Magical Fallout
Part 4: Harry Potter - Part 2.

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Fan Fiction Story: Part 4: Harry Potter - Part 2. - This is a story of Harry Potter and Fallout, with elements of Mass Effect, where magic and slight better tech, which over time will change the outcome of some of the events in Fallout Universe slightly. Please read and leave me some feedback as to how you think I can make the story better. Current Saga: Aftermath. Full summary within, codes will change with each saga...

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Magic   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Horror   War   Science Fiction   Aliens   Extra Sensory Perception   Post Apocalypse   Robot   Were animal   White Male   Oriental Female   Slow   Transformation   Violent  

(Pre-War Saga - Part 4!)

Harry Potter - Part 2.

31st of July 1998 - The Dursley’s Household:

With Vernon still not there, Harry decided to have a look around his old prison as he called it. It was never his home, to him a home was where there was love and caring for everyone, and for him, there was none to be found. As Harry looked round, many memories came forth, and hardly any of them were good. As he looked under the stairs, he remembered memories of beatings, being forced to be under there with no food or water for a few days, as he got blamed for something Dudley had done or something his cousin blamed him for when in reality he didn’t do a thing. He was also sent under the stairs if he didn’t do something fast enough, didn’t do something that they agreed with, or if they were just angered at his mere presence - which was most of the time. Although the Dursley’s had four bedrooms, he was forced to live under the stairs, or at least that was the case until shortly before he was eleven.

As Harry looked around the house, he stayed as far as he could from his aunt’s and uncle’s room. As there was some things he didn’t want to remember. As a child, he was forced to clean their room, and clean things no child should clean. Before long, Harry came across his old room, which used to be Dudley’s second bedroom, where Dudley kept all the things he no longer used, or he broke. Now as Harry entered his old bedroom, he discovered it was turned into a study.

Harry sat in the chair that was inside, and thought back to when he got this room. He only got the room because the Dursley’s feared someone was watching them after Harry was getting letters addressed to him under the stairs, and so they decided to give them Dudley’s second bedroom. And suspiciously enough, the next lot of letters were addressed to the new bedroom, and seemingly proved that they were being watching him.

It wasn’t​ until now that Harry became angry, as he wasn’t sure if Dumbledore and ‘ knew how he was living and have done nothing about it. The young man wondered if they did know, why didn’t they do anything about it? Not that it mattered much now.

Until the end of Harry’s third year at Hogwarts, when he wasn’t training, he was in his room staying away from the Dursley’s. A few weeks after leaving Hogwarts for the summer, the only time he would stay at the Dursley’s at night is when he needed to sleep, so that the wards he placed around the house would hold.

Two weeks after starting his holiday, Harry’s Godfather Sirius Black finally spent a few days on trial where he was found innocent of a crime he didn’t​ commit. Because of all of the things he went through in Azkaban, the healers were forced to make sure he was mentally fit as well as physically fit. The first was a normal Healer, to rebuild his physical health after spending so many years in Azkaban. In addition to seeing a normal healer, Sirius was required see a mental health specialist twice a week for a year.

Sirius wasn’t a big fan of this, as he thought he was fine, but he was told that if he didn’t do this, he wouldn’t be allowed to see Harry. And this was something Sirius didn’t want to happen, so he reluctantly went to see the Healers when he had to, so he would be able to spend time with his Godson.

Harry was spending all of his time with his Godfather whenever he wasn’t seeing a healer. Sirius was shocked and angry at how his Godson was treated all these years, he was even more astonished as to what Harry was doing the last few years, he had been learning to street fight and doing exercises to make himself stronger. When Sirius asked why, Harry told him, “I want to be able to survive if Voldemort returns since no one else seemed to be willing to help me.”

When Sirius heard the full story about Harry’s first two years, and how his Godson fought against the Dark Lord who tried to kill him as a infant, Sirius was enraged. He couldn’t believe that Albus Dumbledore wasn’t willing to help his Godson to survive, when in two years he faced the Dark Lord when he possessed a Professor in the first year, and in the second year when he was some sort of teenage memory that was in a diary. He thought that after these two times, the Headmaster would help Harry to prepare for when Voldemort would return.

Sirius could understand why Albus would want a normal childhood for his Godson, but the problem was that Harry wasn’t a normal child: he had a god damn Dark Lord wanting to kill him. And because of this, Sirius wanted to train his Godson to be able to survive and to defeat the Dark Lord should he return. Sure Harry couldn’t train all the time, as the muggle saying goes: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ And from what he had heard from Harry, his Godson was putting enough time aside for fun and be with his friends. So wanting his Godson to live and to be able to have a family of his own, he begun to help train Harry.

And so other than street fighting and doing exercises, over the summer, Harry was learning to use a sword and some advanced magic now that he was now considered as an adult, thanks to becoming Lord Potter. Although when Harry learned about the sword training, he asked why he should. Sirius explained that most Pureblood families were taught how to use a blade, as even though not many use them now a days, it was tradition and Sirius thought it could be useful. Apart for sounding interesting to learn, being another skill that could defeat Voldemort was more enough for Harry to agree to learn about sword training.

Sirius also taught Harry about Occlumency, a way to protect one’s mind from those who could read it, and help Harry get a peaceful night’s sleep. As at the start of the summer, Harry was having nightmares about Peter and Voldemort wanting to kill him, so Sirius began to teach Harry Occlumency. By the end of the summer Harry wasn’t getting any more nightmares, and he found himself able to remember things better, and having a clearer mind.

Over the summer, when they weren’t training, they were talking about Harry’s parents, what they were like and things like that. Harry enjoyed the talks, learning about his parents, but he found something strange. When he was near the Dementors, he thought that he heard his mother’s screams to kill her and not him, but yet Sirius told Harry that he wasn’t sure how that was possible. About a month before Voldemort attacked him and his father, his mother disappeared and no one knew what happened. They had no idea what happened, she wasn’t even kidnapped by Death Eaters, she just disappeared one day.

Sirius who taught Harry about girls, and things would help him to get a girl, as he noticed how his Godson and his best friend Hermione Granger were acting to each other over the last year. But Sirius knew that Harry had no idea how to handle this, so as his Godfather, Sirius was going to help him. Just say that by the end of the summer, Harry learnt how to control himself from getting a red face.

During the months, as much as he hated it, Lupin was the one that was teaching him defensive magic, all sorts that could help him out in the future. Sirius understood Harry’s​ anger, he too was angry at Lupin, as he should have checked on Harry. But Lupin was also his only remaining friend from the old days, before war where things went shit, so wanted to save what he could from the old days and try to get Harry to get along with Lupin, as it was something his father would have wanted. It was hard as Harry also pointed out that his father would also would want his friends to look out for his son, something Lupin failed to do over and over again.

Another thing that happened during the summer was that they talked about how they could kill Voldemort. So far they knew he was staying alive somehow, and they needed to find out what he did and reverse it somehow. During one of the talks, the Black’s crazy House-Elf called Kreacher, who had been nothing but rude to them, told them about a Locket that his former master Regulus Black told him to destroy, as it was the key in defeating the Dark Lord. Here the House-Elf informed them about Regulus betraying the Dark Lord, and wanting the Locket destroyed.

Sirius cried as he heard this, thinking that his brother died as a Death Eater and Voldemort killed him for no reason, like he did with most Death Eaters. But now he knew he died as a hero, trying to redeem himself, and getting rid of the Dark Lord. Harry promised Kreacher that as soon as they learned what the Locket was and how to destroy it, they would do so, and the House-Elf could be the one to do so if possible, so fulfilling his former Master’s dying wish. This one statement got Kreacher’s undying loyalty towards Harry.

Training and talking to Sirius wasn’t the only thing that Harry did over the summer, he also visited the Weasleys. But Harry didn’t inform them what he was doing, as if they did, they would get an earful from Molly Weasley, who was an overprotective and overbearing so and so. All they were told was that Harry and Sirius was reconnecting, and learning about Harry’s parents. And at the end of the month, Sirius brought a private box so that they could watch the World Quidditch Cup, so that they wouldn’t have to be bothered by other fans. This also allowed Harry to spend time with Hermione, who had not long returned from a holiday with her parents.

The match lasted for a few hours, where Ireland won, but Bulgaria’s Seeker, Viktor Krum, caught the Snitch. During the night though, there was a Death Eater attack, something that hadn’t happened since after the last Magical Civil War. Lucky Harry had turned to Sirius’s home, saying they would see the Weasleys the next day. Because of this, during the nights after visiting the Weasley’s, Harry was training even harder, as Harry and Sirius feared that the Death Eater attack was just a sign of what’s to come.

Once Harry and his friends returned to Hogwarts, they found out about the Triwizard Tournament ... and whilst the rest of the school was interested in this, Harry was a bit worried. Whilst he would like nothing more but to watch it, and have a normal year, he remembered Sirius say he wasn’t normal. He wasn’t being mean, but with Voldemort out there wanting dead, this could be a good chance for him to get one of his men to enter the Tournament to kill him without being suspicious that they had anything to do with it. So whilst he had no plans on entering the Tournament, he was going to prepare just in case he finds himself in the Tournament somehow.

Over the first few months things seemed to be fine, he was spending time with his friends, doing well in class. And the new Defense Professor, Mad Eye Moody, was interesting, he knew his stuff. Although, Harry found it strange that the man would cast the Imperius Curse on the students though. But from what he heard about the man, it wasn’t all that surprising that he did it.

Naturally since he started Hogwarts, Halloween was the day that things went south for him, as day before, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students arrived at Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament. But on Halloween three names came out of the Goblet of Fire, that meant to be the Champions: from Durmstrang it was Viktor Krum, followed by Fleur Delacour of Beauxbatons lastly, the Goblet selected Cedric Diggory as the Hogwarts Champion. But then his own name came out of the damn Goblet, making him the fourth Champion. No one knew how it happened, but he was forced to take part in the Tournament, or lose his magic.

Over the following months, no one other than the Weasley Twins, who tried to get past themselves and failed, and knew if they couldn’t get past Dumbledore’s protections around the Goblet, that he couldn’t do it. Hermione also believed him that he didn’t put his name into the Goblet. The one person who he thought other than Hermione who would believe him was Ron, but yet he, he was being jealous ass, thinking that like the rest of the school that he cheated somehow.

That’s the problem, because of Sirius Black was his Godfather, and he came from a Dark Family, he taught Harry a few spells to get past an Age Line and make the Goblet pick his name. Which Harry thought was foolish, as until the night before he didn’t know about the Goblet or the Age Line, so how could he learn how to get pass them when he didn’t have time to learn how to...

Over the next few months, badges appeared with Support Cedric Diggory/Potter Stinks, which nearly everyone wore, as they thought that Harry cheated. Hermione tried to make Harry forgive Ron, saying that he was only being jealous and didn’t mean it. Harry had to admit he had thought about it, but he wasn’t going to do so any time soon until he was ready, but that was until he talked to Sirius about what he should do. And it didn’t help that Rita Skeeter wrote lies about him in the Daily Prophet.

Sirius only replied with it was up to him, and asked him that before he decides one way or another, to think about something: well this be a one time deal, or do he think that some time down the road Ron will react the same again. Sirius told Harry that he and his father had such a friend before, Peter Pettigrew, and look how that turned out. Sirius admits that this might not happen with Ron, but Harry should think carefully about what to do before doing anything, and don’t forgive Ron because it was suspected of him, or others want it to happen do so.

Harry had to think about it, and he could see Sirius was right, he didn’t know if this was going to happen again. But from what he knew of his friend so far, he suspected it would. He hated how his brothers got everything, and was jealous of them, but he didn’t do any work to get whatever he wanted from life but his brothers did. And Harry saw the jealous looks that Ron give him from time to time, but until now never reacted to them. So Harry decided that unless Ron give him a serious and meaningful​ apology, Harry wasn’t going to forgive him. Even Hermione had to agree to this, as she too could see Sirius’s reasoning too.

Over the weeks Harry and Hermione became closer, and they become a couple, which didn’t go over well with Ron. It was the last straw for him, as he thought that Hermione meant to be his, he went on to call her a Mudblood. This ended any chance of Harry or Hermione forgiving him and their friendship ended there for good. Soon the bitch Skeeter was bad mouthing Hermione in the papers, but because of how the Magical World was, there wasn’t much they could do. So they had to wait and see what they could do about the bitch.

Not long after ending his friendship with Ron, he found out about what the First Task was for the Tournament: damn dragons. Moody found out he knew, and suggested he played to his strengths, and the only strength Harry can think of was flying, and that was a bad idea. It was too risky, even if he was able to summon it, he might be good at flying, but dragons were one of the masters of flying and doing so could be very dangerous. So he had to find another way to get past the dragon - as he didn’t suspect them to defeat one by themselves.

By the time the First Task came about, Harry had a few ideas as to what to do and was ready as he ever could be. When he got to the tent there the Champions were, they found out that they had to pick a dragon from a bag which had a small moving statue of a dragon that they had to face, with a number on it as to the order they were facing them. And they task was to get a Golden Egg from many of the real ones, without damaging the real eggs.

Fleur Delacour got the Welsh Green dragon, and the number one on it showing that she would be first to face the dragons. The second person to face a dragon would be Viktor Krum, where he would be facing a Chinese Fireball dragon, third would be Cedric Diggory, who would be facing a Swedish Short-Snout dragon. And finally, the last person facing the dragons would be him, who would be facing the most dangerous of dragons, the Hungarian Horntail dragon.

Harry had to laugh as he remembered the moment he picked that dragon, as until then he had no real idea what he was going to do. But when the cannon sounded for the first task to start, he flinched at the sudden noise. His movement caused the small dragon in his hand, to lash out with its tail and stab him in the palm. Harry thought the creature was infernal and hoped that the real one wasn’t as bad, but as he thought of it he came up with a plan to face the real one and pocketed the dragon.

When it was his time to face the dragon, he found that the model dragon didn’t do the real one any justice, as it deadlier and mean looking then the model one. Either way though he had a task to do, and so Harry hurled the model dragon to the far side of the arena, where he careful aim before enlarging the model dragon. And to make things easier for the model dragon, Harry blinded the real one and allow the two to fight each other.

Whilst the model dragon didn’t last long against a real dragon, it give Harry the time to sneak carefully closer to the Dragon’s Nest and get get the Golden Egg he meant to get. He then got out of there before the real dragon notice him, but his luck wasn’t with him. Just as he was about to make the exit, he was caught by the Hungarian Horntail’s tail knocking him into the exit. He was lucky that it wasn’t at full force, weaken against the fight with the fake dragon, or Harry thought he would be dead, instead of having a broken leg. Out of it all he scored forty-two points of fifty, something Harry was pleased about. He suspected that points were taken off because he was hurt. (The idea for the first task was from A Cadmean Victory by DarknessEnthroned.)

Harry knew he did good that day, as the Durmstrang headmaster, Karkaroff, give the rest of the Champions other his own a very low score. Karkaroff give Krum a nine, even though the teenager got most of his eggs broken, something he had to avoid at all cost, and so was give a low score. From the end of the task, Fleur was first at forty-five points, Harry was second at forty-two, Cedric was third at forty and at last Viktor, who got thirty-eight points.

It wasn’t until years later and seating in his old room that he realized that he got lower points not because he had broken a leg, although it might be the case for some of the judges, but he brought the model dragon in with him and not summon it. He broke his leg after finishing his task, and the rule was wand only to be brought with him. If he left the model dragon in the tent and then summon it, he might have gotten full marks.

Either way, as Harry thought back to his fourth year, he remembered how people seemed to try and get closer to him again. Whilst they didn’t admit they were in the wrong, they tried to get closer to Harry again after the First Task, for whatever reason. But unless they apologized to him, Harry wasn’t going to forgive them, even if they did he wouldn’t forget what they did.

As time passed Skeeter wrote more lies about him in the Daily Prophet, with comments from students that hated him, or didn’t get along with, one of them being Ron Weasley. It took every that Harry had not to hex the ass into the next century.

Either way, he had better things to deal with, the first was the Yule Ball, which he invited Hermione to, and had a great time with. And then after the Winter Holiday, Harry had to figure out what the screaming from the egg meant. It didn’t take long though, and he didn’t like it when he did. He had to rescue someone from the death of the deep black lake. Although Harry knew that Dumbledore wouldn’t risk the lives of whoever is sent down in the lake, it didn’t mean that someone wouldn’t take the opportunity to do something to hurt him or Hermione.

So Harry had to figure out how to get to the bottom of the lake and back within an hour. He already knew how to breath under the water for an hour, and it was thanks to him taking Rune, if he didn’t he would be fucked. His idea was to enchant a helmet to allow him to breath underwater for an hour and a half, the extra half an hour was in case something should go wrong. He would have to find a way to get to the bottom of the lake faster though.

Then in late February, the Second Task came around, and as Harry feared Hermione was taken hostage under the lake. Harry was able to get to the lake fast by using some runes on his shoes to push him through the water, he would have been first if it wasn’t for seeing a young girl in the water, who he thought was Fleur Delacour’s sister. Whilst she might be protected so she could breath underwater, it didn’t mean there would be other risk like the cold water, so whilst he didn’t like Fleur much with the way she treated him, Harry would protect the innocent no matter what.

When the hour was almost up, Harry knew that he had no option but to act, and so give the merpeople a warning that if they got in the way he would attack. This seemed to do it as he he got the girl and got him, Hermione and the young girl to the surface. Where he found that the girl was named Gabrielle, as her sister thanked him for saving her as she explained what happened in the lake. The scores came, and although Harry got in last place, because he stayed to save another, most of the judges wanted to give full marks, but Karkaroff was against this and so give him forty-five points, Cedric scored forty-seven points, Viktor earned forty points, and Fleur came last with twenty-five points.

Because of this Harry and Cedric tied first place at eighty-seven points, and in second place was Viktor who got seventy-eight points and in last places was Fleur at sixty-nine points.

As the months passed, other than a few articles within the Daily Prophet by Rita, things seemed to calm down for Harry. As time passed, Harry and the other Champions learned that the final Task was a huge maze, that they had to find the centre where the Cup would be. So with that in mind, Harry begun to train for whatever he might face, he even trained with his swords for this task too, as they were magical and would allow him to cut through things with ease.

The only thing of interest that happened after that, was that Percy Weasley who was taking over for Barty Crouch for the last few months, finally revealed that his boss had disappeared, and no one knew what happened to him. This put him in some hot water at work, but nothing too bad.

Then on the twenty-fourth of June, the Final Task of the Tournament had finally arrived. Before the Final Task begun, the Champion’s family arrived at Hogwarts to visit them, for Harry that was Sirius Black and his displeasure, Remus Lupin was with Sirius. But not wanting others know what he truly felt about the werewolf, Harry acted as nothing was wrong.

Later on the Final Task begun, where things got interesting, he first found Fleur Stunned, and so had to flare up red sparks to show that Fleur needed​ help. Next he found Viktor under an Imperius Curse, who was attacking Cedric with the Cruciatus Curse. After a show while later, both Cedric and Harry found themselves in the centre, and it was a race to the Cup, where both of them grabbed at the same time. This seemed to be a bad idea though, as the Cup was in fact a Portkey and sent them to a graveyard, where Peter Pettigrew killed Cedric before either of them knew what was going on, when someone said, “Kill the spare.”

Things only got worse from there, as Peter use his own hand, the bones of Voldemort’s father and blood from Harry to resurrect Voldemort. After his unholy rebirth, Voldemort pressed a long bony finger on Pettigrew’s Dark Mark, calling his Death Eaters to him for the first time in fourteen years.

After they arrived, Voldemort confronted several of the Death Eaters for not trying to find him during his absence, such as Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe Snr, Goyle Snr, Nott Snr, Avery, and Walden Macnair. They all claimed to still be loyal to him, though he uncovered these hasty lies with ease. Voldemort also swore vengeance on those who did not respond to his summons, such as Igor Karkaroff. But would reward those who were loyal, and those who have helped him. To prove his point, the Dark Lord proceeded to construct a silver hand to replace the one Pettigrew lost, in reward for his work.

Harry remembered how after talking to his Death Eaters, Dark Lord then turned to him and begun remarking upon how he had survived his Killing Curse thirteen years ago and how, with his blood in his body, he could now touch him. He used the Cruciatus Curse on Harry briefly and then demanded that he duel him. He used the Imperius Curse on him briefly to force him to bow, which Harry was able to resist.

The duel started with Voldemort casting the Killing Curse, while Harry cast the Disarming Charm. By some surprise, when the spells hit, the spirits of those who were killed by Voldemort’s wand begun to come forth, first was Cedric, who ask to take his body back and apologized how he treated him. And from there a few others until his father appeared, but not his mother, just proving more that Sirius was true about his mother not being their when Voldemort attacked that night. His father told him that he was proud of him, and ask him to search for his mother. When the spells parted, Harry ran to Cedric’s body and summoned the Cap and they were taken away

Harry remembered the chaos that happened when he returned, no one wanted to admit the truth that Voldemort had returned. But with the chaos that was going on, Mad Eye Moody usher Harry away from the panicking crowd. Once he got to Moody’s classroom, he interrogate Harry about Voldemort’s return. Here for some strange reason, Moody wanted to kill him, but Albus Dumbledore and several other members of the Hogwarts staff arrived to stop him. Not long after, it was found that Moody wasn’t Moody, but someone under the Polyjuice Potion.

It was revealed that it was Barty Crouch’s son, Barty Crouch Jr, who was a Death Eater and meant to have dead years ago. Under the influence of Snape’s Veritaserum, Crouch confessed everything, putting Harry’s name into the Goblet of Fire, helping where he can and putting Viktor under an Imperius Curse. But before he could testify before the Wizengamot, however, the fool, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, arrived with a Dementor, which performed the Dementor’s Kiss on him within the hour. The idiot wouldn’t even listen to Harry, about what happened, instead he give Harry his winnings and told more or less to run along.

Afterwards, Dumbledore that he wasn’t sure about Lily, as he did find a body that looked like Lily, even though she was badly scared, so he wasn’t sure why she didn’t appear with his father or someone else with him. The Headmaster explained, when Harry asked how that was possible, it was because his and Voldemort’s wands were brothers and thus created a rare effect known as Priori Incantatem when two brother wands conflicted with each other. And when this happens, a battle of wills begin to see who wins, and this Harry’s wand (the dominate) was able to force Voldemort’s wand (the submissive) to regurgitate its past spells, Voldemort’s murder victims emerged in spirit form.

Harry was still angry to this day when he remembered what his former Headmaster told him next, he told Harry to stop his training, and live a normal childhood. As he only recently learnt that Harry was training to do so, and what his training entitled, something the Headmaster wasn’t happy about. He would have said something sooner, but with the Tournament going on, he didn’t say anything so Harry could live through it. But now that the Tournament is over, the old man had the audacity to tell Harry to stop training and leave it to the adults to deal with Voldemort.

Harry was mad, one at Lupin, as other than Sirius Black, Lupin was the only person knew about his full training. Not even his friends knew fully what he was doing or way, to him he was practicing to get better, and to get stronger, not that he was doing to defeat Voldemort. And Harry didn’t tell them as he didn’t want them to worry about him, and that he didn’t want to risk them telling the Headmaster either. But to have Lupin to tell on him, Harry was more than upset, he felt betrayed.

But Harry flat out told his Headmaster that he had no plans to stop training, not now that Voldemort was really back now. The damn Dark Lord could come after at any point to finish him off, and when the time comes, he wanted to be ready. And whilst it didn’t bother him one way or another, Harry asked once again why the Dark Lord was after him. But once again the Headmaster wouldn’t tell, saying that Harry wasn’t ready for such information. And with that Harry left the office angrily, leaving before he done or said something he might have regretted.

Harry found out that Hermione learnt Rita was an illegal Animagus, which Hermione blackmail her to stop writing bad things about Harry. Which she was forced to do so, as if anyone found out Rita would be in a lot of trouble.

Over the summer Harry continued with his training, but without the help of Lupin. When Sirius found out what his friend done, he too was unhappy about him going to their former Headmaster. As they knew that should he learn about what Harry was doing, they would try and stop the boy from training. This was something Lupin was seem to be ok with, as he too thought that Harry should enjoy his childhood, having fun and spending time with his friends, not worry about training to defeat a Dark Lord. He only agreed to teach Harry over the summer because of Sirius asking him to.

Harry was upset to put a strain between Sirius and Lupin, but he wasn’t unhappy about not seeing the man again. Only if that was the case.

You see over the summer, Harry would see him often, as Sirius opened his home to Dumbledore, as it was one of the few places in England thanks to the wards around the house, that was safe for their needs. Whilst Hogwarts had great wards, because of the nature of the place, anyone could walk in at any time. But with the Black Wards, you would have to be invited and then keyed into the wards if you were staying for a while.

You see Dumbledore had restarted his old group that meant to fight against Voldemort the last time, the Order of the Phoenix. Sirius informed Harry that his parents used to be part of the group before they went into hiding with them. From what Harry learnt about the group, he found them useless, they mainly were gathering information, and normally using it too late. Many lives were lost because Dumbledore didn’t use the information that that gained sooner, as he wanted to risk lives as little as possible, or risk Death Eater’s lives as little as possible.

As the old Headmaster believed that they could be redeemed after the war, and so shouldn’t be killed at all, even if innocent and the Orders lives were lost. He seemed to care more about Death Eater’s lives over everyone else’s. Something Sirius agreed with Harry, and so the young man asked why allow them in the house. Sirius told him as the saying goes, ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, ‘ and whilst the Order wasn’t their enemy, most of them won’t friends either. So it would be for the best to keep them close, and keep an eye on them, so that they knew what they were up to. If they didn’t, they would never know what was going on.

The first Order meeting, Harry forced himself into the meeting, wanting to learn what they knew and doing. And whilst there was a few who was against this, Harry point out that in the eye of the law he was considered as an adult, and right to decide what to do with his own life. Not only that, but out of them all he had more right to know what was going, as out of them all, he was the one who had a Dark Lord trying to kill him.

Harry remembered Snape calling him arrogant, thinking that he had no right to know anything. Harry just laughed at that, and pointed out once again that he had You-Know-Who after him, and he had faced him more times than any of them there apart for Dumbledore and Moody - he then he told them the times he had faced the Dark Lord. The Headmaster tried to stop him, as he didn’t seem to want him to inform about his time facing the Dark Lord for some reason, but Harry didn’t listen to him and told his story either way. A few people, like Snape and Mrs. Weasley didn’t like it that Harry wouldn’t listen to the Headmaster, but the rest was interested in hearing the Boy-Who-Lived story.

Harry found it strange that when he got to his second year when he faced the memory form of the Dark Lord, the Headmaster tried even harder to stop him from going on. It was like that he didn’t want what happened in the Chamber to be told, but as he told the story, Bill Weasley, the eldest of the Weasley siblings and a Curse Breaker for Gringotts, seemed to have a look of realization as to what the diary was. He didn’t tell them about his fourth year, as they already knew about it. Harry also explained that he didn’t want to go on missions or the like, but wanted to keep informed so that he knew what was going on.

He understand he couldn’t know everything, but if it was connected to him in anyway that could lead him making mistakes, or lead into a trap. This even Mad Eye Moody could agree on, keep on the sensitive info to themselves, unless it could keep Harry safe. There was a disagreement by a few Snape, because he thought that Potter was arrogant, and was throwing a fit to get his own needs, just like his father. But others like Dumbledore, Lupin, and Mrs. Weasley, thought he should stay out of such things, and have a childhood and live the fighting to the adults. To the rest, like Sirius, his cousin Tonks and Mad Eye Moody, agreed that Harry should know what was going on, and keep sensitive from him unless it connected to Harry’s safety.

Dumbledore tried one last card to stop Harry joining the Order, and that was Harry had to learn Occlumency before he could join. But Sirius knocked that one down saying that apart for a few none of the rest of the Order knew it, and so unless he was going to kick the rest of the Order out, it didn’t matter if Harry knew Occlumency or not. But as the case was, Harry knew it and was decent enough to detect anyone reading his mind, and hex them before learning anything important. It was only matter of time before he would be able to kick them out of his mind.

In the end it was taken to the vote, and by a bare miraging, Harry was allowed within the meetings, and any sensitive info would be kept to the end of the meeting. And should any of the sensitive is connected to Harry, they would inform him later on. And so Harry seat in the first meeting of the Order of the Phoenix. When Harry asked about their plans to deal with the Death Eaters, to stop them from hurting anyone, he was unhappy with the answer.

Moody explained that as much as he would like to take down the Death Eaters, but until they openly reveal themselves, they can’t do much. As if they did, they would be found guilty of attacking ‘innocent’ citizens, so they could do nothing. All they could do was stop any attacks that they can, and slow the Death Eaters down when they can. As much as Harry hated the thought, he could see Moody’s point with people like the Malfoys around, it would be hard to do much until Death Eaters reveal themselves openly.

When Harry asked about when they finally do reveal themselves, what was the plan for them then? Harry wasn’t too happy about that answer either. Dumbledore said they would stun them, and give them the chance to redeem themselves, and their would be no killing at all, no matter what. This was something only a few people was against, Harry, Sirius and Mad Eye were one of the few.

They believed that if possible to capture and send them to Azkaban, and spend their time there, depending on how big their crimes were. But if there was a fight where their life was at risk and the Death Eaters won’t surrender, they should be allowed to kill them. But when Harry brought it up, many was upset about the idea, and that Dumbledore said they would never do that, as he didn’t want to step down to the Death Eater’s level and kill people. At this point Harry didn’t say more about it in the meetings, as he knew that no one other than a few would agree with it. But that didn’t mean Harry wouldn’t bring it up again when the time was right.

Harry soon learned that the joining the Order meetings were for nothing, all they did was bitch and moan things. Although they did send people to the werewolves, vampires, giants and other so called Dark Creatures, to try and get them on their side instead of Voldemort’s. And when they learned about attacks, instead of doing something about them, they vote and plan, which sometimes would take too long and the attacks happens anyway. Moody told him that as much as he hated Snape, and how the man don’t always give them useful info, they couldn’t act on all of the useful information or risk Snape place as a spy. Sure neither Moody Sirius and Harry was sure what side Snape really was on, but like it or not, Harry could admit that they had no real other option but to trust the man for now.

As for the sensitive information that they might have, Harry had got this feeling that they might be keeping something from him. As when they got to the sensitive side of things of the meeting, they threw him and Sirius out. It was like they didn’t want them to know something, and Harry thought it was about him, and they were worried that should Sirius know, he would tell him about it. But why not tell Harry about it, he didn’t know, but there was some sort of protection detail, some Harry knew nothing about. Harry just hoped this would bait him in the ass later on.

Sure some of the teens won’t happy that Harry was allowed to be in the Order meetings but they could not, but Harry put that to rest quickly. As he told them that all they had to do to join at a young age, was to have a Dark Lord gunning for them, wanting them dead and then they could join early. As much as they wanted to join, they didn’t want a Dark Lord after them either so they didn’t say anything else about it. But Ron would keep sending his former friend jealous looks, believing once again that Harry was getting everything he wanted, but never once thought about what it cost Harry to get these things nor that Harry didn’t want it either.

Although joining the Order Meeting wasn’t all of a bad thing, as he meet Bill Weasley, who unlike most of his family, didn’t trust Dumbledore. And when Harry asked Bill what he thought was diary, Bill was unsure if he should say something about this to someone so young. But Harry said that he and Sirius might have found something like the diary, and wanted to find a way to destroy it.

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