Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 20: Dance, dance, dance!

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 20: Dance, dance, dance! - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

Sinking into the warm water, she felt herself relax, and the abuses of her body slowly fade away as the water cleansed her. Reaching down, she ran her fingers through her openings, letting the water soothe and clean her all over. Letting her sister scrub and wash the rest of her body, she relaxed, almost falling asleep under her sister’s touch.

“Yes, it, sounds fun -- I brought everything you bought me already ... anything ... you know ... that Jax would like ... but we can look, you know better than I.” Robin said, thinking about the short skirts, and the black corset like top as well as one of the not quite opaque tops.

As she got clean, Robin perked up a bit, and returning the favor, began to clean her sister, ensuring that all remains of paint were gone from their bodies. Having her stand up to get the last of it from her sister’s backside, and then around in front, she gazed at her sister’s sex, looking up briefly, before moving her head forward, and, rather than cleaning, began to tease and tickle at her soft folds, letting her tongue slide along her wetness, reaching up to tease along her sister’s clitoral bump.

Samantha was surprised, impressed even, at Robin’s unbidden attention to her sexual need. She ran her hand over her sister’s face caringly, but stopping her before she too far. “Very sweet honey ... but they boys are waiting, and we need to find out if we have to shop or not ... Let’s go take a look at your clothes.

Swiftly drying off, the two girls soon exited the room wrapped in towels, though Robin dropped hers immediately at a sharp look from her brother.

After he saw his sister drop the towel he gave the two a smile as he walked into the bathroom next. It wasn’t long before everyone could hear the shower begin to run. Samantha didn’t even bother to get dressed. As soon as she was dry enough, she discarded her towel as simply as Robin had. The two girls pulled out the younger sister’s suitcase and began to go through her clothes. The first thing Samantha threw onto the bed was a pair of thong panties, that was an easy choice. She pulled out the skirt and held it up to her sister’s body to see just how low it would hang. It was a little longer then she would like, but it would do. Next a top. She pulled out the black corset and hung it over the skirt to see how well it matched. Thinking for a moment, she pulled out another, more sheer shirt. If Robin didn’t wear a bra the darkness of her nipples would be noticeable, though it was undoubtedly going to be kind of dark at the club. Finally, she decided that the thong, skirt and black corset would be best after all. Putting the suitcase back away, it was clear from the laid out outfit, no bra was included.

As they looked through the clothing, Robin could hear the shower running, and Kyle’s casual snorts as they looked at one thing, and then another. Being naked, exposed, was becoming so normal that she did not give it a second thought. Bending over the bed, or down into the suitcase, the fact that she could possibly giving a show did not cross her mind. Unless of course someone said something or touched her. Far from the shy innocent girl a few months ago, she was almost catlike in her innocent nudity.

As they finished making their choices, Jax walked out of the bathroom, freshly clean. Noticing the clothing he walked over and looked it over quickly, nodding his head in silent agreement that it was acceptable.

Finalizing their picks, and getting Jax’s approval, Robin glowed, glad that they picked something he approved of. She was a bit tired, and not all the interested in shopping more today (gasp!), so she was content to go with the corset and skirt with very brief thong. She could imagine the show people would get as she danced!

Kyle disappeared into the bathroom as Jax began to dress. Now that she was finished with her sister. Samantha turned her attention to her own clothing. She looked over several dresses and outfits she brought, finally deciding on one of her most daring dresses. The neckline plunged so far down that her nipples were almost visible, and the bottom was so high her ass was almost hanging out. She laid a thong out for herself as well. Coincidentally, it was the same color that they’d laid out for Robin.

They still had several hours to kill so after Jax told Kyle and Samantha about the five other girls that would be joining them they settled down to relax. Sam seemed to like hearing the story Jax told them about him fucking one girl and then screwing them all in the ass before he left and how they were all so attracted to their younger sister. The older brother was positive that Samantha and the others would get along fabulously. Jax was pretty sure they were going to be out late tonight, so he lay down to take a short nap. Robin was required to lay down with him and he spooned his sister from behind and cuddled up to her as he drifted off. On the other bed Samantha and Kyle did mostly the same though they just dozed. It looked like everyone’s sexual desires were currently satiated.

Their outfits finalized, and her brother’s very animated story of their adventures complete, Robin joined Jax on the bed for a quick nap, easily sliding up against him, her still naked form feeling his body enclosing her, and as the covers drew up, she sighed in simple delight. He loved her so much, she knew that. He took such good care ... She moved against him, just a little, but he seemed content to just sleep, and with that she dozed off as well.

After about three hours Jax woke up feeling much more refreshed. They would have to have dinner before they left, so once more it was room service to the rescue. Even though it would still be awhile before they left, the guys and Samantha started to get into their clothes. After Sam was finished, she helped Robin finish getting into hers, then sat her down in a chair and began to make up her face. She wasn’t going for the whore look, she just accentuated part of the girl’s face, mostly her eyes. When she stated that she was finished, both Jax and Kyle agreed that Sam did a fantastic job. Then the older sister sat down to do herself. She was part of the way through when their dinner arrived. It was the same server that sent them their lunch and he looked a little disappointed that the two girls weren’t naked this time.

Jax caught the look and chuckled. “Look buddy, if my sister hadn’t just finished her makeup I would have her blow you as a tip. I am sure we will be ordering room service again before we leave, so just remember our room number and make sure you’re the one bringing our food and this girl will then give you that proper tip” he said laying a hand on Robin’s shoulder to indicate which of the girl’s he was talking about. The server’s eyes grew a little wide as he looked the girl over, she looked awesome and ready to party. He felt his cock get hard in his pants as he thought about those lips wrapped firmly around his member as she bobbed her head. “Ya, sure, ... ahh that sounds great” he finally managed to say. Jax gave him a cash tip and let him go.

Robin was watching everyone as the food arrived, and the way in which the server looked at the girls was almost funny. Hearing Jax’s casual offering of her mouth to the boy though, that made her twinge a bit inside. She could feel herself react to being casually talked about and used, and though she tried to deny it, she was disappointed that her face was already ‘done’.

As the server left, she looked at Jax, his gaze so intent, and blushed as she realized she was rapidly becoming incapable of denying him anything he asked.

The time to go to the club finally arrived, and the four of them trooped down to the lobby. It was here that they found the five other girls already waiting for them. All the girls were wearing hot skimpy dresses, and a few were so tight Jax was pretty sure they weren’t wearing any panties for he couldn’t see any fabric lines. He quickly made introductions. “Monique, Alexia, Sasha, Natasha, and Epona, this is my other sister Samantha, and her boyfriend Kyle.” A few of the girls exchanged looks. When he had first called Robin his sister they thought he was joking, but now they weren’t so sure. Samantha walked up to Sasha and said “it’s nice to meet you” and then kissed her on the lips, and it wasn’t the friend sort of kiss. This was the older sister’s way of saying she may have a boyfriend, but that pretty much only meant he had regular access to her pussy, but It did not exclude her from enjoying others.

Getting everyone moving Jax leads them outside where an extra stretched limo was waiting. At Samantha’s look Jax let her know he ordered it when the two girls were in the bath. Everyone seemed rather excited that they would be going to the club in style. They began to pile in and Jax was the last as he was giving the driver the address. As he got in he slid into a space that he been reserved for him, a girl on either side and they were off. It didn’t take long before they were raiding the minibar and making everyone drinks, even Robin.

In a little less than an hour they came to a stop and Jax was the first one out, wanting to make sure everything was kosher before letting any of the girls exit the car. As he stood on the curb, he checked out the building. It looked like a rundown small warehouse, and this didn’t look like a very good part of town either. He would have thought this was the wrong place if it wasn’t for two very large men standing by the door. There was a third guy there. holding a clipboard. Jax waved and all the others climbed out and approached the clipboard man enmass. Jax spoke to the man in low tones and he didn’t even look down at his list before letting him go inside. Two guys bringing seven hot girls?? They didn’t even have to be on the list to get in.

The outside may have been run down, but the inside looked all state of the art. The first thing to hit them was a loud heavy thumping rhythm. It was so dark it was hard to make out what was happening though strobes went off every so often showed a jumping and writhing mass of young humanity on the dance floor. The hall was too small to make up the entire club so they walked around to other rooms.

The first room was the darkest of them all as the other ones had low lighting, but they could see. Most of the other rooms had different types of music. They had techno, dance, even some salsa music. It was the third room that they walked in that showed why it was mostly a private club. Off to the side there was a carpet covered pedestal and a woman was laying back on it, her dress up around her hips, no panties, and her top down exposing her breasts. There was a man standing between her legs plowing into her. Right next to them was another woman just dancing to the music for the world not acting if the sex was out of the ordinary in the least. They found out why as they continued walking around.

The majority of the party goers were not having sex, not even half of them, but there were signs of it happening all over and no one seemed to care. It was still fairly early in the evening and Jax could see people warming up. They may still be fully clothed but he saw a lot of grinding, kissing and hands roaming over scantily clad bodies. The interior of the club was a little odd. Some places had very little in the way of continuous flat space. The rooms had a lot of stairs that seemed unnecessary. For example, there was a square place big enough for four people to dance on, then a step up to a place big enough for one person, then two more steps to a spot just big enough for three, then three steps down to the side big enough for six. There was no rhyme or reason for it, though it did make for a lot of places to lay a person down and fuck them while the other person stood, or danced.

The European girls’ eyes glinted at what was going on around them. “Now this is our kind of club” Natasha said. Jax’s first order of business was to find them a table big enough for all of them, after that was drinks, and nobody got carded at all. Being that Robin was still new to all this her brother ordered her something fruity and sweet, but still packing a punch. Not long after this, people began to take off to the dance floor, everyone going to their room of choice. The table was mostly just for a meeting place. After downing his first drink and half of his second, he took Robin by the hand and lead her off to the techno room and found a spot just big enough for the two of them to dance on. The man found all the smaller dance floors interesting. The way things were set up, most people would be able to see what the others were doing. As they danced, and it got later, more and more skin began to show. Also, it appeared at first glance that some people could combine dancing and fucking quite well.

Dancing with her brother, Robin’s eyes were everywhere and nowhere. She could feel the warmth of the strange fruity drink filling her with a slight loss of inhibition, so her dance was free, and expressive, if a bit immature. This grown up world was so far beyond anything she’d experienced to date, and her mind was still getting used to the idea that maybe her brother and her sister’s way of being, the freely sexual part, was not ALL that unusual, given what she had already seen as they walked in.

As they danced, and the music filled her with its strong beat, she began to really lose herself in the music, feeling at one with the beat, the mass of people moving around her simply an extension of the song, the beat, the rhythm. One big connected organism. She almost didn’t realize it when Jax pulled her close, their two bodies bumping against each other as his hands were suddenly all over her. She felt a slight coolness as he reached under her skirt, and swift as a monkey, slid her thong down over her hips, pushing it down. She knew what he wanted, and as she continued to dance, she aided the damp fabric to move down her legs eventually falling to the floor. She bent to retrieve them, only to be caught up by Jax as she was bent over, and their dance became fairly pornographic. He was not fucking her, but it sure looked like he was to the casual observer.

Finally spearing the errant fabric, Robin stood back up, her face flushed, glad that there was just the two of them on this little spot ... otherwise she might have lost her garment, and she was not sure what the penalty for wasting money like that would be ... though, she did think it might be partly her brother’s fault, though she really was not in a position to insist on him taking the blame.

Dancing more and more, soon feeling it turn into a very public groping, her brother seemed to enjoy running his hands under her skirt, flipping it up if it got in his way, and teasing at her sex frequently. After a solid 30 minutes of nonstop dancing, even Robin was feeling a bit beat, and they made their way back to the table. Robin swiftly reached for her drink and finished off a good portion of it. Feeling Jax’s hand still on her bare bottom, teasing her with his fingers, she looked at him, glancing at his groin, filled with excitement, and looked at him questioningly, wondering if he wanted, or expected her to take care of him.

He simply looked at her, a slight curve to his smile, as his eyes wandered around the crowd, seemingly a bit indifferent. With nothing to go on other than what she had been told, her mind went back to her first ‘lesson’. If she caused them to become aroused, then it was her job to take care of it, unless of course they stopped her, or had something else in mind.

With that thought, she reached over and opened Jax’s pants, watching his face for any clue. Her small hand soon found his overly large prick hard and straining to be free, and with a muffled sigh of desire, Robin dropped to the floor, and put the large head in her mouth, using both hands to slowly stroke the long length of his prick, her little face filled with the thickness of his cockhead.

Just then, a couple of the girls came back, Kyle and Samantha trailing along a bit afterwards, and everyone was having a quick drink, or ordering refills, as little Robin knelt on the floor. Epona had actually brought her dance partner over, and he stood near the kneeling girl, and nodded appreciatively at Jax, who simply downed his drink and flagged down a waitress.

Jax leaned a little farther back in his seat, tilted his head back a little, and opened his legs a little wider so the girl wouldn’t have any problem getting to all of him. The project that was his sister was coming along very well, he didn’t even have to tell her to get down on her knees and service him, she was starting to anticipate his needs and wants. Reaching down, he rested his right hand on the back of her head and he twirled his fingers through her locks, he was not controlling her motions, just resting his hand.

Jax’s cock in her mouth was something Robin was becoming used to, though doing it on the floor of a dance hall was rather slutty she thought, still, with the oddness all throughout this place, she was not overly embarrassed. As she worked his shaft, its long thickness too much for her small mouth, she felt others moving around above and around her, but did not look up from her task. Felling a hand or hands on the back of head, pushing her down, forcing her throat to open up as the head of cock pressed against it, she struggled to breathe through her mouth as her mouth and throat was filled with hot maleness. Fighting back against the pressure briefly she managed to stop the gagging feeling long enough to tilt her head, opening her passage up a bit, and moving back down deep, feeling him fill her up.

As the waitress came over, she had of course noticed the girl’s bobbing head in the guy’s lap, but that was a fairly common thing in this club so it didn’t bother her in the slightest. When the woman got closer that they could make out her ‘uniform’. All it was was a set of lingerie that left her tits and slit completely exposed. It of course came with a set of stockings and high heels. Jax let his eyes slide over the girl’s form as he ordered a refill for himself and for Robin. Epona, liking the way the waitress was dressed, reached out and cupped one of her tits. The waitress turned her head to look who had done it, but after that she turned her attention back to Jax and didn’t ask the girl to remove her hand.

When the waitress left, Alexa came over to Jax. Leaning over, she pressed her lips to his and rested her hand on the back of his, the one that was on the back of Robin’s head. As she leaned in, she pressed down, forcing Robin to take even more of that big cock in her mouth. Jax let out a low moan as he felt his sister’s warm mouth slide farther down his schlong. The music inside was so loud that if Robin gagged or tried to let out a muffled protest he couldn’t hear it. Alexia was making the girl bob her head faster, taking more into her mouth then she was normally comfortable with. Then, with no hint of warning, her brother started to fill Robin’s busy mouth. She had provided this service often enough that she knew what to expect, and as he started to squirt, the hand was removed from the back of her head and she had full control once again. Robin knew to milk him of every last precious drop.

In her rhythm now, and almost getting used to the feel of the male penis, and how it acts and responds, Robin was not surprised when Jax begin to fill her mouth, she had felt the sudden swelling, and the new urgency in its movements ... Pulling up, letting her mouth become coated as she swallowed around the head, sending a new wave of quivering pleasure into her older brother. She licked her lips, and the head of his cock, as she slowly finished him off before sitting back, making sure she got everything.

When she was through, her brother helped her back up into her seat, but before she could sit down Jax brushed her skirt up to her waist exposing her bare undersides. Alexia then walked around and moved in next to Robin. Alexia engaged the young girl in a long kiss as her hand dropped down between the little slut’s legs, where she began to rub the damp folds that she found. Epona’s partner just watched all this with a big smile on his face. Epona, seeing his intense gaze and detecting his physical reaction, quickly pulled down his zipper, fished his cock out, and started to stroke him with her hand. Jax’s member was still hanging out, and even though Robin had just finished sucking him off it was still almost completely hard.

Flushed with a bit of submissive pleasure at making her brother happy, Robin’s mind was still awhirl with all the craziness in this place. Sex seemed to be so much more prevalent than she ever would have imagined in her previous innocent ignorance. It was both naughty and thrilling, and as she let herself be free, a part of her got off on people watching ... so as Jax sat her back down, but first pulling up her skirt and exposing her damp sex, she was turned on just that much more, showing off in a public place ... though safely, surrounded by her brother and a couple people she knew ... Still, as Alexi moved in and claimed her softness with her fingers, kissing her in public, she felt a bit wanton, a bit, as if she was just going with the flow, unable to direct the current of this river of ... desire.

Head leaned back, feeling the pleasures, she barely noticed her hands working on both Alexi’s companion as well as her brother’s rampant beast of a prick. The whole time, she just gave into the sensations, enjoying the ability to feel such goodness ... so freely.

The waitress came back with their drinks and since the younger sister’s head was no longer in the way the woman could see Jax in all his glory. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at him. She stared at it for a while to make sure it was really as big as she thought it was, and not just an illusion from the lights. She placed the drinks on the table then glanced around really quickly to see if her boss or anyone else was watching her. She bent down and wrapped her fingers around the thick cock, and her eyes grew a little wider as she touched it. “What are you guys doing after ... you know ... when you leave.” Jax took the waitress’s pen and scribbled their hotel name and number on a piece of paper, folded it and slid it into a place it will stay, “When you’re off, maybe you can come by and see” was all he said. With reluctance, the woman let go of the wet shaft and got back to work. Other people around the table were having some drinks and Epona and her partner headed back out to dance, though she didn’t bother to put his dick back away. “Do you need some more rest, or would you like to dance some more” the brother asked his sister as one of his hands joined Alexia’s between her legs.

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