a sense of love to Justin’s heart. There was something about her looks, her smile, and even her voice that made Justin weak at the knees. “I am yours, my master.”

“No, I am going to let you go free. I am not your master.” Justin smiled as he thought she was offering herself to him as a slave.

Herlena stood up and stepped back, Justin just watched in shock as she went around the table to him and (knelt or kneeled) completely down in front of him. “My true name is Lenaderith, and what shall my new name be, master?”

Standing up looking at her as she faced the floor in front of him in complete obedience. “No, wait, you misunderstood me. I am going to free you from serving anyone, even me. You won’t have a master at all.”

Justin saw her eyes once again as she looked up at him. Her face was helpless, and Justin felt weak saying no to her. “I am succubi. I cannot live without a master.”

Thoughts of what to do with her flooded his mind. It was like a adopting a child that you could not say no to. “So you want me? I mean, there must be some witch out there that could have you.”

Herlena stood up again, flashing that smile that made Justin weak, and then followed it up with a giggle. “I do not serve witches master. Succubi are summoned only to serve warlocks, and sorcerers.”

Justin felt compassion and loneliness. He knew what it was like be alone in the world. The compassion he felt also went for how she was locked away for so many years as well. “I think Lena sounds better. But, I am neither a warlock or a sorcerer. I was thinking both were myths until you came along.”

Justin looked at the time as his phone buzzed with an email. If he went to bed now, he could get about four hours of sleep. Justin looked at his new found girl and saw that this was not going to be done tonight either. “ It is late, and I have work in the morning. So we are going to talk about this in the morning.”

Lena stood up and stepped back flashing a small smile. “I can help master. Give me a few weeks and more of my powers will return. I can help you find someone that can help you.”

“Listen, as much as this is weird as fuck for me. I have to work in the morning. I have a job, a life. I can’t be taking time off of work trying to learn to cast things that I do not even believe in yet.”

Lena stepped forward smiling as if she knew it had powers of control over Justin. “I understand master. I will help you in the morning. Would you like to fuck me tonight?”

Justin instantly thought about this frail girl pleading for freedom as he had sex with her. “No. You don’t not have to have sex with me, and you can stop calling me master. I am Justin remember, you called me that when George spoke about me.”

Lena once again smiled, and gave a look of obedience. “Yes master Justin.”

Justin gave a snarky look, and not knowing if she was playing around or was serious about her devotion. “No just Justin”

Lena could not help but continue her smile. “Yes master Just Justin.

“Holy fuck this shit is going nowhere. Listen go to sleep, and when I wake up we can talk more about this new master thing. The couch is quite comfortable, and we will finish this in the morning.”

Lena stepped in front of Justin as he made to leave, he sighed. “Lena, it has been a long night and not two hours ago I held the dead body of a friend, or who I thought was a friend. I just need time to process everything.”

“I understand, master Justin,” she said lowering her head. Lena looked up from under hooded eyes. “I will wait for your commands in the morning.”

Justin tried in vain the fall asleep. He made the couch up with a few pillows and blankets for his new guest, but the whole night was a crazy experience of heartache, and excitement of knowledge. Justin could not stop his brain from processing everything that happened, and learned. It was like a life changing event and he did not know it could ever happen so quickly.

Waking up he saw Lena wide awake, and flipping the channels on the tv. The sun was shining through the windows right on the tv, and he wondered if she could see anything as it was so bright. “What are you doing? What are you trying to watch?”

Lena jumped to her feet and quickly hurried to be in front of him. “Morning master. I was just looking for your porn channels.”

“What?” Justin gave a concerned and puzzled look as Lena seemed so nonchalant about trying to find porn. “I don’t have any. And why are you looking for porn?”

With a calm happy voice Lena once again smiled as if nothing was wrong and the world was just right for her. “It relaxes me master. I will have to get you some for you. Do you have a credit card so I can buy some?”

Justin stepped back and knew that Lena was going to have to listen to him. As much as he wanted to tell her what to do, or even get rid of her the idea of protecting her seemed right.

“No ... no I am not going to let you buy porn. Look, hold off on doing anything for right now. I am going to be back early today to handle this pastor problem. Just keep the doors (closed or locked), and stay inside.”

Justin drove to work and let his mind race with ideas of what to do, and what to say to his new housemate or succubus pet. When he got to work getting a half day was as easy as an email saying that there was a death. Living in a small town has its advantages and his boss already knew what happened. Before noon Justin was driving home trying to figure out what to do next.

Just as he turned onto the road leading to his, he saw the local hardware store. It was a tiny little place, but it held what people needed and had that small town charm about it. Justin walked in knowing that a big set of bolt cutters would crack and piece of iron.

With his purchase in the seat next to him, Justin was pulling into his driveway knowing that his problem would either be free from his life, or free from any chain of bondage around her neck.

As Justin walked in the door, Lena was on the couch watching Judge Judy. Lena gave a look at Justin and jumped up once again to greet him. As Lena jumped up from the couch a pile of crumbs flew everywhere. Bags of pretzels lay on the floor and bits of her eating frenzy now flew up with her. “Sorry master, I was hungry.”

“You don’t stop eating do you?” Justin commented as he could not help but laugh as this petite girl could eat so much food. It answered his question of why George was forever cooking too. His chuckle also came from the running joke that George was feeding the homeless. It was now clear as crystal that his food was going straight to Lena.

Shrugging her shoulders, Lena gave a crooked smile of jest. “Sorry, master. Succubi have a fast metabolism.”

“Well. I have a solution to that collar.”

Lena lit up like a star about to explode. Justin had the bolt cutters right on the latch that kept her collar in place, with a strong grunt, Justin clamped down for all his worth. Like a strongman in a competition Justin squeezed to the point of exhaustion. When the snap was heard, he knew he was home free.

The collar dropped to the floor with a loud clunk. Lena looked up at Justin and saw her give that smile that brought butterflies to his stomach. There was just something about her smell, and face that gave him shivers. It was not bad, but almost weakening to the eyes and soul.

“I feel better.” Lena yipped as she embraced Justin with an affectionate hug. “I will be ready for you in an hour master.”

“Ready? What are you getting ready for?”

“You master. I am sure we need to do a lot of things to get ready for the pastor’s visit. Can I clean myself up master, or do you wish me to stay like this?” Lena replied as she finally backed away from Justin still smirking with joy.

“Shit. I do have to handle him. Look stay here and ... just stay here and take a shower do whatever you want to do to make yourself comfortable.”

“Yes master.” Lena answered as she flashed her smile once again.

Justin quickly rushed out the door and headed towards the direction of the old church. Wondering why Lena would ask him to clean up knowing she was in the house for hours without him. Justin was trying to come up with a story to tell Pastor Rick when he arrived. Justin just knew he was going to come, but just wondered what time.

Once inside Justin quickly descended the narrow steps, and saw the underground lair of Lena. Strewn books and magazines littered the place as if they were trash. It was definitely a mess, and Justin knew he had only a short window to make sure nobody could tell she lived here.

Justin unplugged the only outlet in the place that connected a small light and the tv. Quickly thinking and pondering how best to handle the situation. Getting rid of the place was out of the question, and cleaning it out would take too much time. The option of burning it to the ground was dismissed as it would raise red flags about the fire. Justin resigned himself to just hoping the disguised entrance would be enough to hide it.

Walking back down the hill to his house he looked again at George’s house. It seemed so unassuming that he was that old, and had so many secrets. Justin just continued to think of all the things he would have asked him, or should have asked him if he could change time or if he did not pass away.

Once inside his house he heard the shower running, and knew that Lena was cleaning herself up as he told her. Thinking this was the best time, he flipped open his laptop and did a quick search for succubi and succubuses. Thinking this would be the best time to hide the fact he had no clue what he was really dealing with. It was as if fear and lust got together and dropped off a girl in his lap to care for.

The shower was still going and there was a knock at the door. The tapping sound startled Justin and his heart followed with a sudden beat of terror, Pastor Rick was here. “I’m coming.”

Justin hoped that his voice would throw him off from the sound of the shower going. It was a small house and the water could be heard running from the door. When he opened the door, and old man in his sixties stood before him.

He was wearing a simple white shirt and black tie. Like a Mormon selling bibles, this man was very plain. With parted gray hair, and a clean shaven face that showed his years. “Hi, you must be Mr. Thomas. I am sorry to disturb you, but I just wanted to see if you could unlock Mr. Harris’s door for me. The sheriff said you had the key.”

“Sure.” Justin responded as he grabbed the key from the rack near the door. In his mind everything was going so fast.

Justin walked to George’s house, and listened to the pastor talk about how George was a good man who donated his time, and energy into letting the local congregation use the old church once a year during Easter service. The pastor said it was a old time feeling that the people looked forward too.

Justin listened and then answered questions about George’s untimely passing. Justin only offered that he died in the old church cleaning up. When the pastor asked to see where he died, Justin quickly thought up a lie to the exact location. Saying he died at the door, and he brought him inside to try to revive him. When the pastor nodded his head he thought it went over well.

Once inside George’s house and eerie feeling came over him. Just a few days ago he was sitting on the couch, half drunk, telling George about his ex wife, and how she would flirt with other men in front of him. He confessed so many things to the old man, and now he was looking at it as if was years ago that it all happened.

The pastor grabbed a photo of George standing in front of the church that was in the bedroom. When he showed Justin what he had, he saw tear forming. “You, ok?”

“Sorry, but we knew each other for a long time. Do you mind if I take some time in the house alone? I want to pray for him.”

Justin was about to say yes without a second thought, but he knew something like this might happen. All day he thought about how the pastor was going to either ask to search or do it secretively. He also knew that denying his request would only arouse more suspicion. Since it was the house and not the church he figured he would be safe.

“Yea. Take your time. I will give you ten minutes.”

“Oh, thank you, and bless you.”

Walking out, Justin had a twinge of guilt and nervousness. Knowing the pastor would not find anything meant that he was going to look in the church; then again the pastor spent time in the church during the service. Justin smiled thinking that the pastor was wrong about Lena’s real location.

Justin had a smirk that was hiding his real smile. It was a smile knowing that the pastor was so wrong in the real location. A smile of knowing that the pastor was not really praying but searching for something and that Justin knew the real answer which was taking a shower right now.

Pastor Rick walked out and Justin walked over to him hiding his smirk. “Sorry to bother you Mr. Thomas, but is it possible for me to come back with some members of the congregation to do a group prayer? I know this is a hard time for everyone, but I feel that it would help some people with the grieving process.”

Justin had enough with the farce, and was now Justin thinking of a way to put a wrench in his plan. Short of telling him to fuck off, Justin decided to play along. “I would love to pray with your congregation. I think that if we did it in your church this Sunday, I could share some of the stories George told me.”

The pastor never moved his eyebrows or made any other facial tic that might give away the lie. “I would hate to bother you anymore. Let us come back tonight and we can set everything up for the funeral.”

“I am not sure I will be home tonight, but we can try tomorrow.” Justin answered as he scanned the old man’s face trying to get a read on him. It was not that he was any good at detecting a lie, but he just knew that everything that was being said to him from this pastor was a bold lie.

“We will try tonight, and hopefully get together tomorrow for sure. It was good meeting you Mr. Thomas.” The pastor replied with his hand extended to shake Justin’s hand.

Justin shook his hand and felt the strength this old man had. He might have looked old, but he had the grip of a man who knew his way around the gym.

Justin walked in the house, and still heard the shower running. Thinking that Lena did not know how to shut the water off, he went towards the door. “You finished in there?”

“Sorry master, but I am still cleaning. I should only be a few more hours.”

“A few more hours?” Justin commented with a questioning tone of annoyance.

“Yes, master. I can not look bad for you. I must be perfect no matter what.”

“The pastor is still in the area, and could find you, he could come at any time.”

“Sorry master, but I will be perfect for when he comes and we can kill him.” Lena answered with a tone that seemed uncaring about the dangerousness of the situation that Justin still had concerns about.

Justin gave a sigh but had a smile. There was something about her tone and sound of her voice that made him think that everything was going to be alright. It was like it had a soothing effect on him. Either way, he left to sit down at his table with his laptop.

This time Justin decided to look up succubi and succubuses. All the sights showed were girls that were half goat, and some with long horns on their forehead. While Lena did have horns they were maybe an inch, inch and a half long. If she wore a hat nobody would be the wiser about knowing she had horns. And her legs, they were not goat legs at all; Justin easily saw her feet, due to her not wearing shoes.

Justin flipped through more web pages and found that the only thing that Lena had in common was the beauty. Oh God Justin thought. Lena was like the cute girl in school that guys would be afraid to talk to. To him it seemed some sites had some things right, but were off on most things about her. The only reprieve from this new found mystical world was that not too many people seemed to be that knowledgeable about it.

When the door opened to the bathroom, Justin looked at the time. Lena had been cleaning herself up for almost four hours. Justin just had to see what could take so long. He remembered all the dates in his life did not take so long for the girls to get ready. When she did appear it was fully nude though.

“You like, master? I am ready for you to have me if you wish.”

Justin’s mouth dropped once he gazed upon the girl that called him master. Her long black hair was down to her ass. Her olive complexion showed no marks, or defects to it. Her perfect skin could only be compared to a model doing a photo shoot. Her petite breasts were pronounced but still had nipples that jutted out like erasers.

Justin had to look down as his heart raced like a drag car ready to go. His eyes feasted on a perfectly shaved pubic area. Feeling the arousal hit him as her sex was just right out in the open for him to stare out. To Justin Lena seemed the hottest girl he had ever seen, and now she was naked in front of him.

“Before you answer master, can we eat?

“I guess I can make something.”

Lena smiled and walked over to him. Just as she got near him, Justin saw her small wings bounce slightly with every step. Hiding the fact she had wings and horns would be impossible given the fact all she had to wear was a torn ragged shirt. “Need to wait on the food. We have to get you some clothes.”

Lena looked down like a puppy getting scolded. “Yes master.”

“I am going to get you some of my clothes for you to wear outside, and then we are going to go to a store and buy you something. On the way back we can stop off and get you some food.”

Lena looked up with a smile that could make any man weak at the knees. “Oh, thank you master. I love Burger King.”

Walking into his room, Lena followed in eager preparation to leave. Justin knew that as much as he was going to spend money on her, the only thing she seemed to be happy about was food. Lena did not look a pound over a hundred and yet she ate more than a man twice her size. Justin just had to know if she gained weight. “Lena, do you always stay in shape? I mean you seem to eat so much food.”

Lena replied just as clothes were being put on the bed for her to change into. “Succubi always eat like this master. I will always stay this shape too. Unless you wish for me to look different.”

“No. I like the way you look. Just asking.”

Lena smiled as she picked up a few clothes. “We can fuck before we go master.”

Justin once again felt compassion and sorrow for her and not the typical excitement for lust. Although she was so incredibly pretty he felt more like a caregiver than a lover. “Not now, let get things done first.”

Lena picked out a long t shirt that hung to her thighs and a pair of jeans that could only stay up with a belt on the tightest notch. She looked like a rapper during the nineties, but the only thing showing was her horns on her forehead. Justin corrected that with a baseball cap he had.

Justin was now in the car listening to Lena call out all the things she had never seen. Justin was relieved that he did not have to explain anything to her as she seemed to know what was going on.

Justin just figured between the books, and tv Lena was well adjusted for not being outside for a hundred years. The only odd thing Lena did other than calling out almost every restaurant, was give cat calls to girls she saw. Justin even asked if she was interested in the same sex, and Lena just smiled and replied. “If you want me to be master, but I am thinking of you.”

With a sarcastic tone, Justin answered and gave Lena a look of confusion. “What ... your thinking of me?”

“Yes master. You should fuck as many girls as possible, and I will help you get anyone you want.” Lena answered with a smile before turning her head to the window and pointing out more places to eat.

Not getting into a discussion, Justin drove to a Goodwill store and pulled into the parking lot. Thinking this would be the best chance for him to get her the most clothes for the cheapest price. His paycheck was still covering the moving expenses, and the purchase of odds and ends to make his place livable. “We are here, please don’t say anything to anyone.”

With a look of sorrow, Lena turned to Justin. “Master, this is for poor people. I want to go to a better store.”

Justin knew she was right, but also knew that keeping Lena was going to destroy any budget he had made. “I know, but I don’t have that much money. As soon as I get paid we can get you better clothes.”

“Yes master. I will not say anything.”

Going through the store, nobody paid any attention to Lena, and Justin was able to point her in the direction of clothes she could pick out. Giving her the directions of finding four complete outfits, Lena was on her way to browsing the store. Justin walked around trying to find anything that might hide her horns, or coats for her wings. Since her wings did not stick out that much, Justin found a couple of hoodies that she could wear.

Walking over to Lena, he saw her with the four outfits as told. Giving him the smile of acceptance, he guided her towards the register to pay for everything. Justin got in line and wondered if the people in back of them would spot Lena’s wings as her back did show a bulge. Justin just whispered for her to wait in the car. Lena turned to him with a smile and nod before walking out to the car.

Justin paid for the items and got into his car to a waiting Lena. When he sat down he saw the mischievous look of Lena, and her arms covered with bracelets, and rings on her fingers. “Fuck, did you just steal all of them?”

Lena looked down at her heist and gave a disappointing look. “Yes, master. I know they’re shit, and when we go to a nice store I can get better ones.”

Justin quickly looked up to see if anyone spotted them. He quickly pulled out of the parking lot when he saw that nobody was looking in his direction or paid any attention to his car.

Driving home he thought about what he was going to do with Lena. She was like a child with bad habits. The only thing he found humorous was that she looked so damn cute while doing her antics. Her sweet voice and demeanor just seemed to be so enticing to listen to and watch.

Pulling into the gas station he parked at the pump and gave Lena a look of concern. “If I let you into the store, I cannot have you steal anything.”

“Yes master. I will not take anything.” Lena answered with her face frowning as Justin took away her freedom.

“Here is five bucks. You can spend it on anything you want.”

Lena took the money and nodded her head in agreement and followed Justin in the store. Justin waited in line for the cashier so he could buy gas, while Lena was browsing the candy aisle Justin laughed at his thoughts of her buying five dollars worth of candy, and trying to decide on what to buy.

Justin paid for his gas and walked back to his car. Giving a quick glance he saw Lena walk over to the cashier, and he wondered how she was going to make out with only five dollars. Pumping gas he kept his view towards Lena, worrying that she might do something illegal. To his surprise she walked out of the store smiling ear to ear. It was a sight he could stare at everyday.

Lena was in the car and Justin finished getting gas. When he turned the key he noticed that the only thing she bought was a scratch off lottery ticket. “You bought a lotto ticket?”

“Master said he needed more money.”

Justin shook his head and drove home. He knew that training Lena was going to be a task that nobody could ever understand. It was something he both regretted and loved. The idea of having a girl whose simple smile could bring men to tears conflicted with a girl whose morality was far off the mark.

Justin walked in quickly and closed the door behind him. Seeing Lena just standing there with the ticket only further perplexed him. “You have powers that can make you win?” For sounding sarcastic, Justin knew that it was a legitimate question.

“Oh no master. Succubi have no such powers ... but other fairies do.” Lena answered with a foreboding grin. Justin could easily tell that something bad was about to happen.

“There are other fairies? You plan on summoning them?”

“Oh no master, I can not summon. I just know how to get them to appear.”

Justin was thinking of what to say but Lena quickly walked over to the refrigerator. Justin turned to ask a question, but Lena holding the door open was faster. “Master, I am hungry. Can master make something,” she shrugged innocently.

“You’ve eaten everything in my fridge. Would you like to order out?”

“Yes master, that sounds good.” She said her voice was melodic and smooth.

Justin had walked to the kitchen scanning the fridge where his takeout menus were. He started when he turned around to find Lena directly behind him. She peered at the menus behind Justin then back at him with a smile.

Justin was caught in her dark gaze. It was something about her he couldn’t understand what it was but he had to take care of her.

Justin said, an idea coming to him, “ I’ll get take out. Do you have any preference? There’s a wing place that delivers. What about pizza? Oh I know, I’ll get some Chinese take out.”

Justin pulled out his phone and a few minutes later the food was ordered. He found Lena wandering the kitchen, like a predator looking for prey. When she noticed Justin she perked up.

“Master Justin, when do we eat?”

“You can just call me Justin, this whole master thing is getting kind of old. As for the food, it will probably be an hour or so.”

Lena smiled and sat down at the couch. Picking up the remote, Justin could hear the tv turn on and Lena flip the channels. Justin was about to tell her that there was no porn when he saw she was watching a game show. It was a show he never watched but could see the symbol for the game show network. Justin laughed at the complexity of Lena.

Justin paid some bills online and listened for Lena to make sure she did not do anything that might cause problems. About a half hour into paying bills and surfing the web, Justin moved into the bedroom for some privacy. Justin just had to figure out something about Lena that was relevant. Justin figured that some old rare books might have the information. Justin found some store in the city that sold such books, and figured he could go this weekend to check out the store.

The sound of the front door closing brought a frightening scare to Justin. Lena was about to be alone with someone, or just left the house. Justin had no idea what was happening, and his heart pounded with fear. He quickly left the room to see Lena standing at the door with the delivery girl holding two bags of food in her hands.

The girl handed the bags to Lena and then proceeded to sit on the couch. Not a sound was made, and Justin looked at both of them with a look of confusion. “What’s going on? Did you pay her?”

Lena turned to Justin, and he noticed that her eyes were as dark as opals. A feeling something bad was about to happen as he saw a look of deep dark focus in her face. Like all the hunger of food was now directed towards this girl who seemed to do nothing wrong.

Justin wanted to try and get this girl out of his house before something sinister happened. “We need to pay her, so she can leave.”

Justin walked over to the table to grab his wallet when Lena put her hand on his chest stopping him. Looking up he saw Lena’s dark eyes flutter different colors. It was both beautiful and spooky at the same time. “She is ready master. Take her now.”

Justin looked at Lena, and then at the Chinese girl sitting on the couch. She looked to be in her early twenties, and had an innocent pretty face that gave a blank stare. With her long black hair in a ponytail she sat on the couch with her legs open like a man.

Justin shot a look back at Lena and snapped. “What the hell is going on? What did you do to her?”

Lena tone went guttural and dark as her eyes became pitch black again and made Justin twinge with fear. “You must take her tonight master; her body is at its peak for conception.”

Wanting to say something quickly turned into stepping back, but a squelch of pain happened when he did. The burning pain faded just as quickly as it came upon him. The urge to have sex now washed over him as he sensed his penis grow erect and push against his jeans. Justin looked up in shock as Lena called out to him. “You are ready for her now master.”

Lena grabbed him by the hand, and Justin felt compelled to follow. He did not know what to do or say as word and thoughts slipped out of his mind just as quickly as they came. All he could think about was having sex.

The delivery girl unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her ankles revealing her plain white underwear. Justin could not help but be very aroused at this girl’s beauty. She seemed like something more now as his erect prick was standing at attention. He knew in the past he would not have given this girl a second look as she seemed to be a girl that was not in his spectrum of girls he would date.

Trying to think of something else only resulted in his erection getting to the point of becoming painful. He was now standing right in front of this innocent girl. Lena was quickly working on removing the last of his clothes as his mind raced with things to say to stop this madness.

“We can’t do this. No we can’t do this.” Justin feebly said as Lena now had his jeans at his ankles.

Lena’s tone went back to her normal girlish tone. “You must fuck her tonight master. Her body is young and ripe for you. I felt it as soon as she got out of her car.”

Giving up a little, Justin felt Lena guide him to the floor in front of the girl. She had her panties off now as her blank stare troubled him. “We can’t. We are raping her, I can’t rape her.”

As much as Justin pleaded for this whole thing to stop, the sight of short stubble right about her puffed out vagina made his body hot with desire. He was never really into Asian porn, but something about this girl made him now reconsider why he never did.

“Would it be better if she enjoyed it, and wanted it master?” Lena answered as she continued to nudge Justin closer to his goal.

Justin’s voice was shaky at best as he was fighting his libido for control over his thoughts. “Yes, please. I need her to enjoy it. I need her to say yes. I need her to really enjoy it.”

Lena turned her head to the delivery girl and pushed Justin to the point where he was now between her legs. “Say yes to my master.”

With a blank stare, and a voice that was monotone, the girl looked at Justin. “Yes.Please have me.”

Lena gently grabbed Justin’s erection making him instantly look down to see her small hand wrapped around his engorged manhood. Looking up at Lena for handling his male flesh, he saw her glaring look. “Now master, you must fuck her now.”

Justin closed his eyes and allowed Lena to guide his erection right into this girl’s love folds. With a single push, an immense feeling of sexual pleasure came over him. Only the tip of his cock pushed into her, but he could instantly tell that this girl was tighter than any other girl he had ever been with.

Lena still slid her hand down so it was now at the base of his hard cock. Almost pulling it, Lena made Justin’s manhood sink deeper into this girl’s warm tight sex hole. Although he was only halfway in he could feel how this girl could be in pain because she was so tight.

Justin pulled out and softly pushed back in deeper, thinking she would get some enjoyment out of this whole thing. Lena still had a firm grip on the base of his member as she tried to pull him to go even deeper than he did.

Justin looked at this girl’s eyes to see if she had a reaction to their sex. Her blank, glazed over eyes, just stared off. Justin knew that she was not mentally aware of what was happening. The feeling that he was raping her came back to him and he suddenly stopped moving.

Looking over at Lena as she tugged on his prick to make him continue on. “She is not enjoying herself, I need to stop.”

Lena gave a dissatisfied glare back at Justin. “If she enjoys it too much, there might be drawbacks master.”

“I don’t care. I cannot do this if she is not going to have the best time ever. Oh God I knew this was bad, I need to stop. She is not even aware of what we are doing to her.”

With a demonic chant Lena put both of her hands on this girl. One on her stomach and the other right on her stubbled pubic region of her sex. “Evenorba-aranbay, lean-ergrba, tor-ragagba. Enjoy this as if it was your soul lover. Now wake up.”

Chills shot down Justin’s spine like a lightning storm as Lena’s chant trembled his whole being. He looked at Lena and saw her almost trance like, and then looked at the girl. When he saw that she that she seemed to be aware a feeling of peace came over him. The same feeling a person gets when they find out something is not going to go horribly wrong.

Her eyes were opening and she stared back at him. Her expression was now changed to someone who seemed to enjoy what was going on. Her bright smile and glowing eyes of lust now consumed Justin as he knew she was into making love to him.

She softly asked. “Yes ... please. Put it in me and fuck me.”

Justin once again slid back in and began slowly pumping his erection into the girl’s soft tight sex again. With the blank stare on her face gone, Justin knew they were both into it and he could continue. Her once innocent face was now looking at him distorted with pleasure as moans began to escape her lips.

Justin had barely begun to go fast and this girl was already clenching her tight sex as if she was having an orgasm. Justin instantly could feel the tightness of her pussy almost push his dick out as her body was experiencing blissful sexual pleasure.

Wondering if she could handle him going fast and hard Justin asked calmly. “You ok?”

“Yes ... mmmm ... oh God yes. It just feels really good. Fuck ... yes” She moaned out as her mouth stayed open after answering.

Justin increased the tempo and rocked his hips back and forth ramming his member deep inside this unknown girl’s now sloppy wet love sheath. Justin could not recall the last time he felt a girl’s vagina so wet and willing to be fucked. Without knowing, he found himself pumping into her faster and faster.

Justin closed his eyes for only a moment as the intense feeling of her slick love hole felt amazing. He could not remember when he had sex last, but the craving of sliding his throbbing cock into a tight young pussy overcame him.

Lena’s voice sounded pleased now as she called out to Justin. “Knew you would like her tight asian pussy master. Bet you cock feels good in her tight cunt.”

The girl looked at Lena, and then at Justin. Her mouth open a little as soft escaping moans matched Justin’s thrusts. “You, like it? Does it feel good?”

Justin nodded with a smile and kissed her worried lips to calm her. The reservations about having sex were far removed from his mind now as he thought about the pleasure he was getting from her nubile sex.

As her moans were now getting more intense, her sex muscles were giving mini spasms of pleasure around his shaft with each push. Justin could not stop himself from enjoying the feeling of having sex with her.

Lena had her hand on her stomach, and the girl lifted her shirt to reveal her plain white bra to both of them. Justin just continued to give her all of his manhood in hard thrusts as she then pulled her bra up to expose her petite chest. Her perky nipples were long and hard as she gave each one a pinch. Her small breasts swayed back and forth from her body getting harder thrusts from Justin.

The girl’s moans were growing louder as her hands flailed out in a fit of passion, grasping and touching everything and everyone. Justin himself, could not stop pushing his sex tool deep in her small body as he felt this girl’s sex gripping him with each stroke inside of her. There was no doubt to her enjoyment, as her wet sex was now making an almost sloshing noise from her excitement.

Justin looked at Lena with a face of pure enjoyment as he just could not stop himself from pounding this girl’s sex cavity with constant thrusts of passion. Lena smiled back. “She will give you a strong child master.”

“What?” Justin muttered as it finally hit him. He was having sex with this girl bareback and he knew that Lena was not going to let him pull out. As much as the fear of what was happening hit him, there was no way his lust was going to allow him not to finish in her anyway.

“Her body is fertile tonight and ready for you master.” Lena then looked at the girl while still keeping her hands on her stomach. “I can feel your body is ready. Are you ready for my master’s child?”

The girl looked at Lena and then at Justin. Her voice was broken as her moans were interfering with her answer. “Yes ... I am ready. Anything you want to give me, it feels so good.”

Her body was trembling as Justin rocked his hips towards her, making his erect manhood hit near her cervix each time. Justin could not conjure a thought in which having a child was in it. Now the pleasure of knowing his cock was going to spurt a child into a pussy was all he pictured. He could not stop himself from pushing deep into her tight enveloping sex as it felt even better going deeper in her.

Justin wanted to hold out and bask in the glory of feeling this girl’s tight wet sex spasm around his male organ. It was too much though, and the sensation of finishing was building quicker than he could hold back. The thought that this tight young girl was enjoying herself just added fuel to his burning libido and urged him to thrust faster. There was no doubt in his mind that once he ejaculated his orgasm in this girl’s sex, she would be forever linked to him with a child.

“Oh fuck ... oh fuck.” Justin cried out as his orgasm was fast approaching like a race car.

Justin was close, but when Lena’s small soft hands cupped his balls, it was almost too much. “Impregnate her master. If you cum inside of her, she will conceive your child tonight.”

Justin saw that Lena was just flashing a smile of approval as she held his ball sack. He moved his eyes to the girl and saw her eyes roll in the back of her head as her moans grew louder. She was moaning loud and each thrust inside her wet love hole only produced another moan. Justin pushed through any barrier of holding back his orgasm. He was now past the point of no return.

With a sudden thrust, Justin buried his love rod deep into this girl’s sex as let go. His loud moan caused her to do the same. When he looked at her, she gave him back the same look of lust and passion. Their eyes locked as they both knew what was going to happen, and the pleasure they were both going to get out of it. He felt his manhood give him all the signs and symptoms of releasing a large amount too.

As Justin finally let his orgasm go, a concentrated blast of sperm flowed through his shaft and splashed against this girl’s cervix. Justin could not help but make grunting noises from the intensity of all of it. It was followed by another burst and a sigh of pleasure from knowing his seed was on its way inside her reproductive system. A few more light spurts later and Justin was finished draining his system of all its potent DNA...

Justin just held his hard member deep inside waiting for it to go soft. Lena held her hand on his back making sure he could not pull out anyway. She then gave him a look of satisfaction. “She will be with child soon master. Would you like me to help you get aroused again?”

With a concerned look and heavy breathes, “I can’t do it again. Besides I think she might need to get back to work, somebody will be looking for her.”

The girl gave Justin a smile and when she did, he felt a sense of relief that she too got pleasure from this whole ordeal. Suddenly she leaned up and kissed him pulling him tighter to her. Justin stiffened with shock before melting under the small girl’s grip.

Lena smiled knowingly, “I warned you master. She enjoyed it too much.” Before Justin could reply the girl dipped her tongue into Justin’s mouth.

Justin followed her lead and embraced her tongue with his. It was a kiss that he had not done in years, a kiss that was motivated by love. The more he thought about ending the kiss, it continued as this girl never loosened her grip on his torso.

Losing track of time, Justin had no idea how long his embrace lasted. When it did end, his sex was still firmly embedded in her tight love nest. She gave him a smile that could only be described as love. “I can stay longer if you want. I really don’t mind if you want to have sex with me again.”

Justin saw that Lena was already sitting down and eating. He pulled out of the girl’s now slick vagina and saw her stubble sex free of all evidence of his orgasm. It was like everything he did was still inside of her. “You best head back now. I don’t want you getting in trouble.”

The girl stood up still smiling, letting Justin see her naked body in front of her. She seemed to be unashamed that she was completely nude in front of him either. Justin did the gentlemanly thing and helped her get dressed. He walked her to the door and gave her everything in his wallet. He had no idea how much it was, but to him, she deserved more.

The girl looked back like a lost puppy wanting an owner. “I can come back tonight; it’s really no big deal if I am late either.”

“No, please you must head back. It was not right of me.” Justin pleaded as he tried to sound compassionate.

“Please, let me give you my number at least.”

“We can’t be doing this. You are half my age and have your whole life ahead of you.”

The girl sulked down and walked solemnly back to her car. Justin felt the guilt of what just happened, and went back inside to get dressed. The entire time he was putting his clothes on Lena feasted on almost all of the food that was ordered.

Justin turned Lena. “What have I just done? I can believe what just happened.”

Lena turned to Justin and with an eggroll in her hand, answered Justin’s comment thinking it was a question. “You just fucked the shit out of a cute Asian girl, and then planted your love child in her belly. I call that one hell of a night, master. If she is healthy and you let her come back, she will most likely give you many more too.”

Justin sat down across for Lena and grabbed the only remaining box of food that was not eaten. “Many more? I will be surprised if she ever comes back here again once she realizes what just happened to her. I mean, I am twice her age.”

“I told you about having her enjoy it master. She will be back for more; I have no doubt about it. You fucked her really good too master. Been awhile since I seen a girl get that wet and wild.” Lena answered as some rice dropped from her mouth.

Justin finished what he could before Lena ate the rest. He was feeling conflicted, knowing that he did something wrong, but also remembering the feeling of pleasure he got from it. Lena was in the kitchen pulling spices out, and Justin just could not bring himself to ask what she was doing. To him, he felt like he just raped a young Chinese girl who only tried to make a living.

Justin got up to go the bed, and stopped in front of Lena. She had a coat hanger bent into a weird shape, and a small mirror attached to it. “I am going to go to bed. Please don’t get into any trouble. Just keep the tv down, and I will see you in the morning.”

Lena looked up with big eyes as she looked really busy with her contraption. “Yes, master.”

The curiosity of what she was doing was only marred by the feeling of guilt that took over his whole body. It was almost the worst feeling in the world. Even if the delivery girl enjoyed herself, she was forced into the whole thing by Lena, and Lena was his responsibility.

Justin fell asleep quickly and woke up with the sudden feeling like the last two days were a dream. It was followed by a sensation of guilt free conscious. Like the worry of having a succubus was all gone, and there was nothing to fear. This all came down with a crash as a scream was heard. It was not a girl scream but a male scream.

Justin rushed out to see Lena standing over a teenage boy who was lying on his back looking helpless. He was very short for a teenager and looked extremely slender too.

“What the hell is going on?”

The young teen was only wearing a faded white shirt and a pair of loose fitting, worn black pants. Upon walking into the scene, Justin could see bent coat hangers from his closet wrapped around the teenager’s legs, and wrists.

Justin saw the look of dread fear in this boy’s face as he looked right at Lena. He also saw that his ears were pointed on the end as well. “Please help sir ... please set me free.” He cried out as Justin could hear a strange accent from the boy. Something European, but nothing that could be identified.

Lena kicked him right in the side hard as he pleaded. Her dark piercing eyes glared at him before her growl was heard. “Kelvna, seranker kordivean, var naile!”

“What the fuck is going on, Lena?”

“I just caught fairy, master. Nothing really serious. I also just told him to shut the fuck up, or I will rip his fucking wings off. He should not be bothering you anymore either.”

“Wait ... why did you catch a fairy, and what the hell were you going to do with him?” Justin replied still trying to grasp in his head what was happening.

“I needed him for something and then I will let him go.” Lena answered as she walked back to the table to grab her lotto ticket.

Justin just looked down at the young fairy lying on his carpet. His legs entangled as his face showed such fear. Justin had such remorse for him. His fair skin showed no visible marks which led him to believe that Lena did not torture him. His young face was quite striking and handsome as he looked no older than a teenager still going to school.

“How old is he? How did you catch him?” Justin remarked as his curious face glanced at Lena walking back with her ticket.

“Oh ... I guess he must be about one hundred, master. He is a young one, not too bright either. He fell for a simple trap. An older fairy would have easily noticed it.”

Justin knew that he was in over his head and that this new world of myths was almost more than he could handle. “Shit. How old are you then if he is a hundred?”

Lena (knelt or kneeled) down right before the fairy and then stopped to look up to answer the question. “Oh, I am going to be two hundred and eighty this spring master.”

Lena put the ticket in front of the fairy. “Scratch the ticket, and I will let you go.”

Justin completely forgot about the scratch off lotto ticket with everything else going on. He thought about why the fairy needed to scratch it. “What are you doing?”

“Fairies never lose on any games of chance, master. It’s why I bought the ticket yesterday. We can’t be poor and do the things we need to do.”

“Oh, shit.” Justin’s mouth gaped as he watched this young fairy reluctantly scratch off the ticket. It was as if he could see the money appearing in front of him. The guilt of what Lena did was overridden by the chance of gaining instant wealth from the lotto ticket.

Lena swiped the ticket from the young fairy and handed it to Justin without even looking at it. She then began to untie the legs of the fairy. Justin could not help but look at the ticket. When he saw the three money signs line up and the jackpot listed under prize his eyes grew large. “Holy shit, we won!”

As soon as Justin looked up, the fairy disappeared like he was not even there. “What just happened? Where did he go?”

“You said let him go master.” Lena replied looking at Justin as if she did something wrong.

“No matter, we won half a million dollars. We fucking won half a million bucks!” Justin cried as his whole body seemed to reverberate his joy of having newfound money.

“Shall we go out and get more lotto tickets master?” Lena replied as she walked closer to Justin to peer at the ticket herself.

Justin took a deep breath and tried to collect his thoughts. He knew the trap of spending money, and heard the stories of people spending lotto winnings too fast. Justin knew it was something to have but all of the money too quick could be a bad thing.

“Lots of things to buy, but we have to be careful. Pastor Rick is still snooping around, and me spending money will make him know something is up. Besides, it will take some time to get the money, and then I will not get the full amount after taxes.”

“I can try to catch another fairy master. Might not be as easy, but I can try.”

“I am going to cash this in today and make it seem like I bought it a couple of days ago before George died. Then I am going to make a drive to an old book store. I think there might be a book to help us.”

“Help us master?” Lena tilted her head and gave a puzzled look.

“Yes, help us. I don’t know the first thing about succubi, and anything about freaking witch hunters. This whole thing is new to me.”

“I can help master.” Lena replied beaming the smile that Justin could not help but feel compassion for her.

“How can you help? I know you can tell me things about witch hunters, but everything I found online does not seem to be correct. Did George have a book or anything? I mean he must have had something.”

“He did master. I remember him selling them too. Said he needed the money and did not need them anymore.”

Looking at Lena laughing to himself how he was a half million dollars richer and George never had her try to gain instant wealth. “You did not help him to win the lotto?”

“My power was limited master. Living under the church stopped me from using most of my powers. He did not like me to do things like that either ... said they were immoral...”

“He may have had his reasons. Now, do you remember who George sold his books to?”

“Sorry master but I don’t. He did not let me go with him when he sold them. It was many years ago, too. I do know the names of the books if that helps.” Lena looking somewhat sad, knowing she could not help.

“Give me the names at least. I can do a search and track down stores that might have them. Write them down while I get ready, and I will try to find them. And no summoning, or anything else.”

“Yes master.”

George left Lena to take a shower and get ready. The whole time he thought about what to do next. He could not get the idea that he won a half million from her help. The idea of being rich or at least a lot richer than he thought he could be brought energy of optimism.

He got dressed in a hurry and decided on cashing in the ticket at the county building. He knew it might take awhile but at least it would be processed. Deciding to take Lena though weighed on his mind. She was great to have around, but just as dangerous to have around. The only thing he thought about was keeping her home, and in his bedroom watching tv.

Justin broke the news to Lena, and she handed him a piece of paper with a sulking look because she was not leaving the house.

Justin only glanced at the list before looking up to see Lena’s somber face. “I am sorry, but having you stay here is for the best.”

Lena walked to the bedroom silently, and flipped on the tv while Justin walked out the door. He knew she wanted to get out, but he also knew that she would be too much of a detriment to bring along for this trip.

Justin drove almost an hour to the county office to drop of the ticket. Once there, he was asked for a picture of him holding a large facsimile check for their website. He refused knowing it would only bring unwanted attention. He had pressing matters on finding at least one of these books.

The books store he had in mind was in the city, and a two hour drive. Knowing it would be a distance, he was more than thankful he made the decision to leave Lena home. The only concern was her getting into mischief. He knew it could happen, and that she could get caught.

Parking the car was easy, but finding the store proved tricky. It was a basement store with only a small faded sign letting people know which door to go to. Justin saw the sign for Old Mystical Books and stepped in hearing the bells on the door to let them know a customer walked in.

Justin walked in and noticed the lack of light. He could see but the place was only lit by ambient light from a few dozen candles placed throughout the small store. There were two high book shelves on the left and right side when he walked further in. The small counter had a few trinkets on it, but no register of any kind.

A feminine voice with a heavy Caribbean accent was heard from behind the one book case. “How can I help you?”

“Just looking for a book.” Justin calmly answered as his eyes were scanning the place trying to take in as much as he could. The place was packed with everything from necklaces, medallions, and a trove of books.

A black girl in her mid thirties walked around the bookcase. “Ohh, I can helps wit dat. What you be lookin for?” She had long dreads that were wrapped around her head. Her face showed no signs of age, and her loose fitting dress was a simple red, and black design.

Justin looked down at the list of books and read off the first one. “Nomads Guide to the Extraordinary.”

“Mmmm, I don’t think I be having dat book. You be looking for something bout a certain thing?”

Justine did not want to divulge anything about Lena even though he knew he could get some serious help from this woman. He decided to keep to the book list. “How about, Tarn’s exploration of the 7th Layer?”

“Oh no ... I don’t got dat one either.”

“How about, The Gateway the Other Side?”

The girl gave a concerned look, and Justin knew something was off asking for the last book. “What type of thing you be wanting to know? Dat book be rare as Hades, and few people even be knowing dat it even exists.”

“I am just doing research and all, and I was told those books are the best.” Justin answered trying to play off the fact he was nervous.

With her head tilted and face glaring a deep concern. “What you be doin research on anyway?”

Justin blurted out what was on his mind, but also made sure he did not fully explain what he really wanted information on. “Myths of evil creatures.”

“You be searchin for a creature you mean. Two of dem books only talk about one thing. Da other book is bout summoning dem. So why don’t you tell me why you wantin to know about succubi?”

“Let’s just say I want to know. I can pay for the book though. Just let me know your price.” Justin asked as he felt a twinge of anger coming from this girl as she was not getting the answers she wanted.

“Not da money. I just want to be knowing what you really need da book for.”

“Like I said, it’s just research.” Justin answered again wondering if this woman was buying his vague answer.

“Why don’t you tell me da real story. Either you be into spells or you have something you hiding. From the selection of books you be askin about I think you found something. You tell me and I give you da book I have.”

“What makes you think I have anything, or found something. I might be just into witchcraft?”

The lady shrugged and smiled as she let out what she knew. “Let’s just say da person who owned dis book had a secret something, and now you be asking for just that book.”

Justin backed up a step and thought about what to do. He knew that telling another person only increased the risk of getting discovered. He also knew that the book most likely had information on what he wanted.

“Let’s just say I may have something, but need more information to see if it’s what I think.”

“Ok, I can play along. If you want da book, come by tomorrow with what you think you have. If it is what it is, the book be yours ... for a price”

Justin nodded his head and left without answering. He knew he was in too deep and there was no alternative now. Lena would have to go with him tomorrow, and he just had to hope nothing bad would happen.

On the drive home, Justin thought about what his options were, if any. The only thing he thought was to give orders to Lena about what she can and cannot do. He knew her nature of exploring was going to get both of them into trouble. He figured that George might have been right the entire time.

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