Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 34: Bree Shows Off Her Sister’s Talents

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 34: Bree Shows Off Her Sister’s Talents - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

The other three readily agreed with Robin’s suggestion. For now, their carnal desires were well satiated, and so they just stayed out next to the pool and sunbathed. They all agreed that doing it in the nude was much nicer, though they had to remember to put sunscreen on both their tits as well as their pussies. They most certainly don’t want to get sun burnt down there. Their womanhood was far too useful to let something like that happen. So the four girl’s just laid out and chatted like any normal get together. Inside the house, Jax was still sacked out in the bedroom enjoying a well deserved nap while he tried to regain his strength. He had a lot of cunt in his life and after all, it all needed filling. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

After they stayed out in the sun for a while, the four adjourned to the pool where they just enjoyed the weightless feeling they got as they propelled themselves through the water or just floated on their back. The girls were having a good time, and no one had their tongue on anyone, other than a brief kiss or a tease, a promise for later. Eventually they got drained even of that. and The sun can really sap one’s energy so they all came into the house. This was several hours later and it was getting near dinner time, and as far as they knew Jax was still asleep. It wasn’t surprising that Cyndi was the one that volunteered to go check on Robin’s older brother. Despite the fact that all the girl’s loved his huge cock, Cyndi was still the one that had the hardest infatuation with Jax. When she returned it seemed he was still sleeping and she didn’t try to wake him, She wanted him well rested so he could fuck her brains out later.

Luckily, there were plenty of snacks for the girls to munch on until some responsible adult got around to finding them something to eat for dinner. They just sat in the living room, surfing through the listings on the TV first before settling on some film to watch, a comedy this time. As they cooled off and got their blood sugar back up, other things started to work their way up as well.

Their desires.

Bree looked at her friends and called sweet Robin over, still remembering her need to give her mouth a break, “That is quite enough of a break young lady. Or should I say. Slut. Get your mouth busy, it’s been at least 4 hours!” Watching as Robin came over, eagerly if she was not mistaken, she remembered her plan. “Amber grab my tablet, let’s see what my sister is up to.”

Making herself comfortable by turning on her side on the couch, Bree laid the iPad down next to her, and raised her right knee into the air, opening up her thighs and exposing her damp sex topped with her tightly wound blonde curls. Patting her inner thigh, as if Robin needed direction, she took a moment to tap on the skype connection and rang up her sister. If Missy Katie knew what was good for her, she was keeping her tablet with her at all times. Humming softly as Robin’s soft lips began to nuzzle between her legs, Bree waited for her sister to answer, maximizing the video once she saw her sister’s face.

“There you are. Have you been good while I was away? Practicing with Colonel like I asked?” Bree asked, as soon as her sister finished saying hello. Katie looked a little shocked. Bree was being quite abrupt and to the point.

“Y--yes...” Katie answered softly.

“I can’t hear you, speak up. Besides, the girls want to hear all about it!” Bree zoomed the camera back out a bit, and motioned to the other two girls to get closer. “Oh, where are you anyhow... ?”

“In my room...” Katie answered, panning the camera slowly, but briefly.

“Well, show me you are following the rules. You know what I mean” Bree said sternly, smiling at her friends, enjoying Amber’s surprised look. Patting Robin’s obedient head working away between her legs, she waited, watching, as Katie slowly panned the camera down her body, lifting up her skirt and showing that she was not wearing any panties as directed.

“Oh, good girl, now, strip, I want to show you off. Don’t worry, they’ve all seen naked girls before ... see?” Bree panned the camera down her own body, showing that she was nude and that Robin was between her legs.

“You remember the girl I told you about? Robin ... that’s her ... she has been such a pleasure while I have been away from my slutty cunt sucking sister ... haven’t you Robin?”

“Mmmmm” was all Robin said as she remained busy licking and tasting the young girl’s free flowing juices. Her eyes were closed as she inhaled the scent that was distinctly Bree. Having Bree comment about her rather causally seemed to set off a wave of subservient desire, and she wanted to make Bree cum very badly.

Should we show Katie your special skill Robin? I bet you are just dying to be seen doing that again hmmm??” Bree teased her eagerly licking friend, seeing her pause for a moment, before her jaw began to work a bit more feverishly, opening and closing her mouth against Bree’s sex.

“Watch carefully Katie. Take notes if you have to, there will be a test when I get home.” Sitting up and scooting her hips to the edge of the couch, Bree spread her legs, toying with her clit briefly. “Amber. Why don’t you hold the iPad, I want to have both hands free ... We don’t want to make an unfortunate mess.”

Robin moved between Bree’s legs, swallowing nervously. She knew what Bree wanted to have happen again. She seemed to enjoy making Robin willingly debase herself. As she began to lick between the lithe blonde’s legs, she could feel Bree’s hands coming to rest on her head, stroking her hair as Robin tasted Bree’s essence. As Bree continued to caress the black haired girl’s head, she slowly relaxed her bladder and began to dribble bits of her liquid waste into the obedient girls mouth. As soon as Robin tasted the salty warm fluid, she began to suck harder, opening her mouth to get Bree’s sex into her mouth, pressing her lips over her opening, not wanting to miss any, or to let it come out and spray her face or get on the couch.

“Yes, see how eager she is, she’s really really sucking on my cunt now ... not wanting to spill a drop, such a good obedient slut, you should learn from her Katie ... oh, did I forget to mention? I’m not just sitting openly for her. I hate to interrupt our fun, so I trained her to suck me dry while I pee. That way I don’t have to stop things just to go the bathroom! Isn’t she just the best?” Bree teased and taunted Robin, casually explaining how she was dribbling her urine into the unprotesting girl’s mouth.

Katie was both shocked and aroused. She had no idea that people ... did that ... least of all her little sister. Obviously, Bree was not the innocent little sister anymore. Ever since she had witnessed Katie’s initiation, she seemed hell bent on discovering all there was to know about what made her clit throb. Her pussy began to get wet as she realized that she was going to expect her to do the same. She would never have done it on her own, but if Robin seemed okay with it, how bad could it be?

Katie got up from her spot on the bed, and placing the tablet where it would face her, she went to shut the door to her room.

“No, leave your door open for now. It will make you more obedient I think. You won’t want me yelling and making noise so that Mom comes and checks on you...”

Katie stopped, stunned as she always was. Just when she thought she got a handle on what Bree was up to, her sister went and changed things. Reaching and unhooking her skirt, she let it drop to the floor, watching the open door the whole time, nervous that her mother would come by. Thankfully her father was out, but Bree did not know that. Finishing her strip tease, though w/o any teasing, Katie picked up her clothes and put them on the foot of the bed before picking up the tablet again.

“Mmmmm” was all Robin said, as she remained busy, licking and tasting the young girl’s free flowing juices. Her eyes were closed as she inhaled the scent that was distinctly Bree. Having Bree comment about her rather causally, seemed to set off a wave of subservient desire, and she wanted very badly to make Bree cum.

Katie was both shocked and aroused, she had no idea that people ... did that ... least of all her little sister. Obviously Bree was not the innocent, anymore. Ever since she had witnessed Katie’s initiation, she seemed hell bent on discovering all there was to know about what made her clit throb. Her pussy began to get wet, as she realized that she was going to expect her to do the same. She would never have done it on her own, but if Robin seemed okay with it, how bad could it be?

“MMMmmmm, I’m just going to keep Robin doing this for a while, you would not believe how warm and sensual it is to have someone sucking you clean while you pee., It’s amazing, right Amber? Cyndi?” she said, including the other two in her taunting of Katie, insinuating to her older sister that they were all in on the kinky game.

“Now, you have been practicing the special skill I wanted you to work on, right?” Bree asked, fixing her sister with a little glare as she continued stroking the bobbing head of Robin, her sex feeling wide and wanton as it was sucked into the girl’s mouth, along with the rest of her fluids. “Mmmm ... fuck she’s good, I can’t wait to teach you this one Missy ... now ... you do have the peanut butter right? Good ... put it on...”

Katie knew better than to argue with her sister. She could get out of doing this one thing right now, but when Bree got home tomorrow there would be severe consequences. Obedience was becoming ingrained in her psyche between her sorority and the games Bree had started playing, so she simply nodded and reached to open her nightstand, pulling out a secreted jar of peanut butter.

“Oh, you should call Colonel before you start, don’t want to make a mess getting up and down ... don’t worry, you can close the door after he gets there. This time...” Bree told her submissive sister, enjoying the way the defiance seemed to just seep away the more Bree pushed her to obey. Everyone was going to know just how obedient Katie was, and there was little she could do about it.

Scared eyes look out of the reflection of Katie’s face as she peered into the camera on her tablet. She could not see Bree’s face, though everyone could see Katie’s. Katie’s tablet still showed the dark-haired girl licking away between Bree’s thighs. Naked, she padded over to the door to her room, peering around the corner cautiously, making sure the coast was clear. Calling out softly, hoping that Colonel could hear better than her mother could, she beckoned the dog to her room. For a long moment, nothing happened, and she was worried that she’d have to make her way down the hall and call again. But then she heard the telltale clicking of nails on the tile, and soon the curious head of Colonel, their German Shepherd, peeked over the top of the stairs. Seeing Katie, and associating her with treats due to the frequent training over the last couple of days, he immediately trotted forward, his tongue lolling out of his jaws a bit as he anticipated what was to come.

Relieved, Katie closed the door gently behind the two of them, and returned to sit on the edge of her bed. Picking up the tablet, she showed everyone that she was back, and Colonel was pacing back and forth next to her bed. Putting the tablet down, and setting it on its stand, working to get the angle right, Katie soon ran out of delay tactics, and picked up the jar of peanut butter, then unscrewing the lid and setting it aside. Taking her finger and digging out a dollop of peanut butter, she took a deep breath, and began to rub it over her clit, and down along the lips of her sex, the peanut butter getting soft as soon as it warmed up from her skin. She spread it around her privates carefully, eventually lifting the finger to her lips and sucking it clean.

Colonel’s ears had perked up as soon as he heard the sound of the jar opening. As the naked girl began to spread the delicious treat across her skin, his tail began to wag, and he moved close, standing right between her parted legs. As soon as Katie moved her hand away, the dog’s tongue darted out, and began to take long licks of the peanut butter covered skin, pausing frequently to lick his chops as his tongue came back coated with the thick treat.

“Oh, jeezus fuck” Katie cried at the first couple of licks, unable to keep her comments to herself as the dog’s long tongue seemed to find every sensitive spot in her cunny.

“You gotta be kidding me, she lets the dog eat her out?” Amber asked Bree who was turning the screen to show everyone’s stunned faces. Everyone ‘s face except Robin’s of course, she was still busy licking and cleaning Bree’s free flowing pussy...

“Tell them Missy, tell them what you do for me...”

“Yes, I ... I let Colonel lick me, two or three times a day, training him, she says. Like she has been training me.”

“Hmmm, yes, well, it seems you are doing quite well, I bet you cannot wait for me to get home, now can you Missy?”

“No, um, Miss Bree, I can’t wait.” Groaning, pausing for a moment, she bit her lip as she continued “I hope ... I hope you are ... pleased...”

“Hmm, what do you think guys? Is she doing well?”

A chorus of Yes’s rang out as they all watched the girl get her pussy licked by a dog. It was the nastiest thing they had ever seen.

“I think, you should get down on the floor and give him another big dollop ... it’s too awkward the way you are leaning like that, poor Colonel can’t get his tongue inside of you very far!” Bree ordered her sister, the hot scene making her juices flow, Robin now getting only Bree’s cunt juices, except for a stray squirt that Bree forced up every minute or so. Just to keep Robin nice and submissively compliant. Potty sluts are so cute when they are obedient.

The four girls had lined themselves up draped over the table, their asses pointed towards the door as they waited for Jax. Bree’s mother was due to pick them up in a little less than an hour, so they were beginning to worry that Jax would miss their goodbye surprise. Thankfully, the heavy tread of the large boy’s footsteps could soon be heard on the stairs, and Robin took a quick look over everyone, before bending back down and putting the napkin back in place on her back. Lined up in order, Robin, Bree, Amber and Cyndi, they each had a portion of Jax’s breakfast on their back. Bree with a plate holding a couple eggs. Amber had some toast and bacon simply lying on her skin, and Cyndi was holding very still as a cup of coffee in a saucer balanced on her back.

Jax eyes blinked open slowly, he felt extremely groggy which was odd. He usually woke up full of energy and ready to fuck. The only time he woke up like this was when he slept too long. Looking at the clock, he grimaced as he realized it was a bit late for dinner, but he still had to feed the rug rats. When his eyes focused a little more he saw that the digital clock was reading A.M. Rolling over to glance at his window he could see light spilling around his drapes and then he realized not only did he sleep through dinner, he slept right through the night, that nap turned out to be a lot longer than he had intended, those girls must he really done a number on him.

It was then that a few needs made themselves known. His empty stomach and his full bladder. It was the latter that really got him out of bed. After using the facilities, brushing his teeth and washing his face he felt much more human. Walking back out of the bedroom he glanced at the clock again and realized that their ride would be arriving soon to pick up the girls. He had to go outside and make sure they weren’t passed out in a pile all covered in dried cunny juice. He would probably need to feed them as well. Not bothering to get dressed Jax exited his room and made for the kitchen.

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