One Man, Two Women, Four Gigantomastic Breasts, and No Waiting

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: It was never supposed to happen. The two young sisters, four months pregnant, with gigantomastic breasts, were supposed to stay hidden in the house in the woods. No one except the man who put them there was supposed to know about them. And they were not supposed to be able to wander more than 30 feet from the house. The security systems would prevent that. But the systems didn't, and the girls did, and that's how a dirty old man like me got to enjoy the most earth-shattering sex of his life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Harem   Lactation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

This story takes place within the context of the MASTER’S WORLD Universe. However, unlike the serial “Welcome to My World” and other stories in that universe to date, this story takes place on Earth, not on the Master’s private paradise planet. You can read this story without having read anything else in that Universe.

It was never supposed to happen. I know that now. The two young sisters, four months pregnant, and with such enormous breasts, were supposed to stay hidden in the safe house in the woods. No one except the man who put them there was supposed to know about them. And they were not supposed to be able to wander more than thirty feet from the house. The security systems were supposed to prevent that. But the systems didn’t, and the girls did, and that’s how a dirty old man like me got to enjoy the most earthshattering sex imaginable.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me begin at the beginning. My name is Steven Olsen. I’m pushing 50 and I’m no prize in the looks department. I’ve had my share of women—good, bad, and indifferent. After my early and too-hasty marriage crashed and burned a dozen years ago, I played the field until I got tired of the games, the bitchy attitudes, and the poor prospect for anything better. So I took my balls and went home. Home to my internet, my porn collection, and my fantasies.

All men have sex fantasies. They begin when you’re a boy and only become more elaborate as you grow older. I’m old enough to remember the pre-internet age. I used to buy titty magazines at sleazy stores. Sometimes I ordered more through the mail from ads I found in the back of those magazines.

When the internet came along, it quickly became the information superhighway of porn. All kinds. Every kind you could possibly want. Including my favorite kind: big tits. And I mean REALLY BIG TITS! The kind of tits that are considered to be a medical condition. A deformity. Tits so big that some women go to doctors to have their breast size reduced. Horrors! No, not the horror that these women suffer from backaches, heart problems, and increased susceptibility to other disease. I don’t’ give a fuck about that. The horror is that any women graced with god-given gigantic breasts would dare to have them reduced. Sacrilege! Breast reduction surgery is a crime against mankind!

I looked for every website I could find that had photos and videos of women with big breasts, macromastic breasts, and the queen of them all, gigantomastic breasts. What’s the difference between these? Size, mostly. There are some vague medical measurements other than tit size also. But again, I don’t give a fuck about those. All I care about is massive breasts, how they look, how they feel to my touch, and what I can do with them.

You know, it’s not easy to find women who have really big breasts but are not also obese. I don’t want some fat pig with big tits. I want beautiful, shapely women with large breasts. The larger the better. Big breasts, macromastic breasts, gigantomastic breasts. I scoured the internet for every one I could find. They were the rarest of the rare. I got all the photos and videos I could find of them. Then I settled in to enjoy them, every night, and twice on Sundays.

Meanwhile I worked at a decent enough job, but took little satisfaction in it. When my grandfather died and left me his house in the woods and a bunch a rental properties nearby, I cashed in my chips and moved out here to the middle of nowhere. Well, these days with the internet and Amazon, even the middle of nowhere is connected to the great, wide world. So with the inheritance, the rental income, and a free place to live, I became able to enjoy a comfortable life as a modern hermit. I was the old man in the woods with a ton of porn and a big screen to watch it on.

My world changed the day I rented out the house in the woods some ways back from mine. I never met the renter. He used lawyers and agents, paid a year’s rent in advance, and didn’t ask for anything else. So neither did I. I figured he was either a recluse like me, or else he had his own reasons for wanting privacy. But I was not about to get pulled into something sketchy either. I knew how to test the air for tell-tale meth lab chemicals and similar stuff. Nothing turned up. I did a little discreet eavesdropping with listening devices, telescopic cameras, and my own dogs. All I saw was a few people through window curtains that hid more than they revealed. That and the fact that he had installed his own security systems. When my dogs got close, alarms went off. I called them back and we went home.

Then things got really strange. There was a knock on my door. That never happens. It shouldn’t happen without my dogs barking their damned heads off first. And no one gets past those dogs to knock on the door in the first place. But someone did. And the dogs were silent. Asleep, in fact.

I was in no mood to be disturbed. I was lying on my couch with my pants around my ankles while I watched my latest gigantomastic video on the big screen. The video was of an amazing woman from Eastern Europe. She was at a beach. She wore a bathing suit that barely contained her gigantomastic breasts. I was imagining my cock between her enormous, naked, pendulous breasts, thrusting upwards to her mouth where her tongue waited eagerly to like my dick. I was in a stroke frenzy when the knock came. I almost fell off the couch. I quickly pulled up my pants. Not sure who could be out there or why my dogs were silent, I almost panicked. I grabbed my Glock pistol, flipped the safety off, and went to a side window that gave me a view of the porch and the front door. What I saw almost made me shoot myself in the foot.

Standing outside my door was a pair of young women with breasts even bigger than the East European woman I had just been watching. What’s more, these girls were much younger, much prettier, and obviously pregnant. I couldn’t be sure of their breast size by just looking, but I estimated that their bustlines must have measured well over 50 inches. (As I later found out, both girls had breasts that measured 58-inches and filled MM-cup bras.)

I took a deep breath, rubbed my eyes, shook my head, and then looked again. They were still there. This was no mental hallucination. These young beauties could not have been older than 20 or so. One was a blonde with long golden hair and a peaches and cream complexion. The other was a blondish redhead with skin white as snow. Their beautiful faces were similar enough that I figured they must be sisters. Their eyes were a deep, rich blue. Both of these young women could have had careers in Hollywood, or in modeling. The two girls were wearing loose-fitting white dresses with red polka dots made for pregnant women. I put my gun in a drawer and hastened to open the door.

As soon as I opened the door, both young women smiled at me nervously. The blonde spoke first. “Hello, sir” she said. “We’re very sorry to bother you. My name is Joanna.” She gestured to the young redhead standing next to her. “This is my sister Susanna.”

The redhead nodded her chin respectfully. “We don’t wish to disturb you, sir. But we need help.”

There was something odd about these young women. They were too polite. Not that politeness is bad. It’s just so rare these days that it stands out like a sore thumb in our sorry world. And they didn’t seem to be faking, either. The blonde and the redhead were beautiful but seemingly unaware of that fact. They didn’t have the haughty look typical of young beauties who were used to getting their way with just a smile. These young women seemed earnest and polite. They seemed like fresh flowers that are too pure for the grungy world we live in today.

Joanna, the golden blonde, wrung her hands nervously. “Sir, we don’t know what to do. Our Owner was supposed to come for us, but he’s late. We waited and waited. We don’t know what to do!”

I stood there staring at them, dumbstruck. Owner? What did she mean?

Then Susanna, the blondish redhead, spoke up. “He left us here with plenty of supplies while he was to begin preparing some new bitches for his harem. We were supposed to help him with that.”

My jaw went slack. Their Owner was looking for new bitches? For his harem? What had I stumbled into?!

Seeing my state of confusion, Joanna leaned forward, her long golden blonde hanging down, and touched my hand. “Sir, I hope we didn’t upset you. May we come in?”

Joanna’s hand was warm and soft. I nodded my head, unable to think of which question to ask from zillions that were swirling like a tornado through my brain. I stepped aside. The two sisters in their white dresses with red polka dots walked past me into my front room. I closed the door, and then they turned around to face me.

Susanna, the blondish redhead, bit her lip, then opened her mouth and ran her tongue over her lips. “Sir, we’re lost and afraid. Our Master, the man who owns us, is our reason for being. We don’t know what to do without him. He’s been gone nearly a week. He was supposed to return after one day away.”

Joanna nodded her golden blonde head and rubbed her pregnant belly as she added “He implanted these embryos in us. We’re both carrying twin girls. The next generation for his harem.”

Susanna ran a hand through her blondish red hair, tilted her head, and sighed. “Master loves us, just like he loves all his sex slaves. He programmed us to please him in every way.” She drew a deep breath, and then exhaled with a sigh. “It was never supposed to come to this. Being without him, I mean.”

Joanna said “This is an emergency. Our Owner gave us strict instructions on what to do if something went wrong.”

“If he didn’t show up when he was supposed to” Susanna said.

“If he was more than 3 days late” Joanna added.

“Which he is” Susanna chimed in.

“We must find a man” said Joanna.

“To help us with our problem” Susanna added.

Finally, I could stand the mystery no longer. “What are you girls talking about? You have an Owner? He’s your Master? You’re his sex slaves? You’re carrying twins for his next generation? And that’s not problems enough?”

Joanna and Susanna looked at one another. Then they looked at me.

“What’s wrong with being owned?” Joanna asked.

“Being a sex slave is every woman’s dream” said Susanna.

“Being pregnant with our Owner’s next generation of sex slaves is a great honor” said Joanna, and Susanna nodded in agreement.

My head was swimming. I was feeling like my own sexual fantasies had come to life and walked through my front door.

“So what exactly is your problem?” I asked.

“We need sex” said Susanna.

“A lot of sex” Joanna added.

Susanna ran her hands over her enormous breasts. “And we’re full already. Our breasts are painfully full.”

“Of milk” Joanna added, as if that wasn’t obvious.

“Master said we must give ourselves to any man who could help us in our hour of need” said Susanna, nodding her moon-white face surrounded by waves of blondish red hair.

“Can you help us, sir?” asked Joanna.

“Please have sex with us, sir” Susanna pleaded. “We are highly skilled at performing sex acts that please men.”

“We have no limits, sir” Joanna added. “Our Master made sure of that.”

“We can never say No to a man’s wishes” said Susanna.

“That would be impossible” said Joanna. “A man’s slightest wish is our command.”

“We were made for our Master” said Susanna. “But this is an emergency.”

“We must serve any man in an emergency” Joanna added emphatically.

They were imploring me to have sex with them, these two astoundingly beautiful young sisters with gigantomastic breasts. Practically begging me, they were. I had been listening to them with growing incredulity but equally growing lust. How could this be happening? Suddenly, I realized that I had said nothing for quite a while and I was standing stock still. I was overwhelmed.

The redhead Susanna touched my right hand. The blonde Joanna touched my left, then said “Sir, may we get undressed for you?”

Susanna added “Perhaps if you saw us naked you could make up your mind about having sex with us.”

Joanna said “If you do not find us attractive, we will leave and not bother you again.”

I stepped backward until I was leaning against the front door. Reaching behind me, I locked it. “Get undressed” I said.

Joanna and Susanna both smiled. Their perfectly formed white teeth gleamed. Their deep blue eyes sparkled with joy. The pregnant sisters began removing their white dresses with red polka dots. As they turned to help one another unzip in back, I got to see them in profile for the first time. Their enormous breasts looked even more spectacular from this view. I also noticed that the girls had asses that were unusually shapely. Many women with very large breasts have rather uninteresting, flat butts. Not these two! They looked nearly as good from behind as they did up front.

Their polka dot dresses fell to the floor, revealing their lacey white bras and panties. Joanna and Susanna smiled at me and turned in slow circles, arms raised, to show me all their assets that were still contained inside their underwear. Due to their pregnancy, these girls were also bulging in the middle. Their great, rounded, gravid bellies were heavy with their unborn daughters. Two each, as the girls said. I tried to imagine the twin daughters that these sisters were carrying. They would probably be as pretty as their mommas!

The girls swiveled their hips provocatively and tilted their heads slightly forward. Fixing their blue eyes upon me, sultry smiles swam across their lips. Their beautiful tresses drifted slowly from side to side as if floating in a soft breeze. The girls came to a stop. While facing me, both of these beautiful young women reached behind their backs. They tapped some sort of quick release button on their bra straps. As soon as the tension of the bra was released, the bra cups sagged forward due to the weight of the girls’ massive mammaries. Both sisters quickly brought their arms to the sides of their breasts, which prevented their bras from falling off completely. And then slowly, seductively, the golden blonde Joanna and blondish redhead Susanna let their bras drop to the floor. Their gigantic tits hung free at last.

I was mesmerized. Joanna and Susanna had perfectly symmetrical breasts of gigantic proportions. Neither girl had a tan, so blonde Joanna’s peaches and cream complexion and redhead Susanna’s snow white skin were revealed in their breasts as well. Both women had large areolae of about four inches in diameter with perky nipples that stood erect. Joanna’s areolae and nipples were bright pink in color, while Susanna’s were very pale pink. The skin of their breasts was still young and supple, with minimal stretch marks and no visible veins.

I blinked my eyes as if I were staring into bright stars of unimaginable beauty. The bulging breasts of these sisters hung down onto their swollen bellies, giving hint of the copious milk they already contained.

Then, without a word, each woman hooked her thumbs inside her panties at the hips, then wiggled from side to side as she pulled them down towards her knees. Being pregnant and large-breasted, the girls could not easily balance themselves if they went lower than that. Using one hand apiece, they pushed their panties down a little further, then they wiggled their legs to allow the underwear to drop to their ankles by gravity alone. In a practiced fashion, the girls took turns leaning on one another and then stepping out of their panties altogether.

I am a fan of naturalness in women, so I was glad to see that golden blonde Joanna and redhead Susanna had nicely fluffy pubic hair of the same color as the hair on their heads. Their pubic hair was untrimmed, but not excessive in hairiness.

I must have been in a daze. I just looked and looked at the blonde and the redhead and their stupendous tits without saying a word. I was dumbstruck. Finally, Susanna and Joanna turned to look at one another. Some unspoken understanding passed between them. Unsmiling, they turned to face me.

“Do we not please you, sir?” asked Susanna.

“Are our breasts too large?” asked Joanna.

My throat was dry. I tried to speak but only coughed. Swallowing hard, I tried again. “You please me very much, ladies. Your breasts are ... spectacular. I’ve never seen such exquisite breasts in the flesh before.”

Joanna and Susanna smiled. They seemed so sexy and yet so innocent at the same time. I couldn’t figure them out.

“Then you will have sex with us?” asked Joanna.

“I’d love to” I said. “But...”

Before I could say anything more, both girls began clapping their hands and tittering happy sounds.

I spoke up more forcefully. “But I must explain something, ladies” I said. “I’m not a young man anymore. When I was 18-years-old, I could have fucked you both all night. But I’m almost 50 years old now. I can’t perform the way I used to.” I shook my head. “Hell, without Viagra or Cialis, I can’t perform at all. I mean, I can’t get an erection strong enough, for long enough, to have sexual intercourse. My cock doesn’t get rock hard anymore. I can’t stick it inside you” I confessed.

Joanna and Susanna looked at one another quizzically. Again, some sort of silent communication passed between them.

Susanna said “You cannot reach orgasm?”

I grimaced. “That’s not what I said. I can reach orgasm if I masturbate. Or do something like it. But I can’t bring you to orgasm. Not with my dick, anyway.”

The girls had to cover their mouths to hide their smiles. I was mortified. And then they said something that changed everything.

“Sir” said Joanna “you do not have to put your dick inside us to bring us to orgasm.”

I nodded, saying “Yeah, right, well. I know I can eat your pussies, but...”

“Sir” said Susanna “that’s not what she meant. Joanna meant that if we can bring you to orgasm, then we will have orgasms too.”

Joanna continued her sister’s thought. “You never have to do anything to give us orgasms. Our purpose in life is to give the man an orgasm. That’s how we achieve pleasure.”

Susanna picked up where her sister left off. “When we said we needed to have sex, we meant that we needed to provide sexual pleasure to a man. That’s what we live for.”

Joanna continued. “Could we perhaps suck your dick? If you’d let us suck your penis, we would be ever so grateful.”

Susanna said “Our Owner schooled us in every oral technique. My sister and I can give you blowjobs separately, or working as a team. We both received top marks in our final examination in Blowjobs 101. And we were in the top ten percent in Advanced Oral Techniques 250.”

Joanna continued trying to sell me on the idea of oral sex. “One of us can suck your dick while the other one offers you her breasts, or pussy, or ass, or does whatever you wish her to.”

I nearly fainted at the thought! I slumped to the floor with my back against the door.

Both sisters rushed forward. Their gigantic breasts flopped up and down and side to side as they leaned over and looked at me. “Are you alright, sir?” they asked together.

I took a deep breath and smiled. “Girls” I said “I have never been better in my life!” I looked up at the gorgeous blonde and fabulous redhead peering down at me with concern written all over their pretty faces. At the same time, the portions of their anatomy that were staring me right in the face were their gigantomastic 58-inch, MM-cup udders.

I reached out with both hands. I stroked one of Joanna’s breasts with my left hand, and one of Susanna’s with my right. Their tit flesh was soft, smooth, and warm. I leaned forward and kissed each of Joanna’s tits, then kissed each of Susanna’s. Both girls cooed with pleasure as I stroked and kissed their enormous breasts.

“Let’s go to my bedroom, ladies” I said. “You have some cock-sucking to do. And I have some tit-sucking.”

I stood up. I was about four inches taller than the two young women. I leaned down and kissed blonde Joanna and then redhead Susanna while keeping my hands on their tits at all times. Then I moved between the sisters, putting my left arm around Joanna’s shoulders and my right around Susanna’s. The girls each put one of their arms around my waist. I began walking, guiding the naked young women to my bedroom. I closed the door behind us and began removing my shirt. The girls quickly leapt into action, expertly helping me to remove all my clothes.

As soon as I was naked, the big-breasted sisters dropped to their knees. They began worshipping my dick with their mouths. They used hardly any hand action at all. Joanna and Susanna weren’t kidding when they said they were expert blow-jobbers!

I felt like I could easily cum in just a couple of minutes. But I wanted our sex play to last a lot longer than that. So I placed a hand gently on each girl’s head and told them “Stop, girls. That’s enough for now. I’ll let you suck me more again later. Right now I want your tits.”

Joanna and Susanna smiled. “Of course, sir” said Joanna. “Where would you like us?”

I pointed to the bed. “I want you girls to lie down on your sides. Here, get on the bed and I’ll show you.” As the girls climbed onto the bed, their gigantic breasts hung down like cow udders. I touched the girls and pointed at where each one should move. In short order, I had the girls positioned in a straight line, with Joanna resting her blonde head on her sister Susanna’s red head like pillow. Both girls’ breasts were facing me as I sat on the floor at the edge of the bed. The enormous breasts of each girl were stacked one on top of the other. Joanna’s pair of peaches and cream complexioned breasts were stacked in front of her, with bright pink nipples practically winking at me. Susanna’s pair of snow white udders were similarly stacked, with her pale pink nipples before me.

I grabbed the top breast of each sister. The flesh was soft in my grip. I sucked and licked Joanna’s bright pink nipple. To my delight, tiny drops of milk leaked into my mouth. I sucked harder. And I was rewarded with more milk. Joanna sighed with pleasure as I nursed at her gigantic breast. I kept sucking and sucking. Joanna’s warm milk dribbled into my mouth. It tasted faintly like melon.

I kept one hand on Joanna’s tit while I moved my mouth to Susanna’s. The redhead’s pure white tit and pale pink nipple welcomed my eager mouth. I sucked with my mouth and squeezed with my hand. I was quickly rewarded with Susanna’s sweet tit milk. It tasted similar to her sister’s, but somewhat sweeter and thicker. I sucked harder, hungry for more. The redhead stroked my head as I sucked her tit, cooing with pleasure the whole time.

I continued my tit-sucking of the two sisters, going back and forth between them. The longer I did so, the harder my erection got. Until finally, I stopped sucking their tits and announced to the girls “I’m going to climb onto the bed. Joanna, I want you to suck my dick. Susanna, I want you to feed me your tits. I am going to suck Susanna’s tit milk. And you, Joanna, are going to suck me off and swallow my cum.”

The girls were delighted. “Yes, sir!” they both said with gusto.

I climbed into the middle of the bed and lay on my back. Joanna went down on me and began sucking my dick eagerly and skillfully. Her tongue knew just where to lick me. She pumped her head up and down, using her mouth like a cunt. When my erection reached its peak, her throat accepted me. I rested one hand on Joanna’s golden blonde hair, pushing the young woman’s head down further, which forced my dick as far down her throat as it was possible to go. The young beauty offered no resistance to my forceful hand and my thrusting hips as I began using her throat like a cunt.

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