Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 28: Naked Nymphs by the Pool

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 28: Naked Nymphs by the Pool - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

As Jax drove to Hannah’s place he thought about his sister and what her and her friend would be doing right now. It is really amazing how what started out as a fairly simple plan had just bloomed into something so much more. The original idea was to just get his youngest sister to be his sex toy ... Well not a toy per say, for one doesn’t usually care about a toy when broken, but he does care about his sister, and she certainly isn’t a sex slave -- She could always say no. Jax didn’t know exactly how to classify what he helped his sister turn into, the family slut might be the closest match, but it was slut in a good way.

Though it turned out he didn’t have to do it all alone for his other sister joined in, and she helped smooth the road. Robin was well on the path of corruption when Cyndi popped up as well. Her inclusion was easier because Jax knew she had a crush on him for a long time. So It was just a matter of fulfilling her fantasies, and then letting her know how things in the family operated. Now Robin and Cyndi were working on securing two more of her friends into their lifestyle. Robin had really seemed to have blossomed over the past month or so. She didn’t seem the clueless or oblivious girl she had been, and it seemed she had found a space that was very comfortable for her, it was submissive to almost anyone, but that was fine, provided she surrounded herself with good people.

As he grew nearer Hannah’s house his mind slowly turned her way. They had video chatted online almost every day since their meeting at the supermarket. Though it was mostly showing the woman his huge cock while she showed him that she was masturbating to it. Sometimes she just used her fingers other times a toy. Jax on his end never did the same for he didn’t have to pleasure himself for he had Robin, Cyndi, and to a lesser degree Samantha. This would be their first time getting together since the first time they had met. Jax wasn’t coming over to take her out, or to watch a movie, he was coming over to just fuck her brains out, and she knew it too.

He pulled up to the front of a pleasant if somewhat small house. Jax knew the woman was a fifth grade teacher, and had gotten the house in the divorce. Walking to the front door, he found out the woman had been waiting for him since before he could even ring the bell the door swung open. Hannah stood before him wearing little and hiding nothing. Her entire middle was wrapped up tight in a corset, though the top was only half cupped which gave her large tits lift, but allowed her nipples to be showing. The item of clothing ended at her hips and had stocking straps hanging from the bottom which were in use holding up her stockings, and she wore nothing else, her sex fully exposed to him. Her hair was piled up on top of her head in elaborate braids and her makeup was to the level of full whore. All the clothing was red. Jax just stood, with a little grin, where he was, enjoying the sight before him. He took one step inside and started to work his fly. With a tug and a flip of the wrist his thick pole hung free. Looking at it, the woman groaned in longing.

“Suck my cock” is all the man said. Hannah waved him in as he was standing in the way of the door but Jax didn’t move and just partially arched an eyebrow at her. Realization didn’t take long to dawn on her and she instantly dropped down to her knees. Reaching out she took the partially erect member in her hands and began to stroke it. The woman wrinkled her nose as the smell hit her, she of course knew that scent. She looked up at him thinking he had fucked his girlfriend very recently. Jax hadn’t of course shared the information that the girl he was with at the supermarket was actually his middle sister. Besides, that wasn’t whose pussy juice coated his member anyway. but It was the youngest sister’s best friend. The length started to grow stiff in her mouth so she was able to take less and less of the total length as it swelled. Long lines of red lipstick started to coat his cock as she dragged her lips up and down it. Once it was at full mast she took as much into her mouth as she could, but when she tried to pull back she found she couldn’t.

The man’s hand was pressed to the back of the woman’s head. and He waited till she had taken as much of his length that she was comfortable with, and then he made her take even more. Pushing the head forward, he heard and felt the teacher gag on his cock head. Her body tensed up as her stomach revolted. Then she couldn’t breathe. Reaching up she started to push against him, but he was too strong for her. Relenting, he let her pull back just long enough to suck in a ragged breath before forcing her down again. The gagging had made her eyes water and tears started to slide down her face smearing her eyeliner and mascara. Dark lines were covering her cheeks as her eye makeup ran. Jax gagged her again and again, and the only reason she didn’t stop him was she could feel his member twitch each time and he let out grunts of approval. She wanted him to get off quick, for anyone that walked past her front door could look inside and see them.

The man drove her head hard down his member, while throat mucus was pulled out each time he withdrew, making her face even more messy and falling down to her tits. Jax could feel his climax quickly approaching, and right before he blew his load he pulled all the way out of her mouth and pointed the throbbing, angry, purple head right at her and came. The force of the first spurt surprised her. It stung as it hit her right in the left eye. She squeezed her peepers closed as more and more spunk spattered on her face, making the train wreck that was her face even more of a nightmare. Her mouth hung open and she felt a few spurts land in there as well. Eventually she didn’t feel anything new and opened her eyes. Wiping her left eye with her wrist, she looked up at him. The woman was so fucking horny right now that she was practically leaving a puddle on the floor. Taking another step inside Jax looked behind him. Across the street stood a woman her mouth hanging open and a shocked look on her face. The man just smirked at her and kicked the door closed.

Reaching down the man helped the teacher to her feet. “My god. I need you to eat my pussy so bad!” she exclaimed.

Jax just harrumphed, “If you needed that you should have told me, I would have brought the girl and then she could go down on you. I don’t eat pussy.” In truth, the man didn’t have anything against eating a girl out, he just didn’t find it appealing. And since their house was now full of cunt lickers, he simply didn’t have to do it.

Hannah took Jax’s hand and started to pull him toward her bedroom. Walking past the living room, the man saw she had a couch so he pulled her to a stop and brought her over to that, and then turned her around and bent her over the arm of the sofa. Her well rounded ass was now exposed for him and he brought his hand down on it hard. Not expecting a smack, she cried out more in surprise then in pain, but a red handprint started to rise up from her pale flesh. “You’re such a naughty teacher!” Jax said as he smacked her again. “Bringing a man much younger than yourself, a veritable stranger to just fuck you senseless.” Another smack to her rear.

“Yes, yes, I’m such a dirty little whore” she replied getting into it, as another hand swung a stinging spank on her ass. The two white orbs were both an angry red now.

Jax positioned himself behind the horny woman and just plowed his cock into her quim, bottoming out in the first fast thrust. Hannah gripped the seat cushion in front of her as she felt like she had been split in half and cried out in pain and desire. It was so incredibly intense, and then he started in on her hard and fast. The pain began to recede and was replaced with unbelievable pleasure. Even her largest dildo couldn’t fill her like this. It felt as if he was reaching every part of her insides. “Yes ... fuck me, fuck me, give me all your cock!”

Robin was eagerly tasting her friend’s sex, having discovered a real liking for the sweet juices of an aroused pussy. She knew the others were watching her. Watching her kneel there, naked, between the slim thighs of her friend, and it just made her more aroused. There was something about being told what to do that just seemed to make her feel really good deep down.

Stroking Robin’s long black hair as she licked at her lips, Cyndi spread her thighs wider, unashamed, her past few trips to this house having removed most of her body shyness. She knew she was being blatantly crude, and shocking the other two girls. Things were progressing perfectly. Already she could see them considering whether to have Robin come lick them to orgasm or not.

“After our last party, Robin and I had a long talk the next time I came over. Let’s just say, she likes it when she’s told what to do. And she does it so well.”

“Just like Katie ... I wonder how much like her she is...” Bree said, her blonde hair wafting about her ears as she watched the two naked girls on the other lounger.

Amber looked at Bree, then glanced at Cyndi with a questioning look. Bree just shook her head, “Look at her, she can know. Hell, I know how much you love the story ... I’m sure it will all come out this weekend...”. Turning to speak to Cyndi. “Not sure if Amber told you anything about my sister, but let’s just say, I saw some of her sorority initiation, and she was acting as submissive as anything I’ve ever read. Part of why we did some of those things last time ... I wanted to see ... you know ... what it was like...”

Cyndi nodded thoughtfully, “Well, whatever the reason you made us do those things, we both ended up having a good time, though it was not until later I realized just how into it Robin had been. I had come over, and one thing led to another, and soon I had her right where she is now ... and she was quite insistent that she stay there for a while ... Who was I to argue”.

Cyndi was purposely ignoring the role Jax, Robin’s brother, played in the scene she had just related. She and Robin had decided to just ease them into things. To get them used to Robin and Cyndi, then maybe Samantha, and hopefully, if they’d gotten them all naked and licked to orgasm, the next morning’s breakfast would be quite, um, interesting.

Cyndi paused, biting her lip and moaning, as Robin inserted a finger inside of her while suckling on her clit. “Oh ... shit that’s good ... so good ... right there, Robin...” With a shudder, she looked back up at the other two girls, seeing their intent gazes, and flushed faces. Nodding at Bree, encouraging her, figuring she would be the first, Cyndi slowly squeezed her nipples as she let Robin’s tongue burrow deep.

Bree was hot enough that she did not really think too much about it. Standing up, she untied her bottoms, and let them fall. Her light tuft of blonde curls was glistening in the sunlight as she sat back down, spreading her legs and patting her wet lips. “Robin, as soon as you are done...” She watched and waited, eager for her turn.

Cyndi reached down, patting Robin, ‘Um, that was a good little one, I think I can wait ... go take care of your other guests ... you have work to do my little slut...”.

Flushing with embarrassed arousal, but submissive to the end, Robin gave a final suckle to Cyndi’s clit, letting go with a gentle pop, and turned around, reaching between Bree’s long tanned legs.

“So easily led, just like Katie turned out to be, though it took her some time to admit it to me at home. But now, let’s just say we have an understanding. She may be 4 years older, but she knows where her mouth should be...” Bree was bragging a bit as Robin began to lick and kiss at her sex, Bree’s hips moving eagerly to accommodate the girl’s face, feeling how her hands reached behind to clasp her bare buttocks.

Amber, watching all of this, her secret voyeuristic desires running fully charged, reached down to slide her own bottoms off, running a hand over her own shaven slickness. The warm sun hitting her body was an aphrodisiac in and of itself. The show being put on right next to her by Robin and Bree only further heightened her erotic state.

Cyndi smiled, standing up. “Let me just take your suits ... I’m going to go put these with your clothes, and tuck them away for the weekend ... we are going to have our own private nudist resort now ... replete with ‘personal service’!”. Picking up the discarded bottoms and moving over to where the tops had been tossed, she waved back, “I’ll be right back...”

Bree glanced at Cyndi as she left, but had little care or concern for her discarded suit. “God Robin, you are fucking good at that” she moaned as she felt Robin’s slender finger sliding inside, rubbing on that delightful ridged spot, all the while her lips and tongue were doing a number on her clitoris.

“Oh god, Amber, if she’s like Katie, um ... this could be fun ... I mean, unless you are getting jealous now...” she teased her best friend. She knew, well enough, that the girl games she and Amber played were much more reciprocal, and much more ‘for fun’, but she liked to tease her friend anyway.

“As if ... besides, I want her face buried in me now, so hurry up and flood her face like you tell me you do to Katie every night.”

“Yes, and the way I did to you last weekend ... don’t deny it you little lying shit...”

Amber blushed, though she was not sure why, it’s not as if they were going to hide the fact that they have sex with each other for fun.

Robin grasped Bree’s hips and dove deep inside of her, her finger moving rapidly as she felt the young girl’s body react, flooding her face with her juices. A series of guttural moans escaping her mouth. “Yes, fuck yes ... you licking bitch ... right there” Bree groaned, grinding into the submissive girl as she rode her face to an orgasm in the sun. “Fuck me ... that’s ... goood”, Bree wailed, beginning to come down from her intense peak.

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