Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 21: Clean up on Aisle 4

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 21: Clean up on Aisle 4 - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

The hotel was dark and still, but it felt like an ominous, almost pregnant darkness making the room seem more cramped and cloying than it should have been. Robin’s eyes quickly adjusted to the dimness. Someone had left the bathroom light on. Since the door was slightly ajar she could see a bit around the room. There seemed to be people all over the place. Right next to her slept her brother but on the other side of him looked to be one or two girls, it was hard to make out and she couldn’t tell who they were. Across from them the other bed looked equally full. Also, the floor was littered with bodies as well. Looking at the clock she could see it was still late, or very early depending on your perspective.

It was then she noticed what had awakened her. Next to the bed, almost right under her, was a couple fucking. The light didn’t reflect down on them so she couldn’t even make out their sex much less who they were. All she could see was a writhing lump of arms and legs. Low moans and grunts were coming from the pair, well it looked like a pair anyway. However due to the amount of liquor she had consumed and how late she had stayed up, she was soon asleep again.

When Robin woke up the next time, other people were up and moving around and sunshine was peeking from around the curtains. Lifting her head, she could see she was one of the last ones still in bed. There were fewer people in the room then she thought she had seen last night, apparently some had already left. When she sat up she discovered just how sore she was. Her arms and legs were just mildly sore from all the dancing, but what caught her attention was her hips, pussy and ass. With the way her backside felt it was clear her brother had had a good time fucking it.

The beach girls had stayed with them in their room, at least some of them, for Robin could see them walking around, every one of them still naked. As she peered around, the only people dressed were her brother and Kyle. As she sat up, the blankets fell to her waist exposing her young breasts. “Looks like someone is finally awake.” Looking over at the other bed Alexia was lying there, but only now did Robin realize she was not sleeping, instead she was laying on her back fingering herself, and seemed to be rather enjoying it. “Get up sleepyhead, it’s time for breakfast” then he looked at a clock “well brunch actually.” Seeing Robin wince a little as she moved made Jax grin, “D’ya need some help sis? The soreness should be mostly gone in a few hours! Eventually you probably will not get sore at all...” Jax said nodding his head in a sage like manner as if he had imparted some deep wisdom to her.

The big brother did help her get up though, acting a bit more considerate than his words might have indicated. As she was doing her morning routine their new friends slipped back on the clothes that they had been wearing last night, and headed back to their camp to put on clean clothing. Dressed herself now, Samantha teased through the open door, “Sis, try and stay awake longer next time. After you passed out, we didn’t have our best pussy cleaner, and we could have used you!” Sam didn’t say it in a mean tone, and she actually injected some pride in her voice when she called her little sister their best pussy cleaner. By the time everyone was ready to go it was just down to the four of them. As they exited the room a maid was just coming in to clean and she wrinkled her nose a little at the smell, the room still reeked of cum, musk, and sweat.

Robin had enjoyed the day, her body recovering slowly. She still vaguely remembered waking at night, and sensing, if not seeing, a roomful of activity. Her mind was still adjusting to the rampant sexuality that seemed to be everywhere now, but after the club, what she remembered of it, she was beginning to embrace the naughty, devil-may-care attitude that her sister seemed to excel at. She still remembered her initial shock at watching Samantha casually blow Kyle in the car on the way to school, and now, here she was, letting Jax take her to a club and showing her off to the whole crowd.

Smiling as she came back to the present, she felt a twinge deep inside her young body that told her she was not that upset at all.

They didn’t have breakfast at the hotel. Instead, they took a short walk to a place the other girls had recommended. The menu looked good and the prices were reasonable, and they served breakfast all day. Jax got them an extra large table as he told the hostess that they would be having five more people join them. About 15 minutes later the five hot girls walked in. The hostess called out to them by name as she recognized them as they came in every day since they had arrived. Monique sat down next to Jax and as they looked over the menu the girl said, “Her name is Carla, and she had never had her pussy eaten until Alexia ran into her in the bathroom, and she really liked it”.

Eventually everyone ordered and they started eating. “Well since we went to the beach yesterday I suggest we hit the town today” Jax said and he quickly invited the other five to join them even though that now made their group nine instead of four, and they said that they would. Jax decided to order a van for them. It turned out to be a day of fun, miniature golf, go carts, bumper boats, and some more extreme things like zip lines. After letting the girls off near their camp, Jax had the driver stop at their final location, a tattoo parlor.

Everyone went inside and start looking at all the different pictures along the wall. As they came in, Jacob came out of the back. Robin of course had recognized him for he had painted the bikini on her and then she sucked him off as payment. Jax gave him some good natured ribbing about how the paint didn’t last nearly as long as he had claimed. Jacob just smiled and shrugged. Samantha came up behind Robin and put her hands on her shoulders and turned her towards the pictures. “Jax is going to get you a tattoo. I Am thinking about one also, what do you think of that.” Samantha continued to talk to Robin to get her opinion on different pictures and designs and talked about placement. All of this though was in reference to the older sister’s tattoo, she didn’t elaborate on what Jax was going to get Robin.

The tattoo parlor was another strange new experience, and as she looked over the pretty designs with her sister, Robin wondered which one she’d get ... perhaps a flower on her butt cheek.

Eventually Jax and Jacob returned. “Robin you’re up first, this way” her brother told her, then lead her to a private parlor chair in a separate room “OK! take off your bottoms and your panties.” As she complied, Jacob poured something in a small cup of water and changed the arrangement of the tattoo chair. Taking the cup, Jax gave it to his sister and told her to drink. What he had planned for her was going to be a bit painful and he didn’t want her moving around and messing it up. Jacob put a new needle on the gun and slid on latex gloves. Robin’s head was already starting to swim and she felt warm and good as they guided her to lay on the chair, face down. She could feel someone spreading her backside, and then some far away pain as a whirring sound came from a machine. Her mind floating, she noticed these distant things -- They did not bother her.

Stripping off as easily as anything, she drank the liquid, and felt a lovely warmth begin to flow as she relaxed, and her mind separated a bit from her body. She knew they were doing something, and she was on her stomach and her backside was stretched apart, but what exactly was going on she was blissfully ignorant.

It didn’t take Jacob all that long to complete the tattoo, and when he finished Jax took a picture with his phone. Around his sister’s puckered little back door were the words “Brother’s Special Hole”. He just grinned at the picture. “She going to be like that for another hour or so, do you want to give her another?” Jacob said, indicating Robin’s woozy state. Jax Just looked his little sister over and thought.

Jax had watched the whole process curiously, and after taking a picture, he considered Jacob’s question -- they did have time for another.

Nodding, he remembered an idea he had, and after explaining it to Jacob, he stepped back and watched the man work. Turning Robin over, her mind still fogged and floating far away, he began to place a pattern on either side of her pink slit, dripping slightly from the exposure and the low buzz of the needle as it began its work. Two butterfly wings took shape on either side of her opening, tiny little antennae appearing to come out of her clitoral hood as she became more and more aroused from the needle work. The pain was far away, and mostly what she felt was the buzzing ... and it reminded her of other buzzing. Soon it was done, and all that was left was the aftercare, and the healing. Looking down, Jax could see a very pretty pink and blue butterfly, with the words “easy” and “open” cleverly built into the wings, one word on each side.

Robin slowly was returning to herself, and when Jax nodded at Jacob and told her to give him his tip, she understood his words immediately. Still laying on the table, legs spread like at the doctor’s office, she reached over, and placed her hand over his crotch, encouraging Jacob to come nearer. As Jacob dropped his pants and undershorts, she quickly began to stroke his exposed prick. Her small hand worked his shaft for a few seconds before, after glancing at Jax for approval, she leaned over, her head only slightly woozy, and took his prick into her mouth. She was getting rather used to having warm cocks between her lips now, and it was not long before she was skillfully bobbing her head up and down his shaft, one hand cupping his balls, holding them up tight against the base of his prick as her tongue danced around the rim of his cock.

While he was being ‘tipped’, Jacob handed Jax an unmarked tube. “This is something new this company is using me to test out ... it is supposed to rapidly increase the healing rate, bypassing most of the days of seepage and peeling, if it works like it did on the last two, she’ll be a bit sore for at most a day or two ... and then it would be as before, with the colors slowly coming in stronger over time as the under layers completely heal.”

Turning back to the half naked teen licking his cock, he stroked her head as she took all of him in her mouth. As her tongue found the perfect spot, Jacob started to shoot off, his cum filling her mouth as she did not move her head away at all, taking it all like an experienced little slut. He did not know how Jax had gotten his sister to be so obedient, but it was fricking amazing.

Robin lay back, her mouth working a bit as she swallowed his present, her body a bit tired and lethargic, from both the long day, and the aftereffects of the previous night’s exertions. She felt something cool working over her skin, and she opened her eyes, watching as Jax spread some ointment all over her openly displayed anus and the sides of her now dripping slit as he made sure to cover every spot that Jacob had pricked with his tattoo needles.

“Why don’t you show him how naughty you are Robin...” her brother said, running a finger carefully through her wet slit. “Show him how you like to cum, but be careful to not touch the tattoo ... just your pink parts ... the tattoo has to heal for a bit...”. Looking at her brother with slightly nervous eyes, glancing around the room, she reached down and slowly began to finger herself, quickly feeling how wet she had gotten, and as she slid up towards her clit, she began to slowly rock her hips...

It didn’t take long for Robin to really get into it, she was already dripping in excitement. Jax took a partial step towards the doorway and yelled through the curtain, “Hey, guys get in here and check out Robin’s tattoos.” It didn’t take Samantha and Kyle but a minute to walk through the curtains. Even though her crowd got larger it was of no consequence. These two have seen her do much more stuff then even this. Kyle was focusing mostly on what Robin’s finger was doing as Samantha was more interested in her tattoos. “Oh, little sis, I love your new ink. I’m kind of jealous.” With that Sam went over to her sister and pushed her shirt up until it exposed her bra then unclipped the front and pushed it off to the sides exposing Robin’s modest chest. That encouraged Samantha as she leaned over and took one of her sister’s perky nipples between her lips and started to suck on it. At the same time, one of her fingers joined Robin’s as she pushed it inside the younger girl.

Sam knew to avoid touching the new tat so she didn’t pound into her sister’s quim like she would have liked to. She also didn’t bring Robin off, instead she just got her near her climax and then stopped and backed up. Despite the fact that Robin had just sucked him off, Jacob had his cock in his hand and he was jerking off as he watched the two girls. Sam moved next to him to give him a hand. Wrapping her pussy slicked fingers around the man’s raging hardon, she jerked him off quickly. Oddly enough the two came almost simultaneously, Sam aiming the man’s cock so he would blow his load all over her sister’s face. When they were done, Sam cleaned her eyes, but told her to rub the rest of it into her skin. It was supposed to be good for one’s complexion after all.

With the youngster finished, Jax helped her up and Samantha took her place, though all the sister did was lift up her shirt exposing her lower back. The brother helped Robin get dressed. The drug was still affecting her a little which gave her a dreamy type feeling. This day seemed different, with the exception of coming to the tattoo parlor (and Robin giving Jacob his ‘tip’) No one had done anything all that sexual today. It was a common day, but due to how things have been going for Robin the last month or two, it felt like an uncommon day.

Even though Samantha’s new tat was a monocolor, the size of it made it take longer than the two that Robin had gotten. It was a tramp stamp that just read her name “Samantha” though in a flowery and arty script. She stated her reason for said tattoo as being her wanting the stranger fucking her from behind to know what her name is, even if she didn’t know his. Even though Samantha tried, the two guys opted out of getting marked.

Jax was pleased that he had gotten his sister tattooed, though he was a little unhappy about not being able to use her like he wanted (until she healed), but that was simply a temporary situation. If the cream Jacob had given him worked, then it could be very temporary. Sam, on the other hand, was happy about Robin’s tattoos. Not only did they look great and fit her new station among the family, if their brother couldn’t have sex with Robin, then she would be the one benefiting from his attention, increasing her ability to get pussy or ass fucked.

Even though certain parts of the youngest sister were temporarily out of commission, that didn’t make her worthless. As the four of them returned to the room that night after a long day of fun, they weren’t finished. By now it was pretty clear that sex was called for before falling asleep and this was no different today than any other. As they strode into the room they began to peel out of their clothing. Some people might want to take a shower after a long day on the town, but these four were way too horny to wait.

Samantha snagged her sister by her arm and had her lay back on one of the beds. She climbed on top, spun herself around, and lowered her hips down until her pussy was just above Robin’s lips. Samantha was already hot and wet, and Robin could see her sister’s excitement bead up on the girl’s lower lips and drip off onto her own ‘upper’ lips. Eventually, Samantha lowered her hips to give Robin an easier time of it. Usually when Robin’s pussy eating skills were called for Samantha’s cunt was filled with cream, but this time Robin was treated to the unadulterated flavor of her sister. Lowering herself a little more she pushed her pussy into her sister’s face, then began to buck her hips a little as if she were riding Robin’s face. What she was really doing was coating her sister’s face in her pussy juices. “Make sure you get me all ready sis, I’m going to be getting fucked by both of the men tonight.”

Samantha only gave Robin a few minutes to eat her out before she climbed off, without doing a thing to please her younger sister. The older sister stayed on her hands and knees and Kyle climbed onto the bed, his cock already hard and throbbing. He glanced and smiled at Robin as he moved in behind his girlfriend. Sam was looking over her shoulder giving him a slutty grin. He wasted no time in lining up his member and slamming into the girl hard. Samantha let out a loud moan, playing it up just a little.

Jax got Robin’s attention, he was sitting on the edge of the other bed facing the copulating couple. Jax was also long and hard and when Robin looked his way he just waved her over then placed his hand, fingers outstretched parallel to the floor then raised it up and down as if pushing on the back of a head sucking his cock.

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