8 August 2007
Chapter 1

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Dan and Wendy sat silently holding hands in the waiting room while Karen attended her third session with her new psychologist, Dr. Carla Mackenzie. Wendy looked so sensual wearing a white, short pleated skirt and low scooped coral coloured top.

The side profile of her cleavage along with her scent of chocolate and vanilla perfume drove him nuts. She picked up a women’s magazine and thumbed through it and he still marvelled at how lucky he was to have two such beautiful women in his life, three with recently added Tina.

“What is it?” she smiled catching his gaze once again.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, honey,” she replied patting his right hand.

Thirty minutes later, the office door opened and Dr. Mackenzie entered, “Dan, can you join us for a few minutes?”

“Of course I will,” he stood abruptly. This was the first time he had been asked into Karen’s sessions since seeing her new therapist.

“You must be Wendy, I’m Carla Mackenzie. Karen has told me so much about you. It feels like I already know you. You are more beautiful than I imagined,” Dr. Mackenzie stated, offering her right hand. As they greeted, Carla took a moment to glance at Wendy’s sensually dressed body. “If you will excuse us,” she said and ushered Dan inside. Wendy felt a little dejected that she wasn’t included but grateful that she had been acknowledged.

Karen stood from her chair, kissing and tightly hugging Dan. Carla smiled at the couple, again eyeing her figure and a natural glance to his crotch. He could see that she’d been crying again and felt so helpless to ease her ongoing suffering. Dan sat on the chair beside her and took her hand in his. Her beautiful features along with her short skirt and low silk blouse always set his pulse to a faster beat.

“Thank you, Dan, for joining us. Your attendance is also an important part of Karen’s healing. Until now I’ve been talking with Karen and her ability to deal with the events that happened to her. This also affects you Dan and the rest of your family. I want you to know that your love and support literally saved Karen’s life. She is a wonderful person who is on the mend to becoming her normal self,” Carla explained. “Karen has something she wants to say to you.”

“Dan, I have, to be honest with you and say that I miss being at the Hen House and led around as a sexy bitch dog. You know how I love fucking and to have three men at once was so much fun. I’d like us to continue going there with Tanya parading me around like before, except I will have no release words and allowed to talk anytime. I’d like you to also walk me through the Hen House or in the park like a bitch dog for other men to fuck me so it is done safely.”

“The only good thing that I gained from my experience, is truly knowing how much my family loves me and meeting a beautiful young woman, named Lilly. She seems to be in love with me and I’m quite fond of her too. I’d like you to meet her and fuck her and walk us together as sex dogs in the park.”

Dan looked from her to Carla, “Are you sure? Is it okay for her to do that again and so soon?”

“With your love, support, and supervision, Karen still wants to role play as a sex dog, not as punishment but for sexual pleasure,” Dr. Mackenzie explained.

“Imagine you, Wendy and Tina walking me naked in the park and offering me as a doggy to be fucked by strangers, plus you also having Lilly to fuck.”

“I guess we can try it once you’re healed. We’ll definitely have a talk with Tanya and Thor about our new rules and conditions,” Dan cautioned.

“Thank you, honey! I love you!” Karen gripped his hand.

“Now Dan, what we are about to do is so instrumental to Karen’s healing process. I believe you and her discussed this before. We would like to take a little journey back in time with you and Karen, back about twenty years to 1986, or early 85.”

“Sure I guess anything that helps,” he smiled to his love.

“Please close your eyes and try to remember how you all looked,” the doctor began.

“That’s easy, Karen still looks as beautiful now as she did back then,” he complimented, gripping her hand.

“You, Karen and Laura are having a wonderful life, a fantastic, close and intimate relationship.”

“I’ve told Doctor Mackenzie everything about us,” Karen inserted.

“There’s no shame in that,” Dan opened one eye looking at his love and again squeezing her hand.

“Okay, so now it’s 1985 and your life with Karen and Laura is perfect.”

“It sure is. I’m the luckiest man alive to have the love of two fantastic women!”

“Dan, you know how much I love you,” Karen began.

“And I love you too sweetheart.”

“Now Dan, remember it’s 1985,” Carla cautioned and he nodded.

“I have some news to tell you, Dan. I found out today that I’m pregnant.”

“Congratulations, you and Steve must be really happy. I’m happy for you too,” he mentioned.

“The only thing is you see ... Steve isn’t the father of my baby, you are!”

“I am? You and I are going to have a baby?!”

“Yes, we are. I’m so happy that I’m having your baby,” she smiled.

“I bet Steve must be really pissed off that I got you pregnant!”

“He doesn’t know and he must never find out. The only one who knows, who’ll ever be aware is Laura. She’s the one who suggested you and I have a baby together. Steve must never know that our son or daughter is not his,” Karen explained.

“I can never see him or her as my child?” he questioned.

“You may think it but you can never say it.”

“How am I supposed to look into their eyes knowing I’m their dad and not say anything? I don’t if I can do that, being known as their Uncle and not their real father.”

“Okay Dan, you can open your eyes now,” Doctor Mackenzie said. “In just a few seconds we played out the scene as if Karen had told you about being pregnant with your baby in 1985, compared to the fact that she kept it a secret from you. Now how would you have felt knowing Diane was your daughter, yet you couldn’t say anything or treat her as your’s?”

“I would have felt hurt, frustrated especially if Steve wasn’t being good to her. It would have eaten me alive,” he replied.

“Now imagine Karen having kept that secret from you twice more with Brenda and Brad.”

“I was so proud of you Dan and how you treated Diane, plus Brenda and Brad as if they were your own.”

“Maybe deep down I felt a subconscious connection to them,” he reasoned.

“Now who’s the one playing psychologist?” Carla offered, receiving a chuckle.

“Can you understand why Karen and Laura kept it a secret from you?”

“Of course I do. I forgave Karen the night she told me about Diane, Brenda, and Brad being our kids. I never thought a night of sorrow on the anniversary of my wife’s death would turn into such happiness.”

“And you brought happiness into my life, Dan, when I found out I was pregnant with your baby those many years ago. You don’t know how many times Laura and I laughed at the fact that you got us both pregnant at the same time with Diane and Doug born only a week apart.”

“Dan, the night you and Karen were reunited was so emotional to her very soul, that her hormones caused her body to ovulate when it shouldn’t have,” Carla stated.

“Yes the doctor called it, Spontaneous Ovulation, very rare,” he agreed.

“That speaks highly of Karen’s intense love for you. When she found out she was pregnant again after all these years, it was her chance to finally make things right, to make up for all those years of secrecy.”

“When I had my miscarriage... ,” Karen looked at Dan.

“This one of the few times you have openly said the word, miscarriage, to me.”

“I know honey,” she smiled and squeezed his hand tight. “The night of my miscarriage I felt so worthless, having had three healthy babies and not being able to carry a fourth. I blamed myself so much. I felt so much shame, that you would hate me, not love me anymore. I withdrew inside myself and hurt the very ones who loved me. I would have done anything to have one last baby with you, to see the joy on your face knowing from the very first day that the child was yours and I still would.”

“So if you could still get pregnant again, you would?” he was surprised.

“In a heartbeat, I don’t know why but I still have this overwhelming urge to have another baby with you but I know I can’t,” she regretted, her eyes beginning to water.

“Karen and I had discussed this several times and this may sound crazy coming from a psychiatrist but I would have supported her having another baby not only because I know you both would be excellent parents, also it may be in the best interest of Karen’s mental health,” Carla stated.

“But I know that being a Mom again can never happen because of my hysterectomy. There is no chance of me having a baby again except for adopting. Now I have nothing against adoption and this may seem selfish but if I can’t have your baby, I don’t want someone else’s. Even Wendy having your babies will be nice but not the same as having our own one last time,” she said. Dan could see tears of emotion pooling in her eyes.

“That may not be entirely true, about you never being able to have a baby again,” he stated.

“What are you saying to me Dan, don’t be so cruel! You know I had a hysterectomy, all my baby making parts inside me are gone!” she furrowed her hurtful brow.

“Of course I know you had a hysterectomy but there is something you don’t know that I should tell you about now. When you were going into the operating room, I knew how important having this baby was to you, that you were willing to die to save her. For some reason, I couldn’t let all of you go and actually it was the nurse at the hospital who made the suggestion how to make your loss not a complete and total loss.”

“What are you saying, Dan?” her eyes beginning to pool.

“I’m saying that instead of letting your remaining eggs be destroyed during your hysterectomy, I consented to have them frozen.”

Karen and Carla looked wide-eyed at Dan, “Please say that again,” Carla stated with interest.

“I had Karen’s eggs frozen. They’re at the Quinte Fertility Resource Center in Kingston. They could be donated to a family that can’t have kids or to science for research. The nurse said because I was only able to sign the consent form at the time, your eggs would be kept in quarantine until you sign the consent form too, to release them to the Center.”

Carla moved to the edge of her chair as did Karen, “Are you completely, one hundred percent certain about this? About freezing Karen’s eggs?” she sternly inquired.

“Of course I am.” Dan took out his wallet and showed them the ID card from the Fertility Center, “The nurse put my left and right thumb prints on the card and on the cylinder for her eggs so there would be no mix-up.”

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