The Magic Typewriter Aka Simon Criel and His Smith Corona
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was no secret Simon lusted after every female member of his family, from his younger sister to both Grandmas; even Doris, the family dog, avoided him. At 16, he was still a virgin, but his magic typewriter changed that.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Magic   NonConsensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Cousins   Niece   Aunt   Grand Parent   Bestiality   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Tit-Fucking  

Simon was a typical sixteen year old, forever lusting after a hole to plunge his cock into, but without success. He thought about sex every free second of the day and always with a family member, close or far away, including aunts and cousins. He even drew up league tables. Currently, it was his maternal Gran who was the inspiration for his incestuous fantasies, closely followed by his mother and younger sister.

The main target of his desire were his Gran’s boobs, large and beautifully shaped, hidden from view by the blouses she favoured. Since he was 14, he’d been unable to resist looking down her cleavage every chance he could, which always earned him a clip around his ear when she caught him, plus a tirade from his Dad.

Apart from sex, journalism was the only other passion of his life. He left school in 1962 and started work as a trainee journalist at the Birmingham Post and Mail, his wish to eventually move down to London and work for one of the Nationals in Fleet Street.

As with any trainees, he started at the bottom, in his case, working on the Classified Department, taking the orders and processing them. One in particular grabbed his attention, an auction at Lady Byron’s Lane, close to his home in Solihull. He recognized the address. The owner had been a recluse as far back as Simon could remember. It was rumoured he was a wizard. He’d believed it when he was a kid, but now he knew it was simply a silly rumour. The ‘wizard’ had died a couple of weeks before and there was an auction of the house contents. One item in the list of goods that immediately caught his eye was a typewriter, something every junior journalist needed.

A week later, he was in his bedroom, lovingly studying the heavy Smith Corona typewriter. A bargain at £2, even though it was half his weekly salary.

Once he’d finished gazing at his new treasure and positioning it on the old desk which had cost him another half a crown, he started his first fantasy. He’d long ago learnt how erotic it was to write a story involving a family member. It was a double bonus. By the end of writing it, his cock was rock hard and ready for release. The second bonus was lying in bed with his cock sticking out of his pajamas, reading it, re-reading the best parts as his hand slowly slid up and down the slippery head until he shot his cum over his bare chest. Now, he was able to type his pornographic tales. He called the first one, Grandma’s light bulb.

It was Saturday morning when Simon’s mother entered. She wore his favourite dressing gown, the silky one which was forever coming undone. Maybe she hadn’t noticed the tie had loosened. She was showing a lot of flesh.

‘Gran wants you to go round and change the light bulb in her bedroom.’

‘Can’t Grandad do it?’

His mother sat on the edge of the bed just as the tie completely loosened and her boobs slipped out. She smiled at him as she saw his eyes lower to her open gown. The silk material slipped, exposing her leg. She opened her thighs giving him a view of her hairy pussy.

‘Maybe, but she specially asked for you, ‘ she whispered as her hand slid inside his pajama top and down to finger his pubic hairs. ‘Perhaps Grandad is too tired to ... screw ... screw in her light bulb, ‘ she added as her soft hand closed around his cock.

Simon finished typing and re-read the opening. He loved where it was going with Mom, but Grandma had been top of the league table for a long time. Would he write his fantasy fuck with Mom or Grandma. He pondered for a while before he decided on Grandma. He returned to his typing. Half an hour later and it was finished. He pulled the last sheet from the typewriter, slipped into bed and closed his fist around his cock.


Simon had just woken as his mother entered the bedroom. He pulled the pillow over his head. Too early, it was Saturday, his lie in morning.

‘Gran wants you to go round and change the light bulb in her bedroom.’

‘Why me? She’s always avoiding me, ‘ he groaned into his pillow.

His mother repeated, ‘Gran wants you to go round and change the light bulb in her bedroom.’

Simon sat up and looked at her. It was obvious from the expression on her face she couldn’t believe what she’d said. She was confused. The likelihood that his Gran would want her least favourite grandson in her house was crazy. Despite that, Simon had heard her say it.

By then he’d noticed her gown was almost gaping. She seemed to be struggling with her hands, trying to move them to cover herself, but they were stuck rigid to her sides. Her muscles were bulging as she fought to raise her arms to close the gap. It continued to open as the tie slipped. That wasn’t her only struggle, she appeared to be fighting her feet. They were moving her towards his bed, but she kept turning the toes to one side as though she wanted to go in the opposite direction. Whatever she was attempting, she landed hard on the edge of his bed as the tie on her gown finally undid and slid from her shoulders.

She looked down at her boobs and swore. She used an even stronger expletive when her hands refused to cooperate and pull the gown back around to cover her nakedness. To add to her anger, the gown continued to slide from her body until it was a crumple on the carpet.

There was silence in the room as they realized what had happened. In less than a minute, his mother had disrobed and then, both gasped in amazement when she parted her thighs as an open invitation.

This was so unreal, thought Simon. She detested the way he ogled her when she accidently showed him some skin and now she was seducing him – wasn’t she? Despite the obvious, he didn’t know what he should do until, his mother’s hands began to explore him. When her hand grabbed his erect cock, he decided to make a move. His fingers aimed for the beautiful hairy nest between her thighs.

That was as far as he got.

Abruptly, Mum jumped from the bed, looking with disbelief at her hand, then at him. ‘Is this some nightmare?’ she growled, again looking at her hand as though it wasn’t hers. ‘What have you done to me? Ah, it’s a drug, isn’t it? You’ve drugged me. Why else would I handle your ... urgh!’ She shuddered. ‘Urgh!’

She grabbed her gown and moved toward the door, then had another thought. With the gown tight against her body to shield it from Simon’s gaze, she shouted. ‘If you ever, ever tell anyone about this, I’ll ... I’ll... ‘ She broke off, unable to think of any punishment which was suitable, apart from castration, which was maybe a tad harsh. She continued to the door. ‘Never. You understand, never.’ She left him, still staring at her hand and mumbling.

Simon lay back, reliving the past few minutes and trying to make sense of it. Was she right? Was her nightmare, his dream? No, he was awake for definite. Dreams had a special feel to them. He thought about the conversation and retrieved the story from under the bed.

‘Gran wants you to go round and change the light bulb in her bedroom.’

Yes, those were the exact words she used and everything that happened afterwards was just as he typed it, right up to when his fingers were ready to enter her pussy. Instead, he’d decided to go to his Grans. Could it really be this simple? Everything I type must take place, even if Mom doesn’t like it. Wow!

Damn! He groaned and collapsed on the pillows. If only he’d continued typing. A second later, he shot up. Of course, he thought. Re-write it. I haven’t gone to Grans yet, so why don’t I cut out the Gran story and file it away for some other time – this afternoon maybe.

He went to the typewriter and started a new page. Half an hour later, he’d finished. He read it through, his cock already tenting his pajamas. Mmm! He thought. Just one more little detail, which would prove or disprove his theory. He looked at his watch. 10.40. Five minutes to add the time to the story, cut off the Gran part and Scotch Tape the new ending.

The start read,

“At exactly 10.45, Mom entered the bedroom. ‘Quick, your dad’s taking Jill swimming. We have an hour.’ She grinned at him.

Simon returned to the bed and watched the alarm clock.

As the clock finger moved on a minute, the door opened. Mom entered, although it appeared she was pushed into the room. She wore a see through nightie, which would have left nothing to the imagination except she was doing a great job at covering her most interesting parts.

‘Quick, your dad’s taking Jill swimming. We have an hour.’

The grin she gave him was unlike any he’d seen before. Clearly, some facial muscles were doing battle with the others, so between the grin and what Simon guessed was a grimace, the result was a rictus. Not that Simon cared. His interests in her body lay elsewhere.

This time, she didn’t attempt to avoid walking to the bed as she had before. No doubt, she accepted she had very little control, if any. It didn’t stop her ad-libbing the script, threatening him and abusing him. He ignored it. Whatever happened later, it was going to be worth it, plus very soon, she wouldn’t be able to talk.

She stood by the side of the bed and looked down at him for a moment before, as if in a trance, she knelt at the side of the bed. She stared at her son’s cock, rampant, protruding from his pjs, dribbling pre-cum. She wasn’t keen, however her fingers began to stroke him, one hand at the front, the other caressing the underside. Simon wallowed in the soft pillows and groaned as he watched her fingers tenderly explored him. Simon had been careful to type suitable adverbs such as tender and gentle. Given the choice, he had no doubt, her touch would have been extremely painful.

Simon undid the cord and lowered the pajama bottoms down his legs.

His hand went to the back of her head and pushed it down. There was resistance, as he expected, but they both knew it was only a matter of time before her lips met his cock. She licked all over it before her lips closed around his mushroom head. Slowly, her face lowered taking more of his shaft into her mouth, while his hand began to explore under his mother’s nightie.

‘Open your legs, ‘ he whispered and she did.

His fingers slid over her anus, rimming her. She must have enjoyed it because a small sigh escaped. He continued lower, loving the power he had over her. So many times he’d fantasised about this and now she was his to do with whatever he wanted. His middle finger slid into the natural parting between her pussy lips, enjoying the softest of skin, despite her age. He probed a little inside, but she was dry, so he returned to her smaller hole, rubbing it and slipping the tip of his finger inside. It was tight, but she sighed again, so this time he licked it and pushed it deeper into her. She wiggled her ass, so he forced it until he was in as far as he was able. A thrill of excitement shot through him as he realized he actually had his finger deep up his Mum’s ass and she was loving it. He began to slide his finger in and out and she groaned louder with every stroke.

Meanwhile, her mouth had not been idle, slowly bobbing up and down on his prick, her tongue lapping at his head on each upward stroke. He felt his balls tighten and he knew it would be only seconds before he would be shooting his load into Mom’s mouth. He held her tight in his grip and lifted his hips, shoving his prick into her. Savagely, he face fucked her until, with a deep growl, he jetted inside her mouth. He could see her swallowing as quickly as she was able, while he continued to jerk his cum inside her. Eventually, there was only a dribble of spunk for her to swallow. She lifted her head and glared at him.

He smiled at her. She glared.

She stood up to go.

‘On your back, Mom.’

‘No! I’ve been your slut, but that’s enough.’

‘On your back, Mom.’

She struggled to leave, but the force was irresistible. She swore, but lay back on the bed beside him.

Simon, lay on his side and slipped his hand up inside her nightie. She tried to raise her hands, but couldn’t. It was in the story. He lifted the front of her nightgown until she was naked. He’d never been so close to anyone’s breasts, so he took his time gazing at their beauty, playing with them, learning what she liked. He explored her nipples, conscious of her reactions. She loved it when he pulled on them. They grew firm between his finger and thumb. He leaned closer and kissed them. She tried to hide it, but when he suckled her, she couldn’t stop sighing as his lips thrilled her nubs.

She probably wasn’t even aware that his fingers had moved lower until his hand cupped her sex, her soft hairs parting as he explored her. This time, she was wet and his fingers entered her without resistance. She even opened her thighs for him, though she probably regretted it almost immediately as she swore at him. Her word was a tad less aggressive this time and, not for a moment, did she close her legs on him.

As his fingers caressed inside her hole, he slowly moved downwards, abandoning her nipples to move closer to somewhere more intimate.

She watched her son. Was he really going to do it? His dad hated it, thought it was dirty. Oh, please Simon, please kiss me ... there.

He did. Gently he parted her hairs, her lips and kissed her.

‘Oooooohhh, ‘ she sighed as his lips covered every inch of her wetness. Not only did he kiss her, but his tongue entered her. She raised her hips, wanting more, needing more of him. His tongue lapped inside her, licked her walls, caressed her G spot, though neither knew its existence back then. The more he kissed and licked her, the more frantic she became, building to a high when she knew she would explode. While Simon pleasured her below, she was pulling and squeezing her nipples. When he discovered her little pleasure nub, when he began to explore it with his tongue, she exploded. He sucked it into his mouth and that took her way, way over the edge.

Simon relaxed as his mother wallowed in her orgasm. He opened her wide and gazed at the soaking wet beauty from which he came.

As she relaxed, as she slowly returned to normal, Simon lay between her thighs and pushed his solid pole against her entrance. She was about to protest, then remember she had no control. How he was able to do anything with her was beyond her understanding, but she had accepted it. As he entered her, she realised she wouldn’t have stopped him, even if she could. Her hands closed around his butt and she pulled him into her, welcomed his cock into her special hole. She whimpered as he immediately lost control and shuddered, his cock spurting his seed deep into her.

Later, she lay naked in his arms and whispered, ‘I’ve no idea what drugs you used on me, but you won’t need them next time.’

‘Next time?’

‘Yes, you’re a cocky little bastard, but I can’t wait until we do it again. Was I your first?’

‘Yes, Mom.’

‘Good, so I have a lot to teach you.’

She looked at the clock and climbed out of bed. ‘They’ll be back soon. Just as long as you understand, no-one must ever know.’

He smiled up at her. ‘Of course.’

After she’d gone to prepare lunch, he thought about a hiding place for the new stories and the typewriter. He was sure his stash of girlie mags and earlier stories had been found, but these were far more valuable.

Later, as he showered, he thought about his visit to Gran to fix her light bulb. He grinned. Such fun.

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