Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 14: Double Teamed in Double Time

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 14: Double Teamed in Double Time - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

Jax came out from around the wall he was hiding behind in a smile on his face, “Now that didn’t take long did it? And don’t try and tell me you didn’t enjoy it. I can smell your wet pussy from here. Bring the pizzas over to the dining room table” he said and followed her. As she placed the boxes down he reached out and grabbed her by the back of her neck so she couldn’t move.

Robin’s innocent appearing face was contrasted strongly by the raw sexual nature of her naked walk away from the door, compounded by the sight of her small tongue cleaning up the corner of her mouth. She was not sure exactly how she felt about being quite so ... brazen, but she continued to feel a strange sensation surging through her, brought on by her knowledge that she just did what Jax had suggested, well, ordered. She was a ‘good’ sister ... she could feel it. She just had not known about this whole side of things ... and her sheltered life seemed farther and farther behind her.

“You’ve been a naughty girl Robin”. Jax had a playful tone in his voice so the girl would understand that she wasn’t in any real trouble. “You sucked a completely strange boys cock and enjoyed it”. As he said this he moved the girl over a little and then pushed forward bending her over the table. Robin had seen her brother punish someone only once. Cyndi and he had used a belt on her. This time though Jax didn’t leave to get anything. Instead his hand swung down and collided with the girl’s cute little ass.

As she placed the pizzas on the table, only slightly embarrassed by Jax’s insistence that she was just as turned on as the boy had been, she felt him grab and hold her, bending her over swiftly, and jumping as his hand struck down on her bare behind.

The brother’s tone may have been playful but his spanking was not. The sound of flesh striking flesh rung out as he brought his hand down on his sister’s behind. With the second spank, he paused and grinned as he watched a red handprint come into being across Robin’s rear. He didn’t stop there as he swung again and again. The girl’s ass grew redder and redder with each successive strike. He only spanked her about six or seven times but by the time he was finished her rear end was an angry beet red.

Doing that to his sister had really turned Jax on. He simply rolled her over onto her back her lower section hanging off the edge of the table. Reaching down he took the girl’s legs and lifted them up all the way till the soles of her feet were pointing up towards the ceiling and leaning forwards the back of her legs would come into contact with his chest. Then he took his throbbing cock by its root, pressed the head against her slit, and began to slowly push inside. “Tell me sister, do you like it when I fuck you?”

Gasping, her face peering at the surface of the table from an inch or so away, she felt her skin warm with every blow, her cheeks twitching as she weakly pulled and twisted away from his attack, to no avail. Panting a bit, she felt him roll her over, lifting her legs, and before she could almost realize what was happening, felt him begin to slide his very large cock into her dripping pussy. Dripping. When did she get so wet, she wondered, then stopped wondering about anything other than gripping his shaft within her inner walls as it slid deeper into her with every passing second. Realizing he had asked a question, she looked up at him, eyes a bit glazed, and nodded, “Unngh ... yess ... it’s so ... bad...” she said as she gasped a bit around his thickness, her pussy stretching to accommodate his girth.

Rocking a bit now with his thrusts, she could feel herself opening up, spreading wide, her cunt becoming a huge flower swallowing his penetrating stick. Wetness coated their bodies where they joined, and began to drip down below his shaft, dribbling between her cheeks before falling onto the table.

Pausing for a few moments Jax slowly started to withdraw his cock from her tight embrace, but once it reached a bit more than half way out, he reversed his direction and slid it back in. “Was it thrilling to stand in an open front door nude? Knowing that anyone who was walking past could just glance over and see all of you. You didn’t even hesitate to drop to your knees and suck on some random stranger’s cock either. I know of a glory hole in town, maybe I should put you in there for a while? Would you like that Robin?? Servicing one strange cock after another? All those men blowing their loads into your mouth for you to drink down?” Jax kept his voice low so only she could hear it, (not that Samantha or Kyle, would be able to hear anything with the racket they were making). The brother kept his movements slow and deliberate, sensual even.

As Jax excitement grew so did his speed and force. He started to slam his cock hard into his sister, her hole still new to this treatment by such a large tool. Moving his hand over, he quickly flipped the pizza box open and pulled out a slice. Folding it over long ways, he pushed the point into his sister’s mouth and waited till she took a bite. Once she did, he trailed the food all along her chest and stomach. The food was still just a little warmer than was comfortable for the girl. As he moved the pizza across her skin it left behind grease and a little cheese and tomato sauce. He moved it to her hard nipples then her smooth stomach. After that, he brought the slice up to his own mouth and took a huge bite, before giving her another one.

Taking a bite, surprised, the hot cheese not quite burning her mouth, Robin watched as he tormented her fucked body with the hot pizza, causing her to pull and twist away from the stinging feel of the hot juices on her nipple and stomach. As he continued, her mouth working to chew and swallow as he mindlessly fucked her hard whilst turning her into a messy pizza covered table ... The combination of something so normal, eating some pizza, with the intense taboo fucking of his cock into her naked body continued to add a surreal quality to the whole experience. That was how their meal progressed, Robin getting screwed by her brother as he fed her and covered her chest and stomach with a little of the food. Robin’s slight form was getting rocked over and over again by her brother’s hips slamming into her red, freshly spanked ass.

Jax had a little less than half a slice in his hand when he felt his climax starting to boil over. Placing the slice down on her skin - right above her pussy - he pulled completely out and exploded. Jizz shot out all over the youngest sister’s lower chest and stomach. Thick white stripes splatted across her skin, and as the last bit dribbled out it fell squarely on the pizza. It took a minute for Jax to catch his breath. “Why don’t you finish that up” he said with a grin and motioned to the pizza, now with an additional topping. Jax walked into the kitchen to get himself a beer.

As he finished, coating the pizza with some of his cum, she took the slice from him, still very aroused, and feeling her own desires still unabated, she took a bite, smiling at him lasciviously, acting the complete dirty girl, well fucked, and eating a nasty bite of food while the grease and cheese cooled on her body.

Sometime during their fun Samantha and Kyle has finished their own exercise, and now strolled out to see what the other two were up to. Catching Robin on the table, she looked quite messy. Not that Samantha was all that clean for she once more had seed gliding down her inner thighs and her boyfriend’s flaccid member glistened from the juices covering it.

Taking another bite, Robin saw Sam and Kyle coming in, the aftereffects of their sex evident on both of their bodies. She was ready for something. She was not sure what, but she was rather surprised when they simply stood near the table, grabbing a slice of pizza, and eating slowly while watching her stained body lying on the table. Robin expected, well, something a bit more overt, knowing her sister.

“Oh, Robin ... do you mind ... I’m dripping a bit ... just a quick cleanup ... really do not need anything more” Samantha said after a moment, munching thoughtfully, watching as Robin took another bite of her pizza.

There it was, Robin thought, not unhappily. She was getting used to being told what to do, and to be of service was actually one of the more enjoyable parts of her new psyche. Taking a last bite, Robin got down off the table, and kneeling, pushed Samantha’s legs apart, opening up her sister’s sex. She began to lick and clean up Sam’s upper thighs, before zeroing in on her freshly fucked pussy.

“That’s good, just a quick clean ... stop Robin!” Samantha said, just as she was beginning to feel the soft tongue probing deeper. “I’m clean ... polish up Kyle while you are down there, then you can finish eating...”

Kyle’s wet prick was not very dirty, though as Robin began to lick and suck on his private area, it did try to stir back to life, albeit a bit weakly. ‘Probably needs more time to recover’ she thought as she sucked the whole soft prick into her mouth, letting her tongue and lips wash him completely before sitting back and taking another quick look, ensuring he was clean. Standing back up and grabbing another small slice, she could feel the tomato sauce drying on her body, and reached for a napkin to wipe off some of the larger spots.

Jax walked back out with his beer. “Hey guys I got something to tell you. I am organizing a trip to Daytona Beach for us. Kyle you’re welcome to come of course. Six days of sun, surf, and sand, now doesn’t that sound fun. A frat buddy lives down there and he knows all the best places to stay. So what do you all think of that?”

After they chatted about this Sam and her boyfriend inhaled the last of the pizza and everyone wandered off to get cleaned up. Even though the two guys didn’t look all that dirty (compared to the food splattered Robin, or the wet and slimy Samantha) they had worked up a good sweat while they were pumping the girls.

After a series of quick showers, everyone wandered back in to the living room to stare at the boobtube for a while, but there was literally nothing fit to watch and Jax just turned it off. It was then that Samantha had an idea. “Hey Robin why don’t you get some of those toys I got you and put a live show on for us. We don’t just want to see you just masturbate either. You have to make it fun to watch.”

“Show you ... like ... a...” Robin muttered as she sat there, still digesting the impact of their planned trip to Daytona, as she instinctively began to get up and move to her room, obeying, though questioning it all a bit. Her hair was still a bit damp from her quick shower, and she could still see a round red spot near her nipple where the sauce had been a bit warm in the beginning of her impromptu ‘fuck meal’ with Jax.

As she opened her small nightstand drawer and pulled out the vibrating egg, and the three ‘toy’s her sister had left with her, Robin felt herself drifting a bit, her mind not really paying much attention to what she was doing. Normally a bit on the shy and quiet side, these last few days had just about succeeded in knocking down all of her privacy walls. This ‘awakening’ was quite obvious by her actions over the last hour or so. Her mouth servicing three people and her ravaged pussy servicing a fourth. Still ... the idea of putting on a show while three people just sat around and watched her ... was a bit unnerving. And that bit about making it fun to watch ... what did Samantha mean?

Walking back down to the TV room, Robin ran her fingers over her still smoothly shaven lips, idly testing to see if she needed to remove any stubble. Satisfied that she was still soft and silky, her mind recalled the warm fuzzies the shaver had given her, and debated about using that as an opening act. They wanted to be entertained or something ... maybe...

Turning, and stopping in the bathroom, searching for the right drawer, Robin quickly found the shaver, and the powder, and, adding it to her small pile of implements, continued on down to the TV room.

Not saying anything, deciding to start as if she was alone, and needing to trim. Robin grabbed a large pillow, and using it to prop herself up as if to watch TV, she sat for a moment, feeling at her inner thigh, and then her sex. “Oh ... bother ... already getting stubble ... They won’t like that ... I better...” she said as if to herself, but plainly playing to her audience, who, frankly were a bit confused...

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