White Knights of Patriarchy [1]: Women as Property of Men

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: A man seeking something better in life discovers a dedicated band of White brothers-in-arms who escaped the clutches of the bitch goddesses of feminism that rule modern Western civilization, and built a new and better world where men rule and women serve. This is the story of the White Knights of Patriarchy and the Brotherhood of New Sweden.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .

Call me Ishmael.

No, that’s not my real name. It’s the opening line of “Moby Dick”, a novel about a man obsessed with the white whale of the title, and what that obsession ramifies for one and all concerned. I am a White man and this is my story of sexual obsession and its effects. Now don’t go thinking that this is some sort of morality tale, in which I chase female tail and eventually see the error of my ways. Far from it. This is the story of how I got everything I ever wanted from the opposite sex and enjoyed every minute of it. But it’s much, much more than that. It’s also the story of how a dedicated band of White brothers-in-arms escaped the clutches of the bitch goddesses of feminism that rule modern Western civilization, and built a new and better world where men rule and women serve. This is the story of the White Knights of Patriarchy and the Brotherhood of New Sweden.

My story begins where so many modern stories do: on the Internet. I came across a text file on the alt.sex UseNet group. The file was titled “The Brotherhood of New Eden”. It was one of three that painted a word picture of men holding young women and girls in sexual slavery in a harem on a private island somewhere. The first file outlined the beliefs of the Brotherhood, which were these:

“The Brotherhood believes that our society has been ruined by militant Feminism; that we currently live in a Matriarchy, and that this is counter to human nature and natural law.

Our brotherhood seeks to reverse this evil trend, to place males and females in their proper, natural roles. We recognize that this is an almost impossible task in modern society; hence we focus on beginning a proper society in a small area apart from the woman-dominated nations of the world.

The Brotherhood is unashamedly Paternalistic. Its membership is open only to males who share its values. In a proper society, the male sex is dominant, and females exist only to serve and give pleasure. Membership in the Brotherhood is not open to women or girls.

What are the beliefs and tenants of the Brotherhood? They are:

(1) That males are innately superior to females, meant to rule and dominate all females;

(2) That females are meant for sexual pleasure and service to their masters, and are in no way equal to men;

(3) That all forms of “feminism”, “female equality”, “equal rights for women” are wrong, counter to human nature, and inherently evil.

We believe that the majority of males agree with these ideas, even if they have been taught to deny their agreement by feminists. Search your heart and mind, and ask yourself, as a true male, if you do not really agree with the Brotherhood. Why then, have males allowed women to gain the upper hand, to gain power over us? Many men are manipulated by the offering or denial of sexual favors-- they want to be perceived by women as “sensitive”, understanding, forward thinking. But this attitude has led to the downfall of western society and placed us into the hands of the feminist/lesbian movement.

The Brotherhood of New Eden seeks a society where females can never again manipulate men by denial of their sexual needs. By placing women in their proper role of domestic and sexual servant, men will regain their own proper place.”

Another aspect of the Brotherhood, which was explained in the story files, is that all Brothers are White. It would be difficult to imagine anything more Politically Incorrect than those beliefs. By the same token, it would be impossible to find a set of beliefs any more in tune with my own thinking. I am a firm believer in Patriarchy. It is the natural order of things. A silverback gorilla does not cower before a female gorilla: he takes her into his harem and rules her with an iron fist. A male lion does not pussyfoot around with a lioness: he takes her into his harem and makes her do most of the work of getting food along with the rest of his female property. Males rule females by right and by might. It is only natural.

Human society has fallen away from the natural order because we have been too clever by half. We stopped looking to nature and to our own history to understand what makes us tick. Revolutionaries from Lenin and Mao to Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem declared our past to be null and void. Lenin aimed to build the New Soviet Man in Russian, while Gloria and her gang tried to hector men into becoming “sensitive males” while building up women into kick-ass, take-charge, bitches-on-wheels. The project to create the New Soviet Man fell apart along with the Soviet Union. Steinem and her feminist harridans have not fallen yet. But they will. Nothing unnatural can last very long.

How long do we have to wait for feminism to fail due to its own internal flaws? No one knows. Besides, I have a life to live and I don’t intend to have it ruined while waiting for the inevitable to happen. The Brotherhood of New Eden files encouraged me. They showed that I was not alone. Reading about the Brotherhood of New Eden, as well as other more conventional male-oriented sites on the web, showed me that some men were actively doing something. Now by “doing something” I don’t mean the usual sort of activism to counter the feminist establishment. The Brotherhood of New Eden writings showed that some men, in fantasy or reality, had the goal of actually taking women and possessing them just like a lion or gorilla would. I was on board with that idea! I wanted to own White women and girls as my personal property. I wanted sex slaves for my immediate gratification. I wasn’t interested in political hoo-ha.

I began searching the web for more information about the Brotherhood of New Eden. The original file had been posted a long time ago in 1997. There was almost nothing more than that on the public Internet. So I started making inquiries on the Dark Net, which comprises the vast bulk of the internet. The Internet is like the proverbial iceberg where the public net is only the visible tip above the waterline. The Dark Net is a lawless, anything-goes place. I only had a few clues to go on. The first was the male dominance/female subservience part. The other was something that was mentioned in the three files I had found on the public net: all of the Brothers were White.

It took a while, but I eventually connected with a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy ... you know? Eventually, I was contacted through an anonymous chat client. The guy on the other end asked me loads and loads of questions. His questions ran the gamut, from the expected (about sex, and male-female relations, and my particular desires) to politics, economics, science, religion, and more. Every time we got deeply into discussion of a particular topic, such as politics and economics for instance, I would begin to see a pattern in his questions and anticipate where he was headed; what his actual opinions were. Then, out of the blue, he would surprise me. Just when I thought he was some sort of libertarian, he would proffer an opinion that was pure socialism. When I anticipated him making a pro-big government statement, he would surprise me with a statement that was pure anarchism. Then he made me take several online personality tests and send him the results, to make sure I was not a psychopath. He asked follow-up questions on those, too. In response to his questions, I answered as best I could, and asked some questions of my own. Here is the most significant part of that conversation:

ME: Do you actually have sex slaves? Real White girls trained to serve?

HIM: We do. Not as many as in the stories you read. Not in the fancy setup you read. But we do own women. White women. We are their Masters. They are our slaves. That’s the way we want it and they want it.

ME: They want to be your slaves?

HIM: Yes. We have salvaged these women and girls from the poisons of feminism and its confused motivations. We have converted their psyches and bodies to crave male dominance. They want to be owned and used by men.

ME: Only women? What about the White girls in the stories?

HIM: Girls too. We have several White women and their daughters. We make the mothers exchange daughters. Then we have the new mothers help train the girls in sex and service to men. It works best that way. They are all our slaves.

White men owning White women and girls as sex slaves. Sounds good to me!

Maybe too good to be true, though. I was suspicious. I wanted to see for myself. And if it’s the real deal, I wanted in.

My anonymous friend wanted commitment from me. I told him I wanted proof. We haggled for some time. We agreed that I would put down a little money in earnest to show that I was seriously interested in joining his group. Then he would show me a pair of sex slaves: a woman and the daughter she was raising; the one she had swapped her own daughter for. This adoptive mother and adopted daughter duo was young and beautiful, he assured me.

He said he had to first meet me in person. He needed to size me up face to face. And I had to show proof from a legitimate medical institution that I was free of sexually transmitted diseases. If he was satisfied with the medical proof and the face to face interview, I would be permitted to have sex with the mother and daughter.

I’m not into prostitutes. I wanted proof that the woman and the girl were true sex slaves like the ones in the New Eden stories: females that had been programmed and trained to be willing and eager sex slaves, not reluctant and surly captives who had been beaten into submission and controlled by fear. I held to the ideals of the Brotherhood of New Eden. He said the woman and girl would demonstrate convincingly that they were true sex slaves of the type I wanted. We agreed to meet.

I showed up in a public park at the time and place he told me. He told me to look for him, and described his height, hair color, and clothing. I spotted him easily. Tall and lanky, with tousled dark hair and several days of unshaven beard growth, my anonymous friend who had asked to be referred to simply as “Him” wore a black leather jacket and torn jeans. He looked to be about thirty years of age. His blue eyes were piercing. We shook hands and sat down on a bench. He told me that he had to check me for a wire. He patted me down and also ran some sort of sensor over me. Then he asked to see my cell phone. I handed it to him. He placed it inside a slim metal box and told me he’d return it later. We chatted for a few minutes. He watched my face intently as I answered his questions. The guy had an intensity about him that made him both scary and charismatic. He didn’t seem to be listening to me as much as reading my mind as he looked at my face. Here is some of what we said (as I recall, since I was not carrying a recording device):

HIM: Why are you interested in female slaves?

ME: I want to possess women. Own women and girls as slaves. I want to be their Master. I don’t want to have to persuade them to please me sexually. I want to give orders and have them followed to a T. I want female slaves to serve me without question.

HIM: What would you do with them?

ME: I would use them for my pleasure. I would be strict with them, but I don’t want to injure them. If I owned them, I’d want them to live long, healthy lives. I’d make them do all the most popular sex acts from online porn. Plus a bunch of the kinkier ones. I’d want them to serve me forever.

My last answer made him smile. “Forever is a long time” he said. “We’re working on that.”

He told me to walk into a nearby building he pointed out. He hadn’t asked for the up-front money yet, which surprised me. He sat in the park and watched me enter the building. Inside I saw another man, an older fellow who seemed quite genial. The man had grey hair, a slightly portly shape, and a salt-and pepper beard. His eyes were brown behind a pair of gold-rimmed eyeglasses. He wore a tweed jacket with leather patches at the elbows and dark pants. “You must be Ishmael” he said while reaching out to shake my hand. “Call me Frank. Nice to meet you. Please step this way.” I followed him down a hallway, through a room, into another hallway, and then through a passage that led into another building, and finally into a garage. A van was parked there with the side door open. “Get in” he said.

I got in the van where two men waited, one in the driver’s seat and the other in the back seat next to me. They were younger than Frank, perhaps in their late twenties or early thirties. Their close-cropped hair and non-descript, neutral-colored clothing gave me the impression of ex-military types. Frank got in behind me. He did not introduce the two men “I don’t like to have to do this, Ishmael” Frank said apologetically “but security requires it.” The man sitting next to me pulled a hood over my head, tied my hands at the wrists, and then with a gentle push, sent me to the floor. “Stay down there and keep quiet. The ride won’t be long.” I heard the garage door open. The van engine started and we drove off.

“I know this must seem very frightening right now” Frank said to me. “I certainly would be afraid if I were in your place. You may not believe me, but I assure you that no harm will come to you. We are not going to rob you. We’re certainly not going to kill you, or make you suffer. Just be patient. It will all turn out right as rain.”

I tried to keep track of how many turns we made. I tried to count the seconds that we traveled straight. But nothing made sense. We seemed to be traveling in twisty circles. Then the sound changed, as if we had entered a tunnel. We headed down an incline. The van came to a halt. I was pulled upright and guided out of the van. I could not tell anything about my surroundings by sight, since I was still wearing the hood. Sounds and smells were my only guide. The area where the van parked smelled of oil and chemicals, but was silent except for the echoes of our footsteps. Then we entered a quiet passage with soft flooring and no echo, like a hallway. I heard a door open. The room we entered seemed much larger, as there were many echoes. I heard the sound of running water. A fountain, perhaps. I smelled flowers. Then I heard laughter. A woman’s laughter. We walked on a short distance. Then another door opened, and I was led into a room. I heard Frank say “I’ll help you sit” as he guided me to a chair. After I sat down, my hands were untied and the hood removed.

I opened and shut my eyes several times as my vision adjusted to the light. I found myself sitting in what looked like a pricey hotel room. There were the usual couple of chairs, a desk, a couch, a TV, several mirrors, and a very large bed. On the bed sat a strikingly beautiful redheaded women with long, wavy hair, porcelain-white skin, and green eyes. She seemed to be in her early twenties. The redhead wore a plain, white blouse that bulged outward from her chest, indicating the large size of her breasts. Her pearl-gray skirt ended at mid-thigh, revealing a shapely pair of legs that were bent at the knee and curled to the side. She looked at me with her head titled to one side. Her gaze indicated curiosity, yet her demeanor was also gentle and friendly.

Next to her sat a very pretty girl of about fourteen with long blonde hair that cascaded past her shoulders. She had sparkling blue eyes. Her peaches and cream complexion practically glowed with health. Her face was even more beautiful than the redheaded woman’s. She had the freshness of early youth and recent puberty. She wore a pale pink half-top that left her midriff bare. Her chest bulged slightly where her breasts were developing like wide and promising hillocks. She wore white shorts that were very, very short: they did not cover more than two inches of her upper thighs. Her long, bare legs were smooth and inviting. She sat on the bed, cross-legged and smiling. She winked at me.

Frank put his hand on my shoulder as he addressed the woman and girl. “This is Ishmael” he said. Then he looked down as me. “Ishmael, this lovely redheaded creature is Brenda.” At the sound of her name, Brenda bowed her head slightly.

Pointing to the girl, Frank said “And this young cunt is Wanda.” The girl smiled, showing rows of perfect, pearly-white teeth. She raised a hand and waved at me.

“She’s fourteen” Frank said causally. He smiled at the girl. “Wanda, why don’t you tell Ishmael about your relationship to Brenda?”

Wanda nodded her head, still smiling. “Brenda is my new Mommy. Master told my old Mommy to give me to Brenda. Brenda is teaching me to be a good sex slave.”

My jaw practically hit the floor. The young girl spoke without the slightest hesitation, or any apparent fear, coercion, or resentment. She seemed completely sincere. And happy. I just stared at her as she continued speaking.

“Since Brenda is not my birth mommy, Master says it’s OK if we lick on another’s cunts and stuff. I’d rather suck Master’s dick than lick any old cunt, though. Brenda says if I keep practicing, I can become as good a cocksucker as she is. Right, Mommy?” The girl reached out and rested a hand on the redheaded woman’s bare leg.

Brenda looked at the girl, smiled, and squeezed her hand. “That’s right, dear. You keep sucking dick and one of these days you’ll be deep-throating Master just as good as me.”

The woman spoke as sincerely as the girl. Was she acting? I didn’t think so. But I couldn’t be sure. This all seemed too good to be true.

Frank spoke up “Are you slaves ready to show Ishmael what you can do?”

“Yes, Master!” they answered in unison.

Frank squeezed my shoulder. “Very good” he said, then turned to look me directly in the eye. “I have instructed them to do whatever you command. Just as if your orders had come from me. The only things they will not do are to hurt themselves or anyone else.” He paused. “Beyond the normal course of rough sex, that is” he said with a wink and a smile. “Oh, and do not ask them to leave me and become your slaves. I own them, body and soul.”

Frank took his hand off my shoulder and addressed the woman and girl, who were still seated on the bed.

“Who owns you, bitches?” he asked.

“You do, Master!” they answered enthusiastically. “You own us, body and soul. We are your property. We are your slaves. We live only to serve you.” The faces of the beautiful buxom redhead and the gorgeous fourteen-year-old blonde were radiant with joy as they made their declarations of obeisance. They seemed proud to be the living property of a man.

Now let me pause here for a moment. Have you ever watched porn videos of whores pretending to be slaves? Not very convincing, are they? Whores are paid to pretend lots of things, but it’s usually pretty clear that they’re just going through the motions for the money at the end. This is usually not a problem, because whores in motion are what men want. Acting is something else altogether. So is being real. Most whores can’t act worth shit. And they are certainly not for real. When they pretend to be, they come off as more fake than ever.

Brenda and Wanda were not acting. Not as far as I could tell. They seemed completely genuine, sincere, and enthusiastic. Sweet, even.

Frank began walking toward the door. As he gripped the door handle, he looked over his should and said “I’ll leave you three alone for the next couple of hours. Then I’ll come back to check on you.” He walked out and closed the door behind him.

Brenda took Wanda by the hand. They both rose from the bed and walked over to me. Brenda bent over, her ample cleavage peeking through the opening in her white blouse. She placed her face about two hand-widths away from mine. Brenda’s abundant natural red hair framed her lovely, moon-white face like a flaming aura. Her green eyes were mesmerizing. She smelled like roses. Her beautiful face and hair filled my vision, from horizon to horizon. Her full lips exhaled a moist, sweet-smelling breath as she spoke.

“Master told us to follow your commands for the next two hours as if you were our Master” she spoke breathily. Her bodily scent was intoxicating. “Tell us your fantasies and we will fulfill them. We are completely obedient and subservient to men. You are our Lord. We are your slaves. You are our Master for now. We will do anything. Anything, Ishmael.”

Brenda turned her head slightly toward the girl and pulled Wanda close. Now their two faces side-by-side filled my field of view. Up close, I could see exactly how young Wanda really was. Her skin was amazingly smooth and clear. While Brenda had a slight puffiness beneath her eyes and some tiny crinkling of the skin at the outside corners of her eyes, Wanda’s eyes had no lines around them and no puffiness beneath them. She was hardly more than a child; a teenager who was approaching womanhood.

Wanda gave me a disarming, child-like smile. “We really will do anything you want, Ishmael. Just because I’m still a little girl doesn’t mean I can’t be good at sex. Well, maybe not as good as Brenda yet. But I want to get better and better. I’m still learning. But I know a girl is just like a woman because we both belong to men. We are nothing but property. We live only to serve our Owner. I know my proper place.” She reached out and touched my hand. “Please don’t be afraid to use me, Ishmael. I only exist to please men. It’s my reason for living.”

I think I must have stopped breathing there for a moment, because I felt faint. I inhaled deeply. Then I puffed out my cheeks and exhaled loudly. I looked at blonde Wanda. I looked at redheaded Brenda. Both the woman and the girl were among the most beautiful females I had ever seen in my life. Here they were offering themselves to me, without limits, and without asking anything from me in return.

I lifted my hands, moving them to the sides of my face, palms facing inward. Then I extended my hands so one palm touched Brenda’s cheek and one touched Wanda’s. Both the woman and the girl tilted their heads to lean into my palms as I caressed their faces. They were like two kittens. Wanda closed her eyes and smiled, placing her hand on top of mine. Brenda turned her face toward my hand and kissed my palm.

I moved my hands further back on their heads, running my fingers through Brenda’s red hair and Wanda’s blonde hair. Then I pulled both women towards me. They both opened their mouths to kiss me. My tongue went into Brenda’s mouth first, probing and exploring it while her tongue caressed mine. We tasted one another. The chemistry was good. As I kissed the redhead, the blonde girl peppered my cheek with kisses. Wanda began kissing me on the cheek nearest my mouth, then left a trail of kisses all the way to my ear. When her kisses reached my ear, she stopped and whispered “May I blow you while you kiss Brenda, Master?”

Abruptly I stopped kissing the redhead, pulling my tongue from her mouth. I turned my head and found myself eyeball to eyeball with the fourteen-year-old blonde. I kissed her on the mouth and she opened to receive my tongue. She tasted good. I broke off the kiss and issued my first masterful command:

“Blow me, young cunt” I said.

Wanda smiled. “Thank you, Master. It’s an honor to blow you.”

I watched as the fourteen-year-old blonde angel dropped to her knees, unzipped my fly, and freed my already stiff penis from its confinement. Wanda’s eyes lit up. She gazed at my dick hungrily, as if today was Christmas and she had just opened the best gift ever. She put her hands flat, palm-facing-palm, on either side of my dick, as if she were praying to it. Then she looked me in the eye. “Master, thank you so much for letting me do this!” The teenager girl opened her mouth, spread her hands apart, and took my cock into her mouth. She began licking and sucking like a pro.

I couldn’t believe it. This fourteen-year-old blonde beauty was sucking my cock and thanking me for the privilege of doing it. Her velvety tongue worked eagerly while her head bobbed up and down, my dick going further and further into her mouth with every downward movement of her head.

While my attention was focused on the young blonde girl sucking my dick, the redheaded woman had removed her blouse and bra. I noticed this when she lifted her large white breasts and presented her large, pale-pink nipples to me. She held them within a hand’s width of my face and asked “Master, would you like to use my breasts? Please command me, Master. I exist only for your pleasure.”

I took a breast in each hand and buried my face between them. They were large, soft, and white as milk. Her nipples were very pale pink, round and well-defined. Her nipples were fairly large; about the same diameter as tea cup. Her breasts were fragrant with the same rose perfume I had smelled on Brenda’s face. As I kissed and suckled her breasts, I heard Brenda making soft sounds of pleasure. Her “ooh” and “ahh” sounds were interspersed with soft words that I could not make out at first; perhaps because I kept burying my face between her big breasts, which were large enough to cover my ears. And then I caught her words. I heard the phrase Brenda had been saying over and over again, in between her cooing sounds: “Thank you, Master ... Thank you, Master.”

With my dick in the little blonde girl’s mouth, and with my mouth busy sucking the redhead’s tits, I could have cum right then and there. But I wanted to explore what else these two, sexy slaves could do beyond the mind-blowing preliminaries.

I put my hand on Wanda’s head and gently pushed her off my cock. I let Brenda’s big breasts fall back to her chest with a mild thump. Then I inhaled deeply. “OK, slaves. Let’s see what else you are good for.”

Both of them looked at me wide-eyed.

“We will do anything you ask, Master” Brenda said quickly.

“My body and soul are yours, Master” said Wanda.

I removed all of my clothes as I paused to assess the situation. The bare-chested redhead stood before me, her large pink-nippled breasts hanging down pleasingly, but her skirt still in place. “Take the rest of your clothes off, slave” I commanded. Brenda smiled at being told exactly what to do. She twisted to the side, looked down at her waist, moved her hands to her garment and unzipped the skirt, which fell to the floor. Her panties were lacy white. Turning to face me, with a saucy smile on her lips, she grasped her panties near her hips. Then Brenda bent forward and pushed her panties to her ankles. Her large breasts swung from side to side as she bent over. Her long red hair touched the floor. As she stood up again, I could finally see her full body in all its glory.

Brenda’s body was curvaceous and buxom. Her pure white skin was the perfect background for her beautiful red pubic bush. Her shapely hips were perfectly proportioned. Brenda held her hands straight up above her head and swiveled her hips from side to side and began to dance. She turned slowly full circle, with her arms above her head intertwining and then coming apart repeatedly like a pair of hypnotic serpents. As she turned her back to me, I got my first good look at her ass. It was pear-shaped and flawless. Her white skin was without the slightest blemish. Her alabaster butt-cheeks moved as she swiveled her hips, each cheek displaying a fetching dimple as it moved.

Brenda completed her turn and looked at me expectantly. I realized that she was awaiting further orders. “Cup your hands under your breasts and hold them up. Present your breasts to me. I own them, don’t I bitch?”

Brenda smiled. “Yes, Master. You own my breasts for now. My Master owns them. I hope you find a good slave for yourself. One who pleases you completely. You will own her breasts.”

I ran my hand into young Wanda’s hair and grabbed some, pulling her to her feet. She winced, but followed the movement of my hand without complaint. Letting go of her hair, I commanded her: “Strip, you little bitch.”

Wanda smiled just as Brenda had at receiving a direct command. “Thank you for calling me a little bitch, Master” she said pulling off her pink half-top. Her soft young breasts where like shallow white soup bowls, her nipples pink and prominent. “I like when my Master calls me dirty names” Wanda said as she shimmied out of her shorts, revealing her pink panties. “Mommy says that girls should always be grateful when their Master calls them dirty names.” She hooked her thumbs between her hips and her panties. “It shows that he likes using them” she said as she pulled her panties down to her knees, revealing a few, sparse blonde pubic hairs. “Every girl wants to be used by her Master” Wanda said as she stood on one leg, pulling her other leg out of her panties, which dropped to the floor. “It’s the right thing, for a girl to be owned by a man.” She looked at me with utter devotion. Then she sighed. “There’s nothing better” she said with an innocent girlish smile.

I was stunned. I had just yanked this little girl up by her hair and called her a bitch, and here she was stripping on command, and thanking me! The girl and the woman both were behaving as perfect slaves. So far, at least. But I hadn’t put them through all their paces yet.

I got up from the chair and grabbed young Wanda around her waist with one hand while feeling up her breasts with the other. I kissed her roughly, plunging my tongue into her mouth. I could smell the odor of my own penis on her breath. I moved my hand down from her waist to her pubic area. I snaked one finger down the slit between the girl’s pubic mounds. I felt the wetness of her young pussy. Then I moved my finger up to her clitoris and started rubbing it in small, tight circles. Letting go of her small breasts with the other hand, I moved my hand around to her back, then down to her ass. I continued to kiss the girl as I squeezed her firm young buttocks. I pushed my hand between her butt-cheeks and sent a finger down towards her anus. I found her little star and rubbed my finger against it. The fourteen-year-old kissed me more passionately as I fingered her clit with one hand and inserted a finger into her anus with the other.

I continued to play with the girl’s body for a few more minutes, then I pulled my fingers out of her. I raised first one finger, then the other toward my nose, sniffing the distinct scents of her vagina and her anus. Then, one after the other, I put each of those fingers into Wanda’s mouth and commanded “Suck it clean.” The girl gazed into my eyes seductively as she sucked my fingers eagerly, never taking her eyes off me.

“You’re a good whore, little girl” I said as I withdrew my fingers from her mouth.

“Thank you, Master” she said brightly. “It is a great honor to serve you.”

I took Wanda by the hand as I turned my head towards Brenda, who stood at attention with her hands holding up her big beautiful breasts like a soldier presenting on parade ground. “Come with me, little bitch” I said to the fourteen-year-old as I led her over to Brenda. We both knelt in front of the buxom redhead. I put my face into Brenda’s pubic bush and inhaled the fragrance of her vaginal area. She smelled very good.

“Spread your legs shoulder width apart, bitch” I told the redhead. She complied immediately.

I put one hand to Brenda’s vagina and spread her lips. I licked up and down, and then back and forth. The redhead moaned with pleasure. Her cooing sounds were again interspersed with soft words: “Thank you, Master ... Thank you, Master.” The buxom redhead with the fragrant pussy chanted those words as if she were offering prayers of gratitude.

I stopped licking Brenda’s pussy and turned to young Wanda. “Have you ever eaten cunt, little girl?”

Wanda nodded. “Oh, of course, Master. Brenda is my new Mommy, so I could learn to eat pussy and be in threesomes with her and our Master. But...” she paused for a moment, with a look of disgust on her face. Wanda’s young forehead wrinkled for a moment. “Couldn’t I suck your cock instead? I’d really rather suck you off and swallow your cum than eat cunt. I was born to serve men, not women. Please, please, Master, let me suck you again. Please?”

I smiled at the little blonde. “Not now. Right now I want to see your cunt-lapping skills.” I patted the pretty fourteen-year-old on her blonde head, then kissed her on the mouth. “You’ll get to blow me again later, little bitch. I want to see your beautiful mouth eating Brenda’s cunt. Show me what you can do, bitch. Do it now.”

Wanda nodded her head. “Yes, Master. Of course, Master. Your word is my law.” She reached up and spread Brenda’s pussy lips, then began licking in a very precise way. She had clearly been trained in how to do this. Her motions were deft and coordinated. The little girl was as skilled at eating cunt as she was at sucking dick. I was happy to know that she preferred sucking dick, though.

After watching the child eat out the woman for a few minutes, I grabbed Wanda by the hair and pulled her face away from Brenda’s red snatch. I turned the little blonde to face me and kissed her deeply. I tasted Brenda’s pussy juices in the young girl’s mouth. Upon ending the kiss, I commanded Wanda: “Get on the bed. Lay on your back and spread your legs.”

Wanda smiled. “Yes, Master!” she said happily.

I stood up in front of the redheaded Brenda, taking her big breasts into my hands, as I watched the young blonde climb onto the bed, lay back, and spread her legs. Wanda’s almost hairless pussy and saucer-shaped young breasts with their prominent pink nipples were the perfect accompaniment to her stunningly beautiful young face. As she smiled at me, her golden hair framed her face. Her strikingly blue eyes and blonde hair made her look like an angel.

I turned back to Brenda, kneading her big breasts like dough as I planted a kiss on her mouth. She opened to receive me while I manhandled her mammaries. She put her hands on my head and ran her fingers through my hair as we kissed. As I came up for air, breaking the kiss, Brenda put her mouth next to my ear. “Please let me serve you, Master. Command me. I will do anything. Command me and I will be grateful.”

I took her by the hair and positioned her face right in front of mine. “This is what I want, bitch” I told her forcefully. “I’m going to eat that little girl’s cunt before I fuck her. I want you to blow me while I do it. Then I am going to mount her and fuck that fourteen-year-old cunt. While I’m fucking her, I want you to present these to me...” I grabbed her breasts and yanked them upward, causing her to wince “ ... and keep them right near my mouth so I can suck and bite them any time I please.” I released her breasts and they flopped down onto her chest. “Got it, bitch?” I asked.

Brenda gave me a crooked smile. “Thank you, Master. I love being abused like that. Please abuse my tits to your heart’s content. I only exist to serve the needs of men. I am honored to serve you, Master.” Then she kissed me passionately, reaching her hand down to my penis and stroking it lightly. She stopped kissing and whispered in my ear again. “I hope you’ll fuck me, too. In every hole. Use me. Call me dirty names. Treat me like trash. My greatest desire is to please you. I am nothing. You are everything.”

I kissed her again. Then I pulled back and rested my forehead against hers, our eyes inches apart. “I will use you, bitch” I said. “I will treat you like trash and fuck you in every hole.”

Brenda sighed as her eyes rolled upwards. Her eyelids fluttered above the arc of her smile. Her mouth opened halfway. The tip of her tongue extended slightly and slithered around her lips from bottom to top. Her body shivered for a moment. “Thank you, Master” Brenda said. “I worship you. Your pleasure is my only goal.”

I put my arm around her waist and she put hers around mine as we stepped over to the bed. I knelt down by the side of the bed and grabbed young Wanda by her smooth, youthful legs, pulling her towards me. She got the idea right away and scooted her young pussy towards the edge of the bed. The fourteen-year-old blonde beauty raised her knees towards her head, putting a hand behind each knee to keep her legs up. I got the full view of her young pussy and her clean, pink anus from this angle.

As I was enjoying the sight of the blonde teenager’s pussy and ass, my buxom redhead Brenda was on the floor, kneeling and contorting her body so that she could blow me. From the very first moment that Brenda took my cock into her mouth, I became certain that his twenty-something beauty was the one who had taught young Wanda her blowjob skills. The position that Brenda and I were in was far from the ideal for giving or receiving a blowjob. Yet this hot redhead used her lips, tongue, mouth, and throat in the most amazing ways. Cupping my balls in one hand, she put an arm around my waist for stability. She took my penis into her mouth as if it were the most precious thing in the universe. She knew exactly where and how to lick my dick to provide me with maximum pleasure. The redhead pumped her head within the confined space available, always careful never to let my penis leave her mouth. Brenda used her mouth to create a powerful suction even as her tongue licked rapidly and precisely. At the same time that she was working these wonders of pleasure, I heard and felt her humming. The sound vibrations that reached my ear were the late arrivals; my penis felt these vibrations at their origin, and it felt amazing. Brenda was not aimlessly making sounds, though. Her humming had a certain frequency and pitch that seemed to resonate with my body. My dick, my balls, the perineum between my balls and my anus, and even my internal organs in the lower part of my body were being stimulated by the siren song of Brenda’s blowjob.

While beautiful, buxom Brenda was using her mouth to perform unprecedentedly wonderful service to my penis, my mouth and hands were focused on the naked fourteen-year-old blonde angel holding her knees and presenting her pussy and ass for my delectation. I began to alternately lick Wanda’s pussy and her anus, moving my tongue from one to the other, spending about half a minute with each.

“Ooo, that feels so good, Master” she said as I licked her pussy.

“Ooo, that feels good too, Master” the young girl said as I licked her anus.

“I hope you’re going to fuck me in both holes, Master” Wanda said. “My body only exists to serve the pleasure of men. Use me any way you please.”

I stopped licking for a moment. “I am going to fuck you in both holes, bitch. Count on it!”

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