Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 22: Some new toys

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 22: Some new toys - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

Hours later, slowly moving, Robin awoke, noticing that everyone was still asleep, even though it felt like it was getting late. Turning, moving to get up, needing to pee, she saw her brother’s naked body lying against her and changed plans. Moving down, her head laying against his thigh, she slowly opened her mouth and slid the head of his soft prick into her mouth, beginning to suckle on it like a baby animal. She longed to make him happy with her, and with this one thing, she knew that he could not be upset ... he seemed to really enjoy her mouth.

Slowly the young man’s prick came to life, starting to firm up in her mouth and eventually reached a full erection. A state that the girl was very familiar with. Jax started to rouse, blurrily blinked open his eyes and looked around. It was almost pitch black in the room, so he couldn’t see anything. It was then that the full realization of what he was feeling sunk in. The head of his cock was feeling something warm and wet and tight, a little smile crossed his face. Reaching out one hand to his side he found the spot where his youngest sister should be sleeping empty, just as he had thought. This was very good, now the girl was acting of her own volition, not having to be told to do things anymore, but just doing them. Taking hold of the blankets, he pulled them aside. He knew he couldn’t see anything but he pulled them out of the way. Reaching down he rested his hand on the girl’s cheek, “Good Girl” he said just loud enough for her to hear.

Jax just fully relaxed back into the bed as he let Robin have her way with his cock. She already knew how he liked it. He suspected if she had been fully healed she might have gone ahead and mounted herself and rode him. He didn’t need something like that now, getting woken up by her mouth was very pleasant, and it was even better when he got to go back to sleep when she was done. Jax’s breathing became more rapid and throaty as the girl built up his excitement, working him over with her hands and mouth. The cock began to throb in her mouth and hands as Jax’s muscles involuntarily clenched up as his body tried to put off climaxing, it was obviously a losing battle.

With a heavy grunt, he started to cum. He shot hot thick load after hot thick load right into Robin’s mouth. She wasn’t cleaning cum off his cock, or licking it from her sister. This time she was getting it right from the source, right from the tap. Since Jax had helped to fuck Samantha’s brains out just hours before, the load he delivered to his little sister wasn’t too large and she had no problem swallowing it all down. The man let out a sigh as he came down and patted the girl’s cheek, “Good Girl” he said again. This time it sounded almost like something would say to an obedient dog. Within minutes Jax was back asleep. During the little session, neither of them had made enough noise to wake up the two in the next bed.

Robin groaned a bit as her brother’s cock awoke. As she pleasured him, and he eventually took his ease into her mouth, she marveled again at the wondrous games she had been introduced to. She never knew how soft and yet hard a boy’s thing would be, nor how good it really could feel, letting it quiver and quake inside of her mouth, shooting off and coating her tongue. As she licked his prick clean, and softly glowed as she felt him pat her, calling her his good girl, she finally responded to the need in her bladder, and got up, slowly, and padded to the bathroom.

Squatting, spreading her legs widely, she let her water flow down, and lightly touched her raw skin all around her opening, feeling where it was healing. She hoped the salve would work wonders, she longed to feel ... filled ... again ... Blushing she felt a bit like a naughty girl, but as she stopped peeing, and stood up, patting herself dry, she looked out the open door at the others sleeping, and wondered again at how much she’d changed.

Jax only slept a few more hours before he woke up. It was bright enough outside that the light spilling around the curtains was enough to let him see what was going on in the room. Samantha and Kyle were already awake and they were enjoying a morning delight. Samantha lazily rode her boyfriend, but looked like they would be done soon enough. The older brother was used to waking up with a hard on and he recently had Robin fix it for him, but It looked like her little blowjob last night was late enough that it solved his need. Jax rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom, as he passed the other two he gave Samantha’s ass a hard swat, “You’re such a horny slut” he said in a playful way. When he came back out he made sure Robin was awake and then had her spread her legs so he could put some cream on her tattoos. The healing process was coming along quickly and he thought if they stuck to the regimen, then her pussy and ass could be back in play in two days or so.

Eventually everyone was up and moving and packing their bags. Jax ordered up room service for lunch and he didn’t use Robin for the tip like he usually did. Instead, he just paid the man. Once everyone was finished they took their bags down to the lobby and checked out. After several more hours they were on the plane and flying their way back home. Robin had a whole bunch more sexual adventures to tell Cyndi about. Also her good friend would also be excited to see Jax no doubt, and would most like want to fuck as soon as they could. The flight was only a little over an hour so everyone was able to keep their hands to themselves.

A few hours later, finally back home, Robin called Cyndi and let her know she was back, laughing as she agreed to let her come over, half expecting the request. Robin soon was able to relax at home as she had so often before they’d left. Naked of course. She was rarely allowed to dress up anymore. Everyone seemed to insist on that. And not alone. Hardly ever. She was happily bent over the arm of the chair, keeping her brother’s cock wet with her mouth as he casually watched television.

When they had first returned home they’d found a package on their doorstep. Samantha scampered to scoop it up and looked at the package label, “YES! It’s here” she said and ran off to her room with it as soon as the door was open, not elaborating on what was inside. Kyle clearly didn’t know either, for when Jax glanced at him he just shrugged his shoulders and carried his and his girlfriend’s bags to her room.

Hearing the doorbell, Robin made as if to get up from Jax’s lap and answer it, but her brother held her in place. Calling out loudly, ‘Come in’ he hoped she heard, but at the moment, Jax did not really care ... Eventually, Robin heard the door open, and as she continued to suck on her brother’s cock, heard her friend call out ‘Robin??”

“In here... : Jax called into the entryway, stroking the head of his little sister. He wanted to ensure she remembered her place in all of this, and he kept her servicing him as her friend came into the room, stopping to stare at the exposed, tattooed backside of her once naive virginal friend.

Not noticing the tattoo at first, more shocked at the sudden, stark nudity, Cyndi quickly recovered, coming over, and looking down at her friend sucking on her brother’s huge cock. “You are such a slut Robin ... my gawd ... you just got home ... and you can’t keep your mouth off of him??”

Robin felt only a little self-conscious upon hearing her friend’s entrance. Having spent so much time pleasuring her brother though, the fact that she was nude, bare bottom exposed, and sucking on a prick in front of her friend, did not really shame her ... it was just a bit ... like she had been caught doing a chore or something.

Jax looked at Cyndi and arched an eyebrow at the girl. Reaching down he pulled Robin’s hair up from one side of her face so her friend would have an unobstructed view of the activities. “It isn’t because she is a slut that she is sucking my cock. It’s because I am her older brother that has needs, and she is a very dutiful little sister.” As he said this last part, he stroked the top of her head. He did NOT say that she wasn’t a slut. As the girl went down over his shaft again, Jax waited until she stopped and then pushed her head down, forcing her to gag on the head, before letting go so she could return to sucking him as she pleased.

Robin has done this duty so many times now she had her technique down pat. She had learned just how her brother liked to be sucked and held in her hand and how hard to grip as she stroked his cock. Cyndi didn’t move away -- instead she just looked on licking her lips wishing it was her mouth stretched on the length of Jax meat. Being so close to Robin’s brother had ramped up her inner flame into a raging inferno. She wanted his cock again, badly.

Continuing her oral work, feeling her friend watching, and her brother’s hand caressing her face while holding her hair out of the way, Robin was pleased to feel his shaft throbbing, getting closer and closer to cumming. Recovering from his forced gagging, she swallowed, getting her throat back under control, and using her hand deftly, soon had him exploding in her mouth. Sucking on the head as it sprayed her mouth, she felt the gooey warmth fill her cavity, and as she swallowed, she repeatedly cleaned and suckled on the head. With a final kiss, she popped off, and, as she let herself be moved, lightly licked her lips, blushing up at her friend.

Cyndi’s pussy was already dripping. She so wanted Jax to take her back to his room and fuck her brains out. As she heard the man grunt she thought she just might get her wish soon as Robin started to swallow quickly, Jax obviously pumping her mouth full of cum. He kept his sister down on his cock until he was completely done. Wrapping one arm around his little sister he gave her a quick hug in thanks.

Before Cyndi could voice her own idea about what to do next, Samantha came into the living room with Kyle. They were both nude. It was like their house had become some sort of nudist colony. “Oh, hey Cyn, I didn’t know you were here.” Samantha’s eyes lit up, “Hey!! You could help us test our new toys!” The middle sister was carrying four items that were all readily identifiable. Handcuffs, a dog leash, a dildo with an odd looking end, and a leather harness that looked like a strap on.

Helping her little sister stand up, she handed her the dildo and strap on, “Here, put this on.” Robin was instantly confused, this was supposed to go on her pelvic region, but all the straps were wrong, and the part that was supposed to go around her waist was much too small. “Not like that silly” Samantha said taking it from the girl. She turned it over and slid it onto her head. Now it made more sense, the straps were to keep it secure and the other one went around her neck and buckled behind her head. Along the front of the choker was a big ring. Turning the dildo around Robin saw that the odd end was supposed to go in her mouth, and she could apparently clamp her teeth down on the soft material to hold it tight.

After Robin finally got the head gear straightened out, and the end of the dildo in her mouth, Sam took the girl’s arms behind her back and cuffed them in place. Hooking the dog leash onto the ring in front of the choker, Samantha then turned her attention to Cyndi. She placed the girl right in front of Robin, turned her around and bent her over the couch. The younger sister could see her friend’s pussy quite close up now, and she could see and smell how wet she was from her unique vantage point. Taking the leash, Samantha put it through Cyndi’s legs and handed it to the slightly confused girl. Next Sam moved Robin’s head lightly, placing the business end of the dildo right up to Cyndi’s cunt, and pushed on the back of Robin’s head, forcing the toy into her friend.

Messing with the strange straps, Robin had felt a bit awkward and naive, until her sister helped her, everything becoming clear. She’d never seen anything like it, of course, but, well, it might be kinda fun to have a pretend dick ... even if it was coming out of her mouth. Feeling her arms pulled back, and hearing the snick of handcuffs as they closed, she was momentarily alarmed. This was a bit ... scary ... Trusting though, looking at her sister’s smiling face nervously, she nodded, watching as she clipped a leash to the collar, before moving to position Cyndi. It seemed that Samantha wanted a bit of a show.

Watching, she saw Samantha bend Cyndi over, reaching up and slipping Cyn’s panties off, before pulling Robin’s head closer, putting the end of the dildo in place, and pushing on the back of her head. Adjusting to the angle, and surprised at how ... subservient the gear was making her behave, Robin could see her friend’s sex opening up around the intruding dildo, her wetness obvious.

Cyndi let out a loud moan as the toy sunk into her body, stretching out her pussy. “Control her with the leash” Samantha said as she moved back to the couch to watch, sitting right next to Kyle. Reaching down, she had one hand wrapped around her boyfriend’s thick shaft, and the other between her own legs, softly circling her clit. Jax had turned off the TV -- this was much more entertaining.

“Pull back Robin” Cyndi said in a husky voice. As the girl did she was soon brought up short by the leash and brought forward again as Cyndi pulled on the leash, the dildo sinking into her once more. Soon enough the girl’s juices were getting on her face, dribbling off her chin.

Moving back as ordered, brought up short by the leash, she held in place, moving in response to the tug on the leash, beginning to move back and forth as Cyndi wanted, fucking her friend with the rubber phallus. She glanced around, noting that her siblings were watching her with a strange intensity, and as she concentrated on her task, she could feel the arousal build within her own body, responding to the increased activity all around her.

Cyndi reached down, and began to play with her clit as she forced her friend to fuck her with her face. It was so unreal. She wanted more, much more of course, and as she looked over at Jax, watching them, she licked her lips, wondering if he was going to fuck her again. She hoped so.

Standing up, she wanted to see if Robin would follow her like a pet dog, or other animal. As she felt the dildo slide out of her, she turned around, and backing up slowly, moving to the couch next to Samantha and Kyle, who by now had moved on to oral sex, Samantha’s mouth bobbing over her boyfriend’s prick as the two watched the young girls... “Come along Robin ... keep close” she said, tugging on the leash, forcing Robin to knee walk along slowly, unable to rise to walk normally. Moving on her knees without the help of her hands was slow going. Cyndi kept tugging on the leash, keeping Robin’s head only inches from her waist.

Stopping at the couch, she ordered “Hold Still” as she draped the leash over the extended phallus. Reaching to her waist, she unhooked her skirt, dropping it to the floor, before setting back on the couch, right next to Samantha, and pulled her obedient pet closer. “Get that inside of me again Robin...” she ordered, reaching to pull her crop top up and over her head, joining the rest of her friend’s family in their nude lifestyle.

Robin was a bit claustrophobic in the getup, but not really uncomfortable. The way her friend’s pussy opened around the fake cock protruding from Robin’s mouth was very kinky. She had no idea that there were games like this, but as she continued to move as directed, she felt her own, still sore but healing sex react to the scene.

Looking over at Jax, she saw that he was aroused, and as he stood up, she wondered if Robin, or, hopefully herself, were going to get his attention this time. Encouragingly she patted Robin’s head, causing her to stop, and splayed her thighs apart, as if in welcome.

When Cyndi came and sat next to her, Samantha straightened herself up so she would still be able to watch as Robin slid the fake cock back into her friend. She did reach down and grip Kyle’s now wet and hard cock and began to pump it once more. “When you’re finished with your friend, I want you to do me next” Samantha told little Robin. She thought her younger sister looked so cute with a cock coming out of her mouth. She watched with rapt attention as Robin was forced to slide the dildo in and out of her friend’s wet cunt. At one point Samantha reached over and pushed Robin’s head a little faster.

Unlike the older sister, Cyndi did not put her hands on the back of her friend’s head, instead preferring to just use the leash to control Robin. It wasn’t as efficient as if she took control with her hands but she found it more fun, well at least when her mind wasn’t clouded with pleasure and lust. The dildo wasn’t as large as Jax’s real member was, but it was still a little too big for total comfort. If it were just the two girls alone Cyndi would have asked her friend to stop, however, Jax was there and he was watching with interest, and she would do anything to make him happy.

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