Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 29: Dinner and a movie, Robin style

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 29: Dinner and a movie, Robin style - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

The buzzer sounded and the girls spent the next couple of minutes preparing their platters of snacks, being very careful to not burn their naked skin - so much of it was on display. Robin may be quite used to doing everyday tasks without clothing on, but Amber found the whole exercise quite stimulating. Even if she was not the most exhibitionist of people (though that appeared to be changing), her voyeuristic desires were being well stoked just by these everyday activities. Not to mention the intimate contacts that had been (and will likely continue) occurring.

As they laid out their snacks on the low tables in the living room, including 4 fresh wine coolers. Robin placed some towels across the cushions of the two long couches. “What? I mean ... Why you doing that ... we are not that messy are we?” Bree asked, watching the nude girl bend over as she tucked the towels she had just laid out into the cushions.

“Well, we can sure just lay out on the two beds and watch, but thought it would be easier if we were sitting up, at least while we are eating ... and, well, naked girls and couches - we should have something down ... you know...” she said, running a hand quickly over her damp groin.

“Oh, um yeah, I had not thought about that a lot” Bree said, flushing a bit.

“See, she’s an expert at this nudist lifestyle!” Cyndi piped up, helping Robin tuck in another towel, protecting the couches from any of the girl’s activities, not just food spillage!

Amber grabbed the controls and brought up Roku and then Netflix. “I heard about this movie from a friend, I think you guys will like it...” As the 4 girls made themselves comfortable, Bree and Robin on one couch, Amber and Cyndi on the other, the opening credits of “All about Anna’ began to roll. As they munched on their food, Amber added, “It’s like Swedish or something, from about ten years ago ... it’s kinda racy...”

As the movie began, and within a few minutes, it was obvious racy was not exactly the right word. The girls watched, entranced, as the two lovers in the opening scene had very obvious and graphic sex.

“OmG, this is on Netflix? It’s like porn!” Bree exclaimed, feeling her body warming up as she watched the actress be kissed most intimately. She soon let her legs part, and as she began to play with her clit a bit, she looked around, seeing the aroused faces of three other girls and smiled. “Good choice Amber, if you wanted an out and out orgy!” she teased, before patting her damp sex “Come Robin, you know your job!”

The community arousal, banked a bit over the last hour as they swam and fixed food, waxed stronger and stronger as the girls continued to watch an almost mainstream movie that did not shy away from frequent, graphic sex scenes. Robin, of course, was not watching it any more, though she could still hear the sounds, and that was enough to ratchet up her own arousal, as if it needed any help.

Leaning over, running her finger through Bree’s dampness, Robin toyed with the demanding girl for a moment, before leaning down and kissing upwards from her knee, across her thigh sprinkled with fine blond hairs, towards the top of her cleft, licking at her hidden clit with her tiny pink tongue. Pressing her bare breasts against the towel covered couch, she leaned further, trying to get at Bree’s wetness. Her tongue seeking out the girl’s damp opening, forcing her thighs farther apart.

Giving up her effort to stay on the couch, Robin slid down onto the floor, and moving to kneel directly in front of Bree, she unfolded the girl’s thighs, pressing on her knees, opening up the plane of her sex. With a renewed aggression, Robin drove her tongue deep inside the weeping cunt of her friend, dragging it upwards, tasting, teasing, flicking at Bree’s clitoris as she licked hungrily.

Amber turned to watch Robin and Bree as much as the television, lifting up one leg and dropping her knee to the side, running one hand lightly up and down her own aroused body. Looking at Cyndi, her friends face aglow with arousal as she tweaked one of her famously long nipples, she nodded at the two of them. “Someone is enjoying themselves, and someone is enjoying being where she is ... on the floor ... how, I mean, how did you realize that she really liked to be ordered about ... I mean ... Bree and I have fun, but this is a whole other level!”

Cyndi paused her observation, flushed, turning to explain to Amber a bit. “Well, after that night, you know, sort of forcing us onto each other. I realized that I liked it, even, you know, eating her out and stuff. The next time I came over, “she paused, looking down and watching Amber begin to masturbate slowly as she listened, and watched “and found a very sexy outfit she had...”.

Cyndi was debating introducing some of what Jax had done into the equation. Her previous conversation with Amber, admitting that she had had sex with Robin’s older brother, and that his cock was amazingly huge, made her think that it might be okay to introduce the fact that Jax had seen Robin naked before. She was not sure, though. Robin and her had talked this over extensively, just how to bring Bree and Amber into the ‘fold’, so to speak. She did not want to screw it up, but this conversation seemed the perfect opportunity to lay a little more groundwork. The big reveal was still going to be tomorrow morning, but the more they could prime the pump, so to speak, the better. She looked over at Robin, busily servicing the pixie haired blond girl, and hoped she was paying attention - at least enough to play along if the others asked questions.

Changing some of the details to suit the story she wanted to present, Cyndi continued. “It was an X-rated corset and stocking outfit. I mean, it did not hide anything, merely accentuated it. When I asked her about it, she tried to lie, to hide it, saying it was her sisters, but I insisted.” Moving her hand to her other breast, she worked her other nipple, keeping them ‘even’ so to speak, as she continued recounting her modified story. “She finally admitted she had ordered it, secretly, online ... and she sometimes liked to pretend she was, you know, one of those slutty service maids in the stories ... She had just forgotten to put it safely away. I asked her about it some more, and she admitted that the dares and things that Bree and you made her do at the party had gotten her very curious, even addicted to reading stories about that kind of thing.”

“Wow, so she was basically telling you...”

“Yeah, she was saying ... she liked to be told what to do. So, I sorta called her bluff. Told her to get on her knees and get her mouth on me before I counted the five. By the time I hit three she was on her knees, and by five, my pants were down at my ankles and she was licking me like there was no tomorrow...”

“So that’s why you are not quite so ... diffident ... you found out you like to order her around ... I knew something was up, you were like way too confident when we got here, even stripping like it was no big deal!” Amber was dripping now, thinking about the scene Cyndi was describing, hearing the moans from the television, and watching the three naked girls around her. It was voyeuristic heaven to say the least.

“Yeah, but you have not heard the best part ... Well, maybe not the best part ... but, anyways. Um, let’s see ... She was really doing a number on me, so, I had her stop ... so I could you know, lay down on her bed ... I kicked off my jeans and stuff, and lay back. As she moved to lick me some more, I stopped her, telling her ‘A good pussy slave is naked... ‘ just to see what she’d do. She did not even pause before she whipped off her top (she had not been wearing a bra I soon found out) and pulled down her shorts and panties in one quick movement. ‘Like this?” she said playfully, as she dove back between my legs. It was heaven, well, as you can well imagine I am sure after today’s demonstration!” Cyndi, content to tease her nipples, enjoying the dampness leaking out of her sex, and trying to force herself to not touch her clit until she HAD to, noted, “I can see why we put down towels, I’m so drenched!” Spreading her legs, flashing Amber briefly, she then continued.

“I was laying there, enjoying her mouth, thinking about the last slumber party, and how, you know, Jax found me and all that happened, and started wishing he would want to do, um, do more ... when I looked up. Robin had never closed her door, I had not realized, and Jax was standing there, watching. I started to sit up, but he immediately put a finger to his lips, shushing me, motioning for me to stay down. I thought ... WTF ... but it was so hot ... him watching while his little sister licked me ... and, well, you know I’d do anything for him, I can’t help it!

“No way, you mean?” Amber was not being shy anymore, her fingers were constantly dipping into her sex, then sliding up over her open lips to circle her clit, rubbing her dampness over her shaven lips.

“Yeah, he watched ... not only that, he started to play with himself. I could see his cock get long and hard ... and Robin was oblivious. She could not see behind her of course, and I never said anything ... even though she was naked and kneeling between my thighs. God, it was so fucking hot ... And then he walked over to the bed, still motioning me to be quiet. Getting near my head, he pushed his cock into my face, and of course I kissed it, and more ... Robin, of course, was startled and moved away from my sex, but ... strangely, she just lay down at the bottom of the bed kinda out of the way of where I was sucking on her brother - She didn’t really watch so much, I don’t think, as she just lay there, as if she was spent...”

“You are kidding!” Amber almost groaned, stopping her hand for a moment, not wanting to cum yet, enjoying the story, and her imagination way too much.

“Yeah, I mean, no, she did sit up, as if she was going to leave, but I saw Jax motion for her to stay put ... and she did! That was when I began to realize just how submissive she was ... I mean, yeah, she was riled up from what we were doing, but she even let Jax tell her to stay while he fed me his cock ... That had to be embarrassing ... I, of course, was mostly oblivious -- If you ever see it, you will know why. His cock is like ... god ... amazing.

Anyhow ... long story short ... afterwards ... he just walked away, smirking almost. I talked to Robin right away, um, I never had told her about what he did with me the night of the sleepover. After we got done apologizing and forgiving and all that, she just got up and walked out of her room naked. I called after her, “Robin, you are like, naked!” and she turned around in the doorway. She said something like “Yeah, well, it’s not like he hasn’t seen me, or you ... and it’s not like I’m going to run around being a nudist all the time ... I just gotta pee ... and I don’t see the point in hiding” Cyndi paused her story a bit, looking over at Bree’s spread posture, Robin’s face wet and damp between her thighs. “This is just too fucking hot ... I can hardly stand it!” she said, moving her hand down and openly stroking herself, joining Amber in girlish masturbatory delight.

Pausing a moment, clutching herself, she tried to finish up “That was before her trip to Florida, and I guess you heard, she sorta got even more used to being naked ... I swear, she has the coolest family, they let her just be herself ... no judgement ... I wish mine were ... half that cool”

“So anyway, you can see sorta how I figured out just how much she liked to be told what to do ... and even some of why she’s such a nakey girl. I admit ... it’s kinda fun ... I mean ... I have not had clothes on now for a few hours ... It feels ... freeing? Or something?”

Robin had heard most of what Cyndi was saying, though she missed some when Bree’s thighs clamped around her face hard a couple times. She was worried for a second that Cyndi was spilling too many secrets, but Amber’s reaction seemed ok, and when Bree reached down, patting her head, she simply concentrated on her task.

“You let your brother watch you with Cyndi? My gosh ... you are such a dirty little girl ... you like it when I call you a dirty girl? I bet you do ... because you are ... we know you are ... right? You told me ... didn’t you?” Bree was toying with the girl, driving her words into the service girl’s brain, grinding her damp sex against her sweet eager lips. Stroking the girls head, enjoying the feel of her long black hair against her hand, she looked at her seriously “Don’t spill a drop now ... we don’t want to make a mess now do we?”

Robin nodded, moving to lick downwards a bit, teasingly near Bree’s bottom hole, before returning to suckling a bit on her clit. “Lower honey” Bree told her, moving Robin where she wanted. As Robin probed Bree’s sex with her tongue, her mouth open, covering her pink wetness, she felt a small blast of liquid hit her mouth, and she swallowed quickly, before realizing it was not quite the normal juice from her friend. Looking up at Bree, eyes wide, she saw her friends intense gaze, holding hers, and repeating “Don’t spill a drop my little slut...”. Another squirt hit her mouth, and she tasted it, scared though curious. It was ... ok ... at best. A bit acrid, but thankfully not too strong - Perhaps all the wine coolers were helping. As she realized what she was doing, Robin felt an intense wave of utter subjugation wash over her, stronger than any she had ever felt, except perhaps when both Jax and Kyle had taken her. As Bree continued to give her small dribbles of her urine, not overwhelming her, but constantly reminding her of her subservient role, Robin could feel her submissive brain - her ‘slut mind’ she liked to call it -take over again.

Bree stroked the girl’s hair, watching her eagerly kiss and drink her liquids, as if she was born to do it. She looked over at the other two girls, watching each other and Robin, still masturbating, and spoke up “I think your other guests are getting impatient Robin, you better hurry up and make me cum ... or you will never be done tonight!” Teasing the slut was ½ of the fun, and as she gave her another taste, she loved how hard Robin was sucking into her sex. “You guys have no idea just how good this little slut is becoming. I thought Katie was good ... Robin may be better ... mmmmm” she said

“They are watching you closely now Robin, seeing if you are going to make me cum so they can have a turn ... How do you like them watching you ... mmm? Does it feel all nasty down in your cunt? I bet it does ... They do not even know the half of it, do they ... do they?” she tormented and teased the girl, continuing to enjoy her mouth and giving her a tiny taste from time to time.

Amber looked at Cyndi, a bit confused about Bree’s words, curiosity clear on both of their faces. Turning to watch the others more closely, they both slowed down their attentions on their own bodies as they tried to figure out what Bree was talking about.

Bree glanced over, assuring herself that everyone was watching, patted Robin’s head. “Open your mouth wide sweetie, and just lay your tongue flat under my little spot ... and hold still. We will show them, hmm?” She waited, holding her bladder, as Robin continued to suck on her clit, perhaps trying to get her to cum and not expose her new secret. Waiting, watching, she saw (and felt) Robin slow down, eventually looking up at her with pleading eyes as she lowered her face a bit, opening her mouth and laying out her tongue, flat, like a tiny red carpet. “Ready?” Bree asked, not expecting an answer, but continued to draw it out, as well as draw attention to what they were doing. With a smile, she released her hold on her bladder again and waited for a bit to come out, squeezing it off quickly. Pausing a second, she repeated her action, a bit more this time, and watched as Robin eagerly put her mouth back onto her sex, cleaning her up and not letting a drop fall.

“Oh shit. Are you ... peeing in her mouth? FUCK me!” Amber cried, the intense nature of the act going so far beyond anything she had thought possible.

Cyndi was stunned. When she had done something like that to Robin, it had been with a lot more malice and insults, and had resulted in a very painful punishment -- this, this was almost sweet and caring, and yet just as kinky and nasty. She could feel herself, imagining herself in Robin’s place. Bree! No, Bree’s place, she told herself quickly. Her overheated mind playing tricks on her.

“I told you I learned a lot from Katie, about how their minds work ... I wanted to see just how submissive she truly was ... She never said a word ... and I’ve been doing it for the last 5 minutes...” Bree told the shocked girls, pulling Robin into her sex more fully, and rocking her clit hard against her nose. “God, I’ve been holding back ... Make me cum now ... You are such a good cunt licker Robin ... little Robin...”

Robin was not sure how she could look at her friends in the face anymore, the depths to which she had just proven she could go was too much to expect anyone to understand. Still, she was riding high on her submissive, servile fantasy, and as Bree pulled her in hard, she worked her best, driving a finger inside of the girl before using it to tease her backside entrance enough to get her hips to buck, and her sex to explode against her face. As Bree’s thighs clamped hard against her ears, trapping her, she held her breath a long time, waiting to be released, eventually pulling back and gasping, her face raw, red, and coated with Bree’s sticky juice.

The movie, long forgotten, continued unnoticed, the sexual situations depicted paling in comparison to what the girls were doing on their couches. Cyndi called her friend over, wanting to comfort her a bit, before having her lick her again. “Come here honey, it’s alright, no one minds ... Give me a hug ... yes, up here ... give me a hug...” Pulling the girl up to sit next to her, she held Robin’s trembling body, stroking her back, letting their two bodies meld, comforting each other.

“So, Katie does this too? “Amber asked, curious as all heck. She continued to marvel at how in control, or dominant Bree seemed to be with their friend. It was if she understood Robin (and Katie it sounded like) better than the rest of us.

“No, well, I guess I don’t know ... I just sorta, tried it ... I was curious to see what Robin would do. No, I was going to call up Katie and have her demonstrate something else ... but perhaps we can save that for tomorrow or something ... this has been quite an interesting evening already!” Bree had sat back, sated, her legs splayed unconcernedly. Looking around the room, she eyed the movie with a marked lack of curiosity before turning her attention back on her friends, noting that Cyndi and Robin’s hug appeared to be ending, as Cyndi was pushing Robin’s head lower, feeding her one of her long pink nipples.

“There, there, see, everything is just fine ... we just love you as you are Robin ... Now ... suck those nicely. It makes me all warm and squiggly”. Cyndi was still stroking Robin’s back as she pushed her face to her breast, sighing as she felt Robin’s mouth begin to suckle on her. The scene was both heartwarming (as she reassuringly comforted her friend), and subtly erotic as the two naked girls held each other, touching, caressing, kissing.

Amber went to sit next to Bree as Robin began to work on Cyndi a bit more, now openly sucking and pulling on the girl’s nipples, her hands beginning to roam lower. Running her hand up and down her best friend’s thigh, Amber shook her head, still unbelieving at how things had gotten so intense. “How did you know? I mean, how did you even think to do that? I mean ... I’ve heard about ... you know ... watersports ... but never...” she asked Bree, as the two sat next to each other, unconcerned now with their nudity - There had been so much more that had happened - Their earlier concern about being nude seemed a bit childish now.

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