Taking My Nieces

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: I have 2 gorgeous twin blonde nieces who just turned 16. Kerry and Derry are not identical twins, but they have the same lovely gold blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. I've always wanted them, from the first moment I set eyes on them when they were little. Their late mother was the sister of my long-ago ex-wife. Now that I've attained the power to exert complete, irreversible mind control over women, I am about to use it on my nieces. They are about to become my sex slaves for life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   Uncle   Niece   DomSub   MaleDom   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .


In the beginning, when the Master first acquired his powers to read minds and control women, he was still living on Earth. He was also in control of their biology and health, and of his own. There was no danger of sexually transmitted diseases, and no danger of diseases due to contact with feces or urine. Everything was safe. The Master had not yet obtained the hidden trans-dimensional planet that he would customize into his personal paradise. This story is from those early days on Earth, when he was just beginning to exercise his capabilities. He was only in the early stages of stretching out his reach to take any woman or girl he wanted. For more about the Master’s domain, see my serial “Welcome to My World” and the many short stories set in the MASTER’S WORLD Universe.

I enjoy owning women. Ever since I attained the power to exert complete, irreversible mind control, I’ve taken great pleasure in collecting women. I free their minds of sadness, loneliness and confusion, replacing their former state with a pattern of personality, motivation and desire of my choosing, which makes them feel happy, comforted and loved. Once a woman slips under my control, she no longer has even the tiniest will of her own. I own her, body and soul. And she wants nothing more than to be owned and used by me. She is my mind slave forever.

My first permanent mind slave is Amanda, a 20-year-old beauty. The buxom, young, blue-eyed blonde has a prodigious pair of tits and a shapely ass the practically begs to be used. Her skin is the color of peaches and cream. Now that I have taken over her mind and turned her into a permanent mind-slave sex slave, she lives to serve me and only me. Amanda’s sole form of pleasure derives from giving me pleasure. Amanda is my property, body and soul. She is my devoted sex slave and that’s all she ever wants to be.

We were driving back from the mountain cabin where Amanda and I had spent a long weekend of wild sex. This was my initial outing with my very first sex slave, just after I had achieved the breakthrough that gave me permanent, not just temporary, mind control over women. As we drove through scenic mountain passes, I marveled at the scenery. Too bad Amanda couldn’t see it: she was bent over with my dick in her mouth the whole time.

I stroked Amanda’s golden hair as she blew me, occasionally reaching down to fondle her bare breasts. “You know, bitch” I said to her, feeling in a ruminative mood “we have a lot of work ahead of us. Building a harem from scratch is not an easy thing. I’ll need to find or build a house big enough for you and me and any number of bitches I want to keep in my household. Of course, I can own any number of women who live elsewhere. But what fun would it be if I did not have loads and loads of them on hand all the time for immediate service. You know?”

Amanda kept my dick in her mouth, answering my question in the charming garbled speech of a woman with a cock down her throat. But I could read her mind, so I knew what she was saying. “Yes, Master.”

“Right, bitch” I said with a smile. “But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before I go out there and start grabbing beautiful women off the street, I’ve got some family business to take care of. I have two gorgeous twin nieces who just turned 16 this month. Kerry and Derry are not identical twins, but they have the same lovely hair color as you do, and the same blue eyes. And I’ve always wanted them. Their mother was the sister of my long-ago ex-wife. The mother always had the hots for me. But I only fucked her once or twice. It’s the daughters I want. Her daughters, my nieces. They turned 16-years-old this year. And I am going to have those two young bitches before I do another thing.”

Amanda, still with my dick in her mouth, contorted herself so she could look me in the eye. She tapped my leg. This was our agreed-upon signal for her to ask permission to stop sucking my dick for a moment so she could speak clearly. I gave her permission. Amanda said “Master, how can I help you enslave those young girls? I’ll do anything to help you.”

I patted her on the head and smiled. I pushed her head down and Amanda opened her mouth to accept my dick. As it went into her mouth, I pushed it even deeper than before. I felt the head of my dick touch the back of her mouth, and then slide down into her throat. Amanda gagged but did not resist me.

“I know you will, bitch” I said. “You’re a good piece of meat. The girls live in Minnesota. Normally it would be very difficult for me to stretch my mind to exert control on any woman living that far away, unless I already had a pre-existing connection with her. In this case, I do. Those young cunts have hugged me. They even sat on my lap many, many times when they were younger. They always said they loved me. Now they’re about to get the chance to prove it.”

Amanda tapped for permission to speak again, which I granted. She drooled, then coughed a couple of times, before saying “That’s good, Master. Use those young bitches! Enslave them like you did me. Please tell me how I can help you build your harem. I’ll do anything you want me to.”

“The wheel is already in motion, Amanda. I used my cell phone earlier to set everything up. I told them to come visit me in California. They’ve been to my house before. I had my travel agent send them plane tickets. I told them where I keep the spare key to the front door, and the security code to the alarm system. They should be at the house by the time we get back. And then” I said with an evil grin “the fun begins.”

Smiling broadly, Amanda went down on me again. I fondled her big tits as she sucked and deep throated me. The buxom blonde beauty sucked even more avidly than before. Clearly, my first slave was eager to help me acquire more. Amanda lived to give her Master pleasure, even if that pleasure came in the form of other women or girls.

I wanted to be fresh and ready before laying hands on my nieces. They were a treasure untapped. The girls had been raised by a mother who had grown more and more religious as she aged. She kept those girls under glass. I could have guessed that they were still virgins, just based on that. Using my power of mind reading at a distance with people I already knew, I confirmed it: Kerry and Derry were both virgins.

Amanda and I stopped at a hotel a couple of hundred miles away from my house. The girls should already be at my house by now. They could wait around, have something to eat, and watch TV or play games while waiting for me. Amanda and I went to the hotel bed to catch some sleep. I snuggled up against her enormous breasts and fell asleep with a nipple in my mouth. While I slept, I rolled around on the bed. Amanda kept pace with me, always keeping her breasts nearby in case I wanted them. As I began waking from sleep, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to my crotch. “Blow me, bitch” I said in a sleepy voice. Amanda complied immediately, joyfully. She was never happier than when she had my dick in her mouth.

I fucked her face for a while and called her some dirty names. I squeezed her tits. I fingered her cunt and her asshole. All of this was just ordinary sex play for us now. For me, it was the kind of freedom to use and abuse a woman that I had always dreamed of. Now the power was mine. And so was Amanda. Getting another blowjob from my big-titted blonde slave was just to take the edge off. I didn’t want to ejaculate in her mouth again right then. I was saving my cum. There were two young virgins who were going to be tasting it for the first time.

After our nap and sex play, Amanda and I showered and dressed. Then we grabbed a quick snack before hitting the road for the final leg of our drive. And what a drive it was. This drive was leading to the deflowering of my two teenaged nieces.

“Master” Amanda asked from the passenger seat as I idly fondled her naked breasts “is there anything I need to know about your nieces? I want to help you take their virginity and enslave them. Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. Anything. Anything at all. But maybe it would be good if I knew something about them?”

I smiled and looked into h Amanda’s deep blue eyes. “You’re right, bitch. You should know more about my nieces. After all, you and those two cunts will be the first three bitches in my permanent harem.”

Amanda smiled bright as the sun upon hearing that. I read her mind. She was infinitely delighted at the prospect of being my live-in sex slave forever. I grabbed the wide pink nipple on one of her tits. Then I pinched and twisted it in a display of affection. Amanda winced and smiled at the same time. Good. She endures a little tit abuse with the patient smile of a true sex slave.

“Well” I began “Kerry and Derry are their names. Kerry was born first, just a first minutes before her sister. They are twins, but not identical. They’re blondes, like you. But their skin is more of an alabaster white color, rather than a pinkish color, like yours. Both girls slender but not skinny.” I paused and laughed. “I wish they their tits and asses were as big as yours!”

Amanda beamed upon hearing that. “Master” she said “I love hearing this. But, Master, I ... I ... oh, Master. I’m begging you. Let me blow you. Please let me blow you again. I’ll do anything if you’ll let me blow you while you talk to me. Please? Please Master? I beg you to let me blow you. I feel so empty without having your dick in my mouth.”

I looked her in the eye. “OK you mangy whore. Blow me.”

Amanda clapped her hands in joy. “Thank you, Master! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I live to worship your cock with my mouth.” And with that, she got down, opened my fly, took out my dick, and began sucking on it like starving a woman with an ice cream cone.

“Mmm” I hummed as Amanda gave me a hum job, making her mouth vibrate with pure tones and she did the dirty deed. “Uhh ... where were we? Oh, yeah, Kerry and Derry. They are both somewhat slender, but each bitch has one outstanding feature: Kerry has more shapely breasts, even though they are nowhere near as big and beautiful as yours. Derry has a larger ass than her sister. I think of the two bitches as Dairy and Derriere. Someday I am going to make Kerry lactate. I want to harvest the milk from her breasts. And some day—tonight, in fact—I am going to fuck Derry right up her pretty teenaged ass.”

Amanda kept my dick in her mouth for the rest of the drive, sucking happily.

As our car drew closer to the house, I gave Amanda some last minute instructions. “Listen carefully, bitch. I have read the minds of my nieces. They are sleeping in the great bed in my bedroom. You know the bed. And you know it’s got special features. What you don’t know is that the bedroom—the entire house, in fact—is wired with hidden video cameras and microphones. I’ve made videos of me having sex with you. Before I gained permanent power over you, I also filmed me having sex with lots of other cunts. Anyway, those hidden cameras have limited capabilities. I want you to help me make exquisitely detailed video and still images of my nieces losing their virginity to me. I am going to set up some video cameras on tripods. These units have automatic tracking, so you won’t have to do anything with them but stay out of their way. I’ll give you some handheld cameras. They are semi-automated. The cameras take still photos and video. I want you to use these cameras to take extreme close-ups of everything I tell you to. Got it, bitch?”

Amanda looked concerned. I allowed her to stop sucking and speak. “Oh, Master” she said, “I don’t know anything about cameras. I don’t know if I can do this.” She was genuinely worried that she might disappoint me.

I smiled, grabbed her head. I drew her beautiful face to my lips and kissed her. “Don’t worry, bitch. I’m not expecting a professional level job from you. But you said you’d do anything to help me, didn’t you?”

Amanda gave me a wan smile. “Yes, Master. But I thought I’d be helping you recruit or kidnap women for your harem. I didn’t think you’d want me to become a photographer.”

I laughed. “You’re such a cute bitch” I told her. “I love you, Amanda.”

Amanda’s face lit up. “I love you too, Master! Can I blow you now, please?”

I shook my head. “Not now, bitch. I’ve got virgins to deflower.”

We walked into the house. Since I already knew that Derry and Kerry were upstairs asleep in my bed, I took Amanda to my office and got out the camera equipment. As I explained how to use it, I entered her mind and reinforced the learning pattern. She would remember everything I told her. And I would puppet her as need be during the actual photo shoot. As a professional photographer and videographer myself, I would use her as my hands and eyes for filming, while I deflowered my two nieces in front of her.

It’s worth pointing out here that women who are under my control do not operate from emotions of jealousy and possessiveness the way other women do. In the biological game of reproduction that undergirds our more superficial social ideas of romance, there is relentless, ruthless competition between selfish genes seeking to make copies of themselves. At that level, women compete for men who will act as sperm donors and breadwinners. Women can be absolutely vicious with one another if they feel their possession of a man is threatened by another woman. It’s a bitch-eat-bitch world out there.

Not so in the private harem world I am now creating. When a woman comes under my control as a mind slave, she operates as if she is in another world. She’s no longer a pawn of subconscious drives from her selfish genes. I override all that through my absolute control and ruthless domination of her body and her mind. My women are all MY women! They can only want what I want them to want. And I want them to love and serve me wholly and completely and exclusively, with their entire body, mind and soul. So they do. They will not compete with one another to possess me, because I am the one possessing them. I do intend to allow a little playful competition between them, however, to see which women can serve me better. But I won’t allow that to get out of hand. I can squelch it in an instant with a single thought. That should be only rarely necessary. Almost all the time, my women should cooperate in their service to me. Which I’ll soon test when I have Amanda, Derry, and Kerry serving me simultaneously.

I led Amanda upstairs with the cameras. As we walked, she whispered “Are you going to wake them up?”

I shook my head in the negative. “No need to whisper, bitch. I’ve put them into a sleep trance. We’re going to take some pictures of them before I fuck them. I have a delightful little scene in mind.” I winked at Amanda and she smiled back.

I pushed up the door to my very large bedroom. Kerry and Derry were curled up in the bed, wearing nothing but sleep tops and panties. They had kicked off the covers, which I had made them do by mind control. The long, straight blonde hair of both girls was splayed across their pillows. Under their skimpy shirts and panties, Kerry had a visibly larger bust-line, while Derry had a bigger behind.

Amanda walked up close to the bed and leaned over to get a better look at their faces. She turned back to me with a look of surprise. “They’re absolutely beautiful. They could be movie stars!”

I chuckled. “Yeah, if their Bible-thumpin’ momma had not been such a prude. I liked my ex-sister-in-law, but I felt sorry for her and even more sorry for these two lovely girls. They lived very cramped lives. Their momma died two years ago and the girls have been living with a maiden aunt until they finish high school. I had to put their aunt under remote mind control so she’d let them fly out here to visit me. The girls had been planning to go to college back in Minnesota in a couple of years. But that plan has now been changed by me. My beautiful virgin nieces are about to become the slutty sex-slave property of their uncle.” I titled my head back and laughed so loud it would have woken them up if they had not already been in my power.

I turned to Amanda. “Strip down to your bra and panties. Then kneel before me and kiss my feet. Stay there until I tell you otherwise.” She obeyed immediately and without question.

I stood looking at Kerry and Derry. I recalled all my strongest memories of them. I’ve known them for their whole lives. I recalled what they looked like when they were just little girls. I marveled at how pretty they always were. I smiled beautiful they became once they reached puberty and grew into young womanhood. I remembered how much I’d always wanted to fuck them at every age.

I turned my mental power upon them and opened up their minds completely. I bared their souls. I looked deep inside them. I saw the complex patterns of their thoughts, sensations, and emotions. These dynamic fractals looked like a kaleidoscope of ever-changing shapes and colors. I searched for the ring of light within each of them. It was the key to perfect, eternal mind control. I located it in Derry first. Then I found Kerry’s. I grabbed each ring as hungrily if I were grabbing a woman’s breast. Then I sucked each ring and swallowed it as if I were sucking milk from a lactating breast. When I gulped down the light rings of my two nieces, the girls became my property, my mind slaves, body and soul, forever.

I looked down. Amanda was still kissing my feet. The shapely curve of her ass was very inviting, even though covered by her plain white panties. “Get up, bitch” I commended.

Amanda’s blue eyes looked up at me. “Yes, Master” she said while rising to her feet.

“Grab the cameras” I commanded. “We’re going to set up now.”

We placed the automated video cameras on their tripods. The hidden video cameras and microphones were also active. I switched on special lighting for photography, including setting up some reflector screens for indirect illumination.

I took one camera and gave Amanda the other. “Follow my lead. We’re going to photograph the girls now, while they’re still virgins, and then photo-document everything that comes next.” She nodded her head “Yes, Master” she added.

With Amanda following my moves, I took lots of still photos of the two girls lying in bed. Perfect blonde goddesses, lying innocently together, sisters wearing nothing but light tops and panties. Then I reached over and pulled down Derry’s panty, exposing her magnificent ass. Her butt cheeks were perfectly shaped, young, round and fleshy. I directed Amanda to take lots of pictures of Derry’s bare ass.

Then I pulled up Kerry’s top, exposing her beautiful breasts. They were not huge, but they were relatively big for a 16-year-old. Kerry’s breasts were firm with the perkiness of youth, but already growing into the fullness of womanhood. I hoped Kerry’s breasts would grow naturally to a much larger size. But even if they didn’t, I had ways to make them grow anyway with my new powers. I directed Amanda to take lots of pictures of Kerry’s beautiful breasts.

Then I stripped the two sleeping girls completely. They didn’t wake, because I held them under a sleep trance with my mental power. I turned the blonde girls onto their backs. I spread their legs. Their young cunts were fresh and virginal. Their downy cunt hair was a blonde as the hair on their heads. I directed Amanda to take lots of photos of my nieces’ naked cunts.

Then I decided to do something different. Something lesbian. I sometimes directed my women to play with one another. This time, I mentally controlled two sleeping teenaged sisters and made them get into the sixty-nine position and eat one another’s cunts without waking from sleep. They were having sleep sex without knowing it.

Amanda was surprised when she saw this happening. “Why are they doing that, Master? Shouldn’t they be begging you to deflower them?”

“All in good time, Amanda. All in good time. Before I take their virginity, I want them to entertain me. They are asleep now, and they think they’re only dreaming this. They don’t really even want to do it. They feel repulsed by it, disgusted by it. And that’s why I’m making them do it. I’m exercising control for my pleasure.” I turned and looked Amanda straight in the eye. “I’m going to make you eat cunt too, bitch.”

She looked down for a moment, shifting her weight from foot to foot. Then she looked me in the eye. Her face showed worry but also determination. “Your slightest wish is my command, Master. I would eat shit for you.”

I smiled. “Good bitch” I said. “You will do whatever I want you to do. And you’ll thank me for making you do it. Now let’s get those cameras rolling again.”

I made the girls explore one another’s bodies with their hands and mouths. They licked on another’s cunts, then came together face to face and kissed. Derry exposed her big bottom. Kerry went down between her sister’s butt cheeks and licked her anus. The two girls then kissed again. They rubbed their breasts against one another. And...

Wait a moment. Why aren’t they suckling at one another’s breasts, you may be wondering? Because I own all breasts. And I am a jealous god. Only I can suck a woman’s breasts. I allow my bitches to rub their tits against one another, but only I can do more with those tits. Got it?

... now the story continues. Kerry spread her little butt cheeks and Derry licked her sister’s anus. Then the two girls kissed before going back into the sixty-nine position.

While my two nieces continued eating one another out, I checked the digital displays from all of the video and still cameras. Modern technology makes this so much easier than it used to be to review your work! All of my imaging systems were linked wirelessly. I could quickly review every shot and video for basic quality. If I felt that we missed any really good shots because an image or video stream was fuzzy, I made Kerry and Derry act it out again, while we took all new photos and video.

I was basically satisfied with the preliminary images. Now it was time to put a man in the picture. I removed all of my clothes. I grabbed Amanda by her bra cup and pulled her close to me. Kissing her passionately, I ran my hands over her body to turn her on. “Listen closely, bitch. I am going to fuck these two bitches first, in every hole. Then you are going to join us in bed when I tell you. You are going to eat cunt and have your cunt eaten. Understand?”

Amanda gulped nervously. “Yes, Master” she said in a soft voice.

“Good bitch” I said, and slapped her on the ass. “Now take off your bra and panties and finger yourself while you watch me deflower my nieces.”

Kerry and Derry, at my mental direction, had stopped eating one another’s cunt and lay back on the bed. They appeared to be asleep, but they were still in the sleep trance in which I had engulfed them much earlier. Kerry lay on her back on the left side of the bed. Her head was turned toward her sister on the other side, and her left hand was curled toward her head, with her hand resting inches away from her nose. Kerry’s right hand was between her legs. She was slowly rubbing her clit with one finger.

Derry lay on the right side of the bed, resting on her left side. She was facing to the right, away from her sister. Derry had her legs bent and together, but with her right arm between them. I bent closer to look. Her fingers were moving in her cunt and then coming out to finger her ass. This bitch is ready for a good buttfucking, I thought!

I climbed on the bed and stood on it, naked. My cock was not fully erect yet, but it soon would be. I turned around to glance at Amanda fingering herself on the chair near the bed. I looked at the video systems, all functioning on automatic now. I said aloud, to no one in particular “It’s show time!”

Then I wakened my nieces from their sleep trance. I moved their minds and puppetted their bodies so they both lay on their backs and opened their eyes at the same time to see their naked uncle standing above them in bed, with his cock pointing in their direction.

“Welcome girls” I said with a big smile. Their eyes grew wide as saucers and their mouths hung open.

“Uncle” each girl said. “Uncle! Uncle!”

I laughed. They were crying “uncle” the traditional signal of surrender. I laughed loud and heartily at that!

“Listen to me, bitches. I watched you grow up. I saw each of you go from being pretty little girls to become alluring young women. Your cunts have been ready for my dick for a long, long time. But I had to wait until you turned 16 to give it to you. And when is your birthday?”

Kerry and Derry looked at one another, then they looked at me. “Today” they said in unison.

“Get up, on your knees, bitches” I commanded. “You’re about to learn how to suck your uncle’s cock.”

The girls looked at me and blinked their eyes. I probed their minds. A chaotic maelstrom of emotions and thoughts churned inside them. Mother had told them to wait until marriage to have sex. Society said that having sex with your uncle was immoral. And yet. And yet. They wanted me. I MADE them want me. They wanted me with a burning passion they could neither understand nor control. They couldn’t contain themselves.

Kerry got up first, her eyes fixed on mine, and crawled towards me. “Yes, Master” she said as she knelt before me and took my cock in her mouth. Derry came along next, fixing her gaze upon me just as her sister had. She put her head between my legs and began licking my balls.

I grabbed Kerry’s head and forced my dick down her throat. She gagged. I held here there for a while longer as her face turned red. Then I released her. Tears ran down her eyes, but she still smiled at me. “Thank you, Master” she said with sincere gratitude in her voice “I needed that.” Then Kerry resumed sucking my cock.

“Derry” I said in a commanding voice “Lick my asshole while your sister blows me.”

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