Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 32: Robin is thanked, over and over

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 32: Robin is thanked, over and over - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

Jax stayed where he was and just watched the action playing out before him. None of the girls were paying the slightest attention to him, though he didn’t mind. He wasn’t a spotlight hooker or anything. He hadn’t been here when Bree had first fed his sister her ‘fluids’, though Samantha seemed to know a lot about it, and seemed to be pretty into it. The man didn’t have anything against watersports, but it wasn’t one of those things that turned him on either. He would have to pay closer attention to what Robin was up to before he kissed her from now on.

Amber’s eyes were riveted to the scene that was playing out before her. Not only had her friend drank from Bree, but now was doing it from her sister. By this time her hips were mostly working on auto pilot as all of her attention was given to Samantha and what she was doing. The girl just nodded her head in agreement that they should all feed Robin and for some reason she had a deep desire to do just that, and in her longing, she began to fuck the girl harder and faster. Cyndi poked her friend in the behind, “don’t use her all up, we want our turns too” she reminded the fucking girl in a playful tone, and still stroking on her dong as if it were real. Naturally, she would have preferred Jax’s dick in her hand.

Finishing up, Sam didn’t climb off her sister right away, instead giving her time to make sure she had gotten her all clean and tidy. When she did move, she turned to her sister and gave her a pat on the head as if she were a dog and she had just done a good job. Seeing her mouth free Amber instantly began to move. She pulled out of Robin’s wet hole and climbed around her, adjusting the dong so she could get her pussy over her friend’s mouth. Cyndi slid right into Amber’s place, and guiding the dong with her hand, she pushed it right inside Robin, filling her up once more with fake cock. Sam, for the first time, looked at all the toys that had been gathered and grinned a little when she saw the one the Cyndi had. Crossing over to the girl, she reached under the pistoning toy for one side of the fake partial ball sack. Pressing in on a certain spot, the flaccid began to vibrate. This wasn’t necessarily a benefit for the fuckee, but more for the fucker.

Cyndi’s eyes closed and she moaned in pleasure as it seemed the dong was vibrating right on her clit. Overwrought with pleasure, her hips stopped for a few moments. But she was quickly moving again. Pushing into Robin just forced it harder on her own sex. Even though the feeling was muffled, Robin was still getting some of that vibration herself, especially when Cyndi pushed the cock as far into her as she could. Picking up one of the vibrating eggs, Samantha switched it on and ran it up and down and all around Robin’s clit. Her hips positively bucked at the feeling, so hard that she nearly dislodged Cyndi from her dripping quim. Amber was keeping Robin’s face held down with mostly her pussy as she dribbled a little of her liquid into her open mouth. Not being used to this, it took a little while for her to get started since she was used to this being a private act.

Right now, Bree was just a spectator, though an idea popped into her head and she left the bedroom. She was back a few minutes later with her oversized tablet in her hand. Swiping her finger and tapping a few times she brought up Skype and signed in. Luck was with her when she found her sister was online. She didn’t call her directly, for no one else was paying attention to her. Maybe when they had finished with Robin then Katie could put on a show for them. She did send an IM to her sister telling her to get on her pc, and to stay there until she told her otherwise. Chances are the sister was on her phone and her PC had a better webcam on it.

With a shuddering gasp, the bound submissive, Robin, came hard. Her mouth closing over the leaking cunt of Bree’s best friend, Amber. Her tongue was still tasting the combination of pee and ‘girl’ that was freely flowing from the voyeuristic girl. Amber’s short dark hair was stuck to the back of her neck as she rode the bound girl hard, reaching her own orgasm shortly after feeling Robin suck down hard as she had cum. Flopping off to the side, lying sprawled out, her legs splayed a bit, the fake cock flopping over onto one leg, Amber slowly let herself recover. She noted Bree on her tablet, and wondered what she was telling Katie. It had to be Katie. The two of them and thought they might get Katie to do something for the party ... but that was way before all of ‘this’ happened.

Bree slowly stroked the black shaft sticking out from between her legs, making sure it was well coated with the gel from the small tube Samantha had added to the pile. She watched as Amber moved off, spent, and Cyndi pulled out of their pet, sliding her body up onto the bed and sitting her wet, happy cunt over Robin’s waiting mouth. Stepping up to the edge of the bed, and running the tip of the black prick up and down Robin’s sex, she looked over at Jax and asked, “You said it was ok? Right?” Placing the head of the fake cock dead center of the words “Brother’s Special Hole”, Bree began to push the phallus inside the back door of little slut Robin. Not a sound did she hear from Robin, other than continual moans as she began sucking on the cunt of her best friend, and perhaps getting something a bit more as well. Soon, she had over half of the hard shaft inside the young girl, and she slowly began to rock back and forth, fucking her friend in the ass. Fucking. Her Friend. In the Ass! It was so fucking kinky, she knew she had to borrow one of these, or have Samantha help her get one to use on Katie.

Samantha beckoned the barely recovered Amber over, and soon had the young girl eagerly lapping at the juices oozing from Sam’s cunt as she watched the depraved scene on the bed. The girls were sure ‘thanking’ Robin for the party, in the best way possible. Stroking the short black, damp, hair of the overly sexed Amber, she moaned as she felt the girl’s tongue probe deep, tasting, teasing, delighting in her sex.

Cyndi looked down at the closed eyes of Robin, and wondered just where she was in her mind. She knew that Robin was happy, content, and so obedient. It was amazing. She waited until she saw Robin look up at her before asking, ‘Ready?”. Ever since the pool fiasco, she had secretly loved this idea, but she had gone about it all wrong, she knew that. Now though ... Robin seemed eager to taste her, and as she released her bladder muscle, she felt more of her liquid drip down, gasping as Robin closed her mouth around her sex, tonguing her urethra hard as an intense wave of something nasty and warm washed over Cyndi’s body. Such a kinky thing to do...

Over and over Bree slid the long black prick in and out of Robin, watching as she began to press back against the prick, her arms still stretched wide, her legs held. Poor Robin was nothing but a bound fuck toy. Cyndi shuddered on top of Robin, and stopped moving, patting the damp forehead of their friend as she got up and left her for Bree’s attentions. Robin had sucked off and tasted 3 girls in a row, and as Bree pulled out the black cock, and let it drop to the floor, Robin seemed content to lay there and suck off the last of the four girls.

Grabbing the tablet, Bree contacted Katie and told her to watch and learn. As she straddled the bound girl’s face, she began to pan the camera over Robin’s damp, fucked, bound body, telling her “I am showing Katie what a good obedient Missy looks like ... she has not been as imaginative and willing as you ... though she does have a special skill we are going to have her show us later, during movie time. For now though ... I want her to watch this...” Bree looked around, seeing that Amber was busy between the legs of Robin’s older sister, she handed the tablet to Cyndi. “Hold this so that the camera stays on Robin’s face ... ok?”

With that, Bree began to really rock her sex all over the open, ready, willing face of their captive. Her small bed of blond curls were damp with the hours of arousal and fucking that she had been experiencing, and her sex was on fire with desire. Over and over she road the willing face of her friend, eventually cumming hard and clasping her knees tight around Robin’s head. Gasping, she looked over at the camera, “Keep watching Missy ... but notice how eagerly she fed on me, making me cum ... she’s such a good cunt ... just like you...”.

As she spoke to her sister over the tablet, Bree lifted her hips, taking her wet sex away from the open mouth of the bound girl. A long moment passed, and then a dribble of urine escaped, dropping down into Robin’s mouth. Robin swallowed reflexively, but opened her mouth back up again quickly. Another dribble, and another. As Robin swallowed again, Bree moved a bit, dripping some onto Robin’s nose and between her eyes, forcing her to keep her eyes closed as a bit of nastiness dropped on her face. Back into position, she let more go into Robin’s mouth, then sat down firmly. “Keep drinking slut ... I want you to take it all...” With that, Bree stopped holding back, and began to simply urinate into the open mouth of their slut. “Catch her swallowing, don’t’ miss it”. Over and over Robin swallowed, keeping her mouth open, tasting the strong nasty liquid as Bree gave her mouthfuls to take care of. Groaning, letting her bladder go, Bree sighed. “So nice ... a built in pussy cleaner for when I have to pee ... I won’t even have to wipe dry when I’m done...” As she finished, she patted the obedient face of Robin, looking into her eyes with a great deal of love and concern. She was getting rather attached to their little slut friend. “And that is how it’s done Missy ... Remember that ... There will be a quiz when I get home...” Nodding at Cyndi, indicating that they were done for now, she slowly rode Robin’s tongue for a bit as the two returned to normal. At least what was more normal for them. Samantha piped up “Well, I’m going to have to leave you all ... Kyle’s going to get a good fucking, I can tell ... but if you want some showers ... I can make room in the big one...” Looking at Cyndi and patting Amber’s head, she stood up. The girls all agreed a quick shower would be good, and all got up to leave the room. All except Robin of course. They left her tied up. “Don’t go anywhere honey...” Samantha said as they left her alone with Jax.

With Robin all tied up, Jax pushed off against the headboard and slid himself down the bed, not coming to a stop until the top of his younger sister’s head was nestled in his crotch, His legs spread outstretched and over the girl’s arms. Even though his member was completely flaccid, it was still and impressive hunk of meat and he lay it right across Robin’s face. It stretched from her forehead, over her nose and down across her lips, he length taking on the contours of what it lay on. The last girl Jax had been inside was Cyndi, and in all the excitement she hadn’t cleaned him off afterwards. Consequently, the cock was sticky so every indrawn breath she took was a mixture of Cyndi’s cunt and her brother’s scent as well, neither one was new to her, nor even the mixture. As she slowly mouthed the length of his spent cock, he waited, letting her calm down a bit more. After all that had happened to her, she needed a bit of care now.

Moving and slowly untying the girl, rubbing some sensation back into her limbs, he lay her back on the bed unbound as he went to the other bathroom (the 4 girls making quite a bit of noise in the large shower), and started a bath for Robin. Coming back, seeing his sister asleep, or nearly so, he picked her up and carried her into the bathroom, waking her up enough to get her into the warm water, “Soak for a bit, give your body some respite ... you are such a good slut now...”. As she lay back in the water, she looked so good laying there, that his cock began to twitch and rise.

Out of all the pussy and ass he has taken today his cock hadn’t been in Robin at all. He thought the others may like to see some up close and personal sibling anal incest, and seeing his sister just lay in the bathtub he could feel his cock begin to stir, a lot quicker than he had thought he would arise again. If he walked out of the bathroom with an erection, he was pretty sure he would be mobbed by all the other girls, and while that seemed appealing on many levels, he didn’t want to have to deal with it right now. The longer he looked at his sister, the harder and harder his cock became before it was fully erect once more. His first thought was getting into the tub with his sister but that would probably make a lot of noise. So instead he reached down and pulled his sister up, “Sorry sis but you can’t rest just yet”. He put her down, her knees on the bathroom mat, facing the tub and bent over the edge. Sinking down to his knees behind his wet sister he took his cock in hand at the base and aimed his member for her tattoo ringed pucker.

Placing the head of his prick to her entrance he reached around Robin and gripped the edge of the tub, and he slowly sunk into the girl. She could feel the, by now, familiar feeling of her ass being stretched wide by Jax’s giant cock. “Even after all this time you’re still so tight” he whispered to her as he pushed farther and farther in until he was in his sister to the hilt. “You would never turn anyone down who wanted to fuck,, would you sis?” As he spoke he kept his voice down, not wanting to let the others know where he was. Right now, he just wanted Robin to himself and to be alone with her. He started out nice and slow sinking in so Robin could feel every inch of his veiny length. He took the side of her right ear into his mouth and sucked on it. “I just love to come in you.”

In the other bathroom, the shower was quite full. Four naked girls filling it up. Even though all of them would be ready to fuck at the drop of a hat, for now their immediate sexual needs were satisfied. This did not of course prevent nipples from being pinched, asses from being get abbed and pussies from getting rubbed or lightly fingered. They were just four admittedly bisexual girls having fun. Their shower was finished long before Jax or Robin had walked out of theirs. “I think Jax and Robin still need some time alone to rest. So, tell you what, I will order Chinese for lunch. Why don’t you three go out back and swim some more. I don’t think you will have to worry about bathing suits or anything. I won’t leave to go see Kyle until the lunch arrives.”

The boys looked out of the oldest brother’s window as they caught the flash of movement. The brother’s loved summer and this vantage point for they could always look out at their neighbor’s daughters sunbathing by their pool. However, this summer, things had really heated up. The middle brother had been watching a few weeks ago when Samantha had some of her friends over for swimming ... They had lost it when a fifth girl had joined them, the youngest girl - Robin (she was in Adam’s grade at school, though they never spoke) and then one by one, all of them had gotten naked as the smallest one ate the other girl’s out. Starting with her own sister!. Things then just progressed from there.

The three brothers Adam, Alex, and Able were born very close together, one after another actually, so there were only 20 months separating the oldest boy’s birthday to the youngest. Their parents also had a funky thing for A names obviously. Even though Adam was in the same grade as Robin he didn’t know her name for they didn’t socialize at all, but everyone in the school knew her older sister’s name. All the boy’s eyes had been widened to the large world of sex as they watched the goings on in the neighbor’s back yard, and right now three naked girls came running out of the house. They had been gone yesterday so they hadn’t seen the previous day’s activities, and among these three Adam recognized one of them ... he had a thing for blonds and was pretty sure the one of those girls was Bree.

As they raced out of the house, Cyndi and Amber both just jumped into the pool as Bree lay back on one of the loungers and began to rub sun tan lotion on herself. Turning her head, Amber saw the boys out of the corner of her eyes. “Perverts at one o’clock high” she said to the other two. Bree, with her sunglasses on swung her head in an arc taking a closer look at the boys without them realizing they had been caught. “Two, maybe three” she said and didn’t bother trying to cover up. “We really should do something nice for those boys, not every boy has good sister’s like Jax” said the blond girl as she keeps rubbing the lotion in. As she got to her groin area she started to rub her pussy directly and opened her legs a bit wider, giving the peeping toms a little show as she delved a finger between her folds. “Maybe we should send Robin over there to get a cup of sugar or something.”

In the bathroom Jax was still taking his time with his sister, pushing his large cock all the way to the hilt with every thrust, filling her bowels with his man meat. He kept his chest pressed mostly to her back, just enjoying the skin on skin contact. “You know you’re such a good sister. Not only do you do all sorts of things to make me happy, but you even brought your friends over.” At the thought of the other three naked girls he picked up the pace a little and started to shove his cock into her ass a little faster and harder. His heavy swinging sack would impact with her wet pussy. Jax’s breath started to come in shorter gasps as he started to really pound into his sister. “Oh ya sis ... I’m going to cum ... I’m going to get off deep in you”. A few moments later he let out a grunt and started to flood his sister’s ass, filling her with a small amount of jizz. It was going to take more than just a little rest before he could build up to his usual big loads of cum again.

Samantha started to look through the house for her siblings and walked into the bathroom just as Jax was pulling his cock from Robin’s ass. She leaned against the door frame. “I ordered Chinese for lunch, you might want to hurry and get cleaned up Robin, the driver is going to need a tip.” This last was said with a little smirk.

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