The Legend of Floppy Milkbags

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: In the Master's World one man owns a vast harem of female sex slaves. Many have gigantic breasts. Before entering his harem, these women started out as youngsters in training. Each girl is raised and taught by a retired sex slave who serves as her mommy. One of the most popular teaching stories is "The Legend of Floppy Milkbags", the story of a young girl with precociously big breasts. Even at a young age, her breasts are huge. And they keep on growing. What's a young girl to do?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Lactation   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Big Breasts   .


This is a story of extreme Male Dominance and utter female submission. The sex is down and dirty.

Reader reaction to my previous erotic fiction would suggest that only a minority of readers will enjoy this type of story. Consider yourself forewarned.


This story takes place in THE MASTER’S WORLD universe. The nature of that universe is described most fully in my serial “Welcome to My World.”

In the MASTER’S WORLD universe one man owns and rules a vast harem of female sex slaves. Our hero—the Master—possesses many, many beautiful women. A large percentage of them have incredibly big breasts. Before entering his harem, these women had started out as youngsters in training to become his future sex slaves.

Girls in training are raised by women who instruct the youngsters in all the ways of pleasuring the one man they will eventually spend their lives serving. Each girl is raised by a retired sex slave who serves as her mommy (whether or not the woman gave birth to the girl, or merely adopted her). The girls are trained by these mommies, and by their school teachers, and by the other adult women in their community. All of these women had many years of experience as the Master’s sex slaves. They know what he likes and how to give it to him. By the time a girl enters the Master’s service on the day she turns 14-years-old, she has been very thoroughly taught by these experienced female sex slaves.

Stories have been used since time immemorial to teach lessons to children about the world they will experience when they grow up. In the Master’s World, one of the most popular teaching stories is “The Legend of Floppy Milkbags.” It is the story of a young girl with precociously big breasts. Even at a young age, her breasts are huge. And they keep growing, and growing, and growing. What’s a young girl to do?

When little girls are growing up in Master’s World, before they are old enough to enter his harem, they are told “The Legend of Floppy Milkbags.” Like all legends, it has many truths behind it, and many lessons to teach. Little girls listen to the Legend of Floppy Milkbags with rapt attention when their mommies tell them about it, and when their school teachers include it in their lesson plans, and when the girls watch the many dramatic productions of the legend on stage and screen.

Here, for your edification, is the story as little girls hear it at their mother’s knee.

Once upon a time, long before the Master created his harem here in Master’s World, back on earth there was a young teenager with enormous breasts. When she was barely into her teens, her tits were already bigger than the breasts of any adult woman in town. The other girls teased her about her gigantic udders. Her given name was Margaret. But the other girls called her Floppy Milkbags.

Margaret was a pretty redhead with pale white skin and blue eyes. Her mother also had large breasts. But her mother’s breasts weren’t nearly as big as Margaret’s. Her mother was a wise and kind woman, who had also been teased when she was younger.

“The best way to deal with the teasing is to take the name they call you and make it your own” she told her daughter. “Call yourself Floppy Milkbags. Be proud of your large breasts. There is nothing wrong with having big tits. The other girls are just jealous that your tits are bigger than theirs.”

So Margaret took her mother’s advice. The other girls began teasing her less. They didn’t stop altogether. But they stepped back from doing it all the time.

Eventually, Margaret got so used to calling herself Floppy Milkbags that everyone else did it too, even her friends. Finally, she asked her mother if she could have her named legally changed to Floppy Milkbags. Her mother was reluctant at first. But she eventually agreed. Soon enough, her mother saw the wisdom in her daughter’s decision, because the girl’s breasts continued to grow and grow. Her mother had to have special clothes made for her daughter, including custom-made bras.

“Well” her mother finally said, “your beautiful pair of milk bags certainly are gigantic and floppy. Floppy Milkbags is the perfect name for you.”

By the time Floppy Milkbags had turned 18, her massive tits hung down past her belly button. When she graduated from high school, her tits in their special bra pushed her graduation gown so far forward that it looked like she was walking inside a tent. Floppy had studied many subjects in high school, but her favorites were human sexuality and photography. She hoped to go into the pornography business someday, as a photographer and producer, and also as an actress. Although Floppy Milkbags was still a virgin, she had deep erotic desires. She was also a natural submissive. She wanted to become the sex slave of a man who would be her Master for life. Every day Floppy Milkbags dreamed of becoming the property of the man of her dreams. She wanted to be wholly owned, body and soul.

A tragedy struck soon after Floppy Milkbags graduated from high school. Her mother was struck by a terrible disease, and was given only days to live. In hospital, on her death bed, Floppy’s mother told her “Go find the man of your dreams. Kneel before him and beg him to own you. Even if he already has another woman or many women, pledge your undying love for him and beg him to make you his slave. The best thing any woman can ever do is to become the property of a man, to love and serve him forever. Do whatever he tells you, no matter how degrading, disgusting, or painful it might be. Woman exists to be used by man. That is our only purpose. No matter what he does, thank him for whatever he does to you. Always be completely submissive and grateful to your Owner. The man who owns you is your god. Promise me you will do this, Floppy. It’s my dying wish.”

Floppy Milkbags promised to do as her mother told her. In truth, it was exactly what Floppy wanted to do anyway. She had always wanted to be owned and used by the man of her dreams. Becoming his slave was her highest ambition.

Floppy Milkbags even knew what this man looked like. He had been appearing in her dreams since she was a little girl. In her dreams, he had been having sex with her for as long as she could remember. She loved him with all her heart. She longed to meet him in the flesh, to go down on her knees before him, taking his dick in her mouth and sucking it until her came in her mouth. And then, after swallowing his cum, she always thanked him sincerely, telling him that swallowing his cum was the greatest moment of her life. He would smile and then start pissing in her mouth. Floppy would gulp down his urine as much as she could, with the rest dribbling down her tits and splashing on the floor. It was a wonderful dream. She had it over and over again.

But it was not the only dream of him. She would also dream that he fucked her up the ass. That hurt. But she was grateful for it nonetheless, because she enjoyed giving him pleasure. After he was done buttfucking her, he would command her to suck his dick clean. She did, cleaning his dick in her mouth. He would then cum in her mouth, she would swallow his cum, and thank him just as she did in the other dream. And as in the other dream, he then proceeded to piss in her mouth and she drank it.

By the time she was old enough to watch her mother’s pornography collection, she saw that the only man who ever appeared on screen was the man of her dreams. Her mother told her that this is the man who owns all women and girls as his personal property. But not all women and girls were in his harem at the moment. Floppy would have to go and find him. This was every girl’s quest.

So after her mother’s passing, Floppy Milkbags set out to find the man of her dreams. She traveled far and wide. One day, when she was in a farming area, she decided to take a walk through a grove of fruit trees. It was very pleasant to walk beneath the tree limbs, feeling the cool air. Suddenly, she saw a blonde woman picking some fruit. Floppy was surprised, because she thought that only robots performed such labor. She was even more surprised when she drew closer and got a good look at the woman. This woman’s breasts were even larger than Floppy’s! Feeling that they had something big in common, Floppy walked up to the woman and began a conversation.

“Hello” Floppy said. “I thought I had the biggest tits in the world, but it looks like yours are even bigger than mine. It appears that we have something big in common. My name is Floppy Milkbags. Yes, that’s my real name. I had it changed from my birth name after the girls in school started calling me that and wouldn’t quit. Now I’m proud of my name because my tits are my best feature.”

The woman smiled at Floppy. “We do have something big in common. My story is a lot like yours. I was always teased for having gigantic breasts. My name is Ursula. And my life changed after I came here to live here at the Home.”

“The Home?” Floppy asked. “What’s that, Ursula?”

“It’s the Home for the Incurably Big-Titted. The name is a little bit misleading though, since it implies that someone would like to cure big-tittedness. No one wants to do that, least of all the man who owns the home and all the girls in it, my Lord and Master, the man who owns me.”

Floppy looked surprised. Ursula continued “You see, Floppy, there are quite a lot of girls like you and me, with gigantic tits. In the grand scheme of things, we are naturally made to belong to one man, to be used by him. I dreamed about him since I was a little girl. After I finally found him, I threw myself at his feet and begged him to own me, to make me his slave. I’ll bet you had the same dream, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did!” said Floppy. “How did you know?”

“We all did, Floppy. Dozens of us big-titted bitches. We were born to serve him, to be owned and used and abused by him. Being his slaves, being utterly submissive to him, and taking his slightest wish as our command is why we even exist. It’s in our nature.”

Floppy felt her knees getting weak. “I must become his slave, too” she said with a sigh. “Please take me to him, Ursula. I want to live in the Home as one of his slaves. Please take me to him so I can beg him to enslave me!”

Ursula smiled. “Of course, Floppy” she said. “My Owner has given me strict orders to bring him every big-titted bitch I see. His harem is not complete until he owns every gigantically-titted bitch in the world.”

Floppy burst into smiling laughter. “Yes! Yes! This is what I have always wanted! Please take me to your Owner. I want to be owned by him, too!”

Ursula was pleased. “Good. Now Floppy, before I take you to my Master – who will become your Master – I want you to understand some things. First of all, you must always be ready to suck his dick, any time, anywhere, and to make him cum in your mouth. If he does cum in your mouth, you must swallow every drop of his precious cum and then thank him for it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ursula. I understand” Floppy said earnestly.

Ursula nodded. “Second” she said “he will probably rarely fuck your cunt, but he will fuck you up the ass quite often. Are you OK with that?”

Floppy got a dreamy, far-away look in her eyes. “That’s been my secret desire since I was a little girl. To belong to a man who would ignore my cunt, but sodomize me ruthlessly. This is like a dream come true!”

Smiling at hearing that, Ursula confessed “It was my dream, too. It was all of our dreams, all of the big-titted bitches in Master’s harem. We all wanted that. I’m glad that you do, too. It proves that you are destined to become Master’s property. Now, just a few more things. After Master buttfucks you, you must suck his dick clean straight out of your ass. Master insists that you must. Got that?”

Floppy smiled coyly. “That’s always been part of my dream. It’s part of yours, too, isn’t it Ursula?”

Ursula nodded. “You know it, whore. Every one of us is always ready to suck Master’s dick clean after it comes out of our own asses, or any other bitch’s ass. We love giving Master ass-to-mouth blowjobs. Master says that ass-to-mouth blowjobs are the best blowjobs. We all agree. And we compete to see who gets the honor of sucking him clean after he buttfucks a bitch. Let me tell you, Floppy, it tastes awful. But the joy of debasing ourselves, degrading ourselves, being humiliated like that by giving dirty ass-to-mouth blowjobs to our Owner – especially when he cums in our mouths – is the greatest joy, and the greatest honor, that any bitch can ever receive.”

“It must be” Floppy said “because I’ve been dreaming about it all my life.”

Ursula nodded her head and smiled. “Me, too. So I’m sure you won’t be surprised by the final thing. Want to guess what it is?”

Floppy smiled back. “I think I know. Does Master piss in your mouth and make you drink it?”

Ursula beamed. “That’s right! We compete for that honor, too. Every bitch wants to be Master’s urinal.”

Ursula and Floppy embraced, pressing their enormous chests against one another. “You’ll do fine, Floppy. As I’m sure you can guess — and I’m sure you want this too — Master will be inducing lactation in your massive udders straightaway. In a couple of months, your udders will be giving milk to their rightful Owner – your rightful Owner – our Master.”

“I can’t wait!” said Floppy, with undisguised anticipation.

Floppy followed Ursula through the orchard to a meadow. In the middle of it there stood a complex of buildings. In front of the largest building stood a sign that read “Home for the Incurably Big-Titted.” Seeing that sign, big and bold and plain as day, Floppy knew that she had finally found her true home.

Going to and fro between the buildings were the biggest-titted women that Floppy had ever seen. She could hardly believe her eyes. “Are their tits all natural?” she asked Ursula.

“Yes” Ursula replied. “The Master forbids any artificial breasts. However, he can enlarge a bitch’s tits by natural means. Can you guess how he does it?”

Floppy shook her head. “I have no idea.”

“Well, let me give you a hint. The way that Master induces lactation is the same way that he makes a bitch’s tits grown to stupendous size. Any idea now?”

Floppy shook her head. “I have no idea. But whatever it is, I hope he does it to me. I want to give him milk from my tits, and I want my tits to be as big as he wants them to be. My Master should always get everything he wants.”

Ursula smiled. “Drink his piss and you’ll give him milk and increase your bust size at the same time. See, it’s all one big wonderful thing!”

The girls laughed together. Then Floppy said “It’s perfect!”

As Floppy looked around, she saw more and more beautiful big-titted young women. Most looked like they were in their twenties. A few looked like they might be in their early thirties. Some even looked like teenagers. She turned to Ursula. “How many big-titted women does Master own?” she asked.

“Right now, 150” she replied. “Not counting you. Master aims to own about 600. According to his calculations, that’s how many women on earth meet his standards of beauty.”

Floppy stopped walking. Hesitantly, she asked “Are you sure I meet his standards? My tits are big, but maybe I’m not pretty enough.”

Ursula embraced her. “You’re plenty pretty, Floppy. You’re a cute redhead with massive mammaries. You have pale white skin and blue eyes. You already want what he wants to do to you. I’m sure that Master will want to own you.”

Floppy thought of another question. “Does Master only want to own young women?”

Ursula nodded her head. “Yes, but it’s OK. He takes girls as young as 14 and keeps them until they are 34. Then he sends them off to his artificial breeding program. The Master uses artificial wombs to make the next generation of bitches for his harem. That’s how the Master is growing future generations of cunts for his harem. The most beautiful girls of earth are only the beginning. In the future, the Master will have many, many generations of beautiful girls and women that are far more gorgeous than any earth women who ever lived.”

“But, is that how these girls got here? The young ones, I mean. Some of them look like they’re 14, but with enormous boobs.”

Ursula shook her head. “Not them. They’re naturally gigantomastic. The Master is still working on his first full generation of artificial womb females. He’s going to create a whole new world. Just his women and him. That includes us, Floppy! We get to be part of the Master’s new world of sex slaves. Just him and us, the big-titted cunts he owns. Machines do all the work. Our only job is to serve the Master as his sex slaves, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, forever. We eat the best food, wear the best clothes (when we wear anything at all), make and enjoy and best arts and entertainment, and have the best possible sex in the universe. It’s like heaven!”

An older woman in her early thirties with platinum blonde and gigantic breasts approached them. She asked Ursula, “Who is this cunt?”

Ursula replied “You won’t believe this, but this big-titted bitch is actually named Floppy Milkbags!”

The older woman laughed. “Oh, the Master will love that!” Then she turned to Floppy and extended her hand. “Hello Floppy Milkbags. My name is Gwendoline. Have you come here to become a slave to our Master?”

Floppy nodded vigorously as she shook Gwendoline’s hand. “Yes, absolutely! I am here to be owned and used by your Master. I hope he will accept me.”

“You’re a good-looking piece of tit-meat, Floppy. I’m sure the Master will want to add you to his harem” Gwendoline said reassuringly.

“Where is he now?” Ursula asked Gwendoline.

“He’s sodomizing some 14-year-olds while sucking the tits of some 24-year-olds” Gwendoline replied. “Let’s go bring him Floppy and see if he wants to take her as a slave now or later.”

The three big-titted bitches walked into a large building, winding their way through hallways and rooms where numerous other big-titted bitches worked at various tasks such as cleaning, arranging flowers, and carrying trays of food. As they passed one room with an open door, Floppy Milkbags saw about a dozen beautiful young girls, no more than 14-years-old and massively titted. They were being instructed by a gorgeous big-titted woman in her late twenties. She was telling them how they should comport themselves when fulfilling their duty as slaves of the Master.

“Remember” she told them sternly, “that everything the Master does is always right, because he is doing it. If the Master makes a factual mistake, then ask for his permission to speak, and tell him what you know. For example, if he says that he sodomized you yesterday, but it was really last week, then you should tell him. But if he says that he wants to use you for his pleasure, then you MUST thank him for the honor of serving him in this way. You should feel extremely proud to be of use, right?”

The girls all responded enthusiastically, saying things like “Yes, I want that!” “Of course, what an honor!” “I hope he does tell me to do anything – I would love it.”

Floppy Milkbags was surprised that girls so young already recognized their duty and the joy of it.

Gwendoline, Ursula and Floppy entered a long, tall hallway. It had a pair of high doors at the end. Near these doors was a desk with a beautiful woman sitting behind it. On either side of the desk were two long couches that were full with women of all ages, from very young girls of about 14 to older women who looked like young 30-year-olds. The women and girls wore only bras and panties. But their bras were spectacularly large, to accommodate their enormous breasts.

Gwendoline addressed the woman behind the desk. “Ursula found this big-titted bitch wandering through the orchard. She told the cunt what we’re all about here, and the young whore immediately begged to become a slave of our Master. Her name – get this! – is Floppy Milkbags.”

The woman behind the desk smiled at Floppy and extended her hand. “Welcome, Floppy. My name is Sandra. I’m so happy that you have chosen to join us in a life of devoted slavery. Our Master gave standing orders to bring new bitches to him as quickly as possible, so that he can fuck them as a welcoming gift. Right now he’s busy sodomizing some 14-year-old girls in the room behind us. Take your clothes off and I’ll escort you to him.”

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