The Den
Chapter 3

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Sex Story: Chapter 3 - A man stuck in retirement reflects on his life and women in it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Anal Sex   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Slow  

When Alice Adams was a Sophomore in high school, for her last class of the day, she was assigned to a class in beginning drawing. Mr. Steward, new to the school, was the teacher. He was tall with denim blue eyes, surfer blond hair and the whitest, most even teeth Alice had ever seen. He was beautiful. Immediately Alice saw that her future was in art.

Every day after class Alice hurried to the girl’s bathroom where she with others from her art class would, in an estrogen haze work themselves into a frenzy massaging their clits until the walls reverberated with a collective sigh and occasional scream. Pulling their panties up and for no apparent reason, flushing their respective toilets all exited with a smile of contentment to board the busses home where they would give themselves a more thorough working over while staring at the same picture of Mr. Steward they had copied from the one that accompanied his application for his job.

Alice was too head over heels in love with Mr. Steward to give any mere boys the time of day and so her social life was limited to her female friends, dreaming of Mr. Steward and masturbating.

When she was a senior Alice volunteered as a teacher’s aide in Mr. Steward’s art classes. Because she had gone to summer school to lessen the burden of classes in her senior year, Alice had two free periods which she devoted to Mr. Steward. Instead of Miss Adams, she had become Alice.

One day after last period drawing class, Alice, reviewing the students work, moved between Mr. Steward and the desk accidently bringing her ass in contact with his pubic area. Mr. Steward, who had been obsessing over Alice’s body for some time, reached his hands around her upper body and clasped his hands over her breasts pulling her ass hard against his swelling dick.

Alice could feel him against her ass and his hands, the one inside her blouse, firm against her tits. Rather than resisting Alice almost fainted with joy. At last she thought, “He loves me.” Not knowing what to do next, Alice stood motionless, savoring the moment as Mr. Steward, with a hand inside her bra, rolled and squeezed her nipple bringing Alice pains of pleasure that reached to her vagina. Alice trembled, and her knees almost gave way, causing the crack of her ass to slide down Mr. Steward’s dick and back up again when she steadied with it nestled between her cheeks. Before she could do more, Mr. Steward turned Alice and lay her mostly on the desk and in a quick movement raised her skirt above her waist and removed her panties tossing them in the direction of his chair. Alice head the sound of a zipper and instantly felt the head of her first cock forcing its way into her pussy. Mr. Steward spread her legs wide to afford himself greater access. Alice could feel his length in her and mentally prepared herself to get fucked by this beautiful man. But in what seemed like no more than four strokes she felt something release inside her and Mr. Steward withdraw from her. When she looked, Mr. Steward was zipping and buckling up on his way out the door.

“I’m late to a meeting; see you tomorrow.”

“Well that wasn’t much of anything,” Alice thought and then she felt a new sensation. Something oozing out of her vagina. Searching for her panties she found them under Mr. Steward’s chair. Instead of putting them on she used them to wipe her oozing pussy. She hurried to the bathroom where she cleaned herself and gave her clit a good pounding. “It’ll be better next time,” she told herself.

Alice had been a virgin for Mr. Steward but she had no hymen because it had been broken when as a young girl she had had a cyst removed from her vagina.

But it wasn’t better the next time, or the next, or the next. As pretty as he was Mr. Steward was a lousy lover caring only about himself. After the fourth time Alice dropped out of the teacher’s aide program pleading the need for more time to study. Alice discarded Mr. Steward’s picture, but she didn’t stop masturbating.

Now that Mr. Steward was out of her system, Alice responded to the boys in her school. As part of her foray into being an artist Alice had taken a photography class, and used her newly learned skill on the school newspaper which in turn influenced her to a major in journalism at UNC. One of the newspaper staff was Jimmy Howard who had been in her photography class. He was slight of build and only five-six, with pale blue eyes, and rust colored hair and somewhat shy but less so around Alice because of their shared interest in photography.

Alice found Jimmy nice enough but was not attracted to him. However, with her new attitude toward boys around her own age, she was willing to go for a Coke with Jimmy. Over time she found that she and Jimmy had much in common. They were both above average students with an interest in journalism as a career. Jimmy was a junior but that didn’t seem to matter as much as Alice had thought it would, especially after he kissed her one early spring night, when they were seated on her porch glider. Mr. Steward had never kissed her he had only fucked her. Alice kissed Jimmy back and as these things will, it led to more kissing, and then to touching of vital body parts, and then to more touching of those parts, all however, covered by various items of clothing usually by more than one layer. Once Jimmy started to unzip his pants but Alice put her hand over his to stop him.

Alice was more afraid of her parents unexpectedly coming on the porch than of seeing Jimmy’s penis. After all she had seen Mr. Steward’s penis and that had been no big deal, in more ways than one. Finally, they were to go to a drive-in movie. Even though their touching had always had clothes as a barrier, on their real date at the Drive-In, after a period of kissing and groping Jimmy asked, “Do you want to touch my cock?”

Alice had never heard it called that. She had only heard penis, dick and prick. Cock sounded stronger than the other three and she liked the sound of it. “Yes I think I would like to touch your cock, Jimmy. Do you want to show it to me so I can?”

Jimmy immediately unbuckled his belt and having surreptitiously unzipped his fly previously he only had to spread open his pants. He hadn’t worn underwear in anticipation of this happening and when he spread his pants open his erect cock popped into view. Even in the dim light of the Drive-In Alice could see that little Jimmy’s cock was larger than Mr. Steward’s and she tentatively reached for it. It was the first cock she had ever held in her hand and she liked the sensation, it was long and smooth to the touch, and had a huge head at its end. At the bottom on the underside Alice felt Jimmy’s balls and gently rolled them around in her hand. She had heard that you could hurt a boy if you squeezed them too hard.

“You can stroke it if you like.”

Because of her three year infatuation with Mr. Steward, Alice didn’t have the experience with boys one would think a high school senior would have, and she wasn’t sure exactly what was expected of her but from the word “stroke” she surmised that she should somehow move it up and down like a piston. Taking a firm grip she tugged and nothing happened. She tried again with the same result. “What’s wrong?” she asked looking up at Jimmy.

“Let me show you,” Jimmy said, placing his hand over hers. “Loosen your grip a little. Maintain contact but not in a death grip. Here like this,” and he moved her hand up and down the length of his cock. “See, the skin will come with you when you do it like that. Firm but not tight.” Jimmy released Alice’s hand and let her find her way.

“This feels good Jimmy. I like touching your cock it feels good in my hand.”

“I bet it would feel good in some other places too.”

“Places? Where besides my vagina would it go?”

“In your mouth for one.”

“In my mouth, yew. Why would I put it in my mouth?”

“Because it feels good to me and to you after you get used to it.”

“I don’t know Jimmy.”

“Can I feel your tits while you stroke my cock?”


“I mean without your bra.”

“Oh, Jimmy I don’t know. Someone could see.”

“No one is out walking around, besides its dark out there and in here.”

“All right I guess it’ll be okay,” Alice said removing her blouse and letting her bra fall away from her breasts which were illuminated by the ambient light from the movie screen.

“Oh, Alice they are beautiful,” Jimmy said as he reached for the nearest one and cupped it in his hand, rubbing the nipple with his thumb, causing Alice to wiggle with satisfaction.

As Jimmy played with Alice’s tits she studied his cock, watching the head pop out as she slowly stroked it, wondering if she could get it in her mouth, even if she wanted to. The head was huge and the shaft was long. The more she looked and reasoned out the mechanics of such a thing the closer she came to agreeing with herself to give it a try. The fact that Jimmy was sucking her breasts may have had something to do with her willingness to overcome her original reticence and “Okay I’ll try it.”

It took Jimmy a moment to understand what Alice was taking about. When it dawned on him his head popped up and incredulously, he said, “You will?” Jimmy had never had a girl suck his cock or even hold it. In fact he had never felt a girl’s bare tits before. The truth be known, before Alice’s glider he had never done anything sexual with a girl, but he had read all about it and looked at the magazines while he jerked off and imagined how it was done. His asking Alice to touch his cock had scared him to death. Once she seemed to like that he decided that she wouldn’t be mad if he asked about sucking his cock. He expected her to say no but in for a penny in for a pound.

“Let’s get in the back seat. There’s more room to move and we can’t be seen,” Jimmy said.

When they had climbed over, Jimmy took his pants completely off and hung them over the back rest of the front seat. The picture that Alice saw seemed an incongruous sight. Here was this little scrawny boy with a huge cock protruding from between his legs. He was turned with his back against the door with one leg along the backseat and the other bent at the knee with the foot on the floorboard. Not a particularly inviting picture thought Alice but she had psyched herself into thinking she wanted to suck Jimmy’s cock and there was nothing for it but to do it. Kneeling on the seat, Alice held Jimmy’s cock with her right hand and, closing her eyes, lowered her head until her lips touched the very top of his cock. She moved it back and forth across her closed lips painting them with his pre-cum. Tilting her head back Alice licked her lips to get the flavor of the thing. “Not bad,” she thought. “A little salty but otherwise acceptable.”

Jimmy’s balls were dancing as he tried to send a telepathic command for Alice to take his cock in her mouth but she just licked the head and up and down the shaft. Whenever her lips were on the head Jimmy tried to lift his ass and push his cock in between them without success. Finally Alice opened her mouth and allowed the head to intrude. “Ah,” she thought, “This is not too big. I can easily get it in, but what do I do with it? I guess the best thing is to stroke it with my mouth. Have it go in and out of my mouth the way Mr. Steward’s cock went in and out of my vagina except I’ll be doing the moving.”

Jimmy could feel the smoothness of Alice’s lips around his cock as she was moving up and down on his cock, the grip applied by her jaws and the roughness of her tongue as his cock slid over it. “God this feels good,” he thought. “If fucking is better than this I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it.”

Alice could feel the head of Jimmy’s dick as it touched every part of her mouth. She loved the way it felt on her tongue as it rode in and out. It felt so good she wanted to chew on it. “So far so good,” she thought. “I’ve still got a long way to go to get it all in, and I’m not sure I can but I’m going to try. Jimmy didn’t say whether I had to for it to be a real blow job. He must like it because he’s making a lot of noises. It’s rubbing the beginning of my throat at the back of my mouth. That’s not too bad, I kind of like this and I can tell Jimmy likes it. Let’s see what happens when I push down a little more. Oh, that’s good let’s do some more of that. My vagina has gotten wet. I can feel it running out onto my thigh. Maybe I can cum doing this.”

Jimmy could feel his cock going down Alice’s throat. He hadn’t expected that she would take so much. He hadn’t expected that she would take any at all. He had hoped that she would let the head in and now this. She was beginning to increase her stroke to the point that Jimmy was nearing the time. Should he pull out or let it shoot into her mouth? Just the thought of his cum shooting into Alice’s mouth made his cock that much harder. He would have to let her know so she could get his cock out of her throat when he came. He decided he would hold her head to keep her from pulling off before he came.

Alice could feel Jimmy’s cock throbbing. She wasn’t sure what this meant but guessed it meant he was liking what she was doing. She noticed that Jimmy was starting to pump into her mouth and then he said, “I’m going to cum just swallow it as it comes out,” and he put his hand on the back of her head holding her there. Before Alice could do more than ease back Jimmy’s first load shot against her throat at the back of her mouth and suddenly her mouth was full and more kept coming as she tried to keep up with it by swallowing as fast as she could, but it forced its way out of the corners of her mouth and ran over her lips and down her chin and splattered onto her breasts. To Alice it seemed the flow would never end but it did.

“Don’t stop sucking Alice it feels really good,” Jimmy said in a low voice. He could barely speak he was so spent. He was still trembling from the experience. It was his first orgasm of any kind with a girl and he couldn’t wait for his next.

Alice did as he asked and in the process got all the cum from his cock before she let it fall limply from her mouth. When she looked down at Jimmy he was asleep. She used her bra to wipe her face and breasts clean. Net time they would have to bring some tissue or something. In fact she would put some on the table beside the glider.

It wasn’t long before Jimmy awoke and looking up said, “That was great Alice, the best feeling I’ve ever had,” and he reached out and pulled her to him and kissed her knowing that her mouth had just been full of his cum. He had read somewhere that women really got off on men who did that. It seemed to be working because Alice pressed her tits against him and kissed him back hard.

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