Miss Penny the Working Girl Sex Slave

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: On the day Penny turned 18, her life-long dream came true: she was hired as a sex-retary "office slave" by her Owner, the Master. Her mother was very proud of her. "Go out there and be the best sex slave you can be!" she said. "Do everything he tells you. Nothing is too dirty or degrading. The more completely you give yourself to him, the happier you'll be. Beg him to use you! And always thank him, no matter what he does to you." (See "Welcome to My World" for a full book of this universe.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   .


This story takes place in THE MASTER’S WORLD UNIVERSE. The nature of that universe is described most fully in my serial / book “WELCOME TO MY WORLD”.

Here is a brief description of how THE MASTER’S WORLD UNIVERSE operates: The Master, a man with futuristic, hyper-tech powers, including the ability to read minds and to exert absolute mind control over others, possesses a hidden planet in another dimension that has been customized into his personal paradise. He is Master of everything and everyone there. The Master populates his World with two types of female sex slaves. The first type is ordinary women from earth. The second type is genetically engineered women he creates himself. From earth, the Master kidnaps and enslaves large numbers of beautiful women and teenaged girls. He brainwashes and reprograms them into ideal sex slaves who perfectly match his personal desires. He makes them want what he wants them to want. The women he synthesizes himself using genetic engineering and biotechnology are pre-programmed from the start to the Master’s exacting specifications. This is a story about one of the girls synthesized by the Master on her 18th birthday when she begins her adult life as a working girl sex slave in her Master’s harem.

Her asshole was sore. It ached with tingling pain. It burned as if it had been shredded to bits, even though there was no tearing of the flesh, and no bleeding.

Her mouth tasted like shit. Which was perfectly understandable. Her Master—the man who owned her, body and soul—had “forced” her to give him an ass-to-mouth blowjob after he had sodomized her. After every time he had sodomized her. And he had sodomized her all night long.

With one hand, she brushed her long, golden blonde hair away from her face. She could barely taste the lingering flavor of his heavenly cum. How many times did he cum in her mouth last night? She had lost track after the fourth time.

Closing her blue eyes for a moment, she smiled. Then she tilted her head upwards and prayed softly. “Thank you, God, for allowing me to become his slave. All I have ever wanted was to be owned and used by him. Now my sweetest dreams have come true!”

She leaned against her kitchen counter. Looking in the mirror on the kitchen wall, she checked her face. Her mother always told her she was the most beautiful girl in her high school. Penny hoped so, because she knew her Master prized beauty. She would make him coffee while he was still asleep. The man deserved his rest. It took a lot of energy to use her and abuse her as much as he had last night!

She put coffee beans in the grinder and switched on the machine. She gazed around the early morning kitchen and out into the spring garden as the machine did its work. She now had this urban apartment because he had given her a secretarial job in his office, even though she knew nothing about how to be a secretary. The office staff at the interview had told her not to worry. The senior secretaries would train her on the job. “Besides” one had told her with a smirk “with an ass as big and pretty as yours, I’m sure our Master can find suitable things for you to do.”

She didn’t tell him at the time how happy she had been to hear that. She didn’t tell them that she had posters and photos of him plastered all over her bedroom walls in the home where she had grown up with her adoptive mother. She and her mother had watched his porn obsessively. They bought all his books and subscribed to as many of his pornographic magazines as they could afford. Her mother always told her “You have a big, beautiful ass. The day you turn 18, you should try to get a job in one of his companies. If you play your cards right, his dick will be up your ass and then down your throat before you know it!”

Her adoptive mother was right. And she should know, since her “birth” mother and her adoptive mother had both been his slaves for many years. He had told her adoptive mother to adopt a young girl he had selected for her, and to raise the little cunt to be his whore-slave, his personal prostitute. A whore-slave is not like a whore who has sex for money. If anything, she has to pay her Owner. Most of the time, however, a whore-slave simply takes orders from her Owner. She does whatever her Master tells her. That usually includes a lot of the most degrading sex possible, in accordance with his wishes and desires. And whatever he wanted from her is exactly what she wanted to do for him. She wanted only and precisely what he wanted her to want.

The grinder finished. She put the ground coffee in the brewing machine, added water to the reservoir, and started the brewing process. The communication panel on the kitchen wall flashed a message: the fresh pastry and fruit salad she had ordered minutes before had been delivered to the in-take box next to the front door. She hurried to retrieve it. Her Master demanded only the highest quality food and drink. She would give it to him.

In the kitchen, she arranged the basket of pastries and bowl of fruit salad on a serving tray that could be turned into a mini-table for eating in bed, if desired. Then she fixed up his coffee with half-and-half and cane sugar. Everything was ready. Or was it? Had she forgotten anything?

Then it struck her. “Oh my God” she said, rolling her eyes and slapping her forehead. “How could I have been so stupid!”

Quickly, she rushed to the bathroom and put her bottom into the bidet. She used it to clean her anus and the region around it, removing the lingering bits of feces that her Owner had extracted from her rectum during the many acts of sodomy he had committed upon her last night. Her sore asshole had to be absolutely clean, and her butt crack spotless, in case her Master wanted to lick her asshole after breakfast. Or even before. He enjoyed tonging her anus and her asshole. But only when they were absolutely clean. She would eat shit whenever he wanted her too. He must never be made to do that. His bitches were shit eaters, at his command. He was above such lowly things!

She sat in the bidet, enjoying the cleansing, cool feeling of the swirling water. (It was just a tiny bit cooler than skin temperature.) Her sore anus and throbbing rectum were relaxed and restored. They were cleaned and refreshed. As she felt this gentle healing and cleaning, she thought back to the day and evening before, when her Owner finally took full possession of her, and Penny’s true life had finally begun...

On the day before, the first morning at her new secretarial job was a challenge, since she had neither training nor experience in the field of secretarial work. She had only been hired the previous day, and had spent many hours on the evening of her hire trying to learn as much as she could about what secretaries do. She went to the Porno Book and Video store to do some research. She found exactly one book and one quarterly magazine on the subject. The book was titled Sex-retary: Preparing to be Used by your Boss. The magazine was titled “Office Slave”. Both of them told her pretty much the same thing: offices are automated these days, so secretaries don’t need to know how to type, or file papers, or operate any office machines. They could use computer touch panels to select from a menu of functions, and the machines would carry them out. Or they could speak to the automated office computer hub and it would advise them and answer any questions. Pretty much all a secretary—or “sex-retary”—had to do was to obey her Boss/Master’s orders. And that usually meant a lot of sex and personal service. Whether a bitch was a sex-retary “office slave”, or a waitress, or a cook, or a school teacher, or any other profession in Harem World, the bottom line (for her bottom, tits, cunt, and mouth) were always the same: sex slave. A slave is a slave is a slave. All the bitch had to do was to be a skilled sex slave.

So her biggest task was to dress sexy and then follow orders. She bought the tightest skirt she could find in order to show off her big ass. It was pearl gray and so tight they she could not bend over wearing it. Then she bought a tight, white blouse that was low cut in front. She was ashamed that her tits were not larger. To compensate, she bought a bra that promised to “lift and separate” her tits, thus making them stick out more and occupy a wider arc across her chest. Finally, she bought the most stunning high heels she could find. They were difficult to walk in, but had the redeeming virtue of forcing her ass out even further, making her biggest asset even more prominent.

It was her 18th birthday, the day she got hired. Her mother was very proud of her. “Go out there and be the best slave you can be!” she said enthusiastically. “Do everything he tells you. Nothing is too dirty or degrading. If it hurts you, that’s good! Enjoy the pain, because it gives him pleasure. If you find it disgusting and degrading, thank God for the privilege of being used so well by your Owner! Always remember: you are nothing but a worthless whore. You are worth nothing. He is worth everything. The more completely you give yourself to him and serve him, the happier you’ll be. Beg him to use you! He likes that. And always, always, always thank him, no matter what he does to you. The greatest privilege any girl can have is to be thoroughly used and degraded by him. The lower he treats you, the higher you’ll feel, and the more he’ll want to use you again.”

Her mother’s words echoed in her head as she rode the elevator to the top floor of the Master’s office building. She got off at the floor occupied by one of his companies, Buttfuck Enterprises. The receptionist at the front desk greeted her. “Hello Miss Penny” she said. “Welcome to our happy home. Buttfuck Enterprises is like one big happy family, with a Father who owns us all and lots of us little cunt slaves that serve him loyally. Miss Buttley will be along in a moment to show you to your desk and explain your responsibilities.”

Just then, a beautiful redheaded woman walked in. It had to be Miss Buttley because she had the largest ass Penny had ever seen. It was big and round, but not gross or obese. It was simply a profoundly big butt of perfect proportions. The woman put out her hand to shake. “Hello, Penny. I am Miss Buttley. It’s so nice to meet you. I understand you were hired yesterday. Normally, I would have been there during the hiring process. You got hired on the basis of your figure and the responses you entered into the application form. I would have been there, as I said, except our Owner—err, Boss, I suppose I should say—required me for some ... special duties. I think you can imagine what they might be” she added with a wink. “Follow me and I’ll show you to your new desk.”

Miss Buttley led Penny through the most luxurious office suite she had ever seen. Yesterday, when she filled out the application and posed for naked photographs, she had been in a rather drab little room on the ground floor. This was something altogether different. The office was spacious, with a very tall ceiling, wide walkways, spacious individual offices with doors and large picture windows with curtains (most of which were open), tall office plants, hanging pots with ferns, and many, many flowers, both freshly cut and growing in pots, throughout the place. Beautiful art photographs hung from the walls and on standing displays. Most showed the Master engaging in anal sex with various women and young girls. Others showed these cunts sucking his dick. In many cases, it was obvious that his dick had just come from the girl’s asshole, because her gaping hole was visible and little bits and streaks of brown festooned the Master’s dick.

As they walked, Miss Buttley pointed things out, to the left and right. “Here is the coffee break room” she said, pointing to the right. “Fresh coffee and tea are available at any time of day. Light snacks of pastries, fruits, yogurt and so forth are provided as well. Everything is free of charge.” They walked a little further and she pointed to the left, saying “Here is the dining room. Full breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided daily. We have gourmet food at every meal. And it’s all free.” A little further, she pointed to a large glass wall on the right, saying “Here is the spa and communal bathroom. As you can see, this wall looks directly into the hot tub area, bathtubs, showers, toilet area, sinks, and dressing area. There are no private bathroom stalls, and there is no privacy at all in this area. The Master demands that all of his slaves be perfectly visible in here.” She laughed. “A lot of girls are afraid when they first see this. It’s really rather fun, though. One big family bathing together. And sometimes” she winked “the Master joins us and we do more than bathe.” Walking on, she pointed to a large open room to the left, saying “This is the living room. As you can see, many bitches are relaxing here, reading, chatting, watching porno videos, and so on.”

Penny spoke up. “With all of these comforts, I’m surprised any work gets done around here at all.”

Miss Buttley laughed. “Bitch, truth to tell, not much work does get done around here. It doesn’t need to. The Master’s automated systems can do absolutely everything without us lifting a finger. The purpose of having a bunch of cunts working here at Buttfuck Enterprises is to give the Master ready access to his slaves in a way that pleases him. We are whores on call, nothing more.” Then she stopped and looked Penny in the eye with fierce intensity. “Remember something, bitch. You are nothing but a lowly cunt, a mangy whore, and a piece of shit. You are nothing and our Master is everything. Got it?”

Penny stood stock still, nodding her head. “Y-yes, Miss Buttley. I know that I am nothing but a lowly cunt, and a mangy whore, and a piece of shit. I live to serve our Master. His happiness is the only thing that matters. I am worthless a piece of shit. I would be honored and happy if the Master only used me as a toilet to eat his shit for the rest of my life.”

Miss Buttley smiled and nodded her head. “That’s right. If you do nothing but eat his shit for the rest of your life, you should consider yourself the luckiest girl in the world.”

“Oh, yes” Penny said. “The more he degrades me and uses me, the better I like it because I know it pleases him. I only exist to be used and abused by him.”

“Very good” said Miss Buttley, as she resumed walking. After wending their way around the floor, they finally reached Penny’s office in a far corner. It was huge. Penny’s office had as much floor space as the living room, dining room, and bedroom combined in her old home. There was a desk with office chair, an electronic communication device, several bookshelves that were already stocked with pornographic literature, a small table with two smaller chairs, various open cupboards in which hung rack after rack of clothes and shoes, lacy bras and lacy panties. “Are these clothes for me?” Penny asked. Miss Buttley nodded. “The Master chose them for you. They are all customized to fit your figure. You must always dress to please your Owner.” Penny smiled. “Of course” she said. “How wonderful!”

There was also a large couch, several mirrors including a large mirror mounted on the ceiling, and ... a huge bed. Penny pointed to the bed. “Can I sleep here?” she asked. Miss Buttley smiled. “If you want to. But along with this job, you get a new apartment. Free. Right now your mother is helping the movers to pack up your things. You won’t be going back to your old home tonight. You’ll go to your new apartment instead. It’s already fully furnished and decorated, the kitchen is fully stocked, and so are the clothes closets. But if you don’t like anything in the place, just say the word and we’ll replace it with whatever you like. It’s ‘on the house’ to speak.”

Both girls laughed at this. Penny was thrilled to have her own place. She hoped that the apartment decorations included the kind of pornographic photos that decorated the larger office suite she had just walked through. She wanted her apartment to be filled with pornographic images of the Master using and abusing women and girls, especially anally.

Then Miss Buttley pointed to the bed. “You probably won’t do much sleeping here. But the Master may want to take you here to, you know, use you sexually. This bed is for his convenience, not yours. Please keep it tidy. If you do take a nap, straighten it up afterward. When our Master goes to use and abuse a bitch, he wants her clean and her bed neat at the start. By the end, you and the bed will probably be thoroughly used up and filthy. And that’s the way it should be. It’s wonderful!”

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