Amanda, My First Sex Slave

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Amanda is a beautiful 20-year-old buxom blonde with bright blue eyes and a peaches and cream complexion. In the timeline of the Master's personal story, the tale of Amanda's sexual enslavement occurs at the moment when the Master gains his full powers. This is before he enslaves his gorgeous twin blonde nieces Kerry and Derry as described in "Taking My Nieces." For more about the Master's domain, see my serial "Welcome to My World" and the many short stories set in the MASTER'S WORLD Universe.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Scatology   Big Breasts   .


In the beginning, when the Master first acquired his powers to read minds and control women, he was still living on Earth. He was also in control of their biology and health, and of his own. There was no danger of sexually transmitted diseases, and no danger of diseases due to contact with feces or urine. Everything was safe. The Master had not yet obtained the hidden trans-dimensional planet that he would customize into his personal paradise. This story is from those early days on Earth, when he was just beginning to exercise his capabilities. He was only in the early stages of stretching out his reach to take any woman or girl he wanted. The present story precedes the story “Taking My Nieces” in which Amanda plays a supporting role. For more about the Master’s domain, see my serial “Welcome to My World” and the many short stories set in the MASTER’S WORLD Universe.

I was a photographer. I traveled the world, taking photographs on assignment or freelancing. I later branched out into video. Traveling the world on assignment to photograph science labs gave me the chance to see new developments that I could leverage to my own benefit, either by using the science myself, or by investing in new companies. It helped, of course, that I had already developed a rudimentary ability to read minds. I got a lot of stock “tips” by merely being in the same building as a high-tech executive who had insider knowledge that he was legally prevented from sharing. He shared it with me without even being aware he was doing so.

In the early days, I could read a woman’s mind but hardly control her at all. Gradually, I learned how to insert mental hooks into a woman’s mind and build ladders for her emotions, so that I could make her think what I wanted her to think and feel what I wanted her to feel. This “hooks and ladders” approach evolved over the years. At first I could maintain control only with great effort of attention. Even then, the control only lasted for a few hours or days. Over time, control became easier to maintain, and I could do it for weeks or months. Eventually, the great breakthrough came, when I achieved complete, irreversible mind control. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I should tell you more about my background first.

Most of my photography work was “legit” in that I attached my real name to it. But some of the photography and nearly all of my video work was in the erotica industry. What you probably call pornography. I have a vast personal collection of photos and video footage from years of work in porn. My favorites are the “out-takes” that the public never sees: the images and video footage where women who have been pushed beyond their limits break down in tears, or gag, or lose bladder control. Some of the women got hysterical from the abuse they suffered. I found that hysterical in a completely different sense of the word.

Working behind the camera in the porn industry made me invisible. I was unseen. But not un-felt. Women would respond to my subtle mind probing, without realizing what was happening. After a scene, a girl might feel exhausted, abused, ashamed. I would say a few words of encouragement to her. At the same time, I would probe her mind, looking at what’s there and hooking into her vulnerabilities and needs. Pretty soon she would consider me a friend and trusted confidant. Not long after she would be in my bed, doing all the extreme sex acts she had been paid to do on camera, only with me it was for free. She would even let me take my own personal pictures of her, and film our sex. Just for me.

That’s how I met Amanda. She was a high-priced call girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a beautiful face, and a spectacular body. (As I later learned, her measurements were 44-inch E-cup breasts, 26-inch waist, and 38-inch bottom, with one of the most perfectly shaped asses I have ever seen.) Amanda was totally beyond what a guy in my income bracket could afford. A billionaire who had used my video services before contacted me about filming his action with Amanda, but without her knowing it. I told him I could do it, but it would be expensive setting everything up for high-quality video filming with hidden equipment. I calculated the cost, including my hourly rate, then tripled it, and quoted that figure. He didn’t blink. He wrote a check and it cleared the bank before I lifted a finger to do any real work for him on this project.

The first time I saw Amanda, I was bowled over by her beauty. She was a 20-year-old, buxom blonde with the most lustrous golden hair, bright blue eyes, and winning smile. Her skin was like peaches and cream. Some guys who prefer skinny women might have thought her a bit on the heavy side. To me, her marvelous curves, huge bust-line, and ample ass were a playground of infinite delights.

I sat in another room with all the control equipment while Amanda and her billionaire client spent several hours having some pretty amazing sex. The guy had more stamina than I expected for a man of his age.

I enjoyed watching the two of them fucking and doing some really crazy shit. But that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that I was mentally connecting with Amanda the whole time. I used mind probes to enter her and sinking connecting links between my will and hers. I could tell that she began to notice something going on. She kept looking over her shoulder, as if someone had entered the room. But no one had. I had entered her head. The longer I worked my way inside her mind-space, the more of her I could control.

Eventually, Amanda and the billionaire fell asleep. That’s when I really went to work on her. I used every bit of power I could muster at the time to delve into Amanda’s psychological and emotional space. She couldn’t see me. But in her dreams, she continually experienced being overwhelmed by clouds, rain, rivers, and finally a tidal wave that was irresistible. She was swept away helplessly, at first in fear, but then in delight. She discovered that the water did not kill her, but rather filled her to the brim with love and the most amazing sexual delights. Amanda enjoyed my dream intrusions upon her much more than she had liked anything the billionaire had done.

During my mental incursion into Amanda, I learned everything I needed to know about her. I knew her last name, her phone number, her address, and every bit of personal information about her family, her relationships, and her troubled past. By the time I packed up my equipment and left the billionaire’s home by the servants’ entrance, I had everything I needed to know to make my move on Amanda.

Coincidentally, at this time in my life I had also achieved the seminal breakthrough in my powers. Finally, after years of effort and at long last, it had all come together. I had been working towards this for my whole life. My years of effort, combined with some very special help I received from powerful forces, had honed my ability to read and control the minds of others. It had developed bit by bit; a little here and a little there. And then with greater and greater intensity, and for longer and longer times, until the final breakthrough came: I attainted to power to exercise complete, irreversible mind control.

Not just a little bit, you see. Not just getting some woman into bed, and making her do what I want for one night. Not a technique that only works with some women, but not others. Not a technique that merely affects a woman for a few days or weeks, and then she snaps out of it and resumes her dreary, problem-plagued, independent life. No. I now had the ability to exert overwhelming mind control over any woman at all, at any time, in any place. And once she slips under my control, she no longer has even the tiniest will of her own. I own her, body and soul.

I moved swiftly to complete my video editing work for the billionaire. In two weeks, I handed over to him both the raw footages from several cameras of his hours of sex with Amanda, plus a one hour edited porno movie that was nearly of Hollywood level quality, if I do say so myself. He was quite pleased.

Meanwhile, I had been keeping mental tabs on Amanda. I knew where she was and what she was doing at all times. I picked a time and place where I could arrange to run into her. That’s all it took to get my hooks in her but good.

One morning she was going shopping in an upscale supermarket. I met her in the aisle where imported delicacies were shelved. She was examining a package. I walked up unnoticed. “Excuse me” I said “can I help you find something?”

Without looking up, she began to give me the brush off. Beautiful women like Amanda were used to getting hit on all the time. “No thank you” she said.

“Are you sure?” I persisted.

Frowning, she turned to face me, intending to give me the icy bitch stare. She opened her mouth, but as soon as she saw me she stopped without saying a word. Her pretty mouth hung open in awe. I reached into her mind, grabbing all of the hooks I had so carefully placed there less than two weeks ago.

I smiled. “I can help you, can’t I?”

The buxom blonde nodded dumbly. “Yes” she said in a whisper. “Yes, you can.”

“Your name is Amanda, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Y-yes. Yes, S-Sir” she stammered.

“If you’re not busy for the next few days” I said, know that she wasn’t “why don’t you came to the mountains with me? I know you’ll have the time of your life.”

Amanda smiled like she’d won the lottery. “Oh, that would be wonderful!” she said.

“Great. Let’s go by your place so you can pack a bag” I said. “I’m already packed. We can leave as soon as you’re ready.”

Amanda put the food item she had been examining back on the shelf. We walked out of the store together and drove to her place, she in her car and I in mine. We chatted amiably about trivialities while she packed her bag. Then we got into my car and drove to the mountains where I had rented a cabin.

At this point, Amanda was still only partly mine. She was under temporary, partial mind control. The breakthrough to complete, irreversible mind control with Amanda would happen once we arrived at the rustic cabin in the mountains and I could carry out the final enslavement of her mind and body.

In the cabin late in the afternoon of that first day, while we were having our second fuck of the day, I looked into Amanda’s mind. In the complex swirl of her thoughts, sensations, and emotions, which looks like a kaleidoscope of moving shapes and colors, there was a ring of light. This ring moved with the other shapes and colors, but unlike them, it never changed its shape or color. The more I focused on this ring, the more I saw changes in Amanda. Her sexual responsiveness, which was already very high, became extreme and wild. She called out my name, and called me Master, more and more often. She began begging me to make her my slave forever, to never let her go. She swore that she would do anything I ever wanted, no matter how dirty, degrading or painful.

She kept begging and begging, with greater and greater passion and even vehemence, the more I focused on that tiny light. This ring of light was what I had been looking for. It is the key to perfect, eternal mind control. This ring was connected by a web of tiny white energy lines to all of her body’s biological processes. I could mentally tug on those lines and re-write her biology, creating robust good health and immunity to diseases caused by the ingestion of germs, such as those contained in her waste matter. I could make it safe for her to eat feces and drink urine. All the dirty sex acts that might have once caused sickness could now be done repeatedly, with no ill effects whatsoever.

At the same time, I was aware of my own internal ring of light. It was my ring of power. It gave me power over myself and others. I mastered my own ring of power. Now I could become the permanent, irresistible Master of others too. And as with my control over the biology of Amanda’s body, I could now control my own biology. I made myself immune to all diseases. There was no danger of sickness from contact with piss or shit.

But there was more. Much more. I also gained super-potency. I was sexually capable and potent to a stupendous degree. I could have sex and ejaculate many times per day without draining my energy and stamina. I knew this intuitively the moment I mastered my ring of power.

I took permanent control—permanent ownership—of Amanda by “grabbing” her ring of light and incorporating it into myself. I absorbed her ring of power, hooking it to my own ring as a subsidiary link. I held the Master ring. Amanda’s ring was a link chained to mine, hanging down from my Master ring like a begging supplicant worshipping her Lord. Amanda’s ring of light—her personal will and independence—was now subjugated to mine. I had enslaved Amanda completely. The buxom blonde beauty was now my personal property, forever.

The change in Amanda was immediate and dramatic. Before I consumed her light ring, Amanda had sometimes been peevish or unhappy. Now that I possessed her, and I exerted complete, irreversible mind control over her, a remarkable change of mood came over Amanda. The buxom blonde beauty became relentlessly sunny and bright. Before, Amanda had sometimes been confused or uncertain. Now she was utterly certain. And what was she certain of? Amanda was certain that her life belonged to me. She was certain that her only purpose was to serve me constantly, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with everything she had, everything she was. Before, Amanda had often gone through looked at things with suspicion, gimlet-eyed. Now her countenance was relaxed and open, and with me, always would be. Her eyes were wide and vulernable, brimming with love and devotion. Amanda was head over heels in love with me. And that could never, ever change. Her emotional heart was mine. I owned Amanda, body and soul. So long as she was serving me, she would be happy. If she ever displeased me, she would become unhappy, even despondent, until she could do something that would please me again. Amanda wanted what I wanted her to want, and she would do it joyfully, willingly. Forever.

We had the wildest, best, most uninhibited, and most loving, sex from that moment on. I had always had the desire to degrade and humiliate women by calling them the worst dirty names I could think of. I had never take that as far as I wanted to in real life, because I had never wanted to totally alienate the women I was with, even the ones who were temporarily under my power. Now that Amanda was totally and irrevocably under my power, I called her every dirty name I could think of. The dirtier and more degrading the name, the more I liked it. And the more I liked it, the more Amanda liked it. Because whatever gave me pleasure now gave her pleasure too. Amanda was my bitch, whore, cunt, dirt bag, worthless, mangy, scum-sucking piece of shit. And she acknowledged that she was all those things. Amanda thanked me for calling her all those dirty names. And she wasn’t kidding, either. She wasn’t pretending the way a paid for whore pretends. Amanda well and truly liked being called all those dirty names for the simple reason that I enjoyed calling her those names. Her pleasure was perfectly synchronized to my own. Her body-mind was slaved to mine. I was truly her Master, in every sense of that word.

I had had lots of women in my life up to that point. I had done pretty much everything that you’ve seen in porn movies that I had any interest in doing. But none of that came close to what Amanda and I did that night. She was perfectly willing, perfectly submissive, perfectly loving, and she had all the skills of a top-drawer professional hooker. Amanda made all my dreams come true.

The next day morning sunlight cut through the cabin windows in shafts of gold. Dust motes danced lazily in those light beams. Naked Amanda lay on her side next to me. Her enormous breasts were stacked one atop the other, the top one illumined in sunlight, the bottom in partial shadow. The golden sunlight burnished her peaches and cream skin, and reflected off her river of golden hair. Her deep blue eyes gazed at me with adoration. Her pink areolae and nipples were large and pleasingly illuminated by the sunlight. I grasped one breast and pulled it toward me. Amanda happily moved so that I didn’t have to. I sucked hard on her tit and bit the big nipple.

“Who owns these tits?” I asked.

Amanda smiled like the sun. “You do, Master. I only take care of them for you. You own them. My tits are your property. I am only their stewardess.”

“Good, bitch” I said, then sucked at her tit and bit down harder. She winced a little. Noticing her reaction, I bit down again, even harder this. I watched her response to the pain.

“What do you say, bitch?” I queried.

Amanda swallowed hard. Her eyebrows arched, and her brow furrowed. “Thank you for using my tits, Master.” She paused. “Your tits on my chest, I mean. Is that right? Is that what I’m supposed to say? Please tell me what I’m supposed to say, Master. I only want to please you, to serve you, to make you happy.”

She looked at me with worried puppy dog eyes. I squeezed her breast and bit it again. “Good bitch” I said “Good bitch.”

Relieved, her radiant smile returned. “Thank you, Master!” She paused for a moment. “Master, you own these tits. You can anything you want with them. Suck them hard, bite them, twist them, yank them, piss on them, shit on them. I don’t care what you do, as long as it is pleasing to you. Please use me, Master—just use me!”

This is exactly what I wanted to hear from her. I smiled the smile of the man who possesses everything her has always wanted. I grabbed both of Amanda’s big breasts, one in each hand. I pulled them together so the nipples were touching. Then I sucked and squeezed and bit them both. I was in a frenzy of joyful tit abuse! I would leave black-and-blue bite marks all over my slave’s big breasts. As I bit her nipples and tits, I looked up into Amanda’s face. Her eyes were rolled back, her mouth slightly open, and the most ecstatic look suffused her face. She was in a transport of joy! My uninhibited abuse of her tits, which delighted me to no end, also delighted her. If anything, she was enjoying it even more than I was!

Perfect! That is exactly the reaction I wanted from my female property.

I let go of Amanda’s tits and grabbed her golden hair. “Blow me, bitch” I said as I forced her head down to my crotch, knitting my fingers in her hair.

She complied immediately. But before she put my cock in her mouth, she looked me in the eye with the sweetest gaze and said “Thank you so much for using me, Master! I only want to serve and please you.” Then she took my dick on her mouth and began sucking it and licking it and deep throating it as if her life depended on it. I became a mass of joy.

I grabbed one of her enormous tits and squeezed it while Amanda sucked me. With my other hand, I held her hair so I could force her head down on my cock, forcing her to deep-throat me more than she thought she could. Amanda gagged. I smiled. “Deep throat me, bitch” I yelled. She tried to reply, but of course her words were unintelligible. Still, I could read her mind. She was trying to say “Thank you, Master.”

I could feel my approaching orgasm. “Oh bitch” I gasped. “I’m going to cum in your mouth, bitch. Suck and lick faster while I cum. Let your mouth fill with my cum. Then when I stop thrusting in your mouth and I relax, you can swallow. You must swallow. Every drop. If you spill a single drop of my cum, you must lick it up.”

All that talking had put a delay into the arrival of my orgasm. So I grabbed her head in both hands and fucked her mouth violently. “Make me cum, you motherfucking bitch!” I yelled.

Inside her mind, Amanda was delighted to hear those words. As delighted as I was to say them. She was equally delighted to be gag-fucked so violently by her Owner. She enjoyed the abuse. Amanda sucked me with even more ardor and joy, passionately making love to my cock like it was god’s gift. And I came in her mouth like ten thousand holiday fireworks.

She swallowed every drop of my cum. I kept my dick in her mouth and instructed her in what to do. “My dick is soft now. Keep it in your mouth but don’t suck on it. I’ll tell you when to suck it again. Right now I just want you to keep it in your mouth while I grab this beautiful tit and squeeze it.” I felt the relaxed pleasure in her body, and the deep satisfaction in her mind at having pleased her Master. “Now Amanda, my beautiful bitch, my sex slave, my piece of property” I said with a smile “let me tell you about the rest of your life.”

I stroked her golden hair with one hand as I continued to squeeze one of her tits with the other. “You are my slave, Amanda, my first full-time, permanent slave. I’ve had many part-time slaves in the past. You are my first full-time slave. But not my last. I have ambitions, Amanda. Big ambitions. I want a harem. A big harem. Full of gorgeous, willing, totally enslaved women and teenaged girls who will serve me with their hearts and souls and tits and asses and cunts and mouths and everything. For their entire lives. What do you think of that idea, bitch?”

She gazed up at me with her beautiful blue eyes, my cock still in her mouth. I said “Keep my dick in your mouth until I tell you to take it out. Speak as best you can. Don’t worry, I’ll understand you.”

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