Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 31 : Happy as a pig in a poke

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 31 : Happy as a pig in a poke - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

Jax just ate his breakfast, thinking that this was a most enjoyable way to start the day, one cunt he has had a few times and two completely new ones. He was feeling very content, two sexy young girls on either side of him and his youngest sister down below, cleaning his cock. As he thought about it, he realized he didn’t really need her clean him up -- he wasn’t looking to keep it clean all that long. However, with her actions he could feel some stirrings of life enter his flaccid member. ‘If today goes like it look like it might, my fucking cock is going to fall off by bedtime ... I might have Samantha call Kyle over to help me out ... later... ‘

As he finished his breakfast he leaned back in his chair and threw his arms around both girl’s shoulders, Bree under his right arm and ... the other girl under his left, for some reason he couldn’t remember the other girl’s name, it was like Amy or something, he just thought of her as hair trigger. By this time Robin had worked his prick up to half mast. “Robin be a dear and go clean up all the dishes from breakfast. I think your friends will keep me occupied for now.” Bree wrapped her fist around the shaft and slowly stroked it as Amber ran her thumb over the tip. The man glanced over at his other sister and grinned at the look on her face. “Sam it looks like you are really enjoying that.”

“Wha ... what was that?” she said in a distracted and dreamy voice that Cyndi’s tongue was doing proper number of her cunt. The girl gritted her teeth as another shuddering climax shot through her. Oral never has gotten her off as intensely as a long hard dick has, but she usually had more little ones from a tongue. Cyndi’s tongue was starting to grow sore, she had never used it so rapidly for so long before. She kept going though, wanting to get her best friend’s sister off one more time before she stopped.

The click and clatter of plates fell off and died and then Robin came back into the dining room. By this time, the two girls had gotten Jax fully erect, can Cyndi was standing up from her spot between the eldest sister’s legs ... As Cyndi rose, Samantha wrapped her up in an embrace and pressed her naked body to her own. Kissing her hard on the lips, sampling her own flavor from the younger girl’s mouth, she thanked the young girl for her ‘service’. Bree was the next one to stand and she tugged on Jax arm to get him up as well. Once he was standing Bree slid back under her arm and Amber being closest got back under the other arm, much to Cyndi’s annoyance. Bree started to lead the three down the hall towards Jax bedroom. “Come on girls” she said looking over her shoulder at Robin and Cyndi.

The five of them all crowded into, what was now, Jax room. The four girls and Jax. After getting out from under his arms Bree whispered something into Amber’s ear, and with an enthusastic nod from the girl, both her and Bree turned on Jax and gave him a huge push. Being caught off guard and both girls pushing him at the same time he was forced back and when his legs struck the edge of the bed he fell back onto the mattress. “Dog pile!” Bree exclaimed and jumped on the man. Amber was only a hair behind her and Cyndi, realizing what they were doing pulled Robin along and hopped on Jax as well.

The man was covered in wiggling and squirming young flesh and when He tried to move he found he was effectively pinned by the four girls. Their was a short scuffle around his cock but he soon felt the warm and wet feeling of a mouth engulf his throbbing cock. Moving his right arm he found his middle finger pressed to some kind of hole so He just shoved inside of it. Looking up he found a pussy right over his face and the blond curls meant it was Bree. Feeling somewhat charitable he lift his lead and ran his tongue along her slit a few times.

Cyndi and Amber had a brief fight over the cock but It was Cyndi who got her lips wrapped out it so Amber put her hands on the back of the girls head and forced her as far down on that cock as she could. Amber would then feel Jax finger slid right up into her ass and she moaned. Robin was down on her brother’s legs. Letting go of Cyndi Amber looked at Robin and grinned, grabbing hold of that girl she pushed her head towards his feet. “Suck on our master’s toes”. Amber doesn’t know where the word master came from, but it felt fun to say. Bree was up on her knees straddling Jax’s face and watched all the other girls. The blond had some mixed feelings, one she was the one that claimed Jax’s mouth and tongue, but he wasn’t really all that good at eating pussy. He wasn’t nearly as skillful as Kate or Robin, and to a lesser extent Cyndi. Bree thought Jax was about as good as Amber is.

Cyndi was gagging herself over and over on that massive pole wanting to get it all the way into her mouth, her body jerked everytime and white thick throat mucas was being drawn out, but she just smeared it all over the place and kept going. She felt a hand slide between her legs and two fingers press into her honeypot. Rolling her eyes around she couldn’t really see who’s finger they were, but they didn’t feel as big as Jax’s.

Robin started with her brother’s big toe giving it a tentative lick, it didn’t taste funky or bad, it tasted like ... skin, it was morning after all and he hasn’t gone out or anything. Closing her lips she slid down it and then up, as if she were sucking a really small cock. Reaching her arms out she felt her fingers brush against Cyndi’s leg and hunting around a bit she found the confluence of her legs and wasted no time in pushing two digits into her best friend.

Amber got as low on Jax as she could and tried to lick the very base of his cock, the part that no matter how hard she tried Cyndi just couldn’t get to. Reaching around the member she took his huge sack in her hand sand gently rolled his balls in her fingers. Jax was still plunging his finger into her ass and it felt good, but she wished he would go lower and finger her pussy. It was then she felt a hard swat on her ass. Looking up she sees Bree pointing to her nipples. Understanding Amber turns around the best she could and holding herself up on her arms takes Bree’s right nipple into her mouth and sucks and nibbles on it.

Bree wraps her arms around the girl’s head and holds it to her chest. With this extra stimulation she had grown even wetter giving Jax a stronger surge of her flavor. Amber turns the rest of the way around and straddles Jax stomach, this caused his finger to slip from her ass. But The girl bore down with her body and rocked her hips back and forth grinding her wet cunt into his hard abs.

Someone cleared their throat. Turning her head Bree saw Samantha had came in, and she was sporting a huge strap-on, not as big as Jax, but near. “I think you already have enough pussy in here, could use some cock though” she said gripping her tool and jerking on it as if it were real walking to the bed she reached out and grabbed hold of Bree’s golden locks and pulled ger off Jax, “I want you first.”

The four girls, working over the long lean form of Jax, made quite a sight. Bree, riding his face while hugging her friend Amber’s mouth to her nipple, forcing her friend to suck on her breast. Cyndi, her mouth filled with cock, her head being bounced a bit as Amber’s hips slid back and forth over Jax’s hard stomach. And Robin, sucking on her brother’s toes, almost like an afterthought, forgotten in the confusing milieu of bodies.

Samantha’s arrival with her fake prick made Bree eagerly leave the barely competent licking that Jax was giving her, curious to see what it might be like to be fucked with fake cock. She wondered, if she liked it, if Jax or Samantha would help her get her own -- she could never dare order one to be delivered to her house!

Jax spoke up, his mouth suddenly free. “Cyndi, stop a moment...” He lifted Amber up, and placed her ass directly over the top of his prick. “You know what you have to do if you want me to keep fucking you...” he told the infatuated teen. Cyndi’s vantage point, her face still near the base of the huge cock, was quite perverse, her friends backside was lowering down on to the tip of the long hard cock. “He wants it in your ass, Amber ... you won’t get any more cock until you do...”

Bending Bree over the bed, her head near Robin’s spread legs, Samantha ran the fake cock up and down the exposed slit of the young girl. “Yes, eat out my little sister while I fuck you into next week ... I know you want to ... all of you are little horny bitches, aren’t you?” With that said, Sam slid the prick inside the girl, the cold impersonal toy spreading the walls of the young girl’s cunt, sliding in easily, so much lubrication was available that it was clear Bree was quite turned on.

Robin had never sucked on someone’s toes, and while at first it had seemed a bit weird, the longer she did it, the more she felt like she was sucking on some tiny little pricks, especially any time she sucked on his big toes. The way he moved his feet and legs, she thought he must be enjoying it, though he never said a word to her. Hearing him speak to Amber, and Cyndi’s explanation to her, she shuddered, remembering the first time she’d taken her brother in her ass. She was surprised to feel the soft hands and soft lips of Bree making their way between her legs, opening her up and beginning to lick at her slit, and sucking on her clit. Moaning around the big toe in her mouth, she moved slightly, parting her legs farther, giving her friend more direct access. She could feel Bree’s head pushing into her with some regularity, and she realized that her friend was being fucked while she licked at Robin’s cunt. ‘Oh fuck, this is so intensely naughty...

Amber held herself atop the fat head of Jax’s cock, scared and uncertain. He was so fucking big. But she was so fucking turned on, she just had to try. Whimpering a little as she put more of her weight on his cock, she could feel her little opening being spread, the tissue pulling a bit as she was slowly impaled onto the head of his prick.

Samantha was pleased to see Bree so enthusiastic about letting her fuck the young teen, not surprised, but pleased. When she tossed her over the edge of the bed she was tempted to shove her fake member into her crinkled back door and steal her anal virginity, but she decided to leave that for her brother, he does so enjoy being the first cock in a girl’s ass, and she loved to watch their reactions as he gets in, the look of pain and fear on the girl’s faces slowly morphing into something akin to pleasure as he uses the wrong hole. So she contented herself with her pussy, suspecting Jax will be in her ass before the day is through.

Robin has been a good servant all morning and had not appeared to have gotten anything for herself, and that is why Samantha chose were she put Bree. The siblings were turning their little sister into a slut, turning her into one just as loose with her body as Samantha was. It just made it so much better that Robin was a natural sub, she was obviously so happy to be used in a servant role. The youngest sister was still their sister, though, and she loved her dearly - and wanted her to have as much fun in their games as everyone else. Also, Sam knew what had happened at the girl’s first slumber party and only seemed right that Bree return the favor. The older sister slid the head of her fake cock up and down the teen’s wet snatch a few times before sliding it in good and proper. She had already been stretched open by Jax and the girl’s cunt was still ready and prepared to fuck. Sam just pushed in until she couldn’t get any deeper.

Bree was much more used to being on the receiving end of a good pussy licking, but she had gone down on Amber a few times so she wasn’t clueless, besides it was kind of fun using her tongue on another girl. Though the real reason she was going down on Robin was because she wanted to he fucked by her sister ... well that is what she was telling herself. Reaching in with her hands she spread out Robin’s still small looking twat and subconsciously licked her lips as she saw those wet pink inner lips. Straining a little forward, she licked her tongue along the inner lips and then sank it inside the girl. As she did this Bree felt Samantha sink in deep and the moan she let out vibrated directly into Robin’s sex.

As Amber took her spot Cyndi moved down a little. She looked over Jax amazing cock, the entire length just coated in saliva and white stuff. Reaching out her hand, she started to rub it into the skin and playing with it. As Amber set her pucker right against the tip she dropped her head and began to lick Jax’s big balls, taking one inside her mouth and very gently sucking it, and then the other. She kept watch, looking up as Amber tried to work up the courage to take the plunge. Remembering what Amber had done to her just a short time ago, pushing her head down onto the very same cock, she got up on her knees behind her friend. “Quit stalling and just do it.” As she said that she put her hands on Amber’s shoulders and pulled her down. Since she pulled with all of her might there was no way for Amber to resist -- she was in a rather precarious position.

Amber wasn’t quite sure she could go through with this. She wanted to get railed by that awesome member again, but she didn’t know if she wanted it that bad. However it seemed fate had another plan; as Cyndi pulled down on her shoulders hard, the choice was taken out of her hands. Gravity was in harmony with Cyndi’s wishes and Amber just dropped down, the large hard pole impaling her. Her eyes shot so wide Jax wondered if her eyeballs would pop out, and her mouth opened in silent groan. Jax hadn’t said or done anything but he was having trouble not grinning at the malicious grin that covered Cyndi’s mouth. Such force was used that she had gone down all the way, taken the full thickness of his cock inside of her bowels.

It seemed like Amber’s world had turned to fire and pain, the only thing that kept her from getting hurt was that she was still mostly relaxed from all the climaxes she had earlier. she just stayed still trying to come to grips that she was split in two, (well that it what it felt like). Cyndi was having none of it. “Don’t just sit there.” Taking Amber under the arms she started to lift the girl, but once she came back up about halfway off the cock Cyndi dropped her down again.

Standing up on the bed now, her nude body bent rather obscenely in Samantha and Bree’s directly, Cyndi balanced for a moment, before beginning to lift her reluctant friend up and down the huge pole inside of her butt. “Look at you, such a slut. Taking his big cock in your backside while we all watch. Guess Robin and I are not the only ones now, hmm? You and Bree are both well fucked this morning ... look at you both. She’s got her face buried between the thighs of little Open Easy Robin while taking a fucking from Samantha, and you, well, you just had to have that big cock again...” She reached around, squeezing Amber’s breasts, and moving her head close to her ear. “Is this not fun? Hmmm?”

The heat radiating outwards from her abused backside filled Amber with a strange sort of arousal. She was being fucked like ... like ... a slut she guessed, only sluts take it in the ass she assumed. The pain was receding as her tissues numbed, and the depths to which Jax’s long cock was drilling into her made her gasp and moan with every stroke. Over and over she could feel his cock move in and out, aided by Cyndi’s incessant push/pull on her upper body. “I ... guess ... its just ... fuck he’s too big!”

“I know, that cock about killed me the first couple of times. But, fuck, it looks so good right now!”

Jax was tortured by the virginal ass of Amber, and her overly tight grip on him was sending him to the limit very quickly, at least for him. As he shot off inside of the young girl, holding her tight and grinding his cock deep in her bowels, Amber could feel her overworked body nearing her own orgasm - though after so many in the kitchen, she was surprised that she still had it in her.

Bree’s mouth kept rocking into Robin’s shaven butterfly decorated quim, and as her eager, if a tad inexperienced, tongue worked it’s way around Robin’s clit, she pushed back, filling her cunt with the shaft that Samantha was pounding into her. Robin, unable to keep her concentration, rolled onto her back the rest of the way, and pulling Bree’s face in closer, began to buck and writhe against the fucked girls face as she got the first release she had all morning. “Fuck Bree, you are so fucking good at that” she said, in love with her partner of the moment.

“That’s good, little bird, because you got more work today, poor Amber’s been royally fucked and I don’t think she was ready for it ... be extra nice to her won’t ya?” Samantha’s voice, coming across the supine body of the girl she was fucking, seemed honestly concerned, surprising Robin a bit. She sort of assumed that when Sam was fucking, that’s all she could think about.

--- continued---

Robin shuddered one more time, then shivered a bit as she felt Bree leave off her ministrations. Her pussy still dripping, Robin closed her legs, feeling her thighs stick together a bit, as she rolled over, watching as Amber slowly pulled herself off of Robin’s brother, collapsing on the edge of the large bed. Moving over to the girl, Robin put her hands on Amber’s thighs, gently spreading them

“Oh, god, I can’t, no more ... oh jeeeeez” Amber moaned as she felt the dainty lips of her friend begin to lick along her inner thighs. Looking up her friend’s supine body, Robin paused, “It’s ok, I’ll make you feel better ... I was so sore after he ... took me like that...”. Amber could not believe her friend fucked her brother, much less fucked him in her backside. This was all too intense to be believed. And they all had thought Robin was the shy one in the bunch. How wrong they were!

Moving upwards, Robin pressed Amber’s legs apart even more, licking softly down across her sex, and lower, seeing the raw red opening, oozing a bit with the white proof of Jax’s enjoyment. With an inner moan, she pressed her tongue in deep, penetrating her friend’s asshole, and felt Amber’s answering moan vibrating through her body.

Cyndi had not lost anytime. As soon as Amber had gotten off, in more ways than one, she had stroked hard on Jax’s prick, amazed that he was still hard ... perhaps not as hard as before, but still quite a nice hard cock. “Oh, gawd, how can you still be ... ungh” she cried, feeling her body tingle in anticipation.

Samantha pulled out of Bree, letting her slick fake cock waggle from side to side as she enjoyed her pretend male appendage. Standing up, idly stroking her ‘cock’, she smirked at Jax. “I can see why you have so much fun, it’s a rush to fuck a willing cunt, or ass for that matter”. Her words, combined with her thrusting of her phallus into her hand, underscored just how deviant and nasty she was becoming. Spotting the upturned ass of her little sister, whose face was busy cleaning out the back door of one of her little cunt friends, she moved over, holding her prick out like a lance.

Samantha looked over her younger sister raised little behind, the tattoo that showed the ownership of her ass was on full display. Under that was her cute little pussy. The older sister was glad to see that despite all the fucking she did, and by such large cocks, she didn’t get the ‘donkey’ sized pussy with the inner and outer lips all stretched and hanging out, that look wasn’t pretty. Samantha was the same way, it seemed their mother had passed them good pussy tightening genes, though Sam couldn’t recall what her mother’s quim looked like, though she had forced three children through it. As the elder sister still thought about what hole she wanted to use she kept her fist wrapped around her fake cock and stroked the wet length. She was tempted to shove her phallus right up her sister’s ass, but she had heard what Jax had done to her friend that did that, although taking her big brother up her own ass was far from a punishment.

In the end she decided to not take Robin’s ass, not for her own sake, or even her sister’s, but for the three other girls. She didn’t want the others to think they could fuck poor Robin up the ass just because they saw Samantha do it. Gripping the slick dong by only it’s base she guided it to the girl’s wet opening. “Poor Robin so much work done today already and all you have is a eaten cunt to show for it. That’s ‘OK’ I will give you some love” and with that she slid the cock easily into her sister. The resistance was minimal due to how wet the younger sister had gotten and the fact she was used to taking much larger cocks. Despite that, Samantha could still feel the girl’s inner walls clutching at the spongy type dildo and the older sister pushed it all the way inside, to where her pubis was pushed against her ass. Pausing he she leans down over her sister’s back and reaches around to cup her tits in her hand. “You know dear sister you really should let Jax fuck your tits sometime, or maybe you should just rub him off with them, guys really like that!” With that Sam rose back up on her knees and proceeded to fuck Robin.

Amber just lay on her stomach legs spread a little as she felt her friend go after the cum that was inside of her. It seemed Robin didn’t care where the jizz was located, she still went for it. However, even the girl’s soft tongue hurt the girl’s raw and very sore ass, she knew she was going to have trouble walking right for awhile. At the same time she felt the pride of accomplishment, she did take Jax up her ass and stayed there until he had gotten off again. To be honest though, she was NOT going to be able to take that big flesh pole up her pucker again any time soon. Thinking about Cyndi and Robin, she didn’t want those to to always be one up on her, and it was then when Amber decided, in the warm afterglow of her orgasm, to train her ass. She would get herself some dildoes and such, different sized ones and gradually use the larger ones until she could take Jax again without it being so traumatic.

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