Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 10: Crime and punishment

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 10: Crime and punishment - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

Morning light found Robin slowly rousing, her hands reaching out blindly, until she opened her eyes, and noticed that Cyndi was no longer with her.

Walking to the bathroom, sitting down to have a pee, Robin slowly woke up, smiling a bit tiredly as Jax walked in, his cock soft and flopping around as he came in ‘Hurry up ... gotta go...”. Standing up, quickly finishing and cleaning herself, Robin blushed as she exited the room, turning to watch him, briefly, stand at the commode and holding his penis, aim his stream into the bowl. The noise was much louder than when she went...

Walking downstairs, not bothering with clothes, she searched for Cyndi, not finding her in the kitchen, or the TV room ... Returning upstairs, she bumped into Jax and asked “Hey ... did Cyndi leave? I can’t find her anywhere...”

He smirked at her, ‘No, she’s still, sleeping I think ... in my room...”.

Robin was puzzled for a minute, but, then, remembering how much Cyndi had enjoyed having sex with her brother, she assumed she’d gone back for more when she woke in the middle of the night or something.

“Well, I guess I should just let her sleep...” she said, following her brother back to his room, planning on going back to her room and lounging around a bit, maybe even read her English assignment ... Fahrenheit something or other...

As Jax softly opened his door, slipping inside, and leaving it partially open, Robin was startled. Her friend was in bed, that was for sure, but she was not sure that Cyndi was sleeping. Not daring to enter, it was too ... strange of a scene, her eyes drank in the strange sight of her friend, tied, spread eagled to the bed, face down, her eyes closed as if asleep, gagged. But that was not the strangest part, though, looking at the restraints, Robin felt a twinge of ... something ... deep inside.

No, the strangest part was the raw, ravaged backside of Cyndi, held aloft over some pillows, her legs kept obscenely apart by some tool, or bar. She could see the remains of their sexual activity, splattered across her ass, and dripping down onto the pillow.

Turning to look at Jax, he merely smiled, a tad ... evil like ... and shut the door the rest of the way.

Confused, and oddly aroused, Robin turned, only to see her sister coming out of her room.

“I see you found Cyndi ... well, she had a good night, from what I heard, and watched for that matter, so let her sleep for a while ... besides ... it’s been almost 24 hours ... I need you to use your tongue on me, it’s my favorite way to wake up.

Not even bothering to go find a bed, or a couch, Samantha simply leaned against the wall in the hallway, spread her legs slightly, and began to play with her clit, circling it slowly, exciting her body with her touch, and the thrill of ordering her younger sister to do such a base thing.

“Oh ... um ... sure, no problem...” Robin said, still thinking, and worried, about her friend, though learning to simply do as her sister, and brother, said without thinking overly much about it. She did love them so, and they seemed to really enjoy what she did. Kneeling down, and taking her hand, running it up the outside of Samantha’s leg, she leaned in and licked up the length of Samantha’s completely shaved pussy, immediately tasting the strong tang of what she’s learning to recognize as her sister’s unique flavor. Sighing, she soon settled in, nosing her sister’s fingers out of the way, and suckling on her clit, she played with Samantha’s soft skin, parting the petals, and slipping a finger inside, slowly penetrating her, while her mouth latched onto that mighty nub at the top of her soft mound.

“You are learning so fast, little one ... yes ... just like that...” Samantha sighed, as she felt her body begin to ride that wonderful pleasure wave.

Cyndi had only barely heard Jax leave, and come back, slipping back down into sleep, but not before she remembered everything that happened in the middle of the night.

She’d laid there, tied up, nervous, but eager, ready to do anything for Jax, she had thought, though the cool slickness of the lubricant on her backside did worry her.

He had been slow, methodical, but unwavering, placing the head of this thick cock against her backside, and, at first, just holding it there, letting her sphincter get used to the pressure, before slowly increasing the pressure, forcing her to moan and groan around the bandanna in her mouth. She was dripping, the anticipation, the restraints, all worked to turn her into nothing more than a ready receptacle for whatever her lover desired ... her body was his ... and that realization helped her to relax even more, while simultaneously increasing her desire to be taken.

With a long guttural moan, she felt something huge slip inside of her, and she vaguely heard Samantha telling Jax to take it easy...”She’s much smaller than I am you brute ... go ... slow” And he did, though, just as she seemed to get used to it, he moved and began to slide in a bit, and back out ... warming her passage ... every movement sliding against her internal skin in a most unusual, and frankly kinky as hell, way. Her anal muscles stretched and relaxed, accommodating his girth slowly, though never easily.

Somewhere after that, she sort of lost track, she knew that her whole body was on fire, and he was pounding into her, over and over, eventually coming all over her, spraying her insides, and some on the outside, with his hot, white, cum. Unable to move, she tried to close her legs, but she could not, she simply laid there, gaping and exposed as the two siblings moved away, talking amongst themselves a bit.

“Such a good slut Cyndi ... you are mine now ... you know that ... I will have you anytime I want ... just like this ... or bent over the couch while all your friends watch ... you are mine ... in fact ... you can sleep here ... like that...” Jax was stroking her back, her arms, and moving the hair back from in front of her face as she laid there, ass over teakettle, quivering as she realized that she was not going to be moving anytime soon. Leaning down to kiss her, (he was not a total brute after all), he sealed his control over her with a final act. Reaching down, he took both nipples in each hand, squeezing them, over and over. “Feel that ... feels good ... right? I want you to cum, just like that ... She felt her body react to his order, but was not reaching the required reaction, when she felt a hand, Samantha’s she assumed, reach under, and pinch her clit, hard. “Cum, slut ... now...” as another pinch hit, and another ... she finally did cum ... shuddering in her restraints, her mind blanking a bit as she did, sliding into slumber after a short while.

Cyndi didn’t actually wake up till almost 11 and then she had to call to be unbound so she could use the bathroom. It was when she tried to move that she found out just how insanely sore Jax had made her. She could only walk in short steps and sitting down comfortably was out altogether. When she came out of the master bath Jax was walking into the bedroom talking on the phone. “It’s no problem at all. The girls just had so much fun together and when they found a bag of her clothes that she left over here sometime or other they thought to make their sleep over a several day thing. It’s no trouble for me, actually it helps that I don’t have to listen to Robin say she is bored. It is the last week of school and they assured me all their finals are finished.” He stopped talking bit... “sure here she is” and he handed the phone to Cyndi.

“Hi mom, ya we had a lot of fun last night and I have enough clothing for three or four days. Actually it was her brother Jax that suggested I stay. Don’t worry mom I’ll be good and do what I am told. I love you too, see you in a few days” and she hung up.

“Now remember: Even your mother said you are to do as you are told!” he said smiling at the girl who stood a little uncomfortably, but that was just because her ass still hurt. However Samantha soon came to the rescue as she walked in with some cream. “Bend over and spread your backside for me” Sam said as Jax left to go look in on lunch. “My brother is going to have to leave this entrance alone for a few days, but last night was fun wasn’t it?” The cream did help a lot, soon Cyndi could at least walk normally, but sitting was still fairly uncomfortable.

When Samantha was done, Robin finally came for her friend, pulling her into her room so she could share all the details with her. What it was like to take a cock in the ass. How did it compare to the normal way? Did she like being tied down? Did she cum? Cyndi tried to answer all her friends questions but last night was still kind of blurry.

Before lunch, Robin and Cyndi were called out to the living room, it turned out they were in for some more sex ed. “In light of last night Jax and I felt we needed to teach you the proper way to have anal sex in case you would like to partake in it sometime and we are not there to make sure you do it safely. Now you two get him ready while I get what we need” Samantha said as she exited the room. Cyndi didn’t need to be told twice, pulling Robin along with her, the two acting almost as one.

Cyndi was on her knees in no time and had her hand gripping the root of his still soft member. This mighty tool had given her so much pleasure in the last several days, she gave it a soft kiss before a big lick. She moved her head out of the way so Robin could have at it as well. From there it didn’t take long for Cyndi to be working the head as Robin licked and nipped at the shaft. Jax’s cock swelled very quickly.

Samantha came back into the room a few minutes later, “Don’t finish him off you sluts, I need a hard cock not a satisfied one. You two back where you were.” As the two girls disengaged Jax let out a unhappy grunt. “Hush you, you will be getting off soon enough.” Jax let out a small chuckle at that and nodded his head.

“Now there are three major rules to remember about anal”. As she said each word she held up her fingers counting them off. “Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. The anus does not produce lubrication like a twat does. A guideline is too much lube is almost enough. “ When Samantha returned she had been carrying a bottle of Astrolube, her preferred brand for anal sex. “Watch” she says as she opened the bottle and dispensed a considerable amount on her hand and then began to slather it all over Jax’s cock. “Make sure you cover everything and have extra on the tip.” When she finished she handed the bottle to her brother, turned around, bent over and reached back to spread her own ass apart.

Jax squirted some of the slick substance onto his own hand and began to apply it to his sister’s rear hole. Now Jax takes up the lesson. “Now you have to lube both the cock and the ass. You shouldn’t just have the guy smear it on the outside though”. Then he pushed a finger through her pucker and ran his hand in a circle as he lubed the rim.

“Ok now you’re all lubed up you shouldn’t just start right away, instead you should to do some more preparation. It is best to use fingers or toys to stretch it out a little”. With that he pushed his finger back into Samantha and pumped it in and out a few times, and then a second finger joined the first and after a little longer a third finger. “Now when you get well experienced in anal sex then you might be able to skip this last step. But in the beginning, it’s pretty important. Once you have the passage nicely lubricated and loosened up, we are ready to fuck.”

With that Jax removed his fingers from Samantha and stood directly behind her. Holding onto her hips he began to press his cock into his sister’s surprisingly still tight ass. The lube helped him slip inside fairly easily and with a constant pressure he went all the way into his sister. When he had buried into the hilt inside of her, he withdrew about halfway and shoved it back inside. In short order he was pounding into Sam with long deep fast strokes.

Cyndi sat right next to Robin her eyes riveted on the act playing out before them. She was so turned on she couldn’t help but lower one hand between her legs while the other hand dove between Robin’s. Jax kept a tight hold of Samantha’s hips as he pounded away at her. Sam was still bent over, moaning and crying out how good it was ... all the while her tits were swaying under her. “Fuck me harder” she requested and Jax obliged. This was supposed to be a lesson and not full blown sex so Jax didn’t bother to hold back and many minutes later he thrust into Samantha hardest of all and came. He stood still as he pumped load after thick hot load of jizz into Sam and when he finished he just pulled free and Sam stood back up straight. As she did her brother’s cum started to slide down her legs.

“The best part of anal is you can’t get pregnant from it, so do it all you want.”

“Oh, crud, I’m dripping, hurry up Robin ... get over her and clean me up and get me off” Samantha ordered, purposely increasing the crudity of her request, not just ‘Please ... I want oral sex now... ‘. Looking over at Jax, the two of them sharing a knowing smile, she watched as he pulled Cyndi over to sit next to him on the couch as they all watched Robin get down on the floor before Samantha and begin to service her.

“No ... no ... not with your hands, just your mouth sweetie ... you know it’s tasty ... yes ... just like that” she said, instructing her little sister as Robin opened her mouth, and using just her lips and tongue, licked up the dripping semen, her nose probing against Samantha’s wet sex as her tongue dove in deep beneath.

“Here, let’s make it easier...” Samantha said, stepping back, and, getting down on all fours, lowering her head to the floor, resting it on her arms while moving her knees about a foot apart, exposing her still gaping anus, white cream oozing around the edges.

Robin, looked at Samantha’s backside nervously, glancing over at Jax, wonderingly. Jax simply nodded, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. ‘Go ahead Robin ... she will love it ... just watch her squirm thinking about it.’

It was true, Samantha’s hips were rocking a bit, back and forth, in anticipation of her little sister’s tongue and mouth. With a little mental shrug of ‘whatever’, Robin leaned forward, and holding onto her sister’s buttocks with her soft hands, slowly began to lick up and down the crack, finding her center, and tentatively began to clean her up with her lips and tongue.

Watching Robin continue to learn how to serve her family, her compliant, easy going nature, being taken advantage of by the two of them, Jax smiled, well pleased with the progress they were making ... not only does he have a committed slut that cannot get enough of his cock, his sister, loving sweet sister, is becoming a cum cleaning maid of the first order. Just wait until she learns to serve at their parties...

Pulling Cyndi closer, Jax let his body recover while playing with the nipples of the young girl, both of them comfortably seated, leaning back, recovering a bit from the past 12 hours. As Samantha reached back, opening herself wider, and encouraged Robin to go deeper, Jax watched, impressed a bit, as his littlest sister dove her tongue deep inside her older sisters asshole.

‘Oh, yes, you are getting it all ... yes...” Samantha groaned, enjoying the service ... there was nothing like having a tongue clean your backside ... especially when it’s a tad sore from abuse. “Great ... but ... get me off now ... lay down, I’ll sit on you like Cyndi was yesterday...”

Robin’s mind was somewhere deep, intent on doing as Samantha ordered, first kissing, then licking, then eventually probing her anal entrance. She had thought it might be gross ... but, honestly, other than a strange tang to the skin ... it was not that bad, and, with all of Jax’s cum, she rarely tasted much beyond that anyhow ... and she was getting quite used to his cum’s particular, slightly bitter, quality.

Eager to get back to the wet and tasty depths of her sister’s vagina, Robin wasted no time in laying back down, her limbs spread a bit, knees bent as she waited, watching her sister’s bare sex move lower and lower over her face until she could see nothing but her sister’s skin, and her mouth was glued over the damp dripping entrance. Samantha rode her face hard, and she had to work her chin and tongue quickly to keep up, as it seemed her big sister was very close to cumming already ... and she was correct ... within a minute, she felt Samantha’s hips slam closed tight around her as Robin worked her mouth hungrily over the still dripping wet lips ... she was becoming addicted to the taste, and the feel of someone cumming ... it was ... intoxicating.

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